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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Invite we can listen to the dark side of the moon

    It was not easy still, she didnt like the long hours and She knew she had very little say in the matter for now. she smiled as she leaned up for the kiss taking a moment to enjoy his presence. "That is why you make the big bucks my dear." she could at least understand the fruestrations that he had coming off of the workday. She smiled at him and shrugged. "Well that and I am sure your last raise was becasue you dress so much better since you married that very intelligent woman." She added, she did like to think she had made all the difference. Though in reality, she was well aware he was the reason he had earned what he had. She nipped at her lip for a moment and nodded. "No, but i have seen my fair share of truly horrible people." She said as she looked at him and smiled. "We manage here, its nice to have some company even if they are just kids." she used to be at their home alone and that had never been fun. "As much as I trust the charms, i miss the dog, having that alert long before anyone even triggers a charm or dafety precaution." She was not suggesting anohther one, merely missing the dog they had. She even felt the cat missed the dog. "Have you eaten?" She asked. "I can reheat some leftovers."
  2. Invite we can listen to the dark side of the moon

    She missed the time they had alone in the Maldives, It had felt like so long ago and yet, she wanted to go back. She tapped her manicured nail on the counter as she checked the baby monitor. It was hard to believe that Persephone was damn near a year and half at this point. At least both kids slept through the night now, it had gotten easier with them both. It was not easy by any means but she spent most of her days chasing her kids around the house. She had lost her baby weight and then some. She looked at the clock, she was waiting up for her husband to get home. She had not been thrilled with the hours, but then Doe was never very happy about his hours. She understood and he was trying. she couldn't discount that. he was trying. She took the red wine out of the cabinet and poured herself a glass. She could use one after the day she had. Atlas had located Orion and it had been a horrible fight that had ensued between the family. she was s till rather heated about the whole thing and that had been why she had wanted to wait up for Jason. She wanted to talk about how Atlas was horrible and controlling. It had not gone well the tempers of Karras family prevailed quite often and she sighed hearing the door. "In here my love." She said from the kitchen. "Wine?" She asked him as she took a sip.
  3. Not Again

    She smiled at him. inspite of the massive anxiety she felt at the moment she smiled. 'I could but i feel liek my children would lose their minds if they couldn't find me." She said with a casual smile. "when i shower Silas sits outside the door just in case,." She said with a small frown. She worried he was still too clingy recently. She felt a l ot of that had to d with not seeing their father as much as they would have liked. It would all settle down eventually... right? She just hoped that she could grab Jason long enough to talk about the little test sitting on the sink. "It has not been easy between us, but you know that... Its nto perfect but show me a marriage that is." it had broken her heart to hear him question her judgement. It still burned a little bit and she just hoped she could put it aside, he was trying, that was all she could really ask for. "Well- that is part of it for sure, as much as talking to them was an adventure, you talked to me like a person and not an object." Something she felt was more due to Malcolm and the way he had treated her once they had gotten engaged. So much had changed. However they had both managed to get out. That was all that mattered. She smiled at him and shrugged. "Or maybe it was the accent there is no way to tell really." This was followed by a giggle and she turned her head to watch Silas walk through and pat Dylan's arm in a greeting before he walked back to the blocks he was building int he living room. "he's mad at me for grounding him from the electronics." She said. "He thinks he can pout me into submission but he knows very little of his mother's stubborn behavior." Very little knew how stubborn she could be. She looked up and smiled. "and how is Caitlin?" She asked. She hoped they had done a little more than checking up with one another... maybe a little doctor? She wanted Dylan to be happy.
  4. Not Again

    Dylan had become her closest confidant. Nicole had moved, and that had left a rather large hole in her wake. Doe was not very good at making friends- before it had been out of a need to survive and now, she felt isolated. She had left her job at the ministry for a reason, she had needed to stay safe, Malcolm had closed in and Jason and Doe had decided for her safety and the safety of Silas she would leave the ministry. The studio had been a good move for her, she was still rather lonely and with Jason working more again… she missed adult company. She smiled at him and let out a sigh. ”I wish I had gotten a nap… At least Persephone has started to sleep through the night…” She had been lucky with that at least. ”I am just happy to see you.” She said honestly. ”With this whole mess with that man running lose… I don’t see Jason as much as I would like, it seems we spend so much of our time apart once more… But I can hardly complain we did get to go to the Maldives.” It had been nice, no kids, it was just them and they were able to enjoy each other again. There was a lot that she missed in her marriage right now but they were trying and she knew that a another kid would only strain things… Not that she would consider not having it… but she needed to verify… with a doctor. Something. She turned her attention back to the task at hand, feeding themselves. ”That is true, you were always my favorite of Malcolm’s cronies to spend a day with.” She said with a smile. Though they both knew neither of them had much of a choice at the time. That did not change the sentiment however, she did enjoy her time with him. She pulled out some of the things for the lunch and she passed him some of the vegetables ”Here you handle these.” She slid a knife to him with a cutting board. She pulled the things out of the fridge and turned the stove on, it wouldn’t be too long to get the meat going. ”Tell me about what you have been up to.” She said urging himt os hare his recent adventures. Hers were not nearly as exciting as they used to be, but they had far more weight to them and so she didn’t mind that she was not traveling the world, it was always satisfying to witness her children’s adventures.
  5. Not Again

    It had caught her off guard. It was the same feeling she had with all three pregnancies, the uneasy stomach, the need to vomit at 10 am. She wanted Watermelon and Olives at the same time. It had not been a feeling of excitement but one of anxiousness. It had been hard adjusting to two children, Especially with how little she had seen her husband… That and Persephone wasn’t a year old yet. They had gone away to celebrate their marriage and they had not been as careful as they usually were She was anxious as she sat there in the bathroom, the small stick sitting on the sink as she waited- as she willed the stick to yield a negative result… The last thing they needed was another kid. At least not without a conversation. Silas had not been planned they had found out because someone had slammed their car into hers, nearly killing both her and the fragile life that she had not been aware of. Jason was not thrilled but once Silas came- he fell in love with the little boy. They had fought about having a second kid. It had been a bad fight- one that made her feel as though her wants in the marriage were not as important as her husband’s career. She looked at her hands. It was something she still felt from time to time. Jason had then wanted another, and they tried, they lost that baby, it had been devastating and Doe had never felt alone like she had in those moments. That something was wrong with her. Then came little {Persephone, she was perfect. Though she had spent a long time making her miserable as she spent most of the night tending to her, she cried all the time, she had been much sicker than Silas had been. Jason had also not been around, as often and he had been busier and busier as of late. Now it was quiet in the house the kids were napping. It was the only moments of peace she had at the moment. She looked up at the stick and stood from her spot on the side of the bathtub. Looking at it she felt her head swim a bit as she looked at the pink plus that stared up at her mockingly. The doorbell rang and she look confused for a moment and then remembered that she had invited Dylan over. It had been a while since she had seen her friend and she had in fact missed him. The mess with Orion and Frankie had taken over her life for a while, then she and Jason had gone to the Maldives. It had left little time for socializing and she was aware he had been rather busy himself. Attempting to put on her best face she shoved the stick in in the bathroom drawer and moved to get the door. She smiled as she spotted the tall Irishman and she pulled him into a hug. In the years that she had met Jason, and had children she had gotten far more affectionate, she also didn’t have Malcolm watching her. He would get jealous if any small amount of attention paid to someone else. It was rather challenging. ”Hello!” She said, though the idea of having another child stressed her out and she was happy to see Dylan. ”I have not started Lunch, I am so sorry, the kids are napping and I was doing something else and just got sidetracked…” It happened often with the kids. ”Come in, come in.” She ushered him into the kitchen. ”What about something Greek yes? Gyros?” She offered. That was always easy to put together.
  6. The other side

    Doe smiled. ”Having a family has made you very corny.” She said with a smile as she looked over at him. They had both softened after the kids. In good ways. It was important for them to be less rigid… at least she was less rigid. There was a lot of fun she liked to have, but she had these silly rules about things. Kids had a way of messing all of that up. ”I know we’ve created a monster.” she said. ”I had something on the other day to run to the grocer and he looks at me and says ‘You’re wearing that” She laughed at the memory. The boy did love his clothing. Letting out a small sigh she took his hand as they headed towards the hotel restaurant. The journey they had taken tot his point had felt like more than just 7 years, but somehow, they made it this far. They had packed quite a bit into their relationship, there was the whole Malcolm thing, she had been a little terrified then, not to mention the issues with her brother. She was grateful that Jason had listened to her then, not because she was his wife but because Lot was clearly not guilty. Then they had lost a baby, it had been devastating for them both. Now things were not as easy as they had been in the beginning, but that was life right? They at least still loved one another like they had back then. ”This place is beautiful.” She said as they were led to their table on the beach. It was pretty damn amazing they were here. ”we should go dancing, we haven’t done that in forever.”
  7. he dresses better than both of his parents... i've created a monster alonso-mateo-instagram-modaddiction-moda

    1. Dylan Connell

      Dylan Connell

      He's going to have quite the expensive style and taste.

    2. Eudoxia Miller

      Eudoxia Miller

      What do you mean going to?  He already does! 

  8. The other side

    ”He is quite the cat.” Eudoxia’s companion before she and Jason started living together the small cat was always a source of comfort. Sometimes she swore the cat was human. Something she did make sure of… though she was not sure she should have minded… just a little more boundaries would have been in place. ”They are very happy together, you hear him talking to him as though he was chatting with you or me. He did tell the cat the importance of lining up the army men as the cat knocked the army men down.” She had thought it was quite precious. ’I do like the sound of it…” No work, no kids… even just a few nights a month would be nice. He stopped her, and she looked up a bit wary and confused. It sounded for a minute as though he might tell her something she was not going to be pleased to hear, like that he would have to work doubles for the next three years and wouldn’t see her or the kids. So when he pulled out the small box she was surprised. Opening it she smiled at the small bracelet. ”This is really beautiful.” She said as she looked up at him her hand on the nape of his neck to pull him closer so she could kiss him. ”Gracias mi amor…” she said as she looked at it and then held out her wrist. ”Put it on?”
  9. The other side

    She let out a laugh. ”Luckily he’s not asked for a new dog.” She said with a small laugh. She didn’t really want another dog as well, the one they had lost was hard to replace and Doe was not truly ready for it. It was amazing how much the animals became the family. ”He’s got the cat still anyway and they are thick as thieves.” They always had been. ”I don’t think he needs anything that needs to be taken care of until he can take care of it himself.” She said honestly. <p> ”I think we can handle whatever we need to handle” she said. She moved into him and she shrugged. ”Sometimes I think about it….” She said as she looked at him. ”But I think we should enjoy this vacation first.
  10. The other side

    She smiled. ”your stomach is wise.” She said. She was a rather grouchy person when she skilled dinner. She hated to miss out on food in general. ”We would be so grouchy and ruin a perfectly good evening.” She said with a small sigh as she looked him over. ”And you are very lucky that your wife knows how to dress you otherwise you would still be that poorly dressed man I fell in love with.” She teased. Though in reality he had dressed just fine before they started dating. She was not that superficial. She just liked to make sure she sent him looking his best, and in clothing that wouldn’t need to be washed right away given the fact he sometimes spent more than a day at work. It was not too far of a walk. She liked the private nature of the cabanas and she was happy to have some time alone with Jason. It felt like forever since they had been absolutely alone. ”You know when I asked your son what he wanted from the trip he asked me to bring him home a brother. It old him that was unlikely.” She said with a laugh. ”I think a dog would be likely at this point” and she knew how Jason felt about another dog.
  11. The other side

    At one point in time there had been a desire for attention. Before she met Jason, before she found herself with a family and life that she had not expected. It was a very good life. However, the attention she wanted now was that of her husbands, she could care less about the heads she was going to turn. Honestly. Letting out a small smile as he complimented her. ”thank you.” She said as she leaned back against him. The familiar warmth of him was nice. Even in the heat. She had picked a simpler dress for the evening. They were only going to dinner- but dinner was a nice change when you didn’t have to make it. Thus far she was enjoying herself. The Maldives were actually quite magical. She leaned her head back as she checked their appearance as a couple in the mirror. They always seemed to make someone look at them. ”I do not want anyone’s attention but yours.” She said honestly as she moved towards the door. ”Come on we need to go before we miss the reservation and have to wait forever.” she turned around and went about buttoning the shirt. ’I like this shirt.” She said looking up at him. She was pretty sure it had been one that she bought for him. Smoothing the front of the shirt she moved to her tiptoes to gently kiss him before she settled back on her heels and grabbed a pair of heels for the night. She was not worried about their children, she was not worried about anything for once. It was a good feeling.
  12. The other side

    Though things were better, it was still work. Things didn’t just magically improve because they both said they were working on things. Jason still was not home every night by 6 but it was better than it had been and that was all that mattered. Doe had at least gotten a little more help around the house, she had hired someone to watch the kids when she was working. She had needed the time at the studio in order to feel as though things were normal for her. It was not perfect but it was better. Nothing in life was perfect. She had taken Frankie under her wing, she was carrying the next Karras and with Orion Banished to Greece she felt the young woman needed a little support from the family. Lot was supportive of the idea of helping Frankie and so Doe had been checking in on the girl. Having her over for dinner with the kids. Silas loved her. Silas was also excited about the prospect of another cousin. Another sibling had also been something he asked about. Declaring the boys needed to win again. Doe could only laugh at the logic and wonder how Jason would react when his son told him they needed another boy in the family. With the help, a third kid wouldn’t be terrible but she was not looking to add to the family so soon. She also didn’t think her husband was keen on another. He was, however, keen on keeping her happier than she had been since Persephone had been born. The trip to the Maldives had been a surprise. It was a place she had always wanted to go, and it seemed year 7 was the one that would get them here. They had their private cabana on the water and she had been truly enjoying the past day since they had gotten there. Tonight they were headed to dinner on the beach with the glowing algae and she was rather excited. She had finished getting ready but needed his help zipping her dress. ”Mi Amor?” She called to him. ”Can you get my zipper?”
  13. sleep deprivation

    She nodded. She hoped that was the case. This particular time in their marriage had not been the easiest and she honestly didn’t want to relive this. ”I hope you mean that!” She teased. Though she knew he was sincere about it. There was a difference between when he was sincere and when he wasn’t. She would be happy too when things went back to normal. She missed her husband. Which was strange for her to say when those she dealt with were of the mind they wanted to see less of their husbands. She smiled at him as he talked about the bedroom. She nodded. ”We should hurry before your daughter wakes up again.” She smiled as she nudged him towards the stairs.
  14. sleep deprivation

    ’I hope so.” Doe said with a sly smile. There was a lot she missed about her husband, this being one of them. She felt her skin ignite as he pulled her closer to him. Her smaller frame fit so familiarly against him. She was backed against the couch, She liked when he took control. She smiled up at him before she managed to pull his shirt off of him. Throwing it to the ground as she got a better look at him. Her hands trailed along his chest and abdomen. The more surface things about him. ”I do not know how I do that either.” She looked at him and smiled. ”I think it’s because the universe has conspired to pull us together.” She said with a smile. Even when she thought about leaving, she couldn’t she was pulled back to him. To this spot. ’Then you should have me.”
  15. Invite drinks with Vivaldi

    Doe smiled. ”Of course, Silas still talks about how mommy has a vampire friend.” Silas had thought that it was the absolute coolest thing. He had told Dylan all about the vampire Igor that his mother went to ballets with. It had gotten back to her from a day care that he had been talking about it and it upset the other parents. They however had been too scared to tell Doe herself given who her husband was and the fact she was friends with a vampire who had not killed her. She actually wouldn’t have been surprised if there was a rumor that she was one. Given her choice of friends. Doe had many friends that others wouldn’t approve of but she couldn’t be bothered to care what other people thought about her friendships. They were not apart of them. ’Perfect I may drag Jason along with me. The man needs to be more cultured. I would bring my father, he recently relocated to Melbourne but in True Karra fashion he is off chasing my youngest brother and his girlfriend. It seems I will be an aunt here soon.” she said with an air of amused sadness. She was not sad about the child, that would be impossible Doe loved children, but she was sad because at 16 her youngest brother would have to abandon his youth to be responsible for this little life. She had already offered to help in anyway she could. And even with her own infant she would take the child if it helped the parents get themselves together, and to a point they could be full time parents. ”Orion and his girlfriend took off and no one knows where they are.” she said with a frown. ”Though I suspect Lot is aware.” She shook her head. ”I understand him wanting to hide from Atlas.” he was not the most understanding or caring father that was for sure. ”That is exactly why I asked you. People wish to spare my feelings and I have no use for that.” she said with a shake of her head. Doe was not one who cared about honest, constructive feedback. Something she knew she would get from her friend. That was all she needed honestly. ”I am going with the little mermaid, its on trend…” She said with a shrug. ”But its also sort of a beautiful story.” she said with a smile. Letting out a small sigh. ”I am hoping it has translated well…” There was always so much you could do with something.
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