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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. here and there

    Ikedi Azikiwe
    It was not often that Ikedi found himself with injury after a field visit, but one could never predict the way a magical creature would respond and that alone was sort beautiful. Honestly, the injured animal acted like most injured animals, it lashed out to keep itself safe. Something even people did. He had been helping his brother get back on his feet, only to discover his brother was hurting himself and using drugs yet again. It had been a hard thing to address with him. He was a grown man and Ikedi was no longer in charge- but he couldn’t help but want his brother to be okay. When he had addressed this with his his brother he only got the man to lash out at him, blame him for his problems and tell him about how badly life had been when Ikedi acting as a parent. It had been painful to hear, but he knew that deep down he was lashing out because he was hurt, and not because Ikedi had been a shit parent. However, that did not mean he was not a little on the hurt side. It was not his brother talking but… he felt the words deeper than he had expected to. The incident with the creature had only made the fact his brother was wounded more obvious. He would have to check in on him once he was finished here. It was not the worst injury he had but it was one that needed to be seen. His hand looked a little a mangled but it looked worse than it was. He had it pulled into his chest as he made his way through the lobby. He would need to see someone but it had been a while since he had been here. He was not a huge fan of hospitals. It was because of this he was looking up at the signs on the walls and ceilings and not paying attention to where he was going. The hospital always seemed like such a maze. It was while he was looking at the signs that he bumped into someone and he took a step back. ”I am a dreadful ox sometimes.” he said as he looked at the body he had run into. ”Sorry I was not paying attention… are you alright?” He asked cautiously… worried he had managed to hurt someone.
  2. Communication in the hot hot sun

    Marcus, I take it that means that you two have at least worked some of the unpleasantness out? I have to say mate that brings a smile to my face. I suppose that is the thing about mums. They are supposed to throw a bit of chaos in your life at this stage of the game. I often imagine my mother would be whinging about not having grandchildren by now- or worse, it is not uncommon for my mother or friends to arrange dates between their children. At least from my memories. I imagine I would have been married to a Nigeran princess by now but then there are worse things in life. I also plan on bringing back some fabrics, there is nothing like these fabrics, the colors are vibrant and you can feel the soul of them when you run your hand along the fibers. I have had a few things tailored while I am here, in my village there is a very old woman, a talented seamstress who is rather good at selling imperfect dreams and second-hand hope. She laughs like a home. It is something I needed. I find that it is getting to the point that handing the next generation tomorrow is upon us, or perhaps on me. When it comes to it, we are handing them something that will need more than a spit shine. This is the bag of patched and stained hand me downs. It is something I have been debating quite frequently in the past few years- will they polish what so many have given up on? I suppose this is a rather abstract line of thought, even for myself… and I wish I could chart you the thoughts that your article stirred to get me to this point. I of course do not expect the answer to be brought about now, but I wish more asked this question. Then I am here in my village back home, and I find that hope itself is in short supply which makes the scratch and dent world of tomorrow just another thing to throw on the pile of lost hopes. This, my friend, this is my fear. That hope becomes lost and piles in a rubbish bin. I find that I become so agitated by this thought the weight of the world becomes the weight of my sheets, though currently, I lay on a mattress in the corner of the room and listen to my cousin breathe from his mattress. It is too hot for sheets, or such heavy thoughts. That is how the weather has been here. Hot. But then that is to be expected. I am not convinced this monkey jewelry dealer is not up to something shady. I just lack the proper authority to investigate it… perhaps I shall ask the locals. Have you seen someone arrest a monkey- I imagine that it takes a little extra paperwork? I should check in my my deputy head, but I fear they will think its an invitation o lay problems at my feet at the moment instead of leading. This is just as much a challenge to them as it is an unexpected trip home. IA
  3. Communication in the hot hot sun

    Ikedi Azikiwe
    Marcus, You may be left waiting at the Roo for a bit longer than usual. I took off early this morning to Nigeria to attend to some family business. Nothing very serious, more along the lines of getting administrative things handled for the just in case that is more of an inevitably than an off chance. I will bring you back one of the woven necklaces however- they woudl look rather smart on you. I managed to barter with a monkey for one this morning, unsure of why i had to have it until i sat to write you. I did want to say that the Article in today's paper was a thrilling read, i took some notes... I am very interested in this line of thought and questions to be asked. Hopefully you won't mind me picking that brain of yours. And how is the weather, i have been told my correspondence is not casual enough. Though i suppose most people do not get letters about the tough customer that monkey was. best, IA
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  5. Ikedi Azikiwe

    Ikedi Azikiwe
    TW: Suicide The Azikiwe family was not one who ever had too much. His mother was a seamstress and his father was a mechanic. It was not easy for the family- his father had a garage that went under but in the process the family lost everything and eventually ended up living in the garage. Ikedi spent many nights as a young boy sleeping in the cars in the garage. The opportunity to move to Australia came when Ikedi was 9, his father and mother had just enough to get him and his younger brother to Sydney. His father got a job in a garage and his mother found work in a dress shop. It was much easier for them to be successful in the bigger city and things got better for the family. Soon the family of four expanded to a family of six. When the letter showed up, and it was revealed that Ikedi was magical, the family was surprised and terrified. Ikedi grew up with a family who would call the prayer circles when they believed they had been cursed by the Devil. This became something they struggled to accept. It was not easy as he continued to attend the school in Narrie and he found himself going home less and less. It was just easier to sty in school and not worry about what his family had to say. He did well in school. He had not had a very consistent education before that and he had a bit to make up for but once he got settled he was able to do extremely well. Ikedi took to magical creatures quite quickly. He enjoyed working with them, and some of them reminded him of the few he could remember from home. When he was 17 his father passed away. He had a heart attack while at work and he did not survive the surgery. He graduated from Tally and moved home to help his mother while taking what classes he could take. It became harder to do as his mother began to depend on him more and more. Ikedi worked odd jobs to help make up for the income. It was stressful and he struggled with it, but not as much as his mother had. It was a few short years later when he was 20 that his mother passed away. He doesn’t talk about it, but she ended her life by hanging and left Ikedi with the responsibility of being the caretaker. It was then that he decided he needed to go back to school. It took some time but he eventually got to where he had them all in school, he found a decent well paying job in Melbourne and took night classes at VMU. It was not easy, but they figured out how to make it work. It led Ikedi to find a frugal way to make things work. Ikedi eventually got a job with the ministry of magic, his talent with the magical creatures, and his ability to think creatively he worked his way up through the ranks. He feels as though he has missed the boat in some things like romance and having his own family but still believes maybe.
  6. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    He nodded. ”I didn’t ask for the ability to wave a wand and levitate things… but it was something I managed to be born with.” He shrugged. ”I am not ashamed of who I am either and Pride can often stand in my way when I think about how to make amends with the possible family back home. It would not serve me to grovel and tell them I don’t like who I am. I think it would have to be more of an understanding that their world is not as it had seemed to them for their lifetime and that is hard pill to swallow.” He said. ”My parents struggled with it.” He nodded. ”But they ultimately accepted who I was. I am thankful for that.” He said with a smile. ”I believe that when you are open to the ideas of fate, things will often times just fall in your lap, or bump your knee.” That was always the key, to be open to something. Ikedi believed he had an open mind and he did his best to project that mind on people and places and things. It helped- he could have easily ended up writing the man off beside him as a crazy fellow but the start of their conversation had become a rather enjoyable event. He smiled. ”The gut, a useful tool for many professions.” He had one, the aurors had one… many in the ministry had one. ”I read somewhere that it was a real thing… some psychology journal my sister reads. WI wish I could remember the science behind it.” He said honestly. It had been an interesting read. He let out a laugh. ”Buttons.” He shook his head. The idea of the house elves stealing his buttons made him laugh. They were not the sort who stole things. Well he didn’t think so they were a rather grateful and cheery bunch. He looked at the man beside him. ”I should however get going myself. It has been a long day. But- I would like to meet up again… soon.” He said with a smile. (Ikedi)
  7. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    Letting out a small smile he looked at him. ”I think you seem like a rather intelligent young man, and so I imagine that you will mange to make sense of it.” he said with a smile. It was one of the many things he could tell about he young man who was sitting with him. He thought about what he would do if he had to make amends, though he supposed given what he was… ”I would have to make amends for something I couldn’t make amends for, I cannot help my nature more than they could help yours. Part of why I have not gone back home to Nigeria is because I would be cast out. Witch and magic are dirty words… things to be feared. If my grandmother was alive I imagine she would feel the same about me.” he said. ”that is hard to apologize for, I wouldn’t change my nature… Even if I could.” he admitted. It was easy to say so now however. They were all long passed. He figured that they would have held bigger pull had they been around still. His sister was also magical, so it had to be something about them. He sighed. ”I suppose it is a good thing you do not have to get over it all now, or even within the year.” That was the joy of getting over things, it was often your own timeline. ”Its truly amazing honestly. I am constantly amazed.” he said. ”People would suppose this meeting between you and I siting here was supposed to happen, and I would be inclined to believe the fates may have had a small hand in this meeting. How often do these things just happen?” It was rhetorical, but he thought it was something that he would keep a small pulse on. How often things like this happened in his life and he had come to the conclusion that they didn’t just happen. Nothing ‘just happened.’ Not in his line of work either. There was always something that led to someone else. He smiled at the thought. ”but then my view is limited to my own experience and that is never a good sample.” he said with a smile. It was not the best thing to go on. He shook his head. ”It would be a roaring good time. I would love to see them be the center of attention and their stories listened to. And maybe then m y friend would stop taking me for all my buttons.” He said with a small laugh. ”My pea coat doesn’t get much use but it would be nice to have buttons on it.” He had bought it for a fall spent in London. It had served him well. ”Canon in D is still a musical influence.” He said. ”I always enjoyed Paganini as well- I think the more you put your soul into something, the better it is.” Music or otherwise. (Ikedi)
  8. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    That much was true, some creatures lived much longer than others. ”That is true, depending upon your species you have different lengths of lives.” He said with a nod. It was something he tended to forget sometimes, he had a veela in his office the other day who was older than he managed to comprehend. Though she had come with some rather good points… but he was not sure if he thought they were good because he had been affected by her charm… he would have to read them again now that he was free from her influence. Letting out a small smile he nodded. ”That I do not know much about, it was always just my parents and my siblings.” He said with a shrug. ”And so I am not sure how far that this idea extends… perhaps that is something that is set person to person.” he suggested. ”I mean, i suppose if someone was raised by their grandparents or aunt and uncle it might apply that way… You know….” Families could be such delicate things… Incredibly delicate in many ways. He had seen it when he suddenly became the patriarch at a young age. He shook his head and then took a sip of his drink. He gave a small laugh and he nodded. ”There is purpose to all things.” he said with a smile. It was a good thing. He believed that there was purpose to most things. Even the evil in the world had to have some purpose. Though he had a harder time explaining it. ”That much is true, they are in fact rather phenomenal when the chips are down.” Ikedi was one who had managed to make a profit when the chips were down. Letting out a small laugh as he thought about he nodded. ”I have to say people should really send more time with them, they are by far some of the funniest creatures on this earth.” he said as he twirled the glass in the ring of condensation. ”That and listening… I find that is one of the many things that’s helps me get through n unbearable day is something from Bach, even Wagner.” (Ikedi)
  9. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    A quick moving wave. Ikedi has often imagined it before he went to sleep at night. It was not something that came up often. But it was something that he liked to think of. It would be the only way he would see the change he wanted in his lifetime. However he was content with seeing even the small amounts of change he did see from time to time. It meant they moving in the right direction, even if it was taking a little longer than he wanted. He let out a deep sigh as he thought about it. ”The things we may eventually see as old men.” At least he hoped. He was getting up in years and though he did not think he was going to die, he wondered if he would live to be old enough to have seen those things. He nodded. ”I have, since losing my mother found the advice is often given regardless of the situation that led to the estrangement. Even if it is just for the purpose of closure.” Sometimes, even if you wanted things to work out they simply didn’t- but in those cases you at least knew that you didn’t have to wonder about the what ifs. That was the thing that always managed to get Ikedi himself those what ifs. He however was not able to call his mother and ask her why she left. The note that had been left explained her sadness but not why she felt the need to end it and leave her children. He was barely old enough to take care of himself let alone his siblings. Though, in times like that you simply did what you had to do. People would respond. Sometimes that was all you needed to get an issue out there. The loudest mouth may disagree but exposure was important. He had seen many times and issue get traction because of exposure. Sometimes people just liked to be the Devil’s Advocate and Ikedi could work with that. So long as the right information was getting out there in the process. ”Sometimes the response does more for the cause. Even if the response is against the cause. Bringing it to be bigger news, and then you get people who will respond to the response… it’s sometimes truly amazing to see happen. He smiled. ”It is something to see sometimes. He cleans us out of our buttons.” he said with a smile. There was something that always made him like talking to the elf. ”I imagine that its always a good thing when your friend is around.” He said with a smile. ”Ah yes, good culture is always a good thing.” That was something that too many people lacked sometimes. It was easy to look it all over… (Ikedi)
  10. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    If anyone knew about change, it was Ikedi. He had faced a lot of it, seen a lot of it. He had much to learn as part of it. He was shunned in his home because he was seen as something evil. He grew up with beliefs that had been hard to shake when it was discovered he was magical. Ikedi had never felt evil, at least not in this lifetime. Change is a good thing.” He nodded at the statement. ”I like when it comes in massive waves, hopefully with shock. Like when house elves were seen as more than just slaves.” He had been rather fond of that movement. He himself had never had the need for one, well he had the need for a maid, not a slave. ”But I do agree the lengthy battle is one won with bitter sweet victories. For no battle is without casualty.” That was the hard part. Minimizing the casualty. ”IT easy to miss things right in front of your face. I am all about the perspectives.” He was too they had been something he needed to keep a pulse on, and to be sure he had the right one at most times. He was guilty of not keeping his perspective, that much was true. He smiled. ”I am glad I could offer some perspective for you.” He smirked, the dimples in his face fleeting before he took a sip of the beer. Letting out a small hum in return he understood. ”I hope you and your mother do tall again at some point if you wish. I find it hard not to give that unsolicited advice.” He did know that things were not always easy between parents and children, but he also knew that he would trade everything for just one more day with his parents. He smiled. ”That is the hope. It’s harder to cover the explosion when you have no idea about why it happened. So far, so good. I am merely trying to be a vessel of change for the ministry and for magical creatures.” One could only control themselves that was what his mother always told him when he was picked on. ”Hopefully people with follow my lead.” Hopefully. He nodded once more and smiled wide. ”They are a good time mate. I play poker with one and he has us rolling all the time.” Ikedi was not a gambler and they played for buttons not money. ”Oh hard copies? I might be interested in reading that.” He said leaning into the bar for a moment. ”I think I would enjoy it.” And why not? (Ikedi)
  11. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    There was not much else to say about it really. He shrugged his response however. There was not much else one would be able to say about the world. It was a mess. He could only do what he could do. ’Anyone who does have more to say about it is way above our paygrade.” he said with a nod. That was one of the things he didn’t have to contemplate while people waited for his response and he was glad he did not have to shoulder that burden. Instead he worked in small doses. ”We can only strive to make it a better place and maybe if enough of us actually follow through we may see change.” Though he had lost some hope in the matter. He just hoped that mankind would surprise him again. ”I find the less emmeshed I am in things, the better my point of views is. I am really the one who is supposed to keep the bigger picture in mind all the time.” Which was a lofty task but one he supposed he had signed up for it when he took the position. ”I imagine they would still find themselves interested in the work you do. It is extremely interesting.” He had to admit the man sitting with him had held his attention for an extended period of time. He let out a small laugh as he thought about it.”I want their trust, I want them to know that when I say something not only do I mean it but I intend to follow through.” he nodded. He wanted to be different than the government he had come from. Ikedi nodded. ”Do you have these stories? I cannot comment too much on active investigations, I don’t want to cause someone to not see the justice they are entitled to, but I can share what I know about the others, things that many wouldn’t know… if you would like.” He didn’t mind someone who was helping raise awareness on some of these things. ”I think it would help shine the light on how some creatures are treated and unfairly they are treated otherwise sometimes. We have a few freed house elves that help with filing the paperwork and I have to admit they have improved the office atmosphere quite a bit. Such cheerful personalities I love it.” They did file things away quite nicely. (Ikedi)
  12. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    ”Indeed.” he said with a smile. Things were always happening. He didn’t believe it was about getting worse, it was more about awareness. The muggle and magical media had grown considerably and with awareness also came other things. Copy cats and those who wanted to be bigger and badder. It always seemed like a pattern when you looked at it. It made him wonder about humans. All humans. The sorts of things they did to one another, and often other creatures they shared the earth with. He had never met the man but he felt like he and James Herriot would have a lot to talk about. He let out a sigh. ”The world today.” It was a sadder tone than he had expected. He nodded. ”That is a nice perspective. I have alwyas found that I am given the perspective I need from others.” When you were too enmeshed in things you never saw it the way you needed to. You saw it from one angle, or maybe 3 at best. You didn’t see the bigger picture all the time. He valued the opinions of his boss and of course those around him. They had invaluable insight into things and he was he then laughed. ”It would be very funny to my friends back home that I now work for a government.” he had also achieved high ranks. He wondered if he had sold out. ”The truth is the most precious and often the least valued. I do run my department with transparency.” He said with a smile. ”It drives many of my peers crazy.” Which was reason enough to do it. He Nodded at the questions. ”That is what we do.” The incident he had left was horrible. ”It seemed to me where I could do the most good as a simple man.” He said. ”Personally, I don’t put different values on the worth of a life.” He said as he shrugged. ”I am sure that had not made me popular among some. But when it comes to safety it should extend to just the muggle and the magical.” He firmly believed that. He had seen what happened when you arbitrarily placed values on the lives of others… it never ended up well. Never. (Ikedi)
  13. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    He could pay her more. That much was true. He supposed he could ask her. ”I should offer.” He would have to see what he could budget. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him, he had a nice little portion saved for whatever he wanted to spend it on, this would be worth it. ”I once met someone whose whole job was to organize someone’s home and life, they would stick with someone for a few months and then move on. That was always interesting. To be so intimately involved on a business level.” he thought about it for a moment and smiled. ”It would take a special person.” He didn’t have motivation for his life, let alone the motivation to organize someone else’s. Ikedi understood the stigma’s of terrorism. He was often asked about the blood diamonds and the children soldiers, atrocities even the magical could not escape. He had not encountered that, though he had met a few from the Congo who had not been as lucky. Africa it self had many issues and people seemed to attribute them to the whole of the continent without seeing the separations. The man was Nigerian. So they should ask him if he was that Prince who was trying to send them money. He wasn’t but he wouldn’t mind playing along. The thicker the accent the more people believed what they heard. ”Eygpt is in good company it seem most countries have their problems these days.” ”My parents started it for us, They worked hard to bring us someplace else.” They also had help. A man who knew his father’s work. Someone who took a chance on his mother as a seamstress. ”I found myself in charge when I was just 20. So I didn’t know my ass from elbow really.” Even helping his mother out he didn’t understand what it took to raise the family. ”I had three siblings in need of a parent and I up to that point had not trusted a government system.” It had been deeply ingrained that the governments were not to be trusted. It was funny he now worked at the Ministry but he had been able to take this as a lesson to be given to his subordinates. ”I believe it. I imagine this will be important- perhaps help shape commerce policies.” While some journalism was muckraking, there was some that he found to be valuable. Information was powerful. It always would be. Imagine what muggles might do with the knowledge that magic was real. Not the Cheap parlor tricks, but real. He smiled. ”Of course.” Sharing a beer with someone was such a basic, and necessary part of life in his humble opinion. ”That I can attest to. I just want the best for them.” Even the leach in his guest room. The idea anyone else might call him that make him rankle… but he could say it. ”Everything is a work in progress.” He agreed. Especially with family. ”I appreciate it.” He said. ”Creatures and Unfortunate events.” It was not hard to get something to him there, for one he had a rather unfamiliar name and his position. Not that he flaunted it much, especial on days like today. He shook his head. ”That is a pretty good thing. I can get caught up and not leave my office for a few days if an incident is bad enough.” He nodded as he sipped the beer. ”Thank you.” (Ikedi)
  14. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    A shrink, a head shrinker. Ikedi has struggled with this term- it was always a negative connotation and where he was from those who shrank heads were feared. Not just from the muggle community either. The last thing he had wanted was to end up with head shrunk and in some old man’s shack for company. ”That could be said for a lot of us.” Ikedi could likely benefit from seeing a therapist- he didn’t talk much about the things that flew around his head- well to his assistant but she was sort of paid to listen to him. He would be lost without her honestly. She organized his life and he was truly grateful. He should get her flowers more often or something nice anyway. ”Oh everyone should have an assistant, I would have her organize more of my personal life if I could get away with it.” She might even be able to find him a date. Not that he was really looking, but once in a while it might be nice to get out. He listened intently however. ”Oye.” He moaned. ”They would do that back home. Or so I claim to remember, but it was more with the food and other resources they could get away with, people would need a soup bone when things were scarce…” Most of what they had owned was traded for other things, beads that his mother made, fabric she would dye in the bright and cheerful patterns he had come to love. His Dashiki now was from fabric his mother had so expertly colored. ”I have heard of this too, they will cut the prices by 70% but not before they increase them by 30.” He shook his head. There was still much corruption in the world. ”It may not be exciting like an escaped fugitive, but it is important to know. People who take advantage of such things… I am not a fan.” he said with a clearly displeased look. ”I will be looking for the piece. I think it will be valuable information.” It was good to have that exposure sometimes. He worked for an Agency where some things were to be kept secret, but transparency was something he would always show in his office. It made you trustworthy to those who would be otherwise untrusting. He could understand that, he had an office in home and when he had to complete work he would only do so from the office. Those boundaries were important. ”That also makes sense. Boundaries and all that.” He said as he finished his beer and waved for another. ”And my friend’s next drink as well.” He indicated Marcus. ”Yes and no, I raised my siblings and so the lines have always been- blurry. We are just not getting to the point we can be friends though I admittedly struggle with not stepping away from that feeling of wanting to correct everything he may not get right.” It was not easy- even now his brother was a grown ass man, but he hated to watch him flounder. ”We are a work in progress.” he said thanking the bartender and sipping the beer once more. ”Do send directly to people? Could I have it delivered to my offices in the ministry?” Not that he wouldn’t make the effort to get it but he had become spoiled. He would happily admit to it. (Ikedi)
  15. Complete Getting Better (Dec. 25th '17)

    The man nodded at the idea some of it was validated. ”I imagine you have rather interesting lines of thought then.” He listened as he spoke, though he had to admit he was not really following what he was saying. He didn’t have all of the information and he was rather tired, he’s been up since 3 am and running on a few hours of sleep. It was how it went sometimes in his department. When it was bad, it was bad. He rarely had to go handle things, but when he did he lost sleep. The drink however was making up for it. ”I could see that.” He said. It made sense. A lot of it made sense- there had been a few things he had missed when he didn’t look at it. ”I dictate my notes to my assistant I find that to be rather clarifying…” he said agreeing with the idea of it. Confusing as it may be sometimes. ”Can I ask you what it is you are working on?” he found he was rather interested to hear what this man was doing. He looked around for a moment it was an interesting thing to see the people here, or any bar. Ikedi simply liked to people watch. They were interesting and he was able to see patterns of behavior that sometimes mimicked the behaviors of the creatures he loved so much. He smiled. ”It must be nice to work from home. I wish I could get away with it but I still have my brother living with me and though we are adults he still finds a way to monopolize my time.” Ikedi however loved living with his brother. The kid meant the world to him and he was not about to kick him out. He was struggling to get himself back on the right track and Ikedi had only wanted the best for him. Raising his siblings had putt hem in a rather interesting dynamic. ”Where can I read your stuff?’ (Ikedi)
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