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  1. Invite The Monsters Within

    A silence covered over Marcus for a moment, he hadn't really understood just how badly it had been effecting her. The amount of levels of complication that he never understood when it came to the kinds of issues that she'd had to face. She'd always gave him a run for his money whether it had been with her lovable and maybe on some level, infuriating rapier wit along with the way she'd had commandeered the sheets in his bedroom. He still often remembered the high that their linked emotions at fueled the first time that they had humored that animalistic urge, tasting her blood to him had even made it much closer due to the intimate nature that had been. Softened sigh exhausted and eyes shifted slightly to look towards the downtrodden woman. "Alright, but mostly because I imagine if I tried to pick you up, you'd do that weight hang thing from Lilo and Stitch." Being around Gabby had opened him up to watching various kinds of shows that he wouldn't ordinarily even entertain. The effect that both of the girls had on him had been profound, nothing that he could even consider as a regret. Maybe it was that reaction that his mother sensed? Why she kept pushing other than her Granny biological clock. As she started to get riled up about how others viewed people his hand ran along her shoulder. "Woah, Gem, it was a joke. You're safe here, you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff." He knew that she'd been wounded because of that kind of think, that had been a commonality for them both. The reaction of others because they weren't fully 'Human' to others or even just different entirely. He grunted lightly, even while in that state she'd been the pushy sort. A woman who had been like a wild fire consuming quickly ahead. Marcus crossed his arms and his eyes closed lightly, legs started to cross over one another as he straightened them out. "I'm all for making sure he never gets to see her. If he didn't care to visit for both of you then he already stated how much that right cared to him. But I'm saying don't go swinging for both you and Gabby. Get your answers, and if you need to swing? Give him a social bloody nose. The Monster inside all of us always wants the actual blood but we can't let it, we have to opt for other weapons when time asks it." This had been one of those times, if Gemini ended up getting into major trouble for assault then that'd end up hurting both her and Gabby. That was something he wouldn't and couldn't allow for many reasons - Care, Obligation, and a Self Promise. "Thought? You can be happy again. Just cause he fucked up doesn't invalidate all that you've done for yourself and her. The reason may not have been what you thought it had been for but the motivation is all that mattered in the end. To do good for you and her." His eyes lowered towards the ground for a moment. The thought that flooded in his mind made him wince and only because it had been in his Mother's voice with that 'I told you to so' inflection. "Why don't you move in here?" He could have sworn he heard some elder 'Yip' in the background but put it off as some random animal.
  2. Invite The Monsters Within

    The tip of Marcus' fingers rubbed against his forehead. The way she had pouted and the expression that radiated along with it only cemented in that she still had been upset towards him, maybe more towards the fact that he hadn't been on top of the that kind of information to keep it from harming her. How was he supposed to prevent that even if he had known? Keeping it from her would have eventually been much more harmful and telling her about it seemed like it would get the similar scenario as tonight offered up to them on a silver-messed-platter. What he imagined walking on eggshells had been like wouldn't compare to this mind field that needed a unique method of navigation. "Hm... Sometimes. Most times it's because I'm putting in the most work. You've gotta keep up." His own gentle quip lashed out, a way to try and reach the cock and whip witted woman in fighting form of sorts. He didn't expect it to hit the chord perfectly to pull her out of the rut she'd found herself in. To believe someone was dead only to find out that they weren't, after celebrating their life and putting them to rest. All the effort to him made it seem like all she had put into pushing forward had been a lie that wasn't necessary, wounds that could never heal and now were festering in this corrosion of betrayal. "You don't wanna?" What were they? Five? This might be what it had been like to argue with someone who had been set on doing what they want to do. He started to situate himself on the floor and pressed his back against the couch just in front of Gemini "Fine, stay there if you want." He was way out of his depth on addressing this sort of problem as it had been a rare occasion to even have a story of a faked death. Someone with a heavy public awareness made it even more difficult to maneuver through and he even wondered just how far he'd have to reach out for his contacts. How deep underground he'd need to go in order to contact some of the older troublemakers from his own past. "Bitchy mess? You? . . . Well, yea, but you're my bitchy mess so it's fine." Marcus took her hand and gently kissed the back of it as he held it by linking his fingers with hers. "Heh, It's alright. I'm used to everyone being angry with me for one reason or another. You know, the whole 'Dhampir' bit does make me a good target for stuff." He decided to make himself a butt of the joke for a moment. "If you're going to face him just don't do it sloshed, you don't need that kind of press working in his favor. If you actually had some coordination I had planned to take you somewhere to vent. But. . . You don't look like you could swing an empty paper bag without stumbling right now." The man's head leaned back to press against the poked out cushions. "You deserve some answers. Both you and Gabby, he owes you it no matter what anyone else may say or think. You don't need to worry about anything either, I'll make sure to protect the both of you. The full extent of my abilities." To go as far as to even allow himself to make use of his natural talents to their fullest had many connotations on how serious he considered the matter.
  3. Invite The Monsters Within

    This is what it must have felt like to truly between a rock and a hard place with a person and not know a reason behind the why. It felt as if he had to walk on the tip of his toes metaphorically while trying to extract the information, to not anger the beast that had been unleashed within the woman. While he wasn't made or upset at how the evening had unraveled there was a sense of annoyance on many levels, multiple reasons. He'd been annoyed that she thought he had this hidden answer and the compounded action behind her words seemed as if she had been -certain- he knew. But now, now he had a hint of what she had expected him to know. The confirmation had only arrived through the use of him contacting someone who saved the woman from having to say it all over again, words didn't need to confirm it either on if that had been the issue. She'd been getting a bit more specific as the time rolled on but her current state of mind and anger gave enough of a picture on what the 'Vulture-reporter' could have asked. A small snort exhausted form him as he rolled his eyes. "Gemma. . . It wasn't get 'grab the next big story'. Just before you came someone messaged me about 'big news'. The guy is kind of like my. . .International contact of sorts. Places outside of Australia he slips me the biggest info." Did he really need to explain more? To draw out that raw emotion and beat it like a dead horse that wouldn't run? "I didn't know and I think you know me better than that if I -did- know." But if she didn't truly know him better than that? One often stated being in a state of drunkenness showed much more of thoughts and opinions. "Never mind about that last part... But I didn't know." He scoffed lightly and a small smile curved at his lips. "I'm pretty sure I'm the one doing the smashing. Considering you wake up with sore legs and hips often." Though he didn't expect that would be the solution to this problem, as much as angry sex with her would have been intense and worth it every single moment that they were in the bed. . . The fact it all stemmed from the man she loved and mourned, that would be the mood killer. Listening while leaning forward a soft sigh escaped his lips and head shook. "I don't know, babe. If anything we've learned is that life enjoys its unexpected surprises." His own mind flashed to a night in Egypt that he'd kept secret that occurred. Whatever form of Pandora's box they'd opened he just wished it could be stuff back inside. As the sofa lit on fire he twitched in a flinch then quickly stood up pressing an arm across Gemini to push her away from the growing flame, a hand traced through the air as a pile of sand started to form and dropped onto the fire to quell it. "Shit. . ." He mumbled. That had been Layla's favorite couch that she'd recent picked out too. He could take the blame on that one, there was no need to make Gem feel bad about it with what had been eating at her. "Come on, let's get you to the bed room. At least most of the stuff there is crap anyways." A few ideas rang through his mind, if the man was alive then confronting him would be an inevitability. "You want me to fly over there or something? Grill him? . . . Punch him in the jaw?" That last one he could do and enjoy every moment just for the pain he'd put this woman through and not to mention the pain he'd end up putting Gabby through. Hell, Marcus would want to punch him twice for Gabby.
  4. Invite The Monsters Within

    "What. . .?" This must be how the Nightmare before Christmas started, the feeling of being under the eyes of judgement hung like daggers. Eyes shifted left and right as if he were messing a big part of the punchline. If only she'd been pulling his leg, the usual witty jabs that had been part of her nature. But this had just been another aspect of Gemini that he'd yet to encounter and still couldn't piece together what had annoyed her, aside from his lack of understanding in this case. A sigh that held more frustration passed from his lips and a hand weaved through his hair while he closed his eyes only hearing the echo that followed from the bag impacting against the wall. Marcus placed the glass of water on the table, it was safe there right? His eyes pinpointed on her and he bit his lower lip in thought. "How you feel. . .?" It was a mumbled response as it still seemed very fragmented. If a reporter had been involved then the probing of question would have had to be relevant, it was rare that most did human interest pieces about lost loved ones. But often they didn't probe like asshats unless it was a major scoop that made a sudden change. "No, I don't know I don't really have the talent of omniscient. As easy as that would make my job. I can't know what someone doesn't tell me, I mean, unless I go probing through their mind. But. . ." He'd never been one to enjoy the use of his talents, they'd make everything easier. But if it meant he needed to know whatever he was expected to know, for Gemini, he could always consider making use of it more often. The table had been toppled and along with it the glass of water as it clanked against the floor with minimal damage due to the carpet. If only the carpet could say the same fully as the clear liquid flooded out and darkened the coloration. "Well. . . At least it was only water. Not much of a clean up job needed there." He'd just have to dry it thoroughly to avoid any form of mildew that could grow from being sloppy about it. He could 'feel' her feelings in the sense that every function in her body that reacted as a heightened aggravation for her anger pumped deeper inside of his ears. The final run-on words caught his attention. "Wait, what? No, don't repeat." Marcus used deductive reasoning and the only way he could make sense of it all drumming up this kind of rage in her had to have involved Gabby's father. A soft silence followed suit and his eyebrow curved upwards and he reached into his pocket to see the message once more of urgency. "Don't tell me -that- was the urgent news he wanted to tell me. . .? Give me a moment. Stay there, don't uh. . . Kick the table anymore." His finger pressed the button to quick-dial the sender of the message as he held Gemini. "Hey man, Sorry, I had some uh. . . Family troubles. You said you have a tip for me? What's up?" The voice on the other end grew excited, as the low words of 'ABOUT TIME!' came as an arrogant response. "Come on, spill, I don't have all night." After what seemed to be a few commentaries of 'You're going to be late breaking this story', the actual fact of that Franklin Dean had been alive and even the big announcement finally made it to his ears. "Shit. . . Alright, thanks for that. You have no idea how much you helped me out here." The call had been ended and he tossed his phone towards the floor with a gaze narrowed towards her Gemini. What was he supposed to say at this point? How awkward this had been for him on top of that. This was the man that she mourned, assisted in giving birth to the little girl whom he cherished ceaselessly. Would she even want to go see the man? The explanation that would never be good enough follow from his mouth? Eyes closed gently, she wasn't in a condition to actually go walking anywhere and the rage in her most likely would only build. "Then smash me." Considering he was already a target for her frustrations it made sense in his mind to brand himself a much larger one. "I'm durable and can take a lot more pain and punishment than most people or things. You obviously need to swing at something or someone too."
  5. Invite The Monsters Within

    Pupils dilated instantly from the sudden motion of her body moving forward from her sudden forceful jab towards the door, both arms quickly reacted by wrapping around her form and allowed for her to impact against his chest. Then he held her closely and used his own stability to offer a bit of ground to stand on for her. Another strong whiff confirmed the heavy scent of alcohol that permeated the Part-Veela's entire form to the point that Marcus had to cough inwardly to clear the effect it held on his throat. Once it seemed like she had enough to stand his arms would unravel and he stepped back slightly only to be berated by a pointed finger against his chest. It didn't hurt but he could feel that she had a point that needed to get out. "Did. . . I know? What, that you were at the door? It's kind of hard to notice the door jingling about with my senses." He opted to leave out that he smelled her before he heard her. "You're right, that was my bad. I should have told you I was at the door. Probably could have avoided the whole you tumbling in bit." Was this the reason why she'd been mad? That she was so drunk that the door was an enemy of hers? Little did he know the misunderstanding was far from the imagined intention. Marcus led Gemini towards the couch and proceeded to assist in helping her to sit down and relax, a single finger traced through the air as a spell reacted and pulled a nearby blanket towards his arm while he trekked into the kitchen. Grabbed hold of a cup and filled it up with some water that had been placed inside of the fridge from a jug. "Wait, what? A vulturereporter. . .?" So it hadn't been because he opened up the door without any prior warning? His head shook and quickly moved back towards the living room where he sat next to her and handed the drink of cool water over. Marcus started to pull the covers over just their laps and his arm wrapped around her shoulder while he pulled her into himself. "Can we start from the top here? Things were a bit scattered and I think. . . I may have misunderstood what you're really mad about." He wasn't going to probe her mind although that probably would have been the much easier task to do considering. If her mind wasn't a jumbled bunch of words. "What kind of questions did this reporter ask? It sounds like she was probing at a pretty sore spot for you to be this pissed off." That didn't narrow it down either. There could have been one of many choices and he hadn't yet caught news personally of the not-so-dead ex that also happened to be Gabby's father.
  6. Invite The Monsters Within

    "So, when are the two of you going to move in together? You've been at this for sometime, Marcus. Don't you think it's about time to settle down? I don't know. . . Maybe make an offering of two more grandchildren?" By this point, Layla had already practically adopted Gabby as her own granddaughter and would be damned if anyone would say otherwise. She'd grown fond of the energy and inquisitive behind the bright eyes. However, the form of conversation had already thrown Marcus off and thankfully for him his mother had sent the young girl to try and get some sleep in another room. "You and this one track mind you're on. Between you and Lapis double teaming on me about it I'm surprised I'm not buried in the question literally. . ." His hand slipped into the depths of his pocket as he pulled out his phone and started to check out the various message that pinged. It almost never stopped when it came to alerts due to the various informants he had connected with and the 'tips' that were sent in a massive wave. One that caught his immediate attention had been one labeled 'Need to talk NOW!! Big TIP!' Enough that his eyebrow had started to raise up out of curiosity. It had been rare that Gil ended up so riled that he started to text like a hamster on coffee. Just as he'd been about to tap in the number the sound of footsteps at the door drew his attention immediately and he slid it into his pocket once more. A single long whiff gave him an impression of the familiar smell, one that he had known intimately and apparently with the heavy scent of alcohol that had been ingrained into hit. "Woah. . . ." The door knob jiggled and clanked with the fiddle of hands and the scraping sound of a key that attempted to find its mark and the right notches to unlock it. Keen ears caught on to the mumble that strung up several cursed words and his fingers pinched at the bridge of his nose. "Don't tell me this woman went and bought the whole brewery back?" He thought it had been a gig? He hadn't expected that she'd return in this kind of state and he wasn't about to let her just sit out there much longer either. Approaching the door a hand wrapped around the knob and turned it after fully unlocking it. Then proceeded to open it up as he held out a gentle hand on Gemini's shoulder to try and guide her in. "I knew you were going to a party but I didn't think you planned to party this hard." Intuition and the fact that she had the sound of curses on her tongue made an impression on him that there had been a lot more than a simple party that had gotten to her. "Come on, sit down. You can tell me what's eating Gemini Grape. How about some water to help you know, sober up?"
  7. Like a Grandma

    Marcus Carsen
    Sometimes a guy needs a bit of help when dumped in another country.
  8. 'Donor' Parent

    Marcus Carsen
    How many ways can 'I hate my Father' be said or implied?
  9. Listen to your Mother! Or not.

    Marcus Carsen
    Walks in your life, says she's dying, expects forgiveness. Watta' ya' do'?!
  10. Ministry and News

    Marcus Carsen
    Sometimes it isn't about what the Ministry can do for the News, but what the Elves can do to take your buttons.
  11. Mo' Writers, Mo' Viewers

    Marcus Carsen
    Sometimes you need someone that is a political bull dog in the paper. That's what Keira is there for!
  12. Work that Art

    Marcus Carsen
    A paper doesn't succeed with only one person, after all!
  13. Punching Buddies

    Marcus Carsen
    Sometimes you turn to a life of crime, not too much crime. Just enough to survive!
  14. Personal Torturer

    Marcus Carsen
    She's pretty, but she tortures. Bewaaare of the Emotion bombs~!
  15. Give an answer, ask a question!

    Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say it. Trust me, I hated having to admit to my own Mother about something I'd been trying to push off. But it will probably work out in the end with a bit of teasing. Back to the subject of Mothers. . . How do I get mines to -stop- trying to get me to give her grandchildren? It's beginning to get a bit creepy.