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  1. Invite Little Machinations

    Looking at Cheetoh for a moment he nodded. ”I think, at some point we all hurt someone.” It was something he was fairly accustomed to. Hs grandmother had not been thrilled, he was magical. Letting out a small sigh he understood why she as upset. ”I think the way to live, and this is in my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. People are not good or bad. People do good things, or they do bad things. When you are doing something good, you are good.” He looked at her for a moment and then sighed. ”I live my life in a way that I can teach others, not to interrupt anyone else’s journey.” It was not easy sometimes. ”Letting out a small smile he looked at her.” the trouble with being hazel’s mom was that he very much liked her. <p> ”At some point, all daughter push their mother’s away it’s part of growing up.” He reminded her. ”It wont be a bad thing when she pushed away from you for independence, And she is way ahead of her classmates so it might be sooner than most of the other girls. Please Kate, please stop putting so much pressure on yourself.” he said with a smile as he moved to squeeze her arm. He smiled wide as he did so. ”the problem if that you think you need to be fixed. I don’t think youa re broken to begin with. Those who are broken don’t realize the sins they have committed and you… you realize that you may have things to repent for.” He looked at her and nodded. ”I don’t want you to see yourself as something so terrible, when the reality is that you are not so terrible you are afterall sitting here with me after making a few snap judgements.”
  2. Invite Little Machinations

    Boa had to admit this was a little uncomfortable. It had not been strange to have a woman pay attention to him, it had happened before, and it was not something he had worried too much about in the long run. Women often became upset that he didn’t want children. That he was married to his job and that he was not always interested in spending time together. He was a man who liked the things he liked and he was not about to get himself caught up in something that would be a little more than complicated. This was by far a little more than complicated. Not to mention he was the rebound and Boaz felt he was worthy of more than just a rebound. That and the way she was talking was kind of weirdly possessive to him. A bond for life. Boaz had not remained friends with his Exes for more than a few reasons, even those that ended on good terms. He let out a small chuckle, one that really conveyed he was uncomfortable and not so much that he thought this was a funny situation. ”Kate, I just don’t think this is a good idea.” Which was his honest opinion. ”Because someone is going to get hurt.” that was usually how these things worked. That and there was a third party who could get themselves hurt by something. He was not really looking to hurt the small girl with the tremendous amount of spunk in his classroom. She then seemed to want to be closer to him. He didn’t mind being friends. He didn’t mind talking to her like he had previously. That was not a big deal. He just was not sure they needed to venture anywhere they might have regrets. If her husband did wake up he wouldn’t be comfortable in the position he would be in, he could only imagine what he might think about Boaz being in his place. He listened. He thought about things. He was a man who needed time to really digest things. Especially when they involved him. ”I think being friends is a good thing, that Is okay.” he said as he attempted to set the boundary.
  3. Invite Little Machinations

    Boaz was not easily rattled… usually anyway. women always seemed to do the right things rattle them. Letting out a small chuckle he nodded. ”It’s not just the sobriety to take into account.” He said with a small sigh. It was not as though he knew what he was looking for but based on the conversations he didn’t think that they wanted the same things. Boaz was not just looking for a little something- he wanted something serious in his life. He had tried for the easy breasy thing, but it nnever really worked out for him. He ultimately wanted more- or if he didn’t they did. Relationships were already complicated he was not sure he then wanted to live up to this woman’s husband. The fact was, he couldn’t. ”I think we should think about the fact that my boss is your good friend, your daughter is in my class.” He mentioned. If and when this went south there were still those lasting connections. Glancing at her for a moment. There was no way they got out of this without some kind of pain. Right? Boaz was also not the guy that was picked when it came down to it. Most liked the idea of him, he was a muggle, he had lots of tattoos and he was the sort of guy that pissed your father off when you brought him home. He knew that about himself- but that didn’t mean he still didn’t find himself upset at the idea of it. ”I want to build a relationship with someone. That’s always been my aim.” he said with a small shrug. He didn’t know if she actually wanted that, or if she was looking for a rebound. Boaz felt he was worth more than someone’s rebound. Not that he was better or worse than anyone else… he just wanted more, he deserved more and he didn’t know if Kate was actually able to give him more.
  4. Invite Little Machinations

    Boaz had to admit the first time that he met Kate she was rather terrible to him. However, he was not one to be horrible back. The golden rule was not just something he taught to his students, but he actually believed in it. That and the world was a dismal enough place sometimes, it was nice to be able to practice what he taught. For Boaz it didn’t matter who she was other than another person on their jounery of life and he had no room to judge her for anything really. He was not perfect, nor did he pretend to be. He messed up, he learned, and he would then do better. This however was a new one. Boaz was not unfamiliar with a mom having a crush, but they didn’t usually act upon them. It was one of the many strange things about being a teacher, most of the rime they left him alone but they did make comments. He understood it. He looked at her. The fact was he was actually sort of flattered. He would be lying if he had not noticed Kate was attractive. She was also smart and successful and- the mother of a student. And- she had been drinking. Boaz was not sure he felt comfortable with something happening with alcohol involved. ”I am- blushing because I didn’t think a woman quite like you would be interested.” he said honestly. Attraction for him was not just the physical. She was attractive for many reasons. He chuckled again. ”I would say that you are a woman of confidence and most would find that intimidating, hell when I saw I would have both Kate’s and Alan’s kid in his class. Talk about pressure. ”I also think we’ve been drinking” he said cautiously he didn’t want to offend her. ”And I think for something like that to happen, I would rather us both be clear headed…” which was the truth. It was something that deserved sobriety. ”And I am not saying that, just to deflect… but because I don’t want you to wake up with regrets…” He didn’t. He really didn’t- not to mention how awkward it would be if she did regret it…
  5. Invite Little Machinations

    It was always much harder to accept something for yourself. It was a giant step and there was no guarantee you would land on your feet. That was scary. Letting out a small breath as he leaned forward to accept the offer of wine. He had not had much to drink in a while, mostly because he was here and he didn’t really like the idea of being responsible for someone else’s kid and being intoxicated. The last thing he needed was a scandal and given his appearance they would be quick to judge him, that was the way it went most of the time. ”Its hard to live in limbo, it weighs on someone much more than others would know. Its one of those things you know… everyone goes through something at some point. he was getting to a point were he was rambling. ”A career change?” He questioned sitting back against the wall beside his bed as he looked at her. ”I can see you there, it would be nice to know someone who is a big wig.” he laughed at the idea. ”I think it’s m ore you have the ambition and drive. Ruthless bitch is just what jealous people say.” he said with a smile. He didn’t really know if that was true for sure but he was willing to bet on it. ”I mean, its something to think about. Sometimes we outgrow things… and we have to move on. That is life.” You grew… always. Boaz was all about his growth and he would always look for the glow up. ”To grow we make our self uncomfortable and it sounds like leaving the school would cause some growth.” He said with a nod. ”But it’s not something you have to decide right away yeah? Do what those politicians do and put feelers out for the job you have your eye on.” He was not a genius but he had binged a few political drama’s when he was home. ”and a cute little talking button.” he said with a laugh and then he felt his cheeks get warm with her admission. ”No, no you’re right I cant make you stop that…”[/]b he looked down. ”Thanks that’s very flattering.” he said with a small smile. ’I uh, don’t really know what to say to that.” he chuckled nervously.
  6. Invite Little Machinations

    He nodded. It was not as though he really worried about dating to be honest. It was the last thing he wanted to worry about in the long run. However sometimes he was confronted with it and he managed to handle it the best he could with what he had. The break up with his fiancé had bothered him more than he liked to let on but he usually just kept that all to himself and so unless he was with his sister, he didn’t have to think about it too often. That and he felt like dating was just a way to meet the expectations of someone else while forgetting your own… it was a strange thing… but then he supposed he liked dating when he was into his date. ”I don’t think letting go means any of that you know?” He didn’t think it was wrong to move on when you had the opportunity to. It was hard to stay stuck in something and keep living a life that was fulfilled. He liked to think that most people who passed, or were in the strange situation that her husband was in, would want for their families to be happy. Then again he had no real experience with this. His life was not marred by tragedy… it was average. Aside from the whole magic thing… but that was not tragedy, it was just something that had happened to their family. ”I think letting go just means allowing some of the weight off the load- of course you love him… I don’t think that is the question… its how long can you are in a relationship with someone who cannot reciprocate from no fault of either of you.” He didn’t know anyone who wanted a coma instead of a relationship. He listened to her and he nodded. ”Well serious relationships happen when they happen, I don’t think anyone really goes into something knowing for sure that something will be serious.’ He pointed out though he had the one relationship and much like he had not thought it would be serious he also didn’t see the impending doom when it was in front of him. Cheeto seemed interested in the conversation again and was now sitting up. His tail switching back and forth calmly as Boaz reached over to scratch the cat under it’s chin. ”I think you are at least getting to know what you want. That’s a good first step. Not wantng to be alone helps you move onto what needs to happen next.” Which was hard, taking those steps. ”I think it’s fair to want those things for yourself.”
  7. Invite Little Machinations

    Humbled by the compliment he shook his head. ”Nah- its happened, she does this clever little trick where she invites me somewhere and the set up is there waiting- so ambush blind dates I guess.” He thought for a moment. ”They just have not been right for me. Don’t get me wrong they were nice, and very pretty but nothing was interesting about them.” He was a man who believed in the mental aspect of a relationship. Often times it was far more important than the physical. The ability to take of one another… to want to take care of one another. To not feel bored by the whole thing…There was a need to challenge and be challenged. At least that was the way he saw it. He had not really found that- may be once. It had however ended once the topic of marriage and kids and the future had come up. He was still just a kid basically, who the hell knew what they wanted at 22, not him… Boaz listened as she spoke of her protégé that was now gunning for her job. ”outsiders don’t realize that academia is a blood sport… if only they knew.” he let out a humorless snort and shook his head. ”I think you did what was best for your child… and that’s not a bad thing… I wish more parents would do that.” Ego was a bitch. ”Kill her with kindness.” he said. Though he knew it sounded like a prepackaged answer. ”It may throw her off her game just enough… and you can get a strategy in place to defend your position. Its all about strategy, and clean strategy. Above reproach.” he said. It was something he had heard his mother say a million times. ”Honestly, I have no idea, I am not well versed in wine, this could be the cheapest bottle you could find and I would not be able to tell the difference.” he said with a small chuckle. There was a lot that he had to work on and that may be one of them… there was a class about wine at the rec center back home, maybe he would check that out. Then he could tell Kate about the wine. ”everyone deserves a night. Its hard to pour into someone else when your bucket is empty.” Stress could do that to you. Looking at the woman in front of him he considered what she was asking. It was a complicated problem. ”Well, I don’t think my purpose to tell you what you need to do. This is your life and your family..” He rubbed his face for a moment. ”It is a long time, but I think maybe the question to ask would be ‘are you ready to let go’” he said with a small frown. ”I wish I could tell you what to do.. he said with a smile. ”I think whatever you do, you owe it to yourself to consider your happiness as well.” which was often a bit challenging. ”It may not be the easiest thing to do but… I think its important.” It was not as though he knew much about being married. He just went with the wisdom he had learned over the years. ”And it’ not like you have to know what you are going to do right now…” he said. ”For now you can just chat with me and Cheeto.”
  8. Invite Little Machinations

    Boaz had never been a man who paid much attention to what was going on just beyond his realm of interest and currently that realm was baseball. It had been something he had played, and loved from the time he could actually remember much of anything. He had gone to America once as a boy and he fell for the Yankees, something about how smart they look in the pinstripes. He was currently catching up with some of the games he had missed, well the highlights anyway. he smiled as she watched a rather amazing pitch. He had been a pitcher when he played. He was nothing like the Cuban Missle, Aroldis Chapman… that man… Well- For Boaz it was better than Magic to watch someone throw a 107 mph fastball. ”Did you see that Cheeto?” He asked the rather bored looking cat sitting on his bed. His pearl had turned out to be a male kitten, not that he minded the change, Cheeto also happened to be fond of the crunchy snack, much like Boaz had been. Cheeto looked up and mewed at him before turning his attention to the bird on the windowsill. Which was funny honestly… Cheeto had no interest in chasing the bird, they were friends. It was funny to watch them together. He looked at the small cat and then looked up when there was a knock at his door. Which was strange, he didn’t usually have visitors- and most of the other teachers and he liked their time away from everyone. He stood up and was honestly very surprised. The me in question was one Katherine Belmont. He smiled. ”Oh, don’t worry about it. I think it embarrassed my sister, she’s been trying to set me up for years with no luck, and she has never been so bold as to try that tactic.” he said with a laugh. He thought it had been funny but he figured that Kate was mortified. ”Really it’s not a big deal. It was a first for me however.” He stepped aside to invite her into the tidare yoy room offering her a chair. Cheeto looked up, unimpressed with the company he laid his head back down. ”I do like wine.” He took the bottle and smiled. ”Thank you but you didn’t need to do that.” It was just a simple, harmless letter. At least Boaz had seen it that way. ”However I think to be safe, your daughter and my sister should never meet… “ he said as he paused the TV. ”How are you? Keeping those young ladies at Penrose in line?” he said with a smile.
  9. in with the breeze

    He shrugged. ”I think there is a distinct difference and that is hardly semantics.” he said with a small laugh. He was a relatively good natured person and thanks to the tiny humans he spent most of his time with, he was able to argue with just about anyone. ”I can talk to her, explain the points and counterpoints… I can be amusing.” he said. ”I have to be… you may teach teens but I have to keep a room of kids with second attentions spans occupied for hours on end.” He said with a laugh. There was no comparisons to be made however, they were both teachers but he taught apples and she taught oranges. Boaz nodded. ”Well, maybe.” He had found most of his love of superheroes were too obscure for most of the magical folks he encountered.. Before Boaz could moved things without touching them, he had been all over the idea of saving the world. While he still had that idea, he just went about it in an indirect way. He was teaching those minds that would change the world someday. He was convinced. It was actually pretty cool to see the way kids changed their minds about things as they learned. ”Hell yeah, she was my first crush I am pretty sure… a bad ass chick who saves the day… how can you not want that? He said with a smile. Boaz liked independence in women. It was something to be admired. His mother was a bad ass woman… he figured that had a lot to do with it. ”oh we do load of that… not always planned. I have been the hungry caterpillar more times than I can count. The kids like that guy too much.” He said with a laugh… though honestly, he didn’t mind too much, he liked a chance to act like a complete moron and get paid to do it.
  10. in with the breeze

    Boaz nodded. ”The fact I am very uncool doesn’t seem to phase them too much.” he said as he shrugged. He had no idea how teens would like him. The idea was rather intimidating. She thought it was pretty admirable that she taught teenagers. ”I don’t think that I could be in front of teenagers all day. It’s pretty amazing that you do… I do love my little humans however. It forces you to think about things differently… but I think that is teaching in a nutshell… no matter the age.” He thought for a moment. ”I can say that I am a fan of orange, its citrusy and you wont get scurvy.” Which were both very good things in his book, though- scurvy was never something he had worried about. He smiled. ”I have always said that one should be childlike and not childish.” Something he tried to embody in his daily life. One had to be on their level. Which was just about as fun as anything could really be. ”I will also tell your mum if I need to… I do not mind being a character witness.” he said with a small grin. Boaz never really thought about how he must sound. Of course Hazel’s mom had thrown him for a loop, and he had cared about what she thought, she was and educator and she had designed Bilby… which was intimidating honestly. Not to mention he found her to be very different than he had expected her to be. She’d been on his mind. ”Spiderman is good.” he agreed. They at least seemed to like the same universe. That was a good thing. Then again she could just like spiderman… ”I also have to admit that Nubia is another favorite, I different universe but I find any empowered woman to be incredible.” and sexy, nothing was sexier than a woman who could hold her own. ”Ah yes, teen angst… I don’t think o could do what you do…” He said with a nod.
  11. in with the breeze

    The question he had posed had not been out of polite small talk, but out of the fact he did want to know if she liked orange. It was maybe something not many people thought much about… however Boaz’s days were filled with these sorts of questions. He was once asked about his preference when it came to what he would want to be if given the option to be a jellyfish or plankton. It had been a question he mulled over many times in his head. There were pros and cons to each. Plankton was able to sustain itself and it was often with many friends… then of course there was the size thing. A jellyfish looked freaking cool and you could sting people… not to mention the floating…. Well both were floaty things. He did think a Jellyfish was more his style. But then he never would have thought about it a student had not brought it up. The woman seemed to have a list of things she liked and Boaz smiled as she listed each one. ”Oh who is your superhero?” He asked her. Boaz had of course been a fan of Black Panther… the idea behind it. He didn’t see Killmonger as a villain either… he was the true antihero… it had been about culture… he may not have gone about it in the wrong way but Boaz had appreciated the concept he was after. He would happily debate all day about Killmonger, maybe even fight them if he had too. The man laughed and looked at the cake. ”Probably a bit of my bias, I teach grade one… there we have to ponder such things. I have a classroom of tiny philosophers…” he said, quite proud of the students so far this year. He had always enjoyed those who enjoyed learning. ”So I suppose I just ask the questions I would ask them. I want them to think… you know?” For them to think for themselves… one had to start that early. ”Thank you for the indulgence I will attempt to keep it at bay… it is a complicated thing hanging out with tiny humans and then having to talk to an adult.” he said with a small shrug.
  12. in with the breeze

    He looked at the ping pong balls and nodded. ”Oh yes, they do look quite terrified… I would imagine whatever they are facing, must be the sort of thing I myself would like to avoid.” Which was true. Boaz was not set up to deal with teenagers, which was why he had thought kids were not for him. He got to keep working with those of the ages he actually enjoyed. Did he want to have deep conversations about the various cartoons they loved? Absolutely. Did he want to entertain questions about why birds fly and why the sky was blue and why water was wet? He would happily take them. Those attitudes… not in the slightest. They were difficult little things. He liked singing silly songs and wearing mismatched socks all the time. He believed that she probably dealt with all sorts of charms that were inproperly cast and she had a few interesting stories. He remembered he had a friend who had set a feather, a mug and a pencil on fire in their charms class. And no one cared to talk about the frog that was supposed to have become a coffee cup in transfiguration that hopped away half formed and was a legend on the school grounds. He wondered if anyone had found that poor frog. ”Orange… that is interesting…” he agreed as he looked the cake. ”Well now you know.” he smiled taking a sip of his coffee. ”are you a fan of orange?” He asked.
  13. in with the breeze

    Boaz raised an eyebrow at the mention of victims. The ping ping balls had been labeled victims. That was enough to draw his attention away from the cake. He could be like his students at times, easily distracted by butterflies when collecting daisies. He also thought about the way his kids would take to the ping pong balls… They would love it, but then they tended to like most amusing things… which was kind the great thing about working with kids, they were not so easily amused but when it was a truly amusing thing they were able to have a rather great time in class. Boaz attempted to make sure they enjoyed learning as much as possible, and it wasn’t hard at this age they wanted to know all the things and to sing silly songs… that was always his favorite part of any lesson. ”Victims you say?” he said as he looked at the little ‘victims’ she had created. It was a rather interesting activity to do at the café, though he may see if she wouldn’t mind doing this drawing activity with a bunch of grade one children… Or teaching him so he could do it. He liked when Tally teachers could come into his classroom. It helped prime the little ones for the bulk of their magical education. When the previous herbology teacher had been at the school they had done a pretty good job of fun little units… ”It looks like coconut.” he said as he looked at it. It didn’t have that Carrot coloring to it. ”Well… I think I mean who knows… the pastry here can get super creative.” he was pretty impressed often. ”But tell me about these victims you have right now…” he nodded at them… ”What is the plan for them?”
  14. in with the breeze

    The school year had gotten off to a good start and he was actually enjoying the class he had this year. There was some anxiety that came with a few of the students. Two relatively important people in education had their kiddos in his class. Boaz was not so much worried about his capabilities, he knew he was a good teacher, but he did worry a bit about what other parents were saying. Boaz was sure he never favored children, there were some who needed extra attention, but they usually needed help with something. They had been working on subtraction and it was a doozy for the kids but they were picking it up a little. Numbers and letters… he lived his life in numbers and letters. He usually dressed up like the count from Sesame Street every year for Halloween and talked in that accent and they did a lot of counting. He was still tickled by his behavior every year. There was a lot that he wondered about himself sometimes… he wouldn’t have done this when he was younger but he liked to do it now. He liked to make an absolute fool of himself most of the time. It was for the kids though, it was a good reason to be a fool. Today however he was headed into town. He wanted to enjoy a cuppa and he had promised to email his sister. She had been in Ghana for the past three months and he had missed their daily chats. It was a bit harder to catch her now. However she did have access to email intermittently. Boaz did not have a computer, he made that choice. Though he may end up getting one to keep in touch with her. When he went to Basil’s he had to wait. Luckily he had gotten up early enough to slide in before someone took all the open stations. He casually strolled into the café and smiled as he walked to the counter. ”Americano please.” he had always enjoyed the taste. Once he had his coffee he put in a splash of cream. The small indulgence he allowed himself in the coffee. It was a bit easier on the stomach when he added the cream. He moved to sit and then smiled once he did. Sitting next to someone who seemed rather wrapped up in what they were doing. ”Hey, mind passing me a few napkins.” He asked and then smiled at them. ’that looks good….what is that?” he asked looking at the pastry on the plate… it looked pretty damn amazing- and his stomach growled.
  15. Invite The Girl Who Didn't Belong (Dec. 30 2017)

    Boaz Izem
    Boaz was used to being judged He was a black man, and in his travels he had learned what that meant in other places. Not to mention he looked like someone you should cross the street to avoid. However he was not a man who would allow judgement by others to change who he was. Boaz tried to live a good life. To be a good person and not worry over the small things. When he was a child, Boaz had been picked on, and his solution had been to invite the boy over and make friends with him. He had always felt with some understanding that people would stop picking on him, but that had only worked for a bit. Kids were mean and often times it was due to things that they had little control over. Boaz didn’t know it then, but he had figured it out. It was one of the few things that made him stop class and address. He didn’t want to allow that to manifest. It made learning harder when you were worried about what your peers may do. That and he had found his students were able to handle the conflict resolution. He nodded. This was also not unfamiliar to him. Paretns who struggled with the transition. He didn’t mind it, sometimes he just needed to be extra reassuring. ”you are trying to say that this is a transition and they are hard, even when they are good.” he said. ”I get that way at the end of the year when I have to say my goodbyes.” It was hard for him… He didn’t know what to say, he had not lived through that. He smiled at her still. ”If you like I can always give you my contact information. I don’t usually do it, I just… If it would help with transition. I am not Hazel but I can tell you what she did all day.” he didn’t think Kate was a woman who needed to be coddled and that was not his intention, He just wanted to help make this easier for her. Given all the family had been through- It was not like he was doing something crazy. ”Or we could get you a cat? I just got one, she happens to make the nights a little less lonely.” he said with a smile. A