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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

Haven Monroe

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    Haven Monroe
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    Kensington, Melbourne, Australia
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    Journalist and Photographer- The Mage Newspaper
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    She, Her
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    Rose Leslie

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    Red Wood, Phoenix Feather Core, 10 1/2” yielding
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  1. Open Seasons of Change

    Haven Monroe
    Haven dreaded the coming summer though admittedly it probably wouldn't be that bad here. Yes, it would probably get pretty hot, especially if the mercury decided to rise into the late 30 or early 40 but it would also be followed with a very cool change where the woolies will be pulled out, even for the briefest of times. Victoria was known for its mercurial weather after all. She was glad that she lived in the south and not up north. Haven shuddered just thinking of residing in Brisbane let alone Townsville or Cairns. Luckily the sun was hiding behind the clouds at the moment and it was warm enough that you could just wear a t-shirt or if you were particularly daring or didn't feel the cold a singlet. Haven, however, was wearing a three quarter pencil skirt, knee high boots and blousy top and a tan coloured trench coat. She looked like most women did who worked in the city of Melbourne who worked in the many offices within the CBD. Of course she wasn't just any woman but it suited her to be just that. Coming across a little café and feeling like a coffee and maybe a piece of cake Haven took a seat and waiting for a waiter to come and take her request. She placed her camera on the table and took her notebook and pen that reviewed the notes she had taken for the piece that she was writing. Haven nose twitched due to the pollen and dust in the air and she then sneezed. The nose twitched reminded her of the TV program that used to be on television when she was younger, Bewitched, and how the witch used her magic by twitching her nose. Haven giggled to herself at how silly muggles could be.
Haven Monroe
Journalist and Photographer- The Mage Newspaper 0
30* year old Halfblood Human She, Her
Age  30*
Date of Birth July 16th, 1989
Birthplace Kensington, Melbourne, Australia
Occupation Journalist and Photographer- The Mage Newspaper
Player  Rory
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She, Her
Patronus Dachshund
Wand Red Wood, Phoenix Feather Core, 10 1/2” yielding
Play-by Rose Leslie

Went to muggle primary schools 

Attended Tallygarunga from age 11 - Was sorted into Bourke

Attended MVU and has a degree in Magical Arts and Social Wizardry 


Is a bit of a kleptomaniac 

Doesn't have an issue with spiders but can't stand their webs. They creep her out

Would like to attend an open-mike night at a comedy club

General Knowledge

Is occasionally called Ava by family and friends

Doesn’t like to swear and will substitute curse words when frustrated or angry. i.e.  will say shoes instead of shit

Loves going to the cinema , especially with her sister. Is a big fan of Kevin Smith movies and Brad Pitt

Always has a camera on hand and can often be found wondering the streets of Melbourne snapping shots along the Yarra



Haven is a fun loving, curious, and rather cheeky and though she puts on an air of never taking anything seriously she always does. She is rather intuitive and is very good at catching people in lies and she can always tell when her sister, in particular is lying to her. She personally doesn't like to lie herself and does not swear and doesn't like it when others do.


She can be a little temperamental, especially if she is tired as she takes her sleep very seriously, though many people would say that it is due to her red hair and Irish heritage. She hates hot weather as it generally gives her a headache and with her pale skin she tends to burn and freckle easily. She is opinionated and says what she thinks and means which can get her into trouble at times but she see that as being honest. She abhors the word normal and hates to be called such.


Haven has a bit of sweet tooth and loves pavlova but detests the fruit mango and will not eat her favourite desert if it has the fruit on it as she says that it ruins it. She hates cockroaches and spider webs and is not fan of blood or gory things. She can be a bit overactive but she puts that down to her anxiety. She has no head for numbers and is terrible with money and has never really been able to budget properly. She is a bit dog crazy and will always stop to pet a dog if she sees one. She personally doesn't own one herself however. 




Dark-red that almost seems black and is long and wavy, clear hazel-green eyes and a dimple in her left cheek. She is of average height and it a little over-weight. Can be rather spirited and loud when she gets excited.  


Haven is comfortable in both muggle and wizarding attire due to her up bringing. She particularly likes robes because of the looseness of the garments. She likes to keep abreast of the fashions of the day and will usually wear what it popular.  She loves shoes and accessories such as handbags, jewellery and hats.  


Has a very close relationship with all members of her family though in particular with her older sister Naomi.       


Haven is very much a romantic at heart and believes that she will find her Prince Charming one day. She likes a little quirk in her men as anything average would just frustrate and bore her. She though abhors arrogance in her men so if they boast she will not put up with it. 

The story so far

The Monroe family were a little unique in a way. You know how it goes, boy meets girl while at school they fall in love and marry and have 3 children. Except for the fact that Keith Monroe and Kylie Flynn were both magical children born into non-magical families and neither of those families had an issue with their child's seemingly strange abilities. As such when Keith and Kylie married and had those 3 children, Naomi and twins Flynn and Haven, they did not feel a disconnect between the muggle world and the magical one as some muggleborn children did. In fact both Keith and Kylie were both heavily involved in their local community with Keith being a volunteer fire-fighter and Kylie being part of the PTA.  


Haven hates to say it that her childhood was as normal as a childhood with magic could be, sure there was the occasional accidental uses of magic by either Flynn or herself but never Naomi as she had been born without magic. It was tragic in a way but a blessing in others. Due to this lack of talent and the fact that Keith and Kylie had decided to send their children to the local school in something odd occurred with either Flynn or Haven, either in school or in general, Naomi was able to come up with a reasonable excuse for it. Haven loved her sister for this but because of it she was now able to tell when her sister was lying.   


Flynn and Haven arrived at Tallygarunga and as expected were sorted in the same house as their parents, Bourke. She settled in well made a few good friends, who realised quickly that if she did not sleep or slept badly she would be in the foulest of moods and that lying to her was not a good idea as she could usually tell straight away. She was a good flyer though Flynn was better and was able to get a spot on the Burke Quidditch Team in his third year. 


Haven’s best subject at school was always Charms, though she was also good at Herbology and Potions. It was Transfiguration that she had a problem with and though she had a good relationship with her Professor she could never quite grasp it, which was a shame because she had had aspirations when she was younger to be an animagus. She did however carry on with the subject in her SPIDER and STINGRAY years along with the above three plus Musiciary and Elemental Magic.


She enrolled and attended VMU and though she knew it was a catch all degree she choose to do an arts degree as none of the others really appealed to her, though her mother wanted her to go into Magical Education as she came from a family of teachers and Naomi had gone into teaching. Her father had wanted her to join the Ministry and go into Magical Law as he and he had done. 


Her sister, who always gave the best advice, advised her to go with her heart and thinking of the advice given to her by her Head of House during their careers discussion decided on Magical Arts and Social Wizardry as, though she was enthusiastic when it came to the practical side of magic, her way with words was always commended when it came to theory.


After graduating, with a focus of writing and photography she approached the Mage Newspaper and showed the editor a portfolio of her photographs and of her writing. Impressed and intrigued she was originally hired on as a photographer but eventually was able to get a few written pieces published before being given permanent column in the paper.  

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