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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

Gawain Llewellyn

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  1. Gawain Llewellyn

    Gawain Llewellyn
    Gawain was the middle of three sons born to the Llewellyn family, an upper-middle class family of Welsh purebloods - although by the standards of those who liked to keep track of things they were barely worthy of the title. Still it was enough to keep the family 'safe' during Voldemort's first rise to power and the attacks on Muggle and Muggleborns during Gawain's childhood. (This quiet acceptance and utilization of privilege by the family is something Gawain is ashamed of to this day. He insists that being a child does not excuse him.) Right between his brothers, Gawain soon became the peacemaker, the healer of the three, and the one who dreamed big but quietly. He did his chores, kept things neat, and rescued injured animals by taking them to his mother, Rhiannon, who worked as a healer at St Mungo's. As was expected, at eleven Gawain went off to Hogwarts. There the Sorting Hat sat on his head for a good five minutes as it deliberated between his cleverness for Ravenclaw and his willingness to work hard to make something of that cleverness for Hufflepuff. The verdict: Hufflepuff. There by the kitchens he spent his seven years, learning magic and making friends. Although he was not head boy, he was a prefect which suited him just fine. The same went for not being on the Quidditch team - with his terrible fear of heights, the stands were more than enough to scare him. He graduated with excellent marks (nothing less than exceeds expectations) and was taken on to apprentice as a healer at St Mungo's. The apprenticeship would have been hard enough on its own, but a year later he undertook a challenge that had his magical friends really worry about him: studying Muggle medicine at Cardiff University. With magically forged education documents, of course. Muggle student by day, healing apprentice on the night shift was hard. During those years he had little sleep and no social life, but by the end of it was both fully-fledged healer and actual Muggle doctor. Of course, that was the time of the second wizarding war, when Muggles and Muggleborns were under threat. As much as it hurt, he withdrew from Muggle medical practice to return to the wizarding fold as a healer who had finally awoken to the truth. He was in a better position to help the resistance alive and a liar, than dead and speaking the truth. Having now spent years living much as a Muggle enabled him to move seamlessly between the two, a valuable trait in any member of a resistance. He survived, but not without cost. Friends were lost and he had seen horrible things, the dead and wounded on battlefields that he could not help. In one panicked moment he even went against the core of his being and took a life. It was that of a Death Eater who had turned on Gawain after he interrupted his torture of some Muggle teenagers. It was the Death Eater or Gawain and the teens, and logically it was the correct choice, but it was but one of many final straws. After the Voldemort's defeat, Gawain packed up his things and moved almost as far as he could. There were several stops along the way, pauses to examine potential new homes, before he finally found a new place. Melbourne, Australia. There, after using just enough magic to ensure a smooth acceptance of identity, Gawain set aside his wand. He was not fool enough to snap it, nor to ignore the presence of wizarding Australia, but for all intents and purposes he lived like a Muggle. To them, he was a young, quiet Welsh doctor now practicing in a small clinic in the middle of a big city. He didn't so much make friends as get adopted by the people next door who realised he only came and went to go to work or get groceries. One of them was a woman named Amanda, and after a couple of months of her flatmates inviting Gawain over (or inviting themselves over to Gawain's) she sat him down and asked him out. She was a Muggle, she sold sunglasses, and she was absolutely perfect. When it came time, she proposed to him. Marriage, and exploring the world together soon followed - it was one adventure, not two, and soon parenthood followed. Only one soul Gawain has ever adored more than Amanda, and it came into this world angry and wrinkled and screaming. He was used to saving lives, and once he had taken one, but now he had helped make one. And with all the love he felt he would help shape her to be extraordinary. They were in Germany when it happened. He was working in their magical hospital, she worked as a tour guide for English-speakers, and their daughter was not quite old enough to go to school with the great big cones that accompanied Muggle children to their first day of school. It was a mundane death - a car running a light, the deaths of both drivers instantaneous. One minute he was husband, happy; the next a widower with an enchanted ring that no longer beat in time with his wife's pulse. They returned to Melbourne after that, to be close to Amanda's parents. For Gawain, the UK was not even an option. Instead they went to Japan, Gawain hoping to immerse Siwan into the culture of her heritage. They were there for five years (three years of her as a day student at Mahoutokoro, two years boarding; Gawain working as a healer assigned to the British Ministry Embassy) before the need to move once again came. Back to the UK this time, and Hogwarts for Siwan; with her boarding Gawain moved about, sometimes working as the doctor on an island in the Hebrides, other times living in central London to work again at St Mungo's. Sometimes he volunteered at Doctors Without Borders, returning in time to whisk Siwan off to Spain or somewhere for the summer while he did something else related to magimedicine. But that was no life for a teenager, and the decision was made to come home to where it all began for her: her mother, her grandparents, her birth. She was sick of the moves, sick of the separation from her father even when they were in the same home. Although this will be her third school, Gawain is determined it will be the last - and as a teacher he can be available in a way that he was not in any other position. They are home... For good.
  2. Complete Pub Night (Jan 3rd '18)

    "Thank you," Gawain said politely, carefully moving the stool into the optimum position undoing the buttons of his suit jacket and taking his seat. Then to Audrey he replied, speaking of the Veela, "I didn't realise she was a healer. Or a doctor. Is she both?" That was impressive. "If so, I should very much like to meet her properly. Do you know where she studied? Practiced?" He paused for a breath. "I'm always interested to meet the few who studied both disciplines, as it were. When I did it, everyone thought I was mad." To be fair, there had been something a little off in his logic. And that did not include the sheer confusion of so many witches and wizards as to why he wanted to learn about Muggle medicine. So inferior, they had all thought. So bloody and backwards with its cutting and poking. "And as for something to drink-" he used this an excuse to cut off his own excited train of thought "-what do you recommend? Perhaps in an IPA?" In all the commotion, the hustle and bustle of the pub and all the people deciding now was apparently the best time to put in an appearance, Gawain nearly missed the entirety of what Alan had to say. Even to him. But after taking a moment, it was clear that he had heard everything, despite not paying attention. (Multi-tasking: as useful in a pub as it was in a medical emergency. Apparently.) "I think," he said carefully, deliberately - because after all, this was his superior he was about to counter, "that any man who thinks the way to 'earn' a woman is through the defeat another man is sorely mistaken. That bravery would be to recognise the trap that such ideas are. And I am saying that as a father to a daughter who won't be a little girl much longer. So I do understand the urge to demand they 'prove themselves worthy', because as her dad I'm trying to be worthy every day. Which shows I'm just as stuck in the mindset I'm criticising right now," he finished with a shrug. (Gawain)
  3. Complete Pub Night (Jan 3rd '18)

    For a moment Gawain could not help but shake his head in shock. Was that woman... Surely... What would a Veela be doing all the way out here? Then again, from the little he had seen it was clear that Tallygarunga and its surroundings was an interesting place filled with some very interesting people. Speaking of Tallygarunga. Sort of. It appeared that Gawain was being summoned, and by his new superior, no less. Ah. So much for sticking his face in and pretending that was enough socialising for the evening before heading home to the comfort of deer leather slippers and a glass of his own stock. Time to go... be social. Unconsciously raising a hand to his throat to check his tie was straight (yes, and it still had the little dimple top), Gawain took a breath and headed over to Alan. (It was going to take some getting used to how casual everyone was here. It was all so very... Australian. And that was not even touching on Miss Adagathguarde's choice of dress. Surely someone like her belonged more in the bright beautiful lights of the city? She almost looked like a lost star.) "It is good to see you both again," he said by way of greeting. An incline of the head accompanied the words. "i hope the day has treated you well." (Gawain)
  4. Complete Pub Night (Jan 3rd '18)

    One thing Gawain had never mastered in all the years of moving, and all the moves in those years, was finding and settling down in the local. Sure, he had gone out with work friends in some locations, or out on his own in others, but while those places may have been the local, they had never been his local. After a day dealing with the Narragyambie house purchase and preparations for the moving date, however, Gawain was looking to both celebrate and relax. And with his daughter staying the night with her maternal grandparents, Gawain was afforded the chance to do that. He'd never owned a house before, an exciting and terrifying prospect. And with owning a house came roots, and with roots... a local. He was still dressed for the business of the day, in a dark grey three-piece suit with burgundy full brogue shoes. His tie was also rich burgundy with his pocket square a dusty blue, the complementary colours popping against the dark grey of the suit and the crisp white of his shirt. And the moment he stepped inside The Drunken Roo it was apparent that he was, as usual, overdressed for the situation. Still, what was he to do? Apparate back to the serviced apartment he was current staying at and change into a two-piece suit? That was not really an option, and if he did head to the apartment he would just end up having a nice glass of scotch in the peace and quiet there. Which would utterly defeat the purpose of finding the local in the first place. So instead he just stood there like the obvious outsider he was, twisting his wedding ring on his finger and trying to get his bearings. It was highly unlikely he'd hit the jackpot and recognise someone he'd briefly met once before during the whole interview phase. (Gawain)
  5. Health & Healing Course Information (Feb 1st '18)

    Gawain Llewellyn
    CONTENTS Introduction Instructor Prerequisites and Complements Assigned Texts Further Reading INTRODUCTION Congratulations on choosing to study the noble art of Healing. Although one of the most ancient of magics, Healing is also one of the most changing, with new discoveries and influences working alongside the ancient spells and potions that have been its backbone.If you are looking to become a Healer or any other magimedical profession, this course will give you an advantage going forward with your post-secondary education. But even if you have no plans to do so, this course will give you important skills that even if rarely used may prove important to the health, safety, and even lives of you and those around you. INSTRUCTOR It is my pleasure to introduce myself as one of several newcomers to the Tallgarunga faculty in 2018. I am Gawain Llewellyn, and you may use the titles of Professor, Healer, or even Doctor when addressing me.My secondary education was at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Hufflepuff. After that I apprenticed at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and, from my second year at St Mungo's concurrently earned my MBBCh (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from the University of Cardiff.Since then I have worked in both magical and Muggle medical fields in various locales around the world, from large hospitals to small clinics, and several missions with the Muggle organisation Doctors Without Borders. I will be bringing to this class the skills and experience gained from such environments and their unique needs. PREREQUISITES AND COMPLEMENTS Officially there are no prerequisites to take on Healing as a subject, however it is highly, highly recommended that you also be taking Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration, as due to the multi-disciplinary nature of Healing we will be working with and building on the skills you learn in those subjects. Furthermore, we will be referring to the standard texts for those subjects as well as more specialised ones so do ensure you either have your own copies or access to them.If you are looking to become a Healer, you will need Exceeds Expectations or higher on the following subjects: Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. (As Healing is not offered by all schools this is not a requirement, although your grades in this course will be noted by future educators).These subjects may prove complementary depending on aspects of Healing that prove interesting to you, but are not required for tertiary study: History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Magical Law & Government, Magical Theory, Wandless Magic. ASSIGNED TEXTS In addition to the year-relevant texts assigned by the teachers of Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration, we will be referring to the following texts.Third Year: The Magic Inside You: An Introduction To Your Body by Esmond Shriver A History of Healing by Audra Baumann This Book May Save Your Life: First Aid for Students by Nergis McGowan Fourth Year: The Magic Inside You: An Introduction To Your Body by Esmond Shriver A History of Healing by Audra Baumann This Book May Save Your Life: First Aid for Students by Nergis McGowan Fifth Year: An Introduction to Magimedical Ethics by Euadne Deniaud Healing Potions and Draughts by Ljuba Okede Healing At Home With Herbs by Phyllida Spore Sixth Year: The Healer's Helpmate compiled by H. Pollingtonious Healing Potions and Draughts by Ljuba Okede Human and Part-Human Anatomy for Students by Henriette Koenig Seventh Year: The Healer's Helpmate compiled by H. Pollingtonious Healing Potions and Draughts by Ljuba Okede Human and Part-Human Anatomy for Students by Henriette Koenig FURTHER READING Magical and Muggle Medicine: A Wider Perspective edited by Ife Anagonye and Gawain LLewellyn Stitches and Witches: Advances In Magical Healing Through Muggle Methods by Aldina Campana
Gawain Taliesin Llewellyn
* year old Pureblood Human He/Him
Player  Tilani
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Play-by Ioan Gruffudd
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