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  1. Lily was bright and happy as ever, and Penny could see her eyes wandering taking in the details. Lily was intensely curious about his red eyes and wanted to try it but mum had always said not around muggles, but if mum knew him, then was he a muggle still? She instead honed in on the cello case and wanted to get a closer look at it. "I'm eight now! And I started going to school at Tally this year!" She beamed proudly, and Penny shook her head lightly and grinned sheepishly. "You're still a Bilby student love." Penny stepped aside and adjusted the grocery bag on her shoulder. "Thats wonderful! Congratulations! I might need to go and see a show at some point soon. We've been quite busy at the ministry lately though, so theres not much free time for me, and I spend what time I can with her and Kristen."
  2. Penny was able to get out of work early, having been assured that there was another auror to take her place at the school so that she could have time with her daughter. Lily was ecstatic for the break in routine, even though Penny knew that both Lily and Kristen looked forward to still being able to spend time together. They held hands tightly as they touched the outgoing port key and arrived in the small courtyard garden just a few blocks down from they house. A lovely old witch had hosted the port key from Tally for years, and enjoyed sending the kids off to school with baked goods much to their parents dismay, but Lily cheerfully waved to Miss Edith as they exited the garden and went off to the store before they stopped home. They chatted happily about school, and what they were going to have for supper, and how much Lily wanted to try out her great-nans muffin recipe, now that they didn't have a cranky old oven. Pennys eyes were wandering though. Before, she still would have been keeping an eye out, but now, even more so. It made her nervous to know that there were dangerous things about and no one was safe. While she looked at the faces of passerby's, she locked eyes with some of them, smiling and nodding a polite greeting. None were the person that everyone was on alert for. Eye contact though, was often times and invitation for conversation, or at least pleasantries as people passed. An acknowledgement that Penny didn't expect to be returned. Last she had seen him, Lily was still in diapers, just starting to string sentences together. "Vladimir!" The neutral but intense face that she didn't realize she was holding faded away to delight at seeing an old classmate. "Yeah! It has!" 'Hi I'm Lily!' she had no recollection of the man with red eyes, but if mum knew him, then she could say hi. "How have you been? Hows um..." No it wasn't a violin that he played. Something of the sort. "Cello! Hows all of that going?"
  3. "I will, thank you." She beamed, at her and stood a little ways away from the common room door, so as not to invade her space. By now, the niggling feeling of recognition had been unavoidable. And she remembered why the girls name was familiar. It was good to have a face to the name now. And she certainly needed to have a talk with Alan soon, about the situation. "Anyways, I'm here to help out around the school, so if you ever need an ear, they've got me in one of the spare offices downstairs." She smiled softly before waving a little. "You and you're little buddy have a good afternoon." She turned and reached for a pen and notebook to write quickly as she walked. Seeing her now, Penny would have to proceed through all of the official channels of course, but for now, she would bee keeping an eye on Samhain.

    Decided to change it up, and of course, Lily wants short hair like Mum too. Hasn't quite figured out lengths yet. Soon kiddo, soon. 

    1. Vladimir Valentin VII

      Vladimir Valentin VII

      Children do often seem to copy their parents and their peers, yes. 

    2. Penny Quinland

      Penny Quinland

      Yeah, always true. She's got the color switching down, but she's running around looking like I gave her a bad haircut now (Honestly did it myself.... That was a hard one to figure out) I might actually have to take her to get it cut now. :|

  5. If Penny heard his comment, she didn't respond. She was in no place to judge or say anything. Especially since she knew later she would probably regret it. Different parents, different parenting styles, but she still couldn't help but wonder what Lily might have been like had they raised her together. And those thoughts were only founded on what she knew of Michael when they were seventeen, and eight years had passed since they had last spoken. Penny was different. That much she was absolutely sure of. "I've thought about what I might say to you, if I ever saw you again, more than I've admitted. Most of it was angry." For that she did feel shame. Holding onto anger never turned out well, she learned. "I'm... I don't know. Hopeful, I guess, that things are gonna work out." She had so many other pictures she could show. Silyl pictures of them at the beach. Lily and Kristen making faces at each other in the bathroom mirror while the older woman braided Lilys colorful hair. These were moments that she wanted to be selfish about. They were hers, and Michael was not there. But this oen quiet moment, she could share that. She was willing to do that. "Only when she wants to." Of course implying that Lily hat inherited her mothers metamorphmagus ability.
  6. Penny laughed. "You know what, that's fair. I'd rather have the donut too. I guess I made the wrong choice this morning, huh?" She had been through Lily's very stubborn and honest phase, and knew all too well how embarrassing it could be. "Definitely makes you think twice about how you're phrasing things around her, huh? They grow out of of it, I promise." Penny sighed and sat back, a hint of a smile on her face now. She loved kids. It was why she was well suited for what she did, and working from the school now just reinforced it. "Thank you," she said after a long moment of contemplation. "For apologizing. I don't know why you can back, or if you're gonna stay. But apologies are a start. So thank you." Had this conversation happened before Penny had finished Uni, she certainly would have been less civil. Without the balm of time, it would have been easy to say things that were regretted later. And while Penny knew herself, and how she was feeling now, there was no way to predict what Kristen would feel about this whole meeting. And especially what was said next. "It's not up to me. Or even Kristen. Lily gets to decide. After we talk to her." Her clutched her phone in her hands, underneath the table, deciding what she could do now. It was very clear he was sincere. There was regret, perhaps? Or just the feeling that the mistake had been made, and now he was owning up to it. By the time Penny decided to bring her phone to the tabletop and pull up pictures, she noticed the way he looked saddly at Ally. She wouldn't ask about it, but she filed her curiosity away. "Would you like to see picture of her?" She already pulled one up. One of Lily sitting at the worn kitchen table, legs dangling off the chair as she concentrated on the coloring page in front of her. "She looks so much like you."
  7. Of course the silence was awkward. To make it less so, she sipped at the latte that she really didn't want any more while they walked outside. Through the window, she could see people gathering together now, even a couple people were stopped for a moment. They came in, and stayed away from the two people sitting awkwardly with a stroller between them. "Yeah. After my gran. She uh... Well I mean, everyone was crying, But she and mum cried even more when I named her."It was far easier to avoid talking about her own feelings. And even ore so to talk to a child who had no clue what was going on, but was just so pleased to get the attention. Damn it was just too hard to not smile, even know Alexandria was a name that was passed between them for a couple months. "You're having a donut for breakfast Ally?" She nodded emphatically. "Is it good? You think you can share with me? We can trade" She held up the picked at croissant. Not as good an offer as a donut maybe, but it was worth a shot. She sighed and quite suddenly sat up. "You know you really hurt us, right?" With that out in the open, she felt a little better. Just the simple acknowledgment that it happened made her feel lighter. "And.. I can understand that you were probably freaked out."
  8. So it was one thing to take the time to yourself to have past wounds heal. It was much easier when the people that hurt you weren't around any more. She thought she was over it. She thought she was past it, but facing him again made her stomach twist and she looked at the latte sitting on the table next to a mostly eaten pastry. She didn't want to eat any more. She wished she hadn't as she glared at the cup instead of him. And that little girl. It had been years since her emotions took over her metamorphmagus abilities, but the ache in her eyes was unmistakeable as the structures changed to reflect the light differently. She looked from the girl, up to Michaels face, and her eyes flashed from the bright piercing green to a stormy violet color. her hair would not change. That was well under control, and she didn't want to explain to the two muggles sitting there or possibly wipe their memories. "No, Michael. Stay." She so desperately wanted to be spitting mad. And truthfully, her string of curses was less from anger, and more surprise. Like finding out someone who you thought dead wasn't. sure, she was upset, but it felt like an ache that pressed on her chest that made her breaths shallow. She spoke quietly. Trying to be calm. "Something is clearly going on, so we're just gonna head outside. Milly just pulled in. See you two outside, I hope?" The ladies at the table got up and left Penny to sit, with Michael standing there. "I used to bring her along with me to these runs..." Why did I say that? That was so stupid. Do you really want him to know everything now?
  9. Penny felt bad for neglecting her usual running group since she had started spending work days at Tally. It was far easier to run around the property, along familiar trails after dropping Lily off at school. Sure, it was a lot hotter, but at least around Tally, she could use as many cooling charms as she wanted. Today though, whether by fate, or regret for having not shown up for the pre sunrise runs when the day was coolest, she had shown up today and the familiar routine put her at ease. The meeting place was the same all of the time. A small cafe close to lake paths that they ran. The warmth of the cafe lights in the soft glow of pre-dawn a beacon of their ritual. A small cup of coffee, a warm pastry, and they were off. Penny had always been an early bird, not because she liked mornings, but because she simply needed more time to wake up. She relished the quiet murmurings of her companions as they sat and sipped together. Today there was a little more energy. The her companions, mostly muggles, and one or two witches who understood what Penny actually did, had missed her, and she them. It was nice to catch up with them, chitchat until the rest of the group came together. The sound of the bell over the door caught Pennys attention, and form the corner of her eye, a man walked in and up to the counter. She didn't pay much attention, just went back tot he conversation and pulled out her phone to show off a picture of her little family most recent outing. They were interrupted by a phone call, and she excused herself to the back of the Cafe where it was less noisy. She was only gone for a few minutes, looking concerned for the briefest of moments. When she did return, the man was standing next to the table she had been sitting at, but his back was to her. "Sorry about that. Lily's sick apparently." Concern, assurances that it was okay if she needed to go back home. "No, Kristen has it under control. Just wanted to give me a heads up... Crap I'm so rude." She went to sit down, but had completely forgotten to say hello to who she assumed to be a new running partner. Thats what she got for not being totally awake yet. "I'm Penny -" she started as she looked up at the man. The string of expletives that followed got her very stern glances from everyone. Thread title song Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews (link opens to Spottify)
  10. Lily is insisting on helping me and Kristen cook supper now. Anyone know of any good kid friendly recipes?

    1. Maksim Valentin

      Maksim Valentin

      Mama lets me help make Mac 'n' Cheese sometimes, maybe you should make some too! 

    2. Penny Quinland

      Penny Quinland

      Thats definitely a good start. We do like mac and cheese here. :D

  11. Of the things that Samhain could pull out of her bag, Penny was nto expecting an animal at all. The look of surprise morphed to gleeful laughter and she reached out to pet the little creatures head. "Oh no! He's precious!" Another good scratch behind the ears and she motioned back up the stairs towards the common rooms. "Definitely don't keep him from lunch.Actually, I think I might have left something of mine upstairs. I'll just walk with you if you don't mind." It didn't occur to Penny almost the whole trip up the stairs that she should introduce herself. She was too bothered by the nagging feeling that she had recognized Samhains name from somewhere. And to be honest, she felt like it was something she should have remembered. "Oh! Crap! I'm Penny by the way. I'm from the Ministry, but I'll be working around Tally for a little while."
  12. "hey, no worries." she stood back up while straightening the papers. She noticed the students name in the top corner. In the back of her mind, a faint feeling of recognition flared up, but she pushed it away for a moment. "I lost count of the amount of times I ran into people in this very doorway by the time I was in third year. Here you go." She held out the fallen papers, smiling. "You seem to be in a rush, everything okay?" There was very obviously a look of panic and worry on the students face, and so Penny spoke gently to reassure her. "You're not hurt are you? I can escort you to the hospital here," she stepped out of the doorway and back into the shade of the building.
  13. These were, at one point in her life, familiar halls. She would always remember them of course, as she wandered, her feet would take her down familiar paths. The last time though, that she had looked at the portraits of esteemed alumni and the founders along the hallways of the Tarnagulla center, she was a student, looking to avoid doing homework. Today, she was refamiliarizing herself with the school for work. It was somewhat surreal to say the least, as she followed well worn paths up the stairs to the classrooms, and finally stopped in front of a door that she knew would lead to the Sturt common room. "No, thats not my space any more. Not my place to invade it." she muttered to herself and turned back around to head back down the stairs. She adjusted the cross body bag that held case files and important memos and letters that needed to be attended too. She would of course, get to them soon. As she was leaning forward to push open the door to the center courtyard while she was reading through her callendar, someone was pulling it open rather forcefully, in an attempt to get inside as quickly as possible. "Hey! Woah there, slow down you're gonna hurt yourself." Shit she was such a mum, in a school full of kids. This would be fun. In the run in, some of the students papers fell out of their bag, and Penny went to puck them up for the girl.
  14. "I would certainly feel better if you did. Yes. " Penny nodded he head serenely. "I did send for them not two moments ago, so they should be here soon to have a peek at you." Properties? Penny certainly made assumptions. To have properties in America and here on Australia. That was something. "Wait, you said Redgrave?" A light was dawning on her as connections were made. "You lot are pushing to suspend the Statute of Secrecy in the states, isn't that right?" Of course that was the only one she could think of. There was something else there. Something on the muggle side of things, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. "I mean, if so, you're already set. There's lots of shopping in Victoria though since you're heading to the Uni. Make sure you give those defense professors hell and tell them Quinland sent you." She finished it off with a wink and a grin.
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