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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

Colette Auclair

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    Kiernan Shipka

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  1. Blue is the colour of victory

    Colette Auclair
    Oh my! I heard the Sturts crushed the Spencers in their latest Quidditch match, part of the Spencer Quidditch Team ended up in the Hospital Wing, but that’s not all, they aren’t even mad at that, they seem to be delighted. Oh? You want to know the juicy details? Well, it seems that students from the Spencer House decided to accept their defeat and have coloured their skin Blue, can you imagine enjoying an adversary victory that much? They decided to congratulate their adversaries, preventing the Sturts win to go unnoticed, everyone knows about it by now. Unfortunately, not every Spencer seems to be selfless, but those that shower in the dorms and in the locker-rooms have their skin blue. I heard countless Spencers have been roaming the campus with their new colour. Some are fully coloured, some only partial, and some managed to escape the dreadful prank played upon them.
  2. School visits

    The boy seemed a little off, but she didn’t pay too much attention to him or what he was doing, she was more interested in something else, but he denied being a Spencer and upon inspecting his clothes she noticed that his house colors had some yellow in it, that was some poor taste, who would be the poor bastards that would have to carry the color yellow all around? She was starting to feel sorry for him and everyone in his house for having to wear such color with the uniform. She was about to ask him to which house he belonged to, but she didn’t even have to, he replied right away. That was a pleasant surprise. “Flinders…” she took a mental note of his house, the yellow one, while the Spencer’s were the green, so the last one standing were the red, the Bourke’s, made sense in a way. “Yes, I ran into them already.” The boy gave her some strange vibes, he didn’t look like he was out to get her, he didn’t seem to be talking jokingly at her like the other girl she had met, Brooke. But, why was he apologizing? What the fuck was wrong with him to apologize over something it wasn’t even his fault? She stared at him confused for a moment, people at that school were all fucking weird or were under the effect of drugs, it was the only explanation. “Why are you apologizing?” she was confused, but she wasn’t going to purse the subject even more. “And you are? I’m Colette.” She was completely surprised by his reaction to her and to her words, almost as if he felt sorry for her.
  3. Feel The Glow

    She hardly believed the girl wasn’t going to prank her, it was like telling a wolf not to be a wolf, but she couldn’t really turn to anyone else except that shady stranger. Sure, the girl seemed like she wanted to help, but she was also a Spencer, therefore it was suspicious to try and be so helpful, it was as if the girl was already planning something, which she wouldn’t be surprised. “That doesn’t make sense, but okay. Hope you’re ready to accept death if you break that promise.” Colette still wasn’t convinced, but she couldn’t tell if the girl was lying or not, at least, not in that specific moment, she would have to waiting until she gets better at it. At least the girl was receptive to Colette’s suggestion about her own sister. She and Gwen had their differences and while in public she looked like she didn’t like her sister or her company it couldn’t be further from the truth, she loved Gwen and would destroy anything and anyone that would harm her sister. But Gwen was always going to be Dumpster Baby, no matter how old she is, Colette will plan to call her that for a long long time, and maybe never really stopping. “Thanks.” As much as it cost her to say that, she had to, it was for her sister. “And I’m Colette.” She now had the set, what more did this Brooke girl wanted? It was irrelevant, Colette was more interested in something else. “I heard you Spencer’s like to play pranks, but, what do you get from it besides being bullies?” Colette was a form of a bully herself, but not out to cause mass embarrassment, which amusing when she wasn’t the target, it wasn’t how she was raised, she preferred to diminish people in private, at least no one could call her out on it.
  4. Invite New acquaintances

    What’s with the boy and repeating? Did he have some kind of mental problem that prevented him from talking without repeating what other people were saying? Or was he just trying to look cool? Well that was getting boring, but his next words were amusing, for someone who acts like he’s better than everyone else be talking about her. People weren’t peasants, they were uncultured apes. “Yes, they did. I excel at everything, even when looking down on people that like to look down on others.” Her smile grew and her eyes didn’t leave his, most people disliked having someone looking directly at them, he didn’t seem too dislike it. She had to admit she was having a bit of fun. Uh, someone seemed upset, was it her calling her sweet summer child? Or maybe cute and adorable? Well, neither were exactly insults, except the tone she had used to call him that, almost as if he was inferior to her, which he certainly was, getting all riled up over something like that? He hadn’t showed it much, but how he acted? It sure seemed as the icy boy couldn’t take the cold. He needed to practice a bit more to be able to rile her up, that was her domain and she was planning to keep it that way. “You certainly look like someone who already tried that.” was she trying to provoke him? Yes, she was he going to be able to keep his cool? She wasn’t too sure, but the more they talked the more amusing it was. “But I doubt teachers would want bad feedback, even people don’t want bad feedback.” He seemed to be one of those, she certainly was one, but she often played it cool, like it was an achievement, something to be labelled as great instead of bad, no matter how people looked at it, Colette was and was always going to be better.
  5. Invite Soul Overture

    Colette had no idea about her sister’s ‘betrayal’ and that was going to cost the younger Auclair. She didn’t like plotting behind her back when it came to her, but as she was unaware of the events that were going to follow she continued to quietly and calmly reading her book in Russian, she needed to practice, it wasn’t easy doing it without someone to help her the language, she’d have to reply on books and memory to know what it meant, but she was managing well for the time being, she wouldn’t need to call anyone to make sure she was translating it correctly, and if she did it would be a big blow on her ego. The knock on the door took her by surprise, Colette muttered some profanities in German and eyed the door curiously. “What do you want Gwen, I’m reading.” she spoke, but as her sister didn’t even bothered to open the door, the half-veela rolled her eyes and waved her hand, opening the door for her sister and her visit. She didn’t bother to look at the door, just expecting Gwen to walk inside she usually does whenever she has something for Colette, but upon the quietness she rose her eyes to look at the younger Auclair. What invaded her vision was the sight of Laurie, their so-called friend, one could swear that Colette was fuming if she wasn’t so cold. Her eyes diverted to the book, still showing the same cold demeanour as always. “What do you have there?” she didn’t bother to hide her annoyance from her sister and Laurie, it was obvious that Colette was upset, she thought she at least had deserved some kind of letter, but she had received nothing, it was like Laurie was only with them with the purpose of not being alone, she was even sure the older Spencer had found some new best friend and was planning on doing the same thing, Colette wasn’t going to fall for it again. “I’m busy, what do you want?”
  6. Invite New acquaintances

    She was starting to think that perhaps that house wasn’t as good as she thought, whoever was playing chess was making some awful mistakes. It certainly reflected the incompetence of that school, no problem, she only had to stick to that school for a few years and then she could do whatever she wanted, like going back to Germany and attend Wizarding University there, that would be interesting. The bland boy was exactly how she expected, bland, trying to show some superiority by even claiming something as obvious as her being from another school, seriously pathetic on their end, she was starting to regret asking such a question to someone who believes he’s even superior. She rolled her eyes at his display, almost as if the sound of his voice was annoying, it was certain as boring as he was. “Popsicle School it’s not a hard guess...but I got my answer.” if someone had to point out she was from Durmstrang it just proved they were as dumb as they appeared to be, but on the other hand her grades would bring shame to everyone, she will excel, as always, but it would be boring without some real competition, maybe that boy was exactly what it was, weak competition. “They are not fancy, they are old, they are smelly, but at least they teach, they aren’t bland either.” she spoke with soft eyes, a smile and a voice that could freeze most people, there wasn’t even a hint of emotion, almost like it was empty on the inside, it was like she didn’t care and was only trying to get a reaction out of him. It was like everyone in that god-forsaken country needed some form of validation, no wonder her sister was enjoying that place, she could get away with anything with a little pat on the back. “Oh, you sweet summer child. You really think that would work?” she said, staring at him, a sweet smile growing on her lips, that were everything but sweet. “That’s rather cute and adorable that would suggest that.”
  7. Invite New acquaintances

    Despite the school being a horrible place to learn, at least in that condition and with those teachers, the Common Room wasn’t so bad, it was cosy, and it felt good to be surrounded by those who had potential to challenge her in an intellectual level, which was pretty hard to do so. She wondered how all these people who seemed to grasp the concept of education had fallen in such a poor school, wasn’t anything better out there? Or were all the teachers in Australia this bad? Maybe it was a country issue and not an institution issue? That would explain why half the teachers were incompetent and why the other half had a limited knowledge on their subjects and were very lenient with the students. She took a deep breath and wandered across the Common Room. It was magnificent, she could see people playing chess, reading and engaging in somewhat interesting debates. That was where she felt comfortable. She looked for a place to sit, to enjoy the quietness of the room until she stopped a young man who seemed as boring as a blank sheet, but at least he was quiet and was probably meditating. She approached the couch and with a fake smile she passed by him. “Hello.” She greeted him. She tried to be polite, but that didn’t mean she had to be nice, yet, she tried. She tried to get across to the other side, and quietly made her way through. She sat down and removed a book from her bag, she crossed one leg over the other and opened a book in German. German was so much easier than English, the world flow better. She slowly looked over at her couch companion, nope, no matter how many times she looked at him face he was still going to look as boring as a white paper sheet. It was then that she thought she could always ask him if the school had always been like this. “Excuse me, but I have a question.” She turned towards him, closing her book but leaving her index in the middle not to lose track of the page she was on. “Why does this school lack competent teachers? Or has it always been like this?”
  8. School visits

    The way she was moving, and fuming caught the attention of many people, they were irrelevant bags of bones and flesh and she didn’t have time for their opinions on her, after all, a sheep’s opinion is as good as nothing, however, she wasn’t expecting anyone to just go up to her and talk. She turned in the direction of a voice, only to see a kid around her age drinking something highly disgusting by the smell of it, it bothered her a little, but she had smelled worse things in her life, and that didn’t make her gag just my smelling it. She had to give this kid some points for not trying to murder her. She stared at him for a brief moment, from head to toe before she stared at his eyes, her face with a blank and annoyed expression was enough for others to feel a slight cold. “No, I’m not lost.” She spoke as if he had insulted her. She wouldn’t get lost, she had perfect memory, she knew perfectly which corridor to go to, which classrooms to go to. Can’t a person be annoyed at a teacher’s teaching method and suddenly they are lost? Did she look like she was even lost to begin with? Frustrated? Yes. Upset? Yes. But lost? No, she wasn’t fucking lost. “I’m just wondering how you can learn where teacher’s quality is so low that I could walk all over it and feel like the floor is descending.” She crossed her arms to look at the kid, her eyes still fixated on him, showing anger that was trying to be controlled, but somehow was leaking through words. “You’re not a Spencer, are you?” He better not be a Spencer, or she was going to punch him right there in the face. The glow substance was still in her body and it wasn’t going away, she wished she had punched the other Spencer girl, if she could turn back time, she wouldn’t hesitate into going back to fix it and punch her, only to satisfy her anger for still having the substance in her skin.
  9. Feel The Glow

    Colette wouldn’t call being attacked with a glow-y substance a hazing ritual, it was a prank, a deliberate prank. Were the Spencer’s so scared of the Sturt’s that they need specifically to attack the team with such a prank? It was impressive the time and effort someone put into it, but that didn’t excuse the fact that it was a low strike. The girl in front of her just had given her some certainty on the culprit, it was some low-life from the Spencer House and she was going to get her revenge sooner or later, preferably sooner, she just needed to think of a good thing to do, something that could take all Spencer’s by surprise, or maybe just most of them. She had to think how she would take revenge. She could start her revenge with that cute little thing in front of her, freeze her hands and feet, maybe petrify them? Would she even be expelled from school for doing that even when she couldn’t be considered a student? No matter, she wasn’t going to do anything, at the moment, she just had to wait for a better opportunity. The way the girl looked at her was rather suspicious, what was she thinking? Probably something to continue this prank. She was starting to hate that fucking school and every student in it. “Well done Captain Obvious. Was it my appearance or my accent that gave it away.” One needed to be pretty stupid not to realize that Colette was from another continent, and even stupider to have to point out the obvious. That school was clearly full of idiots, even the girl with her silly little comments like a commoner. Maybe she should have gone to the other school, it would be a lot better than that ridiculous circus. “If that’s your attempt to tell me I’m cute, I already know I’m cute, I’m more worried about something else.” Was that thing poisonous? What if she had an allergic reaction? Probably would inspire her to get her sweet revenge on those bald apes. Be her guide? Did she think Colette was stupid enough to take her help? Knowing she was a Spencer? “I’d say yes, but I wouldn’t like to get anything else on me, maybe next time, but my idiot of a sister, Gwen probably would appreciate the help with her social butterfly personality.” She spoke, maybe her sister could get some help, just because Colette had declined it, it didn’t mean that Gwen couldn’t have a tour guide.
  10. Invite Flickering Lights

    She couldn’t understand what the deal with her sister was. Did she have an overgrowing passion with Laurie? Maybe she did. Colette shivered a little just to think about it. Laurie was a cute girl and for the most part her cool behaviour was part of her charm, Colette couldn’t deny it was pretty cool, but as Laurie left and they were alone, Colette started to see that it was nothing but a ridiculous enjoyment of the idea of freedom that Laurie had given her, at least, it was what she chose to believe in. Her eyes were about to meet her book when she looked at Gwen, she couldn’t stop wondering what the fuck was wrong with her sister, besides her head, and her ridiculous idea to wear those ugly ass glasses, at least Gwen could be fashionable. Colette looked at her sister, her unamused face said it all, but she didn’t want Gwen to go back to that subject. “I’ll see what I can do.” She replied, not rolling her eyes this time, but my stuffing her nose in her book again. She still couldn’t understand the fascination with Laurie, maybe Colette was just jealous her sister seemed to think a stranger like Laurie was cooler, or maybe it was something else and she wasn’t planning on wasting too much time thinking about it. What was the point? Colette continued to read her book, waiting for her sister to continue the damn game so that she can snoop and help with the puzzles, but it seemed as the younger sister didn’t want to. Was Gwen so surprised to hear that Laurie was in Australia? Was Gwen that naïve and that childish that would accept to be used whenever someone needed something?
  11. School visits

    The blonde was hopping that this day would turn out better than the previous one. After the prank she wasn’t quite in the mood for anything, and she did manage to remove most of the glowing substance, with the help of her father, who seemed to have had some trouble with it. She only glowed a bit, mostly on her neck, a spot on her forehead and some of her arm, nothing too extreme, and something that could potentially go unnoticed, unless people would stare or if someone pointed them out, like her sister had done a few times after the majority of the glowing had disappeared. She was going to attend one of the classes, Cruel & Unusual Geography, and interesting yet easy subjected, considering that that she had a great tutor at home. There was nothing else interesting in the area, minus some students who seemed to be going to classes. Her uniform was … awful, the lack of fashion in that school was horrible, why couldn’t they just wear whatever they want? Why did it have to be these stupid, ugly uniforms? The dress was the ugliest thing, but also the only piece of clothing that could help her withstand the temperatures. She had a feeling when Summer comes, she was going to turn into a puddle. The class had gone by quickly. Did they call that a class? It was a joke, they barely learnt anything. What kind of school was that? She hopped that other classes weren’t lacking like this one was, or when the new school year starts, she wasn’t even going to bother to study, she could easily ace all the classes with this barely mediocre teaching. She existed the class, her face showing a certain superiority, as if she was smarter than everyone in the classroom, including the Professors. That school was a joke and shouldn’t be eligible to teach, who were they trying to trick? She exited the classroom and hung around the area, maybe there will be another class worth going to, a class where the Professor wasn’t a waste meat suit walking around pretending to teach.
  12. Feel The Glow

    It would be better to go home, ask someone to remove the glow off of her so that she could continue to visit the school, and to be sure she gets her proper revenge. She didn’t care on who, as long as it affected someone from that Spencer House, she couldn’t prank her own sister without her mother saying anything, always saying that Colette needed to live a little, she lived enough, she had plenty of time for that whenever she graduates and moves to a less hot county. Their father made them move to hell, despite the breeze it was warm, and she wasn’t liking it. It was safe to say Colette didn’t want to waste her energy controlling her temperature when the weather could do it for her. A voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked at the girl and rolled her eyes at the, not so, funny comment that the girl had said. Was she trying to make a joke? Colette took a deep breath, but whoever was near her could sense a slight decrease in the temperature as she eyed the new girl. What the fuck was she saying? A hazing ritual? It would have been better if it was a hazing ritual, however, something told Colette that the girl that was asking not out of concern, especially since her house colours indicated that she belonged in the house that had played a prank on the Sturt's in the first place. “I hardly believe you think this was a hazing ritual. Especially belonging to the house that’s responsible for this mess.” She was certain the girl was going to try and lie, saying she didn’t know or that she had nothing to do with it, maybe she didn’t, belonging to that house made her as guilty as the one that planned it. Colette closed her fist, which in return seemed to create a thin layer of ice, much better. “But yes I’m new. No wonder my sister ended up in that house.”
  13. Invite Flickering Lights

    The only thing Colette did was look at her sister. Gwen was being an idiot, eyes won’t fall out. How old was she? Five? Her sister was an idiot, she already knew that, but she didn’t pictured Gwen to be so ignorant. Colette just shook her head in disappointment, as her eyes were fixated on her sister, no other expression except the one that showed how disappointed she was with Gwen. So young, so naïve, and yet again, so stupid. Colette’s eyes fell on the book once more, expecting the conversation to be over, but she wasn’t going to have that luck, her sister once again opened her mouth, but what was that? She was agreeing with Colette? Telling her that she was right? The warm weather was probably having an effect on her sister’s mind and rational ability. While they got along pretty well at home, like actual sisters, they always had their differences and their ideas often clash, but to hear her sister say such a thing was a sweet victory, so sweet that Colette’s lips just curled, showing a bit of pride and arrogance, almost like she knew she was better and that Gwen had just confirmed it. “I wasn’t the one that left. I wasn’t the one that didn’t write. I won’t move a muscle Gwen. I wasn’t the one that did anything wrong.” Colette refused to talk to Laurie, or even make a comment, if Laurie wished to talk, she could, it didn’t mean Colette would suddenly be all friendly with her again. She had made her mind, Laurie would have to at least try without expecting things to just be alright. “You can talk all you want, but I’m not going to, unless she starts.” Colette was proud, she wasn’t going to bend over to Laurie’s will or whatever she had planned. Even if Laurie had no idea she would end up on Australia a letter wouldn’t cos her ability to walk.
  14. Feel The Glow

    Colette Auclair
    What was that crap all about? Who had been the asshole that decided to prank the Sturt Quidditch team? They should be locked in a cage like a rabid animal. She thought Australia would be better, but it seemed to be full of idiots. Who was showing her around had gotten the biggest portion, making them even brighter than her. Colette gathered a her cool, she couldn’t even visit campus in peace without falling victim of a juvenile prank. It reminded her of how annoying her sister could be, with the difference that her sister probably wasn’t smart enough to pull this, maybe in a few years. She was slightly impressed, not that she would ever admit it to anyone, and whoever confronts her about it, will receive a cold stare that will most likely chill their spine. Whoever did it was going to pay dearly for making her look like a walking glow stick. Who even does that? Who in their right mind pulls a prank like this? “I swear whenever I catch the bastard that did this, I’m freezing their sorry ass.” She thought to herself as her fingers touched her forehead, massaging it a little. She wasn’t even planning to unto the prank, to stop looking like a firefly, what was the point? It was going to disappear soon enough. The blonde left the Quidditch player go wherever they needed to go, just like her they were probably annoyed at the situation. First few days in that school and she had already been caught in a prank, that probably wasn’t even meant for her. Walking down the halls, arms crossed, she tried to make sense of where she was, and to where she needed to go. Where were the maps to that fucking place? Maybe she should have requested some assistance like her sister did, but she wasn’t going to admit that Gwen had done something right. Muttering something under her breath, she walked towards a few tables and benches and sat down, leaning her back on the table and crossing on leg over the other as her chin rested on the palm of her hand. She looked like she was ready to hold someone’s neck and break it, she was still upset over the fact that she was now a glow stick, even if temporarily. She remained quiet, waiting for the time to pass, and hoping to avoid people as much as she could, during classes that sounded a perfect location.
  15. It seems today was a bad day to visit the school and get information about the team. I'm already reconsidering this...

Colette Marie Auclair
Student Fifth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age  16
Date of Birth August 10th, 2003
Birthplace Rennes, France
Occupation Student
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Magpie
Wand Rowan, 9 ½’’ with Veela hair
Play-by Kiernan Shipka

Durmstrang Institute: 1st to 5th year

Tallygarunga: 6th year - present


• Veela heritage, unregistered;

• Would do everything for her sister, in secret;

• Does nice things behind people's back, the girl has a reputation;

• Insecure, acts like it's nothing;

• Slightly suspicious of people;

• Likes to read romances and science-fiction books;

• Decent at most sports, avoids showing it to people;

• Loves Krav Maga;

• Loves competition; 

• Good Occlumens;

• Beginner Legilimens, still on the early stages.



General Knowledge

• Would punch her sister for Pizza, or anything really;

• She will punch you in the face;

• Is often fighting with her sister;

• Known to be a pureblood; 

• Can speak French, German and English fluently, can also speak Danish and Russian;

• Will crush you in a duel;

• Likes to be alone;

• Ex-Beater for the Durmstrang Institute;

• Has plans to join her house Quidditch team as a beater;

• Can drop the room temperature just by entering it;

• Excels academically;

• Has a cat named Oliver and a Guard Goose named Uncle Waldo, aka Wally.


Colette isn’t the nicest person, despite her apparent calm demeanor, she’s often distant and cold towards everyone at first, and slowly warm up to people, but never letting her guard down. Towards friends she’s more approachable but still enough to make the room’s temperature to drop drastically. Being distant and cold aren’t her only qualities she’s often insensitive to people’s feelings, and sometimes even enjoys the reactions she gets out of them, either anger, sadness, embarrassment, among others. The only people above such enjoyment are her closest friends (if she has any) and some of her family members.

She can be quite inflexible and stubborn, being always reluctant to listen to other people’s ideas and opinions, believing hers are always better, unless given a reason, usually a detailed explanation of pros and cons to why hers isn’t the best. But being a quick thinker and strategic her original idea can shift according to what fits her better, still ignoring everyone else’s unless there’s a proper explanation.

She is arrogant, cynical and condescending towards almost everyone. Her ego is as big as her (although that’s not such an impressive feat, considering her somewhat small stature). She has a hard time apologizing, believing her actions were the right ones at that point.

Colette has a hard time trusting people, if her cold and distant impression isn’t enough to drive people away, trust comes hard and only what she wants will be known, and when she wants, not giving anyone the benefit of a doubt, once can outcome this state after a while, and most likely under some verbal abuse, mean comments. Most of her reactions towards others, along with superiority are slightly more toned down towards her closest friends and family members.

As a friend she’s loyal and dedicated, if one can ignore the countless attacks, usually just to joke around, and sarcasm coming from her. A warmer and approachable Colette usually appears behind close doors, where she doesn’t have the Ice Queen reputation to maintain, but she will deny everything.

She’s quite dedicated and efficient on her work, organized to the point of perfection and intelligent. Her quick thinking and strategic mind help her excel in everything she puts her mind to. From school to social life, Colette always thrives to be better and more importantly, better than others.

She had a slight dislike for authority figures, hardly being impressed by them. While she follows the rules, there’s a slight disdain towards those figures, most likely because of her previous school. She has a weird and slightly morbid sense of humor, usually not laughing at jokes and keeping a constant resting bitch face, but it doesn't mean it's impossible to make her smile or even laugh. 


Colette stand roughly at 157cm, but unlike her younger sister she quite enjoys her small stature. She thinks it’s easier to move around without calling attention towards herself, also making it easier to escape situations she doesn’t want to be in. Colette is quite slim, despite the sports she practices, but her veela-heritage give her an advantage, not only she’s sturdier than she appears, she’s also faster and stronger than most people her age.

She has medium length blond hair, stranding slightly below her chin. Her hair is usually loose, but one can find her on occasion with a pony tail or a headband, keeping the hair away from her brown eyes.

Colette is known not to wear a lot of makeup, with the eventual eye makeup, mostly to avoid comments due to her veela heritage. She often looks uninterested by everyone, mostly giving a lot of eye rolls. Her most common expression is a blank stare, even in the most awkward of situations.

Clothing wise she tries to wear fashionable yet comfortable clothes. She’s a lover of skirts and dresses and can be seen wearing them. Jeans and shorts are also part of her wardrobe; however, they are less common. She avoids t-shirts, enjoying blouses and sweaters.

Now with her move to Australia one can see her wearing Spring and Autumn clothes during the Winter, leaving her Summer attires for the actual Australian Summer, or hell.

The story so far

Colette was born in Rennes, France. She’s the oldest daughter of Heide, a veela, and Arsène a pureblood. Her mother was a German archaeologist and her father a healer. She likes to believe that her parents’ meeting was purely coincidental due to their chosen careers. As a young child she thought that was awesome, but soon grew out of it. A couple of months after her one-year anniversary, her sister Gwendoline was born and for the dismay of the Auclair’s, their daughters was complete opposites, like winter and summer.

During a complicated era for halfbreeds, Colette’s father managed to find a job in Berlin, Germany, motivated by his desire to protect his wife and daughters from the events that were happening at the time. He managed to find safety, given by the German Ministry for his family. At the age of six, Colette and her family moved to Germany, the different language wasn’t a barrier, their mother had taught Colette and Gwen German since they were old enough to speak, given them a faster adaptation to the country and its language.

Thanks to the German Ministry, and the deal that their mother had made, the Auclair sisters didn’t have to register as half-breeds, being labelled as purebloods instead. Such of secret had to be protected, especially at a time like that. The sisters learned Occlumency since a young age to protect themselves from those who liked to delve into other people’s minds, and when they were old enough, they both attended the Durmstrang Institute without calling attention towards themselves, considering the school didn’t accept muggleborn and halfbreed students they would be relatively safe as long as they could keep their secret.

The years in the institute went fine, despite the rigorous rules, that Colette didn’t enjoy, she did her best and managed to fit in, unlike her sister who was mostly ostracized by everyone. The whole experience didn’t seem to change her much, but she was always happy to go home during the holidays.

Shortly after the end of the school year, their father announced that they would be moving to safer place, this time in Australia. The country offered safer and better conditions to the family. They packed their bags, expecting to adapt to their new life in Australia. The language wouldn’t be a barrier for neither of them, the new school was public and inclusive, which seemed to be the best option for the girls’ education.

Upon arriving to Australia, their main concern was to settle in, Colette on the other hand couldn’t be more excited to visit the school, maybe even assist a few classes to make sure she was all caught up.

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