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  1. Invite A Helping Hand

    It seemed that just treating it as a normal hangout was good enough to convince Amber. They needed to just relax a little and enjoy their young lives, like he hadn’t been doing so for that past years, just doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted without having to worry about the future, which was starting to take over his life. Spending time with his cousin and sister was his way of trying not to think too much about it, he was young, but the pressure he felt into finding something was going to wear him down one day and he won’t be able to take it. He was glad these hangouts helped him get his mind off things as well as spending some quality time with people he liked. “Sam will support you unconditionally.” He couldn’t talk in his sister’s behalf but that’s how she felt about the younger Hammond. Sam had a good heart, perhaps it was too good and that could get herself into some troubles. The young mand looked up at the sky and then back at his cousin. There wasn’t much he could say, he agreed with her about Sam, his sister was precious, so was Amber, but Sam, Sam was one of the best people he knew. He didn’t pay too much attention to whoever knew since it was none of his business and whenever she would feel comfortable enough in telling him, he was sure she would so it wasn’t something that would worry him too much. Sure, knowing that Amber didn’t trust him enough, or perhaps, didn’t have enough confidence in him to tell him was a bit hurtful, but he wasn’t completely honest with her either. “It’s okay, don’t worry too much about it, maybe one day. Doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow or three days from now, whenever you feel like you can talk about it, you know I will be here to listen to you.
  2. Invite A Helping Hand

    Zeke couldn’t deny Amber’s logic about his sister, if she didn’t know it was probably because Amber didn’t want to tell her yet and as the younger teen had said, Sam would most likely analyse every single move Amber made. There was no easy way out it, but it didn’t mean they still couldn’t go, they would just have to act like it was a normal thing, which by now, they both should be used to Zeke’s randomly appearing to hangout with them, not because he didn’t have friends to hangout with but simply because he cared for the other two more than he cared for half his peers in university. “If you want, we can just treat it as a normal hangout.” He didn’t like hiding things from Sam, not to mention her tingling senses would probably tell her that there was something up with him, but he could do it for Amber, couldn’t he? All he had to do was keep that thought away from his head and he wouldn’t be too bothered by it, at least, not enough to catch Sam’s attention. “You know how it is when someone hides something from her, but I don’t think this is something she’d be too concerned about.” Or at least he hoped it wouldn’t be something that Sam would worry too much about, he could always be wrong, which was usually the case. “But I’m also sure that Sam will support you too and that only means she worries, maybe a bit too much.” As much as he loved his sister, he had to admit Sam’s love could be a bit overwhelming sometimes. And watching both younger teens interacting, it’s clear that they both got each other’s back, it was amusing watching how they interacted, at least Zeke thought so. Many people could learn a lot of things from both of them, it was a shame most of them didn’t pay enough attention.
  3. Invite A Helping Hand

    It depended what she did, not everything a person does is childish, but some things are. Tussling over a piece of cake with a sibling is childish, there was no way to see it as a mature thing, but Zeke was sure that Amber wasn’t talking about tussling with someone over a piece of cake. “I think it really depends what you do, sometimes a person considers something childish because they don’t know about it, or because it was taught to them.” He shrugged looking at her. He wasn’t exactly the role model for Amber to listen to, he was far from it, but that wasn’t the time to start feeling sorry for himself. “People are complicated, but whatever they say or think you should do what makes you happy. A childish obsession can turn into something great, or do you think we’d have the things today if some people didn’t follow their dream? I bet they were told that it was childish, immature or even impossible.” Zeke didn’t have a solid example to give Amber, but he hoped that she could understand what he meant. “Amber, if people can’t trust you to be responsible, maybe they are the ones that shouldn’t be trusted in the first place, and maybe they are irrelevant.” Trust was a two-way street, Amber was responsible, she just had her ways of doing things, he knew that she could do irresponsible things if it came to her, but if she was in charge of something, she would do everything by the book. He put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a friendly smile. “How about when you do it we head to the amusement part in Melbourne? You, me and Sam? As a … goodbye to your quidditch life and a hello to your dream?” he suggested. He was sure it would be a thing hard to decline knowing how many attractions that involved going in circles almost to the speed of sound, not his cup of tea, but he could definitely make the effort.
  4. Invite A Helping Hand

    The smile that Amber gave him when he questioned her tell him everything he needed to know. Whatever it was, it was lodge deep within her heart and it did make her happy, and that’s all he really wanted, for his cousin to do something that she enjoyed and that made her happy, there was no way around it. Even as she started talking, he could hear it, and there was no shame in admitting that what we once thought it made us happy, is no longer doing so. “You need to do what you think is best, I know you worked hard for the spot, but it’s alright to let go when you’re sure you want something else.” Which seemed to be the case. It looked like he wasn’t happy, but he was happy for her, he was happy that she was able to make a decision and not waste her life doing something she thought she would enjoy. “I’m not going to lie to you Amber.” He stopped talking for a brief moment before, he was too sure how he was going to put it into words but, he had to try. “You’re not going to make everyone proud some people will be judgemental.” He knew it to be true, even if he was proud of her to chase her dream, some people were going to look down on her for it, either because they think it’s wrong, or out of jealousy or just because, there was no escape, but she had to decide if those people are important enough to let their opinion be heard and be taken into consideration. “Being childish or acting childish doesn’t mean you are a kid.” Zeke ruffled her hair a little bit in a playful manner. “Sometimes you need to act childishly to make everyone around you laugh, or just because life’s so overwhelming that if we don’t let go it will consume us.” Aside from his small pranks on everyone at the house, his main victim wasn’t around as often as he would like, but that was his only way to letting go, but he was being consumed, slowly, day by day he was losing part of what made him, him and was giving himself more to the idea of what he should be. “And, honestly, knowing when to quit something and follow something you love, admitting that what you thought you liked is not more important, it isn’t childish.”
  5. Invite A Helping Hand

    He wasn’t understanding where Amber was going with it, he always thought his cousin loved the game, she was in the team after all, and unlike many people she didn’t seem to be pressured into joining it. But people change, people find other things to love in life, he still hasn’t found his and maybe his cousin was just as lost as he was. Skydiving probably wasn’t the best example when it came to ride on top of a broomstick pretending it was a surfboard, he couldn’t however understand that it was about the adrenaline and not about what one could do. Zeke could understand the love of flying, not being a frequent flyer, he did like to feel the wind on his face whenever, or liked, to be more accurate, university life killed the little social life he had in the past. “I guess you don’t need to play in order to fly.” He smiled at her. It was amazing how little he knew about Amber, clearly something else was hidden underneath the Amber he knew, but he was ashamed he never really tried to probe in deeper, just giving her space for her to show it whenever she felt more comfortable, and now he can’t even say something to help her. “Something else?” he was confused, but if whatever she loved more than flying was something she wanted dearly, then he had no other choice than to be supportive of her. “I agree, you should follow what you love and leave what you like as a hobby perhaps.” He didn’t know much about loving something so much, he had no ambition, no aim, but he was there for her, for whatever she needed him. “I guess my only question about it, is, are you happy?” he looked at her curiously, one can love something dearly but not be happy, and in the end it’s not what one loves that’s important, it’s what can make someone happy or not, but if it’s both, then it’s like hitting the jackpot. “If it makes you happy, and you love it, don’t wait for others to tell you that you should and shouldn’t do. Focus on the prize and fight for it.” motivation speeches were way out of Zeke’s comfort zone, but he had to try and do his best.
  6. Invite A Helping Hand

    Zeke shook his head, whatever surprise Amber could eventually pull off, it couldn’t be a bad one, or a disappointment. Everyone disappoints someone or more people during the course of their lives, but it wasn’t a reason for people to get worried about it. He was trying to understand Amber’s point of view, but he was having a hard time doing so, probably because of his own feelings towards the idea of disappointing someone. Maybe if he was a bit more like her, he wouldn’t be in the situation he found himself into. He looked at her with a soft smiled and chuckled at her comment, she worried too much about it. “I guess I’ll have to remind you more often that you’re not a disappointment nor will you ever be one.” He scratched the back of his head a bit embarrassed. He was swimming on unknown waters and what he was scared of the most was letting Amber down or saying something he shouldn’t that could hurt her feelings. He was an idiot, and nothing could ever change that feeling that kept nagging him. Hearing that Amber was thinking of quitting Quidditch was a surprise to him, he thought she loved it, and he thought she enjoyed playing, but what could he do or say? It was her decision and he respected that. “May I ask why?” he asked out of curiosity, he wasn’t planning on stopping her or trying to convince her to continue playing. “I know how much you love it, I’m just curious.” He confessed, hopping that it wouldn’t scare her away. Last thing he wanted was for Amber to feel trapped, and the more trapped she felt the easier it was to lose her. He loved her cousin dearly, but the way she spoke, almost like everything was over hit him that Amber wasn’t happy, or at least she had things going on that he didn’t know, and therefore, couldn’t help her as much as he wanted.
  7. chasing butterflies and dreams

    Zeke was still upset the whole crap about the fire, she couldn’t go anywhere in Narrie without people using it as a way to hit on him, he was sure his family heritage was a curse, but he never really bored to be upset at it, now he’s starting to think about moving to another place where people don’t have access to QB or won’t know about the fire that never happened, but that somehow someone thought that he and Sam were ready to torch the place. Because of the situation his classes had been somewhat boring, he almost fell asleep in one and he was definitely snoring on the other. It surprised him that none of the teachers tried to make him pay attention, perhaps it was because they just didn’t give a shit about them or they didn’t want to bother with the whole waking up thing. Zeke was however grateful they had let him sleep in peace, at least the idea was no longer nagging at him, complaining that he shouldn’t have tried to play a prank on his cousin and that was just karma. He was basically fucked and didn’t know, not to mention, people just weren’t going to forget about that. He walked through campus trying to get a place to seat in peace to get a few sketches done, just because he didn’t know what to do with his life didn’t mean he could enjoy his little hobby, his little secret hobby, no one that knew him was aware of the young man’s talent when it came to a blank paper and a pencil. One of his favourite spots was already occupied and he didn’t want to go to the other side of the campus to be alone. “Hey, mind if I join you?” he asked, putting his bag on the ground while looking at the girl.
  8. Invite A Helping Hand

    A stock reply? Zeke wasn’t entirely sure what she meant like that, but it seemed to be affecting her, even if she believed his words there was something on her comment that made him wonder if she actually felt that or if there was something else nagging at her. People saw and interpreted things differently, but he was like a fish out of water, that wasn’t his area and it was upsetting him that she couldn’t help her more, but he was trying. “It’s not a stock reply Amber, even if it sounds like it. Maybe because we all care about you, everything sounds the same.” Zeke couldn’t explain why it sounded like something everyone was saying to her, but he knew everyone cared for Amber and everyone wanted her to know that she wasn’t a disappointment, even if she felt like one. He smiled gently at Amber, while her words sounded like the words of someone who wasn’t entirely sure if they appreciated it or not. “I mean it Amber.” he knew disappointment, and Amber wasn’t it. She might not be book smart, but she was smarter than most in certain things. “I know what you said but it’s true, you’re not a disappointment and while I do enjoy poking fun at you, that’s all that is.” Maybe he should stop with his jokes about her, maybe that was what was getting to her. “Amber, everyone has their weak moments, we can’t always be on top, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the courage, you’re fighting in your low moment, most people just give up.” he spoke as she pulled him to the side so they could stop blocking the path. Was Zeke being a bad cousin? Amber’s situation and his inability to help were showing him how he needed to step up. “But as much as you’re fighting it, you can’t do it alone Amber. Like i said, I won’t push you for telling me what’s bothering you, but whatever it is I will do what I can.” Amber was somewhat like a sister to Zeke, even if they weren’t related by blood he would protect her the same way he’d protect Sam, no questions asked, but he didn’t know how to show it to her that he cared.
  9. Invite A Helping Hand

    The more they continued the more Zeke grew worried about Amber. His inexperience, or lack of proficiency in, caused the situation to become more and more uncomfortable for the both of them, him because he wanted to help, but couldn’t exactly know to how, nor he knew how to read between the lines, and Amber, who didn’t seem like she wanted to talk and with Zeke pressuring her, things were only going to get more awkward between them. She soon relaxed and he didn’t feel compelled to remove his arm from around her, only squeezing her a little tight almost as to show his support and affection towards his cousin. Zeke was worried, but he would do anything to be able to understand what was going on with her without forcing her to blurt out words she didn’t want to. Her voiced called his gaze towards her as she spoke. The slight joke about the elephant in the park made him smile, but not for long as she proceeded to finally tell him and what hurt him was that she thought she was a disappointment. Why would she even consider such a thing? Zeke stopped and his arm pulled Amber closer to him. He was not the right person to be sentimental, or to even talk about that, and he surely wasn’t the best person at showing affection towards anyone, but it still hurt that she thought like that. Mostly because it seemed to cause her distress. “You’re not a disappointment Amber, not now nor you will ever be.” His words probably didn’t do much, but he felt that it was important to voice them. Amber was one of the best people he knew, her heart was big enough to fit everyone in it. “I don’t think you can ever disappoint us Amber, at least you’ve never disappointed me.” He gave her another squeeze. He was trying to be the best cousin she deserved, and he was failing miserably at it. “You don’t have to please everyone, as long as you’re happy and you do what fills your heart with joy, that’s strength and I’m proud of you for it.” sure people had expectations, but fuck people, a person should do what makes them happy. “Whatever it is that you think that you’ve done, that might have disappointed us, or will disappoint us, I can assure you, it won’t.” Amber still seemed like she was trying to avoid telling Zeke everything, but for now he was happy that she had told him that. His words might not have helped much, which in a way made her slightly thoughtful about how he could stop her from feeling like that.
  10. Invite A Helping Hand

    He couldn’t understand her frustrations, she wasn’t the town’s clown; Amber was much more than that and he couldn’t understand her reaction to his words. The difference in behaviour had changed and Zeke felt a bit like a fish out of the water, talking wasn’t his expertise and he wasn’t the type of person to give motivational talks, a pat on the back, a high five, maybe a fist bump were his things, but the way the conversation was turning, it looked like he was going to need a lot more than that to be able to help his cousin. “Then why don’t you tell me what I’m getting myself into? Amber people won’t know unless you tell them.” He was such an hypocrite, talking like he knew how to do it, but this wasn’t the time to talk about how poorly equipped he was to help his cousin. “I can’t blame you for it Amber, but you’re alone.” He could understand her feeling about it, not being able to express her feelings or thoughts, it wasn’t easy being forthcoming with them. “Let’s start easy, alright? You don’t have to talk to me when you don’t want to, so let’s take baby steps.” Was that even going to work? He knew that if he was forced to speak, he’d shut so hard that to be able to open that can again was going to take more than the normal effort. “Tell me one thing that’s bothering you and we can start there. Small steps.” Was he failing as a cousin? Perhaps. That’s the last thing he wanted, he wanted to be there for Amber the same way he was there for Sam, but he couldn’t help her if he was ignorant about her issues and he didn’t want to push them deeper inside with being insistent about her telling him.
  11. Invite A Helping Hand

    There was a lot more going on than Zeke had anticipated, the way Amber was talking it seemed that things have been taking a turn for the worse for a long long time and now it seemed that it was going to take a lot more time to fix, if she had been more open about her own issues but Zeke would have been able to help her sooner, or maybe not, depended a lot on the nature of her problems. “You’re not the local court jester Amber.” Zeke always saw Amber as goofy but never as a jester. She wasn’t giving herself enough credit to begin. “You shouldn’t let those things affect you Amber. You’re not entertainment to make people laugh.” Talking about one’s problems was hard on everyone, some simply had an easier time sharing, but it didn’t mean that it wasn’t hard for them to speak out. “You someone you can trust to let it all out Amber. It’s not good to keep things inside.” Everyone did, even him, but that wasn’t about the young man, it was about his cousin that seemed to need some help, help that apparently, he couldn’t give her. “Take some time to yourself, forget about everyone else Amber.” He pulled his cousin closer to him, to kiss her on the head, maybe it didn’t help, maybe it did, but he wanted her to know that he was there for her whatever was troubling her. “You don’t need to tell me anything, if you don’t want to, but you don’t need to worry about how it sounds or how it looks. We’ve all made mistakes and we’ve always felt overloaded and broken.” In his limited wisdom, Zeke tried to reach out to the girl, it wasn’t going to be easy breaking through that, but he was going to try. He couldn’t bare to see his cousin like that, it was almost like the same thing that made her special was slipping away.
  12. The rumor got out of hand. I was accused of being an arsonist by three people today. 

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      You know how these rumors go... They spread like wildfire.

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      @Ezekiel HammondThat feels like a really really really short version of a fantastic story.

      @Samantha HammondDo you want to get disowned? That's how you get disowned.

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      @Samantha Hammond you know I love you, but, please don't.

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  13. Invite A Helping Hand

    Zeke knew Amber was not herself, perhaps the events that took place in Narrie were getting to her, or maybe it was something else, Zeke couldn’t tell for sure what it was that was bothering the young Spencer, but he could tell it was draining her, mostly emotionally. The walk back to the park was quiet, he didn’t open his mouth and neither did she, the fact that he had no idea how to approach the situation was one of the reasons. Be blunt and have her walk out him, be a bit more delicate and risk the fact that she would pretend she wasn’t understanding, it wasn’t an easy choice, he had to try the one in between, hopefully, that would help. Before he could even say anything Amber went ahead. He smiled at her and nudge her arm lightly before trying to formulate a coherent sentence that didn’t’ make her run away from him. “Okay…what’s up with you?” as much delicate as he wanted, the only thing he spoke was not as delicate as he wanted it to be. “I know you’re not yourself lately, and I’m worried. What happened? Was it the murder?” it was one of the few things that had changed over time, he didn’t even consider other variable, so he assumed it was it. It had to be it right? “You can’t do everything on your own Amber.” He wrapped his arm around her, like he usually did with Sam. “And I’m the last person that can judge, trust me on this one.” As someone who had no idea what to do with his life, Zeke couldn’t really judge others, but maybe give an unsolicited advice that could prevent others from feeling like time was passing by and he was just there, watching it pass and not deciding what he wanted to do. Amber was smart, she probably wouldn’t fall in the same pit he did, but if she was near it a warning could prevent it.
  14. Leap of Faith

    Amber wasn’t going to let that go. Zeke took another deep breath and looked at his sister, her confusion told him that she wasn’t clouded by fear, maybe he was the one that was getting scared and projecting it on his sister. He noticed her magic fade and did the same, the light continued to shine above them illuminating the whole house. “Good. I thought you were going to do something similar to what I did.” In the confusion and fright people could do the most stupid things. He didn’t think his sister was dumb, but she also didn’t think she was above not being irrational when scared, but she seemed to be holding it better than he was. Not that he was scared for him, he was more worried about the girls, and suggesting fire had been a stupid idea to begin with. He wrapped his arm around Sam and pulled her close, kissing her head. “I’m sorry. Suggesting burning it was a stupid idea.” He has a hard time admitting defeat, but this time he had to and it was with Sam, he could trust her with his life that he knew that she wasn’t going to throw at him another time just to prove a point. “Let’s get that ice cream. Amber you chose the place.” He let go of Sam and looked at Amber before taking the girls to the back door and opening it to let them out. He wished he had found the creepy crawler, he was not starting to think of the countless treasures that could be hidden inside the attic, perhaps an adventure for another day. He made sure both girls were out and safe before he closed the door behind him.
  15. Leap of Faith

    He could sense Amber shaking, although the spell he had cast upon her would last a while. Amber was right, they got into the lion’s den but it wasn’t all his fault, if Amber hadn’t been stubborn they wouldn’t have wanted to explore the house with the dangerous crawlers around, besides, aside everything it had been an amusing moment, as long as they found the spider. “Oh, you think I would let anything happen to you? Wow, I appreciate the vote of confidence Amber.” He opted not to call her out on her previously childish behaviour and opted to call her out on the confidence she had in him, which seemed to be none at the moment. Much like him, Sam didn’t seem too happy about killing the spider, but she was ready to do it, and so was he, just in case she decided to back away from it. When Amber spoke he just looked at her, they could easily put out the fire, but she couldn’t understand his sister’s reaction. Did Sam really think about burning down an entire house? Was she crazy? They could get into serious trouble, not to mention endanger other people with the fire, but it was also the only way they had to get rid of all the spiders that Amber had seen in the attic. “You want to burn down this house?” he bluntly asked his sister. “You do know it’s a crime, right? Setting houses on fire? With or without creepy crawlers?” he wanted to be sure Sam knew the implications if that’s what she wanted.
  16. Leap of Faith

    Zeke took a deep breath and approached Amber, he gently put his hand on hers and lowered them. Amber was in the presence of an adult, but he wasn’t sure if they would let it slide considering they were trespassing, and he was barely an adult. “Amber, I’m not going to let it bite you or do anything to you and Sam.” It was up to Amber to believe him, while playing a prank on the girl was fun, seeing her terrified was not, she was genuinely scared and not just in an amusing way. Zeke cast a protection spell around Amber, Sam and himself, whatever tried to harm them wouldn’t be able to, at least a first time, they’d have plenty of time to react and attack. He decided to look for the animal that Amber had seen, with the spell he had two shots at that thing before it would bite him, one as a reaction of fear and the second before she would strike again. He inspected the floor but found nothing, would a spell even work? Pull the spider towards them and use a spell to bind it? “So, Sam, I’m using a spell to draw the thing towards me, can you burn it?” he wasn’t fond of harming animals, and he knew his sister wasn’t either but that was something they had to be done, at least to calm Amber a little bit. He stood a bit away from the girls and used a spell to bring whatever creepy crawler was around the house. The hand holding his wand was trying to pull the animal while his other hand was holding a small ball of fire, just in case Samantha couldn’t do it, if that failed, they would leave and would go eat their ice cream.
  17. Leap of Faith

    It was a fun change of plans, and Amber was getting what she deserved. Zeke did feel slightly guilty about it but nothing bad would happen to them, he wouldn’t let it, besides if he had to use the convenient veela ability that came with his heritage he wouldn’t mind, he got more on looks than he got on anything else, but he was a decent wizard. Hell could freeze and she still wouldn’t let anything happen to his sister and to his cousin. He shrugged at Sam’s question, he didn’t know, if there was a ghost, they couldn’t see it or the ghost didn’t want to be seen, which was also a possibility in their case. “I don’t know honestly. I think if there was it would have either come to us or try to kick us out. It could be a prankster too.” Amber’s reaction made him look at her and then at the surroundings. He couldn’t see or hear anything, and he wasn’t picking anything. “C’mon Amber, where’s your sense of adventure?” he was the one to speak, he loved staying out of those weird places, he would rather stay home, although, this was to somehow teach Amber a lesson, though she seemed a bit too scared for him to be enjoying himself. Zeke picked his wand, casting a light spell, that would make them see better inside, even if there was enough light to get through the house, if Amber was scared, maybe a little of light would help the teen. “What did you see Amber?” he trusted her reflexes above his own due to what she practiced and he was considering on letting everything go and just go for ice cream, it was a good prank but watching his cousin scared the way she was he was starting to reconsider everything. “Do you girls want to leave?”
  18. @Samantha Hammond & @Amber Cross are you two free this next week? I have a surprise for you two. 

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      It's something important that I would prefer to discuss face to face with you that's all. 

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      Uh, okay? Though you're starting to worry me.

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      Don't worry Amberino. I'll see you next week. 

  19. Leap of Faith

    As predicted his sister decided to join him. He watched as Sam dragged Amber effortlessly towards the door, their veela heritage made them stronger than a normal human, meaning Amber wouldn’t stand a chance fighting off his sister. He waited patiently for them to approach the door and that was when Sam sort of shoved Amber inside. Zeke laughed at the situation and waited for his sister to walk inside before he did too, closing the door behind him, there were no means to escape as he locked the door using a spell. He watched Amber drawing her wand in panic, he wanted to continue to laugh but it was time they moved to the attic to meet the fearsome animal that made Amer shiver in fear. “Come on girls, let’s go explore this house.” Zeke spoke a bit more cheery than usual as he looked at his sister and poked Amber lightly with his elbow. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to them, but at least for now they were having a bit of fun, that was what Amber wanted in the first place. The house wasn’t too bad either, aside from spider webs, layers and layers of dust it looked like a relatively nice place to live, assuming whoever decided to get the house cleans it properly and he hopped they weren’t trespassing. “Shall we go upstairs?” Maybe that was a bit too much? Probably not, Amber wasn’t going to have a heart attack, she was far too young for such a thing to happen. “I think we can go check the rooms and then the attic, maybe we’ll find some lost treasure.” She spoke as she began walking up the stairs to go to the floor above, stopping on the hallway hoping that the girls would follow him in that sort of adventure.
  20. Leap of Faith

    Amber was a lot heavier than he had anticipated, but still wasn’t a problem catching her, he had lifted heavier things, probably haven’t had any fall on him, but with Sam’s help they managed to hold Amber and neither of them fell. While it wouldn’t be a very big fall, Amber’s speed could have caused them to suffer some form of injury, easy to treat, but before that it could be uncomfortable, especially since they all wanted to go out to get something to eat. Zeke was confused as to what had scared Amber to much, but once she spoke, he was a bit confused. A bit of magic could have solved the problem, and she was in the presence of an adult, she should be able to perform it without getting a letter from the Ministry. He looked at Sam when she repeated what Amber had seen and the smile on his sister’s face was enough to tell him what her plan was. He smiled back at her, with a wink before setting Amber down on the ground. Zeke could easily take care of the spider problem and in the meantime they could prank Amber. He was going to follow his sister’s plan, and maybe do a few extra things, after all, two people working on a prank was better than one. “Yeah, I think we can go inside, the ice cream and wait and I mean, it would be a reward.” He said, looking at Sam, agreeing with his sister. He wasn’t very inclined to go inside, but it was going to be worth it. “I can get the door to open, back door, out here we’re too exposed.” he walked around the house to see another point of entrance, only to find the backdoor that with a spell would put them inside quickly. “I wonder what kind of treasures we can find inside.” Zeke opened the backdoor and cast a spell on it, in case they needed to go the door would appear close to muggles but would be always open. “Birthday girl first.” He stepped aside letting Amber go in first, and hopefully his sister would follow his cousin so he can go next.
  21. Leap of Faith

    Amber had called his bluff. He didn’t want to stand there much longer, it was in the Spencer’s nature to be that active, once he left Tally all his energy to do anything vanished, except hanging out with his younger sister and his cousin, it felt as he was back in school and it felt nice feeling like all the worries suddenly didn’t move around university exams, classes, assignments all that, it was refreshing hanging out with them, except when he had to exercise. He looked at Sam as she suggested they would explore the place, he didn’t want to, he really didn’t want to climb up there and explore the house, he just wanted something nice to eat. Was that too much to ask? Apparently, it was. “Will you even eat ice cream?” he looked at her. Ice cream was rarely vegan and had a lot of sugar, was Amber going to make an effort and bail on her food regiment a little? Or not? She probably meant some vegan ice cream, especially low fat and without too much sugar. He paid attention to Amber as she got up and started to walk on the room, he followed her as it seemed she was about to fall down on them, but she seemed to be able to hold herself up in the for a while longer, at least until she lost her balance and tripped, falling backwards in the Hammond siblings direction. Zeke was ready to catch Amber, which he tried to do and had managed to sort of catch her, almost losing his balance and falling himself with Amber in his arms. She wasn’t heavy, but he was slightly caught off guard when she fell from the roof, he barely had time to sneak up underneath her to catch her as she fell. He regained his balance and set her down, he almost lost his balance again. “I think we had enough adventure for today. Can we go eat now?”
  22. Leap of Faith

    It seemed that Amber had spotted him before he would even approach him. He was expecting to tickle his sister, but he could do it another time. He waved at Amber and looked down at Sam, wrapping his arm around her affectionally, before looking back up at his cousin as his sister proceeded to explain what had happened. His gaze left Amber and set on Sam and then at Amber again. He knew how much she enjoyed being in trouble, and it was always a hassle to try and make her stop doing things like that, it was fun for a while, until they had to convince her to stop. “I’ll see what I can do Sammy.” He replied to his sister before letting her go. He stood in front of Amber and looked up at her, she crossed his arms but not in a strict manner. “You know you can go up there anytime you want right?” He asked Amber. It was going to be a bit complicated trying to get Amber down from the roof, but if he played the right cards maybe he wouldn’t have to go up there and bring her down himself, and that was the last thing he wanted to do, for a human she had strength, and while it wasn’t too hard for him to do it, it was just not how things should be done. “And I don’t have all day Amber, I need to go back to Melbourne, I guess Sammy and I will just have to go get something to eat ourselves.” He said, hopping that his words and promise about something nice to eat could convince her to go down on her own. “Come on, jump. I’ll catch you.” He said, holing out his arms, expecting Amber to give into the temptation and would join her cousins. “I’ll take you anywhere you want to go, as usual.”
  23. Leap of Faith

    It had been a while since Zeke hadn’t visited his sister and his cousin in a while, maybe it was time for him to make a visit. He knew Amber’s birthday was coming up and he knew that it was Sam’s day off, which mean he could surprise them by showing up, maybe even take them both out to do something. Amber would be a little difficult considering she seemed to be maintaining a strict food regiment, but if he took them to a place where all of them could get something to eat, he hopped Amber wouldn’t fuss about it too much, or at least would comply, it wasn’t like it was going to kill her for doing that, or at least he hope it didn’t. It took a long while to find the girls, he had to use magic to locate the two, which seemed to be a difficult task, one he wasn’t expecting, but there they were in Calder Avenue, and Amber was on the roof? Zeke shook his head, maybe he was imagining his cousin on the roof of a house. Upon some inspection he saw that she was indeed there. What was Amber doing there? He quietly approached them, sure that Amber had already seen him, since it was pretty hard to miss him, she was in a high location while he was on the ground, seeing approach would have been pretty easy. “Hey Sam.” He greeted his little sister, moving in for a hug before looking up to see his cousin on the roof. He was still confused. “What is she doing up there?” he asked Sam, but he was sure he already knew the answer, after all, it was Amber they were talking about. It was better not to dump a bunch of questions on his sister, so he turned to the other girl. “Hello Amber. May I ask you to come down please? I don’t want to shout.” He hopped that approach would help, but only hopped, part of him was sure Amber wasn’t going to go down so easily.
  24. Not enough

    Classes were mostly boring, the Professors had a hard time interacting with the students, and generally they just did whatever they wanted. Want to show early for class? Why not. Want to stay home and not tell the students? It also works. It was a difficult situation, most Professors didn’t seem to care to much about their students and what they needed to learn to become, at least, decent professionals. Zeke couldn’t complain about his situation, he had it good since he had no idea what to do with his life, he simply roamed the halls and attended classes whenever he wanted, and whenever he didn’t, he just sat at the library reading something. Nothing really mattered until he knew what he wanted, he was just doing what he thought it was expected of him, go to VMU, get a degree and get some fancy job that paid like shit, but that could potentially pay well in the future. Later in the day all Zeke wanted was to relax, at home was a bit hard to do it, it seemed there was always something to do, people to talk with and, as much as he loved everyone he just enjoyed some time with his own thoughts and maybe a beer, or two, if he happened to find anyone he knew, at least he hoped it was someone that wasn’t excessively chatty. People who enjoyed talking, were at best tiring, but they did reveal a lot about themselves and that just meant more information for Zeke to know what those people were all about. He walked inside The Tipsy Mozzie, looking around he saw no one that he knew, good, he could proceed to sit at the counter, strategically located where he could see the door and avoid talk to that many people. He just wanted to order something and just enjoy his night out alone, relaxing, thinking about what he wanted to do with his fucking life. She called someone, ordered his drink and some snacks, that he quickly decided to eat like he hadn’t eaten all day.
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