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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Berkley Appleyard

Professor Teaching Staff
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    Berkley Xander Appleyard
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    Charms Professor
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    Ed Sheeran

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    12 1/4", Apple Wood with a phoenix feather core
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  1. Term 4 Charms Lesson - Summoning Charm

    Berk need a good night sleep but he really didn’t want to bother the potion master or see the nurse so instead he self-medicated, which means he usually drank. Unfortunately it didn’t work all the time and this was one of those time. He knew that he looked like a wreck with baggy blood shot eyes and skin paler than usual but hopefully the three shots he had in his morning coffee will pep him up enough to make the lesson a little fun. His chocolate Labrador Jax lifted his head and his tail swished from side to side as the kids entered the room and took their seats. A few of the stopped to pat the dog on his head and Berk nodded at them. He always appreciated it when the kids paid attention to Jax. “Now todays lesson will hopefully be a fun one but then I hope most Charms lessons are fun,” Berk said a slight grin spreading across his face. He looked around the room and his eyes lit on a guitar that he kept in the corner of the room. Picking up his wand he and with a wand motion that was similar to making a frown non verbally called the instrument to his out stretched hand. Catching it by the neck and sat on the corner of the desk and strummed a few chords before returning to his class. “Now what charm to I just use?” he asked the class.
  2. Guinea Pigs

    Berk gave a kind of wry smile at Matt’s comment about teaching being in the blood. Yes, he was a teacher as his mother had been but it was not what his father had wanted him to be. Dominic Appleyard had hoped that his son would end up like him, a politician, which was until his son apparent good luck, ability to get people on side, general likability and knack with debating and being right was not a good thing but an abnormality. He probably would have made a good politician too but he was glad he wasn’t especially if he ended up being like his father. Better to be a like his mother and be a teacher and have a soul rather than a bureaucrat pretending to be for the people when you are really in it for yourself. He occasionally saw his father on muggle TV or in the muggle papers but it just made him angry every time. His father had never once contacted him or his mother after he left not even when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. “Good to hear,” he said as the bartender as he watched Matt start mixing a drink in front of him. It was a pretty amazing process as he watched the various different liquids get measured and added and he ended up with a martini glass that started up blue and ended up a dark purple. It was very pretty. “I guessing Aunty Norma was a bit of a character. Bottoms up,” he said as he lifted the glass and threw the drink down. It was bitter to begin with a sort of orangey tang to it but as it went down it end it being quite sweet. “Not bad. What’s next?”
  3. Guinea Pigs

    Berk tilted his head to one side in a confused manner and then blinked a couple of times as he looked at the man he was sitting next to. His anxiety and general tiredness must be getting to him because he looked a lot like the owner of the Drunken Roo but Berk had read in the paper that he had been hit by a tram and was in a coma. When the man said his name Berk blinked again and a slow grin came across his face. “Yeah,” he said, “Good to see that you’re awake Mr Belmont….” Should he call him Mr Belmont? He wasn’t a student anymore. Actually, he shouldn’t have made that crack about him being awake? It was probably a bit insensitive and he didn’t want to offend the bloke. He had always been a good egg though Berk had probably been a bit of a pain in the arse while he was in school trying to sneak drinks and the like. “Sorry…” he mumbled looking down and wishing there was a drink in front of him. He mentioned the Head Master and Berk nodded a shy sort of smile coming across his face. “Yeah, I’ve been teaching Charms at the school for about a year now. Mum was so pleased that I decided to teach. She was a teacher too, a muggle one though.” Why did he mention his mother like that? It wasn’t as if he had talked to him about her before. Maybe it was a strange case of circling or something. Matt had been in hospital for a while and so had his mother though he doubted that his mother would ever leave. Matt drew Berk’s attention back to the book and the variety of cocktails and asked him if he would like to try them out. Berk grinned, finally a drink. “Sure,” he said. “Sounds like fun and to be honest I probably wouldn’t care if they are terrible as long as there is alcohol in them.”
  4. Guinea Pigs

    Spring had arrived and to celebrate the arrival of the new season and the coming of warmer weather Berk had decided to head into town to partake in a beverage or two. It was not something he did very often, going into town that is, but maybe some exercise, fresh air and a different environment might do him some good. He pushed open the door of the local establishment a lovely little pub called the Drunken Roo. He grinned, to Berk’s way of thinking there were two establishments that needed to the have right name. The first was a musical group of some kind, like a band. The other was a bar/pub. Both needed something catchy then either kitschy or clever. Whoever named this one the Drunken Roo had gotten it just right in Berk’s opinion. He looked around the large room, it was not as busy as he thought it would be but then then that was alright with him. He spent his days around a lot of people, which probably wasn’t the best considering his various issues but he had to get used to it. He generally liked teaching and though he could have probably made a career out of being a tutor he also needed to be around people and he needed to let more people in. He headed towards the bar and took a seat next a man that was familiar but Berk couldn’t exactly place him. He was looking through a folder of different drinks and cocktails. The one on the page looked interesting. “That looks good,” he said nodding towards the image on the page.
Berkley Xander Appleyard
Charms Professor 0
30 year old Muggleborn Human He/HIm
Age  30
Date of Birth April 29th, 1989
Birthplace Australia
Occupation Charms Professor
Player  Rory
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns He/HIm
Patronus Labrador
Wand 12 1/4", Apple Wood with a phoenix feather core
Play-by Ed Sheeran

Attended a muggle primary school until the age of 8 after which he moved to Melbourne so he could attend Tallygarunga. 



Though not really a secret Berk is a seer he just doesn't like to announce it or even talk about it. 



General Knowledge

Suffers from anxiety and depression 

Though not an alcoholic is known to drink to excess 

Plays the guitar and sings a bit 

Loves animals especially dogs 



Berkley, or Berk as he prefers to be called, is a rather easy going dude though he is a little bit strange. You see he is a seer who doesn’t like to admit that he is one. These abilities have made him a little anxious and rather argumentative and he has developed a bit of a drinking problem due to what he sees and knows and he uses alcohol to self-medicate. He is also a bit clumsy and thoughtless and can be a bit impulsive and reckless. All these things combined can be a bit dangerous at times.

Despite his faults, and he sees being a seer a fault, he is a very generous and loyal fellow what would do anything for those that he considers friends. Due to his seer abilities he is very intuitive which is the only positive that he sees in having them. He is very curious but patient and will always put someone elses needs before his own. He is very musical playing the guitar and also doing a little bit of singing and he also can tell great stories and can be a bit of a jokester. He loves animals and his constant companions is a chocolate Labrador named Jax who was named after an old friend of his.   


Only child of Dominic and Moira Appleyard. 

Parents divorced after they found out that Berkley was a wizard. 

Dominic remarried and has two more children though Berkley hasn't met them. He doesn't believe that his siblings are even aware that he exists. 

The story so far


Berk was born in Penrith, Western Sydney to Dominic Appleyard and his wife Moira Berkley. He was named Berkley as Moira was an only child and wanted to honour her father and though Dominic had originally wanted to name his son after himself he was talked into it by Moira, whom he adored.
They were an upper-middleclass with Dominic being a well-liked, community orientated and respected local MP. Moira, was as smart as she was beautiful, a teacher as well as an artist. Together they were a much loved and respected couple.

Berkley was born on a cool late April morning. With his shock of red hair his mother was delighted that he inherited that from her as his eyes and most of his other features seem to be his fathers. Dominic was just pleased that he was a he, though later on down the track he saw the red hair and the fact that was always messy as a curse.

Berkley was a curious and precocious child. He seemed to predict things before they happened and to begin with his father saw this as a good thing as it meant that things would usually go his way. He once asked Berkley how he did it and Berkley would just shrug and say that he just knew.

He was seen as a little strange by other kids his age but he was liked anyway mainly because you couldn’t help but like him as he was fun to be around. Although he was not the best at sports or games, he tended to be a bit clumsy and over-enthusiastic but despite it if you were on his team you usually won. You also didn’t want to pick an argument or challenge him to a battle of wills because Berk showed a knack for debating and being right. This was something that Dominic liked also as he thought that Berkley might follow in his footsteps. 

He, however, did things that would annoy Dominic to no-end. He never seemed to be neat and his hair usually would be all over the place, no matter how it was styled. Dominic would threatened to chop it all off at least once a week but never would mainly because Moira would never let him. His clothes always seemed to be rumpled and you just couldn’t take a good photo of him mainly because Berk had trouble sitting and standing still.  

None of these seem all that bad but to Dominic who liked to see this of this as a mark against his own reputation and image. Moira, on the hand, didn’t think that there was anything wrong. Boys would be boys after all so her son not liking his photo taken, never looking overly neat and not sitting still was normal behaviour to her. She was a teacher, after all, and 95% of the boys in her class were this way.

Of course all these instances were magical related but were part of his seer abilities and as such it wasn’t until just before his eighth birthday that the Australian Ministry of Magic became aware of his regular magic ability. The family were attending some local festival and the local paper decided to have a photo taken of the family together. Naturally his father was trying to straighten up Berk so he was presentable for the press and all the fussing was annoying him so much that his anxiety triggered and the a nearby popcorn cart exploded and popcorn went everywhere.

The following day an official from the Ministry of Magic appeared on their doorstep and advised them that Berk was a wizard and informed them of Tallygarunga. This was just a little much for his father, whose public profile and ego began to show and felt that his career was more important than his wife and son and walked out. Moira was devastated and though she claimed it was not his fault Berk knew that it was.

From that point on it was Berk and his mother and with support from her friends and from her parents she made arrangement to move to Melbourne, so that Berk could attend school.  

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