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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Caroline Tanenbaum

VMU Students
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  • Birthday 08/19/1997

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    Caroline Lyric Tanenbaum
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    Geelong, VA, Australia
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    Magic-Proofing Technician, Freelance Sports Columnist
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    Alina Kovalenko

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    Whippy, Poplar, 12 ¼’’, Centaur Tail Hair
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Caroline Lyric Tanenbaum
Magic-Proofing Technician, Freelance Sports Columnist 0
22 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  22
Date of Birth August 19th, 1997
Birthplace Geelong, VA, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Magic-Proofing Technician, Freelance Sports Columnist
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Mink
Wand Whippy, Poplar, 12 ¼’’, Centaur Tail Hair
Play-by Alina Kovalenko
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Journalism Major: Victoria Magical University (Current)
  • Magical Sports & Games Minor: Victoria Magical University (Current)
  • Wants to make a comeback to Quidditch and is actively training in secrecy to accomplish it;
  • Has been homeless before, mostly by choice;
  • Presently lives in the Estrada family warehouse;
  • Doesn't want to give her parents the satisfaction of crawling back to them;
  • Medicated for depression;
  • Actively considering pursuing the Quidditch Commentator route instead of pure sports journalism;
  • Far more observant than people give her credit for.
General Knowledge
  • Former Quidditch star, having been a Chaser for Melbourne Manticore;
  • Sidelined permanently from competition due to multiple concussions;
  • Rough, brute force style of play which made some people afraid to square off against her (but was ultimately her downfall);
  • Seems to be picking herself up from the ashes of her career;
  • Hard worker;
  • Very resourceful;
  • Has to be told when to quit;
  • Surprisingly clumsy;
  • Ruled out as an idiot due to prior grades in Tallygarunga, making it shocking that she ever got into VMU to begin with;
  • Former troublemaker;
  • Occasionally writes Quidditch-related columns for local newspapers.

Some say Caroline's picture should be next to the definition of 'indefatigable' - all her life she's always worked in pursuit of that which she wanted non-stop, with no excuses and a bottomless source of energy, regardless of her body (or sometimes other people) screaming at her to stop. Her hard working approach to life has made her a household name in Narragyambie and Melbourne throughout her short-lived Quidditch career, and it's still something she employs today, as seen with her tearing through the barrier that was getting into VMU for someone lacking proper grades in six months of obsessive cramming over various subjects.

Depression notwithstanding, she's a mentally strong individual capable of taking a beating before going down in any given fight. Thriving in adversity, her need for success translated into various facets of her life as aggression, ferocity, straightforwardness, vulgarity and a brand of blunt honesty that will make your head spin. She doesn't like beating around the bush, tackling her problems head on the best she can, even if she's undergoing the risk of losing a limb while doing so. Unfortunately, her brute force methods make her particularly susceptible to manipulative tactics as she can't wrap her head around them, much less comprehend when she's the target.

Having a clear and strong moral vision, she's quick to judge things as right and wrong and will die on a hill for her points of view unless shown she's wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. Her sense of morality is occasionally her downfall as she places her own well being below others', making it so she's prone to self-sacrifice for the greater good. Combined with a strong sense of loyalty, she proves to be a stalwart friend a few can happily claim to have at their side, and at the same time be glad she's not on the other side of the aisle.

Caroline has an easy time forming connections. Personable and friendly by nature, unless faced with a particularly ill-mannered individual, it's a given that she'll form some semblance of a positive connection with whom she's meeting. With a quick wit backing her up as well as an understanding nature the redhead is someone her friends come talk to in the few times she isn't buried in work, and it's not uncommon for her to play the listening role to their problems (even if her brand of advice could leave something to be desired). If something bad happens between herself and someone, given her altruistic nature, she's quick to understand their point of view and even forgive them regardless of severity of the affront.

The somewhat stiff upbringing she endured at the hands of her parents contributed to an inherent dislike of authority - if she's not seen as being an equal to someone, she will likely harbor a dislike for them regardless of how well meaning they may be. While she can move on from it over time, for its duration she becomes easily offended by whatever phrasing they may use, taking it as a stab to her (intense) pride and she lashes out on reflex. Her status as a troublemaker doesn't make her case any better, and her mischievous nature has landed her in hot water more often than not, making it so it's more than likely that most of her former teachers have less than pleasant memories about her.


Standing at a staggering 178 cm, Caroline's tall frame has always been the target of jokes when growing up, as well as what cemented her intimidation factor when it comes to her sport of choice. Adding to that a compact musculature due to a carefully maintained training regimen (yes, even after retirement), she packs quite the punch and many opponents have felt it. Despite general mockery for her stature, it never crossed over to bullying precisely due to the borderline freakish strength she has for a woman.

Another thing that quickly pops into attention is her bright red mane always worn past her shoulders, or if she's working or training, in a ponytail. Finishing the ensemble she has a pair of emerald green eyes and a number of freckles dotting her otherwise pale face that seems to get sunburnt far too easily for her liking. Over the years she's become a bit more girly than her Tallygarunga self, having taken to regularly using makeup unlike in the past now that she actually has a proper income.

Having a somewhat eclectic taste in clothing, it's hard to narrow down her style - however, she normally uses more neutral colors (i.e. whites, blacks, grays and so forth) so not to clash too much with her already eye catching appearance, and while she's not a fan of jewelry in general for the same reason, she's partial to sunglasses.


Despite her general aggression and poor temper, Caroline is known for her kindness and friendly behavior as well - this has solidified her as a friend to various people along the years, even through the many fights she may have had with them. Loyal to her dying breath, she always rushes to the side of a friend in need even if in the middle of a rough patch. She's very approachable in this regard and one should count on being greeted with a wide smile and positive words.


The relationship with her family is a complicated one. Having been born into a more traditionalist type of family, to say Caroline went against the grain is a complete and utter understatement. This has caused a major rift between her and the rest of the family as she obstinately pursued sports rather than anything else against her will, taking advantage of dorm life to do most of what she wanted regardless of permission.

Nowadays the best word to define the relationship with them is 'awkward'. Given the untimely failure of her career, Caroline refuses to go back home even if just for holidays - she doesn't want to deal with their smug grins in victory and pressure to settle down and marry someone of status. Instead, she just keeps up with them over the phone through rare and fairly short conversations. She feels bad that this is what her family life has come to, but it's also liberating.


Throughout most of her life Caroline has displayed little interest in a significant other - not that she wouldn't like one, which she most likely would, but it was more over not wanting a distraction from Quidditch. Things have changed, though, and with so many changes in her life, she might be able to consider dating a person or three presently. This doesn't mean she doesn't have experience, having had a few no strings attached type of encounters in the past, but they were few and far in between.

Of course, her perceived lack of interest doesn't mean she doesn't have functional eyes on her face. She's not above taking a good look at anyone whom she may think of as attractive and even compliment them/flirt with them over it, moreso now than ever before. She doesn't try to hide when she's attracted either, not seeing anything wrong with something she can't actually control. Unfortunately she's not nearly as apt in terms of picking up any sort of interest coming her way, being in fact quite dense about it. This makes it so it's likely that the ball is on the other person's court when it comes to dating at least.

Being an overprotective kind of person, it's likely that she becomes somewhat territorial of whoever it is who ends up winning her heart - it remains to be seen just how much.


Of these she's always had plenty - whether it be people she pranked, rivals, or folks she's rubbed the wrong way with her strong personality, Caroline never felt much in the way of self consciousness pertaining her rapidly increasing list of mortal enemies which she's likely still adding names to up until this very day.

Being the aggressive sort, Caroline is prone to getting into arguments and shouting matches with whoever crosses her; once upon a time, she was also partial to violence, having gotten in trouble during her early years over it, but she'd like to think she's improved in that regard. At least for now: perhaps the right betrayal will push her over the edge again.

The story so far

Born to Caden and Mackenzie Tanenbaum in Geelong, little Caroline displayed an absurd level of talent (and eventual mastery) over the broomstick very early on. She was only four when she first tried to take flight on one and has never looked back - willingly, that is. This has always served much to the chagrin of her parents, whom were more on the conservative end of things and wished for her to marry off to someone who would take care of her. It seemed that the wild child would have none of it, and to make matters worse, she never demonstrated much of an interest in dating or studying: Quidditch became her first love and she only had eyes for it and it alone.

It didn't matter that they tried to strong-arm the girl into things at all. The moment she stepped into Tallygarunga, her House's team was salivating at the thought of her reaching the second year so they'd have the upstart on their team according to school regulations, and she joined them against the Tanenbaums' wishes. The success was nearly instantaneous as her natural talent, complemented by her surprisingly tall frame, made for a rough player to clash against out in the skies. While she did manage to graduate Tallygarunga (barely), she never cared much for studies and dove head first into the Australian Quidditch League as Melbourne Manticore handed a contract out to her before she even finished her education.

Ignoring her parents' plans of having her pursue some kind of higher studies, Caroline embarked in what would be an explosive yet short lived career with the team. Despite having lead teams to victory in numerous occasions, her questionable playing style had made it so she had gotten a number of concussions over the years, including during her time in Tallygarunga. Ultimately, the team opted to release her from the contract she had signed, and with the doctors not clearing her in fear of even greater brain damage over time her career came to an abrupt close just as she hit her young adult years.

It was hard to believe that her life was over so soon. Like fireworks, she had burst into the scene and shone brightly for the duration of her tenure, but ultimately faded away into nothingness, her life's struggle to be the best Chaser she could be for a decade being rendered worthless at that point. The girl ultimately fell into a deep depression as her finances dwindled rapidly and she was ultimately kicked out by her landlord, becoming homeless.

Living out of her car, she drove back to Narragyambie. She wanted to stay away from Melbourne and Geelong, not wanting to drown herself in that which she lost and not wanting to fall prey to her parents' tactics of making her go back to the nest and do something that was so antithetical of her. It was then that she was discovered by one of the Estrada sisters, whom had been her teacher back in her Tallygarunga years. The woman took it upon her own hands to ensure Caroline was back on track, come hell or high water.

She was given a trade to learn - magic-proofing - in Charm-Me-Not, a local magic-proofing service provider. While it took some doing, Ashley managed to get through to Caroline to provide her shelter as well, granting her access to the family warehouse for free; that was, if Caroline was willing to put in the work and go to college.

The redhead initially struggled against the idea due to the simple fact that the plan reminded her too much of what her parents wanted of her. What managed to convince her was being pushed towards matters pertaining to the sport she so adored - perhaps her adventures with Quidditch weren't over, they were just taking a path she had never once envisioned in the past. With renewed resolve, she managed to pass the entry exams to Victoria Magical University after a good six months of cramming. Things were looking up...

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