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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

Paige Breyman

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  • Birthday 05/13/1995

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    Paige Celine Breyman
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    Melbourne, VA, Australia
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    Whitlam Bilby Teacher
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    Elyse Dufour

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    Elegant, Cedar, 9’’, Kraken Heartstring
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  1. It seems a Bilby student has lost his faithful companion, an orange pygmy puff, on campus. To any Tallygarunga student who volunteers to help in finding it and brings the little creature to me, you'll be awarded 10 points! Thank you :)

Paige Celine Breyman
Whitlam Bilby Teacher 0
24 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  24
Date of Birth May 13th, 1995
Birthplace Melbourne, VA, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Whitlam Bilby Teacher
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Rottweiler
Wand Elegant, Cedar, 9’’, Kraken Heartstring
Play-by Elyse Dufour
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Teaching Degree: Victoria Magical University
  • Born to an extremely neglectful household;
  • Struggling financially;
  • Desperate to fit in, being genuinely afraid of being subjected to the same type of treatment from others that she was from her own parents;
  • Has personally apologized to people she's bothered at her best friend's whims;
  • Highly proficient in dueling;
  • Kicked out of her home by her parents whom used her sexual orientation as an excuse to do so, but in reality, they just wanted to get rid of her anyway;
  • Loyal to her best friend due to her taking Paige in during a time of need, as opposed to what the popular belief is;
  • In need of some soul searching.
General Knowledge
  • Has a much younger sister attending Tallygarunga;
  • Almost always open to people (unless specific company is around, then it's a bad idea);
  • Part of a competent beach volleyball duo alongside Scarlett, her cousin;
  • Occasionally helps out in the local comic book store, as well as watch over the owner (her cousin)'s son;
  • Known to have bullied a few people through her Tallygarunga days alongside her best friend;
  • Used to make connections outside of her age range;
  • Generally thought to be in love with her best friend - why else would she put up with someone like that?

Paige possesses the uncanny ability of being able to get along with the vast majority of people she meets, one way or another - an apt descriptor would be she's a social chameleon. She lets others influence her patterns of behavior and speech directly subconsciously as her means of being accepted, and due to such it's rare when she lets that guard down so to let others perceive her true self, though this apparent disjointed amalgamation of traits people see here and there has led more than a few people to believe she might just not have a whole lot of substance to her.

The truth of the matter is that she's desperate to fit in, and after years of being herself and failing in her own home she's become fully convinced she has to be more like others (for better or worse), that there's something wrong with her. While she doesn't exactly shove her own real personality down as deep as it can go she's also very careful about those who get to see it - among which her cousin and sister, and, at times, her best friend. Of course, this leads to a number of unresolved self esteem issues regarding her self worth she's failed to minimally address up to this day.

When left to her own devices or not under the pressure of adapting to others, one would notice Paige is quite the friendly and personable individual, if somewhat on the shy side - she's as helpful as they come but is self conscious about asking for anything, and often relies on others to have any given thing progress save for the rare outburst of courage. She's mostly passive as well, to the extent of being considered a bit of a pushover.

She's a calm person who enjoys thinking things through, though she'd argue she overthinks. Holding unreasonably high expectations for herself in all sorts of areas in order to unconsciously make up for the lack of goal posts throughout her upbringing, when coupled with the overthinking, makes for a recipe of self destruction that she finds hard to break out of; however, that hard work often goes unnoticed due to her otherwise unassuming personality, which leads to people frequently underestimating her capabilities as anything ranging from being a good friend to a competent witch.

Even if she wants to fit in, she still holds a higher degree of loyalty to some than to others. This is why sometimes she gives a few a hard time - given her best friend isn't the most friendly of individuals and Paige feels the need to appease her, this backfires and the redhead ends up occasionally ostracizing herself from others that would otherwise accept her anyway. Sometimes apologies patch things up, and other times they don't.

For all her passiveness and apparent naivete, Paige is a surprisingly shrewd and perceptive individual. She likes figuring out how people work so to figure out how to best befriend them and has developed the wit over time to  make for a charismatic and pleasant individual to talk to. Despite the deep selfishness of her need, however, she is considerate of others even if they happen to dislike her, often going out of her way to help them even if she's entirely aware her efforts won't make up for whatever the point of contention may be.


Paige caps out at a healthy 170 cm and is very comfortable with her height. Keeping up with a fitness program for her beach volleyball activities year round, she has a toned physique which often comes as a surprise to those who underestimate her based on her 'personality' and mostly harmless behavior. As such, she also often displays more physical strength than people expect her to have.

The illusion is further exacerbated by her normal choice of clothing which does anything but accentuate her musculature. Being fond of loose fitting clothing, flannel shirts, jeans and hoodies for every day work and dresses whenever she feels like spoiling herself a little, she often inadvertently goes under the radar or falls decidedly in the 'feminine' category, with which her level of fitness isn't commonly associated with.

Her most prominent feature is obviously her ginger hair worn just past her shoulders, whether it be loose or in a ponytail depending on what kind of activity she has planned with the Bilby kids for the day. Her eyes are green like her mother's (something she isn't sure if she enjoys and resents) and her skin is so pale it looks like it could catch on fire at any moment - there's no half measure between paleness and sunburns for her.


Given her tendencies of appeasing people and blending in with them, Paige has numerous friends and otherwise positive connections in her life. However, unfortunately, the vast majority of these are skin deep due to her paradoxical unwillingness of showing herself to others out of fearing their rejection, much like she endured at the hand of her parents ever since coming to that world.

Whether someone's close to her or not, she tried watching over them in one way or another to the best of her abilities regardless of payoff. Even with her quirks, her network knows she is a reliable friend willing to listen and someone who's willing to stick her neck out for those she deems herself loyal to. For all her faults she makes for a solid staple in a person's social circle.


Paige's relationship with her parents is non-existent. Having been kicked out of her house by them before her education in Tallygarunga was even completed, the only time she's spoken to them ever since was through a lawyer during her quest to gain her sister Lucille's custody - a very short conversation, as they relinquished it immediately out of wanting to get rid of that girl too.

Given their shared past of gross negligence, Paige is very close to and overprotective over Lucy. She is yet to forgive herself over having let the younger Breyman reside in that house for so long, but at the same time she felt like she had no choice: not only was she powerless to watch over her in a monetary standpoint, but she was selfishly afraid of calling for child protection services in an effort to protect the girl and have her be taken away from her permanently. Due to that guilt Lucy holds the absolute top priority position in Paige's life nowadays and she can only hope she can minimally atone for that sin.

She's always been closer to her aunt's side of the family, on the mother's side. They have always displayed some concern for Paige and Lucy even if they weren't aware of the neglect, at least to its true extent - and, as such, both grew up going to their house every now and then. She still keeps in touch with all of them, but in particular with Scarlett, her squib cousin. Despite the age gap, as her cousin is several years her senior, the two have always gotten along perfectly well and eventually even formed a beach volleyball duo, as such was Paige's effort to engage in more Muggle-like activities. Paige also helps out with Scarlett's comic book shop in Narragyambie on occasion and knows a thing or two about pop culture due to her influence.

Nowadays the often babysits Wayne, Scarlett's child. While she gets along with the kid and teaches him a thing or two, her relationship with his father is awkward at best. His father, Forrest, happens to be her best friend's older brother; not only that, but the siblings simply aren't on speaking terms, having a deep dislike for one another. Paige finds herself caught in the middle, but she tries to minimally appease Forrest by not having Vanessa around whenever she has to take care of Wayne as she's aware he doesn't want the boy to be influenced by his spiteful aunt.


Her social success seems to be inversely proportional to her luck in the romance department. She's had one or three significant others in the past (possibly one man as a failed attempt before making the full switch), but her shyness on the first approach and constant fear of rejection most likely has gotten in the way of a number of possible relationships; her reluctance to show her true self to someone she doesn't trust completely might have also damaged the ones who did approach her first.

She's a bit of a romantic although she's not entirely against the idea of casual things and flings if the chemistry is there. Despite her having been very hit or miss in this whole realm, there's definitely the possibility out there of someone being the right person for her, one way or another.

For those who have known her for a while, they're mostly under the impression that she has a thing for Vanessa Blackwood - it couldn't be further from the truth, but it does normally hinder whatever interest they may have had on Paige at any point.


While it's easy to befriend Paige in general, she grew a reputation of being a bit of a bully during Tallygarunga days - this was because of her best friend's influence, someone not ranking too highly in the morality ladder, and with the redhead's loyalty to the girl came the poor behavior which reflected a not too true side of her to the world. She'd apologize most of the time, but constant apologies can only get you so far; could be that someone got fed up with it, or didn't believe her, or even holds it against her after all this time. Fortunately, this type of behavior isn't too common nowadays as she's focused on work and sees that bad influence less and less, so it's unlikely that she has screwed the pooch too much in recent times.

The story so far

Paige was, to put it bluntly, an accident - her parents, Jordan and Maverick, made sure to let her know of this little fact growing up. The pair fully intended to live their lives as if she didn't exist outside of the financial burden she encumbered them with. Because of this, to this day, she doesn't know a thing about them. Not their general personality, likes and dislikes, or even their occupation.

Growing up so isolated was rough on the girl, whom quickly took to more solitary hobbies due to having little to do in the house or anyone to get along with. Fortunately, there were times when she happened to be dropped at her cousin's family's home (mostly at their request, as they took pity on the little girl) which fed into her need to be accepted. Perhaps this was her saving grace, as when she went to Tallygarunga she was more willing to ingratiate herself in multiple circles rather than wallow in self pity in a corner of her room. Her recently born little sister was left behind and there was not much she could do about it past hoping little Lucille would handle their parents' mistreatment better than she did.

In school, she met a girl named Vanessa whom took her under her wing and effectively led her through the various social circles in school. While at first that girl was just looking for a patsy - for which Paige was the perfect target, of course - but at some point she had grown genuinely fond of the redhead. Paige didn't know why but she didn't care, sticking to her like glue, and they have been best friends ever since; it was unfortunate, however, that Vanessa was very much widely known as something akin to a queen bitch and a spoiled brat. Given Paige's tendency of mimicking those she befriends, she soon partook in less than savory banters and actions she never feels too good about doing, but at the same time felt like she had to every time.

Late in her Tallygarunga years, during a rare dinner when her parents happened to be home during the break, she tried to engage them in conversation - one thing let to another and she wound up letting it slip that she wasn't all too interested in men. Her parents used that as a convenient excuse to rid themselves of her. Ending up at the Blackwoods' house after much wandering, Vanessa's family took her in ever since, it being the main reason why Paige has remained loyal to the off-putting girl to this day.

Taking on numerous side jobs to save up enough to get Lucy out of her situation as well, Paige put herself through college and aimed for employment in Tallygarunga, something which she fortunately succeeded. She had easy access to the girl and to check up on her after a few years of separation, and once she had gotten herself an apartment in her Narragyambie she went back to their parents to demand custody. Unsurprisingly, she didn't even need to take them to court - they handed over their second accident's custody, and just like that she was barely a young adult caring for a teenager.

Fortunately, with her cousin Scarlett presently residing in Narragyambie as well, they all created a sturdy familial safety net for both Lucy and their cousin's son, Wayne, whom also happened to be a Blackwood. As she struggles to stay afloat for herself, Paige's vowed to never let those kids experience the horrors of abandonment - and, at least in Lucy's case, never again.

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