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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

Willow Kennedy

Ministry Head
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  • Birthday 09/04/1986

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    Willow Quinn Kennedy
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    Echuca, VA, Australia
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    Ministry of Magic - Head of Magical Research & Innovation
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    Hayley Atwell

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    Pine, 12 ¾’’, Unicorn Tail Hair
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    Tortoiseshell Cat

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Willow Quinn Kennedy
Ministry of Magic - Head of Magical Research & Innovation 0
34 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her
Age  34
Date of Birth September 4th, 1985
Birthplace Echuca, VA, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Ministry of Magic - Head of Magical Research & Innovation
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Tortoiseshell Cat
Wand Pine, 12 ¾’’, Unicorn Tail Hair
Play-by Hayley Atwell
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Master's Degree in Wizarding Society & Politics: Victoria Magical University
  • More of an open secret, her rise to "power" was based far more on a PR move than on sheer merit;
  • Feels as if she's isolated, both in her workplace and in her very own community, as people treat her like she's a double agent on both sides;
  • All consuming fascination with danger and dubious actions, wishing to relive her youth and be able to do what she wants. In short, she wants to feel alive;
  • Needs company, almost any company;
  • Would like to have a family and conceive some day, but her questionable caretaking of Hailey combined with her workaholic way of life makes it so she deems herself a subpar mother.
General Knowledge
  • Registered Half-Fae;
  • Spencer Alumni;
  • Notorious prankster in her youth;
  • Natural connection with light;
  • Guardian of her niece, Hailey Kennedy, who is enrolled in Tallygarunga;
  • It's unclear whether her allegiance lies with the Ministry, or with the halfbreed community.

Willow was once a borderline hyperactive girl with a penchant for destruction and experimentation. What has now replaced her is a shell of her former self, serious and work-oriented, calm, solitary and aiming for success with every move she makes. Some people would argue the halfbreed is finally showing her true colors, but that couldn't be further from the truth - she feels suffocated by her new life, and it's rare when a day goes by when she doesn't yearn to be set free.

From a young age she's been a capable politician, with remarkable charisma and a way with words that earned her a fairly easy upbringing as opposed to her peers of the same kin, and her brother in particular. Her speech used to be injected with good cheer and energizing words capable of moving mountains to do her biding, although she's consciously revised it to become more neutral for the sake of her occupation; of course, the occasional snarky comment escapes as she's developed a rather dark brand of humor with the tragedies plaguing her past.

Something that few constantly underestimate about the woman is her patience. In her youth she's always come across as someone who wouldn't think twice about throwing herself off a bridge for fun, but ultimately it was her forbearance that granted her the capacity of survival in that world, of pulling strings to get her way and to be able to put up an act for extended periods of time in order to achieve her goals. Consequently she's become a bit of a manipulator as well, although she doesn't dare doing so to the people she cares about.

Of course, like any other act, her facade has its flaws. As the years go by she feels cracks forming under her mask's surface as her true blustering self struggles subconsciously to be set free. This occasionally manifests in her taking unnecessary risks or engaging in activities by her lonesome that would otherwise imperil her own status quo, but not by a lot. Most of all, she misses the socialization that her old ways brought, the friends, lovers, rivals and adventures that she had once been exposed to, and she feels that even if she were to clean up her act in a manner of speaking she would never get that back due to the near ostracization she's endured in both facets of her life.


Willow stands at 170 cm, being surprisingly tall for a family characterized by their lower than average stature across the board. Her body is well cared for, kept slim and compact through a constant cardio regimen - even if she's not the most sporty individual in the world, she picked up on the habit of keeping herself in good shape when she was young for the sake of her misadventures and it was a habit that failed to disappear with age. Despite her slenderness she can't help be somewhat curvy, which has inadvertently caught the eye of a few through the years.

Her brown hair is, more often than not, kept loose, its wavy nature being the only semblance of rebellion behind an otherwise composed facade. At home she often keeps it tied up in a ponytail but nowadays it's truly a rarity for her to be spotted in such a carefree state. Her eye color reflects the hair tone perfectly, and it's not uncommon for said eyes to be shielded by dark rimmed oval glasses when dealing with paperwork. While she possesses a dashing smile, nobody from work can claim to have ever seen it.

She's mostly seen in dark colored skirt suits, having taken to neutral colors over the years rather than the eye catching Spencer brand of green and related colors - not because she particularly enjoys them, but because they help her play her part. Behind closed doors and away from prying eyes she's more fond of lighter, looser clothing to give her freedom of movement.


Once a woman of many friends, there are naught but slim pickings in Willow's life in this regard for the time being. Her transformation from a bubbly, sociable prankster to a serious politician put off a lot of people in all the circles she had, and some felt betrayed by the stances she's espoused over the years. Although, it wouldn't be impossible for her to retain a positive connection or two from those whom actually decided to put their trust on her regardless.

She very much enjoys spending time with her friends despite the recent-ish solitary behavior she's adopted. It wouldn't take much convincing from a close friend for her to let her guard down and indulge in any sort of silly antics and activities, and that's just what she's needing.


While she once enjoyed a close relationship with her family, her apparent allegiance to the Ministry of Magic created a wedge not only in her standing within the halfbreed community, but in her relationship with her parents as well. This was made worse when Keanu and his wife died, and nowadays she barely keeps in touch with them past pleasantries and important dates.

As for her niece, Hailey took her in out of common sense - given her position within the Ministry, the girl could be granted more protection than normal because anything else would make for bad PR. While not very present due to her job, she tries to steer the girl in the right direction whenever they meet: something truly hypocritical given how much Willow used to screw around when she was that girl's age.


Willow's dated a number of people over the years - she's the relationship type for the most part (exceptions can be made), but, unfortunately, her career has gotten in the way every time. Up until now she's placed career advancement as the top priority and her relationships tend to suffer and dwindle regardless of closeness.

She's mostly given up looking for solace in a romantic sense, but perhaps the right person can get through to her and make her change a thing or two about how she conducts herself in the world presently.


Of these she has plenty, though Willow seems mostly desensitized to any less than savory words or threats thrown her way. Whether it be from the anti-halfbreed activists whom are always too loud for her own good, the halfbreeds that feel threatened by her position, or the whispers behind her back that she is fairly positive occur within the Ministry itself, Willow takes it all in stride and always prepares herself for any kind of confrontation lurking just around the corner, not wishing to be caught off guard. That said, she does know that losing a battle does not mean losing the war in the end.

The story so far

Willow was born in Echuca, VA, to two half-fae parents, Mckenna and Nathan. Genetics blessed her (or, perhaps, cursed) with making it so the little girl was half-fae as well rather than anything less. They lived in a small community for their kind at the edge of town, having taken up refuge as the anti-halfbreed rhetoric was slowly climbing to new heights in Australia. Just a couple years prior another baby joined the household - Keanu, her big brother and future partner in crime.

The Kennedys managed to maintain the illusion of an idyllic life for the pair. This played well into their energetic, impulsive dispositions - they became notorious for their hijinks in the whole town, being prone to play pranks and practical jokes on unsuspecting onlookers. They were kept ignorant of the world's hatred of their kind until it was time to start their Wizarding education. They tactfully chose Tallygarunga as their institution of choice despite their wealth as they figured such a diverse place would be safer for their children.

Predictably, Willow was sorted into Spencer and felt right at home with the crowd. However, as the years went by, she was exposed to occasional bouts of racism towards all sorts of halfbreeds; while she didn't suffer much of it herself at all, the various cases she did witness caused her to adopt a more serious outlook to life, which culminated with the woman pursuing politics in college in an effort to change the society and Ministry's point of view from within. Nathan decided to be more proactive about it and became an activist instead, which was reluctantly supported by his parents, as well as his eventual wife, Rachel.

Willow's sudden shift of focus caused those of her community to grow distrustful of her as they saw it as her aligning with the Ministry's views. Conversely, the Ministry didn't give her much wiggle room to work with due to her heritage. This caused a rift between her and society in general as she felt she couldn't approach anyone, even if they were her own flesh and blood.

Having always been a bright kid whom was quick to embark in all sorts of adventures and experiments, it was no surprise when she applied for an administrative position in the Department of Magical Research & Innovation and got in without much difficulty. Even if her career was constantly sandbagged by the higher ups, they felt it was in their best interest to keep her under their wing: keep your friends close and your enemies closer, or so they say. Willow settled down onto that somewhat boring life, biding her time to make a play at the politics surrounding her species.

Her time would come, but not in the manner she wanted it to. During a halfbreed rights manifestation in the early 2010's that the vast majority of her family took a part in, there was a riot; and, with it, came death and destruction. Her brother and his wife had decided to fight back, which spelled their untimely end. Their little girl, Hailey, had been placed under her custody - she had little time to grieve or even lash out before having to take on the responsibility, contributing to her shoving her once bombastic personality down further in order to meet expectations and keep her position intact.

As the years went by, some figures in the Ministry realized the public perception of them when it came to those who weren't entirely human. In a move that was blatant PR, they took from that same tragedy that had struck the community a few years ago and decided to name someone from the Ministry as the Head of Magical Research & Innovation, someone whom was related to the victims: that someone was Willow. When presented with the promotion, she knew it was no more than pure and absolute manipulation. She knew the position would only be on paper and that they'd try to control her every move, but she accepted it anyway - for as constricting as it was, it was a step closer to realizing her goal of changing the Ministry from within.

Nowadays she sees it as a game of chess. Most of her coworkers are her enemies and she has to stay afloat to survive, lest she be used as an escape goat to serve as justification for the Ministry's inherent bigotry. In the meantime, by lending her name to halfbreed causes, perhaps she can spread the word far and wide enough so that minds will be changed about them...

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