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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring


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  1. New Meds, What Fun

    So, may not be super away, but one of my medications has been doubled, and a new one added that I don't know how it'll be, beyond probably making me extra tired, thirsty, shaky, bleh for 3-4 weeks So may not be online as heavily, posting very slowly until I get used to the new medications. ❤️
  2. Bach's Trapper Keeper

    Bach's Spell Book of Madness Keegan Sawyer Rhys Barrows Velvet Morley
  3. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Sounds good for the Rhys threads ❤️ Keegan/Keira, yea that could work, I don't imagine he's huge into politics, but he follows it enough to pretend to be a mature adult who votes and all that even if he'd rather be out in the brush camping or in his shop making furniture. Maybe he follows her show because it's one of the few political commentaries he actually likes.
  4. Tabitha Sawyer

    basic father/daughter plots really
  5. Tobias Williams

    Warm, caring, but a bit quirky and eccentric
  6. Verity Williams

    I imagine she's warm, but opinionated and stubborn.
  7. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    All sounds great! So maybe uh to start 4 threads, we could 2/2 them up even Rhys/Ashley, catching up over drinks (I imagine he is a customer at Charm-me-not occasionally too) Rhys/Evelyn, this flirting sounds fun, even if it's not going anywhere, he's better at flirting than he is at relationships any way Rhys/Willow, prank mentor sounds cool, maybe a catching up thread Rhys/May, maybe he hasn't really had a chance since finding out she reappeared to catch up and talk to her, like beyond hearing about it through others or passing her in the hall when she dropped by to see her brother, idk if that made sense ??? (also I have non-magical Keegan now with a 13 year old magical daughter)
  8. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Rhys/Audrey: If she loves pranks, he'd definitely get along with her, he doesn't like people who take themselves too seriously, and if there's alcohol at any of the parties, he'd go to those as well Rhys/Caitlin: I headcanon that while in Vegas he occasionally used his abilities to help muggle-cops, he finds reading boring, but he'd be interested in hearing about her stories over drinks Rhys/Rosaera and/or Kierana: First off, LOVE the names, he relates to Rosaera taking a while to trust someone, he has his own trust issues. As far as Kierana, he appreciates blunt people, he's a big believer of say whatever's on your mind. I think he's also kind of have fun maybe helping her cross things off her list (I'll probably go snag the open you have) Rhys/Elektra: Since he was sent to be raised by his grandparents, who never intended to have more kids, he understands what it's like on the nieces point of view Rhys/Aisling: Her story sounds amazing, if she is in Divination and has a knack for it, he'd definitely notice her Rhys/Lorelei: He appreciates the misfits and outcasts more than the popular kids, so even if she isn't in divination he might notice her around
  9. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Rhys/Luke I definitely agree these two would probably be polite friendly co-workers, well as polite as Rhys is capable of lol. Rhys tries his best ok half his best to be adulty in front of the students but Rhys/Paige He's always up for being friends with someone who likes drinking Rhys/Brooke The know-it-alls bug him and the pranksters/rule breakers impress him if she's somewhere and is just average grades he probably only notices her as far as her being part of the house he was in as a student. Rhys/Jordan Despite his feelings about teaching kids, he does not tolerate bullies, so if he ever saw Jordann being pushed around, Rhys is the sort of professor that would think it an appropriate discipline to turn them into a ferret or something Rhys/MJ Regret is definitely something he understands. His grandmother has always told him that divination isn't about preventing the future, but understanding it, not that he listens to his grandmother, to him she just spouts a lot of nonsense but she's family so Rhys/Ashley She sounds like him with the string of exes, he's never really had any long term relationship, he's really bad at them. I figure this is around his 3rd or 4th school year since he moved back to Australia and took up the job Rhys/Forrest Rhys definitely understands the appeal to the muggle world, though more for the advantage of conning people (granted his tarot readings aren't cons, but some of his other tricks are xD) Since they've both spent time in the muggle world I could see them having run into each other Rhys/Evelyn She sounds fun his moral compass usually points towards whatever it takes to survive (he'd definitely have been in Slytherin if he'd gone to Hogwarts), he's not the gullible sort, but he does like to play along if someone thinks they can play him just for the fun Rhys/Willow He understands life isn't always rosy, but if they were friends in the past, I think he'd probably tease her for being all serious now, and how boring research sounds and in his own, not always so charming but somehow also charming way get her to come out more and let loose idk if any of this makes sense, still got the edges of allergy brain but definitely want as many threads as you'd like to throw at me!
  10. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Definitely! Did you want to do 4 threads to start or just do one or two? I'm fine with whatever, I have too much spare time if we did all 4 we could split starters up 2/2
  11. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Rhys/Andy YES I need this! Would she be the type to bet on students? Because it would be hilarious if they do. Like 'hey bet they blow something up by breakfast' or idk I can't think of any funny bets off the top of my head but you get the gist Rhys/Liv She'd probably drive him nuts, but I also see him as the reluctant patient sort, refusing to go for help unless forced and I headcanon he's basically shit at healing spells. It's like subconsciously he thinks he should be hurt, so it makes it hard to heal himself, but he hates asking for help. Rhys/Jo Fellow students causing havoc, he probably wouldn't be far behind that, if not betting on the outcomes so he'd definitely remember the havoc Rhys/Max She sounds a bit like someone he would have gotten along great with if they'd gone to school together, so I feel like he'd actually like Max reasonably well, ya know, as much as he can admit to liking students. He'd end up being an enabler to antics I'm sure, possibly even trying to get her in on his bets with Andy to try and make sure the outcome sways to him
  12. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Bach's Spell Book of Madness Keegan Sawyer Rhys Barrows Velvet Morley
  13. ello loverlies

    thank you for the welcome everyone ❤️
  14. ello loverlies

    Ello! I'm Bach, or Otter-Bach, or Becky, or Lynn, or Becca, or if you're bored feel free to give me a new nickname, I collect them, I have tons. Nicknames are like memories, each one reminds me of a place in my life, a group of friends, a moment suspended in time. I'll hop into Discord in a bit, it's still early and I'm still waking up. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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