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  1. Alright! I got some spare Power Rangers costumes and a date with the Children's Ward at the Royal Melbourne Hospital! Volunteers raise hands or I'm sending some to random people and some folks might wake up out the front of the place dressed in colourful tights!

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      I may as well volunteer because you're just going to send me one anyways.

    2. Amiradysébelle Blair

      Amiradysébelle Blair

      You say that like you're not internally hoping you can be the Green Ranger...

    3. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      I cannot confirm nor deny this.

  2. Invite Terribly Normal

    "It was a joke, Ruella," Jez smiled gently, even as her sister got up in arms about even the idea of being called a part of something other than the House she'd been assigned during her school years. She chuckled softly and then offered a small shrug, "Besides, Dad was a Spencer, so there's at least some in your blood, but I wasn't saying that you were one yourself." That kind of loyalty, though, could have done a great deal for her sister's House if things had maybe been a little different in school. Maybe if they'd known sooner about their connection, if Mea had been allowed to connect with their family while she was younger, able to learn to accept them and herself. What ifs were pointless, but there was always a small wondering. "it sounds like a good day out though. Don't worry, I know of some nice places to shop where we won't be really crowded or anything. Just good for spending time with each other and getting to know Lauren better," The young woman was aware that Améa was not overly fond of crowds and the city, so she would at least try to make it as painless as possible. She knew it was a good idea for them to at least make the effort to spend time with their younger sister, to try to connect and let her know that they wanted her to be a part of their lives. It would take work - it had with Améa - but it would be worth it and pay off in the end. Though, it appeared that even her twin had some doubts still, much less about whether she wanted to be a part of it all and more to do with Stuart's acceptance of who she was and what she had done in the past. Jez could understand that, but her features remained in a relaxed smile as she watched Mea. "I think that would be a really good idea too. You can only truly connect properly when everything is in the open, after all," Jezebel nodded gently, but then placed a hand on Améa's shoulder and gave it a small comforting squeeze as she leaned a little closer, "But I don't think that you have anything to be worried about. All you need to do is be honest, tell him of your life, about the things that happened and why. You'll see that he will still want you for his daughter. He's a good man, but he's also had to make tough decisions in his life too," Leaning in close again, she offered Mea a small half hug, a little squeeze to try and comfort her a little. "Regardless, you'll always have me. And of course I would sneak you sweets, though I'm pretty sure Mary would send them over anyway, and order me to make sure that you're eating enough," Jezebel smiled at the other woman lightly, and she wasn't lying either. Mary was quite attached to Améa, and certainly wouldn't want to think that she wasn't looking after herself properly, "But I know you're going to be alright."
  3. Invite Terribly Normal

    Jezebel would be lying if she said she hadn't dreamed of something as simple as this current moment, the two of them sharing tea and scones, talking about (mostly) every day kinds of problems that they dealt with as women. Sharing their feelings and offering comfort and affection. It had been something that she'd hoped for over the years, and had never given up on, even when everyone else lost faith that Améa would ever return to them. She'd kept up with her letters, making sure that Améa was aware that she was still one of them and that they would always welcome her back no matter how long it took. And here they were now. "If Lorelei asked her along, then she no doubt would," Jezebel agreed with a small nod. The influence that the girls had over one another was an interesting one, though as far as Lorelei had been since her reawakening, it appeared she was the one who was trying to guide the other more so. The fact that she'd spent her life living among others meant she had a stronger foothold, deeper knowledge on how to traverse the wide world of what was socially acceptable. She would hopefully prove to be a good influence on Lauren. The suggestion of simply taking Lauren with them to bond, however, suddenly had Jezebel's lips curl into a smirk as she considered the idea. Now that was another amusing idea. Though they'd probably still need Lei along to calm the other girl down, it was true that she wouldn't be able to simply ditch them without her magic. "Why Améa, that sounds like a hint of your inner Spencer coming to the fore," Jezebel joked lightly with a small grin, before nodding a little and chuckling, "Could definitely be amusing, though we'd have to at least warn Alan or Adele before we did that, so they don't end up panicking and sending an Auror squad to search for the girls. But the idea definitely has some merit. A surprise bonding trip, shopping in the city and picnic at the Botanical Gardens or something nice like that, maybe."
  4. Invite Terribly Normal

    Just as Jezebel knew it would, the mention of Nika and the children stole Améa away from the worries and concerns over her dilemma, and brought a smile to her features. There was no doubt that they had helped with her transition, and in realising that she really did have a family here, one that wanted dearly to be a part of her life. She was aware enough of the difficulty Améa had in accepting such, that she was even allowed to have this much, but ever so gradually she hoped that she, the children, Stuart, and everyone else would be able to show her that she was a part of them. She didn't need to worry about being allowed, because they wanted her, regardless of her history. "Well, at least the advantage of dreams is that we are allowed to enjoy whatever we like there, without fear of judgement, and keep them our little secret," Jezebel offered with a small smile. At the least, even if Améa preferred to think of it that way, she was allowed to have her dreams and fantasies without anyone else having a say over what she could dream about. They were a personal thing, for herself to have. Jezebel certainly had no desire to tell anyone else what she'd been told, not with the trust that had been placed in her. She understood what it took for Améa to come to her and would never want to do anything to ruin this step in their connecting. She smiled genuinely, happiness clear in her gaze at Améa's words regarding their blood relation. Just hearing that was enough for Jez to set down her cup and walk around, pulling Améa into a firm hug. Because there were no words she could think of to convey how happy she felt in that moment. At the mention of Lauren, after she drew back slightly, Jezebel nodded a little, her own expression shifting to that of concern and puzzlement as well. It had been a surprise for them all, and she still wondered herself if Lauren would be able to accept them one day. While Jez hadn't done anything to her, it was clear that Lauren was bitter over the connection she had built with Adele over the recent years. "It's going to take a while, I think. She's harboured so much bitterness for so long," Jezebel murmured softly as she sat down beside Améa, dragging her cup over so that she could take another sip. "Though I know she likely won't want to hear it, or would accept it, an apology would probably be a good start, talking with her about your regrets with what happened. Maybe a lunch with her or something. And I know she's really unlikely to want to spend time with you, or I, but if we invited both Lorelei and Lauren maybe out on a shopping trip with lunch or something... she might be willing. I noticed she's a lot calmer when Lei's near her, which might be the key to talking with her. Even if she doesn't accept it, it will still stick in her head."
  5. Invite Terribly Normal

    Jezebel nudged Améa's cup of tea over toward the other woman while Mea seemed to be contemplating a little. She didn't want to influence her sister into doing anything that she might regret, but it didn't hurt to remind her that there were certainly options in the world. Whatever Mea wanted to do with her life now that it was her own once again, she would support her though, and try to be there in the way that they'd not been able to share growing up. It was a strange moment of sisterly bonding that she certainly hadn't expected, but which she welcomed easily, wondering momentarily just how different things might have been if they'd known a longer time ago that they were related, if Améa could have been spared much of her pain she'd gone through. "That's good," Jezebel said quietly, earnest, "I mean it. I'm really happy that you've got someone that you trust so much, and who makes you feel safe. I was really scared for you when you came back to Narrie. But I really am so glad that you did. And Nika really loves you, you know? She always gets so excited to see you. You'll stick around for the morning, right? The kids would love to spend time with you." She smiled warmly at the other woman, knowing that Mea had grown a soft spot not only for Nika, but for all the triplets. They held a calmer energy than herself and Adele, Jez knew that enough. And there was no judgement from them, only love and acceptance. As for Améa's problem with urges, Jezebel could only offer the idea of options on how to take the edge off. She could understand her sister's stance very well, and honestly didn't want to see her end up doing something that she would ultimately punish herself for. She nodded simply in agreement with Mea's words, her brow furrowing in a mixture of frustration and sadness for the other woman's plight. "However long you have to wait for the freedom to choose whatever you would like for yourself, I'm always going to be here for you to come and have tea and scones, if you need to talk about your frustrations or even just spend some time. I never forgot the promise we made, to be there and love one another as family - before we found out just how deep our connection ran... I meant it then, and always will."
  6. Invite Terribly Normal

    "I meant... it's a legal state of marriage here, where if you have left your spouse - even if you haven't divorced them - then you are legally separated from them and don't have to adhere to the vows of marriage. But, I totally understand, I do. I would feel the same," Jezebel had to admit that, to her, the vows of marriage were ones that should only be said when they were meant. Of course, she'd also seen what her step-mother had done to their father as well, when she'd cheated on him, even though she'd been spending a lot of time away. She'd never confirmed that they were separated though, which had made things entirely different, Jez supposed. It was all rather convoluted for her, and far easier to concentrated on Améa's situation. She needed some satisfaction, and wasn't in a position to get it from another person. "Well, it's not really something that can be controlled like that. It's just a personal feeling, but I think the reason you're dreaming of Vladimir is because he makes you feel safe enough to want to share that with him... and by the sounds if it, because you're really curious to see just how talented he can be," The woman couldn't help herself as she waggled her brows at her sister, chuckling away as Améa giggled almost naughtily at her own thoughts of what she wanted to do. It was wonderful to see this side of her, refreshing even. She was acting like an ordinary young woman who was attracted to someone. "I mean, the whole heightened senses thing really helps too. You don't even have to say or outwardly do anything for them to know what you like," Jezebel murmured, leaning in conspiratorily and looking side to side as though making sure it was just them girls sharing secrets. "The slightest heart beat quickening, a breath, it's all they need to just know," She nodded, taking another sip of her tea before then fixing herself up a scone. "Yeah, I understand," Améa needed some kind of closure regarding her relationship with Zane, Jezebel knew that much. Even as well as she'd become, as strong as she'd grown again, that link would hold her back from seeking anything that didn't feel like the right thing in her mind. So it was, that Jez might have to provide the means for her to relieve a little tension until she could find such an end to that chapter. "Well, I'd ask if you have preferences for shapes and sizes, but might just send you some general goodies to try out. At the very least, it will take the edge off... you just might want to wait until Vlad is out of the house before trying them. Heightened senses and all."
  7. Invite Terribly Normal

    Watching her sister, Jezebel had to wonder why it was so difficult to talk about this kind of thing. Obviously, if there were children or the guys around, the conversation wouldn't be happening, but it was just the two of them right now, Jezebel was able to monitor where everyone in the house was, and they were all still asleep right now. It was rather clear that this kind of curiosity was new to Améa though, and so Jez was trying to think of the best way to help the other woman understand that there was nothing really wrong about it. It was a natural thing to be curious, to have needs and wants. "Well, technically, you're separated," Jezebel reminded her sister. Whether they were still married or not, Mea hadn't seen Zane in months. She'd chosen her daughter and family over him, and they all knew that it was part of the reason why recent events had occurred, though no one would say it. There were too many factors behind all that had happened for any one person to carry the blame. "But, if it didn't make him a target for them..." She inquired curiously. "If you felt safe to be able to do what you wanted, to make choices that you didn't have to worry about affecting anyone else negatively..." She didn't finish the question, leaving it open for Améa to consider. It wasn't that she was trying to push her toward anything, after all. She just wanted the other woman to realise that she was allowed to want things. Of course, the reaction to Jezebel's question of 'self care' should have been predictable. The splatter was caught in the air before it could end up everywhere, and floated over to the sink where the tap turned itself on at the debris was washed down the drain. All the while, Jezebel took a sip of her tea and watched Améa rather than the cleaning up. Clearly, Améa hadn't tried that option. How to explain this situation? Maybe she needed to revert to minor psychology? "If you're feeling... thirsty," It seemed that word didn't sound as bad as 'horny' to Mea, "And you're not allowing yourself pleasures with a man, then that's certainly the best way to take care of that. Whether it affects the dreams and stops them will depend entirely on whether they really are driven by your body's desires. I mean, it's not like it's a bad thing to want. Sex can be very enjoyable with the right person, and good for you too. Feeling comfortable enough with someone to want to be intimate with them means you trust them with the most precious parts of yourself. Also, it's been proven that regular sex helps people to feel happier and healthier in day to day life." Jezebel gave a matter-of-fact nod to that, "Reaching... completion releases hormones that help us to feel more active and happy. So, I mean. I can buy you some helpful aids in that area if you don't feel ready to be with another man yet."
  8. Invite Terribly Normal

    "Oh my," Jezebel's fingers lifted to her lips at Améa's description of the dream, her eyes twinkling in interest. "Well, I mean if he's anywhere near as attentive as Viktor..." She hummed as she closed her eyes, perhaps not the most helpful response since it only suggested that Vladimir could be just as good in bed as he was with an instrument. She was well aware of the other woman's blush, but for Jezebel, talking about sex had been something she'd been doing when she was still a teenager. Boys, different styles, things one enjoyed. It was all rather easy for her to think and talk about. "Horny?" Jez finished Améa's statement of what she was probably feeling. It made sense, she'd been married for years and had been intimate with Zane for so long, that of course she was going to miss the physical closeness. "You know, it's perfectly normal to have sex dreams about someone when you're feeling... thirsty, for intimacy. And it's perfectly normal to want sex when you've had it for a long time and then are suddenly without for a while. But is it only because you think that's what you want? Or is there more to it?" The question was asked with some measure of curiosity, as Jezebel tilted her head, "I mean, you said yourself that you value Vladimir as someone who deserves more than just lewd thoughts and dreams, so perhaps it's not just because he's close by." She lifted her brows a little. That was the question, wasn't it? Was it only sex that Améa wanted with Vlad? Or was it more? Still, the next question from the other woman caused Jezebel to consider a moment as her lips twitched, and she moved to the oven to get the warmed scones out, setting them on a plate before looking back over at Améa. "Have you tried... you know... relieving yourself?" Jez asked, bringing the plate to the counter, before she moved to pour the tea, "Bringing yourself to completion and such. It might take some of the edge off when it comes to feeling horny. There are plenty of ways to do it, there are even things you can get to help you out."
  9. Invite Terribly Normal

    At least there was nothing bad happening to anyone back in Narrie, that was at least one worry off Jezebel's mind. Now she just had to find out what it was that was eating at Améa. She couldn't really recall having seen the other woman in this state before. At least they could agree though, that Mary's baking was definitely the best. Jez had long given up on ever trying to get the recipes right herself, after having exploded some cakes here and there, and burned others, and simply come out with really odd tasting ones. She figured it was just better to ask Mary if they wanted a cake or something, though the stubborn woman always refused to let Jezebel pay for the ingredients. "Shops and stores say that so they can get customers in to buy their products," Jezebel explained easily, offering a small shrug. "Not everyone can have Mary's cooking after all, so they have to believe that what they're getting is the best that they can, I suppose." That seemed like a good enough excuse right? It wasn't lying if they were saying that they were the best that customers could get, simply because those customers wouldn't be able to have Mary's cooking. Whether it was a good enough explanation for Améa or not was another question. In the kitchen, Jezebel began getting out the jam and a bowl of fresh whipped cream from the fridge, setting them on the counter, before then switching the kettle on and moving to grab some scones from the container they were in. She turned the oven on to a temperature that would be able to warm the baked goods up a little, but then almost choked when Mea blurted out what was bothering her. The woman had to take a moment, to tell herself that she shouldn't laugh, before she managed to put on a perfectly straight face and turn back to her sister. "Oh? Dreams, huh? So are they separate? Like, you're having dreams of sex? And then ones of Vladimir? Or... are you having dreams of having sex with Vladimir?" Jezebel needed to know that difference, even though it was already interesting to begin with. She'd known they'd been spending a lot of time together, but wondered if there was something more developing between Améa and Vlad.
  10. Invite Terribly Normal

    Jezebel had felt the presence of Améa before she'd heard the footsteps, having woken almost as soon as she sensed the disruption within the house. It wasn't something so bad that it would bother the kids much, though she was certain that Lorelei had woken up as well, but it was definitely something that the woman herself felt and she was already pushing herself up from bed and pulling a long silk robe around herself and tying it up, murmuring to Viktor that it wasn't anything to panic about. Améa seemed bothered, but she didn't seem scared. She was already walking toward the door when she heard the knocking, ruffling her dark hair slightly, before opening it and blinking at her twin as she moved to step out, closing the door behind her. "What's wrong? Has something happened?" It seemed obvious that something had, but it was still a relevant question. Not wanting to disturb Viktor too much with his good hearing, she indicated for Améa to follow her as she wandered toward the stairs that would lead down to the living room and kitchen. "Everyone's alright?" She did need to ask this, because even though the other woman didn't seem panicked, that didn't mean that something might not have happened to someone in their family that brought her running here. As she glanced at Améa though, there seemed to be something... odd about the woman's arrival and in what aspect it was that she was bothered. She blinked a little, and tilted her head, though she would not try to pry within her sister's mind to get any answers. More so, it felt like she might have some idea, and that Améa had come here because she wanted to speak to Jezebel, rather than needed to. "Would you like some tea? I've got some scones from Mary too, if you want them with jam and cream," It felt like she was setting up for a girl's gossip over tea, but there was something that told her that very scenario would possibly make Améa feel happy and able to speak with her a lot easier.
  11. Invite Not A Little Girl Anymore

    As Lillian returned them home, Jezebel gave the older woman a kiss on the cheek and thanked her softly. She'd expended much of her own energy, and it hadn't gone unnoticed. Then Lillian vanished and the mother and daughter were left inside the quite house, Jez pulling Lorelei in for another tight hug, simply glad to have her baby girl back, even if she wasn't exactly a baby anymore, and was apparently much more than she'd been before - from what she could tell would be much more than Jez or Adele or Mea in the years to come. She was still unsure how all this was going to pan out over time, but she would do her best to help Lei cope with this extra she had within herself. Of course, the house wasn't quiet for very long. The woman knew that the other girls would have been aware as soon as she and Lorelei arrived, and she could already hear the triplets yelling their sister's name as though they'd woken the moment they felt Lorelei's presence. Which was probably exactly the case. Whether Viktor was asleep or not, she knew that he wouldn't be far behind the children. Still, she wanted to hold Lei just a little longer. "Mamiere, you're going to make everyone fight to cuddle me," Lorelei huffed softly, though it only caused the both of them to chuckle quietly as they waited to be met by the rest of the tribe now that the triplets' yelling could have woken up the entire neighbourhood. Even the cats had come to say hello, circling around their ankles. "Lillian said rest," Jez mumbled against Lei's hair, "But I doubt we'll be able to until I've told your father about what happened tonight."
  12. Invite Something Happened

    Discomfort ran through the young women as Del's pain was transmitted, and Jezebel shifted a little uncomfortably on the sofa, while Lorelei's lips pursed a little. They could understand the concern, but even Adele knew that this had to happen eventually and it wasn't going to get any easier no matter how long he waited. Jez offered a small smile of encouragement to Alex's view on the baby thing, though she considered thoughtfully over what he said about Cassandra. "The woman who did carry me before I was born was a wizard, and her energy was quite difficult to maintain. I am unsure how Auntie Cass will go, though being she is also a creature of great energy, and can gather it from nature, she may fair better. I am curious as to what your children shall be like, aside from obviously girls," Lorelei chimed in quietly, her own expression reflecting that curiosity. "Either way, you've got family around who are willing to help. I'm sure that Cassandra's aunt will as much as she can, too," Jezebel added with a nod, her gaze shifting off to watch her mother leave the room. She wanted to go after her, but the exhaustion made her feel too sluggish. And... just maybe, Del might want a moment to herself with so much going on. No doubt it would be overwhelming the woman, all the news, the discoveries, everything piled on top of what had happened earlier tonight. She sighed as she thought for a time. Adele shouldn't be staying here alone, perhaps Stuart might be able to convince her to go to his place for a couple days with the boys. "You know it's no trouble for us to help sustain you," The women then added, having been part listening to Alex and Lillian's conversation. "In time, you might discover a way to better hold your energy in, as you said. But you've got lots of family around who can lend you some here and there." Lorelei nodded in agreement, simply listening for the most part now, while also keeping a mental eye on Adele and how she was doing. In the kitchen, Stuart was aware of Adele wandering down the hallway as he checked on the bake while also talking to Caleb, smirking a little at the kid's enjoyment of Mary's treats. There wasn't really anyone who didn't love them. He considered Caleb's questions, though was surprised he'd asked about Améa, since she'd been staying with Stuart since before she'd been made young as well - it had been a part of her healing process. Though he wondered if Caleb quite understood that. Rather than tackling that question right, away, he decided to go for the one that clearly bothered the boy more, taking a seat near him so he was down at the same level as the boy. "Let me tell you something, Caleb. In the years long before you were born, I met your mum and spent quite a bit of time with her. As much as she never wanted to show it, she was a very frightened woman, also a very lonely one. Because of that, when she first had children, she was scared, and she made mistakes that she's still trying to make up for," The man said, nodding gently, remembering back to those days for a moment, before looking at Caleb again. "That's why, when she had you, your mother wanted very much to be the best mum she could for you. She wanted you to be happy, and to feel loved. Sure, she was still a bit scared, but she fought that fear because she loves you. If your father suddenly decides he wants you back, no way she would give you up," The man smiled warmly at the boy, "You're her Caley, you made her want to be a better mum for you and your sisters and brother." Stuart gave a nod then, before ruffling the boy's hair lightly, "That's why you don't ever need to worry about anyone coming between you. She has enough love for all of you, but her connection with you won't ever change, mate. Now, you should go give her a big hug, I think she just went to put your brother in his crib."
  13. Invite Something Happened

    There was a silence in the air in response to Lillian's warning about remaining within the family and not above it, but the feeling in the air was that Lorelei understood and accepted that she would have to be monitored and possibly reminded every so often of her place, of who she was, lest she lose herself to the other. There was a thread of trepidation that ran through Jezebel as she was summoned closer and she stood and moved to Lillian's side. She wasn't sure how much energy this was going to take, but imagined that she wouldn't be going far for a while. Perhaps for the best, with everyone here, Adele had more people to support her. Perhaps she could call Viktor when daylight hit, and he could bring the triplets. No doubt they would all want to see Lorelei awake again as soon as possible anyway. There was something about the way that Lillian stopped Flora from joining them though, it ran deeper than simply being annoyed with her. Almost more like she didn't trust the girl not to try something that would change the outcome. In that moment Jezebel was very glad that Lillian was here to do this and that Flora listened to her. She didn't trust the girl either. She had been too happy about this solution and wanting to use it. It left a chill running down Jezebel's spine. How did Flora know about this method anyway? Closing her eyes as Lillian did, Jezebel felt the air grow thick with energy as the older woman called it forth, drawing from the stored up power in Améa, as well as Jezebel's, and then her own, and the 'extra'. It was enough to choke on, or it felt that way, almost causing Jezebel to worry about whether it would be too much. Lorelei's form appeared to siphon it all up with ease, however, almost like it had been starving for it, and she could swear that she felt the presence of her daughter shift from being all around them, to gradually return to where she should be. It was working. This was working, right? In the kitchen, Stuart put the kettle on and moved to fix himself a coffee. He'd heard what was going on, but it was... a lot. And it also made him feel sick, as he considered Flora and what he knew about her. Would Lorelei become like the other girl? He hoped not, and it seemed as though Lillian didn't want that result either. Glancing over at Adele, he offered a brief halfsmile at her comment about Améa. "Not just from being around me. She's opened up a lot around Mum as well, but I think that's a lot to do with their shared love for animals. Mum's actually hoping that Améa would like to train properly as a wildlife rescuer and reserve keeper... you know, when Améa's back to her normal size," The man nodded a little, casting his gaze warily back toward the living room for a moment, before then looking to Adele again. "She called me 'father' earlier, when she was waking me up," He said quietly, "Not sure if she even realised, but..." He smiled softly for a moment, and then watched the baby as he spoke again. "They're right, you know. You can't go after him. You can't leave your kids without their mother." Back in the living room, the very still body on the sofa finally appeared to gain some kind of life from the abundance of energy having been pushed into it. Lips parted just a fraction, and her complexion gained some colour as her eyelids twitched with the signs of waking.
  14. Invite Something Happened

    Eyes drifted toward the chastised Flora, before Jezebel's countenance grew more tired and weary from the entire exchange. Of course she would give them all hope with a plan that was bound to fail from the beginning, only to show up later and rub it in. Why should they have expected anything less?She decided to shift her attention from the girl and Adele who was vanishing into the kitchen, almost wishing she could do the same. But Jez wasn't going to leave her daughter's side with all the talk of back up plans and requiring an outside source of power in order to return the girl to her body. She sat down on the sofa, beside Lorelei's head, her hand gently smoothing the girl's hair. "What was me, Uncle Xander?" It was as though the voice had reverted to childlike innocence with the question, despite the undertone that she knew very well what he was talking about. She did go silent at Lillian's reprimand, however, before a quiet, "Yes. You are quite correct, Great-Grandmiere. I'm sorry, Mamiere." Came the voice, genuine in her regret for speaking out of line and assuming that she knew better than her own mother. Jezebel simply shook her head a little as she continued to stroke her daughter's hair. "So, this is just borrowing power from another to help her return to her body? Is there anything else I should know?" Jezebel asked quietly, looking to Lillian for a moment. She had a feeling there was a bit more to it than just that. But if Lorelei knew something about Sollozzo's attacks, if there was some plan in the works to ensure the family's safety, to ensure no one else died, then maybe this had to be done? She didn't know. And she didn't like that her own daughter was so keenly aware of such terrible things, or had been planning something. "To infuse soul back to body, the source shall be fused within as well," Came the explanation from the disembodied voice, gentle and quiet. Stuart had already stepped out again, following Adele to the kitchen because once again this was all over his head. Jezebel appeared uncomfortable with the small explanation, but Lorelei spoke once again, "I will still be myself. I will simply be... more, I suppose. But yes, if this is the only way I can wake now, then I consent."
  15. Invite Something Happened

    Jezebel continued to rock the baby in her arms, calming him so that he might go back to sleep, though as he chewed on his fist she realised he might be hungry and she looked up in time to see that Adele was already beginning to storm out before she could mention this to the other woman. It seemed though that she wasn't to get very far. Within moments, Jez blinked as her mother floated backwards into the room, followed by the ever well-timed Flora, who appeared to have got the older woman in her magical grasp, before releasing it and letting her drop to the floor. Stu moved to assist Del to stand again, a grimace on his features at the appearance of the girl. "She is quite correct, Grandmiere. And not only that, but you have children who need you to be their mother, not a martyr," A light scolding reverberated through the air, a small hint of anger within the words, and Jez made her way to Adele with the baby in her arms. "I think he's hungry," The young woman said quietly to her mother. Perhaps that would distract her at least for a moment, from trying to run off into whatever trap or situation lay in wait. At least everyone it seemed - aside from Adele herself - agreed that it was not a good idea for her to go running off. She had other responsibilities, reasons that she had to allow someone else to handle things, no matter how much she hated it. What she didn't like was the expression on Flora's features, or the tone of voice, as she spoke of herself and Lillian knowing of a way to hasten Lorelei's awakening. A brief glance was given to Améa at the revelation that she had been allowing Vladimir to feed, unhappiness in her gaze, but she shifted her attention back to the girl in consideration of what she was proposing. She didn't like the sound of it. Nor did she like the idea that Lorelei seemed to have, that she should be protecting their family. It was all wrong. Lei was still young, she should be the one being protected. "I know of what you speak, and had already expected that it would be a suggestion should things not go according to plan. As my aunt and uncle decided to forget the importance of their duty, it seems I am left with little choice. You know well that I must awake so that I am able to put plans into motion, to prevent more harm," Lorelei's voice didn't sound like a child's, it sounded a mixture of tired and annoyed. "So be it. Summon Lillian if she is not already listening. Mamiere, if you would please summon my body." "And here I thought I was supposed to be making the big decisions, being the mother," Jezebel murmured, sadness within her voice and defeat in her countenance as she lifted a hand toward the sofa, and soon Lorelei's form shimmered into view, perfectly still, hands clasped together at her chest. She looked stunning in this form, at this age. It was unfair how much of her youth she'd lost. "I was never truly a child, Mamiere. You know this. I was happy to play the part, but my role is to ensure that the other children are allowed to enjoy their youth, to make sure our family will be safe to enjoy their lives. It ever has been this way," The words were soft, almost apologetic, compared to the crispness in her voice when she'd addressed Flora moments earlier.
Amiradysébelle "Jezebel" Jaime Blair
Actress, Princess, Supermum
26* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age  26*
Date of Birth January 1st, 1993
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Year Level 
Occupation Actress, Princess, Supermum
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Katie McGrath
  • 2004 - 2010: Tallygarunga
  • 2011 - 2014: VMU: Magical Arts/Education
  • Jezebel's personal history with her condition is reserved for very few people
  • Is telepathic and a lucid dreamer, can fall into other peoples' dreams and read and speak into their minds
  • One of the triplets is actually the child of Jezebel's own twin sister, Améa
  • Has been taking mixed martial arts, and swordsmanship training for about 6 years now... for personal reasons
General Knowledge
  • Plays Sunday 'Sunny' Bright, who is now a very occasional guest character on local Aussie soap opera, Neighbours
  • An Australian musician with a few popular albums, loves playing guitar and singing acoustic shows regularly
  • Also played Korrine in a fantasy series filmed in Hollywood
  • Has starred in a couple of other Hollywood movies, but recently stuck more to local cinema and television
  • Changes her clothes a lot, and loves shopping
  • Openly encourages creativity
  • Has four siblings on her father's side, Timothy, Thomas, Tamarah, and Stuart Jr
  • Has four siblings, on her mother's, Améa (full sister), Lauren, Caleb, and DJ
  • Naturally talented performer, acting, singing, and some instruments
  • Hopeless at domestic duties (has been known to set a pot of boiling water on fire)
  • Engaged to Viktor Black, with whom she has a 16(9)yo daughter, Lorelei, and 5yo triplets, Valerian, Violetta, and Veronika

Jezebel is generally a friendly and understanding person in most aspects, this is because through her life growing up she herself has had to learn to deal with awful night terrors and strain on her mind. This development was due to growing up unaware of her true heritage as well as being a young child's way of dealing with problems involving dreams and nightmares in her sleep that she didn't understand at an early age, and years of therapy as she grew up helped her come to terms with it as simply a part of her and that was simply it. As it turned out, she was telepathic, and unaware of it for a very long time, believing her dreams and the odd voices she heard were her going crazy.

Somehow Jezebel found an odd harmony in day to day life, made aware of it she was able to still live day to day without too many issues, and had even been able to use her 'issue' to her advantage in gaining an acting role on an Australian soap opera. Its not what she originally wanted to continue doing (she had plans to become an Auror), however she had realised over time that she does love acting and was considering branching out into teaching while looking at higher goals in her current career - like stage and cinema.

A number of years ago though, a number of things occurred which have changed Jezebel's life dramatically. For one thing, she found out who her birth mother was, and about that side of the family -- resulting in her becoming a sorceress. It explained her sensitivity to thoughts and dreams. Probably a good thing to learn about, even though it worried her a little, because she was also offered a job in Hollywood, which she accepted and so traveled there via floo often until she decided to stick to more local cinema, and when not working is a mother and tries to learn more about her mother's family. Jezebel finds herself torn in a number of directions, but stays true to herself, and is more than a little happy that Viktor supports her decisions. She loves her own little family they seem to have created and can't dream of it being any other way.


Standing at around 5'9, Jezebel doesn't often go unnoticed in most places she goes and from her appearance it wouldn't seem like she would ever care to either considering she had a part time role on local television and now a beginning career in Hollywood. Jet black hair that ends just below her shoulder blades is worn in all manners of various ways depending on her moods (and who's in control at the time) while bright blue eyes watch the world, absorbing as much as can grab her attention at the time as possible.

Jezebel has a varied look, she has been known to change her clothes a few times during the day, including her school uniform to suit whoever's in charge at the time. Hairstyles have also been known to change, and even her general facial expressions. Those that know her can tell her moods usually: normally with Jezebel there is a sense of calmness and welcoming in her eyes; hyperactivity in the woman means she often has an expression of permanent excitement or happiness accompanies consistent bouncing or fidgeting; and when in a slight mood, she would carry a very stand-offish demeanour that warns others to be wary.

General clothing style is dressy-casual when she's not in uniform, Jezebel likes everything from a a classier look especially for events and when being seen out, to colours (bright colours and as many as she can possibly wear at one time), and even to just ordinary casual and nothing that really stands out too much.


She's a prankster and that shows in her friendships as well. She's fun and bouncy, and will not hesitate to play tricks on the people she cares about. But she can also be a great listener and happily offers advice with an odd wisdom that others don't expect.


Loves her family dearly, and would do anything for them.


She's a married woman, and very happy in her relationship. She and Viktor haven't been able to get enough of one another since they first met.


Most people don't even know they're on her bad list until they find out the hard way. Usually in the form of some kind of humiliation.

The story so far

Arriving via the 'stork' on New Year's day, Jezebel was the prized first child of Stuart (a halfblood ministry worker) and Tanya (a pureblood healer) Blair, though not the birth daughter of Tanya, she was still considered such at the time. Deliriously happy, it didn't take much for the clucky pair to decide to have more children, and Jezebel ended up with three younger brothers and a sister (the triplets being a result of IVF).

However, Jezebel inherited a hereditory gift from birth which wasn't discovered until she was about to begin school and showed signs of erratic behaviour patterns to go with the night terrors that had plagued her on and off since she was a baby. Having taken her to see a specialist straight away, it was discovered after a lot of studying that it wasn't simply behaviour changes, but she actually had developed separate identities in order to deal with various different situations in her sleep. The only solace was that because it had been discovered then she could be counseled and perhaps learn to control herself during her dreaming to an extent, in order to prevent more new 'faces' from being created in her psyche.

And so, life went on, Jezebel's family aware of her and when she seemed to change and gradually getting to know the differences between Jezebel, Jezzie, and Jaz - their likes and dislikes, and general habits. She grew up looking out for her younger siblings like a good older sister, and between her gift and its side effect on her also gained a lot of skill in acting and fooling others. At the age of nine she found herself in a television ad, and from them on began to get the odd spot here and there.

The day she received her letter to attend Magical Academy, it seemed a solid decision that she would go to Penrose like her mother had. This lasted about six months until such a time as Jaz began causing trouble in order to protect Jezebel from the other girls at the Academy who were giving the 'strange girl' a hard time. After a discussion with Jezebel's counselor, and the Headmistress of Penrose and Headmaster of Tallygarunga, they transferred her to Tally where her father had enjoyed his school years, and where she seemed to fit straight in.

A definite change overcame the girl as she found her place and really got into her studies as well as making friends in her House and in a few others as well as a few friendly rivals. She soon found herself comfortable enough to relax and joke around - her first major prank being a combined effort between all her personas to actually convince many students and some staff that she was actually triplets. As she got older only added to her own 'big sister' attitude when it came to younger students - sometimes for the better, sometimes encouraging them in more mischievous ventures. But always looking out for them.

Eventually, as she hit her mid teens, she also shifted from the odd television commercial, to a part time role on a popular soap opera filmed in Melbourne - something which, though enjoyable and paid well and provided great future opportunities, also put a small spotlight on her. She had little interest in being a celebrity (despite now much Jezzie loves it sometimes).

A number of other things happened in her last year of school at Tally, discovering Tanya wasn't her real mother and meeting and falling in love with one Viktor Black being two rather prominent and life changing ones. Jezebel grew and came into her own knowledge of what she wanted to do and pursued it -- eventually being given the offer of a role in Hollywood in a new series, something she definitely couldn't turn down.

Along with that, she discovered her mother's identity and heritage, going through Acceptance, which stabilised her strange power and 'removed' her extra personalities. She spent time learning more about what it means to be the daughter of Adele, and an heir to the throne of L'Arine -- while also trying to work things out with her father's family. Due to wanting to remain close to her families, Jezebel decided to keep her house in Melbourne, and is currently living there most of the time, travelling via floo to Hollywood for work until she decided to take more jobs locally. She and Viktor also came into knowledge of their daughter, who had been taken to L'Arine when Jez thought she had lost their child, so they are now raising Lorelei "Lei" and have formed a happy little family.

Of course, the family has only grown happier and bigger with the arrival of triplets Valerian, Violetta and Veronika around mid 2013, although Jez harbours a secret regarding one of the children, that only she and her mother and Viktor's brother currently know about.

Unfortunately, the happy couple STILL haven't been able to set a solid date for their wedding yet still, even after being engaged for years. There is still much business to be done regarding her mother's family and L'Arindelle. She's beginning to consider the idea of just getting married in secret, though doubts she'd be able to pull it off without someone interfering again, and so has settled for a non-official union for the time being.

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