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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Marcus Carsen

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    Martin Sensmeier

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Marcus Carsen Garai
Investigative Journalist 0
27 year old Halfbreed Dhampir HE/HIM
Age  27
Date of Birth March 13th, 1992
Birthplace Cairo, Egypt
Year Level 0
Occupation Investigative Journalist
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Falcon
Wand 10" Acacia with Phoenix Feather
Play-by Martin Sensmeier

VMU - 2013-2017/ Magical Law, Magical Arts & Social Wizardry


- Is actually the son of a Vampire, He doesn't think too much on the who, when, or worry. Ew, mommy having 'fun time'.

- Isn't on the best list of groups with 'darker intentions', has exposed more than he probably should have in certain crimes that happen 'randomly'.

- Occasionally visits Egypt in secret to connect with an old childhood friend.

- Is actually a good singer! Imagine that! Shower acoustics.

- Changed his name from Garai to Carsen in order to hide his bloodline and obscure the ability to track his heritag

General Knowledge

- Is an accomplished 'Self-Employed Journalist' as he'd place it.

- Is at least a Wizard, though it isn't clear where his actual bloodline is at

- Graduate from VMU and is active in helping out once in a while

- Holds Egyptian heritage and isn't native to the country.

- Has a knack for wearing oddly nice and soft clothing

-Reconnected with his Mother in 2018 after diagnoses of her illness


To narrow it down to a 'playful sort' would do Marcus a grand discredit. Being in the business of news and socially active there is a certain way he projects himself as and it's often the goofball man who always tends to hit the nail on the head. It's a matter of timing and atmosphere which are two things he's learned to adapt to reading to play the immediate crowd for a benefit.

It is rare to find a serious notion on him but there are times where it will rare its ugly head and mostly when he's on the tail of a story that is too intense to joke around about. Which has only really been one or two occasions but he often doesn't count.

Due to his own life growing up he understands there is a line between economical social classes at times and tries when he can to help out the little man. Though similarly because of his more recent past it stems from the idea that maybe the person or family maybe out on their own luck much like he was with his Mother's family.

The truth of it all, however, is that regardless of what is displayed towards the outside it is only a shell of what people would ever get. There is a sense of loneliness in the young man and that is primarily because he has drawn himself at a distance away from people to protect them from his occupation. It is a job that can invite more disaster than it intends.

It is also because of the subconscious idea that one may not entirely accept that he isn't 'wholly' human.


Marcus stands at a nice height of Six Feet and Two Inches, his skin of slight discolored bronze while raven black hair cascades. The length of the strands reach long enough to the center of his back so as such it's often braided tightly in a clean and neat fashion. Eyes are an almond coloration and the shape of them are slightly stretched and small.

His body is well shaped in peak condition as he often exercises and keeps it healthy. It is easier to say that he has more of an athletic build versus a muscular physique. Clothing that is worn often is fitting, never too tight and never too loose yet the fabrics are always of a fine design and make. There would never be pure cotton or just any old pairs of jeans fastened onto his body. Around his neck is a pendant that holds a form of turquoise jewel embedded in the center of tribal designed markings from an Indigenous tribe in America.

Confidence exudes from him in the way that he speaks and conducts himself. There is never a time where his expression falters from what he is speaking about which adds to a strong countenance.

The story so far

Given some form of life from his mother, Layla Garai, an Egyptian Pureblood housed in a somewhat well-off family. Then there was his father known as Carsen or perhaps sometimes Dean. It’s often obscure even from his own perspective on his father’s true name given the fact he was a Vampire that lived through various ages and changed his identity often enough to remain a constant enigma. Marcus’ birth was not an easy one as the life of a Dhampir is easy to snuff out due to the low survival rates despite the innate resilience that would arrive as one grew. In this the male was considered a miracle on one spectrum but also a pariah on another. His father didn’t stay around for long as a restless nomad his feet eventually moved to whatever stone his hat called home. As for Layla? Being from a family that was well-off enough and trying to raise up in societies echelon’s in Egypt meant that a child that was less than Pure was a major handicap to the family and by extension towards herself as well.

A crucial decision lingered on the woman’s mind, would she give birth to the child and claim a lie until the truth had been thrusted upon her? Would she run off towards a more acceptable scene to preserve what quality of life would exist? Both held consequences that she could not ignore not if she truly cared for the child one way or another. It was the possibility that she could offer much more to him still connected to her family and to grow and nurture by means of resources that could be accessed. The cost would be a lie, not one that would be a little ‘white lie’ but something that would fuel a larger fire than Layla could have ever anticipated could set a blaze.

That she had been taken ‘advantage’ of by an extremely lustful man but held no hints towards lineage. It was obscure enough that perhaps her parents would be willing to gloss over. She was young and smitten by the typical bad boy charms, but it wasn’t something that she should or could speak to her parents about, not until they could fully grow to love the ‘spawn’ that swelled in her belly. The lie in place meant that she always had the unfortunate pleasure of damage control nearly every second of her pregnancy. Often to the extent of having an intermediary search out for specialty doctors that didn’t mind ‘covering up’ certain documents or falsifying tests. At least enough to hold her parents at bay and those that were connected to them by interaction.

Even to the extent that she had went through every means to cover up the terrible agony Marcus would suffer anytime light of the sun exposed against his delicate skin, when certain fabrics of clothing would cause such an intense itch that at times he’d claw parts of his skin away into bloodied clumps on the surface. A lot of time, money, and lies woven on top of one another had secured Marcus a better existence than what would have been given to him but only for a short time. After all there was only so much you could hide from a family of Wizards once you had the use of magic into the picture.

Unable to risk the exposure of their grandchild amongst the upper crust of their society in Egypt and having at least developed enough of a bond with the child to feel a form of regret if any ‘unfortunate accidents’ were to occur they simply bided their time. At the age of eighteen when his education had been concluded they sent him off as far as was possible to another country and labeled it simply as a ‘Study Abroad to understand the world’ when any one would ask. This left him estranged from his Mother and her familial connection.

Marcus took up studying in Australia which was plenty far enough in his mind. He didn’t want to think about them more than necessary and his Mother always did send enough funding to keep him afloat and handling his educational needs which eventually lead him to enroll in VMU. The way that people were treated didn’t sit well with him and to be cast aside without someone there to help out certainly was one of the few things that could ‘grind his gears’ of sorts. It sparked a desire for him to expose the truths of the world, exposed the secrets that were ‘himself’ but to make it known there was no shame being found who you are. Probably a prospect not many would agree with. . . At least the ideology is precious.

Through the years he stuck his nose in different businesses, fingers trampled over various pies all for the sake and pursuit of knowledge and exposure. Currently he is involved in a personal business of journalism where he supplies those that frequent Melbourne and know exactly where to ‘Look’ for his kind of services.

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