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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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Gwendoline Auclair

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  1. Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    Gwendoline had to contain the urge to roll her eyes as the Professor called on her immediately. 'Watch out, Gwen, a couple more of those and you'll turn into Satan Auclair.' The thought of becoming more like her sister sent a light shiver down her spine, which certainly worked to motivate her to actually give a reply to the teacher instead of trying her darnedest to go under the radar. She could feel a few pairs of eyes on her anyway; it seemed her heritage had betrayed her. "I see you're good with faces." She commented to the teacher before bothering with a reply proper. "I'm Gwendoline Auclair, just 'Gwen' is preferable. Not from around these parts, as I'm sure you've realized." Even if her accent was very light and it was hard to make out just what it was, it was still quite present. "I'm just browsing, so to speak, I'm not a late transfer or anything. Class only counts for me starting next year, so, don't mind me." The half-Veela's ears twitched mildly as a muttered comment reached them - while it would have gone unnoticed to most, certainly, her heightened senses picked up on it without much issue (even if they couldn't hold a candle to a Dhampir's or a Werewolf's). Her gaze peered at the Sturt who authored it, and before she could prod much fun at him, the lights went out and were replaced by the wonderful view above them; Gwendoline, however, wasn't one to be deterred so easily. 'Because the Professor is supposed to dump a textbook's worth of information within the first two minutes, right? Does this guy even know how this works?' As far as she was concerned, the easy feel to the class helped her when it came to her mission. But, of course, that didn't mean she couldn't take a slight detour for a side quest of sorts. "Watch it, don't cut yourself on that edge." Gwendoline spoke in a low tone towards Jiwon, who was somewhat nearby, while the students and the Professor kept exchanging ideas on the matter at hand. A glint of mischievousness and amusement glinted in her eyes as she poked fun at him, almost as if expecting backlash and relishing in it.
  2. Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    Gwendoline didn't normally have to be at school so late, especially on a Friday. She wasn't enrolled to begin with, having to wait for the new year to come, yet it just so happened that it was in her best interest to attend class during one assorted evening that week. It seemed Astronomy had been slotted to a Friday (wasn't that a bit sadistic by whoever the hell made the scheduling in that school?) and so Gwendoline would have to start her weekend later than her older sister. It didn't bother her too much, though - it was a small sacrifice for the greater good. The Auclair sisters had settled on enacting their prank overnight from the upcoming Sunday to Monday, and for that they needed to know how to move around school at night without alerting anyone. That meant knowing the various rooms in detail, and that meant scouting. That was Gwendoline's purpose that evening as she headed into the Astronomy Tower, as a class she'd attend in the future anyway gave her the perfect excuse to be in school. If it became too late in the night by the time she was done inspecting campus, she could just crash at Laurie's, she figured; she knew the older Spencer would figure out who would be behind the prank coming Tallygarunga's way anyway and had no fear of incriminating herself to her via asking to crash in her room. Plus her roommate was quite fun to hang out with! The former Durmstrang student walked into the tower, curiosity shining in her eyes as she looked around to memorize every nook and cranny of the room. 'Didn't expect so many chairs... Will feel bad if they knock out the telescopes, but it's a small price to pay.' She sat down by herself in the circle, not minimally paying attention to whatever the teacher was saying and focusing on the area around her, wanting to go minimally under the radar. As much as a half-Veela could go, anyway...
  3. Rocking Conchairto

    All hell has broken loose in Tallygarunga early Tuesday morning! As students flooded the classrooms to start their lectures for the day, they found that they couldn't sit down at all. Why, you ask? Because the chairs were running away from them! You got that right! Every single chair on school campus (save for Common Rooms and dormitories) had been reanimated and given a will of its own! Even benches! Not only did the furniture back away and let unsuspecting students and staff fall on the ground, they proceeded to run away. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the least of the school's troubles! Not every chair was running around haphazardly. Some actually tried to sit on students, would you imagine that! Talk about turning the tables! And for the odd student that managed to catch one and sit down, they were in for a treat: it's been reported that the chair's arms would lock the poor person in place and proceed to race around the school with other chairs, or would cause disastrous accidents from the ensuing struggle. The Hospital Wing was quite busy! Several chairs escaped the buildings and stormed the grounds, and some made a beeline towards the animals kept and cared for within the school. They then proceeded to try to climb onto the poor animals' backs, hoping to hitch a ride from the various magical creatures taking residence in the school. Hearing this made me think the chairs had been possessed by rowdy Bilby students! So incredibly rude. The last I've heard on this was that there was a small group planted at the entrance of the school to keep any rogue seats from shuffling along into the wilderness... Stay tuned for more updates!
  4. Soul Overture

    "Huh? No." Gwendoline shook her head. Why did it matter what she talked about with Laurie? The confusion was very visible on her face as she spoke up again. "Just random stuff. Walking around town, introducing me to new places, catching up. It was innocuous but she looked weird." At first it had been surprising that Laurie knew the town so well after only staying there for a few months (according to the girl herself), but she soon came to realize the reason why that was: the town was quite small and there wasn't much to see in the first place. Hopefully there would be a few hidden locations though, as she aimed to go through it all with a fine toothed comb over the next few days. She shook her head. Gwendoline didn't think Laurie was afraid of either of them doing something - they both knew she was studying to be a curse breaker and throwing herself in the way of danger was par for the course (and thank goodness their mother had never gotten hurt when being dragged around by Reinhold) and so that didn't make much sense in the Spencer's head. She took a few extra seconds to mull it over before speaking up. "Maybe she was afraid of hurting us again. Or maybe she was afraid of facing the fact she did." She shrugged. "Could also be that she's afraid she can't make up for stuff. There's a ton of possibilities here, I think, though the one of her being afraid of being made into a living piece of barbecue is... Ehhh." Gwendoline couldn't see that fly. "If you ask me, it just looks like everyone's hurting from this. Except for me, I don't really care, but yeah." It was odd to be caught in the middle of the two, but truth be told, Gwendoline had made her choice. "Would you like me to stay away from her for a while?" It was something she would have never done for anything else, but even if she wouldn't admit it, she adored Colette. If that's what it took to make her feel better, it's what she would do. "To give you some breathing room or something."
  5. Soul Overture

    Hesitation followed Colette's line of questioning, a few moments of silence going by before Gwendoline finally gathered the will to speak. "Well... Fine. She was the one who brought you up up, and I was the one who dragged her here. Happy now? Half-half on that guilt scale and I'm not taking on more of it." The Spencer had tried her best not to push matters at first, not speaking of Colette's name at all, but once Laurie enabled her all hell broke loose. 'Oops?' "...It was a bit weird, yeah." She conceded with a nod, bringing a hand up to scratch her own cheek as she thought back on the few hours they had spent together beforehand. "Kinda felt like she was walking on eggshells with me earlier and she got over it quick, but..." Her nose wrinkled in frustration. Emotional matters weren't her strongest suit, much less complicated situations like those - Gwendoline didn't have anywhere near the social experience needed to properly handle the situation and could only stick to making mostly uneducated guesses. "I don't know. Just looks like stuff's affected her too, and in a way she looked like she was kinda scared of facing you, like she was trying to poke a demon with a ten foot pole or something. At least that's how it came across." Gwendoline gave Colette a shrug of her shoulders and a sigh escaped her as she tried to will the tension taking a hold of her frame away. "She did say she was scared back there. Maybe that's an understatement. That shit makes people do irrational stuff."
  6. A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Gwendoline leaned upon the counter with one arm while her gaze remained trained on the Korean boy. Much like she had deduced, he had ran into Colette before - it was unlikely that Laurie of all people was running her mouth about the youngest of the Auclair sisters, after all - and, from the boy's wording and intonation, she could easily deduce her dearest sister gave him hell. In a way she found it rather humorous as some things would never change, but on the other hand she felt like Colette was in for a rude awakening if she thought people would take a liking to her in Australia like they did back in Durmstrang. 'Not everyone around here walks around with a pine tree up their ass like she does.' "Well, I sure have as of now." What a peculiar young man, introducing himself a la James Bond. Did he expect her to refer to him in a certain way? 'Well, I'd dodge that... But he's referred to me correctly, guess I can spare that courtesy for once.' Suho didn't seem too bad a fellow in her point of view, at least not yet. If he disliked Colette, he probably wasn't as pretentious as she was (or perhaps he was moreso, which would possibly contribute to a clash) yet he wasn't as chilled out as Laurie. However, the fact he wasn't leering at her over the Veela magic swirling around her frame that she couldn't control certainly earned him some brownie points. As the milkshake she ordered was placed on the counter, she turned her head around and smiled at Mr. Kempsey. "Thanks." Placing the payment upon the counter (and knowing it by heart, putting down the correct amount to the cent), she took the cup, carefully balancing it - perhaps those baton balancing lessons were finally showing what they were truly useful for - and she unceremoniously sat upon a chair by the table Suho was at, not bothering to ask for permission. "An enemy of my enemy is my friend." She spoke before taking the straw to her lips temporarily, experiencing the sugary goodness she had just ordered before continuing. "Mm. That's the stuff. Anyway, what's up? Did she look like she was about to step on you or something? Or, did she actually do it?"
  7. A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Maybe living in a small town wasn't so bad. It beat being stuck in Durmstrang for a whole year by leaps and bounds, but the shipping waiting times for Muggle media were quite horrifying; nevertheless, Gwendoline had grown fond of the area in the couple weeks she'd spent around. One would think the local murder would serve as a detractor, but it only spurred on her intense curiosity to explore every nook and cranny of Narragyambie and commit it to memory. One of the places she had been brought to early on, courtesy of Laurie, was Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store. It quickly became a favorite of Gwendoline's and she'd gone visit it near every day ever since (hopefully Colette didn't hate her too much about blowing that month's book budget). Her sweet tooth had gone into overdrive with the delightful treats, pastries and beverages for sale and she was fairly positive that she was in danger of developing diabetes. 'Can a Veela become diabetic? I should ask mom about it...' She had barely managed to order a salted caramel milkshake dotted in pretzels, truly an extravagant concoction (much like her own personality), by the time her name was verbalized within the store, and it wasn't from any of the employees. With an ear twitching out of curiosity, she looked over to whomever had tried to catch her attention. 'Mission accomplished?' "Hm?" It was pleasantly surprising that someone called her 'Gwen' rather than 'Gwendoline' without her having to say so - but how did this pasty looking teenager manage to get it right without ever having met her before? Had Colette gone around and trash talked her to everyone in town before Gwendoline ever had a chance to make more than a handful of acquaintances? 'Low blow, sis, low blow.' "Autographs are ten bucks." The Spencer declared, barely containing herself from showing off a devilish smirk. "But if you know me, it's only fair if you tell me who you are, eh?" Her accent was far milder than Colette's, given her obsession with western media as well as forcing Laurie to speak to her in English back in the day constantly.
  8. Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline's nose wrinkled in a prominent display of skepticism at Colette's reply. She knew the Sturt inside and out, for the most part - the feeling that she was just saying that to get Gwendoline to back off nagged at the back of her mind, but she also knew Colette was far too stubborn for the younger of the two to get through that thick skull of hers in one go. Ultimately deciding to let it go for the time being, she released a sigh in defeat. Looking momentarily at the television, and then at the fellow blonde, she decided that there was something missing in their little 'party' - food and drink. Taking a hold of Colette's shoulder she pushed down to prop herself up to her feet, letting go of her with a small squeeze: a small gesture of sisterly affection neither would admit to having happened. "I'm gonna go get us something to eat, I'm starving." As Gwendoline headed to the door of her own room, she came to a halt when her hand reached the doorknob. Looking back over her shoulder at the older teenager, she decided to get the last two cents in. "I wasn't talking about this for her, alright? I'm just worried about you. Take that as you will." With that painful admission, the Spencer headed out to get the treats she had mentioned.
  9. I heard the school break's coming up. What are some places where all the cool kids gather? My newbie self is looking to meet some locals.

  10. Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline didn't seem much affected at all with Colette's little victorious smirk, having seen that particular sight so many times she'd grown completely desensitized to it. Something else was bothering her anyway, and that was the fact that the Sturt's friendship with Laurie was seemingly on the rocks, and justifiably so - it still made Gwendoline worry as she knew they were the best of friends and she didn't want to swallow the pill of that sort of thing being a complete deal breaker just yet. "You could at least not ignore her." The younger of the two knew her request would be falling on deaf ears but felt the need to say it anyway. "It's not like I'm telling you to go to wherever the hell she lives and beg for her to come back, but, it kinda comes across as if you won't listen to her if she does try to tell you a damn thing. Kinda defeats the purpose, you know?" Like Colette, she knew Laurie well. Despite her unassuming and unflappable behavior, she wasn't known for hurting people deliberately at all, much less one of the few friends she had. Perhaps the girl had an explanation, for as misguided as it could be; but, could Colette let go of her pride for once and listen? Gwendoline didn't think so, and so she took it upon herself to try to make a dent through that wall preemptively. 'Just in case.' It felt incredibly odd for her of all people to be giving friendship advice, yet there they were. Was Colette more stunted by Durmstrang's social circles than Gwendoline was? That felt like an impossibility.
  11. Flickering Lights

    "Watch it, your eyes will fall out." Gwendoline spoke up as her older sister had taken it upon herself to roll them twice in a row, giving off a heavily pretentious vibe as she always did, speech notwithstanding. The tone and nature of her words themselves didn't seem to affect the newly minted Spencer so much out of her being used to being their prime target ever since they were little, and so she managed to watch Colette as she spoke with a straight face - for the most part, anyway. She gave a shrug of her shoulders once the Sturt mentioned Laurie leaving on short notice. That in itself never affected Gwendoline too much - they had always been close friends, certainly, but she knew the half-Australian girl had always craved going to Hogwarts (what the hell was she doing in Tallygarunga?), and the bespectacled teenager couldn't exactly blame Laurie when she herself always wished to go out on her own for some sort of adventure. On top of that, they knew she'd be returning after the year was over; their friendship wasn't over and Gwendoline was more than willing to wait. It did change when they got back from Durmstrang after their school year and their friend was nowhere to be found, but by that point she hadn't noticed Colette getting much affected by the news like she had been when Laurie left. "Uh..." For as much as it pained the younger of the two to admit, Colette had a point. "...Point taken." Laurie could have written to them; she should have. She knew where they were. She could check up on them, she could have told them she left Europe. To even find her in Narragyambie felt like finding a needle in a haystack, even if the girl was Australian to begin with. "Still, though. Feels like there's something fishy going on. Not like things are gonna work themselves out with you crossing your arms and pouting. Wouldn't hurt to talk it out once or something? S'not really 'playing a game', feels more like common sense."
  12. Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline blinked in confusion temporarily as Colette decided to reply to her in a different language, making it so it took the younger sister a few seconds to gather her thoughts once she managed to shake her head and snap herself back into focus. The reaction to her own line of questioning in itself wasn't surprising in the least, but her rhetoric was puzzling the young half-Veela. "Games?" The teenager shifted back to German so to match Colette and not confuse herself further. Brows furrowed as she questioned her sister and the game she had been playing was soon forgotten as she laid the control at her side, crossed her own legs and shifted on the couch so to face her older sister from the side. Her hands took support on her own hands as she leaned forward minimally, almost as if analyzing Colette. "Whaddya mean, 'games'?" She voiced her bewilderment. It wasn't how the QuillBook exchange had come across at least - either something was happening behind the scenes, or nothing about what was happening made any sense. As far as she was aware the two were best of friends, and the fact Gwendoline was the only one seemingly happy about a reunion threatened to fry her brain with the lack of its computing.
  13. Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline Auclair
    "What the?" Confusion struck the bespectacled teenager that lazy Saturday afternoon, as she engaged in a video game whose rating far exceeded her age while keeping company to her older sister whom preoccupied herself with a book, as per usual. With the game paused, Gwendoline glanced down at her smartphone as it vibrated twice after the last message she sent out to the masses of QuillBook; one from that same sister, and another from a long lost friend. What bothered her was not whom had sent the messages, or their contents. Rather, it was what the messages lacked. "Hey." Shutting her smartphone's screen and carelessly tossing it aside, having it land face first on the couch of the younger girl's room, the geek turned to face Colette with bewilderment clearly etched on her face. The pair argued plenty - out in the public at least - but indoors, it was far less frequent; yet, for once, her sister's inaction bothered Gwendoline enough to try to start a confrontation behind closed doors nonetheless. "What's with the ignoring? Can't you shove that reputation of yours aside for just a minute?" The French words escaped out of sheer habit. QuillBook was a public forum - her sister had always been one to act a certain way in front of others, and so that was possibly what was going on. Yet, it bothered her greatly: it was still about a long lost friend of theirs after all.
  14. Anyone out there available to show me around town? Arrived last week so I don't know where's what right now. Don't wanna end up in a random ditch for as much as my sister would love for it to happen, so yeah, somebody show me some of that good old hospitality. Whoever takes the bait gets treated for... uh... whatever's the most common snack around here, I guess.

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Sure, I don't mind showing you some sights. I need to pick up a few things too so two birds one stone!

    2. Gwendoline Auclair

      Gwendoline Auclair

      Well, that was easy. Sweet. I need to pick something up too so make that a hat trick.

Gwendoline Émilienne Auclair
Adventurer, Wandering Bard, Destroyer of Things Fourth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth November 14th, 2004
Birthplace Rennes, France
Year Level Fourth Year
Occupation Adventurer, Wandering Bard, Destroyer of Things
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (to be Little Owl)
Wand Whippy Spruce, 8 ½’’, Unicorn Tail Hair
Play-by Olivia Holt
  • 1st - 4th Year: Durmstrang Institute
  • 5th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Doesn't actually need glasses all the time;
  • Unregistered Half-Veela;
  • Slowly becoming a political junkie;
  • Looks up to Laurie Kempf for her apparent ability of befriending everyone as well as how unflappable she seems to be;
  • Hopeless romantic;
  • Naturally good writer;
  • Decent Occlumens;
  • Adores her sister more than anything in the world.
General Knowledge
  • Prefers to be called 'Gwen' the good old English way;
  • Gets herself into all sorts of trouble without really thinking things through;
  • Fluent in French, German and English, and has a surprisingly mild accent;
  • Hates Durmstrang Institute with a passion;
  • Very curious and chatty, able to talk at length about seemingly everything under the sun;
  • Pureblood witch hailing from France;
  • Irredeemable prankster;
  • Shameless geek and a part of the school's LARP club;
  • Always buried in books of all sorts and seems to know a bit of everything;
  • Decent in Guitar Hero/Clone Hero;
  • Seems to mess people's names up on purpose;
  • Pretty good singing voice;
  • Apparently hates her sister and is frequently seen bickering with her.

Always the irreverent troublemaker with no filter, Gwen inadvertently finds it quite easy to get under someone's skin without even trying. Socialization, knowledge, fiction and adventure make her happy and as such she relentlessly pursues the four with a reckless disregard for those who get caught in the blast (oftentimes literally). Known to be a chatterbox, she does have a hard time shutting up as her mouth runs faster than her brain and an unwavering sense of curiosity makes her ask too many questions so to sate it, regardless of how inappropriate they may be perceived.

Having the genes of a prankster, she's always verbally poking at people to get a reaction out of them or is otherwise playing pranks on various victims that could most likely get her expelled. It's not uncommon for her to drag people whom she perceives as friends along in these 'adventures' to spend time with them, relying on peer pressure to convince them that the disastrous plans she comes up with are a good idea. At least she's not the type to snitch when caught, vowing to bring their (mostly unwilling) involvement to her grave out of sheer loyalty for their services.

For as many red flags as one can perceive her personality to have, she proves to be very friendly and personable if someone gives her the time of day, if a bit judging. While trigger happy in terms of jumping to conclusions, she catches on quick when a logical explanation to things are presented to her and moves on from her own mental blunders seamlessly.

Having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Gwen is the type of person that knows a bit about everything - truly a Jack of all trades, master of none. She doesn't have a clue about what she wants to do with her life for the time being, although the word 'adventure' surfaces in her mind whenever she considers such a thing more often than not. She's yet to figure out what that truly means to her. In the meantime, she buries herself in all sorts of books to feed her unrelenting addiction.


Gwendoline has been cursed with a short stature (or so she sees it that way half the time; the other half she'd say it's cute), standing at a short 157 cm, being the exact same height as her sister - of course, she uses that as ammunition to rail against the girl's ego, failing miserably whenever she tries. She possesses a slim build, not being the most sporty individual in the world, but her Veela physiology helps her stay in a greater shape than a regular girl her age would more easily.

Her hazel eyes are always adorned by dark brown frame, full-rimmed glasses that she doesn't actually need at all times - it's more of a vain choice on her part to wear them constantly as she quite likes how they look even though she only requires them for reading purposes, and it's quite rare to see her without them. Her wavy blonde hair is either let loose or caught in a ponytail, depending on whether she feels like putting in the work to make it look good in a given day or not.

While her Veela heritage would tell someone otherwise, she actually doesn't put that much stock in her appearance past little details she might perceive as cute - while occasionally fashionable, it's more common to catch her with jeans, pop culture T-shirts and hoodies/simple jackets rather than anything else. Not that she's against dressing up on occasion, of course.


She is thoroughly inexperienced in friendships due to the hard time she's had in Durmstrang - outside of her own sister and Laurie, nobody really gave her the time of day out of deeming her to be too rambunctious. The trip to Australia is a fresh new start from her, one she intends to latch on to with everything she's got.

She's very friendly to people unless given a reason to antagonize them (which, unfortunately, can be based off purely from assumptions). She very much enjoys spending time with people and has the tendency of dragging people she enjoys spending time with out on adventures, pranks, and general hangouts with little warning. She's also actively looking to sharpen her social skills, being very aware of her shortcomings.


Despite her boisterous demeanor, Gwen maintains a positive, if fairly unremarkable, relationship with her parents. The one relationship of note at first glance would be the one she shares with her sister Colette and baffles many people.

To the outside world, they hate each other. Always bickering, it's rare to spot the two in the same room at a time in which they're not slinging verbal insults at each other, or when Gwen isn't trying to prank Colette and get under her skin (and likely failing miserably). They come across as each other's worst enemies and their verbal back and forth can go on for hours if left unchecked.

Behind closed doors, however, it's another story. While they do still snipe scathing comments back and forth on occasion, one can observe that the bond between them is strong - they're comfortable with each other, help one another out and spend a surprisingly large amount of time together. And, contrary to popular belief, they place the other above most other things on this Earth.


Due to her Veela heritage, Gwen can't help the fact she's exceedingly popular in the more physical/romantic realm of relationships; although, while one would have you believe that equals extensive experience in the matter, it couldn't be further from the truth. Having found the vast majority of people in Durmstrang painfully boring to deal with, Gwen has never gone through the experience of having a crush or being minimally curious about such matters pertaining anyone in specific, instead settling for shutting down potential suitors because they couldn't grab her attention.

She's considered that, in Australia, things could be very different - with such a wide variety of people to deal with around her age range where she resides, Gwen has drawn the conclusion that it will be a thing in her life sooner rather than later. While she is a hopeless romantic by nature and likely prone to grand gestures should she eventually hold feelings for someone, for the time being she's not at all against the idea of casually dating people; the bigger issue being whether they manage to catch her attention or not. If they do, she's the type to pursue them head on, as her natural Veela charm skewed her perception to expect to have an easier time with that sort of thing than most others.


Back in the day she had plenty; nowadays it's debatable. Given her propensity to play pranks on anyone and everyone however, it's likely that she's earned the ire of more than a few individuals ever since her arrival in town. Though, much like in the past, Gwen doesn't care much for people who may dislike her; if anything, she might take it as an extra incentive to deliberately provoke them and face them head on.

The story so far

Gwendoline Auclair was born in Rennes, France. She was the second child to Heide, a Bulgarian Veela (legally German) whom was a freelance archaeologist, and Arséne, a local Healer. She succeeded Colette, her older sister, by roughly a year and was the last child of the couple. It seemed that the pair drew a cursed hand with the children, as they couldn't have turned out to be more different than they did.

Eventually, Arséne found himself a job in Berlin - he was motivated to find one over the additional layer of protection the German Ministry provided over his very unregistered wife due to the services she'd provided them over the years, and, in an era of anti-halfbreed hunts, it felt like a safe move for his family. Gwen was five years old, and, fortunately, already dominated her second language enough to take on the transition without much trouble.

Under a deal their mother had struck with the ministry, her family didn't have to register so not to face persecution; instead, the Auclairs were seen as purebloods, much like Heide's fake ID and Arsène's ancestry. Due to this carefully crafted lie, the pair got to be sent to the Durmstrang Institute without much suspicion - nobody would be looking for them in an institution that didn't allow in Muggleborn and Halfbreed students to begin with, so long as they played their part and passed for humans.

Gwen detested the school. She found that most people were too stuck up or boring for her to get along with, and her antics only served to ostracize her from most people. It somewhat stunted her social growth (even if she remains as spirited as ever) and she grew starved for adventure. Given the nature of the location, the only thing that could feed this itch was knowledge and fiction - at this point she could swear she read through the entire Durmstrang library twice over, even if she didn't fully understand a sizable portion of its contents.

Relief came upon her return home from the dreadful fourth year in the school - her parents informed the sisters that they would be moving to Australia, as Heide found a place that better suited their kind's needs. Packing their bags after not having much to do for several months, the Auclair family reached Narragyambie, ready to start a new life...

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