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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Violet Woods

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  • Birthday 05/23/2004

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    Violet Woods
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    Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
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    Fifth Year
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    Nicola Coughlan

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    Rosewood Wand, 10'', unicorn tail hair
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      Taylor Woods

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Violet Woods
Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her/Hers
Age  15
Date of Birth May 23rd, 2004
Birthplace Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Squirrel
Wand Rosewood Wand, 10'', unicorn tail hair
Play-by Nicola Coughlan

Tallygarunga: 1st - Current (House unknown)


• On rare occasions she can get her revenge on the bullies; 

• She feels helpless when it comes to helping anyone;

• Hides her low self-esteem;

• Incurable romantic;

• Knows she'll never be loved.

General Knowledge

• Is Taylor Woods twin sister;

• Can be a bit dramatic about the possible outcomes of some situations;

• Studies a lot;

• Lazy.


Violet is probably one of the laziest people someone could cross paths with, while intellectually active, always willing to learn, she’s not the same when it comes to physical activities. Violet is capable of leaving her bed and lying on a couch. She can be both ends of the patient and impatient spectrum. She has a problem waiting for answers and grades, leaving her anxious about the outcome and ultimately very hard to deal with. Due to her passiveness she’s the perfect target for bullies as she won’t engage, she will be bullied and she will allow bullies to continue, waiting patiently for it to end, until a limit it’s reached. Once it has Violet will quietly and patiently plot her revenge, one that often comes without people realizing who’s the perpetrator.

She can be sociable and friendly, and she’s usually not jittery around people, Violet likes quiet places, like her dorm room or her house common room, usually she avoids crowded places as they feel claustrophobic and don’t allow her to hear her own thoughts. She also tries to avoid any physical activity at all costs, if asked directly her answer would depend on the person.

She’s mostly passive and won’t get into discussions or conversations on her own free will, she won’t have an issue as long as she’s not the first one to engage in the conversation. With friends is slightly different, she’s far more sociable and will interact, she will talk and talk until someone asks her to keep quiet. It just takes a while for her to break out of her shell, one either takes their time doing so, or they can just smash right through it.

Insults feed her self-esteem issues and her lack of confidence in many aspects of her life, including academically, even if she always aims for a good score. Compliments make her feel awkward as well as any form of attention that isn’t from family and close friends. Not an overachiever by nature, she prides herself in trying her best at the few things she does, however, failure will sink into her like poison, darkening the thoughts and just like insults, feed her lack of confidence, allowing her to believe she’s nothing but useless and a dead weight on her brother’s success.

Overall, Violet isn’t that bad. She’s friendly, creative, naive and above all she seeks harmony among others, disliking arguments and fights, while she loves some good old friendly competition, one where people get hurt isn’t the thing for her. She’s a romantic at heart, but in the end, she believes no one can truly fall in love with her.


Violet is short, her height barely reaches 150cm. She has a fair complexion and is a bit chubby. Both her height and weight are the main reasons why she prefers to spend time alone than in a crowd and both are often used by bullies to pick on her.

She has a slightly round and chubby shaped face, making her dimples barely noticeable, only if someone pays attention can see them when she smiles. She has a slight large nose, but it fits in with her natural facial features, not making it look too big, she still hates the nose. Her lips are small and pouty, having a natural pink colour to them. She has light blue and big eyes and her ears are pierced.

Her hair is medium length, often kept slightly bellow the chin. Violet wears it loose but she can be seen with it tied in a ponytail or with a headband. Sometimes she gets tired of her small hair and uses magic to make it grow. Once her hair is long, she’ll most likely wear it loose unless she’s being dragged someplace.

The girl’s clothing isn’t nothing too extravagant, on school grounds she will always wear the school uniform, mostly skirts and dresses, on occasion the pants. When she isn’t wearing the uniform, like when she goes to town, she can be seen wearing dresses or jeans with hoodies or t-shirts. She will always wear snickers regardless of the attire. She doesn’t often dress up unless it’s mandatory.

The story so far

Violet is the eldest twin of Ava, a pureblood witch from the United Kingdom and Craig, a muggle from Australia. Violet was born near midnight, while her brother, Taylor, was born the following day, almost as it was an omen to describe how different both twins would be in the future. Their first sign of difference started at birth, and soon as they grew it became clear that the universe was trying to tell them something.

Her life was mostly uneventful, despite her mother belonging to a family of purists, she always taught Violet and her brother that no one was inferior, regardless of their blood status, the sole fact that they were halfbloods, due to their muggle parents only ingrained the idea on the twins that everyone was equal. But despite her teachings, they did have some traditional ideas that followed, luckily Violet didn’t draw the shortest end of the straw and wasn’t as pressured as Taylor was. She was able to express herself through various forms, having more freedom than Taylor, that didn’t stop them from being close, their personalities were so different that ideally, they shouldn’t even get along, but instead they have a strong bond.

Being mostly passive, Violet is the perfect magnet for bullies, her short and chubby appearance made her an easy target, where they were often used her weapons, that made Violet very self-conscious about her looks. Despite everything she always tried her best not to worry Taylor, as she was aware of the consequences, but the bullying did affect her self-esteem.

At the age of eleven, the twins enrolled in Tallygarunga, to pursue their education. Still a target for bullies, and often being made target, Violet ignored, but her brother acted differently, instead of ignore, he was more responsive than her, leading him to get into some trouble because of her. Violet eventually found comfort with those she became close with, but unlike Taylor, she decided to take refuge inside, reading, painting, writing, whatever she could to do avoid going outside and do some exercise.

Currently her life is pretty simple, she no longer has to worry about bullies and has forced herself to leave the common room more often, especially to watch her brother race, or to go watch Quidditch matches.

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