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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Lot Karras

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  1. Lot Karras

    Lot Karras
    Character Name: Lot Karras Character Position: Narrie /Bouncer Link to Character Profile: http://www.tallygarunga.com/characters/narrie_residents/lot-karras-r47/
  2. much-needed

    It had been a long time since Lot had a moment out of the house without his daughter. It was a much-needed break as well. The baby sitter had been easy to find. Lilah was a bit of a doll and people often wanted to spend more time with her. Sometimes he worried about leaving her but then he had to remember that he was not off running for months at a time now, he had a normal schedule and he was not a fugitive any longer. That was one of the many things that he needed to remember. He could be out in the public, he could enjoy himself now without being the man who was being hunted. Though he still felt relatively uncomfortable with as many law enforcement officials out and about. He wondered if Jason was out tonight he should have seen if Doe was up for going out like they used to when neither of them were parents. However he and his sister had grown up quite a bit since that time. he looked around the street as he crossed it to enter the Roo. Inside people were happy and cheerful and they seemed to be enjoying the welcoming atmosphere. It was not something he was unfamiliar with these days. He was a man who used to find himself in the seediest establishment in hopes of hiding and now he purposely entered a crowded bar with the intention of having a decent night. He moved to sit at the bar. Looking around. It was quite the scene. He was glad whatever they were celebrating was so joyful for those around them. he smiled as he ordered a beer. ”Quite the celebration.” he said to the person seated beside him.
  3. i am jack's complete lack of surprise

    Lot Karras
    It was almost ironic, it seemed the sons of Atlas were doomed to repeat his mistakes at least once. Lot had a kid, and now the baby of the family was having a baby. Lot had been quick to help Orion and Frankie leave Australia. He had been a fugitive and he knew exactly how to stay hidden. So long as they did that until they had the baby and both could legally be on their own they would be fine. Lot would keep in touch and he was sure wherever they went they would have access to the care Frankie would need. That was his little niece or nephew they were now responsible. Doe had not been one to approve of the idea that they should run off. It was a mess honestly. Lot never saw children as a mistake, it was really more the parent who was the mistake. Someone who couldn’t keep their kids- he felt for them sure but sometimes you had to man up and get it together. Empathy was not his strongest trait he supposed. No, it was hard for Lot to feel anything other than anger most of the time. He let out a soft sigh. He had been working on figuring out how to get it out of his system, but he was not having much luck. At least not until he and a few fo the other bouncers and security talked about fighting for the sake of it. Sometimes nothing made you feel more alive than the skin on skin thwack of a fist hitting another human. It was dirty, Lot was sort after and though he had to explain where the bruises come from- well he was glad he was a bouncer and the crew that came to the club were rowdy. It was starting to pick up and expand. More people wanted to come and see, they wanted to fight… they wanted to make money. He rubbed his elbow as he looked at the fading bruise. He figured it would be gone soon. The nice thing about looking beat up no one messed with him at work. It was always a case of- you should see the other guy. Lot was already a big man, this just seemed to intensify it. He was in the area to scope it out. See if it would be a decent place, away from the Aurora. The fact of the matter was he couldn’t afford to take Jason’s career down with him. Though he had a feeling either way Jason would be fine. The man was a cat and landed on his feet every time. He laughed for a moment and then moved to look at the chains. They would be easy enough to get through… He didn’t see any obvious issues. Then again would the exit be as fast as the entrance. He walked around to look for additional doors. There were a few doors. It would be perfect. Lot however could feel someone watching him and so he used the camera he had around his neck. It provided two things, a cover and photos to help with creating a crude map. Lot always thought himself quite clever. He held the camera to his face and snapped a photo. He turned around and spied someone watching him. ”A cool old building yea”?” he said. ”Think it could be haunted?” He asked though he didn’t really care he would still go in it and the ghosts would just have to deal.
  4. Interested in something a little more dangerous?  You should come by the old rendering plant this weekend. 

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    2. Sibylla Townsend

      Sibylla Townsend

      This is dangerously tempting. Not surprised you two are interested in it as well.

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      Lot Karras

      hope to see you 

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      Marcus Carsen

      Of course, I'm curious about it. Not something I could put in the papers most likely but. . . Self interest is just as good of a reason. 

  5. Invite So... Friends?

    Lot wondered if she understood just how prolific the family was. It was actually quite miraculous that he did not have more kids out there. His sister was on pregnancy 4 with this last child… the first child died and what would have been her third had not made it to term. With the Karras family you only had to pass by someone and boom- baby. His father had 5 children- and honestly he probably had a slew of children. He shook his head. ”May god have mercy on us all the last thing this world needs is more Karras offspring.” he said with a smile. Though in all honestly he loved the fact it was a very busy and very big family. ”Oh thank you.” he said as he took a cookie. ”It must be nice to have his sisters around a little bit yeah?” he often wondered if any of Dani’s family was around somewhere. She had not been close to them… which only made sense once she took off.
  6. Invite They say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

    Lot Karras
    Because all of the Karras siblings had managed to be born in march, apparently the fall was a great time for Atlas, but because of the mass of birthdays in March the siblings got together with just them to celebrate. It was a relatively good idea. That and they didn’t have to worry about parties none of them wanted, and the celebration with a father that didn’t care enough about them to be there during the year. It was a way to show their father that he was not what dictated their lives. This year however it would include Orion. The family had been surprised of course but honestly, Lot was rather excited to have another quidditch player in the family. Petros and Lot were brothers but they honestly didn’t have much in common. The truth was that he saw more of himself in Orion than he did Petros. However that did not change the love held among them. This year the party was at his place. It was not the biggest home in the world… however it was perfect for this purpose. Doe had come in the night before to help with the preparations. The kids were out in the backyard running around. Persephone was in the swing in the doorway giggling up a storm. He smiled at Doe. They had been discussing her trip to Greece and what the family had said about everything… It was what Lot expected, and he was trying to understand the rift between Doe and her husband with what limited information she had given him. It seemed as though she was trying. He didn’t envy her, nor did he envy Jason. To be married to the Karras family was not easy. He was just glad they seemed to be working things out… They had been able to get Orion for the weekend… that was e feat in and of itself. The sound of the door made him smile and he picked up the little princess that was bouncing in her swing and laughed as he opened the door. ”Ah you made it” He said ushering the youngest of their siblings into the home. His large hand clapped on his shoulder and he ushered him into the kitchen. ”Doe has been prepping things and we are almost ready to put the chicken out on the grill…” he said with a smile. ”Have you learned the fine art of grilling yet?” That was the important thing to Lot. He had not stayed in school like the rest of them. ”Young Silas will be happy to see you, you are the new favorite topic.” he said with a smile. Doe moved from her spot to greet Orion with a kiss as she moved to slice the carrots.
  7. Invite So... Friends?

    Lot went to the living room where the kids were playing. He didn’t like to miss these things. Even though it was rather simple play, he had missed out on too much already. Doe had been the one who had gotten Lilah to 7 without him. He looked at the kids and smiled. ”ah, well, how fortunate for me then.” he said as he sat on the couch and leaned back. He usually worked nights himself- though he had taken a few days off, he wanted to find something a littler more stable for his daughter it was just hard to find a job that didn’t want to hold the exoneration over his head. The truth was he had ran from the authorities but he would have been railroaded had he stayed. ”yes, my sister just had a girl in November Persephone is at home sick with mom while we keep brother.” he said as he watched Silas move one of the knights to fight the dragon. ”And luckily my other siblings have not started to reproduce… the family might be part rabbit.” he said with a laugh. They were prolific so to speak. It was a wonder they had not had any others… though he supposed with the way his brother had shown up- he could easily have kids he had no idea about. "What about you? Is your family from around here?"
  8. Invite So... Friends?

    Silas was always on the go and so he didn’t stay put for long finding the idea of two adults talking very boring and so he ran to the living room to finish his lunch. ”That is true, I suppose saying hello and just engaging in small talk over picking up one of the girls is not really good for friendships…” he chuckled. Lot had not really spent a lot of time getting to know too many people. It was part of the being a fugitive for so long. He didn’t make personal connections because you could leave a trail of personal connections the same way you could leave a paper trail. Neither were good, and with personal connections people could hurt them. He was lucky that his family had been left alone. Though he supposed that had much to do with his brother in law. Something he was thankful for. He looked at the woman and nodded. ”Come in, you can have some sandwiches.” he smiled as he stepped aside and allowed her in. ”where is Zoey at today?” He asked with a smile.
  9. Invite So... Friends?

    The day itself was a rather busy one, not because Lot was doing anything in particular but because Lot had taken Silas of his sister’s hands for the day. Lot would have taken Persephone but she had been sick and Doe had insisted that just taking Silas was enough to help her out for the moment. It had actually been a rather good thing, Lilah adored the younger boy and was having a rather good day with her cousin playing in the living room. He smiled as he listened to the giggles. That sound had become a welcome one given some of the sounds that were burned into his memory. Letting out a laugh at another rather adorable set of giggles he put away the bread as he made his way out to the living room with little bitty peanut butter sandwiches. He set them on the table and he smiled as they grabbed them and settled back to the game they had been playing. The sound of the door caught his attention. He had not been expecting anyone, and the only way Doe knocked was if she had her hands full, but it wasn’t her knock. He stood up as he looked at the door as though it might tell him who was at the door at the moment. Silas looked up and ran to the door flinging it open the little boy made a face and looking up at the woman who was standing there. Lot followed the boy and placed his larger hand on his sandy blonde curls. Unlike Lot or Doe the kiddo had blonde curls like their other parent. He smiled at her. ”Hello.” He said with a smile. ”Zoey’s mum yeah?” he said. His mouth turned upwards in a lopsided grin. Looking down at Silas for a moment. ”This is my nephew Silas… he and Lilah have been having some lunch… he said with a smile as Silas nodded. ”What brings you over today?” He asked her with a smile.
  10. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    Lot laughed. ’I come from a big family. My siblings my entire world. I want that for Lilah too you know. She has cousins and I know they will be close but I want her to know what it means to have a family who loves you and supports you no matter how dumb you are. I mean had not had my family I would have struggled those years on the run. They gave me something to live for.” To fight for anyway. He had needed their support and Doe had given it unconditionally. He could trust her with his Lilah the most valuable thing in his life. He was amazed honestly. ”Long winded is okay, I’ve always know you were full of hot air.” he said with a smile. ”I am very glad my sisters are stong women. Dani was a mess.” he shook his head. ”I was a mess then too but I will say I did get the best parts of her in Lilah. Her mother had a fire something I was attracted to… I just thought she would step up and be a mom. But she was far more interested in getting what she wanted and a baby just got in the way. I am jus glad she left her with me.” He said with a soft sigh. ”I just need to have her rights terminated, the nice thing about that is she wont show up.” It had been a long battle he had to prove he was a good fit. The charges had been exonerated but they still had questions about his ability to provide for her. He supposed if they gave a hint that his place was not suitable he would use his trust fund but he didn’t want to take it. He had a nice to bedroom home, it as not big, but he didn’t need a big home and he enjoyed the small space. It was cramped when Doe and the kids came to stay but he didn’t mind the fold out couch and Lilah had a bunk bed. It was good. That all he cared about. They were safe in his home and he would always be happy to have them. Even if it meant his sister was have marital issues. ”He seems like a good kid.” He did like his new brother. It was a tough situation and he felt for the kid, It was hard to be a Karras when you knew you were one from birth he just hoped that his new brother would eventually feel like he was family. ”he likes to play quidditch and I thought maybe I would see I I still have my keeper skills. I am thinking probably not.. but it’ll fun to see.” He would bring Silas and have a boys day. He could easily teach the little guy about the rules. ’What do you do for anger release?”
  11. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    Balance. He supposed that was correct. They had learned how to keep the family together early on. Though he honestly felt as though Doe was the matriarch and he was just another man. In many ways he felt he had let the family down, he had allowed himself to be framed and then missed out on quite a bit. He had not been able to attend his sister’s wedding because he was a wanted man, and the man she had fallen in love with was not just an auror but the head of the MLE. It was a little ironic in many ways given the history of the Karras family and how they had managed to get themselves into various legal issues. ”I suppose that makes the most sense.” he said with a sigh. Maybe they had seen what the other was capable of, o rather what had hurt the other in many ways and they just adapted to make it work. It was not like they had talked about it. They just did what needed to be done. ”I wouldn’t say Atlas is done trying to populate the world. If there is anything I know about this family is that we are quote prolific reproducers.” he said as he shook his head. ”so who knows, I thought that Atlas was done and then we got Orion…” It was not a bad thing, he was actually glad that there was another one of them out there. The family was close, and he wanted to show Orion that it was not terrible to be a Karras even with a father like Atlas. ”I guess it does, I would Say that in all honestly Doe is the one who has been the most adept at everything. She could do all of this with her eyes closed and her hands behind her back.” He didn’t know how she managed but she did. Lot nodded. ”Fighting, that always seemed to be a good source of anger release for me. I suppose I could see if I could get back into it.” when he was on the run he had gotten into a bit of the underground MMA, he was able to make small purses here and there. It had been helpful. In many ways. Letting out a small sigh he shrugged. ”though I don’t know… it may not be the most responsible way to make money for my family now…” he had many things that needed to be care for and taken care of. If he was getting beat up, he would need to recover. Lot laughed. ”Good food and physical aggression.” he said as he let the chuckle die down a little. ”It is not the best thing honestly but then again it keeps things interesting.” he said with a laugh.
  12. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    Lot nodded. Before Lilah, there had been Doe and Kora, and he had known no boundary in protecting them, in making them happy. It was still that way. He had spent more time at his sister’s home recently. There was more going on in her head than she was letting on, but that was pretty typical for Doe. He had spent enough time watching her shut down to know that she shut down, it was best not to poke the bear. Like the rest of the family when and if they wanted to address their feelings they would. Pushing a Karras to talk was done so at your own peril. There was very little one could do once they angered one of them… it was ugly. Extremely ugly. He worried often about losing his temper now that he had Lilah. He never wanted her to see him like that. The truth was, between Atlas and Lot there was much anger and resentment. It seemed to intensify to see him bee a good grandfather to his daughter and his niece and nephew. The idea that he thought he could pull a 15 year old kid from the only life he knew and thrust him into another one while still lying to his family about having another child… he didn’t think it showed Atlas was trying to change. ”He was not around, and when he suddenly falls back into his old ways I will have to pick up the pieces once again. Doe is sometimes too open hearted and willing to forgive…” He loved that about his sister but he honestly knew it meant he would want to harm someone for taking advantage of that. ”She is always the first to open her heart to anything, which is amazing considering the crock of shit we’ve all been through.” ”he can play grandad all he wants, I just will hold him at an arm’s length until I see the true results of this new Atlas he keeps claiming to be.” He was also never as good at keeping his loved ones safe if he got too emotionally involved. One only had to see what Malcolm had done to the siblings to see just what he could end up doing. ”Someone has to be responsible you know, when the pseudo patriarch realizes he is not cut out for this kind of thing someone has to step in.” He said and sighed. ”and now there is another one of us to look out for. Which is a good thing. I think he’s a good kid you know. Angry, but he gets to be angry.” That was the truth. ”You would be truly surprised to see what we get ourselves into.” He said with a laugh. ”The truth is, there will always be blood spilled at our gatherings, last Christmas someone got stabbed with a fork.” he said with a soft chuckle. ”Right in the hand, but they should know better. Taunting Kora is just as dangerous as taunting Doe.” He said with a laugh.
  13. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    Lot shook his head. ”The things you do for the women who run your life.” He said with small shrug. There was very little he wouldn’t do for the women in his life. Then again he had always been a sucker for a pretty face, even if those belonged to his daughter and younger sisters. Not to mention his mother. Lot was truly grateful to have been raised by such a strong woman. Then again you had to be a strong woman to deal with the men of the Karras family. Particularly Atlas. The man had been a bit of an asshole when it came down to it. More than just a bit- he was an asshole. Then again, Lot supposed he could an asshole as well given the circumstance. ”I am not about to tell you how to live your life, I am just saying the noodles in piss broth are not good for anyone.’ There was so much sodium. Not to mention they didn’t taste good. Letting out a small laugh he shrugged. ”I figure you are a grown ass man, you can make your choices but as another grown ass man I can make my judgey comments.” It seemed to make sense to him anyway. ’And I imagine one of you walking into the docs with those sort rashes would make him wonder about the way all species raise their children.” Though he was one to talk. He had hardly raised his daughter at this point. However he had made the tough choices in providing a safe home for her. For a while that was not with him. ”I would imagine that they would want you around a little bit, if I ever had half a mind to reconcile with Atlas I would eat there. The man loves to flaunt his skills with the grill.” Lot himself had become rather skilled himself. It was something he was very proud of. He smiled as he looked up and watched someone enter. He had never really gotten out of that habit. Scanning the new faces in order to see who had walked in, and if they posed some kind of threat to him. Currently, he saw no threats. ”Any sort of blood draw is considered a win for us.” They were a rather tough bunch. He didn’t mind it honestly. He knew they could handle themselves. ”Its always fun to watch. The next time we get together at the family compound in Greece you should swing by, bring something to snack on.”
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  15. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    ”Anything needs adjustments, but I haven’t changed that much, I have more tea parties now than I ever did before.” Lot did in fact sit at the little table in his daughters room, with the delicate butterfly tea set and sipped the imaginary tea with her stuffed bunny and bear. He was always a little too big for the set but he would sit at that tea set and he would drink that tea until she no longer wanted to have tea parties. ”We all need to be smarter, especially with women involved.” he said with a smile, his daughter was one he did need to be smarter about. She deserved for him to be better than he had been. It was the main driver behind the desire to control his temper better, if he didn’t act like a crazed man, then no one would accuse him of things. ”Then I cannot be held responsible when you get that itchy burn from the sun.” He said with a smile. Though he never would claim to know much about any of it. He shook his head as he listened to him talk about the woman that had caught his eye. He was glad for his friend. Everyone deserved to be happy. Letting out a small sigh he shook his head when asked if he wanted another drink. That was something he had to be careful of too. The alcohol always led to anger and other things, and other things led to him getting in trouble. Shaking his head he laughed. ”Of course.. of course.” He shook his head. ”From what I understand, actual food is good for that too.” He said with a shrug. Lot then nodded the understanding. He too had to curb things, he had been so angry… He still was about things. Shaking out the small laughs. He tapped the table for a moment. ”The Karras family prefers red rover.” He said with a smile. ”It is much rougher and build better character.” He aid with a smile They did prefer to be a little more confrontational than most families. But that was who they were.
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