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    Frankie nodded. ”I was.” she was being honest. ”I wanted to go somewhere I might feel as though I belonged.” she said honestly. She was looking for the magical feeling of belonging. She felt a lot of her feelings were driven by the hormones now. She let out a sigh as she leaned against the counted. She was easily tired now. The whole living with another life inside of her was such a strange thing. Her Dads had been great honestly. They were mad at her for running instead of telling them what the hell was going on. However, Orion’s sister and brother were in constant contact with them as they searched for the pair. She had to admit that she missed Orion. Letting out a small sigh she shrugged. ”I suppose.” she let out a soft sigh. ”I don’t think its one of those things that will really change for me you know?” she wondered why anyone would want her when her mother didn’t want her. That was such a painful feeling. She knew how lucky she was to have the family she had, but there was always that little hint of doubt in her mind. They headed towards the exit. Though Frankie thought they were too young, it was not really for her to judge. ”Alex if you are happy, I am happy.” That was all she could really say as his friend. If he was happy, then she was happy. Not everyone worked the same way. She figured if her days had been numbered she may have married Orion. However she was having his kid- if things worked out she would be happy, if not she could only hope they were able to co-parent. ”No understands anything until they have experienced it themselves. All I can say is that as long as you both are happy I am happy for you.”
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    When he said Vegas she already knew what he was going to say. It seemed pretty young to get married honestly. People changed and none of them really knew who the hell they were at this point in their lives. Frankie wasn’t sure that she wanted to be with Orion for the rest of her life but she knew that she was part of his life for the rest of hers. Right now she was in love with him, but that didn’t mean it would be forever. She sighed heavily. ”He’s pretty quick and good at tracking apparently. I mean its not like we were as careful as we should have been.” she said with a sigh. ”I had been thinking about running away all year honestly. I haven’t been happy.” she claimed. It was odd to admit it now. ”I don’t feel like I belonged. I mean I still don’t really belong. I am just like this extra side note to everyone.” She said. ’Orion at least made me feel like I was important.” he had been very good at that. She sighed heavily. ”you married her.” she said. It was sort of predictable in many ways. ”I meant he moment you said Vegas it was pretty obvious what happened.” she said with s mall smile
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    Frankie nodded. It had been a long time, she felt like a lot had happened and since he was here, it was not like she would be doing anything out of the ordinary, not to mention she was a slightly embarrassed. Mostly because she had become her mother. Her Biological mother anyway. The one thing she did like about Orion’s sister was she never made her feel like she was some kind of slutty teen mom. Which had been the assessment from a few people. ”When I told Orion we made decided to leave Australia and we couldn’t tell anyone. We didn’t want to be found.” She said as she looked up at Alex sheepishly. ”I planned to owl you when we got settled.” Which was the truth. Frankie had every intention of owling her friends when she had the chance and it just didn’t work out that way. ”His dad came after us, and my parents and his parents decided we needed to be apart.” Which made her frown. She knew Orion had been excited, after the initial shock anyway. She ws just as shocked. But she did have that slight excitement now, she wanted to be a good mother, the mother that she didn’t have. Not that she hated her life. Sometimes she wished her mom had at least been a little involved. ”His sister and brother live here. My dads love his sister she is a retired ballerina, they have seen preform so they are truly enamored with her. But I like her she’s been helpful, she has two kids of her own.” She explained. Doe also allowed her to get in touch with Orion when she was over there. She just wished she was with Orion. ”They decided I should be here, and not in school, and I’ve just been too embarrassed to say anything honestly.” She looked down for a second. Her moods had been all over the place and she came around the counter and she hugged Alex, tightly. She had missed him. A lot. It seemed insane to have this life… She smiled at him and tucked her hair behind her ears. ”I missed you a lot…I think it got to the point I just didn’t know what to say anymore. The last time I saw you seemed so… I don’t know… Not great.” She said with a small sigh. ”Turns out I was knocked up and just moody as hell.” She said as she leaned against the counter. ”No weird cravings for me honestly. I just want Orange sherbet a lot…” She said with a smile. ”I could use some now…” She said as she looked at him. ”Did you come to get something- do you have time for sherbet?”
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    She was just as anxious. The truth was she had run because she knew what her family would think. They had not been happy, and they had been even less happy with her and Orion skipping town and ending up elsewhere. It was not as though she wanted to be a teen mom. Now she would be and she was finishing up school with some correspondence. What happened next she was not sure about. She smiled at Alex however, in spite of everything she was still happy to see him. She had felt rather lonely the past few months. With Orion gone, her only visitors were his older sister who was rather kind to her, brought the kids over and they seemed ti like Frankie, and honestly her dads were enamored with the dark haired Greek… she had been a ballerina they were familiar with. ”Thanks.” She said as she looked down at the bump and she shrugged. She was less happy abut the things that has come with this revelation, Orion being banished to Greece. Her being forced to leave school and work at the Apothecary. ”If it makes you feel better, no one knows.” She said honestly, It had not been something she had told anyone. She didn’t want anyone to know what was going on. She knew her dads would look for her. She left them a note to not worry but they worried. Of course. ”I am okay…” She said though she was sort of okay. She smiled to sell it. ”How are you? How is school?” She asked out of curiosity. She looked at him and smiled. ”I am really glad to see you.” She said honestly. ”Things kind of happened really fast.” She said by way of explanation. Sher had then not been sure how she was supposed to address everything.
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    Frankie Oliver
    The news of the pregnancy had led Frankie to run. Actually it had been a choice for the pair of them. Orion and Frankie ran. It had seemed like a decent idea at the time. They had made it pretty far… they had plans to just live and not deal with the fact they had managed to be teen parents. However what they had not expected was that they would be followed and then found by his father. She had not left much by way of notes, they had just ran, and she had not returned to school. It had not been the best idea, especially considering her family had decided she would not return to school. Not that she minded, she didn’t really want to return to school. The baby itself was a bit of an issue. She didn’t know how Tally would have handled it anyway. Like most things right now- it was for the best. That however, didn’t mean she was happy with the solution. Right about now she wanted to be asleep in her bed. She was tired all the time now. The only thing she was happy about was she could sit for right now. Orion had been sent to Greece to live with his grandparents. So he could focus on everything he needed to focus on. His sister and brother had been helpful to her however. His older sister often checked in on her and wanted her to know that she was welcome to visit anytime. She had even offered to take her in. Her father’s were not thrilled with her but they were not about to let her out of their sight again. She yawned as she stood behind the counter, it had been a relatively boring day- not too many customers, and those who came in had about everything to offer in way of advice or speculation of the baby’s, gender. She was just 5 months along at this point but the bump was starting to look more like a bump and not bloating. She missed Orion. Sher missed her friends, but she didn’t necessarily know how to talk to them about what happened. Where she went and why. she drew shapes on the counter absently. The bell chimed and she looked up to see a face she had not seen since April. She looked down to collect herself before she greeted him. ”Hi Alex.” She smiled. In spite of everything she was happy to see him. Even if he wasn’t happy to see her.
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    Looking at him she was not entirely sure she believed him. However she was not sure saying that would make him more believable- or his answer would change her mind right now. Frankie had spent most of her life being judged, other girls had been threatened by her and so they tended to be cruel. She had only really stopped caring what they thought in last year or so. She had come to the conclusion that the opinions that matter were those who were your actual loved ones and not classmates. She had learned to ignore their teasing about her dads. She had to remember that it was not normal for some people to have two very loving parents, and in this respect she was very blessed. She also didn’t point out those who had alcoholic parents, or whose mums had come into her dad’s shop for some unmentionable problem… No Frankie had been raised to be a loving and accepting person. It had always been a shock to the little Frankie, who was still a Francesca, when she encountered someone who did not treat her in kind. She also supposed in the long run she was a little jealous of both Alex and Orion, the questions they had about their biological parents had been answered, even if they didn’t actually like some of those answers. Frankie had questions, of course. However, Frankie had not gone to look for the answers. She had not seen the point in it. The woman who was her mother had likely done the best thing she could have done for Frankie by giving her up. She nodded. Though she didn’t really understand. It was not as though Frankie had never kept a secret. For one her dads had no idea she was so serious about fashion, nor did they know the full extent of her friendship with Orion. It was just better that way, they meant well but they would suffocate her… and Orion… That and she was not sure what Orion actually was to her at this point. It was not really something she wanted to suss out right now, it just made her head hurt worse than the dehydration headache. ”I’ll send them over break when I can get out to shop.” One of her rather useful skills was in fact shopping. She had a decent enough idea about the sorts of shoes he wore, and in turn would like. Hopefully. ”Or I can just send you the money.” That was probably safer honestly… she had not quite doubted herself as much as she had recently. She shrugged at the options she had offered however. ”No, that’s okay.” She said when he asked about the assignments. ”My dormmate’s got it.” She said. It made the most sense for her to get it. They were already in most of the same classes, she too was studying potions.
  8. Invite Let's runaway

    She supposed the fact he had not run off was a positive thing. Or maybe he hadn’t remembered he still had legs just yet. Of course no one could really be sure how anyone would take that particular news. The truth was, she had not been sure how she felt about it all just yet… aside from scared. That seemed to be the only identifiable feeling at this point. Scared, and then just confusion… constant confusion about what to do and who to tell and if she would even bother finishing school this year, or cut her losses. She had not been sure what she was supposed to do with this… what did any of them do in situations like this. She supposed this could have been the way she had come into the world, and in that she had simply repeated a history she didn’t know. Which was not really repeating history… right? She was not sure what any of this actually meant aside from the very obvious and that was she and Orion were going to be parents. She had spent the better part of a day scolding herself for not being more careful… but she supposed they had not really done much talking when it came to what they were doing. They still had their usually conversations but when they had ducked into the hallways, or classrooms or any of the other places they had been doing their certain brand of exploring. It was not as if Frankie could have slowed them down if she had wanted to. In the moment she had not wanted to. ”Yes.” she said when he asked her. She didn’t know what else she really could have said in the moment. She could however tell that he was just as shocked as she was by the whole thing. ”I uh, well…” she said as she looked at him. ” A few days.” She said. It had gotten to the point she had not been sleeping and she had not only been pretty sorry help at the store but she was sort of rubbish when it came to any sort of conversation with them as well.
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    They had spent a great deal of time with one another, she supposed it shouldn’t be shocking that he seemed to catch onto the fact something was up. However, there was that husky tone to his voice and she smiled at him. It was a pretty great thing honestly. Part of her wanted to ask him if he thought she was a bad person… or overly selfish… she however, was not sure she wanted to know the answer right now. She was really more upset about the fact she had been told she didn’t think about how what Alex was going through affected him. She also wondered if Orion had thought she was immature as well. It had not been her best moment bit when Frankie was irritable, she was irritable. ”I am… so are you.” She said ”My dads are gone… we have the house to ourselves and the run of the kitchen…” so they could make breakfast when they finally emerged from her bed, which didn’t seem like anytime soon. ”I think you might be the only one who can read me.” She said. Looking at her hands before she moved to face him. They could exist like this for a little while longer right? They didn’t have to pop the bubble just yet? However the unfortunate thing about this was the fact no matter what he would likely catch once she could no longer see her feet… If… when… she was not sure. ”I have been trying to figure out how to tell you… and not been really sure how exacty.” She said with a small sigh. ”I uh, well.” She looked over at him. ”I- I’m pregnant… I have not been feeling well, I mean you know that… but I just… I took a test.” She felt like she was rambling and she had not really been sure if it was helping or not.
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    Frankie realized how absolutely useless she was at this point. It was probably the worst sort of feeling one could have. Useless as a friend, useless as what she was supposed to do once she left Tally and frankly she had been a rather useless. She felt absolutely defeated. Gutted was a better word for it she felt. Looking at him for a moment. Frankie didn’t understand why she was still so upset about this. She looked at him. ’Like it felt like you cut me out of your life.” She said. It was not a good feeling, and that was something that. ”What sort of friendship is this if you won’t tell me anything anymore?” She was curious as to how he saw that going considering that had been what made her angry to begin with. ”I can’t promise I will always be mature enough for you to start with… I have to sit with things, it’s not because I give up.” She looked at the shoes. ”There is a charm that you should use to prevent them from being water damaged, and it works pretty good for vomit too…” Dealing with sick people meant dealing with their family too and her fathers had been sure to provide those things to the caregivers as well. It was relatively useful. ”I’ll get you another pair.” She said. The best way to make up for ruining something was to replace it. That and Frankie was not really someone who would wear shoes once they had been vomited in. Even if it was her vomit. She let out a small sigh. She wanted to just be in her bed. She let out a small huff, mostly to keep herself from feeling queasy again. It was not something she wished to experience again particularly in front of Alex. She had done enough damage. ’Its what it felt like to me… “ She said swallowing. It was not the best way to end this conversation, but she had done enough damage for the day. She moved instead of fighting him though she did her best to move on her own. If nothing Else she was stubborn.
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    The blonde frowned deeply. ”I am just sharing how I feel… is that not how you deal with it?” She asked him. It was not as though she had really lashed out. Not in the way Frankie knew how to lash out. She was actually pretty good at it, but it only really served to make her feel better and make the situation a little worse. Right now though, she didn’t think it was possible. The way he said not anymore. It sort of stung in a new way. She had just told him that was why she had delved into the books her father had given her. She had been looking to help him but he didn’t want her help anymore? ”I’ll tell them you don’t want anything anymore.” She said rather quietly. He didn’t want her help, he didn’t want her father’s help. On top of that he had called her selfish. Well not actually called her that, she felt it had been implied. ”I haven’t been avoiding you. You are just busy all the time.” At least those times she had seen him. She felt that empty gut feeling, and she hated herself. ”I will knowledge that I’ve not handled this well… but what am I supposed to say now Alex, you’ve told me I’m selfish, that I don’t consider that you have to go through when that’s all I’ve considered… “ She let out a soft sigh. ”How could I not want to make someone I care about not suffer as badly. I can’t ignore that.” Had been what she was trying to say even if it meant sacrificing something else like time to sew, or draw. But again it seemed she had done it all in vain, he wanted none of her help. She probably should have expected it. ”I’m sorry.” Frankie felt defeated. What was the point in arguing anymore? It wouldn’t be fair of her to push this anymore, she didn’t think he was really hearing what she was saying and it only seemed to make it worse when she tried to say something. ”If you really thought we are in place that we could talk about it, then you should be open to how I feel about this too Alex.” She said with a huff. ”You affect lots of people and to just say ‘oh hey I’m dying’ is not something everyone can just swallow and take in stride… I am not that person. I don’t like the idea of tilting at windmills without a proper plan at least.” It seemed like this was one of those times. Not just to tilt at the windmills but have a plan… then again what did Frankie know about anything? ”I get it, I’m not a good friend. I am not doing whatever it is I am supposed to be doing. ” She said softly. She was not a good friend… he had spelled it out pretty clearly for her. She felt guilty. Then again she didn’t really know what she was supposed to do in this situation. Was that her fault? Was there supposed to be some innate knowledge she was born without? ”I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do or how I’m supposed to act… I don’t have friends… probably because I suck at it.” She looked down at her hands. ”It feels like you think less of me or are mad at me because I was upset, which makes my feelings seem unimportant. I’m not saying I’ve done anything of this right because it’s clear I haven’t.” She sniffed. Those familiar tears betraying her. She didn’t understand why she was so out of sorts, she hated this feeling. Even worse she hated the way Alex seemed to see her. And just like that she leaned forward and wretched. Brilliant
  12. Invite three little kittens

    She glanced at him and wanted to argue about being put in the chair. However she was unable to given that he put her in the chair before the objection. ’I was upset, period.” She said as she looked over at him. ”I don’t think you should have expected me to be anything but upset. You show up and basically tell me that you are dying and there is nothing you can do about it… how was I supposed to react?” She questioned. ”I manage to make a friend just in time to witness this friend in a tremendous amount of pain… I don’t care who you are that is upsetting news.” She said as she pulled her hair from the pony tail. Her hands on her knees as she braced for the sick feeling. And it was not from whatever had been plaguing her. ”I am not trying to make you feel bad Alex. I am telling you that I am hurt.” She said with a small sigh. Something she never really liked to admit was the fact people had the ability to hurt her. Frankie was not an open person, but then she had no reason to be until now. ”You cant except everyone to carry on like its okay that you are dying and I cant pretend to be anything but upset about it. Jesus Alex.” she was not sure she had understood why she was upset but it had become clearer over the past few weeks. ”I wanted nothing to do with my dads apothecary. I told you as much… but now I don’t have a choice.” Of course she didn’t. There was no question now. ”So between this show and helping my dads with this…” She sighed. ”I am allowed to be upset Alex. I am allowed to feel hurt.” She said as she frowned at him. ”So you said you were unintendedly sending out the message you didn’t want to be around me… but if you didn’t know how to approach how could I read you any other way?” she pointed out. It had been some kind of issue. ”How hard would it have been to say… “I need space.” She asked him. Letting out a small sigh she frowned once more. ”What part of me making sure you have the stuff from my dads is tossing you out of my life… “ She opened her bag. ”None of these books are for potions or herbology… these I’m reading because of you.” She pointed out. ”Do you think I am that horrible?” She questioned him. She sighed. Maybe she was horrible. She didn’t know? She figured there had to be a reason she was not more inclined to make friends. She sighed. ”It’s not something that is easy to make sense of…”
  13. Invite i'm gonna be a super model

    A smile broke on her face. She has to admit she agreed. Looking at her she nodded. ”I have parents who love me. I have yet to grow up to be some sort of criminal, and in spite of maybe my best efforts I will likely be a contributing member to society… It was hard when I was little you know? To me having two dads was just as normal as having a mom and a dad.” She wrinkled her nose a frowned. ”I suppose I will never understand not accepting someone… I think it was one of the first things I learned from my dads. Different is good.” She said with a smile. Though she didn’t know everything about her, she wouldn’t have held much against her. Unless Cass was to reveal she had murdered over 100 people and kicked puppies… but Cass was hardly the person she saw kicking puppies. No that honor was reserved for someone in her house whom she had not seen much of. Thank merlin. ”I know Orion’s sister runs a studio… I could always ask him if he would set up a connection or something.” It was not a bad idea. She could get some of her stuff out there. ”That and I remember seeing ballet with my fathers the Ballerinas always seemed so glamorous… on stage and off.” She remembered being small and looking up at them with thin frames and the way they moved, like they were gliding on clouds… or something. ”And some of the costumes… I saw the ballet of Rapunzel and they were so pretty, not over the top as to take away from the performance but I fell in love with the dress… it was perfect…” the way it flowed on stage. The excitement from the red head made Frankie smile. It was a good thing that she liked the dress. ”Yes to keep!” She said with a smile. ”a Thank you for walking in the show… and for being a friend.” She did appreciate that she had been able to make a friend in her. She knew it had not been easy for the red head… based on what she said. Frankie also understood it being a challenge to make friends. Especially with some of the way people here. Frankie looked at Cass as she came up she smiled. ”Oh wow…” It looked better than she thought it would look. She smiled. Frankie was almost shocked when she was pulled into a hug but she returned it without thought. There was something rather nice about this. She smiled as she squeezed just a little tighter and she smiled as she pulled back and looked at her. ”Oh no- then people will think they can get this dress… its one of a kind.” She said… she left off a hokey saying about her being one of a kind. ”I just thought it was the perfect color for you.” she said with a smile as she looked at the way it fit. ”It just needs a few little fixes…” She said as she moved to pin the hem.
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    She huffed. ”I don’t know Alex.” she said though the truth was she did know. She let out another soft sigh at the idea of that, She hadn’t learned about anything past that from him. It had been rather hurtful to learn that, and that his father had died from someone else. She let out a small sigh. She had actually opened up to him but maybe her problems were stupid- like her. Maybe that was this whole problem. She was just some stupid girl? She had been told this plenty of times by other students. Maybe he had simply seen the things she had told him not to be important… The fact she didn’t want to take on the store, or that she would much rather design clothes. ”Never mind Alex.” She said with a small sigh. ”forget I said anything at all.” She looked at him as sighed. If only he understood just how private she had been before that conversation at the mall. Orion hadn’t seen her designs… Orion only knew she was not thrilled about the idea of taking over the store… This simply confirmed that her problems were stupid and not problems. ”You don’t owe me anything.” She said. Because he didn’t. If he didn’t want to tell her about his life he didn’t have to. ”I am sorry you came out of your way up here.” she said with a small sigh. She stood up and looked around. Finding this to be unbearable because she realized how stupid she was, and she didn’t need to sit here any longer. ”you know the things I told you were immensely private. And I get its probably pretty stupid to you… but I hadn’t told those things to anyone before…Even Orion and he had been my friend for a few years… ” She said as she stuffed the books back in her bag. ”I don’t talk to people like that… and then you weren’t around and I get you had a lot going on but you came to the shop you told me you were dying and the whole family thing… and then nothing. I felt really stupid thinking we were friends to find out you had a girlfriend I knew nothing about, or that things had been happening for you… you just were gone. And this is my fault okay?” She shook her head as she slung the bag over her shoulder. She was leaving, and she didn’t want to sit there and face the fact she was selfish. ”Thank you for checking on me but I am sure you have more important things to do today.” She said with a small sigh as she swallowed the tears. Frankie swayed when she started to walk out of the hospital wing. She stood up too fast… that was always the worst feeling.
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    Frankie wasn’t sure she knew if she could give him credit at all. She wanted to point out banks wouldn’t have given credit in this situation… now, banks were hardly the sort of thing to use as model for giving emotional credit- but she didn’t know honestly how much she could give anyone. She had seen herself proven right too many times at this point… he said he was going to be around but she had no proof to back up what he was saying… Frankie was not one of the many girls he had fawning over him and she was no one’s subject. Frankie had always looked out for herself. Right now she was just angry with herself. His categorization of her not being willing to talk made her laugh. ”Really? That is what you want to go with? You realize that you are asking me to spill my guts to you after you spent months telling me nothing at all?” She thought it was a bit unfair. Even if it had been meant as a joke… She wasn’t trying to be a pain. She just found that didn’t really sit well with her… She had felt like they had made a genuine connection and then he seemed to be too busy with everything else. She had said hello only to feel distance. Like now. Things were just awkward. ”I don’t mean to keep dragging it out… but you are the one who pointed out that friendship is supposed to go both ways.” The idea of going to the doctor was not one she liked. She had only come to the hospital wing to get excuses for her classes, she had legitimately been sick and not skipping. Professors would need the notes. She just had to get through this year and she would have been able to do just about anything she wanted to. Letting out a small sigh she shook her head. ”Its just a bug.” It was only a bug. ”I have gotten fluids here they gave me something for the nausea.” She had started to feel better. She then moved her ponytail to her shoulder and twisted it in her fingers for a moment inspecting her split ends… ”Yeah, the medical room.” she confirmed. It was not a lie. Not really, just part of the truth.