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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Mika Evans

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  • Birthday 10/10/2005

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    Morgan Katie Evans
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    Coles Bay, Tasmania
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    Third Year
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    Dua Lipa

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    Unable to cast (to be a Tasmanian Devil)

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    She/Her (Fine with any pronouns though)

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  • Birthdate Day 10
  • Birthdate Month 10
  • Birthdate Year 2005
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  • Pronouns She/her
  • Occupation Student
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  1. Class Term 4 Charms Lesson - Summoning Charm

    Mika woke up that morning with blurry eyes that itched for a short amount of time. A sure sign that the weather was changing, which was a blessing and a curse. But what could the girl do about that? The Flinder's took some allergy meds and begrudgingly went about her day because the feeling of being late for class after the holidays seemed kind of disrespectful, though that didn't mean she didn't feel kind of awful. Mika sighed as she put all her other thoughts and worries to the back of her mind because it was seriously time to focus on her schoolwork. Mika entered the Charms classroom, and barely even noticed the Professor's adorable Labrador because she had her head stuck in a book as she tried to get her eyes to work properly. She took one of the seats in the back of the class; she wanted to be as out of sight as possible. Mika just about paid attention to what Professor Appleyard was saying, but she looked up once the subject matter was introduced. She didn't answer the question on the summoning charm even though she knew what it was. It was pretty normal for Mika to kind of hang back when it came to answering things or getting involved in some aspects of class. She would usually wait until they got the chance to get going or until she fully understood what was going on.
  2. The First Meeting of the Film & Photography Club

    Mika had always thought that the first meeting was meant to be more on the casual side, even if she was completely beyond nervous. Some of this was probably down to the fact that she hoped that people would like her idea and wouldn't end up hating her at the same time, otherwise that would probably put a real dent in her self-esteem. "Em, yeah." The girl had no real answer to the statement that Gideon had just thrown out to her, it kind of felt like she couldn't make a full on statement least she make a mistake or she became sick with nerves. As it was, her stomach felt like it was all bubbling up and that she was about to lose her lunch. Plus, she barely knew anyone that had signed up for the club at this point. Mika breathed a sigh of relief knowing that at least one person had shown interest in the club at this point. She smiled a little once the formalities were over for the most part. "Thanks a lot." She said when Gideon agreed to help with the bags. "What sort of things do you want to know?" Mika wasn't exactly sure that she knew how to answer that question without knowing what the boy was interested in, plus she guessed that it could at least spark some sort of conversation. As it went, Mika was pretty terrible at making speeches and stuff like that, so she had no idea how she would go about giving a proper introduction, so she just shrugged at the idea of waiting for everyone else.
  3. The First Meeting of the Film & Photography Club

    Mika tied back her hair and looked over the checklist to make sure that she had forgotten nothing important. She didn’t want to look the fool if something went wrong and she couldn’t fix it. Mika could hear the sound of what might have been footsteps, but it could have easily been the sound of her own heart pounding in her ears. The nerves were getting to her. Despite having heard the steps outside, Mika was rather taken aback by the appearance of her fellow Flinders student. Quickly she accessed the situation before her before commenting on anything. “Do you want a drink or something?” Though she hadn’t set them out yet, Mika had gathered quite the selection of food and drink for anyone that might want some. She wasn’t sure what else she was supposed to do when someone was hunched over and breathing hard. Mika blinked a little at the boy’s apology, though she didn’t really see a reason for it. She was relieved to see that the boy was coming back to himself, though. “It’s ok…” She was a little confused and couldn’t make any other statement. Usually she wasn’t this nervous and could easily think on her feet. “Um, I guess the lateness doesn’t matter for now with it being the first meeting and all.” that fact was true, since it was the first meeting she didn’t see the point of getting annoyed at anyone, it was easy to run late when you don’t notice the time. “Mika Evans, uh, I’m the one that set this whole thing up. It’s nice to meet you.” She held out her hand for the boy, Gideon. She kind of wondered if anyone else would come to the meeting or if this was going to be it. Not that there was anything wrong with that at all, but maybe it would bring down her stress levels. “Yeah, can you put out those blue drawstring bags? Please.” They were goody bags filled with everything you could need for starting out, and she hoped that everyone found it useful.
  4. Whoops, I've managed to get myself down the rabbit hole of watching some really old nature documentaries.

    1. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      I think I have a few lying around you could borrow, if you need more.

    2. Mika Evans

      Mika Evans

      Thanks a lot 😃

  5. The First Meeting of the Film & Photography Club

    Mika stumbled over her own feet as she entered the old abandoned classroom leaving the door open behind her. This was mostly out of habit with her and mostly because she had her hands full with a box of donated cameras. Mika had already set up F3 with the lights and backdrops that they’d be working with for now. She’d done this after getting approval for the club, though she had a feeling that the usage of the room would only be temporary once the weather started to change. Mika breathed a sigh of relief before she began sorting through the sign out forms for each camera. This would be considered normal procedure at the start of each term, along with the checkup and log in at the end of the terms. It was to fix simple problems that came up and to find out if they had been misused in any way. This was all on the advice from the professor advising the club and it made sense to her. Mika also set out the instructions and procedures manuals that would help everyone get more familiar with how everything worked. She was basically doing anything that kept her mind off the meeting. She was nervous but excited at the same time and had a present that would help everyone out.
  6. Notice Film & Photography Club Sign-up

    Mika Evans
    Film & Photography Sign-up Film & Photography Club focuses on near enough everything that you would expect one to, whether you're into nature film and photography or urban skylines, dramatic scenes or everything in between. There's a place for everyone. We welcome all levels, whether you're a beginner and only finding your footing or you're well on your way to being a pro and want to express yourself in new ways. While the focus is mainly on having fun and enjoying yourself there might be a few competitions that may lead to things further afield.
  7. 2019 School Year Enrollment

    Mika Evans
Morgan Katie Evans
Student Third Year
14 year old Pureblood Human She/her
Age  14
Date of Birth October 10th, 2005
Birthplace Coles Bay, Tasmania
Occupation Student
Player  Lisa
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/her
Patronus Unable to cast (to be a Tasmanian Devil)
Play-by Dua Lipa

Homeschooled until 11
Tallygarunga age 11 to present


-Mostly an open book

-Hates heights

-Her nickname, Mika comes from a mixture of her middle name and the “M” from her first name. She’s hardly ever gone by Morgan, and only gets called it when she’s in trouble

-Used to have a crush on one of her female friends

General Knowledge

-Loves nature and animals with a soft spot for Tasmanian Devils and Penguins
-Wants to be a vet or magizoologist
-Fluent in Welsh and knows a small bit of German
-Loves to read and will read anything she can get her hands-on
-Has a vast knowledge and enjoys spouting facts at anyone that’ll listen
-Shows a great deal of interest in biology
-Enjoys the outdoors
-Grew up on a farm in Tasmania
-Enjoys collecting stones and driftwood and has a big collection
-Enjoys cosplay and wants to get into LARPing
-Is a fairly good flyer, but is afraid to try out for her house Quidditch team because she lacks the confidence
-Is often a big part of her older brother’s and twin brother’s pranks and mischief
-Hardly ever seen without a video camera
-Mika sometimes shoots herself in her own foot as she can be blunt and straight to the point, often times without realising she's done or said anything wrong



Mika is a complete and utter book worm with a thirst for knowledge. She is humble and likes certain types of mischief, like funny pranks, were no one gets hurt. She’s a bit of a wallflower at the same time and hates being the centre of attention and parties. She makes a point of trying to get along with everyone because kindness can get you so far. But she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her friends, she usually fights back with tact and logic, and if that fails, then she fights fire with fire. Even though Mika knows that she’s smart and has a lot of knowledge spanning different areas, she still knows that she has a lot to learn and she’s not afraid to admit that. She really cares about animals and is gentle towards them. She isn’t overly emotional, but she gets upset whenever something happens to a creature. Mika sometimes shoots herself in her own foot as she can be blunt and straight to the point, often times without realising she's done or said anything wrong. She can also be a little indecisive and gets flustered because of it, especially if it's important.



Mika is about 5ft6 and still growing, she is also a healthy weight for her age. She has rather pale skin, which comes from her European heritage and she takes great care to avoid causing any skin damage. She has bright and clever looking brown eyes, which barely ever hide any secrets. Mika’s lips are soft looking and peachy, she usually keeps them rather natural-looking when wearing make-up and focuses more on the eyes. She has long brown hair with a natural red streak in front of it, which developed when she was five. Mika has quite a few ear piercings, and can also be spotted wearing fake tattoos on her arms and may get some real ones. She has rough and calloused skin on her hands from all the hard work on her parents’ farm. She isn’t much of a girlie-girl and hardly ever follows fashion trends, and more often than not can be found wearing jeans, t-shirts, plaid shirts and anything striped.



Mika believes that the best way to get on in any type of relationship is to listen to one another, support each other and compromise. She’s pretty easy to get along if you don’t mind her bluntness and indecisiveness. She tries to get along with everyone but knows that that isn’t always possible. Mostly she tries to treat everyone how she would like to be treated. Mika treats fights between friends the exact same way that she does with her family and tries to act as the voice of reason.



Mika is one of six siblings and the oldest of the girls. All the siblings are relatively close, with her being closest to her twin brother Parker and older brother Mason. Her parents are incredibly supportive of her wants and wishes, though they sometimes get annoyed by the pranks and gags because they think it influences the younger children and that they may try to outdo them. Mika is rather protective of her siblings and would defend them to the ends of the Earth if they’re in trouble (within reason of course). She’s usually the one that stops her siblings fighting and is the voice of reason within the family unit.



Mika has no experience with relationships but has had quite a few crushes on people she knew from back home. The most obvious example of this was one of her former best friends, though she never told her. This serves as an example to show that she’s not usually confident enough to ask anyone out, even if they’re friends. Mika drops little signs here and there to show that she might be interested. If you want a cuddle partner, then she’s your girl. She is still a little naïve towards her romantic feelings but otherwise caring. Mika believes that the best way to get on in any relationship is to listen to one another, support each other and compromise.



It’s possible, especially if it’s someone that’s been on the receiving of one of her pranks. Mostly she tries to get along with everyone. Though she can also be blunt and quite indecisive, which might cause problems for some people.

The story so far

Morgan Katie Evans was born in Coles Bay, Tasmania to Janet and Rowan Evans. She comes from a relatively large family (six kids in total). So she has never really known what it’s like to be alone, especially since she’s a twin. Mika’s home is never quiet and she can’t say that she wouldn’t miss it, but she really likes her own space. The family is pureblood and originally from Wales. Despite their blood status, the family have no problems interacting with muggle-borns and Muggles alike, in fact, she’s probably more comfortable with them than anyone.

Mika’s family runs a farm and boat tour business which the older children help with, which she loves because she loves being outdoors, especially in the spring and early summer when everything is growing again. All in all a pretty normal childhood. Mika was homeschooled until she was old enough to start secondary school. During this time she discovered a love for learning and her parents encouraged it because they didn’t see it as a bad thing or harmful in any way. Although sometimes they regretted that because of the amount of trouble that Mika, Parker (twin brother), and Mason (older brother) and how they encourage their younger siblings. But nothing ever got too out of hand, and they learnt not to mix weird potions ingredients that could turn you a nice shade of violet.

It wasn’t a complete surprise when Mika received her letter inviting her to attend Tallygarunga. She has been there ever since and has been enjoying every minute of it. Though she feels homesick sometimes, that’s why she started carrying a video camera and started making videos because it gives her something to do and is a comfort to her.


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