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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Invite For Absent Friends

    It seemed that Laurie had everything planned, the way they could potentially distract whoever was supervising the ball, it really seemed that everything that Laurie need was a distraction as she seemed to be having everything else under control. She could easily get something else to distract everyone, she didn’t necessarily need Colette or Gwen. The blonde waited for a brief moment and weighted the pros and cons, if they were caught Laurie could get away easily, she was going back, but Gwen and Colette would have to deal with the consequences. It was a tough decision, was she willingly to take the chance and get caught? It probably wasn’t anything that could cause them to get expelled, hopefully, but if she wanted to know more about it, all she had to do was accept, but she could always turn it back down, after all, there was nothing that prevented her from doing so. “You know I can easily tell you I’m in and then just back out, or not show at all, leaving you and Gwen both stuck.” She commented. She was still deciding if she should agree with Laurie or not, there was too much on the line, however, she also could use to spend some time with her old friend. “I suppose I can commit to my word.” She spoke a bit sarcastically. She would never go back on her word, but it would be amusing to see Laurie’s reaction to that. The answer that Laurie had given Colette wasn’t one that she was expecting to hear. She wasn’t sure to feel flattered or not, but they were that, just friends, perhaps on a different time thing could have taken another route, now? Colette was far from interested in Laurie like that. She shrugged but avoided answering to Laurie, there was nothing that she could say that could make it better, but there were a lot of thing that she could say that could make everything worse. “Well, I suppose I won’t die if I do this and I’m sure the Puppy Gwen will be in it too, but knowing you two, you probably spoken to her already.” Knowing those two it was safe to assume they had already talked about it, she could be wrong, even if she was almost certain she wasn’t. Gwen and Laurie were close, at least that’s what Colette thought, and there was nothing wrong with that.
  2. Invite For Absent Friends

    Colette watched Laurie, as much as she enjoyed a good challenge she wasn’t seeing the point of dancing around, being blunt was the easiest way to address a situation and Laurie was playing around, throwing rocks to see what hit and what didn’t and honestly it was what was annoying Colette to begin with. Some things were obvious, they didn’t need saying, but in this case, it wasn’t, and Laurie’s little mind games were somewhat exhausting, but at last, she spoke about what she wanted. “Well, first of all it’s supposed to be a secret, and second of all Gwen’s involved.” And it was because of Gwen that Colette wanted to keep her mouth shut in the first place, snitching about her sister wasn’t something she enjoyed doing. “I heard something about a Ball, but I wouldn’t think anyone would actually play a prank, considering the number of adults watching.” Someone most likely had tried it and had failed precisely because there would be too many adults walking around seeing what they were doing, but it was an interesting idea, could they even pull it off? “But I’m listening, what do you plan to? And are we even allowed to go to the Ball? We aren’t students.” Maybe if they were invited by another student, they could pull it off, but Laurie was only one and they were two. “You want me to be your date? May I ask why? Other than just the purpose of the prank obviously.” Colette was surprised to say the least, there had been a time where she probably would have enjoyed it far more, but that ship was long gone. She wouldn’t decline, but she still wondered what made Laurie ask her such question, aside from being convenient for their prank. “I’m not saying no, to the prank, but I still want to know why me? I’m certain you have plenty of other people to take.” It was sounding like a question someone bitter would ask, but there was no real meaning beside curiosity behind it, she was genuinely curious about Laurie’s decision to take her, Gwen was probably a better and safest choice.
  3. Invite For Absent Friends

    “Deal.” Colette loved her sister, even if her usual demeanour didn’t show, she was a bit affectionate towards those she cared, it was almost as if her shields suddenly dropped with the comfort of someone’s company. With Laurie she had those shields right up once more, while they had been down before, now was a different story, but they were slowly lowering, as if the threat was gone and things could proceed as natural. It was probably of Laurie’s knowledge that Colette didn’t mind chaos, maybe a more controlled chaos that some Spencers liked to cause, but whatever they were going they needed to proceed carefully, while they could use magic, they were both underage. Colette wasn’t sure if she was already being tracked by the Australian Ministry of Magic, but just case she was, she didn’t want to risk anything. Laurie knew Colette, perhaps she knew her a bit too well and knew exactly how to catch her. Colette didn’t want to snitch on her sister, maybe Laurie already knew, maybe she didn’t, but she wouldn’t put it past Laurie knowing and just play with her a little, like a cat playing with mouse. “Telling me or not wouldn’t make it more or less successful. But okay, don’t tell me I guess...” did Laurie think Colette was going to beg her to let her be on the prank? If Laurie genuinely wanted her help she could ask, unless she was scared about Colette’s answer. “May I at least know when you’re planning it?” Colette simply asked out of curiosity, it wasn’t like she was going to try and do something to prevent it or warn anyone about it, the only people that mattered were … well, Gwen, everyone else could be pranked for all she cared. “So, you tell me you have a prank, but you don’t tell me what it is, it just seems like you want my help but don’t want to ask me.” Colette’s eyes fell on Laurie’s, as a smile stretched across her face. Was Laurie afraid of asking or was Laurie afraid of the answer? It was all very … suspicious. “It’s a shame, because if you were to directly ask for help I probably wouldn’t say no.”
  4. Sticky troubles

    She was a bit surprised to see his smile, it didn’t pain the picture she had of him, or the picture he seemed to let out, it was almost like he wasn’t some jackass running around, tormenting other people’s lives for fun with ridiculous pranks, while his initial prank in the Sturt’s locker room had been somewhat ingenious, this one was … well just a nuisance. She couldn’t complain, she was enjoying the time outdoors, she didn’t have that many people that could take her there and that knew their surroundings, he seemed to know more than she did, even if it cost her a lot to admit that she was actually enjoying herself in their little adventure. He was frustrating, the way he talked and the acted. It was rare finding someone who wasn’t intimidated by her, that could be a problem, and yet she liked how challenging his whole existence was she vowed to herself to bring him down. “Ilvermony?” she looked at him a bit surprised, she guessed he was Australian, but it seemed that she was wrong about it. A curious smile popped on her face, he didn’t seem to be backing down, he did want to tell her stories, but would he be able to even surprise her with everything? Doubtful, he wasn’t that resourceful. “Alright, I’m in, we’ll see how those stories are.” she had no idea in what sort of thing she had gotten herself into, but what was wrong with a little adventure? Her smile quickly changed into a surprised look, eyes wide open, she was unsure at how to react to that comment. She already knew she had beautiful eyes, but someone to actively tell her that, so recklessly, without even fear of her icy reactions was…new, surprising and somewhat a bit scary. She didn’t comment but she continued to stare at him for a while before looking at the animals, trying t shake it off. She had just insulted him, calling him a hunting dog, and yet he had taken it lightly and as a compliment. “Well, I mean you’re still a kid.” She continued, trying to poke fun at him but it didn’t go according to plan, it sounded more like a compliment about how he could get better, but maybe that’s what she meant, under the disguise of a mean comment. “You can hear them? What are you? I can’t hear anything.” He certainly wasn’t human, maybe he was a werewolf to be able to hear something that was so far away. She didn’t really mind, it was a bit … different, they didn’t have half breeds in the popsicle school, she was one but that was supposed to be a secret, as far as everyone was concerned, she was a pureblood. But whatever it was that was keeping the animals away from their regular feeding grounds had to be dangerous. “Hmmm…well we need to do something.” She suggested, she was scared, sure, but leaving animals to starving just wasn’t her thing, besides, they had magic, what could go wrong? Surprisingly Phoenix started pulling her, and she followed again, without even debating about it. As soon as her hands was seemingly free, she pulled it back, but she was getting used to the warmth. “So, what do you think it is, by the smell. I can’t smell it so.” She continued to follow his lead; he was the one that could smell whatever it was that was scaring the animals. “Do you think it’s dangerous?” she asked, without being able to hide a bit of excitement about the possibility of the danger that they could be facing.
  5. Invite For Absent Friends

    Colette’s attention quickly followed Laurie and her suggestion to go with her to the Bushland. The blonde did love the outdoors, even if it seemed like a strange taste considering her other preferences, but Laurie did know her better than most people, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, just the two of them, without the little excited puppy that was Gwen. She shrugged and weighted the pros and the cons, was she willing to go? Yes, yes she was, the longer she spent out there with someone she sort of liked being with, the least time she had to spend there with someone she tolerated. Not completely a bad person, but seriously someone who knew how to push her buttons. “Alright, with one condition, Dumpster Baby doesn’t go, I don’t need her leaving a pee trail.” She continued to joke about her younger sister, a joke, a bad one, but one that never got old and that allowed her to pat herself in the back every time she mentioned it. It was hard to say what Colette was thinking that particular moment, was she interested in hearing what Laurie had to say about the pranks? Or was she still trying to play it like she has no idea what’s going on? She was curious, but she still had a role to play, regardless of everything, she had to still pretend that she had no idea what Laurie was talking about and that the prank played by Gwen and her wasn’t something that they could come up with, after all, they weren’t even students, yet. “What kind of prank are you planning?” her curiosity took the better of her and she finally ended up asking Laurie about it. Laurie’s wording told Colette what she had already suspected, but if the brunette thought that she was going to hear it from the blonde’s mouth, she was mistaken.
  6. Invite For Absent Friends

    It was natural that Laurie’s parents would want to spend some time with their family during Christmas, the same went for the girl, after all, the whole idea around the holiday was to spend this special day with family. Colette couldn’t relate to Laurie, she wasn’t the type of person that would feel the need to spend time with someone, while she would have appreciated a letter from Laurie in the past, not that she particularly missed the brunette, but they were friends, communication is something important, but, she wasn’t going to go into that theme, it was old news. She shrugged lightly and watched Laurie. “It’s not a matter of being happy or unhappy really.” Would she be happy? It was a tough situation that Colette would rather not go into now, the time to miss her friend was gone, she now would have to get used to the idea of it. “If I don’t know that person it’s irrelevant what they are going through.” And even if she did know about the person Laurie was talking about, Colette simply wouldn’t care, it wasn’t her business and she wasn’t going to go out of her way to help said person. She shrugged and took a deep breath before staring at Laurie with more attention than she was. “Well, maybe what you need is to relax.” Colette, unlike others, she didn’t need to relax, but she understood that not everyone was like her, not everyone could do almost everything at the same time and she had to understand other people’s limitations. “Go for a walk, enjoy nature, maybe it will help you a little.” She suggested. Nature was something that always made everything well in the world from the rare occasions that Colette needed to gather her composure. “Why don’t you work on a prank yourself? Maybe that’s what you need.” Another suggestion. Colette decided to still keep quiet about who had pranked the entire school, Gwen and her still had some moves when it came to pranks but she wasn’t going to let Laurie on them, not yet anyway.
  7. Sticky troubles

    She wasn’t especially happy but by now she was starting to get used to the annoying Spencer, almost like Gwen, tolerance by proximity. His question was different, weird and it made no sense, why was he even asking her why did they swim? She didn’t know how to answer such a question, and as much as she hated to admit she didn’t know the answer to that question, she couldn’t just ignore it, they were after all stuck to one another for the duration of the glue or at least until someone could dispel it. She shrugged at his question; she didn’t know how to reply to it. She didn’t seem too amused but let the little cute nickname pass. Did she look like a Letty to him? Colette didn’t struggle much upon seeing the bushlands and where he was taking her, well, taking them. She wondered why they left the safe path, but no matter how much she complained about it they were just going to continue. She had picked up something different about it, but she couldn’t have guessed he was American, maybe she’s just poor with accents considering her slight German accent when talking to people, which becomes thicker if she starts to trust the people around her. “I come from Germany, my school was in Scandinavia, we have prairies and ice.” She commented, low tone instead of the argumentative one she liked to use. “We didn’t get to do much exploring, but I do like a good story.” Just like a curious child, Colette liked hearing about other things, to absorb the knowledge, but she wasn’t too adventurous, though, she was enjoying being there. Was she going to admit it? No, never. As much as she was enjoying her time there, being out of in the open was different, scary and she did want to go back. The way he old her hand was a soft hold and she was going to pull it out roughly but when he spoke, she was going to take that challenge just to show this sorry excuse of Spencer that she’s more than he thinks she is. “You want to show me the world around me so badly that you need to challenge me?” she spoke, her eyes looking at his, there was a slight enjoyment in the challenge in her eyes, and she wasn’t going to back down from it, not now, not ever. “We’ll see who’s right.” The blonde didn’t pull her hand, but instead waited for him to let it go. She followed him, she had to, it seemed that she couldn’t get out of that one using her veela heritage alone, she had to go through all of it, and being a challenge only made her want to go further. “How do you know? Are you some kind of hunting dog or something?” she joked but it was quite impressive that he could sense it or smell it or whatever he had done. “You did not just say stray doggo.” she laughed lightly. She didn’t expect him to be the person to use that word. She stopped laughing and looked at Phoenix. “So, you want to approach them is that it? How you’re planning on doing that without having to wrestle them?”
  8. Invite For Absent Friends

    Colette didn’t consider Laurie to be dumb, sure they were different, they took different approach to things, if Colette didn’t dedicated herself to school and everything she did she probably manage well, but she didn’t want to just manage, she wanted to excel, but Laurie was too chill. The way Laurie repeated the question, the blonde just looked at her, but remained quiet. Whatever was going on with Laurie she needed to decide either to fight it or let things stay the same, and as chill as Laurie was for some things, she was quite the fighting type when it came to others. She couldn’t help Laurie in that regard, the girl had to decide for herself what to do, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t give her opinion on the subject, even if it didn’t matter too much. “Sounds good. Even if you stay in Sydney the trip using a portkey shouldn’t be too difficult, and I’m sure mom and dad will let you stay, Gwen might pee herself a little bit though.” Colette enjoyed poling fun at her sister, especially when it came to Laurie as the younger Auclair seemed to enjoy the older Spencer’s company a little too much, and it was amusing to Colette the way her sister reacted, even if not as dramatic as Colette explained it was. She held a chuckle, but it was clear that she was ready to burst out laughing anytime soon if they didn’t change the subject. “Aside that little issue you seem to have, I assume things are well.” The conversation was still a bit hard to maintain, awkwardness and perhaps a bit of resentment were still floating but with time Colette would reach a compromise with Laurie sometime soon, it wasn’t going to be easy but they were both up to it, which shouldn’t make things too complicated, even if ‘complicated’ was Colette’s middle name.
  9. Invite For Absent Friends

    Yes, Laurie was a Spencer but Colette hardly thought the girl truly cared about the houses, much like Colette didn’t really care much, but it allowed her to predict what to expect from others, after all the Spencers were the pranksters, they enjoyed it, and did it for fun, her, well, she did it as a form of revenge or just because she was bored. If that wasn’t the case Gwen and her wouldn’t have tried the chair prank at the school, which was a success and she couldn’t contain herself, she loved hearing how great the prank was, she was very good at hiding it, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t poke a bit more, to listen to what others had to say about the amazing prank the Auclair sisters had come up with. “Maybe one day you’ll find who did it. Try poking around your house, I bet it was one of you.” Colette still tried to use the excuse that the prank had been done by a student, a real student, not someone like her or her sister that were allowed to check classes without being enrolled. But hearing the Laurie raced someone on a chair wasn’t surprising, but she would assume the girl was smarter than to try to ride a chair, guess Laurie wasn’t as smarter as Colette thought. Trying to go for small talk wasn’t a thing Colette liked, but in that moment, she was more interested in what Laurie had to say than to talk about how she was willing to give the Spencer a chance. “Do you want to fight the flow?” Colette refused to let herself go without fighting, even in her previous school, while not as rambunctious as her two closest friends were, she still managed to fight the strict system, in her own way, subtle but it worked. “Seems like you’re in a jam without knowing what to do…” The blonde looked at the Spencer and then looked at her nails, she still tried to show as if she didn’t care, but she was doing a poor job at it. “Anyway, you know I do forgive you, but … I think we can try to work things out, if you promise to write back this time.”
  10. Am I in hell? I have to be in hell. Who raised the temperature? 

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      @Laurie Kempf I know what they are, never seen one.

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      @Colette AuclairWell today's your lucky day, Senior, as I know of good spots to find them.

  11. Invite For Absent Friends

    Things still seemed pretty heave between them, it was understandable, Colette wanted to think about the situation and both Laurie and Gwen didn’t annoy her about it, if anything, it seemed that Laurie was growing, maybe the time she spent in Australia did her some good? Guess some people are allergic to strict rules. The girl entered the room, her answer was somewhat vague, and it showed how distant they had grown apart. It was a natural thing in life, people move, things change, people become more mature, it’s inevitable, eventually people stop talking, although in their case it seems that something kept pushing them to communicate a bit more, and Colette wasn’t going to throw away that chance. As Laurie replied to the prank question, Colette’s expression didn’t change. No one needed to know who was behind such thing, and hearing that it was a Spencer thing didn’t actually bother her. “Yeah probably, you’re all trying to create chaos and all that.” Colette decided to stick to her normal views of the Spencer, while her question could have been suspicious, she was trying to act as if she was still completely innocent and unaware of who might have done it. “I’m not surprised, most Spencers can’t really thinks beyond their perception, so they make everything act like them.” She watched Laurie; the same face that didn’t show a hint of being displeased with the idea that only a Spencer could come up with that. Only her and Gwen knew. “I heard someone was chair surfing, was that you?” Despite not showing, Colette’s ego might have grown a little bit with Laurie’s input, everyone seemed to think that it was a successful prank, people had fun and Colette had to admit she did too. The act of doing the prank was more exciting than the outcome, sneaking into school with Gwen, and them still not being completely into the system was a plus, meant they didn’t have to worry about using underage magic outside of school or at home, Colette hopes the sorting takes long, long enough for Gwen and her come up with something. “I noticed the Quidditch match was hard on everyone, besides the previous events that had happened before so, whoever did it might have taken that into consideration.” “Aside from all those shenanigans you Spencers are up to, you didn’t seem too convincing when you answered to me earlier. You know, I don’t bite.”
  12. The Reserve in indeed a beautiful place. I guess I was wrong about it. Might spend some time there tomorrow too. 

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      @Brooke OuterbridgeNah, something else! You know I'd never spoil the surprise before it's ready, B. I'll even show you too if you wanted, I promise it will blow your mind. 

      @Colette AuclairHow about at the edge of the Bushlands? It will be safer for us that way.


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      @Phoenix AuroraOkay, I'll be waiting for you there. 

  13. Invite For Absent Friends

    Colette was waiting for Laurie to show up. She had told the other girl to stop by her house since they needed to talk, Colette couldn’t avoid Laurie forever, and, as much as she still resented the brunette, the blonde had to put the past behind her. Was it going to be easy? No, but nothing in live really is, she had to stop whining about the idea of making up and would need to step into it, freely. She was nervous and it wasn’t too hard to understand that, she had spent a lot of time wondering how that conversation would go that she had probably used all her possibilities in one hour. Perhaps what had given her the strength to text Laurie had been the current prank Gwen and her, had played in the entire school. It was great watching everyone after the chairs and even being chased by them, among other things and it was a different scenery from her previous school, if they had planned something that big she was sure Gwen and her would be out the door on the next five minutes of finding the perpetrator, but the prank also served to make some memories more vivid. Colette was never one to prank people, either because of the fear of being expelled or because there wasn’t much joy in doing it, but she did like spitting out some ideas. Maybe now she doesn’t need to worry about being expelled. As the blonde relived the moments at the school, watching the students and staff deal with the chairs, Laurie had arrived; she looked at the girl and motioned her to enter. Colette was sitting on her bed, leaving the small couch next to the window completely free for Laurie to sit if she wanted to. “So…how are you?” Colette asked. She wasn’t sure how she was going to start that conversation; she had accepted Laurie’s apology and she wasn’t sure how she could even reach a middle ground with the brunette. Should she break the ice and bring the chaotic even that had taken the school by surprise? “I heard and experienced the chair chaos at school, what happened?” Colette asked like she had no idea how such thing could have happened. It wasn’t a hard spell, but anyone who knew the Auclair sisters well enough could easily tell that they were not only the perpetrators but also the masterminds behind that plan.
  14. Soul Overture

    Gwen replied without an issue, even if she had Colette wasn’t the one to go butt into her sister’s life and her secrets, but it sounded like she and Laurie had a pretty generic conversation. Perhaps Gwen was right. Maybe Laurie was scared of hurting them again, or she was too scared to face the damaged of her own actions. “Yeah …. Maybe…” Colette wasn’t sure how to think of it, she needed to give Laurie the benefit of a doubt, but they would have to start slowly, the girl’s random behaviour didn’t suit with Colette, she liked to be in control and it could take a while for Colette to be willing to let go a bit of it. “Some people look at it differently.” Colette had a hard time letting go, opening up, it needed time or special circumstances that would allow that to happen, unfortunately right not she couldn’t see herself opening up around Laurie like she used to. She had to give it some time and allow things to take their natural course, even if she kept wondering what could be done to speed the process. Unlike Gwen, Colette was damaged, but she was over it, it was more a case of not wanting to go through it again. “You don’t have to stay away from her Gwen.” Colette looked up at her sister. She couldn’t stop Gwen from seeing or talking to Laurie, and it wasn’t like she was going to know if that was going to happen or not, besides, it wouldn’t be right to ask that. “I’ll talk to her when I can, but you don’t have to stop because of me.” Colette chuckled lightly before taking a deep breath. She was sure Gwen wouldn’t want that, and she didn’t want Gwen to be forced to do it. “Do we have a deal? Just don’t mention her and we’ll be fine.”
  15. Soul Overture

    Her sister was weird, but Colette wasn’t going to make her admit all of it since Gwen had already explained Colette the reason why Laurie was there. Colette’s reaction to her sister’s words was to laugh, but she was trying to prove a point and that could potentially prevent her from doing so because then they would be both trying not to laugh and failing miserably at it. Laurie wasn’t the type to walk on eggshells, to Colette, Gwen’s words were weird, Colette crossed her arms and looked at her sister. “What do you mean? Want to tell me what you two talked about? Or is it a deep dark secret?” most likely it wasn’t, but Colette didn’t want to poke on her sister’s life or whatever she did that didn’t want to tell. Colette wasn’t the nicest person, but calling her a demon was maybe going a bit too far, however, it sounded correct, it sounded that Laurie was too scared of Colette to talk, the way she moved, looked at her and spoke, almost like she was scared of the consequences of her actions. She should be scared, but she should have thought about them earlier. Colette was hardly going to budge on it, at least for a couple of days, maybe in a week or so she can confront Laurie, assuming the brunette wouldn’t run away from her. “I don’t like you implying I’m a demon, but I can live with it.” she shrugged it off, putting her hands on her hips. “But scared of what Gwen? It’s not like we’re going to burn her. I certainly don’t.” despite Colette’s aggressiveness she wasn’t evil, she wasn’t just going to hurt someone for her pure enjoyment, at least not physically, bullying someone verbally was more her style, mostly because it made people scared of her and that’s how she wanted it to go. “I guess we have to wait and see where this leads right?”
Colette Marie Auclair
Student Fifth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age  16
Date of Birth August 10th, 2003
Birthplace Rennes, France
Occupation Student
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Magpie
Wand Rowan, 9 ½’’ with Veela hair
Play-by Kiernan Shipka

Durmstrang Institute: 1st to 5th year

Tallygarunga: 6th year - present


• Veela heritage, unregistered;

• Would do everything for her sister, in secret;

• Does nice things behind people's back, the girl has a reputation;

• Insecure, acts like it's nothing;

• Slightly suspicious of people;

• Likes to read romances and science-fiction books;

• Decent at most sports, avoids showing it to people;

• Loves Krav Maga;

• Loves competition; 

• Good Occlumens;

• Beginner Legilimens, still on the early stages.



General Knowledge

• Would punch her sister for Pizza, or anything really;

• She will punch you in the face;

• Is often fighting with her sister;

• Known to be a pureblood; 

• Can speak French, German and English fluently, can also speak Danish and Russian;

• Will crush you in a duel;

• Likes to be alone;

• Ex-Beater for the Durmstrang Institute;

• Has plans to join her house Quidditch team as a beater;

• Can drop the room temperature just by entering it;

• Excels academically;

• Has a cat named Oliver and a Guard Goose named Uncle Waldo, aka Wally.


Colette isn’t the nicest person, despite her apparent calm demeanor, she’s often distant and cold towards everyone at first, and slowly warm up to people, but never letting her guard down. Towards friends she’s more approachable but still enough to make the room’s temperature to drop drastically. Being distant and cold aren’t her only qualities she’s often insensitive to people’s feelings, and sometimes even enjoys the reactions she gets out of them, either anger, sadness, embarrassment, among others. The only people above such enjoyment are her closest friends (if she has any) and some of her family members.

She can be quite inflexible and stubborn, being always reluctant to listen to other people’s ideas and opinions, believing hers are always better, unless given a reason, usually a detailed explanation of pros and cons to why hers isn’t the best. But being a quick thinker and strategic her original idea can shift according to what fits her better, still ignoring everyone else’s unless there’s a proper explanation.

She is arrogant, cynical and condescending towards almost everyone. Her ego is as big as her (although that’s not such an impressive feat, considering her somewhat small stature). She has a hard time apologizing, believing her actions were the right ones at that point.

Colette has a hard time trusting people, if her cold and distant impression isn’t enough to drive people away, trust comes hard and only what she wants will be known, and when she wants, not giving anyone the benefit of a doubt, once can outcome this state after a while, and most likely under some verbal abuse, mean comments. Most of her reactions towards others, along with superiority are slightly more toned down towards her closest friends and family members.

As a friend she’s loyal and dedicated, if one can ignore the countless attacks, usually just to joke around, and sarcasm coming from her. A warmer and approachable Colette usually appears behind close doors, where she doesn’t have the Ice Queen reputation to maintain, but she will deny everything.

She’s quite dedicated and efficient on her work, organized to the point of perfection and intelligent. Her quick thinking and strategic mind help her excel in everything she puts her mind to. From school to social life, Colette always thrives to be better and more importantly, better than others.

She had a slight dislike for authority figures, hardly being impressed by them. While she follows the rules, there’s a slight disdain towards those figures, most likely because of her previous school. She has a weird and slightly morbid sense of humor, usually not laughing at jokes and keeping a constant resting bitch face, but it doesn't mean it's impossible to make her smile or even laugh. 


Colette stand roughly at 157cm, but unlike her younger sister she quite enjoys her small stature. She thinks it’s easier to move around without calling attention towards herself, also making it easier to escape situations she doesn’t want to be in. Colette is quite slim, despite the sports she practices, but her veela-heritage give her an advantage, not only she’s sturdier than she appears, she’s also faster and stronger than most people her age.

She has medium length blond hair, stranding slightly below her chin. Her hair is usually loose, but one can find her on occasion with a pony tail or a headband, keeping the hair away from her brown eyes. Due to her poor eyesight, she often wears contacts and is very rare seeing her wearing glasses.

Colette is known not to wear a lot of makeup, with the eventual eye makeup, mostly to avoid comments due to her veela heritage. She often looks uninterested by everyone, mostly giving a lot of eye rolls. Her most common expression is a blank stare, even in the most awkward of situations.

Clothing wise she tries to wear fashionable yet comfortable clothes. She’s a lover of skirts and dresses and can be seen wearing them. Jeans and shorts are also part of her wardrobe; however, they are less common. She avoids t-shirts, enjoying blouses and sweaters.

Now with her move to Australia one can see her wearing Spring and Autumn clothes during the Winter, leaving her Summer attires for the actual Australian Summer, or hell.

The story so far

Colette was born in Rennes, France. She’s the oldest daughter of Heide, a veela, and Arsène a pureblood. Her mother was a German archaeologist and her father a healer. She likes to believe that her parents’ meeting was purely coincidental due to their chosen careers. As a young child she thought that was awesome, but soon grew out of it. A couple of months after her one-year anniversary, her sister Gwendoline was born and for the dismay of the Auclair’s, their daughters was complete opposites, like winter and summer.

During a complicated era for halfbreeds, Colette’s father managed to find a job in Berlin, Germany, motivated by his desire to protect his wife and daughters from the events that were happening at the time. He managed to find safety, given by the German Ministry for his family. At the age of six, Colette and her family moved to Germany, the different language wasn’t a barrier, their mother had taught Colette and Gwen German since they were old enough to speak, given them a faster adaptation to the country and its language.

Thanks to the German Ministry, and the deal that their mother had made, the Auclair sisters didn’t have to register as half-breeds, being labelled as purebloods instead. Such of secret had to be protected, especially at a time like that. The sisters learned Occlumency since a young age to protect themselves from those who liked to delve into other people’s minds, and when they were old enough, they both attended the Durmstrang Institute without calling attention towards themselves, considering the school didn’t accept muggleborn and halfbreed students they would be relatively safe as long as they could keep their secret.

The years in the institute went fine, despite the rigorous rules, that Colette didn’t enjoy, she did her best and managed to fit in, unlike her sister who was mostly ostracized by everyone. The whole experience didn’t seem to change her much, but she was always happy to go home during the holidays.

Shortly after the end of the school year, their father announced that they would be moving to safer place, this time in Australia. The country offered safer and better conditions to the family. They packed their bags, expecting to adapt to their new life in Australia. The language wouldn’t be a barrier for neither of them, the new school was public and inclusive, which seemed to be the best option for the girls’ education.

Upon arriving to Australia, their main concern was to settle in, Colette on the other hand couldn’t be more excited to visit the school, maybe even assist a few classes to make sure she was all caught up.

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