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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Forrest Blackwood

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  • Birthday 01/25/1989

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    Forrest Rohan Blackwood
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    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
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    Wizarding Software Developer - QuillBook Team
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    Iwan Rheon

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    Mahogany, 7 ½’’, Hippogriff Feather
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Forrest Rohan Blackwood
Wizarding Software Developer - QuillBook Team 0
30 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  30
Date of Birth January 25th, 1989
Birthplace Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Wizarding Software Developer - QuillBook Team
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Stoat
Wand Mahogany, 7 ½’’, Hippogriff Feather
Play-by Iwan Rheon
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Master of Software Engineering: The University of Melbourne
  • Hacktivist;
  • Actually isn't that great a fan of the branch of programming his job makes him tackle;
  • Wishes he could find it in himself to forgive his parents;
  • Has considered moving to Narragyambie multiple times but he can't stand how quiet the town is;
  • Feels isolated a lot of the time;
  • Terrified of not being a good father to Wayne.
General Knowledge
  • Seems uncomfortable with being touched by people he's not familiar with;
  • Looks well off from what he wears and how he carries himself;
  • Part of the QuillBook development team;
  • Has a son, Wayne Mosley-Blackwood, enrolled in Whitlam Bilby;
  • Hates his sister;
  • Estranged from his parents;
  • Has a mildly geeky streak to him;
  • Politically minded.

Forrest is a studious and hard working man whom is spotted constantly with his nose on a book or some sort of screen, trying to expand either his knowledge pool or bank account, depending on the day. He is not one to take many risks, at least not anymore, due to the responsibility he feels to provide for his child; as a result, he's become calculating with his needs, wants and his future, not making any big moves unless he has a few backup plans in place as a safety net. His workaholic tendencies greatly help in the monetary department, but he doesn't take it all for granted nonetheless.

He is very opinionated across various issues. Despite having always been one willing to listen and learn from others, he's also paradoxically stubborn about his own world view and finds his thoughts often be warped by it, not catching himself until he is too far gone. This passion for his own opinions often leads him into confrontation with opposing views where he often can come off as close minded or even preachy. He seems mostly unafraid of consequences when this occurs, as if daring others to do something about it in his arrogance.

Forrest's upbringing has made him a resilient fellow, rolling with life's punches and adapting to new situations as needed. He seems to have a knack for surviving which only serves to irritate potential enemies, and he realizes this, letting it get into his own head on occasion. Often he feels smarter than most others as a result, leading him to underestimate people he sees as threats and overestimating everyone else just so to demonize those very same people he dislikes.

He is very loyal to those he sees as his own even through all disagreements they may have, in particular Wayne (his son) and Scarlett (his son's mother). He does his best to be present and to make sure they're provided for and happy regardless of personal cost. This devotion has made it so the child is rather confused as to why his parents aren't together as it feels it's like dad is around all the time anyway.

He has a rebellious streak to him, having felt the need to fight against authority from the moment his own parents neglected him in favor of his younger sister, Vanessa. This has manifested in ways such as talking back to teachers and staff during school days, not being much of a team player, adopting a rather snarky disposition and, most importantly, diving into hacktivism. While he is very careful of what it does due to the danger of being caught and scarring Wayne mentally he still can't help himself, needing to lash out in some manner.


Standing at 173 cm, Forrest's never been the best example of height among adult men. Despite this he carries himself with confidence, believing one's attitude trumps whatever handicap genetics may deal you. He has a slim build, working out just enough not to let his sedentary lifestyle get the better of him early in life, yet not enough to carry his musculature to a healthy level. His diet certainly doesn't help with it at least. If he were to try, however, he'd likely grow some muscle.

His hair is dark brown in color, and whether he actually bothers to comb it or not on a daily basis is often left up to chance - or, as he'd say it, depending on whether he has to be working while brushing his own teeth or not. It's a mystery how he doesn't need glasses to shield his bright blue eyes from the PC screen he so intently stares at for hours upon hours in a given day, something he himself finds strange but doesn't complain over. His jawline is sharp and defined, and more often than not there's some soft of scruff beard covering it as he doesn't like how babyfaced he seems to be when clean shaven.

He dresses well and has a fashionable outfit for every occasion, having learned how to develop his tastes from a young age out of needing to learn to do most things by himself. Having plenty of expendable income with his high paying gig helps his wardrobe greatly. Regardless of what he picks to wear on a given day, it's easy to tell it's top quality and not chosen lightly.


Forrest has never been one to have many friends - while he does enjoy socializing, his highly Muggle-friendly disposition has earned him slight ostracization within Wizarding communities, and his workaholic tendencies later in life only served to exacerbate the gaping wound that was his solitude. While he on occasion tries to put a band-aid on it he still recognizes that making money and caring for his child are his absolute priorities and he lets friendly outing trump them.

He is friendly to others, if a little argumentative. He likes a good discussion and is capable of befriending people who differ from his school of thought so long as they can handle headbutting in every other conversation, something Forrest certainly can.


He is entirely estranged from his parents. While he resents them for their negligence he doesn't hate them, and simply does not care about them at all. With his sister Vanessa, however, it's a different story - he loathes the woman. He can almost swear that the few rare encounters they have those days are entirely deliberate on her end out of pure sadism since she seems to have made it her life's mission to torment him.

As for his son Wayne, he tries to be as present as he can be and to provide for him and the mother as much as he can. Forrest isn't the most understanding person emotionally but is there for him no matter what nonetheless, trying to be open minded with this parenting challenge and not make the same crass mistakes Campbell and Skyler Blackwood made with Forrest.


He's a very picky individual when it comes to romance. He wants to find someone and get married at some point later in life, but his son comes first - if they're not willing to befriend him and take care of him, Forrest kicks any potential suitors to the curb on the spot. As a result, given his status as a single dad, it's fairly difficult to find a date to begin with, and most of those who are interested tend to be gunning for the wealth he's accumulated over the years.

He's had a number of flings and girlfriends in the past but it's likely that his work got in the way of the vast majority of those arrangements, and still will in the future.


His personality doesn't fly well with a lot of people given how combative he is, and as such he's picked up enemies throughout his life here and there. He doesn't seem too bothered by it; in fact, he sees it as validation for the strength of his positions. That doesn't mean he enjoys having them, of course, but one would say he's very inviting to the idea given he just doesn't let up on his attitude.

His sister is easily his worst enemy and he does not hold back the verbal backhands whenever he's forced to be in the same room as her, though he's not the type to go out of his way to sabotage her or anybody else. In a sense, he's all bark and no bite.

The story so far

Forrest was the first born child of Skyler and Campbell Blackwood, and by all means the ignored one between himself and his sister, Vanessa, whom would join then several years later. It was a family of status, with certain expectations to meet, but the young boy never seemed too inclined to build a reputation of the sort or schmooze with the various folks the Blackwoods associated themselves with; in fact, he'd much rather be inside his room, studying his books and working with Muggle computers. It was something that greatly distressed their parents as they hoped he'd follow an education an future employment within the Ministry. They indeed hoped and hoped some more, to no avail.

Despite the tremendous age difference, Vanessa proved to be a thorn on his side from the moment she was able to talk. The two never saw eye to eye. It wasn't at all that he was bad with kids, but he sensed some malice whenever she said something. This conflict kept growing through the years up until the point they dreaded to be in the same room as one another (or, at least, he did; he could swear she took pleasure in trying to bring him down) and the slightest of comments could easily result in an explosive argument.

During his Tallygarunga days he was placed in Sturt. Despite not having a whole lot of friends he associated with the Mosley family for the most part - Raphael, Sarah, and their squib sister, Scarlett. The latter fed into his intense curiosity and talent for programming and the two became good friends, and that outlet would eventually catalyze him being disowned by his parents.

Vanessa had heard through the grapevine that Forrest intended to pursue his education in Muggle college rather than VMU. Their parents were disgusted and disowned him without even giving him a chance to speak. He wasn't surprised and took the 'news' well, packing up and moving to live in college dorms. From that point he was entirely estranged from his flesh and blood and was entirely on his own. It was then that he became more assertive about his behavior as a general rule and more responsible, taking on a side job while studying to make ends meet and save up as much as he could for a rainy day.

A drunken one night stand with Scarlett near the end of their education resulted in the woman getting pregnant. Determined not to be half as negligent as his parents were and to give the kid a loving family, Forrest finished off his course and scoured the Earth for a good job. To this day he works way too many hours for his own good just to ensure he can provide for both his child and the mother, even if they don't necessarily need it, and makes a point to be very present in the kid's life.

He eventually became involved with the QuillBook team while tackling various hacktivist tasks on the side, a direct byproduct of his need to rebel against authority in his youth. Between that and making sure Wayne is a happy kid, his days are quite busy and fulfilling.

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