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  1. The smell of blood is very thick. . . Haven't smelled things this intense since the underground days.

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    2. Marcus Carsen

      Marcus Carsen

      @Gemini DemetraIsn't that just a different kind of blood?

    3. Gemini Demetra

      Gemini Demetra

      @Marcus CarsenMaybe, but mine's tastier. ;D 

    4. Marcus Carsen

      Marcus Carsen

      @Gemini DemetraYou know, you just told everyone here you wanted me to suck on you, right? That can be taken a lot of ways.

  2. Looks like I'll have to start digging into my sources big time now. . . 

  3. Gabby managed a few Gobstones from that promotion going. Now I'll have to build her a nice notched case to have it all in.

  4. Going to take Gabby to see her Mother play. Means I need to keep myself really covered. . . The things these girls make me do.

  5. Shake the Spirit

    "I can always pull someout from somewhere. Though you'd take to it far too easily." A small smirk touched his lips. The added weight from Gemini's lean hadn't caused any noticeable disruption towards his balance, shifting one of his arms to wrap around the newly arrived woman's waist to steady her. Even adding a light shake of his head at how casually comfortable she managed to make her self using both himself and Keira as personal body-furnitures. While he held no actual problem with her drinking, the desire to keep her from destructive means kept him far more alert with his Dhampiric senses. "I don't think you'd ever not be, 'Still kicking'. Probably kick up more fuss than Sibs trying to tend to a patient." Or equal at that, stubborn women seemed to be the key feature within that gathered group. "Oh, excuse me~. I had nearly forgot that you're going the full on Musical career route. I guess I can give up my job and start being a proper roadie." He smirked with amusement at the thought alone, not that he would even if asked. Journalism had been in his blood and he knew how to get to places and people in ways most wouldn't dare or couldn't even consider. "Hey, we work hard disrupting other peoples lives! Let us at least waste it." "Now you -know- that isn't the reason why I really did it. You just need to get out a bit more with some fun." While he couldn't deny the woman drove him crazy many times a day, trying to 'get rid of her' had never been the actual intention behind the idea when it popped into his mind. Clearly she needed more of a break from his usual firm nature, right? "And sometimes you are kind of too destructive. Just not always in the scorching of sofa's, sometimes it's giving my Mother ammo she -shouldn't- have." He stated as his gaze narrowed. The woman still held it over his head his 'honest feelings' being spoken in a moment he had originally thought had been between just two people. Goes to show him! The news that suddenly broke drove him to a weighted silence. Reporter's could be brutal, hell, even he held his moments when the 'Truth' needed to be pulled out. But there were still lines, for the sake of decency, that shouldn't be crossed just to get a story. Intruding in a persons home, their private lives like the schools of their subject's children. What more would a child even know? Just to show that the man had been heartless? Or had it been a way to discredit the Mother from 'keeping her Father' from her. A disgusted snort exhausted from his nostrils. "Can't really argue the 'Vultures' bit too well, even in my case for many moments." "Sibs is right though, probably need a moment to ease out that stress. It probably won't be the end of it easily." Unless he stepped in, he could do that. He had enough contacts and even if they wouldn't help he still had certain. . . Capabilities that he could make use of that he would've ordinarily shunned. "Yea, how is she doing? Does anyone know which Reporter's or station had been poking around there?"
  6. Shake the Spirit

    An amused chuckle vibrated from him, a glance turning towards Keira as the grimace took hold of her. "Sorry, I just had to. It was opportunity that couldn't be passed up." Not that he'd been much for puns himself though he knew she probably took it worse than he did, the mischievous smile that stretched on his face unhidden. It had been an idea that he could've entertained, a list of 'Awful Puns from Australia's Finest' as a part of the paper. Something lift up the spirits of those that read far more of the unbidden truth. Though Gemini silent stalked around, for him, her smell had been undeniable - able to pick her out before she even passed the threshold into The Tipsy Mozzie. Yet, he casually continued to sip from the glass as if he hadn't noticed anything at all. "Devil with a contract at that." He grinned, though it easily faltered from the kiss and nip offered to him by the ever so playful woman that now hung at his neck. A small shiver from the light touch running along his spine. "I'm counting your drinks, Gem. I can't afford new furniture every week. This is not that kind of a job." He smirked towards her, as much as he would've wanted the reporter business to be something financially abundant, the truth of the matter had been it was a thankless and low paid kind of a job with those that invested in it. Much of it had been towards paying others work as much as it had been to maintain the presses and greasing the palms of several sources. Not to mention he didn't really want to hear the words 'Strong' and 'Drink' flow from the woman's mouth given the most recent of news. "Only a bit of burning. Told Keira she needed to take you away for girl time, get you out of my hair a bit." His elbow nudged against Gemini's side in a joking manner. "Really just to give you a bit more of some fresh air, more focus elsewhere. Though judging by that need of a strong drink. . . Sounds like something beat us to the punch for distractions and not a good one."
  7. Shake the Spirit

    "Absolutely nothing, I'm just here talking to myself. Words in the wind, as it were." A small grin curved on his lips before he took another sip from the glass, lingering a bit longer at the edge of it before placing it back down. It didn't hold much of a sway for him bolstering a sturdy constitution even so it wouldn't do him any good to try and loose himself into the habit of downing way too many. It'd been a heavy subject, while he hadn't been around during the first wave of it, the second punch that lingered in recent days didn't lack in intention of developing a bruise in more than just a few people. "Hah, your rocks off? Don't tell me you're going to start using that line while holding a bucket full of ice." Not that he took Keira as the one for puns but the thought didn't lack its amusing image that he'd painted in his mind. "A movie night might work pretty well. That or taking her somewhere pretty active, she likes to keep moving. Actually. . ." The thought hadn't been a bad one, something that he figured she might say yes to under many circumstances. "Could always take her paintballing. It will give her a chance to fire off shots of fury that might make her feel stress free." Not to mention he'd heard there'd been a certain 'satisfaction' hitting a moving target that way. An almost mischievous chuckle escaped from him though the smile on his face had been one of fondness and warmth. "And she won't have any excuse when it comes to Gabby." She hadn't been his child, not that he ever thought of plans of having one. But he understood the mantle he'd been taking up when not only sparking an interest with Gemini but committing to it in every way possible. Marcus knew there'd been several years to catch up on to understand both Gem and Gabby to the point where he felt he could understand them fluently without needing to poke at their minds. "I can think of a few things her and I could do that will probably end with me making her the pancakes she loves." Which almost seemed like an every day thing to him at this point. An activity which, at first, struck at every anxiety in his mind that came with having those even closely resembling a family. Now. . . It had been one of the many aspects of his life that he looked forward towards.
  8. Shake the Spirit

    "It's the kind of thing that would send a wave through everyone connected in some way." Either through memories of their own issues or proxy through the innate care someone held for an individual, it would've been difficult to escape hearing such a thing and not being infuriated or upset on some level. "Just be careful with it, I know you're a whole daring sort but the last thing I need is both Gemini and Sibs tearing into me about telling you this and you ending up surrounded by a bunch of guys with guns or something." He smirked lightly, as much as it had been meant as a joke he also knew the serious matter of situations when it came not only to political avenues but also the far darker elements of the Underworld that tended to be connected to the higher echelons in some of the most ironic situations. His hand curved around the class and he brought the edge of it to his lips, tipping the last of the contents from the glass and into his mouth. Giving a conservative swig as if he needed to wash away an intensely bad aftertaste before swallowing it down fully. "Overzealous will end up breathing anyways, when it isn't really a secret any longer and her ties well to the man well known amongst those that had kept tabs before his sudden disappearance well. . ." There had always been a 'story', something news worthy to others when it came to misfortune and misery. The potential shake up and compromises that could cause an emotional or verbal slip-up in a person once certain details that may or may not have been know pop up. "Eventually the wave will end, the question is always on the 'when'." Taking in a deep breath afterwards his shoulders offered up a shrug of resignation and his hand pushed the class towards the Bartender for a refill. "Ahaha, I should be fine honestly. Worse stresses in my life that's for certain." His gaze narrowed in thought; problems that had yet to be resolved on his own end with a few things that he could only truly acknowledge as 'Family Business'. "My Mother helps out when she can even though she probably should be resting. Though I think it helps to keep her distracted so I don't push too much." Once his refill had been completed he pulled the glass with the napkin back towards him. "Though I'd say contact Gem to see if she might need a girl's night out. Just avoid the whole, letting her get -too- drunk. Depending on how her mind is things can either get really pranky or really fiery." The pranks weren't too bad of a thing to try and avoid, as much as he preferred -not- being a target every day. It'd been, by far, more preferred than the woman burning something down out of rage or sorrow. "A night out will give her a good reminder that she won't really lose anything just because a heavy change in life happened."
  9. Shake the Spirit

    "Couldn't tell you the specifics of it currently." His fingers clutched at the glass then he brought it up to his lips where he started to sip from the edge of it conservatively. "Though me going to search it out isn't the kind of thing to do on a whim." He closed his eyes and shrugged lightly. "Not anymore, anyways." If he only had himself to worry about it wouldn't have been such a big deal. With a few more complications knitted to the picture, such as the return of his Mother, Gemini and Gabby. . . Things he'd have no problem doing and taking the risks that came with it weren't actually things he should've been contemplating anymore without a well formed game plan of defense. "It isn't under wraps at all. Just never fully made it to Australia as news until a couple of months ago, he gained a pretty big draw out in the Americas'. Don't know who ambushed Gem that night but it definitely was someone who had really on-point international contacts." Not that he didn't, he'd mostly been ignoring his phone that night to catch up on more work that had been slacking. "I'm not sure how long he's actually been in sight, requires a bit more digging than I can spare." On top of his own personal research on things, the time just didn't seem to add up in his favor what-so-ever in trying to accumulate that kind of dedicated knowledge. "What I -do- know is that he hasn't made any effort of contact in any fashion. Not even on the media news platform to search for 'His Girls', honestly, not even sure if he's talked about them yet to any sources in general." Which he counted as somewhat of a blessing for a numerous amount of reasons. After taking another sip from his drink, Marcus placed it down onto a napkin that rested on the bar top. "Oh, she's completely fine around me. Leaving her to her own devices and mind would. . . Be far worse on that. Overthinking, then going deeper into the 'wondering' on the various why's: Why now?, Why hasn't he contacted them?, Why did he stay away for so long? that sort of thing." The time he spent with the woman on top of supping on her blood far more often than he personally liked gave him an intuited idea of the mental space within the Part Veela's mind. "I've been helping to keep her mind off of it, mostly various outing's with Gabby. And not bringing more of hassle for her somewhat childish tricks with the ever so -not- helpful assistance of my Mother." A soft sigh escaped his lips, what form of twisted creator made it that his girlfriend and his Mother would be on such good terms when it came to his personal torture? "She's stable for now but it's obvious that it still nags at her, that unfinished business that she -thought- was finished. Burying someone, mourning them, only to find out all those tears? The nights wondering and trying to build back up? Had been for nothing."
  10. Shake the Spirit

    "I wish I was, honestly. But no, apparently they've under it some guise that it was some kind of important work." From the sound of things it also seemed like the man had been wrapped up in something far more serious than what Gem had been telling him. Even so, that had been her own personal history, the kind of information that he didn't really need and understood the distance and respect of it all. When and if she wanted him to know and understand the full story she'd tell him. Until then he knew the most he could do involved being supportive to both her and Gabby when they needed him as a rock the most. Still, it was an awkward avenue for the man, not really believing he found himself in such a position in the first place. "It's only illegal if there isn't a good or government backed reason. He's a well connected man from what I gather, his name still holds a lot of weight and sway." Trying to poke at an individual in that particular position had always been far more of a gamble in finesse than anything else. Families that held a sense of political clout in different arenas had been difficult target under the best of circumstances. "Plus, I think he's in the States right now. I don't think he plans to come back here. Did offer Gem that I'd go with her there but I'm pretty sure she's still mulling it over it." His head shook lightly and he offered a gentle shrug while pulling the glass of his drink to his lips and taking a modest sip from it. "At first, badly. From what I gathered she didn't even know herself, she was blindsided by a reporter who had access to the skinny after a gig. So. . . As you can imagine between the shock and the lack of knowledge at first she found herself with a few drinks in." Unfortunately, Marcus held an eidetic memory, the moment flashed in his mind so vividly that he could still hear the ringing of the key attempting to push into the lock of the door, the smell of freshly consumed brew that wafted around the young woman when she cam barreling into his home in a stumbled drunkenness. "Set the couch on fire a bit too, I'm probably lucky that's all she set on fire. Trying to replace more than just that would've been a hell." Not to mention, it'd been a moment that somewhat forced him to admit his feelings to the cheeky Half-Veela. Who, even while inebriated, still managed to be even -more- cheeky than usual. "I'm pretty sure it's still bothering her considering that she spent the time mourning him as if she buried the actual body. At least the initial reason why she'd been worried about the news had been settled that night easily."
  11. Shake the Spirit

    "That's probably for the best. I can drink most people under a table and out of their pockets." Marcus laughed smoothly as he leaned against the counter until the drink he ordered arrived, sliding across the top of the bar as he caught it effortlessely. A force of habit with certain aspects of his reflexes, luckily enough he hadn't been too worried about the display itself - at best it'd been minor. His head nodded several times with an expression of approval towards her voiced stance. "Anything can look like fun with the right look on your face and a forced laugh or two. Most people can hardly tell the difference these days." His lips pressed into a thin grin before taking a brief sip from the glass that ahd been handed to him. He sighed softly and a shrug flowed from his shoulders. "Maybe a bit of both? It's been a rough couple of months for me in one way or another." Harder times did exist for him, there were exposures that made what he'd been dealing with pale in comparison. Yet, it'd been the drain that it all managed to siphon from him that called for just a bit of a break from the usual day-to-day people found himself interacting with. "Not sure if you heard it, a few months back a famous actor, Frankie Dean? Pretty big name, reportedly died and left behind a daughter and a lovely woman? Turns out his 'Death' was more fake than a hidden compartment." The tone of his voice showed a weight irritation, yet the reasons that stapled to it had been largely unknown. The tip of his thumb traced along the lining of his jaw from the left and towards the center of his chin in thought. "Which the reason I needed to clear my head from this surge of information is that I'm dating the woman he left behind. . . And pretty much always around the child he left behind." His head shook lightly and a small groan vibrates from his throat. "Guy didn't even have the balls to call his own kid, didn't even try to reach out even a bit." That bit had the Dhampir really miffed, the young girl, Gabby, deserved to have her father in her life and being active. Or, at least, deserved a proper father whom cared enough to invest and build with her. "Either way, I needed to get out for a bit from the tension my house has sometimes. And if her anger sparks. . . Oh man, it's like trying to calm down a raging bull." An amused chuckle rumbled from him, while it could cause issues and had done so with a few pieces of furniture. It'd been one of the appealing traits in Gemini and mostly because he knew he'd been far more durable and held a string mental willpower to ignore a lot of what would make most of his kind cringe or back away. "But everyone has a storied past, right? When you're a single mother sometimes the other half-past can bite and it bites hard with iron-steel jaws."
  12. Shake the Spirit

    For the most part things had been slow for him, His mother still was the old biddy that also happened to be a large pain in his ass and Gemini fared no better in that department. That happened to be the collection of his life, despite the headaches it showed the relative peace that had hit for him. Which unsettled him immensely, accustomed to constantly being on the move and getting himself involved in the seedy underworld to crack open the next big bit of information that the people of Australia needed to see. Marcus had still been kicking himself after letting the lead of a recently thought to be deceased actor suddenly dug themselves out of the grave, so to speak. He couldn't understand why the famous, especially those with actual families, would up and do that simply for the sake of publicity and fame. There'd only been two places he would frequent for meetings or to clear his head just a bit and on a random whim he chose 'The Tipsy Mozzie.' While he wasn't a heavy regular he popped in once in a while to get away from the autonomy that had been The Roo. Shaking things up often gave a charge of a feeling, as if he hit the streak of being unpredictable once more. His hand pressed against the handle of the door as he walked into the establishment without any halt towards his movements. A graceful entry before lagging the door behind slightly to close it rather than letting it slam or force shut on its own, a habit of respect for him. 'Must be a low ebb everywhere. . .' His head shook in slight dissatisfaction, it was no secret that the young Dhampir supported those that established their own businesses. Even going as far as to draw attention to them in his News Paper's and other publications to give attention based accolades. Those that worked hard and managed to keep afloat deserved the acknowledgement for it. Marcus' nostrils took in the scent, a force of habit when he entered areas. That's when the air that swept through his nose caught someone familiar to him which prompted his eyes to scan around the place to spot a single lone woman sitting off towards the side. He made his way over towards her, sitting down before even announcing himself and huddled up towards the bar's counter with a slight raise of his arm to catch the Bartender's attention. "I'll have what she's having." After making his order he started to remove his jacket and draped it over a single leg getting a bit more comfortable. "Hey there, Keira. Looks like you're trying to hit the happy hour." While it had been clear she'd been here for sometime, there didn't seem to be any sense of inebriation that he picked up. "You know if someone catches you here, they might just start to think you aren't just a social drinker." A gentle joking prod within his words.
  13. I will be trying to expand my paper clientele beyond Melbourne, those looking for a freelancing gig can contact me.

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      @Bella Mayfield Sure, I can swing by VMU. It shouldn't be that much of a problem for me.

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      @Marcus Carsen Thanks, just let me know when you can stop by. 

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      @Bella Mayfield I can come by sometime this weekend, if you're available during that time. 

  14. The Monsters Within

    "Hmm... I concede to your point about that shithead bit, you can be pretty~ bad. I mean, you bump your guitar into me first meeting, make me break my own glasses! Then some how convince me to not bill you for it!" He shook his head as if all that added up to actually being her grand scheming plan. The small smirk that had grew on his lips showcasing he knew it had been anything but. "You just like poking bears for fun, I think. I literally think you go out into some woods, somewhere in the world, and start poking random bears during hibernation seasons. That has to be the only way you're so adept at gaslighting." Most times he wondered how or why he put up with her but that had often been the point of having love for someone, wasn't it? To care about DESPITE the way that they'd been towards you, well, mostly when it hadn't been meant in a malicious manner. "I'm a sucker for not being smart and tossing two people out." Not like he'd actually toss Gem or Layla out on their ass, not now anyways. Maybe if it had been him a few months ago keeping a careful distance. Times were simpler then. "Convenient, no doubt." This was what it must have been like to pay a special price in someone's personal hell, wasn't it? "Half an hour? You're underestimating how much work has actually built up for me dealing with both you and my Mother. I have a good three days worth of leads to track down and verify." Not an entire lie but not something he seemed to be losing much sleep over either. "I absolutely can! That's what the bribe pancakes are for, now that I know how to make them. I can win her to my side." His snicker formed as her brow furrowed, he knew it probably had been a bit of a sore point but it had been amusing to see her response none the less. That amusement soon receded and dipped into a soft solemn internal silence. He let her finished but he could tell, the way her vital signs had been pulsing through her body, it had started to lull her to a snore-filled sleep. A small smile, though sad touched his lips. "I hadn't said that for my own heart, silly, Gemini. . . I didn't want you hurt with doubt that you weren't entirely sure. . ." He waited for a moment until he'd been sure he wouldn't wake her up and then picked the slumbering woman up in his arms effortlessly in a bridal carry. Placed her onto the couch and pulled a nearby quilt over her. "Love you both to bits too. You won't need to ever worry about losing what you've gained." What -they've- gained, he couldn't leave out that he'd been fortunate enough to have that kind of affection. Even with the meddling of not only Layla but Sibylla too, which figured, his mother and the woman that had been much like a Grandmother to himself in assistance. His hand reached into his pocket pulling out a silver pendant, a blood-red jewel sat within the center of it as his eyes burrowed at the recently attained trinket. "No matter what may come."
  15. The Monsters Within

    The short-lived silence that had come from Gemini caused a soft hum to emit from him in thought. It seemed that there had been more weight on her mind than she showed through or had it been that part of her didn't realize those things until the connection had been made in the moment? It was probably best to not to attempt a psychoanalysis of a person who had been a couple of drinks into the wind. "You think I wouldn't know. You're underestimating a reporter's talents and resourcefulness." A toothy grin had been his own response towards the crooked smile. "I have many talents, skills, and aces up my sleeve that can get me the right answer. I'm just being nice in not using them, have to let you keep that dignity of thinking I don't know!" His expression then shifted into a more playful smile. "Now, is that only when you're drunk or all the time? Because now comes down to if it's really just acute selective hearing in both moments." Marcus placed his bet on it being much more of a selective hearing case. The thought alone rumbled an amused chuckle while his hand weaved through the short raven locks on his head. Either way, he wasn't sure how much he could 'handle' staying between the little shit that Gem had decided to become with the ever so 'Mrs. Rogers' in the other room thinking that it had been a wonderful day in the room for her antics. "You know. . . You two can just stay here with each other and I'll move it. I'll only come to visit Gabby, the only person who actually cares about my abused feelings." They'd been the reason why he tried to keep such intimate moments a secret and probably will be even more honed on trying to keep that the case. "What she's about to hear is the biggest eviction notice in history." Maybe he should have put her under a sleep spell? If only he had planned properly for emergencies that would end up putting him into a position where he actually wore more of his emotions on the sleeve. A scoff filled lightly at what he considered be a 'predicament' for him to be seen caught in, someone like him shouldn't be in a position to be blackmailed like this! The annoyance and exaggerated ire that he had built up seemed to be flushed out of his mind feeling the softness of Gemini's lips against him. His expression shifted, drawn to one that had stared at her inspecting the softened gaze that had been offered to him. It didn't seem like she'd been planning her usual shenanigans to exasperate the situation even further. " 'Pretty sure', Ouch. That's like saying 'Maybe I might have something for you. Don't really know.'" He gave a smirk to show that he hadn't actually felt slighted or harmed emotionally from the words - more of a tease at her expense. "Don't go admitting stuff that you're not sure of if you're drunk though. You'll end up second guessing it when you can remember - will make it more difficult to differentiate your actual feelings rather than the mess you're walking in right now." Part of him wanted to take back his own admittance. Not because it hadn't been true but that it had been much more exposure to this kind of sun than he had been accustomed towards. He'd had rather stand out in the burning and blinding rays of the morning than take that kind of risk that would burn in a much harsher blaze. Instead of trying to focus on the harm it could cause him; It'd been the larger reflection that the potential harm to Gemini could be caused with her past memories at conflict with her current feelings. "Better safe than regretful with these kind of things, right?"
  16. The Monsters Within

    She was most likely right in his desire to not want to know the true answer for that kind of feeling. That would be the kind of thing where no amount of soap, water, or scrubbing could ever be considered 'enough' to get that kind of slime off of someone. It was often how he perceived certain thoughts that would be lifted up from the surfaces of peoples mind if he hadn't gone through trying to search them out. One thing he'd always questioned about his Mother had been how did she manage to keep him a secret from the rest of the circle of friends that his grandparents had gathered up in a way to showcase their much more 'Pureblooded' status. "Being sneaky and eavesdropping isn't the only skill. She can keep a secret as well as a stool pigeon or a reporter's source." That and he couldn't imagine her being subtle with the way she'd slap some of her 'demands' or 'expectations' in front of him with the hardest metaphorical punches. A snicker emitted from him as he leaned inwards and returned the whisper. "Do you think she could really work a small device without yelling, 'I'm putting this here.' ?" Marcus laughed softly. "Loan-a-kid? That sounds like it'd be a pretty good business to start up. 'Mother bothering you about grandkids? Need someone to wash your car? How about someone to actually have Christmas Dinner with? Well, Loan-a-Kid today!' That kind of got a bit sad at the end." Laughter turned into a chuckle that slowly started to ease up. Though he imagined if Gabby had been around even more often, if that had at all been even possible, that his Mother could be satisfied and distracted in spoiling her. At least to by sometime to see if that had been the kind of thought he even wanted to pursue in the first place. "Angel in the streets, freaky in the sheets that's all I'm saying on that!" Then an accusing stare shifted towards Gemini. "And for all you know, you were just fueling all that emotion of desire for me to do it all." Not that he believed that, chances had been they were feeding heavily off of one another. A smirk found its way on his lips while their eyes met, hands raised up to press on both side of her cheek while the edges of his fingers rubbed along the tip of her earlobe gently as if it had been a teased massage. "Drunken deafness is a serious thing, of course, most times it seems you select when you have it even sober." He couldn't count how many times it seemed as if she didn't hear him just to see if he'd constantly repeat what he stated towards her. But now, now he had her where she couldn't hide her face away from him after hearing the words. While he didn't expect her to be the 'embarrassed' sort, there also hadn't been the expectation that she'd want him to speak louder. At this point he suspected she wanted the entire house to know. Even worse had been he was more than one-hundred percent sure that Layla was around the corner, it was customary as his luck to have these moments go in the other direction quickly. "Fine, you little punk." He considered her blush his for the viewing and that would probably be the greatest win possible in his mind. Voice elevated strongly while he stared deeper into her eyes. "I LOVE YOU, GEMINI." The base had been enough that it could be felt through a glass table if one placed their hand onto its surface. The declaration had been followed by the sound of sniggled 'Dawh', was that actually tear sniffling in the background now? A soft annoyed sigh erupted from him because that could only mean one thing. "You just -had- to tempt the beast, Gemma. Now she's hiding there behind the WALL! AS IF I CAN'T -HEAR- HER!"
  17. The Monsters Within

    "Ehehe, I can only imagine how scummy you end up feeling with the kind of emotions you'd get pelted with. Especially on the stronger side of things." His mind hadn't wandered to the place her did, rather he couldn't imagine the sheer amount of disgust she might end up feeling simply walking by a Strip club and the various emotions and urges that weren't even intended to be controlled by the original resonators. He wasn't in any better situation, when the surface thoughts of people were just too strong that they weren't even trying to keep them held down, it became like a downpour in his mind of things he'd want to escape with the swiftest of movements. Marcus snorted and narrowed his eyes. "Might be? She's practically a secret agent on loan." He was glad the woman didn't have the kind of senses that he held. That would be a nightmare all together, the last thing he needed had been his mother saying and asking 'I didn't hear enough bed bouncing last night, are you sure you're even working on a grandchild?' The thought alone caused him to groan and his hand rubbed the top of his forehead with the voice alone being left behind in its imaginary echo. "And she still won't let go the wanting to be grandparent bit. I'm about to buy her a cardboard cutout and just claim them as children." A grin shaped on his lips as he laughed lightly at Gemini's response of his claim to innocence. "So, what you're saying is you are the sole reason that I am -not- innocent? That's quite the claim that you're admitting there, Gemma." "Oh. . . You little shit. . ." He playfully responded. The way that her heart thumped again had been enough of a sign that she'd been enjoying hearing it. Almost as if the selective hearing claim had been to get him to say it again equally as much as it had been for her to enjoy the feeling that it caused her to have. "Even when I say it that way, you're keeping up that charade, eh?" A smile greeted on his face one that had opted try and play more on how he knew of her personality, that one that sought to meet every challenged that had been offered to her. "Maybe I will. But I don't think you have it in you to stare me in the eyes while I say it. It's a shame. . . And I so wanted to say it again."
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    "All I've got is the whole mental scope. That can be pretty annoying sometimes. Nothing like hearing someone's overly loud thought of 'He has a nice ass' ricochet from across the other side of the room." Most times he could escape those kind of moments, if he kept moving fast enough through people. Crowds made it slightly more difficult but he'd had enough time to develop the proper defenses against that kind of a situation. He grinned at her as the pout became even more defined as he brought the attention towards it. It had a bit of an amusing twist that she could still have the strength and awareness to work on those usual traits of hers, where she'd accentuate her pouts or expression anytime he'd bring them up. Then Marcus snorted. "Cool lady, isn't the kind of thing I would use as a descriptor for her." Loud, rude, pushy, and everything that would be able to be considered the bane of his peace and quiet. It didn't help that she had been on the train of 'Multiply me some Grandkids'. He was just surprised she didn't buy an entire billboard dedicated to just that singular phrase or thought anytime someone would pass by it. "When someone told me that life can be a pain I don't think they actually met the two of you at the same time and seen the kind of horrors you both inflict on my innocent psyche." There could have been any possibility, he wasn't the sort to take many chances and often tried to have a plan for almost any situation he could give in the event of an escalating scenario. He hadn't survived the elements of the underworld by being careless and not prioritizing his own freedom and safety through any means plausible. This had been no different though it had also been more difficult to predict the kind of outcome when the individual could be unpredictable when faced against the person that caused such intense feelings within them. A small grin formed on his face feeling the pressure of her face pressed into his chest, the hint of red on her cheeks had only been viewable for a brief second before they disappeared amongst the cloth of his shirt. "Eh? You cheeky. . ." Marcus' eyes squinted accusingly at Gemini. As if he couldn't hear the hastened beat of her heart after hearing the phrase he'd spoken to her. Then a devilish grin laced as an expression, if that had been the cheeky game she wanted to play he suppose he could 'cheat' at it a bit. Lips sealed shut and his breathing leveled slowly while he sent out an ever sneaky message into her mind. 'I love you.' Sometimes his Dhampir talents did have a bit of use to them that he hadn't mind abusing every now and then for the right reasons.
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    "Oh no!? You've found out! This will be really bad for my pristine reputation." Admittedly, It hadn't really been instant noodles. That fit under the more guilty pleasure that he still tried to enjoy in secret when no one had been looking or watching. Which. .. Was difficult with Layla practically breathing down his neck in his own home. Like most Dhampir his trigger is and probably always will be blood, even more so with his past tendency of trying to avoid it entirely. It made the hunger loud and often the temptation grew towards dangerous levels. Marcus rolled his eyes at Gemini's insinuation that it had been his way of trying to make her feel better, while it wasn't untrue it hadn't been the basis of his reason. He'd always want to help her feel better but it never meant there weren't other reasons stitched within, maybe even more prevalent. "I know, it sucks being feeling people, doesn't it?" More so much more literally for the young woman, someone whom had felt emotions within people probably had been more at risk for drowning within her own. A snorted chuckle followed after her huff. "You're cute when you're all attitude and pouting. I think I get the thrill you have during the usual days." Maybe not as the collapsing mess that she'd been at the start of the night, but it at least seemed like she'd been slowly dealing with the situation in her own way. Even more so with the small barb she'd tossed towards him. "Well, it is kind of hard to not look at you any time of the day when you're around. Half the time I think you're purposefully trying to slide your way into my view just to see my reaction." "You've a lot of signatures, it's hard to keep in mind every single one. There's also the ever so apparent, 'Make the man uncomfortable by agreeing with most of his mother's ideas.' You're like her wingman in those moments." It didn't help that they weren't in the least halted by his snarls or growls as a response. Most times he wondered why he even attempted to try and dissuade them that way. A gentle silence fell over him as he listened to what had been weighed as a heavy concern on her, it sounded to him as if she were more worried about the loss of what she'd gained this year. A soft chuckle echoed after her words finished and his hand weaved through her hair in a slow motion. "You're very silly, you should know by now I would spring you out. It isn't like I'm new to the criminal element, I'm sure I can find a bunch of people to gather up for an massive explosion spell you bust you out of the joint." Of course, he expected with the right tap of blood he probably could create the same effect to some level. His nostrils took in the air gently and he lowered his gaze towards the downtrodden woman. "And if you think you're going to lose me or what you've gained? You definitely haven't been paying much attention to your 'Emo-Dar'. If you have to guess how I feel about. . ." Then he supposed he'd just have to say it, as awkward has it had been to admit any form of feeling vocally. "Of course I love you, Gem and enjoy having you around." He'd answered her previous question from before. "Added, I couldn't imagine my days without Gabby either. The girl keeps me up on my toes."
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    The edge of his lips grazed along the side of her forehead in a gentle kiss. His arms hadn't left from her and the moment that it seemed as if the alcohol's effects had started to swirl away into a drain of clarity, the grip that had been held would tighten into a firm security. "There's always that one vice that can get the best of us if we let it. Sometimes it just has way too much of an easy time of it too." Marcus wasn't going to fault her for getting drunk and being in a funk. While he hated what it had done to her mind, the fact it compounded on the effects of her negative emotions, sometimes it was that lowest moment that needed to happen just to try and beat it entirely. "Nightmare? You? Nah, you're pretty alright. I've seen much worse." While he didn't have the full scope of what it would be like to live with her, the brief little 'sleep-overs' that had built up over the last few months? Hadn't been bad. Waking up to someone who could give you a run for your money in many ways. Additionally, Having a little girl around who had the capacity to energize the area made the mornings interesting. He did adore her too, she may not have been his own child but she deserves a strong figure in her life. "I wouldn't know where to begin on what you 'should or shouldn't' be thinking. It isn't like it's a right or wrong here, it's kind of a maelstrom of emotions. You're going to have the confusion which is fine." "Someone is fishing here, aren't they?" Marcus snickered at her as he rose a finger up and traced the edge of her chin gently. He'd rather make her work to the point that she would admit her own feelings before he did. Especially since under more lucid circumstances she'd have been sorting out his emotions from her natural talents. "You'll find us journalists tend to be tight lipped about source information, I can't comment on this time about what I like. It could get me in trouble with my Publisher." With the larger amusement coming to the fact that he'd been his own boss. "Hm. . .?" An eyebrow quirked upwards, gaze lowered to stare at her while she spoke. "Hey, your charm isn't what snagged and kept me. You're beautiful, that's an obvious truth. I enjoy being around you not just because you're good in bed or donate blood to the Marcus fund. Simply because I enjoy you for you. And if your grandmother didn't see it as a good idea you can bet she would have yanked me away from you or vice versa." It had almost felt like Sibylla 'skipped out' on certain things or snagged Gabby away just for the two of them to have their moments. "I'm supposed to be here to make sure you don't slip on your 'tude too much. Heh." His hand slide along her arm soothingly. "You're fucking nothing up, Gemini. What do you think you're messing up?"
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    Marcus hadn't cared too much on the stains that rubbed along his shirt, the smudge could be considered less than unimportant in light of the moment. Had there been a way to truly ease the war that had raged inside of Gemini? It almost seemed like his stance on how everything had unfolded, reactions given to her without ever blowing his gasket ended up being much more harmful with the cocktail of emotion. He wanted to offer her more even if he'd been uncertain in certain aspects on how it should have been implemented, in what form it should be taking. Happiness had been one of the gifts he'd wanted to offer but held no way of knowing what the proper start would be to start it off. His hand embraced the back of her head and rubbed it gently through her hair to try and add a soothing motion in an effort to ease her into a calmer state. "We're all a mess in a special kind of way. Maybe not a drunk kind of a mess, you can keep that trophy for now." A toothy grin shined from him. "But I'm pretty sure you could label the whole 'My mother suddenly showing up' as a messy moment for me too. I was such a mess I probably would have shut the door in her face at that time and not feel bad about it." His heart had grown hardened and the damage in his trust in the woman long standing without any true nurture or resolution until a bit after the encounter. It would have been a lie to say that Layla's nagging hadn't contributed to the thought but it wasn't as if the thought or consideration hadn't existed before then. A few times when she and Gabby had stayed over the imagery had been pictured in his mind and then shooed away from it seeming too soon or maybe unrequited. "And why wouldn't I want to live with you? You're more than just moment, Gemma. You're entitled to breakdowns as much as you're entitled to breakfast at my table." A snicker eased out for him and his smile held a warmth. "Glad to know you got over the whole burning the couch." His finger gently nudged the side of her cheek as he wiped away some of the left over tears that started to try and dry against her skin. "Hey, let me have my excuses so that you can stay around. If you take the glasses away then I lose a bit of ground here." The usual demeanor that she held day to day, it made it difficult to believe that it had been the same woman who clung to him, cried out her own heart at that. It hadn't changed his original assessment of her as a woman with a unique strength. But it had reminded him that she'd been just another person hurt who needed to build up her own walls and protections to not fall into a blubbering mess. "Why are you even apologizing? Heh, you do realize that at some point I was going to have to see you like this. I had already planned to be here for you. Because I'm willing to deal with anything that comes this way. Whether it be your occasional teasing's or the worse of things."
  22. The Monsters Within

    "No, It'd be easy to lift you. But I don't expect you to make it easy to even do that. Much easier on us all to just stay right where we are." Not that it wouldn't be a -fun- experience to him. Just to see here grab hold of every little thing like someone that didn't want to leave the fun party that had been helping in the area. He also didn't want to place the idea that she didn't have the right to be upset or even a bit unruly given the circumstances. Personally, he wasn't sure how he'd react himself in that kind of position - putting all that effort into moving on in more than one way. Marcus could only hypothesis that she must have felt as if she were set back entirely, as if it none of what she'd had accomplished had mattered even though she went through and triumphed above it. As much as he hated the punch himself, he understood that necessity behind it. It had been the same stinging punches he'd received when his mother pressed her way into his life again. From Gem, Sibylla, Ikedi, even Lot - the sting, it always hurt. But it was one of those necessary whacks that helped to juggle up the mind, to push the desire to see whatever injustice righted in some fashion or another. And from Marcus' perspective, while Frankie may not have cared enough to be in their lives, He did. They'd been such a major part to it that he couldn't conceive letting them go without fighting for that privilege, it wasn't a right to him. He didn't deserve it but he would work hard to earn it. Of course, he wasn't sure how to take that line in stride. At this point he felt as if he were the 'other man', that she'd been doing her own dirt and had found her significant other cheating on her and wanted to flip the script. This must have been what it had been like to see someone fight against the past itself, what it might have been to see his own struggles in a way. The edge of his fang bit against the lower lining of his lip and punctured it in frustration, not to mention that hearing her words and his own suggestion of moving it - he wasn't sure now if that had been the proper step at all. Just as he'd been contemplating how to react, to respond without feeling as if he were wounded by the idea itself he found a sudden weight start to collide on to of him. "What the. . .-!" It had been a suddenness and he could only prepare himself by changing the position on how he'd been sitting himself in a slight motion, the woman clinging to him as if for dear life itself. His hand weaved through her hair gently and peered down towards her. "You don't need to hold back, you can let it out. . . And you don't have to answer that question right now." This had been the moment that he needed to fix what he'd assumed was a bad suggestion given the fallout of it. "Take all the time you need, cause I'll be here regardless." Marcus meant every bit of what he'd said before, she was being a bitchy-mess, but she'd been his and he hadn't intended to let her forget about that particular fact. In this moment or going forward. "Besides, do you think you can escape Layla. . .? That woman would pop out of no where like some kind of noire detective. It's creepy, I'm telling you." His thumb coursed along her cheek loving, a caring stroke. "And you still owe me some sunglasses, those were just so expensive. Then again. . . Meeting you and Gabby definitely was much better. A win in my book."
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    A silence covered over Marcus for a moment, he hadn't really understood just how badly it had been effecting her. The amount of levels of complication that he never understood when it came to the kinds of issues that she'd had to face. She'd always gave him a run for his money whether it had been with her lovable and maybe on some level, infuriating rapier wit along with the way she'd had commandeered the sheets in his bedroom. He still often remembered the high that their linked emotions at fueled the first time that they had humored that animalistic urge, tasting her blood to him had even made it much closer due to the intimate nature that had been. Softened sigh exhausted and eyes shifted slightly to look towards the downtrodden woman. "Alright, but mostly because I imagine if I tried to pick you up, you'd do that weight hang thing from Lilo and Stitch." Being around Gabby had opened him up to watching various kinds of shows that he wouldn't ordinarily even entertain. The effect that both of the girls had on him had been profound, nothing that he could even consider as a regret. Maybe it was that reaction that his mother sensed? Why she kept pushing other than her Granny biological clock. As she started to get riled up about how others viewed people his hand ran along her shoulder. "Woah, Gem, it was a joke. You're safe here, you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff." He knew that she'd been wounded because of that kind of think, that had been a commonality for them both. The reaction of others because they weren't fully 'Human' to others or even just different entirely. He grunted lightly, even while in that state she'd been the pushy sort. A woman who had been like a wild fire consuming quickly ahead. Marcus crossed his arms and his eyes closed lightly, legs started to cross over one another as he straightened them out. "I'm all for making sure he never gets to see her. If he didn't care to visit for both of you then he already stated how much that right cared to him. But I'm saying don't go swinging for both you and Gabby. Get your answers, and if you need to swing? Give him a social bloody nose. The Monster inside all of us always wants the actual blood but we can't let it, we have to opt for other weapons when time asks it." This had been one of those times, if Gemini ended up getting into major trouble for assault then that'd end up hurting both her and Gabby. That was something he wouldn't and couldn't allow for many reasons - Care, Obligation, and a Self Promise. "Thought? You can be happy again. Just cause he fucked up doesn't invalidate all that you've done for yourself and her. The reason may not have been what you thought it had been for but the motivation is all that mattered in the end. To do good for you and her." His eyes lowered towards the ground for a moment. The thought that flooded in his mind made him wince and only because it had been in his Mother's voice with that 'I told you to so' inflection. "Why don't you move in here?" He could have sworn he heard some elder 'Yip' in the background but put it off as some random animal.
  24. The Monsters Within

    The tip of Marcus' fingers rubbed against his forehead. The way she had pouted and the expression that radiated along with it only cemented in that she still had been upset towards him, maybe more towards the fact that he hadn't been on top of the that kind of information to keep it from harming her. How was he supposed to prevent that even if he had known? Keeping it from her would have eventually been much more harmful and telling her about it seemed like it would get the similar scenario as tonight offered up to them on a silver-messed-platter. What he imagined walking on eggshells had been like wouldn't compare to this mind field that needed a unique method of navigation. "Hm... Sometimes. Most times it's because I'm putting in the most work. You've gotta keep up." His own gentle quip lashed out, a way to try and reach the cock and whip witted woman in fighting form of sorts. He didn't expect it to hit the chord perfectly to pull her out of the rut she'd found herself in. To believe someone was dead only to find out that they weren't, after celebrating their life and putting them to rest. All the effort to him made it seem like all she had put into pushing forward had been a lie that wasn't necessary, wounds that could never heal and now were festering in this corrosion of betrayal. "You don't wanna?" What were they? Five? This might be what it had been like to argue with someone who had been set on doing what they want to do. He started to situate himself on the floor and pressed his back against the couch just in front of Gemini "Fine, stay there if you want." He was way out of his depth on addressing this sort of problem as it had been a rare occasion to even have a story of a faked death. Someone with a heavy public awareness made it even more difficult to maneuver through and he even wondered just how far he'd have to reach out for his contacts. How deep underground he'd need to go in order to contact some of the older troublemakers from his own past. "Bitchy mess? You? . . . Well, yea, but you're my bitchy mess so it's fine." Marcus took her hand and gently kissed the back of it as he held it by linking his fingers with hers. "Heh, It's alright. I'm used to everyone being angry with me for one reason or another. You know, the whole 'Dhampir' bit does make me a good target for stuff." He decided to make himself a butt of the joke for a moment. "If you're going to face him just don't do it sloshed, you don't need that kind of press working in his favor. If you actually had some coordination I had planned to take you somewhere to vent. But. . . You don't look like you could swing an empty paper bag without stumbling right now." The man's head leaned back to press against the poked out cushions. "You deserve some answers. Both you and Gabby, he owes you it no matter what anyone else may say or think. You don't need to worry about anything either, I'll make sure to protect the both of you. The full extent of my abilities." To go as far as to even allow himself to make use of his natural talents to their fullest had many connotations on how serious he considered the matter.
  25. The Monsters Within

    This is what it must have felt like to truly between a rock and a hard place with a person and not know a reason behind the why. It felt as if he had to walk on the tip of his toes metaphorically while trying to extract the information, to not anger the beast that had been unleashed within the woman. While he wasn't made or upset at how the evening had unraveled there was a sense of annoyance on many levels, multiple reasons. He'd been annoyed that she thought he had this hidden answer and the compounded action behind her words seemed as if she had been -certain- he knew. But now, now he had a hint of what she had expected him to know. The confirmation had only arrived through the use of him contacting someone who saved the woman from having to say it all over again, words didn't need to confirm it either on if that had been the issue. She'd been getting a bit more specific as the time rolled on but her current state of mind and anger gave enough of a picture on what the 'Vulture-reporter' could have asked. A small snort exhausted form him as he rolled his eyes. "Gemma. . . It wasn't get 'grab the next big story'. Just before you came someone messaged me about 'big news'. The guy is kind of like my. . .International contact of sorts. Places outside of Australia he slips me the biggest info." Did he really need to explain more? To draw out that raw emotion and beat it like a dead horse that wouldn't run? "I didn't know and I think you know me better than that if I -did- know." But if she didn't truly know him better than that? One often stated being in a state of drunkenness showed much more of thoughts and opinions. "Never mind about that last part... But I didn't know." He scoffed lightly and a small smile curved at his lips. "I'm pretty sure I'm the one doing the smashing. Considering you wake up with sore legs and hips often." Though he didn't expect that would be the solution to this problem, as much as angry sex with her would have been intense and worth it every single moment that they were in the bed. . . The fact it all stemmed from the man she loved and mourned, that would be the mood killer. Listening while leaning forward a soft sigh escaped his lips and head shook. "I don't know, babe. If anything we've learned is that life enjoys its unexpected surprises." His own mind flashed to a night in Egypt that he'd kept secret that occurred. Whatever form of Pandora's box they'd opened he just wished it could be stuff back inside. As the sofa lit on fire he twitched in a flinch then quickly stood up pressing an arm across Gemini to push her away from the growing flame, a hand traced through the air as a pile of sand started to form and dropped onto the fire to quell it. "Shit. . ." He mumbled. That had been Layla's favorite couch that she'd recent picked out too. He could take the blame on that one, there was no need to make Gem feel bad about it with what had been eating at her. "Come on, let's get you to the bed room. At least most of the stuff there is crap anyways." A few ideas rang through his mind, if the man was alive then confronting him would be an inevitability. "You want me to fly over there or something? Grill him? . . . Punch him in the jaw?" That last one he could do and enjoy every moment just for the pain he'd put this woman through and not to mention the pain he'd end up putting Gabby through. Hell, Marcus would want to punch him twice for Gabby.
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