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  1. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel was already beginning to lift her daughter into her arms when Rheldor came along and just plucked her up. Admittedly, she shouldn't have been surprised that he didn't even have to pause or shuffle the girl around, he was buff as all hell. But she was taken aback by the calm strength and support that he was offering her, and broke down into tears right there in the middle of everyone. The woman wanted to get to her feet, but it felt like she was sudden;y weighed down by too much. This was her fault, she should have made the venue more private, should have had everything blocked off. And now her daughter was... not dead, but not there either. And had doubled in age. It wasn't until Viktor came beside her that Jez allowed him to help her up and she began to collect herself bit by bit. She looked around as she sniffled, already people were moving to take care of things and keep the party going. They had to keep it going. To let people in on how bad the situation was, would be potentially disastrous, and they didn't need to cause a panic or draw even more attention to themselves. "Viktor, I need you to stay here to help keep things calm. If we both go then people are going to know that something is very wrong," The woman murmured to her love, offering him a gentle hug, before looking to her grandfather and the girl he was carrying. "I'm going to take her somewhere safe to place her. I... I can't take her home, it would drive me mad to have her there like this, but I'll at least have her somewhere we know and we can keep and eye on her and... I just..." She sighed, she was going to have to create an enchantment, a construction to keep Lorelei safe within, that her family and loved ones could enter, but no one else could. "I'll be back as soon as possible," The woman murmured quietly, giving Viktor a kiss, before moving beside Rheldor and placing a hand on his arm, the trio vanishing into nothing as she teleported them to where she had mentioned.
  2. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel had not really been able to pay much attention to anything except her daughter, and the words spoken by those regarding her and how to help her. She grew increasingly more annoyed at Flora's seeming need to keep belittling others rather than simply seeing to the real issue. Each time the girl broke off to throw more words at Alex, she wanted to grab her and tell her to get to the point already. It was probably the largest test of Jezebel's patience ever as this child - that clearly was not really a child, there was something far too 'old' about her - laughed and scolded people. A glance was cast toward a scuffle between Viktor and Vladimir, a moment of perplexity within the woman as her ever-docile love lost all reason and started screaming about killing. She'd never seen him fall to his Dhampiric side blood, and it was not good for him or his heart. She was torn between remaining at Lorelei's side and trying to calm him, but it seemed that his brother and the triplets had that under control, so she refocused on her daughter and what would be needed. A battery. Alright, easy, she could do that. But Flora decided Améa was going to be the battery, before Jezebel could even speak up to nominate herself. It was her daughter, she would do anything for her, including go through what sounded like an awfully unpleasant experience. Looking over to Améa, there was an expression of deep appreciation as her sister easily accepted the role that was given to her. 'Thank you,' Jezebel sent the soft thought across to Améa, as her gaze shifted to the more defined features of Lorelei, who now looked about twice her age. She brushed her fingertips down the cool pale cheek and inhaled a sharp breath as she swallowed the lump in her throat. "We have to... I'm going to have to take her somewhere she can... sleep," The mother murmured quietly. There were still people here, the party was still basically going, despite what had happened. "A couple of people need to go around to the guests and say... say that Lorelei fell ill, that's all. But that everything's alright. There's nothing to worry about." She glanced around, her gaze stopping on Alex and Cass, and then each of the Valentins who were still gathered. "Please? While I get Lei sorted..." The young mother then looked over to Rheldor. She hoped that he was alright, all of this must be so much for someone who just learned he had such a large family. "Are you doing alright, Grandfather? Please, get a drink and relax, and..." Jezebel cleared her throat a little as she looked around her family, "I need to move her. I can't keep her lying here if there's nothing we can do right now."
  3. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    "NO!!" The dread had already been within the young woman as she'd gone down, and so as the curse was ripped away painlessly, she was alert and already starting to move as her gaze swept the area, pinpointing on the still lifeless-appearing body of her daughter. Her babygirl. She'd sensed what she was about to do, but had been powerless to stop it, to prevent this from occurring, and as she scrambled on all fours, arriving at Lorelei's side in order to lift her head slightly from the ground, she half-sobbed. Her throat was too choked up to be able to say anything as Bethianna examined the girl, and her hands shook as she watched Lorelei's small limp body grow. "She's... aging! What's going on?!" Jezebel asked hoarsely, only to have Flora speaking about the actions and subsequent consequences that had occurred due to each of them. She didn't even need to point out Jezebel's mistake in all this. The young woman had thought she could have a large affair in an open area, had thought that there were enough people around that no one would be stupid enough to try something. And now her daughter was near death, and aging to the point where her small frock was beginning to tear at the seams. Quickly, she tore her cloak off and wrapped it over Lorelei, who was losing her childhood right before her eyes. How much? Was she going to age to the point that Bethianna had seemed to? Beyond?? It seemed, however, that Lorelei's strange growing had slowed and then perhaps stopped at what appeared to be an adolescent state, and Jez breathed at least one small sigh of relief. Of course, her scream had also drawn the attention of her father, who had stormed over as quickly as possible, only to freeze in his shoes at the sight of Lorelei. "What on Earth happened?" The man near demanded with a slight shake in his voice. Few things really shook him, but he was still healing from his own wounds that were only a few years old, and Lei was his eldest grand child. Jezebel didn't want him involved in this, however. It wasn't going to help, what was required was something more than even the Minister of Magic could do. "Dad, you need to leave this to us, please," Jezebel croaked quietly, "You can't help with this. I'm sorry." She didn't look at the man, who took a step back at her tone and the absolutism in her words. He knew it was a thing that only their kind could deal with, but... it hurt that he couldn't help. Still, a nod was given, before Stuart stepped back further, and made his way slowly to a table and chairs that wasn't too far away, but kept him out of their hair for whatever they had to do. He could also observe others and make sure they didn't get involved, beginning with Artemisia and Derrick, tapping them on the shoulder and gesturing for them to move away. He did the same with Aiden, helping the poor lost kid up to his feet to lead back to the table as well. There the man sat and ran his hands down his face with a long sigh, a tired look in his face. "What kind of cost and consequences?" Jezebel asked Flora quietly, her blue gaze turning toward the girl. She knew those words couldn't be taken lightly. She also didn't want her daughter to be stuck in this state forever either. How did she know they could all even fix this at all? She was aware that Lei had overextended, she'd done it to save Améa. For that, a part of the young mother was proud of Lorelei's courage and well-meaning. But she wished there could have been some other way.
  4. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel laughed when the camera happy pranksters bounced around to capture this moment in all it's glory, though to be honest she was actually happy that someone was taking photos, because this was definitely a momentous occasion. It didn't mean that she wasn't going to be asking Artemisia and Sparky questions later about just what was going on with the pair of them. It had certainly caught her attention that they'd attended together, as a matching costumed pairing. But it could wait for the moment. She was still reeling from it all herself as she leaned against Viktor, resting her head on his shoulder. And Alex and Cassandra were absolutely adorable as any young couple could be as well. "At least I don't have to hire photographers," The young woman commented to the pair, before spying Josie as the girl slipped in, and waved to her. She would go over soon enough and say hello and catch up. Josie was one of the few people she still kept in good touch with, it helped that they both had strong connections to the school and that Viktor and Josie sometimes worked together in the Hospital Wing. Glancing at Viktor as he murmured to her, Jez laughed quietly, "It's not a proper party of ours without something crazy happening, right?" If only she knew... It didn't occur to Jezebel that there was something not quite right in the air, until she felt a sharp sting of sorts, and winced a little. She'd not been on the wrong end of Wizarding magic for a long while, and the few brief moments where Bethianna was suddenly fired up and changing the course of things only so that those of the Sorceraic blood wouldn't suffer went by so quickly that Jezebel could barely take the time to think about what was going on before she felt sleep overcoming her mind while she crumpled to the ground. There was just one small thing that didn't allow her to completely pass out right away, however, something that lingered on the edge of her mind, setting off alarm bells - as faint as they were. But she was too far gone to prevent it. She couldn't move, all there was left was a desperate thought as she slipped into the void of slumber. Lorelei!
  5. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    For one of the very few times in her life, Jezebel found herself feeling just a little overwhelmed with what was going on. From being spun around, to suddenly having the family quickly making their way over like moths to a flame, she was still wrapping her head around things when Viktor came up beside her. She clasped his arm gently, while glancing around, noticing Cass, who had been backing away until Alex halted her in her tracks and brought her back with him. And then the revelations, and she thought Rheldor might burst from joy at the knowledge that he had a son. It brought a warm smile to her lips, until she realised that he seemed to be under the impression that they had all been in danger or something. The young woman rose a brow at her mother, wondering if Adele might explain some of this, or perhaps to Rheldor that there wasn't really danger due to him - at least not for a long time. A small curious look was given to Lorelei as she addressed Aiden, before her gaze fell on the boy and she canted her head a little. But her attention was shifted again, and she realised there were more introductions that were needed for the man who had just learned he had so much family. "As you can see, Lorelei is very forthcoming," Jezebel chuckled softly, before then gesturing toward Améa and the triplets, "This is Améadruella, my twin sister. And these three little ones are Valerian, Violetta and Veronika. The boy hiding behind Alex is Calebrien, our brother." The young woman's arm then tightened around Viktor's as she turned her gaze fondly toward him, "This is my love, Viktor. You managed to arrive on an opportune day. It's our day of celebration of our relationship," The woman explained to Rheldor, positively beaming. She then gestured toward Vlad, "And Viktor's twin brother, Vladimir." That seemed like her introductions out of the way, she glanced toward Adele, her gaze flickering to Dave as though to remind her mother that she should introduce her own husband as well.
  6. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel gave Viktor a small smile and kiss on the cheek before she had to wander off, her Knave of Hearts left with Dave and Vladdy for a moment while she went and saw to what it was that had made Adele suddenly react. What she hadn't expected as she approached was for a man she'd never met or seen before - but who felt so utterly familiar that it was uncanny - suddenly grab her and twirl her around in a spin while crooning about how 'perfect' and 'beautiful' she was. It was only a few moments later that Adele's words to her sank in, and Jez blinked with wide eyes. "Oh my-... but I thought you were dead, I thought he was dead, but you're..." The woman went between speaking to the man, to addressing Adele and Bethianna, and back to him, before her hands went to her mouth and she choked a mixture of a sob and laugh. She didn't know why this was happening, or for who, but she suddenly wrapped her arms around him as well to give him a tight squeeze. "I can't believe it! Wow... you're so much like Alex too!" She huffed a small half-laugh and then heard Viktor's voice in her head, looking to Adele first, because she didn't know how her mother wanted to proceed with this. Though it seemed there was already some interest beginning to gather as she felt some people beginning to converge on this spot. "Oh wow, I can't believe... my kids, Mea, Caleb... wait til they see... this is so big."
  7. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel arched a brow at her mother's response to her own greeting to David, but surely the woman realised who it was that would have to help pick up the pieces if (when) something happened and she wasn't happily with him again and something or someone was a bitch or bastard? The younger woman, however inhaled a deep breath and smiled, giving a small nod. The remark about Jezebel's brothers making a business out of parties caused her to suddenly laugh and shake her head though. "They already have a business out of it... a very successful one that's just hit the international market a little as well. You need to keep up with the time... or read the local paper now and then," The young woman snickered again, but offered a small wink. Adele had likely forgotten, she had plenty of her own things going on, between her personal life, and L'Arine, and whatnot. Or the current baby was just stealing part of her brain. Jezebel was pretty convinced babies did that to pregnant women. She'd had her own forgetfulness when she was pregnant with the triplets. Bethianna was then pointed out and the woman shrugged, "If I didn't invite them, they'd have come, and possibly made a point of shaking things up anyway." That was how she viewed it. Case in point: Flora turning up to the barbecue. Left with Dave, however, turned out to be... interesting. "It's fake grass, Dave," The young woman smirked, and then inhaled before sighed, about to try and get a decent conversation going, when Vladimir turned up. One look at him, and she blinked and shook her head before laughing quietly, "Whoever told you Tuxedo Mask is from a fairy tale was pulling your leg, brother. But hey, you still managed to dress up. Vlad, you remember Dave?" She nodded between the two men. At least she and Viktor had held enough dinners to have their families meet. She then turned to David once again and tilted her head, "So, nice to be back home?"
  8. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Jezebel waved to people, thanked them for coming, and was then pulled up by her mother and 'the husband', the first getting a genuinely bright smile and snicker at how much she resembled Lillian as no doubt a villain-like role. For Dave, her expression sobered a little, her gaze turning sharp and for a moment one could certainly tell that she and Améa were sisters with the way her eyes could have near crucified him. But only for a split second, before she forced a smile. "Been a while, David. Be sticking around longer this time?" The question could have meant the party or his position in Adele's life, but she laughed it off as though it was a joke, before then gesturing around at the decorations, her expression returning to a real smile as she looked to Del again, "Isn't this great? I swear, Tim and Tom are getting way too good at this." A squeal then took her attention, just in time to see her father steal away with Audrey, causing her to snort at the shenanigans. She knew he was purposely going to stir Alan for trying to be sneaky - even though everyone knew.
  9. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Foreword: This is a ,for the most part, fun party event. Anyone who knows the bride or groom or their families is welcome to come along, but it's being held in an open location anyway. It will be a short-post, non-ordered, rapid-fire type thread... which basically means, post when you think it's suitable for your character/s to do so, you don't have to bunch them in one post, but may do so if you wish, and there's no pressure for long posts, even a paragraph or two for a character is fine, you can post as quickly and often as you like, no having to wait for a post order. Feel free in the first post, to do a little background for their Easter day prior to arriving, but they'll have Easter activities in the party too. Note: There will be a part of the event, where every attending character will be affected by a spell for a brief time. They will not be harmed or forced to do anything, aside from agreed upon characters, but I'm just letting you all know. It is part of a mini-plot, and also involves the Sollozzo plot a bit. The theme is Wonderland/Fairytale Enjoy! * * * * * It had been, for the most part, a typical Easter morning, the children had got up early and run around excited for a few moments, until they realised that they couldn't find any chocolate goodies. In fact, there were no goodies. What was this?? They'd asked their mother, who had solemnly looked them in the eyes and informed them that sadly... the Easter Bunny had been hit by a car, and Easter had been cancelled... forever. She hadn't quite expected just how upset the kids would get, minus Lorelei who hadn't fallen for the ruse, and so she had caved on her April Fool's trick on them, and told them where they could find their goodies. And so they'd all pigged out on chocolate and had some family fun in the morning, before then preparing for the real event. The party that... was really just a party to celebrate the fact that she and Viktor weren't getting married yet... still. It didn't matter to Jezebel. It was a great excuse for one, and she'd decided on dressing as the Queen of Hearts, because what better costume could there possibly be for her on her day? Despite the irony of it all. Victoria Reserve had been chosen simply because it was spacious, outdoors, plenty of space for games and an egg hunt. And besides, she didn't even have to do the decorations. By the time the family had arrived there, the triplets wearing adorable mouse costumes to match each other, and Lorelei deciding to be the one and only Alice herself, Thomas and Timothy had created a veritable Wonderland within what almost looked like a hedge maze, but was really just a hedge border that was maze-like only for a couple of levels. In the centre of it was a full Wonderland tea party setting, huge and colourful and glorious, and Jezebel almost cried at the sight of it. The party getting underway as others arrived, Jez could barely contain herself as she began to greet people.
  10. Invite When things Just Don't Work the Way They Should

    The girl couldn't remember if she drifted off or not while sitting near the bed. She'd mostly been allowed to visit because she'd been the one to find him, and because she'd been too stubborn to let him push her away during his recent sullenness. She was pretty much one of his closest friends. There may have also been the fact that she had been entirely stubborn and one did not simply say 'no' to a teenage actress. She knew how to throw one hell of a shitstorm if people even tried. But she was certain that she hadn't been sitting on an angle the last time she opened her eyes, and when she noticed movement from the corner of her eye, the girl jumped and straightened in the chair, before frowning at the man in the bed. "You should be sorry! What were you thinking?!" Jezebel wanted to punch him in the arm, but he was in a hospital bed, which meant she was going to save it for when he was up and about again, and boy could he bet that he was going to have the biggest bruise for weeks to come. The girl huffed then, however, before clasping Sean's hand and pouting at him, her brows still furrowed. "Why didn't you tell me how you were feeling? I mean... I might have punched you, but then I would have sat down and talked to you about it and maybe you wouldn't have felt like you needed to..." She trailed off with a wince. If she'd been much later, then it would have been too late. She didn't really want to think about that.
  11. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    The words from both Alex and Adele, about Caleb, caused Jezebel to glance briefly at her own son. Valerian hadn't struggled during his life, but she was aware that was because his sisters had influenced his choosing whilst the three of them were still inside her womb. As his father's blood had been strongest, it had been the natural choice, but it didn't change how connected the three were. She was happy, however, that she'd never had to know the struggle of watching her own son while he suffered through the difficulty of having to deal with warring blood within him. It had been more energy draining on her during pregnancy, but it was worth it in the end, and as she took a seat, she tugged her little boy over gently to sit on her lap so she could hug him close. Cassandra also realised then that of course Caleb must have gone through what Alex was currently, and she pursed her lips slightly in an even deeper frown at the thought that this girl who'd shown up from thin air would make light of his birthday when it was likely that she probably knew a bunch of information about the family from the sound of her. Who was this Lillian, aside from obviously the shared non-mother of Alex and Adele, and what had she taught this girl? "Only the coolest party ever," Came the response from the redhead at Caleb's question of them holding a party just for him. She smiled brightly at the boy, offered a wink and nod of her head. "You tell us your favourite colours, favourite animals, and what kinds of games you like, and me and Alex can help arrange a ninth birthday that everyone will be jealous of." Cassandra gave a sure nod, and in the meantime Jezebel mostly observed the redhead and the new uncle that had brought her, a small smile on her features. They were a ray of light, that much was easily seen, and something that the family also definitely needed more of. Jez had done everything she could for years to lift spirits a little, and for the most part it had worked, at least for Del. "You know what, that already sounds like a party that I'd definitely be jealous of, I mean, I'm jealous already," Jezebel said with a thoughtful nod. If it made Caleb feel happier, it was worth it to step down and let someone else take up the mantle of family healer just a little bit. And since Caleb seemed to have taken a shine to Alex and his girlfriend, then that might provide a stepping stone for him to eventually open up to the rest of his family one day... even if it was a ways down the line still. It also hadn't escaped Jezebel's notice that Cassandra bore a resemblance to the Lady Anna, but she knew it wasn't the girl's fault. If anything, she was more curious about the strange energy that surrounded the woman. It wasn't human, she was certain of that much. The redhead had smiled in quiet appreciation to Del, that she was being included in photo sharing, even if it was simply because it maybe didn't seem a big deal to the other woman. It was to Cassandra, who only had photos of her family, never having known any of them. She listened, quietly sat snuggled up to Alex's side, though when Adele paused, she looked up at the woman and she knew that look. That kind of grief. Biting her lip, she remained quiet, though glanced over as Améa explained, before nodding gently. "You're right, that's exactly why it's important to celebrate birthdays," Cass said softly, before then offering a gently smile, "And I'm sorry for startling you earlier, and the deception. I didn't mean to offend. Though, would it help if I said that it's just a natural part of me?" The redhead paused and glanced around at the remaining people, then Alex, deciding that perhaps if she was going to gain trust, then she would have to place some trust in them first, "I, uh, it's in my blood... the ability to shapeshift into animals. You could say they're a part of me. But, I prefer cats." A small meek smile and shrug of her shoulders followed. "I think she went outside for a reason," Jezebel said softly, in regard to Viktor's question of whether to follow Adele. "If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it's best to let her do what she needs to, and she'll return when she's ready to be around others again." Adele didn't like appearing weak, especially in front of others, and Jez doubted that people following the woman outside would help what she was dealing with at all. Besides, there was already someone out there. And outside is where Stuart had just started up the barbecue, and watched as the air above the plates wavered with the heat. He was already preparing some of the veggies and meat to place on the burners and begin cooking, when he heard footsteps and glanced around, only to see that it was Adele... and the look in her eyes and on her expression told him that the grief had hit properly, as he'd expected it would at some point today. He set a cloth over everything to make sure flies didn't get to it, before turning and making his way over, his clothes now protected by a barbecue apron that had a cartoonish picture of a roaring bear and the words, 'Don't Mess With Papa Bear'... only the 'ear' part was crossed out, and 'lair' was inked beneath it. Without a word, the man lightly pulled Del into his arms and held her tightly, so that she could get everything out. A hand lifted up to stroke at her hair, and he sighed softly while he looked out to the horizon. He knew the pain, as happy as he was with all the children he had, he never forgot the one that had never had a chance, and still wondered what she would look like now. But today was Adele's day to grieve, and he'd be the one to lean on if she needed it. "We gotta stop meeting this way, Del," The man offered gently with a saddened smirk. At least she could let it out in front of someone though.
  12. Invite When things Just Don't Work the Way They Should

    It was another hip-hoppin' day for the girl in her mid-teens with the jet black hair, weird blue eyes, and a constant bounce in her step and song in her heart. Jezebel Blair was also considering what kind of mischief she could concoct for her next special prank, and whether or not she should get the triplets and Stewie in on it. Having all the Blair children finally at Tally was awesome, even if it was probably a headache for the majority of the staff. As the ring-leader, it was only natural to assume that Jez was going to teach them everything she knew, from how to make every class interesting in very unique ways, to the locations of all the secret entrances to the various buildings and dormitories. How did she know? The knowledge had been passed down of course. The girl was the daughter of alumni, and cousin of the Headmaster, both former Spencers. As she hummed a small tune to herself, despite trying to push her next gig to the back of her mind, as well as next week's filming schedule, the teenager was passing by outside the Kookynie Halls, when she noticed someone sitting in a small hidden alcove. She paused in her steps. Who would be alone here? Was something wrong? She turned on her heel and made her way over. "Hey there! Everything alright... oh hey Sean!" The other teen was only a year above her own, and they'd known each other since mid her first year, when she'd moved from Penrose to Tally. She bounced closer, a little surprised he hadn't greeted her in return, though she'd noticed a change in him over time more recently. Of course, being the stubborn girl that she was, she had never let his attempts to isolate himself push her away and insisted on spending time with him anyway. It looked like this was going to be one of those times... except. He wasn't even moving. Didn't even look up to say hello. Her head tilted and she leaned closer. "Sean... hey, are you asleep?" Jezebel asked, and then glanced at his hand where there was an empty vial. Leaning over, she picked it up and read the label, before her eyes widened and she grabbed him to try and pick him up, giving her friend a shake. "Hey! Wake up! Help!" She called out, and then she began to half-carry, half drag him out into the open before yelling at a nearby person to grab the nurse. This was not good. The next day, the teenager peeked her head into the ward where Sean had been set up. They'd managed to clear him of the poison, but there was still some left over effect from his attempt to end his own life. She'd been allowed to visit now that he was just resting, and she stepped over to sit down on a chair in his room quietly, not really wanting to wake him up. There, she just waited.
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  14. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Between Stuart and Jez, they knew it was better to just move things ahead, it looked like it was going to be a clusterfuck no matter what was planned for the day. At least the redhead seemed nice, if protective of Alex, and Jezebel was internally squeeing at how cute the young couple were with one another. The children also seemed enamoured, and if there was someone's opinion she trusted, it was the kids. They just -knew-. "Did you know you guys stare a lot when you talk telepathically?" The young redhead spoke up, causing Jezebel's brows to raise. Questions were in mind but Cassandra interjected quickly, "My aunt's a telepath, and I'm a keen observer. Plus Alex and I kind of discovered that ability of his by accident." Well... that did make sense, though it brought more questions to mind about the girl's family. Stu meanwhile gently massaged the shoulder that his hand was placed on as he escorted Del back to the house. Seemed an interesting day was already turning into one of their family's crazy get-togethers after all. All they needed was Lillian and the Lady Anna, heavens forbid. Jez was still in the process of herding the triplets, only to lose them when their father and uncle showed up. Merlin, she'd forgotten that she'd said Viktor should drag Vlad out. Well, he'd already seen some of the things her family was capable of at least. The woman smiled as the children greeted Vlad, and then again at the kiss from Viktor before leaning against his side. "Love, Vlad, meet Alexander, Del's brother that was never mentioned to anyone, and his girl, Cass. Kids, this is Viktor, my love, and his brother Vladimir." At least this introduction was easier, the Dhampirs knew enough about surprises. Cass offered a warm smile at the excitement of the kids, before offering a nod. She was mostly just appreciating the hold on her hand that Alex had, along with his words of encouragement toward her. Studying the men closely, she had a feeling where the little boy got his fangs. "Nice to meet you," Cassandra said to the new arrivals with a friendly smile, and then leaned into Alex's side as she spoke to him with a small half smile, "So aside from the suspicion, everyone seems pretty cool and caring." Inside, Stuart glanced back as the gathering grew and moved slowly toward the house. "Glad I got plenty of food," The man said, and then carefully studied Adele for a moment with some concern, "So before they get here, how are you holding up today, Del? With today being today." He knew Alan was probably halfway to smashed if Audrey was letting him.
  15. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    At least it didn't take long for Adele to respond, as Jezebel glanced toward the house to see both her parents making their way out, though certainly not before Caleb bolted toward the group, only to bypass herself and Améa and plough straight into Alexander with a hug, much in exactly the same fashion as Lorelei had moments ago. Looked like he was a popular guy already, and to be popular with Caleb was a big fucking deal. The kid still didn't like Jez, though it had been worked out that it was more to do with the close relationship with their mother that had formed over recent years. Though Adele had asked Améa to relax, Jezebel hardly saw that happening soon, especially with such a surprise. She had to admit, this was a big one even for her, but she'd dealt with something similar before... years ago when Lillian had visited her on her death bed and told her that Adele was her mother. Jez was kind of used to these by now, especially where her maternal family were involved. "It's... great to meet you, Alex, if definitely unexpected," The young woman stepped forward to pull him into a slight squishy hug, whether he wanted one or not, and instantly some of her own energy flowed into him as though he were in need of it. She gave a pause for a moment, before realising why and was only glad to offer up a little something to help him get through the next round of 'welcome to the crazies', before drawing back. She turned her head a little, offering a look to Adele that clearly said she had worked out that he was not exactly in great shape and clearly going through something she had at his age, only it seemed much worse. Lorelei's fascination with the orange tabby was almost adorable though, the young mother smirking as she watched her daughter talking to the feline, though she blinked when the cat turned into a rather gorgeous young lady who instantly had the attention of all the small children as they stared at her. Stuart's surprised reaction, however, drew a bark of laughter from Jezebel, before she lifted a brow at the other girl. "Miss Cass, right?" The woman glanced from the redhead, to the young man that the shorter woman moved beside quickly, "Friend of yours then, Alex?"