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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Rhys Barrows

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  1. Invite Breaking the Same Old Ground

    Sure there had to be worse things to do in life than teaching, though there were times in the last few years since taking up the Divination post that Rhys seriously wondered if perhaps that was just some line of bull shit he told himself to try and feel better. It wasn't a bad job really, it was a steady paycheck that reading muggles tarot cards and pulling cons on them hadn't afford him. Granted there were also times he made better money doing that than teaching. Still, that life had ultimately resulted in him moving back home to his grandparents, so even if he hated teaching at times, he'd resigned himself that this was his life now, and it made his grandparents happy to have him back home. Once morning classes were out of the way, Rhys was happy to finally have a break. At first he debated just spending it in his classroom, but after a couple of students decided they needed to speak to him, he realised he'd probably get more of a break in the Staff Room where the students weren't allowed, or at least not without asking first. He grabbed his flask and tucked it in his shirt pocket, normally it wouldn't have fit, but he had a charm placed so that the pocket was larger than it seemed and so no outline of the flask could be seen from the outside. It also fit his wand easier that way. He went straight to the tea when he entered the staff room, not really paying attention to who else was in the room, once he poured himself a cuppa, leaving enough room in the mug to add a little something extra, he looked around for a seat and noticed Evelyn. Which of course meant that she was probably there subbing, since she wasn't a face he saw every day, he decided to actually go over and ask how she was doing, that and he was bored and tired of talking to only kids the first half of the day. "Mind if I join you?"
  2. Invite Highly Suspect

    Rhys enjoyed any excuse to get away from the school, sure in some ways it was nice being home the last few years and having a steady reliable income, but teaching hadn't really been his lifelong dream either. Granted, in all fairness, he hadn't really had any lifelong dreams where a career was concerned, which explained the years he spent travelling and going from one con to another. His grandparents were happy to have him around though, and deep down Rhys really did enjoy making his grandparents happy, even if they spent a large chunk of his childhood disappointed in him or annoyed at him. After grading more papers than he cared to, and helping some students during one of their study halls, Rhys decided it was time to unwind at the Drunken Roo for a bit. He had no more classes that day, so he didn't see any harm in it. Between spending the a good chunk of his twenties in either the US or the UK, the last few years had been a bit of an adjustment back to the seasons of the southern hemisphere. It was like being stuck in a reverse mirror, everything backwards from how his body had gotten used to things. Summer was winter, spring was autumn, at least he liked the weather reasonably well enough all things aside. Rhys walked into the bar and went straight to the counter, ordering a double fire whisky on the rocks. He paused, then pulled out more money from his wallet and set it on the counter. "Actually, just go ahead and leave the bottle." Then he looked to his right and noticed Jo. "Hey Ash, how are things at your shop?"
  3. Dance like a Butterfly

    Her words about being more durable than she appeared made him wonder for a moment if she'd misunderstood him, he hadn't meant to imply she wasn't capable. He wasn't sure why his words always came out like they did, sometimes he felt like his brain was saying one thing, while the words that actually came out of his mouth turned into something totally different. He rubbed the back of his neck, choosing once again to gloss over it by focusing on everything she said next, figuring if it had offended her to any great extent, she'd just never talk to him again. "I don't know if I'd call it courage, more a last resort. Well, no that's not really the right way to put it either. It hadn't been in any of my plans to ever teach, but after travelling around since I graduated from here, I found myself broke and living back at home with my grandparents. My grandfather helped me find this job, it suited my talents, and they had an opening." He paused, she'd mentioned a sister with the gift, that made him curious. "Your sister, what's her name? I'm curious if I've met her yet."
  4. Invite A Spencer after my own rusty heart

    Rhys looked up from his cards and sat back as he listened to Max, it only then dawned on him that he'd entirely forgotten about her injured arm. He probably should have asked how that was first, but then Rhys had never been the sentimental sort that remembered all the pleasantries that most people did. Not that he didn't care about Max's arm, he just wasn't the sort to think about that over the intel on the pranks. "Always nice to see the students working together, the Sturts you say, this should get interesting. Never dull when there's a prank war going on, I vaguely recall hearing some students talking about someone getting glued together, but I wasn't really paying attention, besides that's what I have you for." He said with a teasing grin. He didn't really care at all to stop the prank war, but knowing who the target was would mean getting an edge up on the betting that he and Andrea did, and he always preferred to win the bets. "If you can find out who the target is for me that would be bloody brilliant, if you can manage to throw some false clues Andrea's way so I have a leg up on the bet with her, I'll make sure your house gets a boost in points afterwards, sure I'll come up with some excuse to award Spencer points."
  5. Invite Once upon a ... dream?

    Rhys shrugged for a moment, soaking in Andrea's words, even if he'd never planned to teach there was one thing for certain, there was rarely a dull moment at Tallygarunga. Sometimes he felt like it possibly even riballed the constant drama and chaos of Las Vegas, especially the last week or two. His grandparents were calling him every day lately, worried about him, though not coming right out and saying it, always some other excuse for their call. He tried to promise his grandmother he'd try to make it home for dinner, but he wasn't sure if he was going to deliver on that promise or not. Not that he lived far, he just rarely felt like eating with his grandparents, despite the fact he loved them dearly, he didn't love spending tons of time with them. "Perhaps there's some inter-house cooperation going on, a few kids from each house. I love a good prank as much as the next person, but I'm determined to figure out who, not to punish them of course, so I can win my bet with you." A bunch of monkeys, he wasn't sure about the throwing poo around bit though, might be fun to see all the students as monkeys, but Andrea was right, it would probably cause more mess and trouble than it was worth. He chuckled as a different idea popped into his head. "No, not monkeys, we should turn them all into sloths, that way no poo throwing and they'll move slower and be easier to deal with."
  6. Invite To the finish line

    The physical pain didn't bother him, he'd felt worse in his life, especially in his early childhood at the hands of his father, it was the pride that hurt the most. He hated asking for help, and he hated even more when it was in something he felt he should be able to handle, and the fact he couldn't just frustrated him beyond belief. "Where would be the fun in that though." He said with a teasing grin, and only a slight wince as she turned his hand over and began to use magic on the cut. He chuckled sheepishly as she pointed out that it would have been avoided if he'd just used magic to clean the broken crystal. "Well you see, there's a reason they call hindsight twenty-twenty." Once she said she was done, he flexed his hand a few times, opening and closing it, he admired anyone good at the healing spells, even if he'd rarely admit that out loud. "Well now, I had no idea you felt so deeply about my hands and fingers, I promise to try and take better care of them in the future." He said with a slight teasing wink, he wasn't in a hurry to get back to his classroom though, since he didn't have another class to teach for a whole period.
  7. Invite Catching up

    Rhys definitely didn't disagree with Jo about teaching being one of the worst jobs, even if he could probably imagine some jobs that were worse. He was pretty sure he'd rather teach teenagers than clean bathrooms for a living, especially a janitor of a school. It was one thing to teach kids, but cleaning up after them definitely had to be worse. "Well, I suppose it could be worse, I could be the janitor that has to clean up after the bloody bastards." He shrugged and chuckled as he ordered a drink. It was true about the non-magical, the kids believed it was real magic, but then most kids also believed in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, so they were hardly a risk to magical secrecy. Adults were a different story, most refused to believe what was right in front of their face even when it was real magic, all skeptical convinced that everything had to be a sham, their innocence of childhood long since shattered. There were some non-magicals that were less skeptical, but then some of them also believed in alien abductions and government conspiracies, so he wasn't sure they were really all that reliable either. "There was one pathetic sod in Vegas I thought had caught on once, but turned out he also believed he'd been abducted by aliens and probed, not that my trickery did anything to help his delusions."
  8. Invite Cigarettes and Gravity

    Rhys normally didn't care that much about the outdoors, to him it was just the unnecessary space he had to traverse to get between locations. Not that he hated the outdoors either, it just had always mattered very little to him. Even as a kid the outdoors had held very little interest to him, especially after his mother was arrested for the murder of his father and he'd been shipped off to live with his grandparents in Australia. There was one nice thing about the outdoors, he couldn't very well smoke inside the school, and he did try his best not to smoke around the kids any how, but that meant trying to find creative places to smoke around the school grounds. As he walked around the courtyard, he realised it was actually a decent day outside, and since he had a couple of hours until his next class, for once he actually felt like walking around outside, even if he didn't end up smoking the cigarette he had neatly tucked behind his right ear. He found himself humming an old tune, he wasn't sure where it was from, just some odd song tucked away in the subconscious. As he rounded a corner in the path, he took the cigarette from behind his ear and started fidgeting with it, debating lighting it. He snapped his fingers, a small fire spell, and was about to, when he suddenly realised he realised someone was walking towards him. Startled, the cigarette fell out of his hands and landed in the path. He bent down to pick it up, muttering under his breath, not really paying any attention to who was walking up the path towards him.
  9. Invite How It Feels To Be Alive

    Rhys wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to teaching, it certainly hadn't been the life he'd wanted, but he'd always been more fly by the seat of his pants sort, no goals in mind. It wasn't as if when he graduated Tallygarunga himself he'd planned to end up reading tarot cards to non-magicals and occasionally even conning them. It was fun, he was good at it, but it had never been the plan. Some might blame their childhood for how the first decade or so of his adult life had turned out, his mother being arrested for killing his father, being shipped off to his grandparents in Australia, the truth was far worse, but the truth was deeply buried in the subconscious of his mind. Either way, he was now thirty-one, living at home with his grandparents again, and teaching at Tallygarunga for the last few years. Needing a break from students, rules and other professors, Rhys decided to head to the Drunken Roo for dinner instead of eating at the school. There was only a few months to go in the school year, before it let out for summer, and Rhys was counting down the days. He messaged his friend Willow earlier, about possibly meeting him for a drink and some food and catching up, though he wasn't sure if she would show. He ordered a fire whisky and then took a table by the bar. He didn't need to look at the menu, he knew exactly what he wanted, so while he waited to see if his friend showed, he took his pack of tarot cards out of his pocket and laid out a celtic cross spread, he was bored and there was an itch in the back of his head that usually could only be satiated with copious amounts of alcohol or giving in to the itch and doing a tarot spread.
  10. Complete I oopsied

    ignore, I screwed up and can't figure out how to change which character it's posted as >.<
  11. Dance like a Butterfly

    For a moment Rhys felt bad, he hadn't really intended for Rosa to feel like he'd been correcting her or that he'd taken offence to the phrase she'd used, but then again he could be reading the situation entirely the wrong way. Words were funny things, and misunderstandings were far too commonplace, his usual rule of thumb was to just ignore and move on, granted that could also be why he manages to get on people's bad sides more often than not. Especially where Divination was concerned, since many didn't take it seriously, it tended to make him unintentionally and subconsciously defensive of the subject. "It's a good description, though as far as witnessing your, spectacular fall, as you put it, I was thinking a bit more practically, what if you'd been injured worse or passed out. Then there's the fact that personally I'd rather a colleague find me that way than a gaggle of children arriving for their Astronomy lesson, but that's just me." Granted, he'd probably rather no one found him, colleage or student, but that wasn't really the point at the moment, he was just glad she hadn't been injured worse in the fall.
  12. Invite A Spencer after my own rusty heart

    Rhys grinned slightly as he heard someone knock on the door to his classroom, he didn't look up, he didn't need to. In all fairness he didn't even have to read cards to know who had entered. After the pranks earlier he knew Max would show up, so when he heard her voice call out, he was in no way surprised. As she got to the desk, he finished laying out the cross pattern and laid the rest of the cards aside. "I must be getting rusty, I expected you five minutes ago." He said with a hint of teasing in his voice. "Can't say as I'm surprised no one's bragging, I figure targeting all four houses, either genius so there's a wider suspect pool, or an accident, though I suppose it could also suggest someone dislikes the members of their own house but, that seems unlikely. So, more pranks you say? I mean someone's always pulling a prank somewhere around here, if it warrants bringing up I take it the prank in question may go above and beyond the normal pranks."
  13. Dance like a Butterfly

    Rhys felt a bit like a fish out of water, he'd have offered to help patch her up but since he was rubbish at those sorts of spells it was healthier for her if he didn't try. He debated asking her if she'd like to be escorted to the infirmary, but for the moment it just seemed best to let her sit for a bit. He had completely forgotten about his cigarette by that point, which was now tucked neatly behind his right ear. He figured he would just wait around with her until she seemed good enough to walk around on her own, or else he'd eventually just have to insist they go to the infirmary. "I'd heard something about taking on new staff, but to be honest, I tend to sleep through staff meetings. Kind of glad I came up here for a smoke now, not that I've been that much help to you." He still debated saying something about the infirmary, but held back still."Well, predictions is perhaps a simplification of it, though true it's rare, especially where prophecies are concerned. It's a bit like trying to untangle a hundred or more balls of string all mixed together, even the smallest and most seemingly inconsequential of decisions can be important for the bigger picture. Just think of all the little things that had to happen today to put both of us up here in the tower at just the right time."
  14. Dance like a Butterfly

    Rhys might be a total wanker most of the time, but he also wasn't cruel, he held back laughing at Rosa's discomfort or making any more jokes, at least for the moment until she'd gotten herself sorted. As she stood up he held his hand out, just in case she needed support, but he didn't want to push the help on her either. "I believe more than a few, I go up there sometimes to smoke, though I always figured it would be a kid who tripped on them, well or me. I may seem well put together, but really I trip over my own feet all the time." Granted, he drank a lot too, so that might have something to do with Rhys's coordination at times, but he was just trying to lighten the mood by making fun of himself. Rhys kept his eye on her, she looked like one moment she might be fine, but then another moment might fall back over. He was trying his best to help without being pushy, though he wasn't sure if he was succeeding. New groundskeepers, he'd recalled something in a staff meeting about taking on new ones, something about siblings, or friends, or family of some sort. In all honesty, he'd mostly slept through the staff meeting that talked about new staff. "Ah, right, I'm Rhys, I teach Divination here, are you....." Before he could finish that, he had a second before he realised she was definitely falling, He did his best to catch her and keep her from hitting the floor, and then to help steady her once again. "Perhaps we should find somewhere for you to sit down, I don't think you should be standing just yet...."
  15. Invite Once upon a ... dream?

    Rhys grinned and laughed, of course Andrea thought it was a Spencer, that hardly surprised him. Though as far as childish went, from his point of view that was most of the students, Spencer or not. He drank a bit of his tea, then added a bit more fire whisky. "I don't know about childish, all the houses were affected, which means either the perpetrators were quite clever so that no house would be left out and lead straight back to them, or they don't think very highly of their fellow housemates." He paused, he rather wished he had an idea who'd done the prank, but he hadn't gotten anywhere, granted he was only trying to figure out who did it so he could find out first and then win a bet with Andrea. He shrugged, maybe he could pretend like he had someone in mind, though he didn't, and he was tired so he just shrugged it off instead. "Monkeys would probably leave less of a mess, might actually be easier teaching monkeys now that you mention it."
Rhys Patrick Barrows
Professor 0
31 year old Halfblood Human he/him
Age  31
Date of Birth March 15th, 1988
Birthplace Liverpool, England, UK
Occupation Professor
Player  Bach
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns he/him
Patronus Otter
Wand Hawthorn Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
Play-by Matt Ryan

Early education was homeschooled in the UK

From ages 8-11 he did the Tallygarunga junior school program, and from 11+ Tallagrunga.

He spent some time at Victoria Magical University but did not graduate.


Will the real killer please stand up!

The truth of the matter is that Sadie didn't kill her husband Reggie, it was technically eight-year-old Rhys trying to protect his mother. She feared what would happen if they found out it had been Rhys, so she lied, and Rhys was so traumatized from the event on top of the years of abuse, he blacked that night out entirely. The only people who know the truth are Sadie and Rhys, but Rhys still can't remember the events.

General Knowledge
  • He has seer lineage on his mother's side, though his mother was never very good at any of it. His grandmother has had a few prophecies. For the most part Rhys is just really good at reading tarot cards, he has never had a prophecy himself.
  • He hates quidditch.
  • He drinks, like a lot a LOT
  • He smokes but makes sure to never smoke around the kids, nasty habit he just can't seem to quit and refuses to try magical means of quitting
  • His favourite colours are brown and blue, he hates pink

His early years weren't all that great with an abusive father, and the fact he's carrying around repressed memories causes him to outbursts and borderline PTSD symptoms, especially when he's been drinking too much. The fact his mother went to prison despite the fact she was married to an abusive asshat made him to be quite cynical. He's positively pessimistic. 

He acts like he doesn't care about the students, acts like he doesn't care about teaching them, but he's been a teacher long enough that at this point it's rubbed off on him. Deep down he enjoys teaching and moulding young minds and would die for any one of them, though he would never admit that out loud. He an be a harsh teacher, but only when it's warranted. What do you mean turning a kid into a ferret isn't a perfectly respectable sort of punishment.

He has a lot of demons still, drinks, smokes, but he's worth getting to know if you can gt past is rough exterior. Once you get to the inside gushy bits of Rhys, you'll see he's quite loyal, determined, funny, even charming, if he trusts you enough to show you that side of him.


He doesn't like to shave, so he often sports a 5 o'clock shadow. He has dirty blonde hair, he's around 5'10 and has average build. He has cigarette burns on upper arms and some on his leg, a reminder of how angry his abusive father used to get. He wears a tan overcoat and though he dresses decent, it's always a bit sloppy. Shirt never quite tucked in all the way, not all the buttons done up, tie half undone.


He comes off as rough around the edges, unpolished, bit mouthy. He's not always that easy to get along with, especially if he's been drinking. If you're patient enough to stick around and get to know him, once he trusts you, he opens up more and deep down has some really good qualities. 


He was raised by his grandparents after the age of 8. His mother died in Azkaban prison, she confessed to murdering his father.


He's had quite a few flings in his 20s, but he says he doesn't believe in love. His parents weren't a great example of a healthy relationship and even though his grandparents have a great relationship, he's still skeptical that love is worth the fuss.


He doesn't hate lightly, he may not like many people, but hate is another level entirely. If you hurt anyone he cares about, you'd better hide.

The story so far


Rhys's mother, Sadie Williams, was born and raised in Australia, after school she went on to play for one of Australia's national teams. That was how she met Reginald Barrows, a former Durmstrang student who played on the Bulgarian team. Sadie fell hard and fast for Reggie, despite the fact he came off as a bit of a cocky hothead.

They hadn't been seeing each other long when Saide found out she was pregnant, she was over the moon about it though, and they quickly got married and decided that instead of choosing between Bulgaria or Australia, Regie took an offer to play for one of the UK Quidditch teams and they settled down in Liverpool, England.

Happily Never After

The sad reality of life hit Sadie hard about a year after Rhys was born, Reggie's hotheaded ways on the Quidditch pitch didn't always stay on the Quidditch pitch, and his drinking seemed to escalate after his son was born. Things went from bad to worse when Reggie played drunk, and caused quite the pile up on the Quidditch pitch, injuring himself and the team's star seeker. He had already been warned on numerous occasions for his behaviour, and this was the final straw, he was kicked off the team.

Being at home with nothing to do, and drinking his days away, it wasn't a pretty picture. Things turned violent, and Rhys grew up in the middle of the storm. Sadie's parents in Australia begged her to take Rhys and go home, that they would protect her, but Sadie still loved Reggie despite everything. When Rhys was eight years old, things escalated even more. Sadie's parents were contacted by the British Ministry of Magic, Reggie was dead, Sadie was being held for his murder, and they needed someone to come collect Rhys.They couldn't understand why Sadie was being accused of murder, or why it wasn't just self-defence when everyone knew how violent Reggie could be. Either way, Sadie was sent to Azkaban, and Rhys went to Australia to be raised by his grandparents, Arabella and Finnegan Williams.

Starting Over

Life moved on, and Rhys's grandparents did their best to give him a safe and loving environment. He did reasonably well at school, though he acted out a lot and was constantly getting into trouble. His grades rarely suffered though, especially in Divination, Runes and Arithmancy where he flourished. Though any class that bored him he intentionally acted like he didn't care about them or the grades he got in them. This was especially true in Geography. Once Rhys graduated, he planned to never look back, though life had a funny way of making things turn out in the opposite of what one wants.

Moulding Young Minds

At first Rhys had every intention of going out and making a living out of reading tarot cards to the blind-muggles. It had nothing to do with his seer lineage on his mother's side of the family and that he was adept at reading them, he just wanted to con the poor sods. Rhys travelled for a few years, at one point he even ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Anything he made he gambled away and drank the rest, he ended up back at home, jobless, penniless and with no clue what he was going to do but his grandparents weren't going to let him sit on his arse and do nothing. When a teaching spot opened up, they got him to apply, and that's been his life ever since.


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