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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Dominic Allston

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  1. Truly, if there is a god of destiny, he is fond of plot twists... and so am I.

  2. We're all stories in the end. Make it a good one, eh?

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      All stories are good, some just end sooner than others.

    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Going a bit tone deaf on that one, don'tcha think?

  3. Questions with no answers

    Well, this one was hard to impress, or maybe Dom's 13 year old mind made him think he was more than he really was. Either way, he was starting to get a little agitated. "Yeah, I know there's a shop, but you don't learn unless you do it yourself," he replied. He was always a doer, and understood how to make things work because he took them apart. "Besides, they don't like my mods very much. You singe off one person's eyebrow, and they'd sooner see the back of you," Dom muttered. He wasn't being as charming as he thought he was, or else Aspen just wasn't having it. It definitely felt that way after she responded to his music with a less than exciting response. "All I meant was that I'm more than the image Spencers give off, but whatever. I'm obviously intruding on your sulking party. Pardon me for trying to distract you from that," he grunted. He was ready to walk off, but then she talked about the music club. He'd heard about it, but never been. "Oh? Well, I guess I'll have to check that out sometime... Sorry about earlier. I know I kinda just invaded your privacy. I honestly just wanted to help if I could." Dom packed his ocarina again and kicked the ground a bit. He didn't want to make someone frustrated today.
  4. Nearly got hit by a car today, but a female sheep stood in the way. I can’t thank ewe enough.

  5. Questions with no answers

    Dom could tell that the Spencer reputation preceded him as Aspen appeared to tense up simply at the mention of it. He understood, considering his own penchant for pranks. Today was not a day for them, however. She definitely didn't seem to believe his statement, so he would have to prove it to her. "Absolutely!" he exclaimed. He dug out a half-repaired electronic from his knapsack. "My mom's a tech guru, so I've grown up around all the latest gadgets and gear. I've been working on removing the tech/magic barrier. Great strides have been made, but my remote still makes toast when I want it to close the curtains. I'll keep at it, though." Just in case that wasn't impressive enough, he put the item back and pulled out his ocarina. "I've also got this. I'm quite good at it," he said, showing it off. Dom then began to play a tune of his own creation. He loved playing. Any worries or troubles would disappear as he lost himself in his music. He also kept his eyes closed while he played. It was a habit, he never really understood why it happened. Of course, that also meant that he wasn't sure how she was reacting to it, but he hoped she was enjoying it. His song continued for a couple minutes. When he stopped, he opened his eyes and smiled, saying, "Not your average Spencer, right?" (OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGDxQiduV0g for the song. Just minus the other instruments of course.)
  6. Did you know? A squid has three hearts.

    1. Mika Evans

      Mika Evans

      Yep, lol, and cows have four stomachs. Oh, Time Lords have two hearts, too.

  7. Questions with no answers

    She wasn't in distress, but she did look rather annoyed. Dom usually had that effect on people, but only AFTER a prank had gone off. From what he could remember, this frustrated woman wasn't on the receiving end of anything he'd pulled lately. She confirmed that by asking him about Quidditch. Truth was he couldn't fly to save his life, plus what saves you if you have a head-splitting vision over 12 meters in the air? As he walked closer toward her, he replied, "Actually, I'm rubbish on a broom. I'm more for cheering the teams on than actually playing Quidditch." He stopped a good distance away. No sense aggravating her beyond what she already was. Who knows? Maybe he could help remove that broomstick from her... She asked for his house. I guess I'm not exactly rocking the house colors today, he thought. "I'm a Spencer. Third Year. Name's Dominic." Yeah, he was younger, but that shouldn't mean much in the long run. A fresh perspective was good for everyone, but he doubted she would be very receptive right off. "Don't worry, I'm exactly what you'd expect in a Spencer, but I'm also much more than that," he joked, smiling his coy little smile. Hopefully she wasn't too dismissive. Already this was proving to have the makings of his lucky day.
  8. Did you know? The inside of a kangaroo's pouch is supposedly really stinky.

    1. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      I was a lot happier before I knew that. 

    2. Dominic Allston

      Dominic Allston

      That's what I'm here for. 

  9. Did you know? A koala's appendix is approximately 2 meters long.

  10. Complete Beyond the Elemental Basics

    As class rolled on, Dom was enjoying watching everyone have their own struggles or victories with the spell. Having an affinity for air (as he found out in earlier sessions), he figured this would be an easy enough task. He put aside the war flashbacks of his attempt at controlling fire and singeing off his eyebrows (honestly, who didn't do that their first go?). If he didn't keep control, his wand could be rather volatile. Luckily, it seemed like this would be an easier time. He was already halfway there, and water was definitely less explody than fire. Unless you're one of the other students. Her water ball exploded and doused everything around it. He ducked out of the way of the liquid shrapnel with a laugh. "A little warning would be nice." He joked around for a second, but grabbed his wand tight, and focused on the task. He began moving his wand in the Air pattern first, creating a small breeze around him. He then threw Water into the mix, keeping the air circulating around the tip of his wand as a small ball began to form. The ball grew three times it's original size and started to lose its shape. Dom focused more on the Air and the wind swept around the entire sphere, making a small whirlpool spin inside the water. It was quite beautiful, and Dom was enamored, but kept control. After all, we already had one flood. Keeping full control of the spinning orb, Dom decided to give the spell a try, "Spera Glacias!" he exclaimed. A chill surrounded him as the air currents cooled and froze the swirling ball in an almost perfect sphere. There were trails of water that jutted out like icicles. He curiously stared at it for a moment, noticing that the inside was still liquid. He had made a frozen shell, but it would work for a first attempt. He flicked it at one of the targets, colliding and soaking the dummy near the bulls-eye. He smiled, "Not bad for a first go. I can do better, though." He swept through the moves once again, paying more attention to the water instead of the air this time. "Spera Glacias," he repeated. He understood the spell now. The water was moving too fast to be frozen properly last time. He kept it as still as possible as the chilled air spun across the orb. It was more solid this time, though the core was still slushy. Still, progress. Again, he gently tossed the ball at the target, but his wand had other ideas. The frozen orb hurtled across the room, shattering and sending shrapnel around the room. "My bad, guys," Dom said, laughing nervously.
  11. Questions with no answers

    Saturdays were always the fun days for Dom. No school meant he and his friends could busk on the grounds and just enjoy themselves while also planning more pranks. This Saturday, however, his friends couldn't make it. Homework, they said. Pssh, as if that ever stopped Dom. He could rip Shostakovich a new one on his ocarina, fiddle with a new app on his phone, and still make the grade in time for tea. Well, he thought, no sense in wasting anymore time. He gathered up everything he needed in his knapsack and made his way to the school grounds, showing off his "Unironic Eiffel 65 Fan" shirt. While searching for the prime spot for today's music, Dom was also thinking about his next big trick. Just this year, he had already made some of the Herbology plants sing Time of the Season by Zombies, made a First Year's breakfast blow up in the poor kid's face, and wrote a rather offensive message about The Flaming Lips in wall slime that kept popping up across the lower levels. The end of the year would be looming overhead soon, so he had to come up with a showstopper for this year. Probably shouldn't go too big. I do want to come back here, after all. Maybe something with the Care of Magical Creatures menagerie. He pulled the ocarina out of his knapsack. But letting the animals loose is child's play. I have to come up with something really ripper. He propped himself up on a tree and began playing his scales to warm up. The sweet tones echoing over the grounds were bound to attract someone before too long. Or so he thought. A loud scream pierced the calm. It wasn't a scream of fear, from what he could tell. Still, it did merit investigation. He headed in the direction of the scream toward the Quidditch Pitch, ultimately finding an older student near the benches. "All good?" he shouted, still a ways away. This might just be what he needed to fully enjoy this day.
  12. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  13. Just remember, chief. Live your life without regret... and always split your aces and eights.

Dominic Allston
Third Year
13 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  13
Date of Birth August 15th, 2006
Birthplace Alice Springs, Australia
Player  Lanku
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Wand 14" Maple, Bloodwood, and Mahogany with a Hippogriff Talon core
Play-by Zach Callison

Dom has enhanced technological knowledge due to his time with his mother.

Beyond that, he's on his third year at Tallygarunga.

He's also been slowly studying about being a Seer. 


He's received the family curse. He'll be a Seer at the cost of his eyesight one day.

General Knowledge

His parents are rather renowned in their fields, so everyone knows Dom's background, especially because he'll tell everyone he can about some new gadget coming out or new curse that's been broken. 

He plays the ocarina on weekends on the grounds. Sometimes he'll take requests, but he'll usually just play the songs he likes while jokingly passing around a hat in hopes of a little spare change.

Ever the prankster, Dom's likely pulled a prank on every new student at least once. 


Dominic tends to overcompensate when it comes to his impending future by making the most of the now. He acts like there's a death sentence on him, even though it's just his eyesight. He tries to live every day to the fullest, filling way too many things in the waking hours. After school, he's usually made plans with at least three separate people and is usually out either right until or just past curfew. He needs to slow down, but try telling him that. 

Dom's joking nature with people has been received both well and poorly by others, but he'll continue to act this way because it's fun, and damn the consequences. He's never intentionally mean-spirited in his jokes, and has had to defend himself on more than one occasion, but he feels life is too short to regret not Charming someone's cereal to act like a geyser. 

Underneath it all, he's scared of what's to come. He masks it by playing the clown, but when he's alone, he's buried in research on a way to counteract what's coming. He refuses to accept the future, even though he'll one day be Seeing it. He doesn't let others see this side of him. He's afraid of what they'll think. On top of that, what if it was all a fluke and the Seer thing wasn't real? He would be subjecting them to this seemingly crackpot side of himself for nothing. 

Ever the tinkerer, Dom likes to take things apart and figure out how they work. He's still not adept at putting it all back together properly, but he's trying. He's also moved this into his spellwork, attempting to deconstruct spells and figure out if there are more optimal ways to do something or another spell that does similar things to what he's studying. A lot of his processes are similar to Curse-Breaker work, but Dom's not working with actual curses... yet. Still, he feels that to know something means to take it apart, blast it to smithereens, and then put it back together like new (with a few extra bits left over, of course). 


Dom stands at 5'3" holds his head high when he walks. He's thin with a little muscle, but closer to an average size for his age. His eyes are brown, as is his hair, which is kept short in the back and sides and swept back up top. His ears jut out just a bit, but he doesn't try to hide them. His nose is a little fat, resting just slightly off center of his face. His lips are full and pouty, and don't think he doesn't use that to his advantage. His olive skin is not your typical Aussie color, but that's the Italian in him. 

His general clothing outside of school clothing consists of a t-shirt with some obscure band no one knows on it, and pants with usually one or two holes, maybe a rip in the knee. Even if they don't work, he'll usually have some kind of earbuds around his neck or in his ears. He also carries a knapsack full of tools and other items (books, ocarina, etc.).  


Dom is an only child, so he constantly craves attention from his peers. He likes to clown with most everyone. He's often attempting to modify electronics to function properly on school grounds, with varying success, so most of his friends hang with him because of that. There are very few who he considers to be close friends. His teenage vanity gives him thoughts that if they knew that he was a Seer and was going blind, they wouldn't be his friend anymore. Not everyone's that petty, but he would rather not risk it, especially since he hasn't had another vision since the first one. Still, best way to befriend him is to enjoy music and share it with him.


Dom loves his family, of course, and likes to brag about both parents' achievements. He's happy to help either of them in their work, even though he usually has no idea what he's doing. This leads him to help his mother more than his father as electrocution is the worst thing that could happen if he messes up with her. His grandmother has been trying to teach him how to harness his Seer power, but to no avail. She knows he'll come into the power one day, but she wants him to be as prepared as possible. He loves spending time with her, but she gives him homework all the time. He gets enough of that at school.


Dom hasn't really felt true love (Or what he would think is true love) yet, so there's not much to say here. Again, that attachment is something he's looking to avoid until he gets over the stigma attached to being a Seer. Hormones being what they are, however, there's every chance Dom will have to confront this situation sooner rather than later.


Love him or hate him, so long as he's on the minds of his classmates, Dom doesn't care. That said, Dom's temper is as volatile as his wand core, so it wouldn't be too surprising to find him zapping someone with a minor spell if he's pissed off. Aside from that, he does enjoy pulling pranks on others, regardless of how much they like him.

The story so far

Dominic was born in Alice Springs to Joseph, a Curse-Breaker, and Melissa, a Computer Tech guru. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, as his father would always travel for work. This made him a bit of a mama's boy, but it also gave him time to learn the ins and outs of technology. By the age of 7, he was already taking apart electronics in the house and (mostly) putting them back together, much to his father's chagrin. Melissa encouraged it, of course, as the only way Dom would learn would be to tinker with everything.

One day, Joseph decided to show Dom the type of work that kept him away from home so often. Joseph had obtained a small locket that would melt the flesh of anyone who wore it. As he was deciphering the best way to break the curse, Dom felt sick. He stumbled and fell as visions flashed in his head. He couldn't decipher them. They were blurred flashes, disjointed. He screamed and passed out.

When he woke up, Dom frantically looked around, finding his father asleep at the side of his bed. He woke him up, telling him that his plan for the locket wouldn't work and would backfire. Joseph, a very accomplished Curse-Breaker, didn't believe him at first, but Melissa came in and said that he was probably right. She had been on the phone with Joseph's mother, Susan, who believed that Dom had the family curse, despite it only happening in females. Apparently, Susan had a similar reaction during her first vision, so it was possible Dom had them, too. Dominic was confused, but they explained that the family's bloodline would give rise to Seers every other generation. Over time, he would be able to control the ability, but would lose his eyesight more and more until he was blind. Joseph assured him it would be years before he ever had to worry about that, as his mother didn't go blind until her 50s.

Going to Tallygarunga, Dom took the opportunity to look into potential preventative measures to losing his sight. Surely some magical being had figured out a way around this issue. His results weren't too promising, so he instead decided to start looking at technology. The problem, of course, is getting tech to work properly in school and other magical places. Still, he spends most of his free time tinkering with some piece or another. As for school life itself, his past two years there have been rather uneventful. He struggled with Transfiguration, but excelled in Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He also took an interest in Herbology in hopes of finding some herb that could help his impending malady, but to no avail, yet. As his third year loomed, he decided Divination could possibly help him learn more about his ability, so he signed up for that.

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