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April, 2019
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    Would love to have her dad on the board again. :D New friends at Tally to make it feel like home. Other students who would wanna take a gap year as well. IDK Man just throw it at me. 

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  1. Siwan watched as she always did, despite her rush of adrenaline. Her breathing slowed, and she caught the upward twitch of his mouth, and she smiled almost as if to say I got you! but she kept her mouth shut till he finished speaking. Gods he was such an ass. "Mmm." Siwan hummed in agreement, and with a sigh, "No it couldn't sing at all. I agree." She picked the scrapbook back up and sat down uninvited. "Its truly a mystery. You're not smart enough. Wouldn't ever want someone like you to represent my house. And you're definitely not smart enough to teach a healing class." She made eye contact and her tone had calmed significantly. She delivered her words as seriously as she could. "I've bee deciding whether to tell Dad that you're here or not." Only the latter part of it was meant with completely sincerity. The way she had been avoided had bothered her for some unclear reasons. Her being bothered was completely on her. After all, she was a kid, and Ash was her dads friend. There was no obligation that he had towards her whatsoever, but she was desperate for some sort of connection to something that was left behind.
  2. Siwan was not known for being loud and boisterous. Quite the opposite. She was calm, quiet bordering on completely silent, but that was not so. She merely hadn't had the time to get to know people here. To forge the bonds that would allow her to be comfortable. To call this place home like she had for Hogwarts at one time. Thinking of the great castle and its cool stone hallways caused an ache in her chest that wouldn't go away for hours. The ache didn't go away this time. It stayed, picking at the back of her mind, tightening up in her chest till she felt she was going to burst. She didn't have a yearbook or record of her class like the 7th year students got. She only had the scrapbook that she and her roommates had put together during her time there. Uncle Ash - professor? No It was all weird and confusing to see him here. Last they met, they were somewhere in Europe. Siwan was still an awkward preteen, but he was Dads friend, and from what she remembered, he was a nice person, even if he wasn't always exactly nice. It did get her thinking though, about school, and she flipped through her scrapbook of photos. familiar faces left continents away moving across the page. There was a photo in there, of Siwan standing in a teachers office in front of a wall of photos. Just above her shoulder, a photo of two young men. one of them her father, and the other, a young but unmistakable Ash. The Ravenclaw colors vibrant against the black uniforms of the school. Without much warning, she jumped up from her bed, the scrapbook clutched to her chest and she tore through the halls. first, she went to the Health Professors office. No, that wasn't right. He was in a different building now. Some sort of administrative thing. She didn't even so much as knock. She just burst into the office and slammed the scrapbook on his desk, the wrong page open but she flipped ot the right one before she pointed to the picture. "How the bloody hell did you get put into Ravenclaw?! Why didn't you say anything?"
  3. "Hmmmm... yeah I feel that way about the literature here too," she offered sympathetically. "I sometimes like to take some of my dads reference books, I can let you borrow them if you want?" She had already started pulling out her own homework, carefully leaving part of the info packet about the internships peeking out of the notebook. She had no way of fully understanding what was going on in his head. She hadn't even the foggiest of where to begin, so all she could do was offer company, She herself felt a little lost, but only because she had been uprooted from her life previously. She was sure that we wanted to take a gap year, to travel without her dad. He wanted to reconnect with her. To stop dragging her around, but she felt as if he had missed the opportunity, and the purchase of a house in the nicer suburbs came too late. It was all nice, and she had a place to come home to, but they had always had that.
  4. She wouldn't describe herself as popular, or even someone who was a social butterfly, but Siwans habit of observing meant that she saw quite a bit, knew a lot of people if not by name, then by face. Oh and the things that she figured out because she remained quiet and absorbed in her own work. For a while now, she had noticed one of her housemates had seemed down. His habits of intense study and research had dropped off. brought on by something obviously, but she wasn't gonna pry. Instead, she had heard about some summer internships at the hospital where her father worked. Siwan wasn't quite ready to commit to that, let alone tell her dad that she was indeed going to pursue the medical field. So she brought the information packet that he had in his office back to school with her and carried it around waiting for a good opportunity to slide it to him. A break between classes seemed to present that opportunity as she sat down across form him at the same table.
  5. Why this girl was upset over a broken bottle, she wasnt sure. Around here, empty bottles were easy to come by. Still she was upset and that was the main concern. Siwan didn't notice the little figurine still on the floor and she heard the inflection in her words. The soft cursing she had heard among her peers. She knew that language, and heard how awkward the english sounded from her mouth. "If it helps, I do speak some French actually. And you're welcome." Siwan smiled gently, but that faltered when she felt the small flecks of cold on her cheeks. She glanced up at the clouds bubbling and ballooning out to fill the space. "Ah um... Not exactly? I might have something in my notes, but those are in my dorm. What charm was used for this?" Truthfully, the coolness was a welcome change, and made her miss her previous home. *Hey I don't actually know any french and I know google translate is not super reliable... lets pretend that Siwan is speaking French, mkay?*
  6. Japan has always been a favorite place of mine, but I also lived there for a while. I think I would really like to go back and explore Spain more. How do you admit to your dad that after very purposely avoiding anything that could lead you down the healthcare path, that its actually something yuo might want to do?
  7. It's really nice to know that my sweaters won't collect dust here. Being cozy is number one priority. 

  8. Siwan was quiet in the morning. More so than she usually was. Her voice was hoarse and soft if she tried to speak before she was properly awake and had finished a cup of tea. She flipped through her previous class notes as she ate her breakfast listening to the soft buzz of sleepy students talking before running off to class lest she be late. She had already started pulling out her books before she caught that there was a closed book test today. Her heart sank a little and she sadly put her books away and set up her potions kit instead. She lit the fire beneath the cauldron and approached the front to retrieve the base ingredient. For a moment, she hovered over the chardonnay, and would have continued had her slowly moving morning mind not decided to finally pick up speed. "No no.... this one." She retrieved the octopus ink and returned to her desk to rummage for more ingredients.
  9. So call it her propensity for order and precision, or the fact that her father had previously been the professor of this class, and so, Siwan was used to his teaching style, either way, the change in staffing left a sour taste in her mouth. She did try to stay positive though. Surely the newly appointed professor was competent. She was used to seeing professors taking what little time they could between the classes to catch up on work, or perhaps some personal time, so she was not at all surprised by the casual attitude prior to the start of class. As usual, she unpacked her books, pulled out a notebook and pencil to be placed neatly on the desk. The first thing that set her on edge was the food and drink, aside from water, in a healing classroom. It was only the first day of class, but this introduced an entirely new level of contamination in a place that was meant to be hospital like. She waited politely, rubbing her fingers together under the desk, nervous about what she was going to say. "I'm Siwan." She paused. She knew the students, and they should know of her at least. No need to run though the usual introductions. "Actually, professor," it felt not quite right to be addressing him as such. "I was hoping that you had a syllabus available. Most professors here have them available at the front of the class, or somewhere convenient, if they weren't sent out ahead of time. Or are we to continue with the previous professors lesson plans?" She had already started to shuffle through papers to find the sylabus that her father had previously made.
  10. "There are a couple variations on the same spell with very similar results. The differences lie in the minute wand movements paired with the incantation." Siwan settled down at her desk carefully observing the shrunken head that the teacher had held up. "Erm, the records are unclear, but it was often used to help with what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months, and early in its use, during court performances." As Frank was passed around, she held her Cherry wand lightly, refamiliarizing herself with the movements that produced the best effect for her. She carefully set Frank on the table in front of her and breathed out and lifted her wand, and with a delicate waggle and a flick upward "exhilaro" There was a lovely glimmer from the tip of her wand as the spell was cast, and she was expectantly waiting or Frank to speak.
  11. Siwan slipped in just before she would have been late. She had lingered in her previous class too long, rewriting some notes before the board was cleared. She sat down in time though, to see the flames and the cauldrons flare up. "Im interested to see how the modification and adjustment of ingredients and preparation methods change the effectiveness of the potion." She had always enjoyed changing little things about her casting, but there had always been very little room for her to adjust when making potions. Any deviance has been a mark off of her grade, but if there was room left for her to adjust, then that was always good.
  12. The lack of desks made her somewhat nervous. Desks and note taking were comfortable, and even though she was assured that books and notes were nto needed, Siwan still had a notebook and pencil in her lap. "Hello, I'm Siwan. That's just fine by me. And it's okay if you cant pronounce my last name, it's Welsh." She paused to look at the teacher with a slightly apologetic smile. "Erm... I speak 6 languages. Three of them fluently, and the other three to varying degrees of fluency." She swallowed now nervously, glancing around, and pausing to look at the girl called Morgan with her service dog sitting beside her. "I agree with Morgan. The casters intent heavily influences whether an act of magic is ark or not. Some spells are inherently 'dark' in their creation and casting. But once again, a hovering charm can be used to cause harm, As Morgan said." She had a tendency to ramble on when she was nervous, but it was all in an attempt to keep conversation flowing so that others did not feel uncomfortable.
  13. She was late, and that would not stand. But, there was nothing to do about it now than to show up anyways and hope that her professor would be understanding. After all, this was a new school to Siwan, and when she showed up to the designated classroom, no one was there. But there was a note hanging on the door. She quickly consulted a rudimentary map she had drawn for herself, and made her way towards the central grounds. After the shifting staircases and trick doors of Hogwarts, this was easy, but it would take a couple of weeks before she could find her way around. She had made a habit of applying sunscreen before she left her room in the morning now, and going outside without a hat made her shudder. Her skin was very fair after all, and the wide brim on her sunhat offered full shade for her face and neck. Even though she saw other students had removed their hats int he shade of the tree, Siwan did not remove hers as she approached. "I am so sorry about this! I'm not usually late." She said to the professor. "I'm Siwan Llewellyn." She took a seat and glanced at what her classmates were working on and was brought up to speed and quickly copied notes that she would transcribe into a more legible form later. She was well versed in the Fair Folk, and watched happily as her classmates conversed with the pods (which she was unfamiliar with only because they were not easily procured in Scotland), waiting for her turn.
  14. She was not one for games. Well, at least not the sorts that seemed to take up the majority of space in this room. The felted pool table didn't hold her interest. What she preferred was the selection of board games. Some simple, meant to help pass the time. Others far more complicated and strategic. The problem though was that she had no one to play these games with. So she sat at one of the tables that had a lacquered top that covered up and filled in carved names and doodles from students past. She looked at them over the top edge of her book and wondered quietly if she could etch in her own name into the table somewhere. Leave her mark on the school so that perhaps she would feel more at home here. One of her housemates passed through and offered to play a game of cards, and she happily set aside her book until they had to leave. Siwan was considering heading back to her room at that point. She packed up her book, and lifted her bag onto her shoulder and turned towards the door in time to see her housemate bumping someone shoulder. There was no time for them to apologize before a wand was whipped out. Siwan in turned pulled out hers to quickly disarm, however, there was no need. The girl who had planned to attack was distraught. Upset over something that had broken on the ground. "Hey, its gonna be okay. Look, it can be repaired." She tapped the shards of glass to reform them, nto knowign that what was important about the bottle was already released tot he greater area of the room.
  15. "Do what" She looked confused. Unsure of what Iris was talking about, nto realizing that the self soothing habit of playing with her hair could be considered cute. "Well, it's Welsh. I don't have issues with it because it's my last name too. He's not bothered if people mess up though. We know its a difficult name." She honestly wasn't sure how long he would stay teaching. Her father was definitely not content to stay in one place, or perhaps he was not content with monotony. She thought that maybe that was why he preferred hospitals, and he was qualified for both magical and muggle. She was indeed proud of that fact. "I've maxed out my slots, but I still feel like I need more. Theres a few more options here than what was available at Hogwarts and I just want to do everything." Taking a gap year had become more and more appealing as she got closer to graduation. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her time after school. She had no one passion that stood out, and so, the idea of traveling stuck with her, whether it was out of habit or uncertainty for her future. "Yeah, it wouldn't be the entire country."
Flinders Student Sixth Year
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Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Flinders Student
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  ✩ Chromatic
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: Nana Komatsu
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