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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Kairi Taylor

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    Kairi Jules Nakamura Taylor
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    Fifth Year
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    Student and Japanese tutor
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    Tatsuya Fukasawa

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    Apple wood, Demiguise hair, 12 1/2 inches
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    Lakeland Terrier

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  • Birthdate Day 14
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  • Manual Age 15
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  • Pronouns He/Him
  • Occupation Student and Japanese Tutor
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  1. Open A spot of frog catching

    Kairi Taylor
    Kairi wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out, he was already well aware of the fact that he was unsteady on his feet because of the impairment to his hearing. But he hadn’t fallen this badly in quite some time, which aside from being half scared out of his mind, made him wonder if his balance was getting worse. Kairi finally looked down at his mud stained clothes and felt uncomfortable due to its feeling. He wasn’t beyond getting messy but this was just ridiculous. Kairi looked up at the sound of a female voice. He kind of wished this situation wasn’t happening, especially with him looking so messed up. “I slipped, something startled me.” He didn’t go into many details when he made his statement. Kairi didn’t know what had happened, so he didn’t want to seem like he was extremely odd. “Yeah, thanks.” He said taking the girl up on her offer of help. He let go of her hand with a quick but gentle ease once he was sure that he was steady on his feet. Looking down at his hands, Kairi realised that he had a few small cuts on his hands, it appeared as though he must have cut them on a rock or something. He moved away for a second and emptied the jar of frogless water on his hands to clean them off and access the damage and he dried his hands off on one of the clean tissues that he found in his pocket. “Nice to meet you.” Kairi wrapped one of the dry tissues around his hands to stop them from bleeding, which was a bit of a hindrance. He recognised Max from some of his classes, but that was about it. “Kairi Taylor.” He supplied as he made his name sign if a little clumsily yet quickly. This comprised the Japanese word for diverge (his name meaning divergence), and then the sign for tailor. Kairi flushed a little at Max’s comments. He’d known that he had probably looked a little strange. “I was trying to see if I could find any frogs to look at.”
  2. Open Engine Failure

    Kairi wasn’t always attuned to the body language of strangers, but something about the girl had caught his attention, he wasn’t that cold-hearted not to notice that something seemed to be up, though. His mumbled words made him flush a little when he noticed Samantha’s smile. When he’d approached, he hadn’t expected things to change so quickly. “Does that mean that you’re admitting to a crime? Do I have to get an Auror or police officer?” Kairi lightly ran with the answer to his previous question. He honestly hoped that it was obvious that it was a joke and was not serious, even if there was a hint of a laugh to his voice and his signing was a little out flamboyant. Sometimes it was hard to tell with him because of how defensive he could be. “No problem,” Kairi said with a shrug and a half-smile. At least everything appeared like it would be fine or at least that was the impression that he got from her statement. Plus, he didn’t exactly know what else, he should say, it had seemed like the best place to start because using the phrase ‘look on the bright side’ had seemed a little cheesy to him, especially since he didn’t really know Samantha. He’d only recently started picking up on a few classmates' names, one disadvantage of starting at a new school so late into your education. “Yeah. Uh, I don’t really have anything to stick around for.” Kairi admitted in answer to Samantha’s question. There wasn’t really anything keeping him there in town at all. Not that he would know what to do when he got back to the school either, but he could cross that bridge when he got to it since he could always find something. “Are you heading that way too?” Kairi tried to play it off like he didn’t care but knocked it off when his stomach rumbled. “Uh, I have fruit.” He offered some pulling a lunchbox from his bag; there was a name tag clearly visible on the side of it.
  3. Open A spot of frog catching

    Kairi Taylor
    The icy water hurt the open, injured skin on Kairi’s palms. His skin went raw and funny in the cold this meant he had to have his hands dressed again, but he thought he could deal with it for now. The only factor that kept him moving was the fact that different weather was better for other animals, anyway. He was banking on the fact that some frogs took advantage of certain conditions, anyway. That didn’t take his health into account, though, but he felt like he would be all right. Plus, with both things, neither of them seemed like they could decide. Expect, did health and nature even have a mind of their own? Kairi rolled his eyes and exhaled at himself. He was one of those types that started doing one thing and concluded with his brain asking such questions as this. Kairi was distracted by his search and the music that came through his headphones. The thought of the question and the idea made him want to laugh, though he didn’t because he thought that would have been weird. This was why he hadn’t expected to get a face full of water. An unexpected shout escaped his mouth, and he lost his footing, falling backwards onto the muddy bank. For half a second he believed he might have gotten it from a fish of some sort. But that idea seemed kind of daft. A fish wouldn’t do that unless he had caught it, or he’d accidentally hit it, right? He was sure that he did neither, though. Kairi was a little spooked and looked around as he tried to figure out what was going on. “Hello?” He called out in confusion.
  4. Open Engine Failure

    During the break, Kairi had taken on some extra hours at the café, including more Japanese tutoring sessions. It was mostly just the basics and some of the review sheets that his mother had created, but it gave him more money to play around with during the term. Though he was told that maybe he should consider possibly taking on an in term job to get him socialising more with people, Kairi wasn't sure if his parent's advice was all that sound in terms of juggling his school work and a part-time job. Kairi took a bite out of an apple that he'd stowed away in his messenger bag as he walked towards the footy park. The boy was beginning to develop a habit of walking around the place aimlessly whenever he had things on his mind. Sometimes it helped to clear his mind and other times it acted as inspiration for whatever project that he was working on at the time. That was the only thing that did seem like it was going to plan. Ever since being expelled from school towards the end of the previous year, Kairi couldn't tell if he was coming or going. There was a lot expected of him, and he didn't exactly know how to live up to any of that. Kairi wasn't exactly surprised to see someone else there it was a free area after all. Looking down for a second he pulled out his phone after he felt the vibration, though he didn't comment, he read through the comments with mild interest. Kairi was kind of off-put by approaching Samantha just by reading the messages. Taking a deep breath, maybe it was against his better judgement but he approached anyway. "Rough day?" Kairi asked though it might have come across as a little bit of a mumble.
  5. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    Kairi worried a bit at his bottom lip as he made his way to class. Like usual, his head had in some book until he had bumped into something hard and hurt himself. If it were possible to have an extra set of eyes, then he would sign up for that, if only to stop himself from bumping into things. Mostly, this was part of Kairi pretending that he wasn't interested in classes or anything outside of his "secret life", but he really seemed to enjoy Elemental Magic. Like most of his classes, he found that there was likely more to look into, which was great for him. Better the devil you know and all that. Upon entering the classroom, Kairi looked around for a second or two before taking a seat in the front row. It made it easier for him to focus on the class, and so he could fully understand what was being said. Lipreading over the head of others wasn't exactly easy. He took notes silently as he listened to the Professor's explanation subject that is important now. The fifteen-year-old took his wand from his schoolbag and looked it over for any damage. For all the times he'd had his cat chewing on it, it was in a good condition, and he couldn't see any faults with it. Kairi made a deep, long sound of suffering once he found out what elements they'd be working on. He was terrible with the air element, even though he'd tried his best to practice with it in the past. He was just couldn't exactly get his head around it, but all in the learning. Kairi stopped writing as he listened to the professor's answers to some other student's questions and comments. He thought he might have understood what was being said and felt like he was at least confident enough to try something. After cracking his knuckles and trying to relax himself a little, he picked up his wand and found a place to aim his attempt. Like always, everything was a hit-and-miss experiment with him until he got it right, which Kairi usually hated. "Holy heck!" When Kairi had cast the spell how he was supposed to, the attempt had ended with him mostly blow hot air out of his wand. "Free blow dry wasn't needed." The boy tried another attempt at making ice with the combination of the spells, but no go. The same thing seemed to happen to him again. No need for bedhead, huh?
  6. Geez, I feel like getting an ear worm/song stuck in your head while trying to study is the worst timing ever 😱

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    2. Kairi Taylor

      Kairi Taylor

      Lol, I'm not a good dancer. I've been taking a break for a while, it's more of an annoyance than anything.

    3. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      You don't need to be good at those things to do them, and practice makes perfect anyway :) 

      But I understand. Here's hoping studying goes well on your end then.

    4. Kairi Taylor
  7. Wait, am I the only one that just noticed that the new bad guy team for Pokémon Sword and Shield look like they stepped out of the punk era? Also why do at least two Pokémon remind me of Kiss? 🤔

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    2. Kairi Taylor

      Kairi Taylor

      That pokémon is just weird.

    3. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Thank you. Here's someone that agrees with me. 

    4. Kairi Taylor

      Kairi Taylor

      It could be considered as bad as Sukamon, the poop Digimon.

  8. Open A spot of frog catching

    Kairi Taylor
    It might have seemed a bit odd to be outside while it was raining, but Kairi didn't care. It cleared his mind sometimes, and others, well he just liked the smell that came with this sort of weather. He was still trying to figure out what his parents expected him to do and what they meant by not drawing attention to himself. With a sigh, Kairi placed his hand into the pocket of his heavy winter coat and pulled out a jar. It was probably a bit of an off-handed thing for a fifteen-year-old to be looking for frogs, but he had always been interested in the little creatures. Plus, what was the harm in just catching them to look at them for a bit and then put them back? After making sure that his gloves were secure in his pocket, he pushed up his sleeves before getting absorbed in his task. If someone were to sneak up on him, it would be pretty unlikely that he would notice, because of his general focus on the matter at hand. "Whenever you are feeling lonely and afraid, the time will pass away on you, so many times you feel like losing to the pain, and you try to fade away..." Kairi hummed along to the song that played through his adapted mp3 player, which resided in an inner pocket of his coat where it was safe. Since the holidays he had been listening to all the songs that he had been missing for a while and he was just rediscovering his love for music the same way he was rediscovering his love for frogs.
  9. 2019 School Year Enrollment

Kairi Jules Nakamura Taylor
Student and Japanese tutor Fifth Year
15 year old Muggleborn Human He/Him
Age  15
Date of Birth March 14th, 2004
Birthplace Melbourne
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Student and Japanese tutor
Player  Lisa
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Lakeland Terrier
Wand Apple wood, Demiguise hair, 12 1/2 inches
Play-by Tatsuya Fukasawa

Greyheme Wizarding College: 1st year to end of 4th year
Tallygarunga: End of 4th year to Present


-Was expelled from Greyheme Wizarding College because of being part of a prank that went wrong

-Bad low self-esteem and suffers from depression and self-doubt

-Nicknamed Kai Kai-chan by his Japanese grandmother and has passed down throughout his family

-Adopted when he was a baby by a muggle couple. Knows hardly anything about his biological parents and doesn't talk about it much

-Likes muggle magic tricks

-Hates it when people pronounce his name wrong

-Pretends to be disinterested in things but it's more of a defensive thing

General Knowledge

-Likes piercings and has a few

-Has bad handwriting

-Can speak, read and write both Japanese and English

-Is a pretty good tutor, especially in Japanese and Ancient Runes, but gladly helps with any subject that the person needs help with

-Plays various instruments, including guitar, piano and drums

-Attended Greyheme Wizarding College

-Enjoys reading and would rather do it than homework

-Is pretty good at drawing and gives them to some of his friends

-Has a sweet tooth and can often be found eating something like that

-Was born deaf in one ear

-Can lip-read and sign pretty well

-Easily becomes obsessed with things

-Likes videogames, especially The Legend of Zelda series

-Often wears a silver coin necklace with the initials H.K. He and his adopted parents think that it was the name that his mother/father gave him. They've only ever known that the K stood for Kairi because of the letter found with him

-Generally great with children

-He doesn't know what he wants to do after school, but his dad thinks that he'd be a good teacher or social worker

-Likes writing poems and short stories

-Hates small spaces

-Has recently come out as bisexual

-Has Quillbook and muggle social media but isn't overly invested in it

-Often gets tongue-tied and uses Japanese words instead of English

-Takes Kendo classes

-Surprisingly good with animals


Kairi often comes across as being disinterested in everything. This is down to the fact that he's trying to prevent himself from being hurt. He usually closes off when people come too close to finding out about his past because he doesn't want to answer the questions that he doesn't know the answer to. Kairi is kind of quiet until you get him going or until he gets to know someone. He tries to act like the voice of reason but often fails in his attempts. He is extremely down to earth, despite coming from a well off family. Kairi isn't very good at hiding the fact that he doesn't make eye-contact too often because he focuses on lip-reading and other body language. He's been called rude for this in the past and has never been able to figure out how especially after explaining the situation.



Kairi stands at 5ft8 to 5ft9 he's not sure of his actual height. He has pretty even teeth due to years of wearing braces, though he holds back from smiling and usually wears a neutral expression. He has a few ear piercings in each ear and has his nose pierced. Kairi doesn't know if he's going to get anymore because his mother isn't a big fan. He has pretty clear skin, but he gets a few spots on his nose from time to time. He often wears glasses because of his terrible eyesight, though he mostly wears contact lenses. Kairi has dark brown eyes, and the skin around them crinkles when he smiles or laughs. Over the years he has had his hair dyed various different colours (currently dark brown) and has had it styled different ways.


Kairi is usually a pretty good friend once you get past his barriers. He's caring and good-natured, though he still is pretty quiet. He's still trying to be more open with the people that he's friends with and he's hoping that it works out for the best. Kairi's more than willing to be extra helpful and help people in areas that they're struggling in. He would be supportive and would encourage his friends to follow their dreams, even if they mightn't be obtainable, he'd go with whatever makes them happy. Kairi makes the point of trying to make friends with as many people as he can, but only really has a few close friends that he truly relies on.


Kairi has no relationship with either of his birth parents and though, Savannah and Joseph are very supportive of their son. He has no wish to try and find them so far, but he is a little curious. He doesn't know if he has any biological siblings, but his former social worker was looking into that at one point. Kairi is the oldest of three adopted children and is extremely close to Helen and Carter. He's also had a few foster siblings in the past because his parents believe in giving children from tough backgrounds a second chance at life. Kairi is just your typical older brother and sometimes thinks that his siblings are lame, uncool and straight-up embarrassing. He has an extremely close relationship with his parents even though they don't always understand what's going on with him or his involvement in the wizarding world.


Kairi hasn't been in a romantic relationship with anyone, and he hasn't kissed anyone, either. He has recently come out as bisexual and is still getting used to being out to those outside of his close family members. He would be extremely caring and as open as he can be with someone. Kairi would be supportive and would encourage the person that he likes to follow their dreams, even if they mightn't be obtainable, he'd go with whatever makes them happy. He has been known to develop crushes easily, and it played a part in him being apart of a prank that got him expelled from Greyheme. Obviously, things didn't work out with the pair.


Kairi might seem like the sort of person that would have a few haters, but he doesn't pay attention to whether or not he does. Though it wouldn't be surprising if he did, since seeming as though you're disinterested doesn't always bode well with some people. To get Kairi to hate you, you'd have to do something to invade his privacy if he isn't willing to share or if you say something bad or insulting about his family.

The story so far

Kairi was born in Melbourne to an unknown mother and father. He was found abandoned in front of a hospital a couple of hours after his birth. Upon further examination, it was found that he had no injuries but that he was showing signs of being deaf in at least one ear. He was taken into care, while the police launched an investigation to try and find out who his birth family was and to get his mother medical treatment if needed. The only thing that they had to go on was the necklace and the note that Kairi was found with. He is of Japanese descent, and he was named by his birth family. Kairi's name means Nautical Mile and is unisex.

While the investigation continued he was fostered by a couple of kind-hearted muggles, Savannah Nakamura-Taylor and Joseph Taylor, who went onto adopt him eventually. Kairi was extremely lucky to find such an amazing family. After a year with the Taylor's, they adopted his younger twin sisters, and they've taken in a few foster kids over the years. They're a pretty well off family, with Joseph being the C.E.O of a shipping company and Savannah runs a language café. Kairi often helps out in the café as a tutor during the holidays.

At a young age, he started showing signs of magic. This surprised him and his family, but it explained a lot. It's unknown if his birth parents have any sort of connection to the magical world. Kairi got accepted to Greyheme Wizarding College and attended the school until he was expelled in his fourth year. While he didn't help plan the break-in and graffiti prank, he did play lookout because he was developing feelings for one Charlie Hudson. Savannah and Joseph were extremely disappointed in him and took away all the things that he liked the most. They're still disappointed in him, but most of their anger has faded. Kairi started attending Tallygarunga near the end of his fourth year. He's trying to keep his head down and not get expelled again.

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