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  1. Poppy


    Welcome Cam
  2. 'Ello there, welcome too Tally
  3. @Becca I am totally down with threading our Flinders girls together and seeing what happens. I see you have an open thread in the Flinders Common room. I will try and hit that up in the next couple of days, if someone gets it first then feel free too start a thread and I shall throw Remi in when I can.
  4. Poppy


    Welcome Lia. I second all off what Kiru above me there has said. I look forward to rp'ing with you in the near future. I also suggest using discord
  5. Poppy


    Hiii welcome and all that jazz. No worries about not being sure whats going on, you'll pick it up. Cats are better than people and look forward to rping with you soon.
  6. Poppy


    OMG, Hello fellow British person! I knew I could not be the only one around!
  7. Poppy

    Hey all!

    This new found birds try to murder you thing is why I have decided that I shall remain firmly on my tiny island kthanks. Welcome Zay, I'm from the UK and constantly get stuff wrong, so no worries we can be wrong and baffled about it all together!
  8. Okay, badly updated plotter with super vagueness. I will flesh it out and add the remaining bios but this is just an over view for people to get a good idea of what I have knocking about. Come, plot and be merry
  9. Late too the party, but, welcome to Tally me dear. Look forward too see you about.
  10. Poppy


    Welcome, welcome! Don't worry about making the majority of your characters from the same country as yourself. I am from Britain and do the same thing
  11. Hello. welcome to Tally. I am sure your writing is just perfect
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