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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Gideon Sharpe

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  1. Invite To Spot a Dog

    "Really? Oh geez, that must have been one elusive pygmy. Maybe we can try searching for both, it would double our efforts, after all." He didn't want to pressure MJ into stop her own quest for this pygmy for his sake, the least he could do is offer to help her in her endeavor as well. But at least she did offer to help him herself, which made him feel a bit more calmed. "Heh, thank you MJ, I definitely owe you one." A small smile appeared on his face, as he began to look around. "Well, you see, I was at the Kookynie Halls, hearing his pitter patter next to me as we walked. At one moment I got distracted, and suddenly his walking became more distant for some reason. I turned back too late, and I saw his frame disappear as he took some turn. I tried to run and follow him, always barely missing with every turn. Last thing I saw of him was him heading to this direction, but I completely lost his trail in this area." He explained himself. "And, uuhh... I don't have treats for him. Or at least, not made specifically for him." With that, he took off a small package of sweet, circular cracker cookies from his pocket. "These cookies aren't dangerous for a dog to consume. They are... mine. But I shared some bites with him! He likes them a lot."
  2. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Gideon Sharpe
    The hesitation was so palpable, it caused Gideon to feel very worried. The earlier courage he managed to accrue was banishing rather quickly, wondering what could be in Chloe's mind. Maybe it was a simple matter of wondering if she should pause her studies for the sake of helping someone she barely knows, if she even does. His eyes would quickly dart between the beauty right next to him and the DADA book he had, coming to the realization that, should Chloe were to actually accept his proposal? He'd have to find an actual spell to use for practice. Indeed, he had quite a few spells to choose from, but the nerves of the situation were causing his brain to shut down completely, making it harder to plan something to use. And then, the moment of truth arrived. To his surprise, Chloe accepted helping, even rearranging the table so that her own material could be out of the way to make space for his own book. "O-Oh!" He let out, in a way overjoyed that she agreed to help him, to spend time with him, even if it were to be just for a small moment. "Nice! I mean, thank you." He said, as he opened his manual and frantically began searching for any spell that could work for his endeavor. Thankfully, he came up to one that he sort of knew, it was one he has seen in his material last year. "T-This spell, Salvio Hexia, it's meant to deflect hexes. B-But for some reason, I can't seem to get it to work." That was a partial lie. It is true that he had a bit of a hard time getting it to work when he first learned it, but he did eventually learn to use it properly. Sort of.
  3. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    His smile only grew when Ian accepted the proposal, which was definitely good for Gideon's intent; to have his roommate do something to distract him from the events of today. He has only gone there a few times, and while there were probably better options out there, Basil's was just reliable and trustworthy enough to suit their needs now. After all, this probably wouldn't have been the best moment to hit the town and check out something new, he preferred a more safe option he knew would keep the two satisfied. "Sure, take it!" In regards to companions, Ian's final choice came to be Lexi, Chloe's sister. "Ooooh." Considering the kind of interest he has taken for Chloe, he would already known of Lexi, and since she was pretty neat, he had no objections in adding her. "Alright, I don't mind. Although I do recall Chloe had to run away after her turn in class was over, we'd have to check up on her to see if Lexi is with her or not."
  4. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Rats, this sucked. Gideon wasn't someone isolated, but his introverted nature made it hard to quickly think of something interesting to move away from the topic. He was rather aware that his own reluctance might rub Diana the wrong way, but... actually, he wasn't sure how to finish that thought either. He knew he couldn't just dismiss his sister, considering how she always had the best intentions for him, but such a sentiment eroded with each passing year, and he wasn't sure how long it would remain. Perhaps it was the way his rebellious attitude was manifesting? He was still a young teenager, he'd go through the same thing any regular teenager would go through. But in the middle of his thoughts, he felt a pressure in his hand, which came from none other than Diana. She tried to reassure him that she didn't want him to just cut all ties with Ian, nor to assume he was up to no good due to his unfortunate connections, but rather that he should be careful. Well, he couldn't argue with that, being careful was in his nature. "... Yeah, alright." He eventually said, this time with no corrections or second thoughts, this was exactly what he meant. However, even with that acknowledgement, he still didn't look in high spirits, as he slowly retracted his hand. "I'm sorry sis, I ruined the brunch, didn't I? Hehe..." He said, the laugh sounding more forced than anything. Here she tried to make time to spend a moment with him and he only made things tense by indirectly antagonizing her. He took another sip from his drink, relieved in the fact he could at least gulp it down easily now.
  5. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "Pewter Cauldron? Uuuhhh..." Gideon checked the list to see if it contained a similar item, but it merely said a cauldron, without specifying materials or anything. "No, I don't. Maybe it was different back in the day?" She was from a much different time, it would only be natural for her to have had a different set of instructions when she was a first year student. But on their quest to find a suitable cauldron, Diana came up to a set of tiny cauldrons, ones which made Gideon giggle a bit due to how they looked like toys. The urging for him to back off caught him off-guard, and thus he stepped back to see what she had in mind. With a flick of her wand, she made the cauldron grow big in size, causing the younger kid to gasp in surprise. "Wow! That was neat!" He said, getting closer to see the cauldron was indeed in good condition, just like he'd imagine. "That sounds so convenient! I'd like this!" Of course, he had no idea if what she said was sound for his own abilities, but given how unaware he was to the intrinsic nature of potion brewing, he deferred to her judgement, a move that in the future prove to be fruitful during those late hour moments studying for his Potion classes. "We can make it smaller again too, right?"
  6. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Of course, while Gideon was rather young, he wasn't the small boy that used to hide behind the frame of his own sister. He really can't, now that he's grown taller than her (or maybe Diana just shrunk?), but after spending years with her, he became a bit more cognitive whenever Diana legitimately wasn't sure of something, and whenever she was withholding information. There was a moment of silence when she answered his question, a look of confusion and even doubt in his face, until he turned to look at his drink under him, probably to try and not burn his sister with his eyes. 'Being careful around them' didn't sit very well with Gideon. Sure, he understood that sentiment when dealing with people that were generally meaner, but Ian was a good boy, to be careful around someone like him felt weird, as if to indirectly say he couldn't trust him. And speaking of which, she ultimately asked him to just trust her regarding this. "..." He tried to mask his hesitation with another sip, but just like his sister, it wasn't easy to do so. The liquid felt heavy on his throat as this revelation and her reaction was still trying to settle in his mind. "... Alright, I-mmph, yeah, I'll keep a close eye." He was close to spilling out something like 'I guess I have no choice' because, did he? He could only assume this also implied not telling Ian about this conversation, to not risk any further problems like this. "... In any case, uuuuh," He said, trying to find some sort of way to shift the topic away. To dwell in it much further would ruin the brunch.
  7. The First Meeting of the Film & Photography Club

    Gideon could only guess Mika may be rather nervous about the situation, considering her behavior so far leaned on the side of 'meek'. He couldn't blame her, it's not like he had more fortitude to do something similar, he couldn't dream of making his own club and dealing with the pressure it came from it. So the least he could do is give Mika a hard time with it, such as answering her question. "Well... I have been wondering if I could learn more about producing films in general. The sign said that it welcomed beginners, so I thought I could come and learn whatever it is offered here." And then he realized that he forgot something completely. "Ah, that isn't to say that I don't want to learn about photography either! Photography is, neat and stuff! I guess I may have gotten caught on with one aspect of the club. But that doesn't mean I'll slack off either! I'll try to focus myself to learn all I can here." He corrected himself, hoping he wouldn't give Mika the wrong impression.
  8. Invite To Spot a Dog

    While his search for his dog did not bear any fruit, his calling did manage to attract attention of someone, one of the older Flinders students, and one that Gideon at least knew. "Ah, MJ! Good thing you are here." He greeted her, before she made her question about the pygmy. "Huh? A pygmy puff? That's my dog." Did she actually know he had a dog? Maybe not if she was asking about it. "Spot is my dog, he's a mix between a corgi and a dalmatian, and he ran off a moment ago! I have been looking for him, but so far I haven't found him yet. I'm starting to get rather worried." And sure enough, the concern was painfully clear in his face. "But, why a pygmy exactly? Are you looking for one too?" Could there be a reason why these creatures were running off to god knows where? Maybe Gideon didn't know MJ has a pet too. "Maybe we could try searching for both, they couldn't have gone far off, like outside the school. At least, I hope not, Spot is rather clumsy on his own, I don't know if he'd be able to find his way back should be remain alone for far too long."
  9. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Gideon Sharpe
    So she didn't push him away, or shrug him off, that was a start. She did stare at him as if she was some sort of robot, and if it weren't for the fact her face was a rather adorable one to stare at, he would rightfully feel rather unnerved, or even creeped out by it. But she did eventually reply to his inquiry, as he noted the kind of material she was reading definitely matched the subject of Arithmancy. Why? Because he understood nothing from that material. But her second question gave him hope, it meant that she was willing to listen to whatever request he had! Well, not any request of course, surely asking for a date would be too fast of a move, plus he didn't know if he had the nerve do it right now, he was already spending a lot of his nerve approaching her. So instead, he opted to stick with his plan. "W-Well, you see," He began, holding his DADA manual. "I know you are, very smart a-and all that, and I was hoping if perhaps you could h-help me understand something from Defense Against the Dark Arts. The manual is, uuuuuh... kind of dense, and I-I end up getting a bit lost in some of it's, explanations." In a way, he was talking out of his ass, as the manual itself wasn't very hard to understand, he had more problems performing executions rather than following theories, and while DADA was kind of hard, it wasn't the hardest subject he had to deal with. But hey! All in order to spend a moment with Chloe, no?
  10. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    The search was for some sunscreen, a rather common utility for someone like Ian. Gideon tried to give him a hand by searching for the item as well, but ultimately it was him who eventually found it. Not noting the hesitation Ian had has he thought of his sister, Gideon merely watched as Ian began to apply it. "Well... I was thinking maybe checking out someplace close and quiet, like Basil's. That way we don't have to leg it to Melbourne, eh?" He said, before something came to mind. "Oh! Ian, I was thinking," He started, a small gesture done with his hands. "Have you thought of inviting someone else? Maybe someone that'd help you be more at ease? A bit of company wouldn't hurt."
  11. Invite Down Memory Lane

    The sight was not a pretty one. Not because Gideon was squeamish to it, despite him being squeamish in general, but because of the mark that the crashing left on Diana. And even if he wanted to help her, Diana's words discouraged him to continue, knowing that not listening to big sister was not a good idea. Of course, it didn't stop Gideon to look concerned at her as she held the door for him to enter. The store itself was a mix of fantastic and mundane. The many items on display definitely showcased its nature of being a magical location, but at the same time, the structure and architecture still looked rather normal, like any other regular shop he has been to. Staying close to Diana, Gideon looked around as he tried to find the one item they were looking for. "I guess... a cauldron wouldn't be hard to find, right?" How were they supposed to carry one should they find it?
  12. Invite To Spot a Dog

    Gideon Sharpe
    "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." What's the worst thing that could happen to anyone? Losing their pet. Not losing them in terms of a final departure, but them running off for one reason or another, leaving their owner alone and confused. And alone and confused was definitely a good way to describe Gideon, as he frantically looked around searching for his dog. One moment he was walking the Kookynie Halls with his dog Spot in tow, and after being distracted for a small moment, he heard the pitter patter of his feet far away from him, his visage disappearing completely. He wasn't sure what could have lead Spot to run away, but Gideon knew that it was often because of things that crossed his path. The dog was rather scatterbrain at times. In his quest, he eventually arrived at the Center Courtyard, his voice echoing across the area. He was becoming desperate, unsure on where he could have gotten. He was thinking of maybe asking a staff member to help him, but he was risking the trail of Spot going cold, and even if they know some sort of spell to help him, his mind was definitely not thinking straight, as he aimed to find the dog himself. "Spot! Spottie! Where are you boy!?" He called out, trying to whistle to get him to appear. He couldn't give up the search, but the concern kept doing nothing but escalate.
  13. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Gideon Sharpe
    If hearts could explode, his would be in tatters at the moment. But in a negative way, oh no, his heart burst in enjoyment, enamored by the way he managed to observe Chloe in one of the rare moments she actually smiles. The girl was usually wearing a stone cold expression, which still didn't avert her beauty, but just seeing her smile was enough to make him flutter, his cheeks blushing. But was was Gideon doing there? Just staring at her from a distance? Well, not exactly. He came to the library to review some books for his DADA lessons, and as he was looking for a seat to take, he noticed someone that looked suspiciously similar to Chloe Stewart in the distance. At first, he thought he was just seeing things, but after peeking at her from a hidden location, he managed to indeed see that it was Chloe, seemingly fixated on some studying on her own, while taking care of her kitty. He felt the impulse to try and approach her, but he way she was focused on reading made him wonder if he should actually do it. Would it bother her? Would she shoo him? Many situations played out like this already in the past, him finding her in the school, freezing to wonder what he should do, and eventually stalling long enough for her to just walk away, causing him to lose his chance. But this time around, it would be different. This time around, he would gather the courage to speak up to her! But is he going to capture her attention...? Looking at the DADA manual he had, he had an idea. She too is a DADA student, maybe she can 'help him'? Taking a deep breath, Gideon walked up to Chloe, his face showing a clearly nervous expression, as he spoke up to the Sturt student. "O-Oh, hello there Chloe. I-I didn't think you would b-be here." He stammered, his eyes darting around. "Y-You are studying? What a-are you reading for?"
  14. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    The kinds of reaction Diana was giving him where not pretty comforting at all. They were in fact very worrying. Did he just blurt out something he shouldn't have? May didn't actually tell him he should mention this to Diana, but then again, she also didn't tell him to not do it, maybe she took it for granted Diana knew? All of this was making Gideon's head spin, and given the way Diana was behaving, it didn't help him think more clearly. So he merely sat there, nervously sipping from his drink as she tried to gather her thoughts, ultimately culminating in a warning that he should be more careful. "B-But, I don't understand. What kind of danger? Ian was my roommate ever since I entered Tallygarunga, and nothing bad ever happened to us, at least not anything that might be related to, whatever situation you are alluding to." He certainly felt like there was something Diana was not telling him, and while he understood that it wasn't appropriate to press on sensitive subjects... they were talking about Ian. He was his friend, and while he knew that Diana wasn't outright prohibiting him from being associated with him or May, he wanted to at least know more of the nature of this situation if he needed to be ready for whatever might befall him and Ian.
  15. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    Gideon merely gave him a nod, as he noticed Ian getting his supplies for the shower. While he was waiting, he thought of perhaps checking out a book to read, despite the possibly short time it might take for Ian to shower and get ready. "Sure thing! Don't slip with the soap." He replied, as he saw the older student leave. After those five minutes, Ian would find Gideon sitting on the bed, reading a newspaper he found lying around, probably property of one of the older students. "Ah, hey there Ian." He said, closing the newspaper as he noted that apparently there was something else he missed. "Mmmh? What are you looking for?" He already got up and walked close to him to see if he could help him with whatever he needed to get.
Gideon Quincy Sharpe
Student Fourth Year
14 year old Muggleborn Human he/him
Age  14
Date of Birth February 2nd, 2005
Birthplace Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Student
Player  Silverion
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns he/him
Patronus West Highland Terrier (Cannot Conjure)
Wand Rowan, 9', Rougarou Hair Core
Play-by Jared S. Gilmore
  • Muggle Kindergarten
  • Muggle Elementary School (1° and 2° grade)
  • Whitlam Bilby (3° - 5° grade)
  • Tallygarunga - Flinders House (1° - Current)
  • He has a curious adoration of movies, with his personally favorite genre being romance movies.
  • Surprisingly good at acting.
  • Has a tendency of forming crushes easily, even those he has no chance with, of which served as a source for existential dread.
  • He used to wet the bed until he was 7 years old.
  • May sometimes feel negative feelings towards his sister over how she erased his past.
General Knowledge
  • Also known as 'Giddy'.
  • Loyal and kind.
  • Very shy, gets embarrassed very easily.
  • Has a Corgi/Dalmatian mix called Spot, found abandoned during his summer vacation prior to entering the 1° Year.
  • Rather clumsy.
  • Tries to see others' good side, even those he feels intimidated by.
  • Really likes animals.
  • High expressiveness makes him very easy to read.
  • Hesitant to talk about his hometown.
  • Likes the color orange.
  • Strange affinity towards fire when using Elemental Magic.

Gideon is probably the best target a bully could have, as he just seems to open himself for that kind of treatment. The boy is rather timid, often looking and feeling unsure about himself, leading him to become rather withdrawn from others. Of course, that isn't to say that he dislikes being with others, or that he refuses interacting with others; he just tends to not have an easy time getting to know others due to his introverted nature. This means however, that when he does manage to gain the trust of someone, they are able to see a clearer image of his person.

In reality, he is a caring and kindhearted individual, always thinking about others rather than himself. While he may lack in qualities usually appreciated by others, such as physical fortitude, mental prowess, or even confidence, Gideon possesses an empathy for others that, admittedly pushes him to act outside his comfort zone, something which tends to bite him in the rear soon after. Going hand in hand with his shy trait, Gideon is rather cowardly, preferring diplomatic and peaceful approaches over forceful and violent ones, avoiding any kind of danger as much as possible. But if others are in dangers, he arms himself with valor like a cowardly lion, in an attempt to try and bring his help when needed.

But like any other human, or sentient being, he is not entirely virtuous. While not going to the extreme like Diana, he is still not above lying and a light touch of manipulation to get away from problems should he realize he is outclassed. Rather than being malicious however, he tries his deception to be white lies that won't do much harm in the future, or at least he believes, and will ultimately come clean should even that fail him. He tries to maintain an honest living as much as possible, never accepting dirty tricks and not believing in the concept of 'the ends justify the means'.

With the idea of always trying to see the best in others, no matter how ambivalent and scarily he might look at a simple glance, Gideon tries to find his place in the world, and would do his best to help others find their spot too. As long as they can stand his hesitation, and he can stand embarrassing himself in front of the other, admittedly cooler peeps.


Standing at a height of roughly 5'5", Gideon has a rather average built, not too lanky yet not too chubby. And while he might possess a slight predisposition to what one may consider a 'cute' look, his perpetually frowny and insecure expression, as well as his tendency do slouch ever so slightly could rob whatever little consolation he may have for his otherwise unremarkable appearance. And even still, somehow, he manages to be taller than his older sister, despite the remarkable age gap.

He has a preference of lighter and simpler clothing, often a polo shirt and mere jeans tend to do the job just right. Less for a lack of fashion, and more for a matter of comfort, as well as an underlying desire to not be too noticed. In terms of his uniform, he tends to merely wear a vest and a loosely held tie, while still attempting to look as proper as he can, despite often forgetting to keep some segment of his shirt tuck under his pants.

The story so far

It could have been written in the stars, or perhaps a simple cosmic fluke, but the muggle family of the Sharpes would be blessed not just with one, but two kids with magical affinity. The first was Diana, and 11 years later, her younger brother Gideon would follow. Conceived when they planned to sending Diana to Tallygarunga, Gideon was born in a house where he was practically the only child, only knowing about the existence of his sister through letters that she sent to their family. They could have thought they could pretend their family was normal with a new start, but what they didn't realize, is that Gideon possessed the same magical attribute his sister had. Of course, such episodes were very far and few in-between, and his mind was not developed enough to understand what happened around him, so his early years were actually rather normal.

However, things would change when Diana finally arrived to their home, when Gideon was barely 6 years old. By then, he already gained a better awareness of his self, even managing to show Diana a display of the magic he could make, a choice that would change his life forever. Diana would then start sh<owing him more about the wonders of magic she learned in Tallygarunda, about the world of wizardry that existed right under their noses, and even giving him some material to hone his magic. And while this marveled his very young mind, there was trade-off for such knowledge: Secrecy, and making his sister's life a worse hell than it already was.

He didn't understand just how anti-magic their parents were, and he underestimated how staunch they were in their beliefs. At first, he didn't see just how bad they treated her whenever she blame herself for his own magic, but when he discovered, he tried to stop Diana from doing so, to the point he even tried stopping himself from doing any more magic, at least in their parents' presence. Which was a lot of the time, considering how he was still a very young kid. But something else Gideon underestimated was his sister's ideal to see his potential unraveled.

In a rather underhanded manner, and most likely as a way to get back on her parents, Diana managed to become his legal guardian once she was an adult, and performed a powerful spell to change the memories of everyone around them, essentially erasing the two of them ever existed. Before he was even 9 years old, he was already quite practically unpersoned by his own sister, a fact he only learned after the fact, as the two were on the run. A whirlwind of emotions coursed through his childish mind when he heard the news; anger, sadness, confusion, fear. The true weight of her actions couldn't land on his mind due to just how incredible his scenario was, and while a lot of kids would feel like they were going on a grand adventure away from home, Gideon was not someone like that.

Mixed feelings was an understatement, but Diana tried to reassure him to trust her, something which he eventually came to do. What other choice did he have? Tallygarunga was the next, and only destination the two fugitives could take, and while Diana focused on finishing her studies, and eventually becoming the breadwinner of the pair, Gideon began his studies in Whitlam Bilby, setting him on the course proper to his age. Over the years, the feeling of that fateful afternoon began to move into the back of his mind, as he adjusted into his new life little by little, with each year he managed to pass successfully.

But, that didn't mean that they were gone, as while he felt the kind of love and respect one could have for an older sibling that tries their best to provide for him, sometimes he couldn't help but feel uncertainty about the future he could have, all thanks to the past that taken away from him. It would be a lie to say that sometimes he didn't feel a distant, but puncturing sense of resentment over his situation, and even towards his sister, but even on this fourth year of a regular student, he still can't make heads or tails over how he should feel. He could only hope the remaining years he has will help him understand himself.

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