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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Renee Hawthorn

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    Renee Kara Hawthorn
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    Fourth Year
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    Taylor Momsen

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    Elm, 12 ¾’’, Hippogriff Tail Hair Core
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  1. The Bad Old Days

    "Mm. Right, right. But if you're inclined to believe in science, wouldn't you say the smoking age should be in the mid twenties instead of eighteen? It's estimated the brain's still developing until then, if not later." Renee's eyes glinted with amusement as she let the minimally knowledgeable part of her out in an attempt of pointing out how arbitrary the number 'eighteen' was in choosing the best age to legally be allowed to start smoking. Renee didn't care much for it, nor the potential consequences, regardless - if she wanted to do something, she was going to do it. A smile stretched upon her lips as Kate implied Renee would get into a lot of trouble. Was it true? Absolutely. The Sturt had no argument to it. She was a student under Alan Burdett's care, after all, and Kate was not. Yet, she looked like she was practically welcoming such a prospect, rather than fearing it or being overly cautious not to face it. Renee didn't much care what happened to her academic career - if she did, she probably wouldn't have cut a giant hole in the fence a few moments before without minding people who could potentially be watching. "Because, unlike 'everybody else', I have the spine to get up and leave." She countered as she stretched out one of her arms in an attempt to get the blood flowing, as the chilly weather threatened to freeze her in place. "It's boring. Makes me feel like my brain's about to spill out my ears half the time from how dull it is. If that's what's meant to happen, I'd rather be the cause of it myself than have people trying to cram useless information down my throat a couple hours at a time. At least out here my eyes aren't threatening to roll back every few seconds."
  2. The Bad Old Days

    Much like Renee had expected, her request had been rejected and put out of its misery on the spot. The way that response was worded, however, served to instill a sense of amusement in the Arizonan. She could hardly contain a smirk while commenting. "I'll take that as a 'yes, but I'm not willing to share'." Not having access to a cigarette didn't particularly bug her but the lack for pure condescension put her at ease in the situation nonetheless. "Though, I don't get what difference does it make if I choose to tank my lungs now or a couple years from now." Indeed, there were various age restrictions surrounding a number of 'activities' by law, most of which she didn't understand - even adults screwed them over, and it was mighty arrogant in her point of view to assume people were miraculously blessed with maturity past a certain age. If people were going to screw up their lives anyway, as Renee was apparently hell bent on doing to herself, they should be able to do that from any point, or so she believed. Nevertheless, the Sturt let the point die. It was clear she wasn't getting any cigarette from the older woman and Renee wasn't one to dwell on lost battles anyway. "First name basis already? Aww." Shoving her hands lazily into her pants' pockets, the teenager made herself comfortable while staring out towards the limits of the school. "Though, I'd say it's bold of you to call me out on cutting class when you're going against school regulations yourself." It occurred to her that, with the mild mind gaming going on, she hadn't introduced herself. She briefly scratched her forehead once realizing it, then turning her head to face the older woman again. "Renee. It's only fair." It wasn't common for her to pay a modicum of respect or politeness to anyone, but the fact Kate hadn't tried to get under her skin just yet certainly won her some points.
  3. Open Tuning In

    Renee Hawthorn
    "Ugh, I'm dying over here..." As per usual, Renee had escaped both the school's and her mother's clutches for the sake of some free time. Not that she needed to - it was Sunday - but knowing she had left without permission always gave her a bit of a rush few things could hope to match at that point in her life. She hadn't had much in the way of plans as to what she would do, and so she decided to make her way to the Estrada family warehouse for the sake of sinking in a few hours into a video game or two. She had done so, and for the entirety of the afternoon, she was on her own. It was quite odd. Not that she minded solitude, not in the least, but she was used to Caroline sticking around one way or another since she lived there. Once the games had run their course Renee found herself with nobody to bother, meaning it was probably a good idea to head out and get herself into some trouble; or, rather, as she liked to call it, amusement. As she got ready to leave, propping her brand new baseball bat on her shoulder (which most definitely needed some use, it looked too shiny for her liking), the blonde headed towards what appeared to be a wall with a small fissure in the middle. Running her fingers along this crack, she soon found what she was looking for: a spot that activated a transportation spell, making the Sturt (and her bat) squeak clean through the fissure and appear on the other side of the wall, the Charm-Me-Not warehouse proper. It was a nifty trick for privacy that the Estrada sisters had come up with, she figured, and they certainly got extra kudos by only making it activate with certain people. 'Gotta learn how to do that myself.' She headed out the door and onto the streets, kicking a loose can on the ground as hard as she could while making her way through Narragyambie. Maybe she should take to the residential areas to have some fun. Maybe Koonyah...
  4. The Bad Old Days

    School could sod off for all Renee cared. The former desert dweller wanted to enjoy the chill running rampant across Narragyambie for as long as she could, it being a rarity in her life back stateside, and with the Spring (and magpie season, no less) looming in the horizon the blonde thought that made for a perfect excuse to skip class - as if she needed any. Grabbing a hoodie from her dorm room and shuffling out of the Tarnagulla Centre and completely forgoing heading to the Arithmancy classroom for the last lecture of the day, the Arizonan wandered off to less traveled areas of the campus, letting her feet be her aimless guide. She eventually came across the fence separating both facilities. Many times she had wondered why it was even there, given the lack of actual magical protection surrounding it - even if it kept the young ones from making the trip to where they shouldn't be, older troublemakers could pass through the barrier like a knife to butter. Who was Renee to deny herself entry to the area, in the end? Little kids were far more less of an eyesore to look at than meddling, acne-riddled, hormonal teenagers whom didn't know their head from a hole in the ground. One could easily argue she could get in trouble if caught, but, did she care? A light snort erupted from Renee at the very notion. She shook her head in good humor while reaching into a holster hanging from her belt so to retrieve a finely crafted elm wand, which she promptly used to tear a sizable hole in the chains, spanning her entire height, almost as if she had been using a blowtorch to melt through the metal. Once she was done, she pressed half the tip of the wand against a part of the metal and pushed forwards until it fell with a metallic thud on the ground. "That was easy." She commented in a low tone to herself. The vicinity was mostly deserted due to ongoing classes - even if her entry had been less than stealthy, it was unlikely for someone to come running and tell her off. Stepping across the fallen fence, she soon lifted it to where it had once been and repaired all damage: as good as new. Even if she wasn't the most caring individual in the world regarding consequences to her actions, she didn't exactly want to make future trips to Bilby any more difficult than they had to be out of motivating the staff to curse the barrier. It only took Renee a few steps and a turn of a corner to realize she wasn't alone - there stood a woman in uniform, lighting a cigarette, apparently enjoying some solitude. She didn't recognize the uniform at all, being mostly unaware of any outside Narragyambie's little community (or, as mother would argue, willfully ignorant and uncaring). More important than fabric, however, was the fact Renee was quick to catch on to the simple fact this person had most likely heard her spectacular entry onto Bilby grounds unless she was deaf. However, there was something she could use to her advantage. Renee was painfully aware of the campus' policy on smoking - something she herself breached a number of times and was occasionally caught doing so - and so she let herself believe the trespassing couldn't seriously be used against her. Not only did she have that bargaining chip, but she didn't much care if she was actually expelled. "You got a spare one of those?" The blonde spoke with an apparent complete disregard for her own survival as she stepped closer to Katherine, shielding her hands within her hoodie's pockets as she walked so to combat the cold temperature plaguing the area.
  5. I was expecting to find a wooden bat, not a metal one. Even better. Now, where to take it for a test drive...

  6. I need a baseball bat.

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  7. 2019 School Year Enrollment

Renee Kara Hawthorn
Fourth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth August 30th, 2004
Birthplace Tucson, AZ, USA
Year Level Fourth Year
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (to be Swallow)
Wand Elm, 12 ¾’’, Hippogriff Tail Hair Core
Play-by Taylor Momsen
  • 1st - 2nd Year: Ilvermorny, Horned Serpent House
  • 3rd Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Born Renee Adams;
  • Both herself and her mother were the target of mental and emotional abuse from her father;
  • Very bookish and studious, even if she deliberately avoids those things at this point;
  • Gets jumpy with loud noises;
  • Father is in prison in Arizona;
  • Has good grades;
  • Has access to the Estrada family warehouse;
  • Feels betrayed by her mother;
  • Believes everyone is out for themselves;
  • Wishes she could be proven wrong and break free from her turbulent behavior and world view, but at the same time won't take the first step.
General Knowledge
  • Fluent in English and Spanish;
  • Whether she will grace a given class with her presence or not is unpredictable, and occasionally the subject of bets among other students;
  • Charismatic asshole;
  • No respect for authority;
  • Actively in danger of being expelled;
  • Witty and crass comments aplenty;
  • Should probably be in juvie;
  • Resourceful;
  • Likely to become an anarchist;
  • Curfew? What's a curfew?

Originally a quiet yet witty girl whom excelled in academics and relished in the company of others, Renee seems to have abandoned that road of life and has gone towards somemthing more sinister. With her developed staunch nihilistic views of the world and everyone in it, she finds it justifiable to act however she pleases because in the end people only care for themselves and nothing truly matters. Academical prowess left in the dust, Renee spends her days talking back to authority and vandalizing property, among other various petty crimes, just to get a rise out of people and make herself feel alive.

The smarts she's nurtured throughout her childhood now serve as her way in, out or around situations she shouldn't otherwise be getting herself into. Being a competent and charismatic speaker in the times she bothers, she's talked her way out of trouble in more than one occasion, only to double down when the person has their back turned. When caught, she displays an outstanding amount of apathy towards authority, as if daring them to do something; as if daring them to make her care.

One could make the argument she's a bit of a bully. Having grown a deep dislike for those who can't fend for themselves due to watching her mother be so complacent over the years, Renee occasionally goes the extra mile and takes advantage of others in that way for her own sadistic amusement. She doesn't feel too bad about this, reasoning that it's a dog eat dog world and if they're unprepared it's their problem.

Despite the thick outer layer of hostility, there's still a way of getting under it in the wrong way - putting her mother through anything negative, directly or otherwise. She's quite the hypocrite about it, giving the woman a hard time constantly, but out of watching her endure what she did through many years makes Renee incapable of tolerating anything of the sort happening again.


Having just endured a large growth spurt, Renee now stands at 173 cm, taller than her mother despite her young age - she was told that her father's family is full of impossibly gigantic people, and it seemed that she inherited those genes. She has a slender build and doesn't work out too often but is in sufficient shape to be considered 'healthy', although one could easily question the validity of that statement with her habit of smoking and drinking whenever she has the chance.

She has long, untamed blond hair which contributes to her general wild look. It's complimented by a set of blue eyes that seem to be perpetually annoyed with whatever they see. She's rarely seen smiling unless she's laying some less than politically correct words upon someone for her own enjoyment. Clothing wise she keeps things simple, being partial to jeans and t-shirts with a choice of either a flannel shirt or a hoodie on top. It's not uncommon for those clothes, or even her school uniform, to occasionally be ripped up in her little side adventures.


While in the past Renee was a person of many friends, she'd be hard pressed to be able to name any in present times. Finding herself flying solo in Australia, the blonde has been somewhat resistant pertaining forming new bonds of any kind - and, of course, that includes friendships.

She is the overprotective sort, unafraid of sticking up for them when needed (and often getting the short end of the stick in those exchanges). Due to her growing rebellious streak she's also prone to either lead them or be led down bad paths, and scoffs at the notion that she can 'get better'.

It's more likely for her to form relationships with unpleasant individuals than other types given the sort of action she has been gravitating towards, although someone who can be the voice of reason would be very much needed to instill some common sense in the girl and have her deviate from her defiant shenanigans.


Despite being overprotective of her mother and openly facing off against anybody who looks at the woman the wrong way, Renee isn't friendly to the woman in the least - the layer of defensive hostility is still very much alive around the woman out of resentment for her actions, given that Renee doesn't fully understand them.

She loathes her father, whom is, fortunately, imprisoned back in Tucson. If everything goes well, she'll never have to see him again.


Renee could be described as mildly loose - given her general distaste for making any sort of bond at this stage, she resorts to occasionally having fun with a random person she may find attractive. This isn't too common but she feels like it adds to her rebellious persona so she isn't one to actively reject the idea unless she sees the other person as being beneath her in some way.

She's very inexperienced when it comes to actually having feelings for someone, let alone act on them; while entirely possible for it to happen, it remains to be seen how she'd act pertaining such a thing. As for unrequited affections aimed at her, if she hears of it, she's prone to either ignore the person or mock them over it.


Renee has a remarkable ease in earning detractors - she likes to provoke everyone around her for her own sadistic amusement, occasionally even resorting to bullying, which has earned her a fairly long list of enemies during her short time in Tallygarunga. She doesn't seem all that bothered by that type of adversity, even thriving in it.

If put in a position where she could lose something, she displays an apathetic behavior as if daring people to go through with their threat - this is also greatly exacerbated if it's some sort of authority figure, as she completely lacks respect for them.

The story so far

Renee Adams was born to Jesse and Cindy Adams in a blistering hot August evening in Tucson, Arizona. Her mother was still in high school at the time of giving birth but decided to keep the child; Jesse was a couple years older and decided to stick with the two, despite being unemployed himself past a couple odd jobs. Given that Cindy came from a fairly well off household, she was left to foot the bill on various things - Renee's upbringing and education, her own college major in Journalism (which, bless them, her parents covered for most of it), and Jesse's deadbeat self. The little toddler grew up unaware of the toxic environment at home for the most part, but she picked up on the habit of being quiet in general early on because she thought her father's yelling was absolutely terrifying.

Growing up, she was never a problematic child past the occasional witty response that would escape her lips before she could think twice about it. She had a healthy amount of friends at school, and books at home - they were her escapes as her mother was busy studying and working while she was subjected to her excuse of a father's constant presence around the house, as he refused to do much of anything. The older she got, the more confused she became with the fact Cindy allowed this behavior to go on. However, just as she turned eleven, she was shipped off to Ilvermorny. It made it so she was far away from an abuser and gave her some much needed air.

Her first year in the institution was an eye opener - she was allowed to be carefree and do whatever she wanted within reason, and was able to make good friends and form happy memories. With her new social acuity came a developed sense of humor and the strength to stand up for herself, as well as the ability of thinking more critically about things instead of taking her mother's complacent words as law.

When returning home from the first year, Renee realized that, with herself gone, Cindy had been the sole receiver of Jesse's abusive and manipulative behaviors - she looked like she was on the palm of his hand. Becoming more outspoken throughout the break, she frequently stood up for her mother despite the potential harm that could come to her own person. It eventually did as Jesse slapped her in the last few days prior to having to leave.

As she made her way to the school with a newly acquired bruise on her face, she realized she didn't feel so angry about being struck as she did with her mother subjecting herself to the man. It fueled her more rebellious antics - she was angry that she was stuck in Ilvermorny for a whole year while her mother was helpless to fight the man inhabiting their house, and she had to take out that frustration somewhere. It occasionally resulted in highly inflammatory remarks and vandalism towards student body and staff alike, which marked the once studious girl's descent to a dark path.

She came home from the second year to the unexpected news that her father had been arrested - for tax evasion, of all things, during the Winter. Her mother had captured that as the opportunity to free both of them from the grasp of the man, having concluded divorce proceedings. The first thing she did was to change her own child's surname to Hawthorn, her own maiden name; the second thing she did was to tell her that they were departing to Australia, as she found employment there - a means to get away from Jesse with little chance for him to find them, even if she didn't state it that way.

It was a change Renee was wholly unequipped to tackle. She didn't get to say goodbye to her friends and her whole life was being uprooted overnight for reasons she wasn't entirely aware of. All the girl could do was comply and take on the awfully long flight to Melbourne, and travel to a city out in the sticks. Having six months prior to the new school year start to let that confusion and frustration fester, Renee soon started getting in all sorts of trouble for the sake of venting.

Her academic career in Tallygarunga has been questionable at best thus far. Despite having naturally good grades in the subjects she enrolls, it's a coin toss on whether she actually attends any class on a given day to begin with. She's gotten herself in more trouble than she should, to the point a local Auror has caught her in the act (petty vandalism) and gave her a free pass if in exchange she does better. Having been granted access to a warehouse to vent when needed and having earned the attention of a couple adults to watch over her, will Renee finally cool down? Or is she too far gone?

Renee Hawthorn October 24
Type: Open Renee Hawthorn.
OOC Completed
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