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  1. Upon the stranger’s approval he moved to tie his shoe before he went through his stretches. There was nothing worse than one’s muscles locking up. Not to mention the slight embarrassment that he would possibly feel if he sat down and couldn’t get back up. That was enough of a reason… that not hearing what his daughter would say when she heard about her dad not taking his own advice. He was kind of really terrible at it. Taking his own advice. It was a wonder they had made him the head of anything let alone the Sturt house. He sort of wondered if it was not something that was passed to him to appease his annoyance with the school. He never really trusted someone fully. She shrugged. ”When I can get away from campus. I like the terrain.” he said as he moved to the back of the bench to stretch out his claves. ”I have to admit the weather was a big draw today.” Small talk was always interesting. He never really mastered it and he was friendly enough that he didn’t really care to master it either. That was just how it was. His daughter claimed she had no idea how her mother had ended up with him and the honest truth was that Tony had no clue how he had managed to score her let alone any woman. ”Enjoying your day?” he questioned. A rather common small talk question. He supposed he didn’t know why people asked questions, especially in this setting. People were lairs and there was very little someone as going to tell a stranger. At least he felt that was the case. He rarely told strangers much of anything beyond his name and how he felt about the weather.
  2. The big bad wolf was framed. 

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      The red hood on his chops says otherwise~.

  3. Most of the time Anthony was all too happy to remain on campus and do what ever work out that needed to be done during the day. However, something about the time of year always made him a little squirrelly. He always claimed it was “something” about spring weather but he knew it had to do with his wife. He knew it was just as hard on his daughter, but she had at least managed to make some friends and he was actually quite delighted to see her get back to her usual cheerful self. It had been a bit of a gamble when he moved them from their home in the states to someplace on a whim. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it had not backfired. That was at least a win in his book. He had helped the MLE here- which had been why he had gone into consulting in the first place. What he had not anticipated was making that shift into teaching. However, that had been the right thing for the family. His daughter was settled, more settled anyway. He had disrupted her life quite a bit already- he had not wanted to do so again. Though he was fairly sure that she was not too happy with the fact that her father was on campus and able to look over her shoulder when he wanted to. He did his best not to meddle, but it was damn near impossible. That and as she got older, she looked so much like her mother. It sometimes took the wind out of him when she turned the corner and he was not expecting it. However, it was a good thing, to see that their kid took more after her. It could have been terrible for her had she looked more like him. The thought made him chuckle. Tony had started running along the creek, it offered a few different challenges that he didn’t get on campus. The water, the pavement and the trails. Tony liked the way it felt to have the different challenges. He was a man too easily bored if he did not challenge himself. He had learned early on in his career he needed to keep his mind just as sharp as his body. Human behavior was complicated. You had to be able to predict some things… which was a whole hello of mess honestly. Tony slowed his pace to a walk his hands akimbo as he smiled. The feel of the burn, lactic acid build up… It was a good feeling. Walking towards the bench just ahead he took a swig of the water bottle he had in his hand. ”Mind if I use this piece of bench.” he questions propping his foot up for a moment to rest. ”Not a terrible day right?’ He said through pants.
  4. Ignorantia juris non excusat and ignorantia legis neminem excusat This Term Class will be structured a little differently with the end of the term being a Mock Trial. The entire term will focus on the prep for the trial as well as the trial itself. What Roles will be available there will be the members of the Wizengamot, however due to class size it will not be the traditional panel of 50, but it will be a a majority of the class. Chief Warlock of the Wizengemot- They will serve as the impartial executive figure to guide the trial and ensure that it is is concise and brief. The Accused 4 total witnesses The Old Witch, Hansel and Gretel's Father, The old Witch's sister, and the Auror who arrested the pair A Third Party with Legal-knowledge to provide defense of the accused. The Case On December 12, 2017 the Accused, Hansel and Gretel, were found in possession of candy that had come from the house of a woman, often refereed to as "The old Witch." Hansel and Gretel were stopped by Aurors under suspicion due to matching the description and subsequent artistic rendering, of the two children Mrs. Witch claimed broke into her home and assaulted her with the intent to end her life. The sister was the one who found Mrs. Witch. Upon their arrest Hansel and Gretel declared it had been in self defense as Mrs. Witch had planned on eating them. The Charges Breaking and Entering, Unlawful use of Magic, and Aggravated Mayhem Please return the following slip of paper to me no later than the end of the first week of classes for the term. As Always feel free to ask questions and enjoy the project. I will updated with each student's role! Best- Professor Wolfe [b]Name[/b] [b]Role for the Mock Trial:[/b] [b]Rational:[/b] No more than 250 words on why you believe this is the best suited role for you
  5. roman candles are NOT candles 

    1. Hine Parata

      Hine Parata

      In my defence, it was in the box with the rest of the candles, and I needed one to study.

    2. Iris Glauert
  6. They had good questions. That gave him hope honestly. The more he thought about the way things were today, and how they had been over all, he was glad so many students had taken an interest in the laws and the morality and ethics that seemed to be called into question more and more these days. The importance of understanding these things was crucial and he only hoped that he would do justice to the class. He smiled. ”Current events has no limits on it at this point. The only thing I require is that all arguments are respectful. I think it’s important for you, now more than ever, to learn how to discuss what it happening. In government no matter where you are there will be topics you feel passionately about and not all of them will be well received.” That was how it went in the world of government. He nodded at Morgan. ”Yes, its just as important to know what is happening around the world as it is locally. I was often called to consult on cases all over- current events in those countries would affect my job. Often events in other countries can cause chain reactions.” that was always something to see. ”Excellent question Cassandra.” he said with a smile. ”this first term is a basic over view. There will be a project, where you can choose what you want to study. There is some shadowing and interviewing. It’s a final project and so something to work on throughout. It will not serve you to put it off.” It never was a good idea it was more work than it looked like. ”I do plan on having some speakers, however it’s a bit based on their schedules.” The aurors were busy with this fugitive mess and he knew it would be later when they could come in. Some of the other speakers had schedules that were busy too. He just kept a pulse on them for when he could expect them. The questions seemed to be concluded. ”Now, I think the most important question I will ask you this term is a pretty simple question. What is Government.” he asked. Opening the floor up for the students.
  7. As the students filtered in and found their seats he thought about the fear that many teachers had. Teenagers profiled like sociopaths- it ws a rather funny given he had worked with actual sociopaths. People often confused psychopaths and sociopaths but there was a distinct difference. For one a psychopath might actually kill you. Sometimes he wondered why he had decided to teach- he could have done just about anything once he decided that he was not going to be in the field for the sake of is daughter. Tony had been a little disappointed she was not taking his class, but he supposed she learned enough from him over the years. Tony marked on his list as they introduced themselves and he smiled. ”So it seems as though we have all come to the class with expectations.” He did like that they had good expectations for the class. ”So my expectations are simple. This class will be discussion based. There is a lot that we can learn from one another just as we can the actual reading. My expectation is that you all challenge yourself.” He said. ”I also expect that in this classroom we treat one another with respect.” He found that to be just as important as learning. This was a safe space to study the law. ” any general questions for me about the syllabus or the text?” In addition to the text they all had to get the newspaper. He wanted to discuss current events. ”Usually we would used this first part of class to discuss current events.” he paused. ”Today however I will use it for questions and answers.” he had a copy of the text on his desk. Magical Law: A Practical theory. It would be a good term.
  8. Anthony Wolfe

    Tony Wolfe

    Tony grew up as the son of a third generation Auror. Life was pretty average for the Wolfe family; they were the standard family with 2.5 kids. Cameron was the standard auror father, he was never home, he was tough and he had little patience for weakness. Cassie and Tony spent their childhood competing with one another. Anything one could do the other could do better. Tony and Cassie were close though in spite of the fact they always wanted to be better than the other. They lived in a little house just outside of the city of Sacramento California where his mother did her best to make sure the house was clean and that he kids and husband had dinner. This lasted for a while, this painful normalcy; it wasn’t the sort of family you saw in the Saturday Evening Post but they were just normal they squabbled and insulted each other and they loved each other. However Cameron and Katharine had their fair share of issues. They fought constantly about how he was never home about how she was single mother although they were married. This painful normalcy continued until Tony was eleven. It was then that not only did he get his letter to Western but his father was killed in a raid. Everyone told Tony his father was a hero, his mother would tell him that Cameron was an idiot. Not a whole lot changed, they were used to not having the father figure around the only thing that was really noticed was the change in mood that effected Katharine. She worked a series of odd jobs, they never really last very long Katharine was a bit of a battle axe and she often pissed people off and was asked to leave rather than fired, no one liked firing a hero’s widow. By the time he was ready to leave for school his mother was ready to get rid of him. While at school he did very well in herbology, charms and defense against the dark arts. He managed to play quidditch rather well up until he fell and tore his ACL, due to the inexperience of the school healer he was left with a large scar on his knee. In the following years Tony managed to pick fights with almost everyone. He never got in trouble, once he mentioned that his father was a dead Auror they often released him and told him to watch his nose. Once he graduated he moved back to Sacremento and decided that he would follow the family tradition and join Ministry. It seemed like the only natural thing to do the Wolfe men had always been Auror and so he kept the tradition. Just a few years after he went to school he met and fell in love with Lexi Forest. Lexi was working in a restaurant having gotten fed up with her life in California she moved to a city she thought no one would ever think to look for her. It was one late night that Tony entered the twenty four hour diner. It was not quite love at first sight but it was close. Tony fell in love with her dark hair her tan skin and her Latin charm. It took a few weeks before they were head over heels in love and crazy about each other. Once he graduated from Western they were married, she was a muggle but Tony didn’t care, he thought there was no one better in the entire magical world. They had a life of blissful normalcy, he told her about magic after they got married, and she was shocked. It was hard for her to deal with the idea that her husband was not only magical but putting his life on the line to fight for a world she had not known existed. The normalcy was disrupted when he asked her to pick up the dry cleaning he had forgotten. They never really gave him a full explanation but a horrible accident cost Lexi her life. Tony was devastated and threw himself into his work, it was then he caught wind of a cult. They hadn’t been a major force in the US, but he consulted with England and now he is headed to Australia to consult with them. He was rather good tracking and dealing with cults. It was during this that he was injured almost fatally and he felt like it was time for a change. Tony wished to be stable and not have to worry about who would take care of his Bella if something happened to him. His wide knowledge of various Magical Law systems and his experience had made him an excellent candidate. It also made him feel better knowing he would be in the same school his daughter was attending.
  9. With the semester starting in little over a week Tony knew he would get busier and busier as he met the demands of his students. Letting out a small sigh he placed the incomplete syllabus down. It wouldn’t be much longer before he had to turn it in and explain how it would help the students with their end of year exams. It was a relatively easy thing to do, just time consuming. After the Secord year he had come to find it a bit cumbersome. Not that he had much choice, he had chosen to teach and there was paperwork that came with it. Though nothing as bad as filling out insane forms in triplicate… three times. He shook his head. ”You ready kiddo?” he asked as he looked at the little girl sitting on the couch reading. It made him smiled when she looked up and nodded. She looked more and more like her mother every day. That smile… it was her smile. She grabbed her things and he grabbed the food. He had not been brave enough to bring something he had made, but he had gone to the store and gotten a nice cheese platter. It was always interesting when they had to bring the food- it was not that they didn’t know how to cook, but he had to admit it was always better when his wife added her special touch to the whole thing. Or his mother. At least the cheese plate was easy enough. Tony had selected a rather nice place for the father’s picnic, he didn’t mind being the one to organize these things. He was actually quite good at it- he was organized that alone was something for him to be proud of he supposed. Letting out a small laugh as his daughter explained a few things to him on their way. He sett the things down he was glad to see that the lawn games were set up for the arrivals. ”Ah hello! Glad you could make it the food should go on the tables… and the games are set up… we’ll have a few events once more people get here.” Everyone loved a three legged race.
  10. For Tony the end of the year meant lots of grading and lots of office hours for his students. The tasks always felt so daunting especially when it seemed everyone was on the look out for extra credit. It was not like Tony to not help his students but there had to be a line drawn somewhere. Though he was relatively pleased with the way the term was ending- and most students had managed decent grades with the effort they had put in during the year. Though there were those few who still wanted some help salvaging their grades. Tony always offered one end of term project that would allow them the ability to raise their grade. It was a case that he would give them to work as though they were aurors. The cases changed yearly at least they changed in the last three years It was a case he had worked and solved, they would have all the answers so long as they followed the clues and used the enchanted parchment correctly. They could work in groups of three and they would be able to ask him 2 questions each. So working together was better than alone. So far he had one group that had solved it. It was not a surprise they were some of his more impressive students. He smiled at the thought. It was reassuring that he was not a complete failure as a teacher. It was a career change and he was making the most of it. It was actually rather fulfilling- he chose not to put himself in the line of fire but he was still affecting the world by teaching those who would become Aurors. Tony had ben to the hospital wing to visit one of his student who had managed to blast his hand while practicing he wzs concerned about his exam and Tony had not minded going to assuage any fears he may have, that he would allow him the make up. He would need his hand for the exam. He chose a rather leisurely pace back to his office it was much easier to avoid the pile of parchment on his desk. The man was carrying a rather bright and shiny red apple- tossing the object into the air as she walked he was distracted by a glint and the apple fell to the floor and rolled to a stop at someone’s foot. He smiled sheepishly at them. ”Mind rolling it back?” he asked aware he would not being eating this apple today. (Anthony)
  11. The start of the new term often left Anthony Feeling a bit hopeful and excited, he was always interested in seeing why they wanted to take the class, or what they planned on doing once they left. The text was simple. He anted this year to be straight forward and easy for them to make sense of when they were reading. Just enough information to spark a discussion. That would be the bulk of the classwork this year, the discussion. It was about how the law was carried out and part of that is discussing the law. There was theory and ethics and it could absolutely messy- but absolutely thrilling to talk about. He had always enjoyed the lively discussion in the bullpen. It was also how he had gotten into the cult tracking. He had enjoyed the discussions a figuring out he way to break a part the cells that popped up. It was amazing. Tracking was something he had loved, the thrill of the hunt. He smoothed the front of his robes as he walked into the class room. ”Good morning everyone.” Anthony was always cheerful. He walked to where his desk was and he smiled. ”I am Professor Wolfe, as in Big bad.” The joke was one he liked to tell often, his daughter thought it was a horrible joke. ”Welcome to Magical Law and Government. For those of you who don’t know, before teaching I had a career as an Auror that specialized in the make up and tracking of dangerous cults.” He had plenty of scars for his trouble too. ”I figure I will let you all introduce yourself. Tell me your name, year and what you hope to gain from this class.” He liked to know their expectations it was just as important as knowing what his were. (Anthony)
Magical Law and Government Professor
* year old Muggleborn Human he/him
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Occupation: Magical Law and Government Professor
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Kay
Pronouns: he/him
Play-by: Shemar Moore
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