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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Kyun Suho

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  1. Trial and Error

    Kyun Suho
    It had felt initially like thousands of ants scrambling over his skin, a ticklish, writhing mass, then snapping needle-like pincers bodily sank down into his flesh. Hell, he hadn't felt agony like this since what seemed like an eternity. Suho had always prided himself in being careful. Careful not to land himself in sticky situations like these, or in a Dhampir's case, a potentially painful one. Anyone well-read in the characteristics of these creatures knew how exceeding sensitive their skin was, maddeningly so. A literal storm of dust and rock chips - it would have been his mother's perfect example of a nightmare. Long lashes slammed down over his eyes like shutters as the dust still proved itself infallible, incessant. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), such stinging irritants weren't enough to kill him. Fleetingly, Suho's shoulders sloped, the exposed skin of his face and arms burning, but that falter in posture was enough for an unconscious weight to slip off and land on the ground by his foot with a solid thud. His bag? Fingers pushed back his hair as it fell over his face. He supposed he could leave it be. For now, the Sturt was much more concerned with the identity of this perpetrator, namely so he could... semi-kill them (was that even a thing?). "S-Sor-" If all senses hadn't been concentrated upon seeing past the muck swirling through the air, Suho would have missed the choked beginning of what sounded like an attempted apology. Then, the clatter of a wand and a furious bout of coughing that made even listening to it painful for his lungs. Suho's murderous sentiments faltered. The hazy form of a blonde girl kneeling on the ground swam into view, and it didn't take a genius to put a two and a two together and figure that she had probably cast the reductor curse. Suho hated feeling even the slightest twinge of pity for her. Yet he couldn't simply leave her there, in her unfit state and all. Swearing in Korean beneath his breath, eyes squinted, the Dhampir still somehow managed to look graceful in stepping up to her side and crouching down, feeling as though if he didn't do something about his skin soon, he was going to end up peeling everything off himself. More importantly, however, he had a damsel in distress to save. It seemed he was going to have to take care of everyone else's needs first before tending to his own, as was the case, ironically, for him in many an occasion. "Yah." Realising his mistake, Suho quickly switched back to English. "Hey. After I get rid of this, we'll have scores to settle." He wasn't being entirely serious. There wasn't much he would be able to do anyway, or much that she could give him other than a heartfelt apology. Goddamn, did this dust bring physical pain. Drawing his wand from his sleeve, he thoughtlessly uttered the spell in his head to clear the air. Certainly not his best. Not while he felt like a slug rolled in salt and trying to coherently spell out a sentence. To his credit, the change was instantaneous. The ache did ebb, but he didn't think for an instant that it wouldn't return to bite him. Suho remained beside the girl, fanning the air in front of his face to perhaps, stop himself from grimacing like he had just bit into a particularly sour lemon.
  2. Trial and Error

    Kyun Suho
    While Colette had been perfectly content to remain in the Sturt Common Area, Suho on the contrary, was not, having fully and easily deciphered the origin of all her newfound (if it were even possible), smugness. He would be lying if he said she was the first person that came to mind on the topic of the rather, he would say, legendary disaster that had recently befallen the Spencers. Who knew she possessed sufficient far-sightedness beyond her nose to cease ranting constantly about those 'damned troublemakers' and take matters into her own hands? All satisfaction aside, it made for a good laugh for a change. Suho had grown tired of doing so little. The Sturt boy stepped out of the school in nothing but his basic uniform. While most of his peers would have hastily thrown on a sweater or jacket, the year-end chill did, put plainly, nothing to his Dhampir blood. In fact, this would be his favourite time of the year when there would hardly be any sun to scorch and sear his skin to scratchy, hopelessly uncomfortable cinders. A ghost of a breeze curled past, sifting through his fair hair and causing the fine hairs on his arms and the back of his neck to stand on end. For a moment, Suho wondered if he should have brought out a jacket after all to blend in with the crowd, but on an afterthought decided against it. He wouldn't take long to explore the school grounds for a bit. It would have been maddeningly easy for Colette to hex the Spencer showers, catching them entirely off-guard. A risky move on his end, but a completely different story on hers. She had freshly transferred from Durmstrang and was still, you would say, given the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, Suho himself could testify that with all her prima-donna attitude, Colette wouldn't be the first person pegged for being a prankster at all. Almost a perfectly orchestrated ploy. Before he could stop himself, Suho found a slight smile wandering its way onto his lips. Well-played. But maybe next time, you could think of the future consequences first. He was definitely going to have to watch his own showerhead from now onwards. As well as a dozen other things that hadn't seemed so important to him a week before. He hooked his fingers to his hips, feeling somewhat much more calm than he had been in what felt like an eternity. Call it an exaggeration, but school life was anything but relaxing, even for a magical one like Tallygarunga, and particularly if you tossed six other siblings into the mix. Suho gathered a puff of air and slowly exhaled, eyes tracing the ground ahead of him in irregular shapes, unsure of what he was looking for, yet at the same time feeling as though he didn't need to seek anything. Except maybe peace. Scratch that. The very second he rounded the corner that would bring him to the West Wall- "Reducto!"- and it was as if the world had been torn up from below his feet. This was followed by a thick, billowing cloud of dust and what felt suspiciously like rock chips that practically swallowed him whole, rendering Suho momentarily blind. He froze, the shock of the thunderous roar numbing him to the bone. Put sensitive Dhampir skin together with an ominous explosion of who knew what, and you would get a recipe for impending doom. He blinked the dust from his eyes, then in an oddly composed voice, "I'm going to kill this person," he said aloud. A fact. He had no use for sugercoating it - whoever who had nearly blown him up had better run. And run fast.
  3. A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Suho stared as the girl swung around, fixing him with a curious stare that only served to amplify his regret over the entire matter. Stupid move. Now she's going to know you know her sister, who is probably the most bitter lemon under the sun. But then he decided, with a suppressed sigh, that perhaps he should give this chance encounter a, well, chance. She seemed to be perfectly cordial, at any rate. "Har har," Suho replied, thoroughly unamused but somewhat understanding that she had only meant it in good fun. Spencers. What a tiring bunch. "Already got one from your wonderful sister." Gwendoline probably wouldn't want to know that Colette indeed had spoken of her on more occasions he could count, and not very kindly either. Though he guessed she already would have had an inkling of the matter. When she asked for his name (or rather, he instantly inferred so from her words. Spencers. Always liked to speak in irritating riddles), Suho raised a slight eyebrow, mildly amused. "You wouldn't want to know." But he told her anyway, to indulge her a little. "Suho. Kyun Suho. Hopefully, you have never heard of me." The Kyuns' reputation in the neighbourhood was hardly a squeaky clean one. First, there was all of that dark stigma about Dhampirs hanging over their heads. Secondly, he had a feeling not everyone had forgotten his little episode back in Whitlam Bilby. Gwen and her sister were both new to Australia, but he wouldn't put it past her not to have heard at least something, especially with all her apparent enthusiasm in exploring the place. Suho took a long sip from his milkshake, the richly cold sweetness practically melting on his tongue. He welcomed the biting chill - he could never quite understand what his friends called 'brain freeze' (was that an excuse for the lack of sufficient brain cells, or what?). He eyed her impassively over the rim of his tall glass. If she had sense, she would wisely stay away from him, but Suho had heard enough about her to register her rather bold nature (courtesy of Colette) and it wouldn't surprise him at all if she suddenly decided to invite herself to his table. Not that he would have preferred her running away in disgust. So much for peace and quiet. It seemed that was a rare commodity these days.
  4. Possession

    Kyun Suho
    Perhaps he was misunderstanding something entirely. Suho was doing a whole lot of that lately. Perhaps his senses were growing dull - how else was he previously unaware that this boy was just like him, a Dhampir? He had grown up surrounded by the same inhuman smell, stitched across their clothing and skin and hair, so much so that now he couldn't help but wonder if he had somehow become numb to it all. And numb to the identification of emotions, also apparently. Suho blinked owlishly at the other boy's face (after it had undergone a dramatic and mildly shocking, he would like to add, transformation to friendly and helpful-looking). "Oh, hello!" There was nothing more jarring than simply the sound of his voice. "Is there something wrong? How can I help you?" Suho allowed his words to sink in, chewing relentlessly on the inside of his cheek. It was paradoxical, almost an hilarious fact, that he had assumed this boy needed some sort of help when he was the one offering him assistance. Suho's fingers wriggled a little in the grass, feeling the bits of damp earth and sediments beneath the pads. He blew out a long breath through his nose as if chagrined or inconvenienced, then let loose a tiny swear word in Korean that would have made his mother wash out his mouth with soap, twice. Hopefully the boy wasn't in the least acquainted with his language. "I-" What was there to say without coming off as his usual blunt, cutting self? Somehow he couldn't bring himself to shatter the almost hopeful gleam in the other boy's pale face. "I thought you needed help," he continued plainly, evidently giving up on his struggle with diplomacy. Suho raised his eyes beneath long lashes. "Maybe I just want to come here, you know, to feel the cold." He lightly kicked some water in the other boy's direction. Not knowing what else to say, he leaned back on his palms, the fine rays of fading sunlight spinning on his skin. Tolerable. The chill was always preferable when given the choice. It was understandable then that this fellow Dhampir had sought out the creek when others wouldn't have in this budding cold, perhaps to cool off... From whatever that his problem might be. "But I'll give you a problem. My sister thinks there're monsters in the bushland. How may we alter her sanity?"
  5. New acquaintances

    Was this girl always this infuriating with her peers? And what was she going on about people who looked down on others? Either this was a whole big misunderstanding, or she was naturally just a b- Suho smiled at her, with the barest suggestion of teeth, but it was anything but filled with mirth. "Funny, that it should come from you." In fact, this entire conversation had begun because she simply couldn't resist degrading his school. Which reminded him, he had much more important things to do than exchange sniper fire with a stuck up girl he didn't even know the name of. Yet... Suho furrowed his brows, more out of sheer curiosity than anything else. Who knows, she could be horribly homesick. And as much of a cheesy idea that was, he certainly wouldn't rule it out, although he was indeed rather entertained at the thought of her trying to get a ruse out of him. "If you had capacity to think, you would have tried it before running your mouth," Suho said dismissively at her attempted jibe. Funnily enough, the casual insult didn't bear as much consequence as it might have if he were genuinely irritated by something. Sly mockery was a brand of nonchalance in his eyes. No matter whether you were a family member or friend, it was simply how he typically conversed with others. "You sound awfully sure of yourself. For someone as clever as you claim to be, teachers who supposedly can't teach shouldn't be a problem for you. "I have an older sister who knows her stuff. She isn't the teaching kind, but I'll just throw it out there because," Suho narrowed his eyes, a fox-like smile slowly curling the corner of his mouth, "you wouldn't want me as a study buddy. Unless you want to be bored to death." How she was going to take it, Suho already had an idea. But if she couldn't grow up and take some advice, he didn't have anything more to say, needless of all pick on. Then again, she was a fellow Sturt, and if he couldn't stand being around his own kind he didn't know what else. "You going to stay here and read?" Suho raised an eyebrow, mildly arch. Must be just as well, so long as she stayed quiet. He was usually put off by overly loud and talkative people, which was very possibly why Spencer house gave him a perpetual headache (also, if she didn't introduce herself he might have to stick to calling her the blonde girl till he figured out her name).
  6. New acquaintances

    Suho shrugged. It was at times like these when he could very potently feel his ability to snap someone in half. Though the boy had long learned to assert control over himself, especially after that episode in Whitlam Bilby, that didn't mean he didn't ever think about it. And right now, this blonde, snooty girl was getting herself a death wish. He let her talk. Silently reveling in the fact that he had made her drop whatever mask of politeness she had been putting up for show. If there was one thing Suho couldn't quite stand, it was dishonesty. Oh, and people who thought they were better than everybody else. Did he mention that? The girl's words were barbed, the constant roll of her eyes a clear indication of dissatisfaction with his answers. He was no mind reader, but he could imagine how she had to be calling him every name under the sun right at that moment, for delivering such a dissatisfying response to her complaint. Really, Suho pinched his nose bridge, did she think he was going to agree with her? Really, what had she expected? "Old, smelly, but not bland," Suho began with an equal dosage of coldness, easily mimicking the sliver of deadliness in her expression that could freeze over Hell (he was only too acquainted with this look). "Of course. Did they have a 'Speaking to Peasants' class? Because you seemed to have learned the meaning of social awareness to a 'T'." If she had been looking to rouse a reaction out of him, she would be sorely disappointed. Half the time it was Suho himself instigating such reactions from his fellow schoolmates, and it was a great pity she couldn't possibly know she had met her match, as the two faced each other like warring glaciers. "Oh, you sweet summer child." The corner of Suho's lips twitched. Was it time for the name-calling, now? He had heard a lot of things, but certainly not 'sweet summer child'. Quite the imagination. "That's rather cute and adorable that you would suggest that." "First off," he said bluntly, at the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, "cute and adorable mean the same things. So really, you don't have to say it twice." Suho finally peeled himself away from the frigid spell of their lovely conversation to lean back against his couch. The biggest thing that irked him about this entire situation was that he had been trying to get some sleep in. Till she came along, of course. Yet... Perhaps there was some cause to be just a little bit helpful, even though he largely didn't want to be. "The teachers at Tally can take feedback, so don't dismiss the idea before you have even properly thought about it. Or if you really feel you can't learn anything from class, understand the syllabus and go do some private studying yourself in the library." Was that a bit much? Certainly felt like too much. He wasn't interested in her gratitude in the least, but perhaps this would help thaw her whole better-than-thou demeanor. Did he mention how much he hated that? It was at this moment Suho realised he didn't really know her name, but he simply kept mum.
  7. A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Suho already knew where he wanted to go - back to school. It had been a terrible idea to go out for a spin after classes (he had thought the weather was decent, but then his skin started to burn and well, the rest is history). But for some strange reason, as the boy walked past the fondly familiar milk bar run by the capable, friendly Mr Kempsey, the sight of all those swirled cream and cakes and cold brews twisted his stomach. "I'm not hungry," he said aloud. A couple of passersby shot him strange looks. The guttural growl his stomach released in response begged to differ. Which was how he found himself slipping through the doors, wincing internally at the sing-song tinkle of the bell. It was way too crowded that afternoon for his comfort or liking for such a confined space, but beggars couldn't be choosers. "Hey, Mr Kempsey." He had always liked the man. His lined, weathered face always effused a sort of warmth that could instantly put hearts and minds at ease. Suho pinched the neck of his green hoodie, trying to ignore how he was practically being ogled at by some students from Tally who recognised him, then asked for a large vanilla milkshake topped with hazelnuts (a boring choice, but that was how he usually liked it best). Even to his ears, his voice sounded low and tired. Mr Kempsey looked over him in concern but said nothing, a fact that he greatly appreciated. Once his towering drink with the eye-catching striped straw was slid across the counter, Suho took it upon himself to seek a table slightly away from the general hubbub, where he'd most likely not be disturbed. The moment he sat down, however, the door swung open once again and in came a face he only knew too well, indirectly, at least. For all Colette Auclair spoke of her sister, one might have thought she was a demon or something. Well, she was a Spencer, and that was somewhat close. But otherwise she was miles more demure and peppy than her polar opposite could ever be. And before he could help it, "Gwen Auclair?" The words slipped off his tongue, and a split-second later he was already wishing he could take it all back. Conversation was the last thing he needed right now. A slight heat crawled into his ears, but Suho's features were gratefully still relaxed, impassive, though for how long more, he wasn't entirely certain. He wrapped his long fingers around the slightly moist chill of the glass's surface, the only giveaway of his restlessness.
  8. New acquaintances

    Suho was simply minding his own business. Minding his own business was something he was good at, but he wouldn't have been sitting in the Common Room trying to sleep on a couch if it hadn't rained outside and disrupted their usual training practice. Rain was no big hassle for him - as a Dhampir, he actually welcomed the chill, but some others (he's looking at you, Lisa Knotley) insisted on calling off practice for the day. That was when a disgruntled boy was forced to troop back into the school and with nothing else left to do for the afternoon, decided to head upstairs to his Common Room. There, at least, was a place where he could have some peace and quiet. The Sturts were never known as a noisy bunch. He found a relatively comfortable spot and had just settled down into it when a girl with blonde hair breezed past. Suho didn't pay much attention to her. Any student wandering by was merely a blur of motion in his peripheral vision, ergo he glanced up in mild surprise when she threw a greeting in his direction. Who. Me. Suho raised his eyebrows. Did she mistake him for somebody else? Or perhaps she was trying to be friendly. Or pretentious. Or both. He was saved from having to make a choice of whether to ignore or reciprocate, however, for she seemed to have taken it on herself to squeeze past him and hop onto the adjacent couch. Just great, really. A couch companion. Suho resisted a sigh, pressing the pads of his fingers to his eyes. His gaze lingered on her for a second more before tearing away to some random object in the distance. He hadn't seen her around for long, so he guessed she had to have transferred here to Tally sometime ago, yet it had never occurred to him to approach her lest she needed help. Not that she needed help. One look at that upturned nose and better-than-thou expression and he instantly understood she was a Sturt through and through, perhaps even Lisa Knotley 2.0. In all honesty, why in the world was he placed in this god-forsaken house of snobs and queen bees... He had yet to figure that out. And that was when she surprised him yet again. “Excuse me, but I have a question.” Eyelids snapped open, his brows furrowing into light incredulity. Suho turned to look squarely at the girl's face. She seemed to have paused in her reading. Was she actually going to ask him something? Really? The tip of his tongue swept over his dry bottom lip, and Suho adjusted himself to a more... Dignified sitting position. “Why does this school lack competent teachers? Or has it always been like this?” For a fleeting moment, Suho debated laughing. What sort of question is that? Honestly, it merely served to confirm his theory that she had transferred from some prestigious school of wizardry and was hence terribly, awfully, let down by the apparent "drop in standard" here at Tallygarunga. This was a public school. Who was she kidding? "You came from a private school, didn't you?" he began casually, eyes drifting down to the volume she held in her hands. Those was some pretty incomprehensible words there on the cover. "Like... Durmstrang?" He was only hazarding a guess. If she could read German, it only made sense that she had hailed from such a place. In a way, it also explained her entire appearance. "Well, I'm sorry, but we don't have any of those fancy schmancy 'professors' you might have had at your institute." Suho paused to read her expression, feeling a pang of satisfaction. Did she expect him to take that jibe lying down? "If classes were such a let-down, maybe you should go see the Headmaster. You know, file a complaint or something." Suho pressed on, more recklessly, half-anticipating her to drop that polite act she had going on and bite his head off.
  9. Possession

    Kyun Suho
    "What, in the world, are you doing." The quiet, almost pensive-like susurrations of the bushland was rather unceremoniously shattered by a loud, cutting voice like ice. A boy's voice. And with it strung along a girl's soprano, speaking very fast in Korean. "You don't understand. I saw something moving in the trees- don't look at me like that! I know what I saw. It was really pale, like a ghost. Maybe you could scare it off with your resting b- ow! You're so violent, brother." Hyemi turned to look up at him with that smug look of hers, a look she frequently bestowed upon him each time she knew she was beginning to get on his nerves. Quite indeed was she getting on his nerves. Suho didn't enjoy being dragged out to the Murrigal Bushland in this climate all to fend away some monster that he was pretty certain, was simply a figment of his little sister's imagination. "Are you dumb, or just stupid? There's no monster in the bushland. It was probably just some student from school. Now if you'd excuse me," he paused to extract her arm from his, "I would like to go take a nap." But Hyemi suddenly made a sound of a wounded animal and glanced so sharply ahead of them, for a split-second Suho wondered if she had actually seen something legitimate. They were nearing a creek - he could hear the familiar hum of water rushing over stones and by reeds. He couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Yet... Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, the Dhampir strode forward for a closer glimpse of whatever that was apparently bothering his sister. Was that the tip of a shoe? All at once, Suho relaxed. "I told you it was just a student." Sitting on the gently sloping banks of the Korrowi Creek was the back of a person he had only seen before in passing, and though they weren't even from the same house Suho had always been excellent at remembering faces. Or backs. This particular back was looking rather forlorn. Immediately, he stopped. Suho was never the most empathetic person on the block. If this boy was crying over something, it was unlikely his presence would ever alleviate the situation. Hyemi could probably do a better job, but she had always been unwilling to interact with strangers, even one studying under the same roof as she. Suho sighed, and ran a finger above his upper lip. What a bother. I suppose it's too late to turn back now. "Can you go back yourself?" He asked Hyemi, yet it was more of a command than a request. She eyed him suspiciously. "What are you going to do?" Well, duh, talk. "Don't worry about me. You know the way back." Suho gave his sister a small push in the direction back to the school, then found himself standing there, alone, with two options. A small subconscious at the back of his mind picked the one least likely expected of Suho's nature. His feet moved before his brain could. The sixteen-year-old Dhampir crossed the creek in one small jump and sat down on a hump in the ground opposite, he was sure, the rather startled boy. He liked the idea of a space of water separating them. It would keep both their minds at ease. Suho found himself staring into the eyes of a boy with equally pale skin. It triggered a tiny jolt of surprise in him, but on the outside his expression was impassive, albeit a tad curious as to why there was someone way out here away from the rest of civilisation dipping his feet into the bone-numbing rapids of the creek. Silence hovered between them. What was there to say? That Suho had been dragged here by his sister to investigate some beast and it had only turned out to be some melancholic soul? He winced internally. He wasn't entirely sure if this boy would recognise him, for the Kyuns weren't exactly lying under the radar. Lacing his fingers together, Suho pulled his legs closer to his chest and placed his elbows on his knees, the rough grit of grass digging into his thighs, suddenly wary of what he had gotten himself into.
Kyun Suho
Student, Team Seeker Sixth Year
17 year old Halfbreed Dhampir He/Him
Age  17
Date of Birth November 1st, 2002
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland
Occupation Student, Team Seeker
Player  haru
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Stag
Wand Jade, 11", Bonghwang tail feather
Play-by Na Jaemin

10 to 11: Whitlam Bilby

12 to present: Tallygarunga, Sturt house

  • He has a dungeon of dead bodies under his house.
  • Just kidding.
  • Suho has taken part in, the not so savoury parts of society. He has ran around with the wrong wizarding crowd before (basically the magic version of the human mafia) and till now hasn't gotten into trouble for it. They are simply too good at what they do. 
  • He doesn't want to be seen as a monster. Which is why he doesn't broadcast that he's a Dhampir unless asked (and anyway, most people know or have at least heard of the Kyuns).
  • Remarkable at wandwork. He doesn't try his best in class, so unless you have a very keen eye and sense of observation you wouldn't have been able to tell.
  • Loves Quidditch to the moon and back. It was what helped with cope with the stress of his violence case back in Whitlam Bilby and he is, very much, a talented flier. 
  • Learning legilimency.
General Knowledge
  • Loves cold drinks and staying in, especially on rainy days. 
  • It is a pity his skin is so sensitive to the sun when he loves Quidditch, but Suho has approached a professor before for help with this issue and thinks he knows now how to temporarily relieve it for his matches.
  • Will be the person who sneaks into the kitchens during Halloween and returns with snacks for... Himself.
  • More intelligent than one would like to believe. Figures out problems and picks up changes around him very quickly.
  • Lack of emotional intelligence, however. Honestly just has absolutely no filter.
  • The untouchable ice prince of his year and possesses more popularity than he wants or needs. None of his brothers are as chilly as he is, which leads to the question of why he is the only odd one out.
  • His one true love is food. The one who eats the most during mealtimes but never seems to gain weight™.
  • Has moved a lot when he was younger and now is eternally tired of travelling.

Suho has a very large and, he'd state this with unfiltered matter-of-factness, chaotic family. A melting pot of vibrant personalities (each one more snarky and sarcastic than the last, he would like to add), he has had the privilege of landing on the third rung of the ladder from the bottom. Which is to say, put plainly, he packs a massive punch of what people close to the family like to call the "Kyun Special".

His brand of affection is very mean. In fact, it has been known to bring people to tears. If you haven't at least heard of the infamous boy of Sixth Year, the one who never seems to age, the one with a glare capable of melting steel, the one with the sexy Irish accent, then you must have been living under a rock. Suho is hundred percent transparent and there's no pussyfooting about with him. Always the realest, he will be that friend who tells you your new haircut absolute sucks a- let's not go that far. One thing's for sure though, he is honest as anyone can be in delivering his opinions, even if you might end up hating him for it. With that, he's not the first person you would go to for a good cry and a pat on the back. You can bet Suho's going to make you do a whole lot more crying by saying things he shouldn't, or by simply sitting there after listening to your rant and going all, "so, what's your issue." Not the most empathetic person on the block, apparently.

If there were anyone in the family you would suspect to be involved in some sort of shady deed, it would be Suho pegged as the best contender given that he usually keeps to himself and has the cold look down pat. While one might have expected him to show even a sliver of affection to his own siblings, he is as equally rough with them as he is with anyone else: pushing his brothers off the bed if they refused to get up, messing with his sisters' shampoo, blasting music so loud he should have gone deaf by now. Yet they all love him. And without knowing, so do you. Probably. Suho has the sort of charm that inadvertently persuades those around him, and being a Dhampir doesn't help either. Beyond his clinical intelligence and viper's tongue, he is steadfast and conscientious, with a tendency to give into heroics or dispense some pretty solid advice though half the time he isn't even trying to be nice. 

He's not all thorn bushes and killer stares. Suho does have a moral compass in the end, after all, and it only comes natural to him to feel bad or guilty after doing something regrettable (which he does more often than not), but other than those private moments of pensiveness, he's every bit a loose cannon and pretty much operates outside any grown-up's control. Sometimes, his friends tend to wonder why they keep him around for as long as they do, but let's say you would want him on your side rather than against you. It's a Dhampir thing, apparently.


People wonder if there's a drop of Veela genes in that blood, a blood already tainted by that of a Vampire's, and look upon the boy with a heightened sense of awe. Or is it disgust? Suho's face is a difficult one to look at directly. Perhaps it is because he deflects wayward ogles as easily as swatting flies. No matter, it is evident that he must have been blessed (but the entire Kyun family's blessed) and that surely, that flawless skin and striking eyes aren't in the least natural. As Dhampirs, Suho and his siblings age so incredibly slowly one wouldn't have been able to spot many differences between their baby pictures and the present. He is still visibly child-like, with large, dark eyes fringed with long lashes, a perfectly straight nose and lips that seem painstakingly carved during the time of his creation. Sculpted. Defined. Exquisite. Call it an exaggeration, but few are able to find words to deny so upon meeting Suho for the very first time.

He is fairly tall at 180 cm, and at only 16, he is estimated to shoot up even more (his father is still taller, and so are some of his brothers). Lean and extremely athletic, any sort of activity to do with physical movement or sports is little more than a game to Suho, for he often conducts them with effortless ease, albeit he does like moving very much. There is... Hardly any sort of physical flaw to his physique. Incredibly unfair. Suho likes to say he more than makes up for that with his unlikeable personality. He is the type of person to throw on anything comfortable and within reach, and with his well-proportioned frame and long legs, he is almost always able to pull it off, no matter how awful his colour choices might be. With that, he tends to gravitate towards darker hues like black and if not black, then you'd probably spot him in white.

Apart from his appearance, Suho has a very purposeful way of walking. His strides are long and light and structured, in a sense. As of right now his hair is a fair brown hue, though it was naturally dark, and he's been known to mess around with rather striking shades like pink before. Can't say he hates it exactly.


Is this something you can buy on Amazon? Suho certainly has tons of students who want to be his friend, but why, he just can't fathom. It's not like he's incredibly awful with the art of friend-making, but more like people eventually figure that it's more trouble than it's worth. How often would one like to deal with a snarky Dhampir boy with a history of, ahem, violence?

But if Suho smiles at you in any way, it is evident he feels comfortable enough with you to do so. His way of caring is also very indirect, so much so that it seems he's simply trying to be selfish or benefit himself, and so mean it doesn't seem like he's even remotely trying to be nice at all. With that, physical contact comes very easily to him, such as punching you in the shoulder or nudging you in the ribs, and when in doubt, know that who he touches is usually the best indicator of whether they are in his good books or not.


The miracle family. He has never seen another like his before in his life, for it is a well-known fact that most Dhampir children don't even make it to birth. With so many siblings, he finds it easy to blend into the background, to simply mingle and be one of them rather than stand out, which is what he prefers most of the time. Other than the usual chaos that comes with seven children, he would proudly say that is family is normal and healthy. 

Of all his siblings, Suho spends most time with Hyemi and the twins, Haneul and Kihyun. He feels somewhat indebted to them somehow for pulling him through the violence case when he was 11, but that is not to say that he doesn't feel comfortable with the rest of his brothers and sisters. It isn't uncommon for him to seek them out in school whenever he feels like it and quite often they seem to see him as a little burden for the boy never seems to want to make friends of his own (and partly also because he takes silent satisfaction in exposing all their humiliating past doings to their friends, which to their chagrin).


Suho is sure that if he looks hard, he'll be able to find admirers in every nook and cranny. It is no wonder why, but it doesn't mean he likes it, either. He has always been pretty detached from the student population and in the romance department, is as wet behind the ears as anyone can be. This usually comes as a surprise to those to hear about it. For some reason, while most would find him desirable, they seem to have disregarded his rather high maintenance cost. Suho isn't savage, sarcastic and frosty for nothing. In fact, he's more likely to be a thorn in your side rather than a steady lover.

As for as crushes go, however, he can't say he's never had them. And he can't say he's ever told anyone. The ice prince has a reputation to uphold, after all. 


Suho's secretly convinced that everyone hates him He has made who knows how many enemies in his lifetime, a glaring example being the classmate he had literally tossed into the wall when he was 11. He would have made a whole lot more for his brutal honesty, yet for some reason people can't seem to hold a lasting grudge on him. Perhaps it's his charm. The power of seduction that Dhampirs come packaged with? Suho grasps the concept of dislike well, for very often it is him doing all the disliking.

But pushing people's buttons has always been his speciality. He toys with his words, actions, mannerisms, till you would be thoroughly frustrated and seething at the sheer nerve of this boy. Yet he always knows when to draw back, even just a little, before whoever has become the target of his good fun decides to pull out their wand and hex him there and then. Being a complete jerk is also a skill. A talent.

The story so far

So he was a Dhampir. No big deal. Nothing to shout about.

His friends in Ireland didn't seem to think so. Some idolised the Kyuns. Other shunned them. Taboo, they would utter beneath their breaths, fearful of being overheard. Taboo to be associated with the undead. And that was what they referred Vampires or any sort of folk even remotely related to them - undead. Suho loved Ireland, and at the same time hated it. It was with an odd mixture of dysphoria and relief when they finally moved to South Korea, messed around in Canada for a bit, back to South Korea, and finally down to Australia. 

The fact that Suho even has sisters (or such a large family in general) is something to marvel at, for the odds of such an occurrence are, in his mother's own words, next to none. In a family of seven children (Hyemi at 12, Minho at 14, the great Suho himself at 16, Haneul and Kihyun at 17, Mina at 18 and finally Eunwoo at 19), Suho has had his fair share of being pushed around, coddled, and being the object of chaos. In school, he was always faster, stronger, one step ahead of the rest, and he resented it as much as they did. 

But Suho was never good at talking feelings. Or at the emotional aspect of things. He hurt more people than he should have and at the age of 11, committed what many would deem the unforgivable - injure his classmate. It had been so easy to simply flip him over to shut him up... Except in Suho's case this flipping over ended up to be nearly pummelling him through the wall. Needless to say, the situation was messy, sticky, and it was all his ruddy fault. He was suspended for a bit while the school attempted to sort things out with his parents, who returned home so coldly disappointed in him for the first time in his life the boy was duly frightened. 

It was his sister Hyemi and the twins that broke the cold spell surrounding him and the rest of the family, and for that till this day Suho feels most attached to them. He returned to school more volatile than ever under the warning that should he turn to violence once again the next punishment meted out would be expulsion. Suho attempted to slip back into the normal rhythm of things but no matter what, he knew he had already done what he had been trying to avoid his whole life - brand himself as a dangerous creature. A being that needed to be chained. The classmate that he had wounded? He had transferred out, but not before effectively tearing apart a young Suho's reputation in his wake.

Helpless and frustrated, Suho now only stuck to himself and turned to Quidditch for company. It was also during this period when he befriended a bunch of wizards from school where one of them had a Muggle family involved in the mafia. Though Suho never really fully immersed himself in their activities (he was much too clever not to lead himself completely astray) their presence filled up the loneliness in him for a good period of time till he finally put his foot down. He does know they want him to return... But he's sure he's had enough of such shady dealings for a bit. Besides, imagine how ballistic his parents would be if they ever found out.

Even though the incident has faded with the years, he still vividly remembers it with bitterness, and tends to see all potential friends around him as enemies. Till he finds it in him to forgive himself, Suho settles with disobeying professors, messing with his classmates, and swinging his broomstick at those who try to poke fun. 

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