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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Keirana Dawnstar

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    Barbara Palvin

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    Mountain Lion

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  1. Saturate

    Releasing the creature once it appeared to have steadied itself, Keira stepped back to observe once again, still a little wary of what she had pulled out from the creek. At least until some of the covering was ripped from it's head and she spied the defining jaw of a man beneath, causing her head to tilt slightly. She watched as he coughed, before insisting that he was human. What kind of strange human covered themselves in algae and river moss though? She simply nodded a little with some confusion as he repeated himself, and then removed the rest of the weed from his face, causing her to blink a little as she studied his features. "You do appear to be human, yes," The young woman agreed with another small nod as she watched him, though she then realised that his coughing must have been from inhaling some of the algae, which wasn't good. "You should be careful in the creek though, with the algae. Swallowing it will cause you to become sick," She remembered cases of such from when she was very young. Had even known a couple of children to die because it wasn't easily treatable. Though, she imagined things were more advanced now. But still, it wasn't healthy. At least it didn't look like the more dangerous algae, just the standard freshwater one. "I apologise for mistaking you for a Fae creature. But you did appear like something rather inhuman with the covering," Keira explained, indicating toward the rest of him, which was still covered. "Why were you in the creek, anyway? There is not much that can be seen in these waters. The European carp stir up the mud at the bottom of the rivers and streams, making the water murky. My sisters and I always had to be careful if we went swimming as children because of such. Were you looking for something?" She found herself curious of the man now that she didn't feel like there was some wight-like threat in the vicinity, and crouched a little so that she was more at his height while he was knelt.
  2. Saturate

    The creature made a sound that couldn't even resemble any kind of human words, and the young woman stood firm, ready to fight against the potential threat. It wasn't the first kelpie she'd face before... though it was quickly becoming the most strange one. First in it's garbled attempts to... was it trying to communicate? The fact that she could sense the surprise made her more curious than defensive the longer she watched the very strange scene. What she had thought was a vicious Fae creature was turning out to be more comical and unbalanced and, dare she say it, clumsy. However, the choking and sputtering was definitely not something that the creature she'd originally pinned it as would do, and so although she still held the sticks in her hands, she just watched for a moment with clear confusion in her features. Her head tilted, and then... it fell backwards back into the creek, flailing around as though actually struggling. It was at this point that Keira was quite certain that this was no threat at all, as strange as the entire scene was. As such, she stepped forward and leaned over to help lift... whatever it was, to their feet. For a rather short lass, she appeared to be stronger than she appeared, and it hardly seemed to take any effort to assist. "What are you, strange thing?" Keira queried as she leaned in close to try and peer past the grime and gunk that covered the creek creature. "Are you some kind of changeling then? Are those your things by the shore and you could not take them with you upon your transformation?" Perhaps that was it, it was a logical conclusion to her at least. In any case, she certain didn't feel like it was something that was going to be a threat to her, and she was curious now of what it was doing out here.
  3. Saturate

    Despite having missed an entire century having passed due to events that neither she nor her sisters would speak of, there was still nothing that could stop Keirana from exploring and wandering the bushlands. She knew that at least for the moment she was safe from the same thing occurring again, and besides she was avoiding the area where it had happened. That meant she was fine, didn't it? It wasn't as though anything had followed them back from there, and as far as she remembered from living in the area so many years ago, there hadn't been that many concerns around the bushland in general here. At least, not from what she could remember of her exploring back then. Of course, things could have changed a great deal since then as well, but it wasn't as though she didn't know how to protect herself. That's what she always told her sisters, though Rosa continued to worry nonetheless. Luckily for Keira, her older sister was working in town today, which meant the second eldest was free to do as she pleased without being lectured to over recklessness or something equally bothersome. What she hadn't expected to come across, however, was what appeared to be the belongings of another possible explorer. Halting at the opened pack and strewn clothing, the young woman blinked down at them as she'd paused in her joyful tromping through the scrub. She tilted her head and then looked around as concern rose within her. Why was there someone out here without their clothing? She couldn't see anyone swimming, though who would with the slimy looking surface? It was just as she was studying the eerie looking slime-covered water, when something emerged from it, and immediately the woman moved, lifting a hand toward a branch, which snapped from it's nearby tree as it was summoned, before she broke it in two so that she had a weapon in each hand while she took a fighter's stance. Of course! She should have guessed that there would be something like that here! It must have dragged some poor soul into the depths and drowned them, well it wouldn't claim a second victim! "Wicked Kelpie!" Keira shouted at it, though she remembered that they were more commonly referred to as Bunyips in this part of the world, but names didn't matter. They were the same creature, "Foul creature, have you not your fill this day? Be gone, lest I drop raw iron into your home!" She didn't have it on her right now, but it would be a simple task to teleport home to retrieve a few slivers of ore for such a necessity.
Keirana Monique Dawnstar
122* year old Halfbreed Human She/Her
Age  122*
Date of Birth October 30th, 1897
Birthplace Australia
Occupation Groundskeeper
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Mountain Lion
Play-by Barbara Palvin
  • Basically anything that happened between the disappearance of the sisters, and their return
  • Not entirely human
  • Shapeshifts into the form of a large dark feline (akin to a mountain lion)
  • Highly skilled in physical and magical combat
  • Has the ability to 'camouflage' herself in her surroundings, seemingly vanishing
  • Can sense others' emotions and what they are feeling (heightened empathy)
General Knowledge
  • The middle of three mysterious witches who were missing for a hundred years and only recently reappeared unaged
  • Works as Tallygarunga's groundskeeper
  • Though she doesn't have a wand, she appears to be able to cast spells both with and without the use of verbal incantation
  • Seems to have a special affinity with animals, as though she can actually understand them

Outspoken, hard-headed, and hard-working, this girl has a heart of gold and the courage of a lion. She doesn't share the same wariness that her older sister has of others, or her younger sister's slight naivety. Keira tends to be direct and to the point, and also extremely happy to have learned that women have far more freedoms in the current day and age than when she was growing up. She has found herself trying to learn to play football as well as shown an interest in quidditch, though mostly she is just happy to have found a job where she can be outside most of the time. Whether it's making repairs, tending the garden, or looking after some of the various familiars and other animals kept on the school grounds, she is content. She can be friendly enough, though there is a hint of a short tolerance for people who are needlessly rude or who make a habit of undoing any of her good work around the grounds. Though, like her sisters, if asked about the disappearance, she has no answer that she will give, and generally just says as much or changes the subject.


Standing at 5'3 and with blue eyes that she shares with her sisters, Keira is not often seen without a smile on her lips, especially if she's outside and in the sun. She gets around wearing typically practically clothing when she is working, but when she's relaxing then she appears to prefer a light sundress or a cropped tank or t-shirt and shorts. The temperature doesn't appear to affect her, whether it's hot or cold, she will wear whatever she feels like. Often enough her smile can become devious or cheeky, and that is when one knows there might be a surprise or prank or some other mischief concocting in her mind, very much a Cheshire Cat grin.


Keira is quite open to making friends, though at the same time she can also judge someone fairly quickly and first impressions are usually important with her. That said, she can come around in time after a bad first impression as well, depending on continued interactions.


Utterly devoted and loving of her family. She will be the first to throw punches if anyone threatened or harmed her sisters.


She never got the chance to start dating before the disappearance, so she's not experienced crushes or the like. Part of her still thinks that men still think they're better than women, but maybe she can be convinced otherwise.


Like her older sister, generally best to try not to aggravate her too much.

The story so far

What happens when the three daughters of a prominent wizard who moved halfway across the world in the late 1800s suddenly vanish with the mother while the family is on a picnic near strange ancient rock formations that he is studying? Well, the man ends up accused of murdering them all and hung, case closed and only a few people who ever think any further about the strange happening. Witnesses who say they saw the women wandering, others who don't believe for a moment that he could have done something so horrendous. And then the reports of strange eerie noises in the area should someone wander the scrub alone.

Keira was the second born of the daughters, having grown up in a happy and loving family environment, raised by her parents and doted on by her older sister, Rosa. Her father an educated man who had wanted to explore Australia and it's wonders, and her mother a mysterious woman who he had met not long after having moved, though there was nothing seemingly suspicious or worrisome about her. She claimed to have come from Britain as well, and was kind and gentle, adoring the outdoors, which made their union work wonderfully since she was always happy to explore new areas.

The daughters were raised quite similarly, travelling, spending a great deal of time outdoors, and with an affinity for nature, the elements, and animals. They were almost preternaturally beautiful like their mother as well, and Keira was no exception, despite being perhaps more of a tomboy than her older sister, preferring to run around in boy's clothing with her hair hidden under a cap so that she could join in games without being chastised by other girls or their mothers. It changed a little when her sister was kidnapped for a brief time, though, and Keira gained a slight wariness, if also something of a temper when it came to boys and men who thought that they could just treat women as though they were objects. She may have found herself getting into a couple of fights, which made her parents look a little bad, though they were proud of their strong-headed daughter who fought against the norm.

Just like Rosa, Keira was protective of their youngest sister, deciding that she herself was perfectly capable of being able to handle any trouble that came her way. She tended to spend a great deal of time working at the horse ranch of a family friend, tending to their horses and often going for rides as well. She was very much a free spirit compared to her sisters, wild and fearless.

The day of the disappearance would forever remain a mystery though, it seemed. As even with the sudden appearance of the three out-of-place young women, they don't seem to be able to explain what happened, where they were, or whether their mother is still alive. But images from history match up to the faces, and the names, and their recollection of their lives to the point that their father's best friend from back then is doubtless in his belief that they are who they claim. He has taken them in and helped them to try and settle into life, while they try to catch up with the present as well as whatever it was that they aren't telling anyone.

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