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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Path of the Ancients: The First Step

    Caitlin had been gone for some time but it didn't mean that Dylan's own life had stopped nor that the difference in their perception of what had passed didn't call many things into question. More so on where she'd been, what it would mean that another individual had arrived and not only had been a family member but had been her -daughter-. That much he still needed to wrap his head around, in the time that he'd known her, the age that the young girl had been, it wasn't adding up and yet he also had been aware there'd been far more to the picture and he'd only been getting barely a fraction of it all. It was a rarity for him to be one without the full puzzle and on some level it drew out a sense of frustration that he buried deep down in his stoic personality. How much had been left from his gaze? How deep had his distraction actually been? It didn't sit well with him that he'd been neglectful of his usual skillset, almost as if it had been dulled entirely. Between the whirlwind romance that had started with Caitlin, the discovery of Senan and his connection not only to his Father but some ancient Fae - it left the borders barely defended and now whatever shade of news that followed behind the woman he'd intended to see. But perhaps, even the situation of Senan had been a technical secret. Something he had been very tight-lipped about in a variety of circumstances of what he knew. At first he lingered at the front of the door to fortify his mind for what he might hear. That she planned to try to work things out with her Daughter's father? That he'd been far too dangerous for her new addition to be around? A myriad of thoughts and potential ways the particular urgent talk could turn lingered in them often realistic yet grim thoughts that corroded his mind. Rapping calloused knuckles against the door until the confirmation to enter reached his ears. Reaching for the knob of the door and turning it to open it up and walking passed the threshold with the motion of the door. "It's me, I apologize if I am a bit late. I needed to tell Dust that I would be leaving the store a bit early and will probably be back later to close up for her. And then had to catch pygmy's that escaped."
  2. Fixing a Problem

    Shaking his head slightly, tips of his finger sliding along the leg of his glasses to tenderly grasp the metaling extension and pull the spectacles off of his face. Placing the glasses down onto the edge of the counter. He kept quiet for a moment after each explanation, at least allowing for sometime to let it sink in before speaking up. "I do apologize if it had been a bit much, Wand Lore isn't. . . Easy to summarize in its totality. Even less so when it comes to each wand being so specifically unique that it writes a story of its own." He wasn't sure how many hands it'd passed yet much of the way of the Wands left much to interpretation and often it'd been far more near the nail rather than a nail on the head. Once in a blue moon, he found, that the nail would not only be smacked but bashed deeper into the wood. Maneuvering himself around the counter he started to head towards a room a bit further towards the side from where he'd previously been before Danielle entered. The sound of several cases being collected echoed in the nearly empty shop, aside from the occasional sounds of numerous pygmy puffs behind a tightly locked door in the very back of the shop. After sometime, he returned back towards the front where he laid out three boxes, well crafted wooden ones that seemed to have been treated quite well. Not a speck of dust on them even to the extent of being obviously enchanted with several runes engraved on the sides and the top of the lid to the 'Wand Casket'. Each one possessing a different wand, designed recently. This fact becoming quite apparent as he opened each one where the wooden top to the shaft hadn't been degraded or gnarled. A gentle sheen in the gleam of the light for each one and sense of their quasi-sentience state reverberating through the air in a buzzing vibration. The first box's inside held a scarlet velvet cushion that hugged against an Acacia wand, its length rounding to Six and a half inches. He dared not touch it himself only pressing the tips of his fingers against the lower edge of the box and scooting it towards Danielle. "Acacia, Six and a half-Inches. It is a wand that is often temperamental but works well with the gifted and is quite loyal to its owner. The core is actually quite a unique one for Australia, Sand Lion Heartstring. It acts in a defensive manner when paired with its proper owner, protecting them with a buffet of a sandstorm."
  3. Fixing a Problem

    An eyebrow arched upwards, eyes lowering to glance towards the wands that the young teen seemed to place before him. His posture adjusting into a lean, bringing both of his elbow against the counter top and adjusting his glasses. He didn't interrupt her either while she poke, a hand reaching out to touch the first wand and running the tips of his fingers from its edge towards the handle. "Elm, The kind of wood that often is more finnicky due to wanting a wielder that as a strong presence about them. Apt ability with magical potential as well as a sense of certainty the self." It'd been something popular amongst many Pureblood's, that much he knew. His old wand had been an Elm, before it became entirely disloyal and he needed to build one entirely new from scratch with his own hands. His brow furrowed for a moment inspecting it even closer, Dragon Bone, that was an interesting core to hold - certainly one of the many rare ones as well. "It's well crafted, the maker should be commended highly." He placed the wand back down to pick up the other, Poplar, a unique wood that often seemed to be far more reliant on its wielder being - essentially - consistent within themselves and things they'd done, often he'd joke within himself that he could, 'Be no wielder of Poplar as his Moral's had been always compromised.' "Kelpie bone seems to be attached to this beauty of a wand." The two wands seemed to share the commonality of bone, the Kelpie being looked at as a typically 'inferior component' though he often chalked that up to individuals not understanding each wand needed to be special, unique. "Well, as you may or may not be aware. . . Wands are quasi-sentient, that being said - winning its loyalty may not be the issue. It may be that you've outgrown that potential and need to seek something that molds well with your current identity." Dylan placed the two wands next to one another and then affixed his stance once more to press both hands palm down against the wood. "The Elm might work really well because it shares the idea of being around someone that has potential in their magic, a kind of dexterity with it. As well as someone that is typically well aware of who they are and is proud of it in some way. ." His attention then shifted towards the other wand, which seemed to be where her concern in winning it over had been towards. "The Poplar might be a bit more difficult if you seemed to be uncertain of much in your life or what you encounter. As much as it prefers a wielder that has a clear moral ground that they stand upon." "To get its loyalty, I would say you'd most likely need to show it that you can stand by what you say, show that you have a strong belief in something good." What 'good' had been had been subjective to individual and even each wand. "But if they're both Heirloom's it maybe time that you seek your own wand. Passing down wands is common but in time, as you grow, they may disharmonize slightly." He takes a deep breath, looking around the shop for a moment. While they did run a business he knew all too well how his employer worked, especially in these situations. "Given that you've maintained two heirlooms so closely to yourself, I'd wager you are the sort that defends and protects. Being able to wield the Elm so efficiently shows you've a strong magical trait and even trained in using that with dexterous skill." "How about I grab a few for you to test, free of charge. I have to warn you, the wands made here are quite different that other places." The truth of the matter had been that the wands were crafted with a mixture of Wizarding and Fae magic, a tightly bonded welding that he couldn't explain entirely in words. "They are strong and the magic potent in ways that taps the potential of the Wizard even further."
  4. Fixing a Problem

    It'd been slow within the shop of late, which typically meant reorganization of the various supplies fell on his shoulders to do. Unfortunately, it meant he had to follow Stardust's chaotic organizational method that seemed to work in a very strange and magical manner. There had never been anything truly lost or missing but it did mean knowing how everything worked within the stock room. Something that took far more work than he would've admitted to anyone given his high level of capability in several things. Picking up one of the many boxes filled with a recent and unique core that had been recently been received, one that had been entirely experimental by his recollection but not out of range of being usable when it came to himself or Dust's talent within the field of Wandmaking. The sound of a bell echoed throughout the shop, a way to alert the workers of a patron or at least a potential patron. "Dust, can you get that. I'm stuck up to my britches in the supplies." Dylan's voice raised to seemingly reach out for the attention of the owner to the establishment, a heavy and strong Irish accent laced in his inflections. He offered a sigh while his head started shaking in mild annoyance, why did the woman have to be such a flippant Fae that could be there one moment and gone the next? "I'll be right with you." A sound of resignation hanging within the tone of his voice as he started to put the box down onto the floor with a gentle thump. Footsteps clicking against the well polished floor until he stood at the counter. It hadn't been someone he'd expected, usually with the gap in time he would've expected Eudoxia to have stopped by, yet it seemed far more like a student. One he didn't believe he'd seen before either even with his many soiree's towards the various campuses across the entire school districts. "Hello, I'm Gilliam. What service can we provide you today, Young Miss? Wand repairs? Replacements? Questions?" Even as he spoke his posture never dimmed, standing upright and firm, trained as if he'd been in some form of military or at the very least had come from a very well-off family with certain standards in presentation.
  5. From the Abyss...

    "I haven't forgotten, not even for a second. Though there is also nothing wrong with cleaning off your plate and relaxing to take in the moments." Dylan's head shifted towards the side. While she'd always been one to be on the track to keep going he felt this had been one of the times where things needed to be taken a bit differently. Approached with a new kind of mindset and awareness - at the very least to help prepare for the various potential life changes she might've faced going forward. "You do know yourself best, so that is fair." Who had he been to make a call on her personal state of mind or course of thought? It'd seem that time hadn't touched her in any fashion, not in the way it touched those on the outside. "I apologize for Senan." There'd been no apologetic tone within his voice, more so it'd been obvious it was more towards the manners aspect of things. "The yolk he bears isn't easily shakable. With the mantles shifted on him being in this. . . Specific place is far more of a rubbing difficulty for him." Dylan had wondered what halted the Young boy's hand from attempting the one mission that would've solved with those that he needed collected in a singular area. "Though a situation for another time." His shoulders lifted up into a light shrug. "Hey. . . Relax. . ." Alexander's voice lightly cooed into Cassandra's ear in a gentle sing-song tone. "I'm here. . .The worse of the worse is over." There'd be no chance of him just flopping over dead from the two forces inside of him fighting. He'd been 'Unified', as unified as a Male could be the eyes of the others of their kind. Without even a shred of shame, his hand reached down to gently grasp and squeeze her rear. Half because he was being cheeky and half to offer a bit more comfort to the young woman that he was alright. He wasn't entirely sure himself of the talk of this 'Mark' but didn't hold off the slight irony in his actual situation on their children being considered 'Royals'. "Stardust. . . Always the elusive." A somewhat small smile touched his lips. "Often with good reason, a rare trait for a Fae so old." He long held the same suspicion that Senan did, though for different reasons. His personal exposure to the woman, her ways and activities and knowledge. It all stemmed from someone that had been around far longer than most would've expected and that she'd camp out in a Wand Shop of all places. . . It was nearly a storybook ready to be written. "Well, yes, you did miss that. Though there is also many things beyond birth that is waiting for you to experience, to be involved in." His lips curving into a far more firmer smile, easily told that it'd been meant for Caitlin alone. "I am relaxed." Wasn't he? He didn't imagine he wasn't, though maybe she held a different image of him in that moment, opting to make her feel more at ease by actually taking a seat - albeit stiffly. On Alex's end he'd hoped attention wouldn't be brought up to the fact he still felt -slight- unease around Cait still. Certain memories of pain couldn't really be released so easily, not when he felt as if the intrusion cost everyone someone far more important in his mind. Widely smiling his head shook without any form of hesitation. "Don't worry about that, Cass. Not something you should be worried about. I'm here, so I'll be here." His lips pressing against the top of her forehead. "Better catch a seat before Cait starts to think we're just avoiding relaxing." Hand pressing against her lower back lightly.
  6. From the Abyss...

    He should've seen her extending her assistance a mile away, part of him had hoped she'd been far too distracted to even consider reaching out in such a way. Even the by the response and way she looked towards him, there had already been the hint that she wouldn't take his usual response of pointing her towards the problems piled on her own plate first to sort out before jumping into another's. While he wasn't sure an investigator's touch would be necessary he also couldn't say for certain that it wouldn't come up in someway along the line. Even still. . . "It is better not to overload yourself, Caitlin. You just got back, have dealt with a wave of information you're still going to need to sort through." This had been the logical step to him, getting her 'Household in order' so to speak. "Can't recall. . .? Is it a place that mess with memories as well?" His brow furrowed, it wasn't impossible - he didn't know such realms intimately enough. Though, what if someone had been intentionally stirring her memories? "If you are certain then." He had to at least make it clear that she shouldn't unveil anything of any sense of 'obligation'. It at least seemed to be the case, not that he could control when and how she said whatever news prompted her to keep him on a distance. Senan's look shifted to one of slight bewilderment, not from how Aisling had reacted but that she would ever consider or refer to him as 'Kind'. What was wrong with the perceptions of the red-heads he met that made them see him as such a descriptor? His gaze shifted towards Cassandra afterwards. "Well, look at you pointing out a partial obvious." He would've been surprised with all the Fae within one room if no one would've picked that small tidbit up. "Though I would advise not staring too long. I'm hardly your concern." His attention facing forward once more. "I get that." Alex responded, the violet hues of his gaze peering towards the far shorter woman that leaned against him. "But it would be far easier with less on a persons mind jumping into something like that. It's not something that a mistake could just be easily handled afterwards." Staying around for his children meant that he also had to consider that the process wasn't just a harrowing experience for himself, it would end up being one for the person trying to attempt it as well. To make sure that they hadn't slipped, a careful focus without too many burdens that may have caused subconscious stress. "She not only found out that she had a daughter, that you have a cousin - but she also has to deal with seven months time of loss. Both with you, the girls, and her job." His hand lightly squeezed the young woman's shoulder. "It's about choosing the proper moment more than anything else and 'Sooner' isn't -always- better." "Wait. . . You actually lost your memory?" Senan's tri-colored eyes pinned on Stardust, there'd been a sense of confusion. Why would she have altered her own memories? Protection, to forget pains or perhaps a knitted chance of both. His eyes closed gently and he gave a thoughtful hum, eyes opening easily in time to see the smile that curved at her lips. "Figures, It would make perfect sense considering. . ." He shook his head lightly. "Nevermind." His curiosity had been sated for the most part. Either something or someone had been manipulating the course of thoughts and memories - perhaps it'd been Stardust or perhaps even a curse in play by the land they visited. "Your hum suggests that something else comes to mind with that particular thought pattern." While he'd spent some time with Stardust, he'd been aware of her whimsical nature when it came to information. "Take your time, I imagine you, most of all, would want to reconnect." After all, they did in some way stem from the Fae woman. Her presence alone, to him, spoke volumes of seeking a form of inclusion not just out of a sense of protection. Dylan's attention shifting back towards Caitlin as his eyes blinked several times. That sounded more as if she didn't want him to go to him, stuck for a moment on whether leaving had been the better option to offer the family far better comfort together. "Alright, I believe we can stay for just a while." He looked towards Senan - or at least he would've if the brunette Male had even been where occupied. The sound of footsteps echoing away and towards the patio as if following behind Stardust. Which prompted a brief sigh from Dylan, a fine mess that had seemed to accumulate within the area. "I think Pizza maybe a good way to try and ease the moment. As best as possible anyways." His arms crossed against his chest and his head offered a brief shake simultaneously with a shrug of his shoulders. "And you've not missed any of the important points for the younglings either." He offered a small yet warming smile towards the older woman, having a hint that it'd been important to her to view those milestones.
  7. From the Abyss...

    "Mmm. Hands with intentions left unknown even still." It had been a predicament of an entirely different kinds, his eyes closed for a moment. He hadn't planned on getting the Woman or her family involved, not when it came to things that could wrap them up in the mess they'd been trying to escape in the first place. Her voice pulling him away from the errant thoughts, hazel eyes settling on the woman while she spoke. "Yes, it seems time hadn't moved much for you at all." He wasn't sure if it had halted or the progress of it being so exceedingly slow that it felt far more like hours than months. "You need not expose me to that which you don't believe should be my business, you know." Dylan felt it needed to be made plain, that he didn't expect that she owed him any form of answers beyond that which pertained to where the two of them stood. "As long as you're aware it can't be argued than it means you've already learned from the mistake." The main point for the young man, one couldn't always catch their mess ups on the horizon. But surviving to the next day and learning from it? That had increased the chances of being able to call it the next time which also meant the less likely chance of losing said life. "What I am you could never guess." He retorted towards Cassandra with a slight glance before pulling his gaze away from her. Alexander's eyes shifted left and right, there'd been an obvious thin film of tension forming in the moment. Not the least his own after the process of being 'fixed' emerged, with little detail but enough for a narrowed gaze on his part. "One problem at a time, don't worry about me." Unless the unexpected had occurred he didn't have a want for a method to keep himself alive, as much as he disliked the process of still feeling like a leech. He'd been keenly aware that Adele certainly wouldn't stand for it, not after the miraculous survival from the Acceptance. "Don't go getting tunnel vision on me now, Cassy Cat." "That you call her children 'Royal' is far too coincidental for my liking." That it happened to skip someone who had been within the Fae domains versus an individual who had been so obviously out of it. It sounded more like a manipulated machination in his mind. Senan learned long ago that the trust of Fae had been something to take with less than a grain of salt and in his mind Stardust had definitely been no different. Not with the amount of power and weight he felt. "It isn't so much that she has no memory." Senan responded towards Caitlin. "It's that time has passed by so much there's only a finite amount that can be held, even for the long-lived. She's probably one of the only few left that could claim to be one of the 'Firsts'." "That you did, Dust." Dylan responded, though now he'd been second guessing about the status of his employment. "It is but a wonder how I ended up working in your shop as my cover." He suspected enough though made no claims beyond that to push. The true fact of the matter had been it'd been done already and much of many things had been set in motion. To offer a sense of suspicion over something mildly harmless granted no benefit to anyone. "As best you can in guarding it, yes? Unless part of you believes you're guarding it not only from someone stumbling in but someone stumbling out as well." Aisling had to have emerged from somewhere, Cait had to have ended up somewhere. The chances that there had just been the girl were far too astronomical. "Either way it's far more sound that someone with years of experience may help to guide her. At the very best to avoid creating other predicaments like so. . ." He glanced towards Caitlin. "But it seems we Connell's maybe overstaying our welcome. This all sounds far more like a family matter."
  8. From the Abyss...

    "Plans woven into plans, often the machinations of Dark Wizards. Although when you add Fae into the mix then there becomes a far wider depth that makes it a garbled mess to intuit." What the greater scheme and plan had been he wasn't sure, though it would either unveil itself in his lifetime or just fragments of it that could potentially offer a much cleaner gleam of understanding. "I've not gotten cold feet." He spoke honestly. "In truth, I had thought you decided to go another way in that regard." She'd been avoiding just before her disappearance, whether the two had been actively connected he wasn't sure. . . But it hadn't taken away from the initial belief that she'd been avoiding him for another that had been far better suited. There'd been far more than he'd been given to understand at work within the situation, things he knew wouldn't be known unless spoken. "Curiosity is what leads you into the predicament of traps." Or in this case, stuck in a soap opera he didn't want to be apart of. Senan's arms crossed against his chest, his firm standing only showing he'd naturally been on alert even within an area that seemed 'safer' or 'friendly'. These were things he had no plan on holding any stock within. He had almost told Aisling to shove her apology but even he knew there needed to be a sense of proper décor, opting not to let every insult that flung into his mind to exit from his lips. As for as he was aware majority of them had been strangers that could at any moment plunge a knife of betrayal in his back if he hadn't kept his wits about him. Alexander grinned widely at the chastisement of his joke, an arm curling along her shoulders as it rested with ease on top of them. "Hey, when you live by luck the least you can do is joke about it after." Though he hadn't really been out of the woods of it yet either. "Don't let them fool you though. They -look- innocent but they're anything but! Trouble and Trouble." He could only imagine the kind of headaches the two of them would give bot himself and Cassandra. It'd still been a stinging wound for him, however, looking at them and knowing he took away a relative that he believed would've adored them even in her stoic and severe gaze. Senan's eyes rolled lightly at the predicament that had been unveiled. "Of course. . ." Had every red-haired lass in the room just stumbled their way through the magic? Never giving a second thought? Never considering the potential effects of extremely potent abilities? Especially when it concerned that of the Fae? "Very few boast that kind of a mark, even amongst the Sidhe." The obvious Irish accent laced within his voice. "Those that are tend to create their own personal realms, establish and lead courts." His near-colorless tri-hued eyes settled on Aisling. "The fact you bowed means you don't hold the mark, right?" His gaze then shifted to Caitlin. "Which means you probably don't either." He'd hoped that would narrow it down for the others in the rumor on the next obvious branch to follow. "It would suggest this state of being a 'Heir' is quite potent in her." Dylan closed his eyes lightly with a hum. "And judging by the ever so rude synopsis from Senan. . ." Almost as if to hold his words pointed in disapproval which only prompted Senan to shrug in a 'Deal with it' fashion. "It would be the coin flip to suggest Cassandra's mother maybe the unique thread."
  9. From the Abyss...

    "I don't seek apologies. Knowing you're fine and well is alright with me." The palm of his hand pressed against her lower back and shifted into a massage to try and offer a sense of comfort. His chin gently pressed against her while her head nestled against his shoulder. "It's alright, Caitlin. . . " Whether it actually -was- he couldn't say, no one individual can offer completely certainty about a situation in total. However, for that moment, in that very time - everything would be if he had anything to say about it. Once they'd been in side a slight snort escaped from him hearing his employer's response. "Who am I to argue with such wisdom." There'd been far more truth in the Fae woman's words than most would've held stock within. Things couldn't be rushed and often team needed to be 'intentionally' given for the moments to properly start making sense of healing. Dylan offered a frank nod towards Cait. "Yes, It seems after my Mother's death my Father took up a suitor. He just was quite unaware the kind of suitor he'd been taking." The story had went far deeper, one he didn't think needed to be unraveled here in the now with so many other questions on the table. An amused chuckle escaped from his lips towards Aisling's question. "Yes, I am her lover. As much as one of the few whom has perhaps caused her the most pain. Make of that as you will." If she'd been candid enough to ask such a blunt question, the least he could've done is offered that nugget of truth towards the young teen. "You need not worry, I've no machinations to suddenly become a father figure to you. Quite frankly, I would make an awful being as such." Aisling's question caused Senan's gaze to narrow, an almost unamused frown pressed on his expression. "I would sooner drown all that I know with my own hands. Severing my connection to that which I came from would be a gift unto myself." He wasn't sure what side of the tracks she'd been on when it involved their mutual people but his own had been less than stellar. A game of chess that he still managed to find himself within as a pawn on the board. It twisted his stomach in pure hate, not only for his Father but for his ever 'Watchful' Mother, he could only hope that the presence of another Ancient Fae had been concealing him enough. "One of the most beautiful sights around!" Alexander responded as an overly proud parent. While they held no mark of his current state it'd been a clear reminder that they did indeed come from the line of his Mother. "Wai-!" Before he could even think to fight from the grasp he'd been pulled into a tight hug, somewhat wincing at the suddenness of it. "You know, it's often polite to ask for hugs. And you don't need to thank me for doing what I'm supposed to do, you know. . . It wasn't as if I was alone either." By himself he could do nothing but with the combined efforts of his family? The support and care? That made a wealth of difference. "Well, you know. . . I'm not dead yet! Probably not a good joke for me still, is it?" "I imagine it has something to do with what she knows." Dylan chimed in, hazel gaze shifting towards Aisling for a moment. "You called their children, 'Little Royal'. I would imagine that has much to do with Cassandra, Caitlin, and your own heritage." What little information the man knew of the Fae and their inner workings, the Sidhe often were considered of the higher Hierarchy in many courts and in general to many of their Fae brethren, The Keepers of the Lands. Alexander's hand raised up in a casual wave towards Aisling once he'd been introduced. "Nice to meet you, Aisling. You can just call me Alex, Alexander sounds way too proper. . . That and it only really feels right if one person calls me that." He laughed weakly, no matter how much truth had been held it stung to know he most likely wouldn't hear that person say his name again. His head nodded smoothly towards Stardust. "That's my guess. Agent KMS here had been practicing a bit."
  10. From the Abyss...

    Dylan wasn't a man that lied to himself even with much of his actions and reactions kept obscured from a crowd of people. It'd been easily shown, without hesitation from the deep embrace of a hug that he'd missed the woman. Being unable to search or assist, perhaps one of the most difficult choices for someone such as himself that prized action and swift resolution. His lips pressed against her cheek, a greeting as much as it had been a welcome home response. Much more than that wouldn't have been the time and there had been much more than needed to be said and managed before he felt it would even be alright to move into a far more passionate touch. His gaze shifted towards the young teen that stood next to him and then back towards Caitlin - another 'complication' that needed to be explained but things had an order of import. The shuffle of feet and the tuff of red-hair caught both Dylan and Senan's attention - though Dylan's held more of a confusion behind it. Had Cassandra already arrived. . .? No, her hair hadn't been that color any longer. So, then, who could it have possibly been? The train of thought had been broken from the man with the arrival of his employer. "That took you longer than expected, Stardust." He'd never been one to underestimate the diminutive woman often sparking that most of her actions, most of her delays had been intentional one very level. Arriving in the kitchen he could only spot an unfamiliar young female, someone that he knew hadn't been around Caitlin's life. At least, not the one he'd been privy towards it seemed. An expression of confusion made its way. "Your. . . Daughter?" What line of questioning would he even begin to hop on? His head shook towards Aisling. "You need not apologize. Things occur, often without us realizing they're a hair away from triggering." Senan snorted, arms crossing over his chest with a severe glance given towards Aisling. "Or bumbling around something you probably didn't have any business engaging with. . ." That had been his two-cents. Only to earn a far more stern gaze from the older man which only prompted Senan to roll his eyes. "You need not introduce me, I can do that for myself. I'm Senan Connell, I would be the 'Half-Brother'." The amount of energy and presence that pooled in the room had been like an annoying itch that only served to remind him that he should've stayed home. Not a moment after, Cass seemed to barrel through the door, wheels in tow as they resounded in the ears of the two men. A tender moment and one that not even Senan seemed apt on intruding on until it resided from what seemed to be a twinkle of realization within Cait's eyes. "About Seven Months, Caitlin. You've been gone for quite a while, without word or trail that we could follow." It had been a quick truth but the amount of details that needed to be filled in couldn't be fit within such a short time, not when there had been so much even before her disappearance that most likely needed to be brought up. "Not even Stardust could take the risk. We were saddled with waiting, hoping that the door would open once more." Whether it'd been luck or intuition he couldn't say for certain. It hadn't been long after that a buzz of magic vibrated through the air, an empty space near the door void one more and then suddenly occupied by the violet-eyed Alexander. A brief huff of exhaustion pushed through his lips, trying to lock onto a place with such much energy and his experience of the newer magic within his place pumped a bigger kick than he had expected. Even still he wore his usual charming smile of warmth, playing off the weariness as was his usual choice. "A party and I didn't even bring drinks or snacks! And it seems like a couple new faces since I was last here." While he would've greeted Cassandra first he didn't feel right interrupting her cling to Caitlin, instead running a gentle glide of his finger along the hands of his twin daughters, a gaze shifting towards Aisling. "Now. . . Let's see here. . .Red hair, green tinted eyes. . .Oh! Okay, yea, you feel very familiar too." That buzz of Sorceraic energy mixed in with the pull of the nature of a Fae, something he found he'd been exceeding accustomed towards given not only Cassandra's heritage but that of his Daughters as well. "It's good to see you're alright, Cait!" As much as he probably wanted to see her as 'The Butcher', it wasn't something he could keep up for long knowing the import of the woman to his wife.
  11. From the Abyss...

    "If that is what will allow you to sleep at night, My dear, Stardust." A slight smirk tugged at his lips, not in a mocking manner. In fact, one could consider the most playful that his expressions could ever be conceived given the usual stoic presence he held himself towards. The manner of how his face had been quickly shifting into a far more stern glance when it came to the young Senan that had been under a form of a 'assault' by the wile natured Fae. On the inside, Dylan, had been amused to heightened degrees. Senan on the other hand had been far less enthused with his head shaking wildly as if to try and shoo a constant buzzing fly away from his face. "No, knock it off! I am no plaything!" This hadn't been the first time he encountered the trademark energy that came from the people known as Fae but it didn't mean he had to like it! Or condone it! Once she moved from his cheeks to patting his arms a sigh of resignation pushed out of him. What could he really do to stop her? "Personal issues, nothing more." A vague and broad response, not indicative in the least just how deep and vast those particular issues would extend. His hand was grasped and that's when the surge of power struck through his sensorium, it took him a few seconds to shore himself up against the flood - a sign that he must've encountered powerful Fae often enough. Strangely enough, the touch would've unveiled a couple of things. The first being that he'd been far more Fae than he was Human and the Second being the sign of one of the People's 'claim' on him. One that seemed to reverberate with its own strength, a sign of an Ancient's touch. Dylan and Senan both found themselves outside of Caitlin's door faster than an eye could blink and conceive the world around it. "Milk. . .?" Senan could only questions, the woman felt Ancient but had she been the mindset of a child as well? The older man only huffed and kept standing without knocking on the door, he'd been keen enough to know Caitlin felt Stardust at least which meant her curiosity would get the better of her to check. "I would assume it is for the babies that will be arriving." Caitlin must not have known, not if she'd still been home and not already rushing out the door to see Cassandra. It was then that the door opened up and he beheld the red-haired beauty. "Thank you, go on in." His head lightly tilted towards the entryway where Senan, begrudgingly so, walked into the home. When it was Dylan's turn he'd been halted, locked within an embrace that felt foreign and new due to the length of time but not unwelcomed. His arms wrapping around her waist and offering a tight squeeze. "Much has happened, Caitlin. You've been gone for quite a while, after all." Slowly he broke away from the hug with his hands resting on her hips before ushering both of them further inside. "Maybe you should sit down, gather yourself some coffee or tea. You'll perhaps need it for those that will arrive eventually." While he wasn't sure where her mind had been at, how long she believed she'd been gone. . . He knew that the birth of her Niece's children had been better left to be seen than told. Meanwhile. . . While he'd been preparing for the slotted gig he had for the Festival days left, Alexander couldn't leave Cassandra to manage things on her own even with Caitlin's return. It wouldn't have felt right and the presence of another meant that there most likely had been more to a tale that might require a branch of support. 'I'll be there, Agent Kitty McHotstuff.' Sometimes certain things needed to be placed on hold to be in a place that needed that supportive presence and he figured that this had been one of the many times within the last few months that the young woman needed him around or may have needed him. He'd already been placing his Guitar into a case to keep it protected, slinging it on his back and preparing himself to head towards a place he once called Home himself for sometime. Within the last few months the control and understanding of his magic had grown and while it still took a hell of a lot out of him he managed to reduce how much it would rip out bit by bit.
  12. From the Abyss...

    Seven Months Ago. . . Arriving in the place that Cassandra and Caitlin made their home, Dylan found it to be empty. Lacking the person that they'd sought to find, her absence being felt by more than just him spurring the attempt at a search. Only to leave them with an unsatisfactory answer and a sense of worry for others, for him? It was concern - their journey back to Ireland held no shortage of issues and revelations, many of which he still hadn't been entirely privy towards. He didn't know Stardust's words to state the obvious, the lack of a trace that even he couldn't pick up denoted that something far beyond his extended magic and arts could ever rip open without intense sacrifice. "There's naught we can do but wait then." What more could be done? The man didn't enjoy 'sitting on his hands' but he understood when an situation had been out of his grasp, out of favor. They could only wait until the situation changed or find a means to force it into their favor. "That is fair and acceptable, Stardust." He replied towards the ancient Fae. Today The shop had been slow, slower than usual he had to admit but it allowed him to keep his attention elsewhere. A book held within his grasp as he read, almost trying to find if it held an answer of its own to a conundrum that still couldn't be solved. Stardust's hastened feet pummeling the top of the desk without even making the man flinch. Either he'd been tuning her out or she hadn't surprised him enough to startle him. "You know, many patrons would find it odd for the owner to dance upon their selling counter top. . ." As he spoke the tip of his finger turned a page of the book, at least it started to before her words caused him to halt for a moment. "It opens?" His eyes closed for a moment and he shut the book tightly, tucking it under the desk and standing up. "Then let us go immediately. I imagine you would get us there faster, apparition isn't as accurate or expedited as one of your power." Meanwhile. . . Alexander had grown far more attuned to the wavering patterns that often came with the various Sorceraic individuals within his family though only two bolstered a sudden shock through his system that couldn't be mimicked. It'd been the faint presence of 'Bethianna' or at least the part of her that had been kept by Caitlin, held close due to the revelation of who they were towards one another. A gentle mumble under his breath "Oh. . . The Butcher is back. . ." Something that he would never vocally utter in the presence of Cassandra or Caitlin, while he was still sore that his pain had to increase he understood the necessity of it all. 'Seems like she's back! Though. . . Uh, She's definitely -not- alone.' Alex had always held a 'Sixth-Sense' a nature beyond what most Wizard's held and it only shifted since his acceptance, granting a sense of 'Intuit'. As Dylan began to gather up his coat to sling it over his shoulders a young teen walked through the doors of the shop, almost as if there'd been a sense of a mission within his silvery-hued eyes. Before the young male could even speak however, Dylan's own voice rose up. "You come at strange times boy. Can you make a trip for three, Stardust? It seems I've no end of situations I need to settle out." The older man requested. While he hadn't made it a habit of explaining his personal life to Stardust there'd been very little he could keep her from knowing in her own shop. "This timely child is Senan." Even being ousted in such a manner caused Senan's brow to furrow, being exposed wasn't one of the things he favored. But the situation had been well out of his control from the moment he arrived and stepped into the building. An annoyed sigh exhausted from him and his various white hued pupils narrowed towards the side. "Let's just make this quick. . ."
  13. This is Assistant Wandmaker Gilliam, do not forget to get your wands repaired and serviced before the break ends. 

  14. Invite More Than You Thought

    "She tends to have that effect on individuals." Or more specifically, the few Fae-blooded people who made their way into the shop for one reason or another. But he couldn't deny that the bubbly nature that the woman seemed to hold would perhaps dissuade many people from thinking she's any form of sane when it came down to it. "Over time you either get used to her presence or find yourself trying to avoid her entirely." He'd leave it up to interpretation on which category he personally fall into. Having the Fae woman involved as she had been did peak a higher wonderment, they tend to work on whim especially the longer they stayed in the world and experienced it. Dylan, wasn't sure how to take the comment Stardust shot back towards him. While she held a point, if Caitlin had been in some form of trouble, he couldn't help but wonder his employer's true connection. It had been one of the larger issues in dealing with the Fae, their mindset had either been alien or the intentions as illusive as a shadow had been to the rays of light. The fact that the woman didn't seem to need a guide made him even further in suspicion. His gaze never leaving from staring ahead and letting Cass's statement on whom had been leading the way even without ever having been there, or at least, that would be what one would assume if they hadn't been fully privy to the nature of Fae. "One excuse, could be that she's sensing the similarity of magic between you and her." He grunted, that didn't sit well with him at all as the actual reason or solution. Skepticism threaded in his mind on how convenient everything seemed to truly be. "But it would be a fool who would take that excuse." Even though he muttered the first couple of sentences to Cassandra, the following had been intentionally elevated. "Unless, my dear Boss, is harboring the secret that she is some how a Scion of your line in someway." That had been the conclusion that the older man had drawn, the parallel that would seem the most unorthodox, the most unlikely. "Or at the very least, related with a hand in it. Would that be the closer hypothesis?" He knew nothing of the woman, history or connections, sire's that may have been bred from the years spent amongst people or her own kind. With such a depth of the unknown, the reach for any grain of truth would almost always seem like a massive leap. His own? Had been a leap towards a grain the size of the Grand Canyon. "If that is the case then I would say she knows because she's been watching both you and your Aunt. Perhaps as a Guardian or maybe curious on the feeling."
  15. Invite More Than You Thought

    A small smile touched his face, even under certainty that someone would know he held back the desire to make the point of, 'Yet here she had been, worrying.' However, shattering discoveries were often a thing to be wary about. It caused his gaze to narrow slightly in thought, should he even been the one involved in this kind of a search? If she had wanted any semblance of him knowing she'd have give even a bit of something and yet there had been nothing. Then his gaze shifted back to the younger red-haired woman and then focused his attention back on the door of the establishment, the least he could do is reunite two family members to hash out whatever issue that may have kept an uncomfortable distance then he could simply slip back to the confinements of the shadows, yes. That seemed to be pliable to the situation. After giving a nod of self resolution his attention had been turned towards Stardust and Cassandra. Dylan now wearing a firm yet clearly annoyed smirk. "I've learned that it's best to let her go along with things without a fight. Even all my protests to not keep as many animals as she does falls on the most deaf of ears. I would say selective hearing but it's more along the line of the fact Fae do whatever they like anyways." The handful that he had encountered always seemed to have that one quirk to their traits, along with being the occasional pranksters and tricksters. "I've never seen you so serious, Dust." Even Dylan had to admit that it was quite hilarious to see such a stout woman whom had usually been so carefree buckle her mind down to such a extent. He followed her out of the shop holding the door fully open for both of them, trained manners in its finest which had been expected of a man raised in a high class society. "Something I had long considered, Stardust." He didn't need to know her exact age to need a strong hint on how long the woman had been around. Long enough that questions could be proposed and scenarios considered that had been more than reliable. "Nothing." He responded in a low tone towards the girl, aware that they probably would be heard regardless. "She keeps things a tighter secret than even myself. But I would imagine she's been around long before the first contact with another species. The question one should ponder once they've come such a conclusion. . . What truly propelled her to settle in this area." His steps began to pickup just a bit more as they made their way towards the direction of Caitlin's home, which had incidentally, not been that far from his own. The thought to grab something from there had entered into his mind but he couldn't waste that small bit of time to rummage.
Dylan Connell
Assistant Wandmaker 0
40 year old Pureblood Human HE/HIM
Age  40
Date of Birth August 24th, 1979
Birthplace Ireland
Year Level 0
Occupation Assistant Wandmaker
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Crocodile
Wand 12" Blackthorn with Dragon Heartstring
Play-by Michael Fassbender

Hogwarts - Ravenclaw - 1997 - Left before graduating


- Was once a Death Eater

- Still holds the snake-like mask from his past

- Killed a member of the Sullivan Family

- Protected Cassandra and Caitlin for some time.

- Finds that his redemption can only be met by his own death fighting off his old Brotherhood.

- Is an anonymous informant to the Auror's

- Worked with a Terrorist Organization

General Knowledge

- Assists in a Wand shop under the name 'Gilliam'.

- Occasionally visits Tallygrunga more particularly the Defense against the Dark Art's class to survey the new generation.

- Prefers to keep to himself, much like a grumpy old man. Though often would hand out a freebie of food here or there.


Dylan Connell can be considered a very grim sort of man on the surface, more of actions than words. Often when he -does- speak it is short unless it hinges on the more scholarship end with lore and information, sometimes the inner scholar cannot be so easily pried away. His attitude often comes off as perhaps blunt or rude but rarely does he see it this way. If one can't handle the truth then they shouldn't ask for his input, what little truth he's willing to give as long as it isn't too personal.

It is clear he is a man in his years that has seen enough within his life time. Not so much in how he carries himself but rather the lingered look that is locked within his gaze as if he was almost contemplating a deeper image or picture than he lets on.

There is a softer side to him and while it is rare and situational on when it occurs it is often in the most shocking manner in opposition of what he portrays. One moment he could tell a kid to get lost and feel guilty about such a response and suddenly give them a cookie.

It is complexion woven in guilt and the idea that he must let go of the dark shackles one day.


A tall man that is six feet tall and deep brown-red hair that dances on top of his head and along his jawline and lips. Baby blue eyes fill his irises that attempt to dissuade that there is any form of ill intent labored within the man. The palm of his hands are rough and calloused as a sign of one who works with them and ceaselessly while harboring a physique that is strong and well maintained.

The clothes that he often wears tend to be dark colors of Blue's and Black rarely is anything ever brightly displayed on him. Mostly because he feels it draws too much attention for one who attempts to hide himself from pursuers.

The story so far

The Connell’s are known as a high-class family in the Ireland region as well as easily known amongst the wizarding world that they hold a high vision on what a ‘Wizard’ should be considered. The feeling and belief that those of actual wizard blood should only hold the power and those that were muggle-born needed to be stripped or. . . Worse. It sparked an idea about what their family stood for and while it wasn’t criminal it was distasteful especially since that it was this mindset, thinking, and prejudice that had been passed down through the ages. It was no surprise that such a dark thought and premise instilled its way deep inside of Dylan’s heart no matter how much he tried to fight the urge to stay on the more logical end of such an ideal. When one’s personal beliefs and those of deduction conflict, an internal conflict will always erupt and as the years passed him by it seemed to only hold even truer for the lad.
Molded into the Connell family line had been the secret of darkness, deep in their history Dark Magic practice had always been prevalent behind closed doors. This only become more forceful once the rise and call of the Dark Lord emerged which only drew many of Dylan’s relatives for the sake of ambition and power – His parents no exception. During Dylan’s time at Hogwarts he had been sorted into Ravenclaw which perhaps would be something his parents couldn’t have seen coming but it only made their ideals and plans that more devious. The objective would be for him to bit by bit corrupt only a few that seemed as if they’d have bright futures after Hogwarts, those that could be used as tools to subjugate the Wizarding world first into the belief and understanding that those of Wizard’s blood had the right to mold the world in their image and under their control.

This helped to start a splintered faction of Death Eaters that grew larger day by day in his own youth. It was the draw of understanding and seeking the truth that placed him into Ravenclaw. Yet, even then he fought the inner battle that had been drilled into him by his parents. Towards the end of his graduating year was when he stepped fully into the embrace of darkness and murder. . . The Death Eater splinter group had planned for a proof of loyalty but having those that had been sworn to them to go out and kill but it wasn’t a random killing. No, this one had the purpose of snubbing out anyone that would stand in their way of making those of Wizard’s blood as the seat of power and the Sullivan family had been the target of choice to make an example about.

It was a scenario that his mind couldn’t fathom being a part of, yet he was there, a situation in which his emotions had started to turn off as if burned out simply to survive the sensory overload of the cruelty. He watched as each member of the household had been tortured slowly and then allowed to die in the exact same fashion – none entered deaths embrace quickly. Eventually he too had been called to prove his worth in that moment and if he hesitated? Death would welcome him in much the same way and that was something he had already seen enough to not want to feel it. That was the night his hands were first bloodied and the night the screams of terror, pain, and despair echoed so deep into his mind that dreams no longer existed for the man. Only nightmares and blood-soaked walls awaited him each night.

However, it seemed two managed to escape the slaughter intended for them that night and despite the fact they had mostly succeeded a failure was still a failure. After the proper treatment of being tortured for being unable to complete the initiation fully those that had been sent to massacre the Sullivan’s were given a new call along with a warning that a second failure would be met with only one end and that wasn’t another torture session. Years had passed as each person involved gathered up information, tracked the movements and planned for the time to wait and ambush their targets. They were dispersed and scattered and without the heads of the Family they couldn’t pose a proper threat to the Death Eater’s ideals and, yet they were loose ends that needed to be tied up regardless.

In much haste those that had been tasked to deal with the last remnants of the Sullivan family made their way towards the United Kingdom. The years of tracking and honing down their routine left the Brother and Sister that lingered to be much easier targets, and each separated to deal with the targets at different locations. It didn’t take long for them to take out the Older man and his wife, but they had missed in their carelessness the young child that he had sired. Dylan’s group took up the responsibility of dealing with Caitlin and just as she had returned home that was when they chose to ambush the woman.

After all, what would be the fun of not seeing her terrified face of realization? To let the dread and despair soak into her enough that each of them could torture and rend her flesh with contentment? At least these were the thoughts he wished he -did- have. Confliction took over for him much like it had years ago and his intuitive mind had begun to question even more defiantly at the actions he had been involved in. It wasn’t until he came face to face with the Red-haired young woman and her niece whose tears and wails echoed through out the house enough to stall him straight to his bone. The mask he wore only barely covered by the silk black robes twitched in hesitation. This face. . . He knew her. A time that he walked Hogwarts halls flashed through his mind and it was a time before the darkness fully took hold of his every day life, movements, and existence. Was this cause truly righteous? Who had the right to decide who should use magic if by natural order once came upon its gifts and wonderment? The joy of exploring an entirely new world beyond what they would have expected?

To falter and leave either of the two targets alive would mean those he had arrived with would kill them and then himself for being a deterrent to the plan. It was a split-second decision and it happened so quickly that it seemed almost uncharacteristic for him to not consider the ramifications before he had already disarmed the two who had been sent with him and then quickly conjured up a hail of arrows to impale through their bodies. There had been no remorse for his actions in killing them though his attention turned towards the woman he had saved – he had betrayed his ‘Brotherhood’ and it wouldn’t be a secret, not for long. “Go.” His voice hoarse and obscured by the metallic mask that clung to his facial structure as he took up the bodies and began his retreat.

Afterwards he’d take them to an out of the way cemetery and set their bodies ablaze until nothing would be left to identity. As the years passed he hunted down each person who had went with him while keeping his own identity and the fact that he was alive as well as hidden if possible. As far as anyone in Ireland and Britain knew Dylan Connell was a dead man without any reason on how or why. From time to time during his own hunting to dismantle the group he once belonged towards he’d come across Caitlin and her Niece nearly being targeted once more before he’d ‘handle’ the situation quite aptly. There was no pretending in his mind that he was a ‘Good man’, no, that long passed for the man. Now it was simply him finding a way to redeem himself for the damage he had done by keeping what was left alive enough to not be snuffed out of existence.

It wasn’t until recently that Dylan made the major move towards Australia as wind of his interference met his family’s ears. The charade was up, and knowledge of his faux death had taken lead in the darker circles which made him a larger target than the Sullivan’s as he was a form of ‘Dark Angel corrupted’ amongst the Death Eater group. Not to mention. . . One cannot kill their own ‘brothers’ without proper consequences. It is his hope that he can hold out in Australia long enough to force a final stand – even if it means to wipe himself out but to make sure that he can snipe at those that chased after Cassandra and Caitlin from the shadows.

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