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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Yunseo Park

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    Min Yoon-gi (Suga)

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  1. HoM Term 4 (all years): Mythology or Bust

    Yunseo waited around after breakfast for Jiwon, this was his way of making sure that his younger brother actually attended class. He had been hoping that maybe the short break would have changed his attitude to studying, but he hadn't even noticed him studying during that time period, so he didn't think that there was any sort of change. "Uch, aish." It was a little less complaining than Yun had been expecting from his brother, but it was still a reaction from Jiwon. He didn't know how to deal with the pomp and snark, it drove him nuts, but it wasn't something that he could deal with now unless his brother caused some sort of trouble for him. Yunseo waited for Jiwon to enter the classroom before he stepped inside. It was almost like he didn't trust him at all, and maybe that was true in some way. "Morning everyone. I hope that everyone had a good break and are refreshed and ready to get back to work." Yun said in greeting. Even though this was his second term teaching at the school, he still felt nervous about it, but that was down to his social awkwardness. He looked around the classroom for a second or two before he flicked his wand at a stack of papers and handed them out. "I hope that everyone read the assigned chapters and are ready to go. This term we'll be focusing on Mythology and Folklore." Yunseo did his best to explain the topic at hand before truly getting stuck into things. But he wasn't very good at hiding one exact thing... A piece of his fringe had changed colour, but he hoped that the brown looked like a highlight in his hair or that no one had noticed the slight change, except maybe his brother. "Right, your class presentation on Norse Mythology is coming up very soon, but today we'll be focusing on the general stuff." Yun had set the presentation in their last class together and hoped that everyone was ok with their workload or would ask him for help if they were having any problems. "You may turn over your papers now and you may begin answering the questions before we start the class decision." Yunseo still wasn't very confident, but he felt like he was getting a little better and that he would be able to collect himself a little more while everyone was working. Once everyone was finished their work, he allowed the students to answer the set questions and even to get a little deeper. (OOC: You don't have to wait for Yunseo to call upon your character to answer any of the questions, just assume that permission was already given).
  2. Reading History of Magic resources

    Term 4 Lesson Topic: Mythology Reading: Introduction to Mythology and a source of your choice Assignment: To participate in the class in whatever way that you see fit. The most important thing is to show some understanding of mythology and the current area of study. You may work together to complete some of the tasks set in the class.
  3. Dark Before Dawn

    Yunseo was almost at his wits' end for many reasons, not just including work stuff, the pressures from his overly strict grandparents, and all the shit that Jiwon was putting him through. All in all, it had him a little worn out and his life felt like it was heading for disaster. Yun was almost ready for some sort of breakdown, though he really wished that his personality and upbringing didn't lead to this sort of goddamned thing. For this very reason he often found it impossible to go and talk things out with a friend or family member, he usually preferred talking stuff out with an unbiased professional. Though the fight that Jiwon had gotten himself into seemed like it needed a bit more advice from someone more familiar. Yun didn't think that he'd been as off the rails as his younger brother was now. Since it was a Thursday Yunseo had had to pretend that he had some work business to take care of so that he could get out of the usual family dinner. If he had told the truth about it, then he would have faced a lot of questions and he didn't fancy that. The twenty-four year old took a deep breath as he raised a shaking hand to Diana's door and knocked lightly. He waited there until he was invited in. Yunseo returned his friend's smile, but held himself kind of awkwardly, especially since he hadn't seen Diana in a good while. "Good for the most part, but I probably could be better." Yun guessed that things would likely become more open and his explanation would make a small bit more sense. "It's been pretty good, just the normal stressing grandparents as usual and having no idea what's happening, but it seems like that stuff will probably settle down soon enough." In all fairness, it was true. Yunseo hadn't been teaching all that long, so it was going to take him a bit of time to get used to everything that went into it. As for his grandparents, well they'd probably always be the same. These weren't the concerning parts of his life right now.
  4. Junior Archaeology and Historian Club Roles

    Role assignment for the Junior Archaeology and Historian Club Club adviser/founder Yunseo Park Chair Person Vice Chair Person Secretary Treasurer Media Manager Publicity Officer *Some roles can be doubled up if there's interest. Contact Yunseo on site or Lisa on Discord if you wish to take up one of the job roles.
  5. Reading History of Magic resources

    Sources to be used During HoM class, you will come into contact with both primary and secondary sources; some may be biased or unbiased, based on the area of study. You'll have to pick out which is which and analyse them. Primary sources: these sources come straight from the past and give a first-hand account of events, objects, person and works of art. Examples: Documents (wills, census, etc), photographs, videos, diaries, etc. Secondary sources: these are sources that come after the event and give a second hand account of events, discusses them, describes them, etc. Source Ithaca College Library *Note some newspapers can be counted as primary sources. 6th and 7th year exam prep This takes place every second Monday at 6pm History of Magic Resource Class This is an extra lesson for those that need a little more help in this area of study. Held every Wednesday at 6pm Junior Archaeology and Historian Club This is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday (the day changes each term) at 1pm. Students will be told of time changes as they come up.
  6. Reading History of Magic resources

    The purpose of the class "History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty. There are many ways to discuss the real functions of the subject—as there are many different historical talents and many different paths to historical meaning." Source is Peter N. Stearns at AHA Basic explanation History is an important part of our lives, whether or not you are willing to believe that. It is essential for helping us to understand how people and societies in the past behaved. We usually do this by looking at source material available to us or through experiments that are undertaken by scientists and historians. It helps us to understand how societies work, how they can be changed and how we came to be. The past is usually what causes the present and the future; its impact is everywhere. What you will be doing in this class -Assessing the evidence -Assessing conflicting interpretations -Assessing Past Examples of Change Class equipment -Lab coats for practical lessons (must bring to every class) -Small ring binder (must bring to every class) -Light fabric gloves (must bring to every class) -Homework copy (No loose sheets, please) -Hardback notebook for class notes (No loose sheets, please) Class rules -Respect one another no matter what. I will not hesitate to deduct points -All assignments and set tasks must be completed and handed in on the day of submission unless an extension has been given or there are extenuating circumstances -Come to class prepared for all situations (school tour, theory lessons, practical lessons, etc.) -Keep an open mind to things being studied in class, and don't get flustered/emotional when you don't understand something, we're all human and all make mistakes after all -Don't be afraid to ask for help; my door is always open -Do not enter the examination room without permission -Do not take any artefacts from the classroom unless the professor has instructed you to do so -Please do not run while in the examination room or at all -Hair must be tied back and kept tidy so as not to contaminate the artefacts -Please keep all desktops organised and uncluttered The classroom setup The "general" classroom is set up to resemble a lecture room and has a few storage presses at the front of the room. There's a small desk in front of the class where Yunseo usually sits when not helping anyone. A set of double doors can be found in the upper row at the back of the room, this is set up like a museum examination room and allows students to get up close and personal with artefacts that they have been studying. Presses full of rare books and a few examples of traditional artwork from all over the world, these can be rented out if the student wishes to look at them outside of class. Most of the artefacts that are studied in class are either kept in a small storage room in the exam room or are on loan from a museum. Room decor Posters about different periods in history line the walls, along with students’ past works. Cups of writing materials are placed on each table, but this doesn't mean that you're not supposed to have your own stuff. Each desk is provided with several small whiteboards; this is to reduce the amount of paper used in class during periods where notebooks aren't required. Of course, this may not be possible when it comes to homework and assignments. Blackout curtains cover the ceiling windows in the examination room to reduce light damage. Both rooms have a small radio on the wall and may be used during certain classes.
Yunseo Park
History of Magic Professor
24 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  24
Date of Birth November 30th, 1994
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Occupation History of Magic Professor
Player  Lisa
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Arctic Fox
Wand Maple, 14 and 1/2 inches, Chollima hair, surprisingly springy
Play-by Min Yoon-gi (Suga)



-Magical Education at VMU


-His whole family history

-He’s good at memory charms

-Metamorphmagus, inherited from his mother

-Has abandonment issues and struggles with depression

General Knowledge

-Always seems to fight with Jiwon, but it’s never serious

-Swears in Korean when things go wrong

-Extremely quiet and awkward

-Is Korean

-Comes out with remarks that can only be considered snarky at best and rude at worst

-Gets distracted easily when he’s doing a task

-Is interested in music and taught himself how to produce his own

-Used to be in a band while he was in uni

-Likes reading and would rather do that then go out drinking or partying

-Is way too overprotective of Jiwon, but he thinks that he’s doing something right


When Yunseo was younger he was closed off and kind of stand-offish, half the time he preferred his books to people and never really got involved in things. He just wasn’t very good at expressing himself and socialising with others because of his experience with his mother. Although he doesn’t want to admit, he mostly acted this way because he didn’t want to be abandoned by the ones that he cared about. Yun still isn’t very confident and struggles with some things, but he’s a lot more open and comfortable with people. He’s always had a sharp tongue and sometimes that gets him into trouble because his comments are usually snarky or rude. Yunseo has always been friendly, if a little distant, but he’s gotten a lot better. He’s extremely bright and has an answer for everything, though it doesn’t mean that he’s always right, it’s far from it. But no one can be right all the time!


Yunseo is 5ft9 and naturally very thin, but his weight bounces around a lot. He tries to stay fit in any way that he can, as an example, he used to dance and has from a young age, but gave it up because he felt like he didn't have time for it anymore. He has one monolid eye and one double lidded eye but has never cared about these sorts of beauty standards. He has dark brown eyes, which usually show a lot of emotions even if the rest of his face doesn't. Yunseo has "naturally" black hair, but has tried out some of his morphing on his hair, though he doesn't change it that often. He has a few ear piercings but doesn't feel like he wants anymore. He has full and pouting lips with a gummy smile. While Yunseo doesn't mind wearing things that make it appear as though he can dress to impress, he actively hates suits.


Yunseo is more likely to have a small group of close friends than a whole pile, which is completely fine with him because these are usually the people that he trusts the most and lays his troubles on, due to the fact that he doesn't want to burden his family with them. Some of his friends would know the family secret that he's had to hide for so long. It takes a great deal for Yunseo to be comfortable with new people and a lot of trust for him to count them as his friends, but when he does, they can be sure to find that he's very caring if a little broken from his past. He goes out of his way to make sure that he stays close with the friends that he has. Yunseo often walks away from a fight opting to sort things out once everyone has had a chance to cool down.


Yunseo has never known his biological father and doesn't want to, even if he proved to be the greatest father in the world. He has rather harsh views on his parents and has needed professional help to deal with these feelings along with his depression in the past. The only thing that he feels like he can thank his mother for is the birth of his half brother and wonderful grandparents. Yunseo and Jiwon always appear as though they're fighting and on bad terms, but this isn't always true; they probably fight as much as most close siblings do. More often than not it's that they can't control how they are around one another because they've only ever had each other, especially through all the heartbreak and trouble. But Yun isn't blind to the jealousy that his brother tries to hide and how he reacts when the pair are compared. He knows about Jiwon's underage drinking and skipping class, but doesn't know what he can do about it without pushing him away. Yunseo's relationship with his aunt, Wendy, is much the same as it always has been, which he's thankful for in more than one way. Even though his grandparents weren't exactly happy about what Yunseo wanted to do with his life (they wanted him to join the ministry), they decided to support him no matter what and eventually they saw the merits of it. He will always be thankful to them for everything that they've done for him.


Yunseo has had a good few relationships with men and women alike, but it was never anything too serious. He's learnt from experience that he doesn't need to be so over the top and clingy. His last girlfriend had given him a lot more confidence in this area and he'll always be extremely grateful for this. He's usually better at starting off as friends before things get serious or romantic because he needs to feel like he can trust someone before committing. But Yunseo knows that sometimes things can't go back to the way that they were before, especially if they know the family secret, even if they're not in danger anymore.


While there are many people that dislike him because of his personality and how he carries himself, Yunseo actually feels terrible about it because it also makes him feel as though he’s worthless and can’t get anything right. Of course, there have been a good few people that he has disliked there are only two people that he’s actually hated, his mother and his so called “step father”.

The story so far

Yunseo was born in Seoul, South Korea to a young, single mother and an unknown father. Growing up, his mother wasn’t always around, often leaving the young Yun in the care of his grandparents. He was raised knowing their actual status within his life and who his aunt was too, who was only a couple of years older than him and who he thought of as an older sister. His grandparents always tried to keep the lines of communication open between Yunseo and his mother, but she always disappointed, especially when she started putting more into her relationship with her new boyfriend who disliked Yun with a passion. So it wasn’t all that surprising when she did the exact same thing to her second son, Jiwon.

Eventually, after a long and emotional, legal battle, Yunseo and Jiwon were placed into the full custody of their grandparents, since it was obvious that things weren’t going to change otherwise. But they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into because Yunseo’s mother had gotten herself into a bad crowd and was willing to do anything to get her children back. So they fled to a place that no one would expect, Australia, where they found some protection with the Victorian Ministry of Magic because of the old connections that the family had and because of Yunseo’s grandfather’s job within the Korean Ministry of Magic.

It was a hard adjustment for Yunseo because he was leaving his friends and everyone he knew back in South Korea, and he was in a strange place where he wasn’t used to the culture or the language. There was also the fact that he was trying to hide the fact that he was a metamorphmagus and wasn't fully in control of his powers because of how stressed out he was by the whole thing. They considered him a late bloomer at age ten, especially when it was compared to his mother who had shown it during her early childhood. His grandparents had to teach him how to control it.

Yunseo was sent to Tallygarunga once the time came for him to start school. He was told to keep a low profile and not to talk about what had brought him to Australia. Yun was sorted into Sturt house and somehow managed to keep up with his side of the bargain, though there were times when a good memory charm was needed. Once he finished school he went onto VMU, where he studied Magical Education.

The year before Yunseo graduated from University he received a letter from a close relation who knew where they were telling him that his mother had died. This has still yet to sink in for him and he seems a little emotionless when talking about it. 

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