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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Ansley Mayfield

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  • Birthday 07/27/2004

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    Ansley Alexandra Mayfield
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    Shepparton, VA, Australia
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    Fourth Year
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    Utopia - Part Time Employee
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    Zendaya Coleman

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    Spruce, 11'', Kelpie Bone
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    N/A (to be King Cobra)

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Ansley Alexandra Mayfield
Utopia - Part Time Employee Fourth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth July 27th, 2004
Birthplace Shepparton, VA, Australia
Occupation Utopia - Part Time Employee
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (to be King Cobra)
Wand Spruce, 11'', Kelpie Bone
Play-by Zendaya Coleman
  • 1st Year - Present: Tallygarunga, ??? House
  • Struggled financially growing up;
  • Doesn't know who her father is, nor does she care;
  • Has some sleeping problems;
  • Far more intelligent than most realize;
  • Closet romantic;
  • Has a vast collection of romantic films hidden in a wardrobe compartment in her house;
  • Plays a lot of video games and is a major geek in every aspect of the word;
  • Big binge watcher of TV shows and cartoons, with the occasional anime mixed in;
  • Unnaturally good at 2D fighting games, and plays them online practically every day;
  • Unsure about her future.
General Knowledge
  • Prefers to be called "Ann" and introduces herself as such;
  • Snark Pro Extraordinaire;
  • Able to get along with most people;
  • Quite lazy;
  • Carries herself with confidence;
  • No qualms about cursing;
  • Looks like she's hiding something, what does she even do with all that free time?
  • Sucks at Charms but seems to be pushing herself through that subject regardless;
  • Major horror buff but seems to scream her lungs out whenever watching such a movie, and forcefully clings to others in fear;
  • Extreme night owl;
  • Plays guitar competently and is a fan of the electric variety in particular;
  • Got a black cat and named it Morgana for the sole purpose of pissing her gamer friends off.

A friend and fun loving individual as a rule, Ann is fairly easy to get along with for most people, so long as they don't mind her sense of humor. She adapts to people easily and enjoys being there for them, being quite kindhearted, and she isn't too judging of others, being willing to tolerate most people. That attitude has made her somewhat popular over the years as someone who doesn't give trouble to others and is willing to chill with most.

Clashing with her friendly behavior is her attitude - she's always had a bit of an edge to her, to the point some people believe snarky commentary is like oxygen to her. She never minces her words and adds plenty of humor to her derogatory comments, finding herself to be quite funny, although she doesn't go as far as bullying others: it should be all taken as playful ribbing, because that's all it is when directed at those she likes. As for people she dislikes, the shift in wording is quite noticeable as she becomes deliberately offensive. Despite not wanting to be a bully or a nuisance in general, she doesn't take kindly to people telling her what to do which might easily set her off as well.

Ann has a bit of a rebellious streak to her. Despite not wanting to cause problems for others, that doesn't mean she's against making some for herself, sometimes tagging along in her friend's antics for the sake of amusement (if it's not horribly convoluted or is too out of the way, that is). She doesn't seem to fear consequences too much either, feeling that life is only worth living if it's fun rather than having a stick up one's rear all the time.

The girl's mortal sin is her laziness. She's very reluctant to try new activities, sticking to a routine, and has to be nearly dragged out of her house so to hang out with her friends outdoors. She also often falls asleep in class if a subject or lecture doesn't catch her attention, but this can be easily blamed on her recurring lack of sleep. Despite apparently not paying attention half the time because of dozing off, she always answers correctly in class if called on, indicating she's smarter than people assume; she doesn't like answering things of her own volition either, not wanting to draw attention to herself in general, which harms her grades and makes her go under the radar. She's frequently humble about any accomplishments she may have to avoid that very same thing.

Ann's always had some trouble expressing her emotions ranging anywhere past hostility and fun due to her mother not being very present as Ann grew up (through no fault of her own). She's grown a bit stunted in that regard and sometimes it's difficult to tell what she's telling or feeling, especially when she blankly stares at people - it can often be mistaken for indifference. The older she gets the less common it is, but it still does happen on occasion and throws people off.

She has taken a liking to making cringe worthy comments, puns and jokes for the sake of getting under her friends' skins, but she seems entirely unable to take what she dishes out, often grimacing when such things occur - she claims that, at least, she can actually pull it off while they can't.


The first thing to be noticed about Ann is easily her height. Standing at a towering 178 cm, she's outgrown the vast majority of students her age and if not for how she dresses it would also contribute to her being seen as older in general. She has been told before by physicians and athletes she has a good body to pursue sports, yet she's far too lazy to do so. Instead her frame remains slim and lanky, as well as full of wasted potential.

Her eyes are hazel and forever shielded by a pair of black rimmed glasses that have left marks of use at the sides of her nose. Unfortunately, she occasionally has some dark marks under said eyes due to her recurring sleep problems. Her dark brown hair is maintained slightly past her shoulders, sporting big, loose curls and spirals. It occasionally looks like a mess but she takes care of her hair surprisingly well, considering her overall laziness towards self care.

Ann seems to present herself in a perpetually disheveled manner, one way or another - whether she doesn't bother to do her hair, or just throws a hoodie on and goes on with her day, or even refuses to tuck in her uniform shirt (she loathes doing so, deeming it too formal for tastes), she manages to look like she just got off of bed and somehow pulls that look off at the same time. She likes baggy and cozy clothes, frequently opting to wear a hoodie jacket on top of her clothes despite uniform rules, and refuses to wear dresses and skirts. Ann is not entirely against taking care of herself, however, and if the situation calls for it she can apply proper makeup, fix up her hair and take on a proper suit, often surprising those who know her and puzzling them as to why she doesn't do it more often. However, regardless of getup, she seems to carry herself with confidence which makes more than a few people overlook her complete disregard for appearances.


Provided one can get past her snark, Ann proves to be a very friendly individual and has a bunch of friends pretty much everywhere. She doesn't consider most of them close to her at all, a lot of them being casual friends she can take or leave, but there's a handful of people out there that have made an impact on her one way or another - for those people, she is forever loyal without question and would die for them without a shred of hesitation. Unfortunately, her brand of loyalty does not always work to her benefit, nor is it always reciprocated.


Ann doesn't know who her father is, and is repulsed by the idea of ever knowing - the fact he left her and her mother to fend for themselves in a terrible situation is more than enough reason for her to hate the man's guts without ever even needing to meet him or hear a damn thing about him. As for the relationship with her mother, she's very close to her and calls her as much as she can, even if they haven't seen each other in years. She can tell the woman's ashamed of herself and doesn't want Ann to see her in a bad place but the girl is determined to save her from that situation one day.

She gets along well with her new caretakers, whom are her dead uncle's in-laws. She's unaware of their Fae heritage. While she's a bit lazy around the house she does foster a positive relationship with them and it doesn't take too much for them to actually get her moving, and she's eternally grateful to them for giving her a place to live and the opportunity to thrive, even if she hasn't made the most of it just yet.

Bella, her cousin, used to be her babysitter when Ann first moved to Narragyambie. They've become friends over the years and are on good terms to this day. It's not uncommon for them to hang out whenever one finds some time for the other.


Despite being quite smooth with people and occasionally flirty, nobody's ever seen Ann chase after anybody at all. To her, flirtations, while fun, don't serve for much more than just that as she isn't one that likes the idea of one time explorations or recurring flings. More of a romantic by nature, she wants to do everything 'right'. Fortunately, she has the confidence to pursue it should anyone catch her attention. Her self confidence, however, may have attracted the attention of more than a few people in the past.


It's never bothered Ann that much whenever someone didn't like her, or tried to get under the skin. She's surprisingly difficult to anger or upset and takes and stabs at herself in stride, making her displeasure with the given person known through particularly scorching comments towards them. She rarely ever goes out of her way to confront them though, as they won't make her lose a wink of sleep (not that she gets much to begin with).

The story so far

Ansley Alexandra Mayfield was born to a single mother in the town of Shepparton. She has never met her father nor has been told much at all about him, and hasn't felt the least bit curious about him - whoever had left herself and her mother in such a condition was not worth her attention to begin with. Thw pair struggled financially to such a degree that the woman often struggled with the idea of giving Ann up for adoption in the hopes of her having a better life elsewhere.

One day the woman happened to vent about it in a phone call with her dead brother's in-laws. They offered to take Ann in until she was able to get back up on her feet and take the little girl back, something the hesitatingly accepted. The child was shipped off to Narragyambie, being given shelter by said in-laws and their own granddaughter, whom babysat her frequently.

Her quality of life increased exponentially under their care, although she occasionally felt bad over her mother not having the same luxury. She's kept in touch with her ever since, and even though they don't see each other very often, they're as close as could be, calling each other every other day. One of Ann's life goals has become to be able to provide for her somehow consequently as her economical conditions never truly improved.

Eventually, time came for Ann to enroll in Tallygarunga. She got a room there even if she doesn't sleep there every night in order to somewhat alleviate the burden on her new family, as well as to have some privacy. While she has always intended to establish herself academically so to make a lot of money in the future, she has no idea what to follow to begin with, which has put quite a dent on what should have been stellar behavior and unshakable motivation...

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