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  1. Give an answer, ask a question!

    Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say it. Trust me, I hated having to admit to my own Mother about something I'd been trying to push off. But it will probably work out in the end with a bit of teasing. Back to the subject of Mothers. . . How do I get mines to -stop- trying to get me to give her grandchildren? It's beginning to get a bit creepy.
  2. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    Layla had no problems with entertaining Gabby, in fact, it helped her to focus on something other than herself. There had also been something about watching the younger generation and the spark that is held within them. It was just an entirely different pace than what had been the last few years of her life and reminded her fondly of what it was like being a mother to a rambunctious child, not an Adult that already had found their own way of life and walk. At least, it was an experience to be 'grandmother like', not something many get to experience even with all of her pushing and ham-fisted hints. "You do know how ironic it is for you to not be a big fan of flight, right?" A smirk displayed on his face as several thoughts and reasons flooded through his mind, the first being her usually daring nature. That was actually only coupled with the fact that part of her heritage were known to be literal 'Harpies', but that was something only pertained to pureblooded Veela it seemed. "That was a large enough moan to catch a couple of flies, be careful, they're pretty big here too." It always seemed as if harsh environments held monstrous wildlife to boot behind it. At least they were in a relatively nice part of the country that was lush and vibrant with life and society. "You'll be able to get a good nap in after we get to our destination, promise. Can't have you falling asleep at the most exciting parts of the adventure." Excitement was accentuated to sound as lewd as possible. As he chuckled a light nudge was given to Gemini as he stealthily slide his hand to grasp her rear, cheeky in Egypt, it should be a new magazine gimmick. "I guess I'll need to keep that part of you awake then, make sure it doesn't fall asleep anytime soon." Marcus' eyebrow arched upwards as a short shrug followed while the woman leaned against him. "It's an experience you can't get easily, travelling to a place you've never been. Figured it'd be more enjoyable for Gabby that way. I already had plans to make it up to you just in case it wasn't your thing." Layla happily chatted away with Gabby, prodding her with questions of not only how school was going but the ever so noisy nature that was Marcus' mother even probed on about how he and Gemini were doing. It caused a scoff to rumble along with a sigh, did she really have nothing better to do than poke at things? Well, he couldn't say she didn't survive this long to not gain that benefit. "Embarrassing history? What kind of degenerate do you think I was?!" A big one, but he wasn't going to let her know that so easily - at least not vocally or mentally. He still had an image to uphold! Or at least make the woman work just a bit more to learn about all that was in the past. "The question is, what questions are knocking around in your head that you'll end up bombarding her with them." His eyes began to squint at Gemini accusingly.
  3. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    The last time that they had traveled in a group like this had been when they all decided to head out to the zoo - or really - take Gabby to the Zoo while Gem and Himself explored the more 'Animalistic urges' of the atmosphere in their own shameless way. This time, that wasn't the intention, this time they were going to explore the place that both he and his mother, Layla, once knew as home. A different country with its own harshness of environment and a rich history that many remembered across the world, if not only, for the fact Media decided Egypt was a prime place to base things within. It was a casual walk through the airport where Marcus took the liberty of moving ahead to gather up the luggage and remove them from the conveying belt that swept through, counting out each bag that he memorized just before getting on the plane and storing them. As he settled all the bags in a circular form for the others to grab their things he stayed his hand in case the ladies needed a bit more help in holding something, more so, his mother due to her more frail nature and the lengthy trip by flight which perhaps had them all a bit jet lagged. Showcasing this a brief yawn formed from him. "At least I managed to get a good cat nap on the flight. . . But that still doesn't beat the good rest I'll be looking to get into." His hand pressed into his pockets as he pulled out his phone and turned it on as he watched it build up with missed notifications - several calls being missed a few businessmen and clients, but also one from Lapis. Which ushered a brief sigh not in particularly good headspace to deal with that list of questions and prodding that would come from her, especially after this long of a time apart. "Alrighty, crew, find your stuff and we'll try to find our 'Taxi'. I use the word very loosely. . . But hey, at least we have someone willing to put us up so less money to spend on a Hotel." He shrugged. Layla shambled towards the collection of bags taking a brief seat on a nearby bench. "My. . . You act as a tourist like you've never been here before. . . Take a breather." It was her way of saying she needed to take a brief break herself before pressing onwards. Hands shifted through her purse as she dug deep into it to grab her own cell phone. "I figure you won't call back so I'll do it in your stead!" And. . . It began. The overriding, Marcus poked his lips out with a protested frown at the last portion but waved his hands lightly. "Alright, alright, we can take a brief break. And don't make calls in my name! I'm going to have a rough time as it is anyways with a bunch of nutcases in the same room. At least let me keep my sanity for a few more hours. Speaking of nutcases. . ." A Playful smirk shifted onto his face as he turned his gaze towards Gemini and Gabby, both of his arms woven across one another to press them firmly against his chest. "How are you two doing? Need a break too? A quick pit-stop at the ladies room before we hit the road?"
  4. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    "That is an excellent point. . ." Marcus mumbled lightly in consideration then remembered a few experiences where a feline has proven to be every bit of formidable as he had expected it to be. "Knowing most of those evil kitty geniuses they probably would make us -think- they didn't know how to use them before laying it into us." It was an amusing thought, that a cat would be so vindictive that it would forget such a core function as opposable thumbs which naturally they'd eventually know how to react and use them if it had ever come to pass. That or if someone was secrely splicing cat's with thumbs in their mothers basement. Talk about a scary though in its own way. "Sounds like some of those folks don't know where to step or sit." A smirk pressed amongst the man's lips. Maybe another group or species would learn to make use of all their naturaly talents and gifts, though perhaps in his case he was being a bit hypocritical. There were a few of his natural attributes that he neglected to use purely out of the sake of proper social etiquette. His hand rubbed the back of his neck which followed a low laughter. "Yea. . . It's pretty counter productive to give a child another more crazed child to look after." Of course, the little girl wasn't by any means a common child who didn't understand responsibility. Rather, it was a good thing to cement those qualities that she has within it and then define them. "Figured it'd slap a smile on her face and maybe will actually be good for her. Most kids these days grow up without the right skills, maybe this will impart the right stuff for her." A shrug formed from his shoulders, he wasn't taking care of the dog himself so it wasn't that big of a deal, at least until he remembered that slight glare given to him by the little girl's mother. Nope, that meant it'd some how be in his ball park to handle for a bit. Eyes gazed over the various cats as he kneeled down and found one that was pretty much hairless aside from its whiskers that propped out of his snauze. An Egyptian breed cat, often prissy and reminded him every bit of a proper 'Elder Lady'. "This one isn't any prettier. . . Guess I'll snag her up for the old lady. She needs something for when I am working." That and it'd be a stress relief for her and by extension himself. "You pushed yourself up for a challenge there with two cats. All that yarn scattered around the house and the different corner plants tipped over with the dirt caking against the floor." Hell, when Christmas came along the tree wouldn't even survive that debacle. Poor tree and balls. "At least your niece will have some good ol' fun with them." His attention shifted towards the kitty mougle. "A Husky, she wanted a breed that was 'similar to a wolf'. We aren't going to get an ACTUAL wolf in the house that's just sillier. . ." A hand rubbed at his chin is contemplation of the idea of even getting a Husky. "But she's energetic and goes outside often. Needs a breed that can match that kind of tenacity and energy build up."
  5. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    Where did he stand with pets? Personally, he wasn't sure as often most didn't give him a chance and vice verse but there had been the whole circumstance of predator air that warped about him to many animalistic senses. As the man spoke a small smirk stretched along his lips. "If they had opposable thumbs I'd be screwed, opening up the cages and bolting out to scratch at my face." The irony being that he was from Egypt and many there still held a reverence towards Cats due to the more religious aspects that thrived within the country. "I don't think I could keep up running forever in a cat apocalypse. All the call for water and cat food that's expensive." A hand rubbed at the edge of his chin as his eyes glanced over the various breeds of felines that were harbored. "Maybe. . . I know I am here for a little puppers too, have to make the kiddos in life a bit happier." That's what he gets for ever thinking getting an animal was a good idea and he knew exactly what Gem would do, make him give the animals sanctuary considering her much more modest place in comparison to his own. He never understood why she chose to live in such a small place given other factors but as long as the two of those ladies were happy he had been fine with the arrangement. "The cat is more so for the old lady. She enjoys the presence of one reminds her back home of Egypt." Personally, he always disliked the way some cats looked because some were just hairless devils. And expensive. But the more mild and loving ones were alright enough for him to feel comfortable and relax around as long as they didn't snarl. Marcus' eyes shifted towards the area where dogs had been kept up once more as his head lobbed left and right. "Carrying two animals out is going to be really annoying but, eh, doable." He had the strength for it but it didn't mean it wasn't going to be a hassle on how to maneuver about and finding that 'Tetris' manner of getting by the front door with everything else he'd need to carry out. "You seem to have found yourself a winner there." His attention had been brought back towards the curiously buccaneer looking cat that had been nuzzling against the man's hand. "Thinking about getting a kitty buddy to trounce around the house as if they own everything about it?"
  6. Communication in the hot hot sun

    Ikedi, It’s. . . A step. There are still some reservations on my end, but circumstances have changed and have put me in the position where I cannot continue to be petty. You may have me on that one, she just showed up way ahead of schedule. She’s sick so I’m having a doctor friend of mines keep her health under wraps. At least offer a bit more comfortability. You’re speaking to the choir – my mother hasn’t stopped about dropping hints on her wanting grandchildren. She’s even gone through the trouble of making sure the atmosphere was nice enough to ‘spark’ that urge. Beginning to creep me out. Think my own mother prefers the troublemaker that is taking root in my life. Lucky me. I admit I do enjoy unique fabrics I’m hoping it’s something gentle to the skin! At least to my skin things can get itchy and very uncomfortable in a quick moment. It’s why I enjoy Egyptian silks, while heavy and protective against the sun they are very smooth and relaxing. I have been thinking about that myself lately. There are still some years ahead of both of us but with each passing year a new generation is taking the reins and it will eventually be their responsibility once they position themselves in life to take it up. I don’t think they’ll have too much of a hard time polishing it into a new shiny rock. It’s a growing age of creativity, energy, a wave of change that most won’t even expect. Though I don’t think Hope will ever die out, it maybe withered and dirtied but I imagine that is what the concept of the Greek myth, Pandora’s Box, is truly about. The heavy oppression of the world and its worries and even amongst it all Hope is still the strongest thing to pull everything back and keep it contained from total corrosion. Hot can be good sometimes, I’m no fan of heat or fire at all. But it at least is a way to get a nice work out on the skin for some people. Plus, it’s a nice reminder on why you should only visit certain parts of the world once in a while, the terrible weather. Egypt can get pretty heavy in that aspect, so I understand what it means to feel like a wilting desert flower. What is authority if you’re shutting down something shady? Heh, but the locals should know. Maybe the really savvy ones can give you an idea of how to get one over on the monkey instead of the other way around. There is always that one banana weakness. - Marcus
  7. Communication in the hot hot sun

    Ikedi, It's cool man, I understand when family business comes to play believe me! My mother ended up showing up with quite the bit of news so it's been throwing a bit of the normal into more chaos. Parents for you, right? I'm always up for a few artifacts from another culture! The stories and tales behind them give something to talk about and they're just too cool not to have around. Planning on heading back to Egypt for a bit myself so I'll bring back a few things, not like the folks going with me would even let me forget. Sure, I'm always game to talk a bit about the paper and the info that pops up! Picking brains helps for the scholastic effect of the readings, let's it all come out better or to keep in mind what to clarify better. Benefits all around, I'd think. Ha! Who needs casual these days, am I right? But the Weather isn't too bad. A bit too hot for me but that can be stated most days this time of year. But tough customer sorts are always the talk of the town. Tells you who to avoid or at least in the event you need to pin bad work on someone you know who it is. Regards, Marc
  8. Invite Playing House

    "Ah, You got me! I was going to hire the B-Team and hope you'd never even notice! Darn." Marcus made a snap of his fingers as if he had been caught off guard with his own trap. Smile shined at the woman even as her laugh enveloped the area which had only been pretty infectious in his own right causing his own laugh to press out. He wasn't sure if he was on the level of 'outrageous' as some may have considered themselves but he knew how to put a bit of oomph into something that had been certain. Then again something told him with Gemini? What may be considered ordinary on the standard would suddenly shift to less likely. His dinner turned out to be some messed up forced date that ended up with his Mother at his steps after all. "Hehe, Yea, but most don't have the tenacity of a hunter pressed into them - now do they?" Eyes widened and it almost seemed like a gleam within them at the idea of it all. She was worth the chase, all that effort of being a hard-ass and troublemaker had been endearing traits of the woman. "Does she? Hmm. . ." If that had been the case then he had an idea that would actually be pretty fruitful not only to his paper but to segment something that could bring a bit of awareness towards growing creativity of the younger generation. That was the kind of thing people needed to see in the world, sure, there had been a lot of bad stuff he reported on that could strike fear - some may even call it scare tactics because of how honed in the truth had been. But there other side of that truth had been that there was goodness enough in the world, around them, that generated kind hearts. "Then I'll have to make sure to give that talent of hers some spotlight! I'll clear up some space on my paper to put a place for her stories - 'Dawning Creativity of the Young' Sections - Or shortened - DCY." Most people didn't like long titles with papers and shortening it to acronym's made them pop out more for some odd reason. "Docking me points!? Crap. . . I better put on my A-Game for that too. You're like a freaking harsh critic! I've never met such a snob." A tongue protruded out from him as he positioned it towards Gemini before slipping it back inside of his mouth. That gaze that shifted towards him from her was a knowing tell as he reached his hand over towards hers. "Hey, I don't do it all the time. Not as much as I used to. " A thumb smoothed over the back of her hand. "Well, I think I'd have major issues if I am pretty at all." A grin formed back on his own face. Though he had considered growing his hair back out that would take a LONG while to pull off. Then the dastardly woman put him on the spot with his growling which caused his mouth to drop agape as if he was tattled on. The snitch and not the golden one! "Ah. . . Y-Yes, but it's sometimes something that can't be helped." Like in the bedroom - there was just something in him that struck such a primal chord that growling could only be the one answer he gave before feasting on her carnally and for nourishment. "It's a Dhampir thing, kiddo. Heh." An eyebrow raised at the excitement that struck in Gabby about the dog. Balto. . . He remembered reading a book about that dog once though he never seen the movie. "When is your birthday, Gabs?" If she wanted a dog he'd get her a dog - Why was he being such a dad?! "He was a wolfdog, a Mutt, but strong and determined." Of course, a Husky, was much less dangerous. Hybrid animals often suffered with their domesticated natures and their chaotically wild natures. He couldn't put the girls in that kind of unpredictable danger but Husky dogs were beautiful and their coats were fascination. Not to mention the type of energy they held could match Gabrielle's.
  9. Invite Playing House

    "Nosferatu, no, I wouldn't have everything settled that fast anyways. I'm good, not that good." A gentle wink pressed towards Gemini though he understood what she meant. There was time and planning but it was also something that he needed to make sure that his mother's Health was going to be better than usual which involved more prediction than facts. Even then he knew Layla wouldn't simply let him go without her. "Oh? You don't? Perfect, means I can slack and you'd never know the difference!" Marcus grinned towards the young woman though it was clear by his gaze that he wouldn't skimp out on what he meant, intending to go full steam. "See, I would ask 'You can cause more?' but that's just me asking you to prove that fact." His expression twisted into an inquisitive one as he stared at her. "But whose to say I wanted an easy catch? I could have those without much work. The chase is the fun." That wasn't so much cockiness as it was that he could have charmed any person, but he chose to chase after this stubborn trickster. That sense of life she held within her veins called to him both figuratively and literally. He had been about to say something but the young girl already bolted out of her chair in search for whatever had been on her mind to look into her. A gaze shifted towards Gemini with a light shrug that seemed to follow afterwards from him. "Hey, I don't mind. It keeps her happy and she seems to enjoy it. That's an upside and its rare for a kid to love so many different stories too." Most hyper focused but the fact she had such different interests showed she was above-average. "We both know I am more than willing to test it I have a few ideas to gain it to a nice juicy status which will give you a buzz and a strong taste of meat." There had been a few recipes that used things such as bourbon and whiskey to not only give it a bit of a spike but also to fuel it with a moisturizing taste rather than a dry one. A slight chuckle formed after her ridicule of his usual choice of food. "It's a step by step process. Some days I still need to use it because it's too late for me to do much cooking. If I am running late in the morning I just make something early for her and bolt out." It's true he could always order some legitimate food while he's out with clients but that often didn't fit his fancy. Gabby seemed to have arrived back at the table with what seemed to be a picture clasped in her small hands. Eyes followed over the picture and a smile creeped over his face, genuine and truly touched that she had give such a thought to him. What was this feeling on the inside that he had been feeling? It was almost like a sense of pride in this young girl for being so thoughtful, considering someone apart of her life enough to draw him into it as a critical part. "Ha! Yea, I can admit my mother is much prettier than I am. And more chatty." And conniving, did he forget to mention that bit out loud? "Oh? A puppy?" Marcus' hand reached out gently to touch the paper and give it a more interested glance taking in the work that she had put into it with his eyes. Each detail, stroke, the formation of her person child-like style had slowly been etched into his mind. A small side-effect of someone who wanted to pay attention to details in every moment of his day as well as it being a career skill for him. "What kind of dog is it that you want? Do you know?" Probably too intense of a question to ask anyone about a breed or style but he figured if he had an idea of what it'd look like than maybe he could surprise her something.
  10. Invite Playing House

    "We'll have some time to really get through the details of it all later." Due to it being more spur of the moment in terms of decisions a lot of the necessary things may not be in play such as making sure bills are handled before hand, enough finances are appropriated but not overly pushed into a vacation fund. On his own front he needed to make sure he cleaned up work related clients and publications out a bit earlier or have someone produce it themselves on the necessary day and time after reviewing the information and double checking sources. That would at least take a good while to plan but shouldn't be too much of an issue. Marcus wasn't entirely sure how he felt about the idea there had been conflictions going about and not focused on his issues with his mother. "Yea, chatty McCathy and her poking into peoples businesses when she thinks the 'Going gets tough'. Had enough bridezilla's in my sights to know when a talk is coming alone from the woman." He made it more a habit to tune his mother out during those days. "Getting pampered? What more could you want?" A smile formed on his face even though she had been pampered with a generous breakfast! Maybe there had been a lingering intent to be more 'official' and bringing it up in the proper setting. "Prey never disappears over night. Well, unless it's of human-like intelligence. Then they can be on a train or plane in a split second. . . But USUALLY it doesn't skip town or the region." A grin formed on his face, he wasn't sure what to really classify it as himself but the idea of a hunt? That was just pure excitement like the feeling one gets just before hopping onto an overly intimidating rollercoaster. "Besides, I know you aren't going anywhere. You were very adamant before about sticking around, remember?" Even as the idea of kicking her right out of the door fell after she had interfered with himself and Layla's connection he. . . Couldn't. Not because of this new found bond with his Mother, which still needed development, but purely because he had already been drawn to the young Mother enough to want her around. "Yeap, I'll even help pack your things up for school and do last minute homework checks if your mother's too tired." Of course, that also implied he'd be around more than just the mornings and he was digging himself in a hole on that one. The young girl's affection towards him hadn't been missed and yet it was clear has day that he also had an affinity towards her as well. Maybe it had been the fact they were similar in many ways as far as growing up had been. He couldn't deny that he was in a loving home even with a single parent and that the absence of a father either by choice or force still held the same weight. "She's right on that, I don't know nothing about no cooking. Going to need a real master at the art to help me out there." He knew enough to survive and adapt, he missed his cup of noodles. . . "Making meat is kind of my thing these days since someone seemed to push that I get more of it in my system. But hey it was a pretty good suggestion! You should see me with hamburgers more juicy than any restaurant you've eaten from even your defined palette for them will accept it!" It was written on his face, that little nick name he teased her with, Burger Snob. He hadn't stopped her from clearing the table and in fact even started to help her so it wouldn't be put all on her hands to do it. "Well, if you want me to start eating less processed crap I need people to cook for other than myself. I could easily go back to me noodle heating, cup in the hand eating ways!" The tilt of his head showed a conniving smirk knowing the last thing she'd want to hear is had went back to eating unhealthy foods. "All of them you say? Well we probably will need to try everyone of them." A shrug formed after as the thought alone seemed to bring up a pit wide appetite within himself. He had a lot more endurance to go and tapping out had never been his kind of game to do. As her lips pressed against his cheek a small smile curled upwards almost tempted to try and capture her lips but let sleeping dogs lie for now. "So if I remember. . . We're going to make individually specially designed cookies! We have to plan the right and favorite shapes for everyone."
  11. Open What Is It About Kittens?

    How did he manage to get himself talked up into this particular situation? By self coaching that's why and it nagged at him that he would even push himself enough to walk into a pet store. To hear everything at such a high degree was the most annoying thing he could have ever considered and what made it worse? Each animal had its own sound, the way its body reacted to the natural feeling of being alive and on top of that the way their natural instincts governed to make some of the worse noises around. Scratching noises, the sound of fur and skin being slide across some form of metallic object, the barking's and mewling's of dogs and cats along with both kinds of animal's deciding it'd be a good moment to start pawing at whatever had been around. A hand rose up to one ear and his eyes widened trying to resist the urge of feeling like a drill right in the center of his brain. "Nosferatu. . . What in the hell are these animals have? ADHD?" He shook his head. The reason he was even near Hoot's & Whispers had been him meeting up with Rosie involving his mother, he still hadn't chewed her out about ditching at his hard worked dinner. Realization then struck that Gabby's birthday was coming soon and she could use a little cuddle buddy around the house, especially to help her develop more of that natural discipline in her. He didn't think Gemini would mind too much but he also felt it was good to force certain things on the single mother, only fair that he return the favor. What would have made a proper gift? A young girl who had a fearless streak could take any pet but it also just had to fit her personality which meant. . . Snakes were out of the question! As he passed through the isles he could see the various options that they had for entertaining the different animals, making sure they got the exercise that they needed and kept up with everything. Marcus drew closer to the section where they seemed to keep much of the rodent population that could be considered domesticated pets. He leaned in to see one that had been running along a small wheel provided for it on the inside of the tank and he gave a gentle tap. "Well~ Hello there~. How are you hanging little gu-" It didn't take long for the rodent to suddenly freak out as if it were being hunted down and bolted faster than it was running on the wheel to hide in a nearby false house that gave it a sense of safety. He snorted lightly. "Hey, if I was going to eat you, then you'd have already been lunch!" He whispered threateningly. He should have thought this over, some animals with a higher survival instinct would definitely sense something was a bit more 'off' about him, that he'd be someone that would chase them and tackle them down like a predator. Though none of these creatures were justifiably a morsel to him, for starters, they were animals and not of humanoid status that already struck them off of his list! "Barely have enough of a supply to even satisfy me, punk." It didn't take him long to turn away and decide for animals that typically didn't have such a high pull of that level of survival in them. Well. . . Looked like his options were going to be Cats or Dogs, but even those particular animals he needed to be careful a bout. Marcus passed by a man, who by all descriptors, looked about as foreign as he did. Barely stepping into the pen where they kept majority of their feline tenants and there had been a ring of hisses from some of the ones that felt a bit more threatened than they needed to be. "Lords. . . You figure they'd let me say something before actually hissing at me. They all must be part of the demon cat cults." Yes, some cats, were just evil by nature. True evil that fooled people and planned the down fall of humanity and no one can say any different.
  12. Invite Playing House

    Oh boy, did the man know he was wrapped around the little tikes fingers. He knew when a cut off needed to be done and even then it was something that was difficult to even conceive let alone bring up and use a means to halt the young girl from getting her way -all- the time. Alas, he hadn't be successful in that endeavor what so ever and the future looked bleak in that kind of conquering impact. The trip, however, was fully his own idea and seeing her excited about his home country only felt like having her see it would gain her an understanding of it. She needed a grasp of the questions she was asking about and many of the wonders in Egypt could never be explained by words but only told by the tales of the eyes. A grin formed on Marcus' face at Gemini's accusation of Gabby and just watched as the Mother-daughter duo had their fun. It was refreshing this time he felt less jealousy and more like it was his family having their time- Waaaaait a minute. His head shook briefly to shake that kind of feeling and thinking from permeating itself inside. He knew that Gabby was also extremely fond of him which was cemented part of his reason on why he had decided he'd stay around, not just because of her or because he actually wanted to - Good luck getting him to say that around a bunch of people. But because of Gemini as well. He wanted to stay with the woman. "I was taught by the best! You may wonder why my mother is such a 'Time is everything, go cease your romantic moments!' Well. . . Woman reads like a greeting card because she used to assist with Wedding preparations. Practically has a memorabilia from every wedding and remembers those days vividly." His hand rose up as he shook it to dismiss his meaningless rant. "Point is, you're in good hands. I got the knowledge." Marcus smirked at the woman while he shook his head and playfully rolled his eyes at her. "Some people hunt for their dinner! In this case it's the hunt for a lady." He offered her a coy wink, but really, it was the hunt for heart. To claim it for himself which had been odd to admit even internally. Narrowed eyes glanced towards Gemini and her snark filled words until it seemed to whip back at both of them in a quick succession by Gabrielle. Well, that was something he hadn't expected to come out of her and yet something told him he should have seen it coming. Living together? He and Gem hadn't even figured most of things out about where they even wanted to go for a starting relationship and yet here was Gabby more than ready to have him be apart of their life permanently. What was he going to say? His eyes lingered on her and then towards Gemini, whom had already made the decision as expected since she was her mother. He was. . . Just a man. He tried to get himself mentally out of the mindset that he was more than that to this young girl. He coughed a bit after finishing the last bit of his bacon and nodded. "Yes, just a small joke! But I'll be around." A hand lightly nudged Gabby as he smiled towards her. "I'm not going anywhere, Kiddo, so you'll see all of me anytime you want." He didn't speak words he didn't mean. That had been perhaps a character advantage to his personality which could shift depending on who had been effecting his atmosphere. His place wasn't so bad for housing more than four people in general. It'd originally been designed to be a safe house with him as a guard but he could always make a better secured place that wouldn't threaten his family . . . His -loved- ones. A hand pressed to his head as he shook it trying to unhinge the thoughts. "Haha, perfect, I'll be looking forward to it." Maybe it was a bit dirty and suggestive even presumptuous. But something told him both of their appetites for one another had been harder to quench than the thirst in the heat.
  13. Invite Playing House

    "Hey, I keep my word." Which was true he had never said or agreed to anything he didn't intend to follow through with one of the few things that reminded him on why he always kept himself on good terms with most people. The honesty when he could offer it but most important had been the honorable nature that one wouldn't expect of a creature of a night designed for seduction and temptations in order to capture a prey. As Gabby turned his gaze towards Gemini his own gaze shifted towards the woman as he smirked a bit. He had yet to realize how this all sounded like a -family- vacation. 'Don't worry, I don't plan to break the little girls heart. I need to contact a friend there she can set us up with a nice place.' His mind reached out towards the woman. After all, it was a big thing to promise and one that is almost always broken for kids rather than followed through. "Instead of magic we can go in a bit of a style. Plane and all." At least this way they'd be able to take Layla with them. She'd throw a fit knowing they were going and didn't take her. A grin formed on his face as she gave in with the assistance of Gabrielle. Finally, he got a win using her own ally against her! That won't work all the time and he knew this but something in him wanted to see how further 'this' could go. Just in a more formal setting, something that would define one way or another what they would perhaps be to one another. Even with her playful huff his eyebrows wriggled a bit at her with a shit-eating grin. "Promise it will be good. Gabby can hang out with Layla and Rosie a bit during that day." The thought alone flashed a quick image in his mind what could be done and it hadn't been due to him being any form of romantic but just considering both of their personalities and tendency to play around more than anything with one another in a good way. He would notice that glint in her eyes anywhere especially this far in which meant she was going to give him a fight every inch of the way. He'd expect nothing less and wouldn't want it any other way. The challenge is what made it all the more enjoyable on many levels. If anything the more he'd feel her on his skin the higher the chance Gabby and Layla may find themselves alone for a good thirty minutes or an hour. "The hunt is on then." His lips parted and a tongue ran across the sharpness of his elongated fangs as he stared intently at Gemini. A mixture of hunger and desire bore in his stare at the woman, not the hunger of his predatory nature but of the more. . . Lustful predatory nature. She knew just how to get him going by being difficult in every facet. "Then looks like you're going to need to show me a few more of the stuff you like to put in your pancakes, Gabby." Marcus had planned to come by more often and not only just to spend a long night of bed wrestling with the girls mother. He found that spending time with her had unlocked a new side of him and it was slowly started to corrode over his usual senses and fears. "How about. . . We make in an every morning thing? We can make pancakes then you can tell me how school is going for you? The stuff you're doing and all the different programs you'll be apart of." A hand reached out to rest on her head gently as he smoothed the hair downwards. Gemini's question caused his hand to retract away from Gabby as a small smile formed. "Mmm. . . How do you feel about chocolate and strawberries?" At least to give Gemini an idea of just what he had in mind. There were places he'd enjoy putting the chocolate on, equally, the strawberries between. He was a very naughty Dhampir. "You just have that Queen Bee look in your eyes. Sitting down swinging your leg back and forth watching us do all the cooking." He smiled with the teasing tone filled in his words. "Oh, You're good." That smile grew wider as he nodded towards her finishing up half of his plate already through all the talking. "Make sure you pack the sandwiches with some protein. Something tells me you're going to need it." An eyebrow arched upwards at the woman another suggestive thought pushed.
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    He smiled with a soft chuckle that feel from him. Never had he seen someone so such excitement to hear about his homeland and while he was a bit bashful about someone being so gung-ho about the ideas that surrounded the land he found it endearing. "I'll take you there sometime when we get a chance, that sound good?" That was the most he could promise the young girl but the rub would be he couldn't step inside of Egypt without having a few issues one of them being that his childhood wouldn't hear of him coming in and not stopping in for a visit. Did he really need more people sniping at him in his life in teases? "That sounds like a good step! You'll get to see all the hard work that's happened over the years and the way the desert has and continues to impact against those structures." It was clear that once upon a time things like the Sphinx and Pyramids were beautiful marvels that cannot be replicated even with all of the technology that they held. But they were bad with being kept up especially being buffeted by the power of the wind and coarse sand that whittled away a lot of the surfaces and filled in many of the small cracks that added the beauty. "Oh, so you're saying I should feel offended that you -didn't- ask? I'm hurt, Gemma, after all I've done for you." And to her. A faux puppy dog pout face formed as he looked towards the woman. "Don't you think your Mommy and I should have ourselves a romantic dinner sometime this week, Gabby?" Where a surprise wasn't going to pop in his doorway. Marcus snorted a bit as he smirked towards the woman. "Doesn't mean I'm still not going to try." She had the upper hand so far but it had been time he started taking the lead on many things and his nature demanded that it happen one way or another. He had just chosen this particular path and moment to start and build upon. It didn't take deep insight to know that would make the young girls day, after all, she had such a gentle and sweet heart. Making something personalized took effort and that effort would show as a care and thoughtfulness. Something people will remember in terms of the kindness that would be shown from it. Between it all his fingers grasped the edge of his knife as he started to cut into the pancakes severing a small triangular piece to plop inside of his mouth. It was chewy, really chewy, and smacked with assorted cluster of flavors that came from the gummy bears. It was sweet and yet delicious at the same time. "Heh, this isn't bad. Really tasty and unique taste to it all." Maybe it had been the batter or the way the pancakes cooked around each individual gelatin treat but it had offered a new sensation to the idea of what could be acceptable during breakfast. "Shame, trying to make us do more heated labor. Breakfast is going to cost you the more you want it made, Ma'dam Demanding." He tutted the fork towards he direction in jest. Though he knew the proper payment which ironically in his mind. . . Hadn't be a sexual intention what so ever. Which gave his expression a very weird look on it. Fact remained that he could be pretty happy just holding and kissing the woman like they had done earlier in the morning. All of this was feeling more homely by the second and he could feel his body and emotions settling in while his mind tried to yell at him about getting too comfortable. "Sounds like the plan. And -you're- helping bake the cookies. We can't have you lounging around and not making proper memories, now can we?" He smiled gently at the woman. "I think it'd be a day that's pretty worth it." Did he say that aloud? That was suppose to be a thought! His mind mentally sighed though didn't show it on his face he really was stepping in everything now clumsily.
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    A smirk twitched from him not expecting that entirely as her response. He had forgotten the inflection of words were often different everywhere else. "No, no - Not that kind of mummy." Marcus offered a low laughter at how he could describe the entire idea behind it all. "Mummies, it's a word in Egypt that refers to those tightly wrapped up and bound after having being cleaned and prepared for burial. Mummies can be boys or girls, mums or dads. " As for why people would dig up Mummies, he didn't know, maybe curiosity had taken away reason and destroyed morals. The audacity of the want to know growing so harsh in the minds of people, wanting so much of their past that had been forgotten. Things were left to be idolized when it came to the Pyramids and the dead, not to learn from them. His gaze shifted towards the chuckling Gemini, this woman was enjoying it way too much. Or maybe. . . Just enough. "You weren't worrying about my grumpy ass a few hours ago." As she winked and poked her tongue out he shot her a playful grin, a few hours ago her hands were grasping and slapping that ass of his. Though he gave off a soft sigh which followed by a gentle shake of his head at the thought of 'Good memories' what even were those anymore? They all became more jumbled up along with the bad ones that it didn't make them worth reliving or reveling in for himself. "Hey, what I do works for me." Not that he had much to show for it, successful career start and moving strong - a pretty decent home for the most part due to it and really not much else. An eyebrow arched up as the woman jousted a tease at him. "If you want a romantic dinner all you ever had to do was ask. Here I thought you preferred being more straight forward." He wagged his finger at her in a tut while he smiled. "Pretty sure we'd have to worry more about a plump Part-Veela." Which wasn't him being cheeky but honest. They hadn't been taking precautions and this far in? He wasn't going to be taking any at all. The well was already potentially in danger there so there was no point in stopping what they'd end up going back to anyways. Just felt way too good to even consider putting a rain coat on it. He figured she'd have sensed the relief but if she didn't bring it up then it meant it wasn't important enough for her to drag out of him, one of the few times she didn't anyways. "You think I can't do anything about it. Sunscreen isn't just for my people your delicate skin needs some attention too and it's only fair that I do the honest." Another excuse to feel along the woman's arms and body? He'd take that gamble. A grin shifted towards Gabby as he winked towards the girl. "Well if Mommy needs cookies too we need to make it extra special for both her and Miss. Layla. Something a bit different so they feel unique." Though it did give him an idea that he needed to pick up strawberries and chocolate to melt for much, much later. He waited for Gemini to place the mats down before he dropped the plates onto them smoothly. "Hahaha, I couldn't have done it with out you, Gabs." Which was true, she set up everything to make it go seamless and even had the process ready that he didn't need to do much other than assist with the ingredients and make sure that they were flipped. She was the real MVP. He glanced left to right in a conspirator way then nodded. "Luckily for you. . . I think we can get away with that." He grasped the small container and pressed the spoon into its soft layers to scope and pry up a few rolls and gently pressed it on top of Gabby's pancakes. Then he closed the lid and slid the spoon into the soap water by the sink before making sure both of the women of the house had been properly seated and their tables pushed in and then sitting down himself. It wasn't until he had sat down and gave a quick glance that everything that had built up as a possible problem in his mind became even more real, actualized into reality. No longer was it a battle between whether he wanted it or not, he did, now he had to figure out if he ever deserved something as peaceful as this kind of living - If Gemini had even see a future with him around, if he even saw one himself. "You ladies better dig it before it gets all cold and this hard work was for nothing!" Even as he knew he didn't need to urge either of them to eat he lagged behind himself just staring at the pancakes for a moment before taking a fork and knife to cut into its fluffy surface.