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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Amaleia Dawnstar

VMU Students
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    Amaleia Antoinette Dawnstar
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    VMU Student: Magical Arts (Visual & Music)
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    Kristina Romanova

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  1. I sometimes find being around the University and the multiple threads and colours and energies overwhelming. I know there is the Gallery place, but was wondering if there are other quiet venues one can spend some time in between classes.

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    2. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Well yeah, it's the whole point of the library is being quiet. 

      You can still make friends at a library, it's the perfect place to meet new people. 

    3. Caroline Tanenbaum

      Caroline Tanenbaum

      Ah. Beats me, then. Sorry.

      Guess it wouldn't hurt too much for you to just wander around town one time or another without aiming at where to go in particular, maybe you come across another neat cafe or two. You never know.

    4. Amaleia Dawnstar

      Amaleia Dawnstar

      I will try the library... I shall simply have to stick to sketching rather than painting in there.

      I have done some wandering, but I usually end up overly distracted and lose track of time... as well as where I am. But it is another fine suggestion.

      Thank you for the responses, they are greatly appreciated.

  2. To See The World The Way I Do

    Amaleia Dawnstar
    The young woman had heard of the cafe that was close enough to the University that she wouldn't get too lost while going there, though when she had been told that it was a gallery cafe, she hadn't expected it to actually be a proper art gallery. Stepping inside, her eyes widened in wonder as she looked around, making her way from one piece to another as each distracted her with something else here and there. She forgot that she was even hungry or thirsty for the time being, her large art satchel hanging from her hand as though a part of her while she marvelled at the displays. Finally though, her nose caught the scent of pastries and other baked goods, and her stomach reminded her while she had come here in between classes in the first place. She found her way toward the cafe area only mildly distracted and in a bit of a world of her own after that, and when she finally made it there, she ended up having difficulty deciding on exactly what she wanted, there were too many choices! Deciding to trust a recommendation of the current employee who was working behind the counter, she agreed to something called a foccacia, which appeared to be a toasted roll with some spiced chicken and salad and an interesting sauce, and a Chai latte. They would be delivered when they were ready, so she looked for a place to sit, and couldn't resist the adorable outdoor garden area though the glass sliding doors. There it was that she made her way and sat down gently in her long dress. Due to the cool breeze, she still wore a cardigan, but the cut at the front of the dress was still low enough that the scarring could be seen easily, which meant the cardi was buttoned almost right to her neck. Once sat, she looked around with a gentle smile on her lips, as though struck by wonder. She reached down into her satchel and pulled out a small fold-out easel and paints, and a blank canvas - it was a good thing her sisters had insisted on a satchel with an extension charm - before she began painting right away without thought, hand moving fast as though she had to capture it as quickly as possible. It steadily appeared she was painting the garden, but there were strange and wonderful creatures hidden among plants and around corners. So caught in her art was she, that she didn't even notice when her food was set down, simply continuing on, occasionally staring at various spots around her with a bright smile.
Amaleia Antoinette Dawnstar
VMU Student: Magical Arts (Visual & Music)
119* year old Halfbreed Human She/Her
Age  119*
Date of Birth May 1st, 1900
Birthplace Australia
Occupation VMU Student: Magical Arts (Visual & Music)
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Hawk
Play-by Kristina Romanova
  • Basically anything that happened between the disappearance of the sisters, and their return
  • Not entirely human
  • Shapeshifts into the form of a large dark predator bird (like a giant dark hawk)
  • Highly skilled in physical and magical combat
  • The reason she appears to space out so much is that she literally can visually see the flow of magic and various energies in the world around her, allowing her to actually 'read' a great deal about people and places (eg: if something died in a place, if someone is pregnant, whether there are spells or magical items on a person, is able to see through illusions, etc)
General Knowledge
  • The youngest of three mysterious witches who were missing for a hundred years and only recently reappeared unaged
  • Enrolled in VMU, studying Magical Arts
  • Though she doesn't have a wand, she appears to be able to cast spells both with and without the use of verbal incantation
  • Has a tendency to be a bit of a space cadet and zone out quite often, along with being easily distracted
  • Has a large scar that runs diagonally from her throat down over her torso, across her heart, where it looks like she was impaled on something
  • Her sisters are highly protective of her
  • Is quiet and appears to struggle to speak quite regularly

Due to being so quiet and having a rather limited attention span, it can sometimes be difficult for others to get to know Amaleia very well unless they had the patience for her. She is a sweetheart through and through, but she does seem to struggle with talking, often taking a moment or two before she can respond, and it even appears as though she's struggling to find her voice before her soft response comes forth. She is, however, confident in herself at least, something which can be seen in how she appears to have no fear of doing what she has to (when she's not distracted). She clearly enjoys her art though, and many of her paintings are of natural landscapes or of creatures both magical and non-magical. Some that people are certain she simply creates in her mind. But it's clear she has a talent.


Amaleia tends to be a little more reserved than her older sisters when it comes to clothing. Though she is the tallest of them at 5'4, she shares the same blue eyes and warm smile that seems to be a trait for the girls. She often wears clothing that covers her shoulders, arms, and even sometimes her neck, though the reason for this can be seen whenever her shoulders or neck are able to be seen. She has in fact a long and wide scar which runs from the centre of her throat, diagonally downward across her heart, where the scarring is much more widespread and actually shows on her back as well, as though she had been impaled on something. If asked, she will not speak of how she received it, nor how she even survived what looks like it should have been an instant death. Rather, she tries to keep it covered for the sake of avoiding questions. However, it is likely because of where it reaches her throat, that she speaks very softly, a huskiness to her voice.


She will likely befriend anyone who is simply nice to her, she likes to believe in the best in others, though she will shy away if someone shows a cruel side, and try to disassociate herself from them as amicably as possible.


Naturally, she adores and looks up to her sisters, though does struggle sometimes with the idea of feeling like she may be a burden. Whether it is because they insisted she study while they work, or because of something else from their past is something only she knows.


Sweet and innocent Ama never had the chance to date, though she is a romantic soul and likes to believe that there is someone special out there for everyone.


One might think that it is impossible for the quiet lovely woman to even dislike someone, but everyone has their little red button and she is no exception, and just as skilled as her older sisters.

The story so far

What happens when the three daughters of a prominent wizard who moved halfway across the world in the late 1800s suddenly vanish with the mother while the family is on a picnic near strange ancient rock formations that he is studying? Well, the man ends up accused of murdering them all and hung, case closed and only a few people who ever think any further about the strange happening. Witnesses who say they saw the women wandering, others who don't believe for a moment that he could have done something so horrendous. And then the reports of strange eerie noises in the area should someone wander the scrub alone.

The youngest of three daughters, Amaleia was doted on from the time she was born, by not only her parents but also her older sisters. Her father an educated man who had wanted to explore Australia and it's wonders, and her mother a mysterious woman who he had met not long after having moved, though there was nothing seemingly suspicious or worrisome about her. She claimed to have come from Britain as well, and was kind and gentle, adoring the outdoors, which made their union work wonderfully since she was always happy to explore new areas.

The daughters were raised quite similarly, travelling, spending a great deal of time outdoors, and with an affinity for nature, the elements, and animals. They were almost preternaturally beautiful like their mother as well, and Amaleia also seemed to share her mother's 'strangeness' which drew others to them. She was always 'off with the fairies' as her father would say, and it wasn't uncommon to catch the girl daydreaming about something as she stared off into the distance. The only things that she seemed to be able to maintain some focus on was painting and playing the piano, and her parents were more than happy to indulge those talents. Though, like her mother and sisters, she also enjoyed the outdoors, and could be even more of a wanderer than Keira. There had been a few times where Amaleia had simply gone wandering, and vanished, causing a panic and search until she was found napping under a tree or on a rock or something. It was as though she was protected by nature itself.

However, her flighty nature meant that her family were all the more protective of her, especially when it came to dealing with others. The girl was bullied a little through school for her habit of spacing out, but she didn't seem to let it phase her. If anything, she appeared to feel bad for those who felt they had to lash out at someone for being different. She also spoke about hearing voices talking to her when she wandered, though this came up less as a topic as she got older, and realised that it troubled her family to hear her talk about such things. At least aside from their mother, who never judged her strange daughter.

The day of the disappearance would forever remain a mystery though, it seemed. As even with the sudden appearance of the three out-of-place young women, they don't seem to be able to explain what happened, where they were, or whether their mother is still alive. But images from history match up to the faces, and the names, and their recollection of their lives to the point that their father's best friend from back then is doubtless in his belief that they are who they claim. He has taken them in and helped them to try and settle into life, while they try to catch up with the present as well as whatever it was that they aren't telling anyone.

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