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  1. This is Assistant Wandmaker Gilliam, do not forget to get your wands repaired and serviced before the break ends. 

  2. "She tends to have that effect on individuals." Or more specifically, the few Fae-blooded people who made their way into the shop for one reason or another. But he couldn't deny that the bubbly nature that the woman seemed to hold would perhaps dissuade many people from thinking she's any form of sane when it came down to it. "Over time you either get used to her presence or find yourself trying to avoid her entirely." He'd leave it up to interpretation on which category he personally fall into. Having the Fae woman involved as she had been did peak a higher wonderment, they tend to work on whim especially the longer they stayed in the world and experienced it. Dylan, wasn't sure how to take the comment Stardust shot back towards him. While she held a point, if Caitlin had been in some form of trouble, he couldn't help but wonder his employer's true connection. It had been one of the larger issues in dealing with the Fae, their mindset had either been alien or the intentions as illusive as a shadow had been to the rays of light. The fact that the woman didn't seem to need a guide made him even further in suspicion. His gaze never leaving from staring ahead and letting Cass's statement on whom had been leading the way even without ever having been there, or at least, that would be what one would assume if they hadn't been fully privy to the nature of Fae. "One excuse, could be that she's sensing the similarity of magic between you and her." He grunted, that didn't sit well with him at all as the actual reason or solution. Skepticism threaded in his mind on how convenient everything seemed to truly be. "But it would be a fool who would take that excuse." Even though he muttered the first couple of sentences to Cassandra, the following had been intentionally elevated. "Unless, my dear Boss, is harboring the secret that she is some how a Scion of your line in someway." That had been the conclusion that the older man had drawn, the parallel that would seem the most unorthodox, the most unlikely. "Or at the very least, related with a hand in it. Would that be the closer hypothesis?" He knew nothing of the woman, history or connections, sire's that may have been bred from the years spent amongst people or her own kind. With such a depth of the unknown, the reach for any grain of truth would almost always seem like a massive leap. His own? Had been a leap towards a grain the size of the Grand Canyon. "If that is the case then I would say she knows because she's been watching both you and your Aunt. Perhaps as a Guardian or maybe curious on the feeling."
  3. A small smile touched his face, even under certainty that someone would know he held back the desire to make the point of, 'Yet here she had been, worrying.' However, shattering discoveries were often a thing to be wary about. It caused his gaze to narrow slightly in thought, should he even been the one involved in this kind of a search? If she had wanted any semblance of him knowing she'd have give even a bit of something and yet there had been nothing. Then his gaze shifted back to the younger red-haired woman and then focused his attention back on the door of the establishment, the least he could do is reunite two family members to hash out whatever issue that may have kept an uncomfortable distance then he could simply slip back to the confinements of the shadows, yes. That seemed to be pliable to the situation. After giving a nod of self resolution his attention had been turned towards Stardust and Cassandra. Dylan now wearing a firm yet clearly annoyed smirk. "I've learned that it's best to let her go along with things without a fight. Even all my protests to not keep as many animals as she does falls on the most deaf of ears. I would say selective hearing but it's more along the line of the fact Fae do whatever they like anyways." The handful that he had encountered always seemed to have that one quirk to their traits, along with being the occasional pranksters and tricksters. "I've never seen you so serious, Dust." Even Dylan had to admit that it was quite hilarious to see such a stout woman whom had usually been so carefree buckle her mind down to such a extent. He followed her out of the shop holding the door fully open for both of them, trained manners in its finest which had been expected of a man raised in a high class society. "Something I had long considered, Stardust." He didn't need to know her exact age to need a strong hint on how long the woman had been around. Long enough that questions could be proposed and scenarios considered that had been more than reliable. "Nothing." He responded in a low tone towards the girl, aware that they probably would be heard regardless. "She keeps things a tighter secret than even myself. But I would imagine she's been around long before the first contact with another species. The question one should ponder once they've come such a conclusion. . . What truly propelled her to settle in this area." His steps began to pickup just a bit more as they made their way towards the direction of Caitlin's home, which had incidentally, not been that far from his own. The thought to grab something from there had entered into his mind but he couldn't waste that small bit of time to rummage.
  4. An amused snort pulsed from his lips. What she claimed had been 'stalking', he would identify as hunting. Protecting them had been the goal in order to get to the quarry that needed to be taken care of. "I can assure you that much her book has more of a. . . Fanfare than the full scope of the truth." He was no shadowy Guardian not as the novels seemed to depict him. Though it held an interesting twist to his very presence he couldn't entirely relate to what had been designed or even how far out of hand it had gotten with others. The overactive imagination of mankind had always been the perplexing factor in many things. "But the truth doesn't always sell off the shelves, people needed some other kind of person, I imagine. Publishers. . ." A subtle shrug flowed from his shoulders. The term Cassandra seemed to push a soft chuckle from him. Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have been the first thought to even touch his mind as a proper descriptor. Mostly because his reasoning for his traitorous actions hadn't been the sole reason of attraction, no, if only the story had been such a romantic situation. Perhaps it would have made their situation much easier to manage through which it hadn't been easy, not since it all started. "No, they can't. But it doesn't halt the legacy that lays on their shoulders." The edges of his fingers gently closed the case leaving it behind while he rounded the counter and his gaze shifted towards the young woman. "Maybe, but I don't think she'd have shot you the S.O.S. For starters, you're her niece which means chances are you would get more reckless because of it. There is also the situation of your pregnancy, losing children over brash actions is not an easy weight to crawl out of, even with assistance of others." He hadn't gotten this far by being careless and not considering the various possibilities. Over confidence in one's capabilities and knowledge had always been an exploitable tool and the downfall of many. "If I had expected that I would come back, Star, I wouldn't have stated what I had." This had been his way of trying to set a personal barrier between himself and his employer, a wall that he had intended to never cross when it came to his personal dealings. But it seemed the elder Fae had other plans that contradicted that thought entirely. A soft sigh exhausted from him, he should have expected this, every instinct told him to just leave without even saying a word. This had been the situation with being courteous. "She wasn't giving a choice, Cassandra." Dylan understood enough about Stardust that when her mind had been settled it was simply that. Arguing with her had been the same idea of arguing with a Cheeto-Skinned President about some wall dealings. "Adele. . . Ah, yes, of course." He'd never met her or even saw her for that matter. Mild details, enough that made her a memorable woman. "This will work to our advantage then, Stardust should be able to do much better in tracking her than I will." It wouldn't be that difficult for someone as seasoned as Stardust to latch on to Caitlin's unique energy, where as with him attempting sorcery well. . . It would take much longer to hammer it down even with his owns kill. The foreign differences left much to calculate and adjust on the fly. "Being unaware of the circumstances we'll make careful but expedited steps. We'll make our way to her home by simple travels, I want to avoid disturbing the left over energies as much as possible. Agreed?" This had been primarily because he hadn't known how long ago she'd been home, how recent it truly was. But also if she'd been avoiding him and sensed him? Then he wanted to limit that potential, a surprise ambush of sorts.
  5. Dylan's eye perked upwards, she'd been doing her homework hadn't she? That or had been paying much closer attention to her aunts actions that Caitlin may have initially considered. Though even with her words he showed no physical tell other than a quirked up eyebrow that called attention a measure of amusement. She'd the inquisitive nature of the elder red-head and that had been something he could attribute towards living under her and being raised by her, along with keeping her own unique tabs on the novels written by her. Yes, if he took it in that light, it made even greater sense that she'd be able to find that linked line with ease. "Astute, though not exceedingly thorough if you hadn't unearthed my name." No, his name probably wouldn't have been spoken or labeled. "It'd also be more true to state I had been safeguarding her and your life rather than following them." At least for a short time. The edge of his finger ran along the faux glasses as he removed and then placed them onto the counter gingerly. Though should he really gift her a name? His eyes closed, the thought rummaging in his mind. Then he slowly opened them with a personal acknowledgement. "My name is Dylan Connell, the disinherited of the Connell Estate." That had been perhaps the 'easiest' way to state the real estrangement between himself and the lasting vestiges that one could ever call a 'Family'. The more seriously proposed question caused his expression to actually shift in a frowned concern, that didn't sound like Caitlin, not the little time he'd spent with the woman and had gotten to know and understand her on a different level. "-You- haven't heard from her? Yes, November. . . She randomly vanished during that time and since then. . ." Things had been odd but the times he seen her had grown seldom until she stopped appearing entirely. "I haven't heard a thing from her, I simply thought she decided to cut ties due to understandable reasons." He had already told her before, if she had suddenly up and left and decided she wanted nothing to do with him that he'd understand. But had that not been the case in this instant? She couldn't have been caught and tracked down by those that followed had she? In a swift motion he leaned down and pulled out a case from under the counter and opened it up. Inside had been a wand, one that had been of Blackthorn wood and beautifully crafted. A clear sign that the designer not only knew how to shape and mold it but also personalized it. "There hasn't been much word from the Underworld on movement but if they've learned to conceal themselves better then it is quite possible they may have found her." Fingers curled around the end of the wand as he inspected it to make sure it had been in order, no cracks in the wood or disfunction to the core of the wand. "Stardust, I have something I may need to take care of! Potential emergency." He didn't waste the juvenile question of asking if she could manage the shop herself, she'd been handling it long before he even arrived and would do so long after he turned to dust. "If I don't return make sure you hire someone actually competent, yes?" A gentle tease but his own way of stating a potential goodbye to his good-natured employer. "I'm sure you have questions. We won't sit here and toss them back and forth, you will have to talk and walk." He wasn't even sure where to officially start but he had an idea on how to get an inkling of a lead. "Where was the last time you saw her? Can perhaps use some form of tracking spell if her residual magic is still strong in the last area seen. Enough to follow the breadcrumbs, at the very least."
  6. Dylan had been in one of the backrooms, rummaging through the various materials that had been kept safe and properly stored for the creation of various wands as well as general maintenance of cores and woods to ensure that they wouldn't suffer through the various weather changes. Sensitive materials when left to their own singular devices and it had been much harder worker with his mind wandering. He hadn't seen Caitlin in sometime, in fact, she'd been extremely off and distant ever since she'd suddenly vanished on him one night with no explanation. He couldn't put his finger on what had occurred and it didn't help that the answers to the questions weren't given or at best, avoided through some form of misdirection by the red-haired woman at that time. He had chalked it up to him messing up on something and had thought she needed space or at the very least, sought to distance herself from him due to the sake of her niece. It was something that he understood and had long resolved if that had been her choice then he wouldn't cause more pain in trying to be present in their life. While carrying a small decorative case which seemed to be some form of cushion set up for maintaining and developing sophisticated wands the bell of the door would jingle to alert him of someone's presence. "Just one moment." His voice cut through strongly but in an strangely inviting way. A practice art and one that he still hadn't gotten used to sounding like but the job required a degree of person-to-person relations and the last thing he had wanted to do had been to risk his employer losing a potential customer from his own awkwardness. As he stepped into view he affixed the glasses he wore on his face further onto his nose, fake spectacles, of course. If it had worked for Superman than maybe it could give him just a few seconds of his identity being obscured by those that had went searching for him. "I apologize for the wait, how may I help you?" It had been instinct, a question proposed in any situation. Once his head lifted to take a more respectful look upon the potential patron his mind halted immediately simply because of who stood before him now. Caitlin's niece, the young woman who they had intended to avoid being seen together to the best of their capabilities. His gaze lowered to the plump belly that prodded against the fabric of her clothing, he'd heard that she had been with child but this had been the first time he actually -saw- the evidence of it. In a fluid moment his words picked up and a small smile made itself known on his face. "Congratulations." He'd spoken it in a way to give the intention that he had no idea, that this red-haired woman before him had been a complete stranger that he saw for the first time in his life. "I am Gilliam, Assistant Wandmaker, what can I do for you today? Need a wand fitted? Repaired?" Even as he spouted potential ideas for -why- she could be there his instinct and intuition told him that it'd had been much further from that kind of a need. Coincidences were things that he had stopped believing in long ago which meant this moment had most likely been more intentional than anything else.
  7. "They say, children do have this unique propensity to cause massive chaos the moment a person tears their ever watchful eyes." That had been a saying that he wasn't aware if it'd been actually true or just someone's exaggeration that things could get out of hand as anything else. Kids, they weren't the kind of thing he personally saw within his own future at this time. Not with so much still unanswered, so many enemies left to lay low before he could even consider about having a life of ease in the first place. If such a thing had been possible for him. A fond smile shaped on his face on the thought that a child could be so attentive, in the same vein be so needy of that proximity. "Marinade in it. Never know when they'll decide that they no longer what to even sit in the same room with you these days." He remembered his teen life well and the level of rebellion in the schools had always been big. Dylan followed through with a subtle shrug. "I don't think I'd be the best to comment on any form of marriages. But I think it's safe to say it'd have it's hiccups. Ups and downs." "It was a point of trying to change within myself. In a world where you're taught to view certain people as less than that because of circumstances they'd never be able to control. . . Well, then you need to work on yourself." It hadn't been an easy mindset to break but the determination to change and shift his beliefs came with effort and constant reminder that the world hadn't been so black and white, that it wasn't intended to be so crude to those that simply adapted in their own unique way that defined where their heritages stemmed from. "At least it wasn't the eternal brooding that I'm claimed to hold that accompanied the accent." He offered a contained laughter, it hadn't been too odd for him to be equated to some form of Irish Gangster with how he held himself and still maintained accent. Dylan's hand extended out to pat on Silas' shoulder in a firm but eased greeting of his own with a small smile that made itself known. Perhaps having a child around wouldn't have been such a bad experience even with the constant troubles and trials that would spring up from it. "Yes, that famed stubbornness. The question would be did he take over his mothers aspect to hold onto the stubborn train." He found himself thoroughly more amused than he should have been at the concept that Mother and Child could have such a war of stubborn that it turned into one of attrition. "Caitlin. . . She's fine. Since our return from Ireland she's been a bit more busy than normal. I don't think it's a book deal either or rather it isn't -just- that alone." Had he been in his original position he'd have already the full intelligence on the red-haired woman. But as it stood, she deserved he privacy and the freedom to live her life without him in the shadows monitoring her safety. "We're still at that stage of uncertainty. Or... I am not sure what to call it exactly. We're in the moment, not around another person in that way but circumstances make it difficult for her to tell her niece the true identity of this random man her aunt goes to see every so often. She hasn't even seen me around in general, we've been careful to avoid that."
  8. She'd made a well proven point, perhaps the only point he'd should have been considering in the first place. Those that held the puffy and pouty lips typically had a form of hellion streak in them or were just increasingly stubborn as time went on. Much like a Mule, only doing or following something when it fully suit their own needs or that they could agree towards. To show an exemplar of that factor, the push towards the more positive aspect of the year had been tuned more towards - the idea of Christmas and the many plans that would made for it in the very near future. To him, that was a much more uncomfortable discussion even with the much more positive overtones for it. Maybe it was because it was positive that it had been like an awkward itch? "A day that most people decide it's 'Don't be an asshat' day?" He smiled, quite amused by the thought alone. It still had been an odd concept that there were people who decided that on that particular day people should be a bit more like people to one another. "It's certainly a romantic appeal. Admittedly alluring to have that kind of experiencing, I suppose good will could go quite the long way with people." He hadn't considered that it could be what saved a lot of people from spiraling down the paths he'd walked, that some random face in the crowd unknowingly saved someone from fully collapsing on the idea that humanity had been doomed to some extent. "Oh, it had less to do with my home life. My parents actually didn't celebrate that kind of thing. Back in school, I've dealt with most people who had been more focused on what they gained. Many gripes about not getting what they wanted." For him, at home, year in and year out it had been a constant effort to train and be a servant. Fanciful distractions weren't apart of his schedule, destruction and bigotry hammered deep. A small smirk shaped on his face at her insinuation of him liking the idea of a classroom. "I don't hear you saying you'd be against it, either." Dylan laughed for a moment. "I wouldn't expect myself to be one with that kind of knowledge either. A person I worked with in the past had introduced me to it all. Curiosity had gotten to me one day and I managed to pick one up. I find that now, I have less reason to study the Arts of War and a bit more to relax." Not too relaxed but it was much easier to read a comic book at work during the slow times, especially with the usual antics of his boss. It meant something could occur and he'd have no problem finding his place amongst the all the chaos. "Well, no, you don't have me trouncing around in tights. That's always a good thing. But it's good stuff, already finished all of the books and just waiting for that next one." He'd been interested in how this new development between the two of them would alter it. "So testy. You've that rebellious nature in you more than I do, I believe." He did wonder why she kept him around, but not for those particular factors. Or more specifically he wondered more on if she'd been happy that he'd been around. It was such a weird road they walked, the way their past shaped and how things had started with them hardly added up in any logical sense. Dylan found himself drawn into the presence of her lips pressed against his own, the calming presence that often took over setting in once more from the affection. "Mmm.. I'm not sure, I don't think that fully demonstrated if it were a complaint or not. . ." Now he'd just been phishing for more of it, but he didn't need to go further. The edge of his fingers traced along her arms as a more mischievous grin took place. His fingers traced their steps back down Caitlin's arm and along her waist where both of his hands would settle there. "Oh, then we have many fanfictions to put to shame. This I approve of vastly." He'd lean in and press his lips against hers once more with a much more fiery intention and already had started to shift their bodies to lay her back along the couch with himself hung above her.
  9. "It's easy to forget when you get that pouty look on your face that shifts to that cute contentment when snuggling." Dylan spoke out bluntly and yet it had been a clear tease. At least as much of a tease as someone like him could offer up when it came to more romantic grounds. He'd still been learning the specifics of how things worked and he'd found that common sense often had been the best course of action to follow. Of course, there were always those rules that were the exception and were ones he'd have to find out with the occasional bump in the road. "And also because I had been thinking something else as a plausible reason to myself." He left it at that as he opted to discard it immediately from his mind. She didn't need to probe around and find that he truly assumed she wouldn't need him around. "Good will?" The repeated phrase came out with a slight amusement. He couldn't imagine there were many people that held that kind of trait within themselves. Pessimism issues for certain. "Admittedly, that's quite intriguing. I didn't doubt that there were people around that take that kind of aspect in most things, but to think that were those that saw a single day as magical." The only present he'd given on a Christmas day had been death to many people, the thought alone left a bad taste in his mind if that had been what others expected in their lives. "I mostly thought it was a day where people enjoyed aggravating the necessity for greed or gluttony in presents. Though, my view of the world is also a bit odd compared to the average person." An eyebrow perked upwards at her offer of tutelage. "Why do I feel like you're going to drag me to an actual classroom and make me take tests?" A soft squint formed with a playful smile that accompanied it. "So I've seen. Dark Avenger archetype? Really?" Dylan chastised her in a joking tone. "You practically wrote me as someone people couldn't resist as some romantic Batman." If he had any relation to some form of 'Vigilant' it'd be much closer to Red Robin, he occasionally enjoyed the whimsical nature of comic books. Even the refined needed a moment to gain a childhood back that had been stolen from them. "What would I have to complain about? 'She makes me feel.'? That sounds like a pretty bad complaint in any light." Dylan was aware it hadn't been negative and yet it still felt odd, like trying out a new style of clothing. "But now I know why you really keep me around, a surprising spice." His arms wrapped around her and pulled her further against his chest, one of his hands slid down her arm slowly and grasped hold of her hand securely. "Of course, you don't seem to complaining too much yourself. So, I am sure it's safe to assume you're enjoying the surprise."
  10. "It is fortunate for you, then, that she does not know the full extent of the details." It had been one things to tease someone about an obvious 'You gave some booty'. But the more intricate details of how it barrel rolled from an awkward moment to a heated bathroom would open up the field even more for target practice. He couldn't help but groan with embarrassment at the thought a she rubbed the side of his cheek. While he hadn't told Doe that things had occurred something inside of him expected that she knew, some twisted woman's intuition. He also wouldn't have been surprised if Stardust knew. As if he needed to give the fairy more reasons to poke fun at him other than being the stick in the mud to her energy. Dylan had opened up his mouth, he was about to retort it until the look that she delivered halted him. Lips agape and only a deep sigh could be expressed as they finally closed right after. "Hmph. Here I nearly forgotten how stubborn you were for just a moment." A woman of independence, someone whom he should have expected wouldn't have accepted his preferred way to handle a situation as stick as it had been. He'd always assumed the 'final battle' that would close that chapter of his life would end up with him going to the source alone. It had always been envisioned in that manner the moment the proper amount of breathing room had been offered in this final circulation. Maybe if he had opted to stay more secluded in the shadows. Yet, the current course of actions couldn't be undone. While a reckless idea it seemed sensible, she had a life that she could return to. Live it and build on it, where he had been as minimalist as possible to avoid that potential chance. The brighter note of the conversation seemed to hold the focus. At least, brighter to others, Christmas felt more like an alien to him just waiting to kidnap him into this environment that he couldn't comprehend. "That all sounds very. . . Hrm. . . Domestic?" Familial? It was an odd insinuation of closeness that he had never practiced. "A roast and dropping present off? People do these kinds of things every year?" It seemed so strange, good natured but it didn't take away from how he expected time with people. "You're going to have to offer me a crash course on what 'Christmassy' things are. It isn't really anything that I have experienced or took the time to learn about." He could admit that he'd been ignorant of much in life. Things that were trademark to families and a childhood just never existed for him. A snort flowed from his nose with a smile. "Your magic? Those are the kinds of lines you must place in your books." That or one of the many fanfics that existed out in the world. "Bad? No, it's more of confusing. Hm.. That's not accurate either." Eyes squinted and head turned he attempted to wrap his mind around the true extent of the feeling that came from such newness. "Off guard. I have often prided myself on staying on guard and to be in a position where that isn't the case is perplexing on many levels."
  11. What one would consider a burden, Dylan saw as a responsibility that wasn't ignored. She worked hard to try and provide a good life for a person who only had been reminded of a bad life. That form of shadow that hung over every thought or expectancy of the future, things that parents and other family members should be around for will never be so. At the very least, she still had someone that wanted to make those moments as perfect as possible given the circumstances. "Then perhaps we do have a form of chance." He smiled in the usual gentlemanly fashion that he held. "If nothing else, I imagine she seeks for you to have a happy and long life as well. Unless we forget the whole Valentines day occurrence." The irony still tickled him that Cassandra had been the one to dress Caitlin up in such a fashion, pushed her out the door and practically sent her as a walking knock out to him. However, the amusement ended as she glanced towards him with that ever so questioning stare. Her words were met with a temporary silence from him, unsure of what would convince her otherwise of not attempting to follow or even trying to beat him first to it. "I would be critical of you, if you decided to let your guard down. But. . . Yes, the plan would be to try and do it alone. Not for any sake of redemption either. To be frank, It's to make sure that you and Cassandra can have that happy life that you're adamant and within your right to build." He hadn't saw himself as a factor, a requisite to that foundation of happiness. Instead, he saw himself as someone that could hold the chance but the potential of it hadn't met with the need to see that they could do the action itself. Yet, the way she spoke it was placed a nail of doubt in the thought. It hadn't come to mind that she'd have wanted to change the fact that he'd never experienced a true Christmas but any standards. "You seem awfully certain and agreeable that you can do something about it. I can't help but wonder what is actually turning in that noggin of yours." He didn't hold the talent to peek into another's mind, the actions and expressions of the body were all that remained of predicting a person. Even then, it couldn't predict exacts only a hypothesis of the moment. In short, the man was stumped like an Oak. It had all washed away the moment their lips connected, arms stretched to wrap fully around the woman's waist as he pulled her into chest. That warmth felt like life itself and the gentleness that she often exuded feel over his mind with each advancement of their lips tending to each other. His hand slid along her back slowly and the fingers worked their way through her hair in gentle strokes. Then he broke the kiss slowly, breath seeking to fill the depth of his lungs once more. "I still cannot fathom how it's possible for you to wipe everything from my mind, just from a simple kiss. That and often make me doubt my own certain convictions, things that I know are reckless to perform become. . . Plans that shouldn't be enacted."
  12. It hadn't been forgotten by him that he'd 'starred' of sorts within many of her novels. He still had to relive in his mind the day the two of the re-connected from the bookstore. How the clerk seemed to beam like a child that found their idol finally visited them after several letters sent. How there apparently had been a long standing 'Fandom' that had written various scenarios that involved the two of them. At this point he wondered if any one of them had been a prophet of sorts since there would have been no way, as the person living, that he'd have predicted this kind of an outcome. "When the past nips at your heels for as long as it has for us. . .Well, it's hard to imagine anything else in the world. Being able to build finally after so long will be good for her." By extension it'd also be good for Caitlin in his opinion. But her stand had already been well known by him, Cassandra first. She was young and deserved that right as someone who had been an innocent bystander in everything. "I had often wondered what the route to truly snipping the rose from the ground - to halt the growing. I've unfortunately came to the conclusion that we'd have to wait for them to make their move once more then deal with them." But it wouldn't stop there, no, they would just be the thorn and not the roots. To get to the roots it'd mean he needed to head back to Europe. "After that. . . I will need to head back home." He'd run long enough and he found that there came a point one must turn and face the tiger. "After Christmas?" Dylan's expression changed to question the thought itself. He understood not wanting the holidays clouded but he wasn't sure if he should be a break in the 'New Year'. Truthfully, he also had never had a proper 'Christmas'. What did one even look like? It certainly couldn't have been what he experienced during his Hogwart's days of being constantly drilled in how to kill, maim, or induce curses. "Then it should be quite interesting regardless. I've no idea what the expectation for that Holiday is. In fact, I haven't actually celebrated it. Ever." Not by the standards that people would consider it 'proper'. As for New Years he practically forgot that it had been an actual thing. Days, times, the passing of the years seemed unimportant with the types of jobs he'd engaged in. The way her smile shined chipped at the deeper darkness that harbored inside of him. He watched her lean in and then followed suit as their lips connected in a soft touch. Both of his arms by this point had already started to wrap around her to lift her up onto his lap. Why did something that should be wrong feel right? Was this even proper for the two of them to do? Maybe the question he should have been asking for true introspection, Did it matter? In which case he'd always no - If it was right then it simply was right.
  13. "You are woman, hear you roar, as they say." Lips curved with the hint of levity that lingered around the gesture. Years of doings things one way made it difficult to adjust to another entirely. Especially when the first thoughts had always been the protection of another person over yourself. It was easy to forget how long they'd been engaged in this situation of their lives, both extremely young where the evils of the shadows gripped and controlled like pawns. It shaped their lives and how they chose to address the various trials that would come about. "Then I think I can help a bit more in that arena. Obscuring the information and the many leads that others might try to take towards that route. I've had several years of practice doing something quite similar." That had been the major portion of his reason following behind the woman and her niece for the past few years after he had left from the criminal world. Sometimes it required that he buried bodies of those that tailed behind them and other times it had been to destroy any messages, evidences that could be documented in some form of journal or magical message. Dirty work yet necessary by every standard to keep innocent people safe from an old world that couldn't accept that others were allowed to be different, a given right by life itself and circumstance to share the Wizarding world. Dylan kissed the top of Caitlin's forehead sweetly, a breeze of air followed suit accompanied by a brief sigh. "I wouldn't expect anything different, honestly. It takes sometime to be at the point where the nightmares don't hold such a weight and those that may end up with more time than others might never truly recover from it." The effects of traumatic events in a life set a person down a dangerous road in more than destructiveness. Emotion, more than anything else, had been the most fragile portion of the human psyche. Either it would become too hardened or fractured to the point of the pieces being just too shattered. Silence of guilt bore inside of the man with his eyes trained on the nearby wall. "Doing it for much longer could put that relationship of trust and mutual respect in quite a bit of danger. That isn't something I would want to see put in that kind of danger for much longer. What's best for her right now isn't hiding the fact of whom I am. If anything that seems more fit to say that's what's best for us." The longer that it felt as if it was 'unknown' the longer they could be as they are now without any form of judgement behind it. If there had been no one to contest this odd pairing then they could be fine and go on about this illusive play. "You both are in a position where the truth has been hidden due to your families choice and it had drawn a danger you weren't prepared for and knowledge that you must stockpile in order to understand yourselves fully." It was strange for him to be on the side of truth, the ever 'Dark Avenger in the Shadows'. The man who opted for stalking and subterfuge in order to obtain what was necessary or to conduct something that was better left hidden by the darkness. His hand rose up to rest against her cheek as he rubbed at it soothingly, a genuine smile formed which had been a rarity for the man - A Smile without the weight of pain behind it. "Regardless of what would occur and even though I probably have no need to say this I will do so anyways." Another heavy breath had been taken in as he prepared himself mentally and emotionally. "I will always adore you more than anyone could fathom possible for me. That includes myself, I hadn't expected to feel this kind of affection for anyone. Of the many things that I have regretted allowing myself to feel or engage in this feeling is one of them. But I am glad that it had landed on the perfect person in my opinion." As skewered as it had been given the flame that never denied.
  14. It drew a silence from him hearing her response, while it was sentimental to his mind it also made perfect sense. The first instinct for her had always been to protect what little family had been left and more importantly to protect Cassandra from experiencing those kinds of pains. Eyes closed firmly and the shallow breathing from him slowed, letting the paced air draw up some his own rebuttal in a way. "Fair point. I'm sure I don't need to state the obvious which is that it isn't bad to allow another to look out for you as well. To avoid taking on those loses once again, it shouldn't stop at her just because she's younger." Maybe that had been what he'd been doing to some extent even in this time and moment. Even in the face of more personal reasonings strengthening that particular resolve. "At the very least to make sure she doesn't lose you." The darker thought within his mind lingered, that one response that he was well aware wouldn't entirely be taken well. One where he'd be the sacrificial lamb if it meant that it could secure that protection. "Your gifts do give you a one-up on a majority of people, this is true. Most are hard pressed to find people who retain the natural talent to even investigate let alone having a much deeper peak, one that draws great attention from all corners that watch." Whether positive or negative there is always the fact that someone had been watching. Eyes that peered and kept a distance to monitor, to mark, to use. Or maybe that was just his own mind that had grown annoying pessimistic to the world around him and the things that he'd experienced. With his arm wrapped around her, it tightened securely to press her against himself. The warmth issued a stark contrast to the usual strong brood that he wore almost at all times. And suddenly the question that had been the loading gun, one that it felt they both had attempted to avoid to the best of their abilities. "That's a very cruel tactic to put me on the spot with that kind of a question, Caitlin." Truthfully, he wasn't sure what to think with so many factors. It was a desire to be more, grow further and even in the actions that had been shown between the two of them he could deem them as intimate on a level that equated to some kind of relationship. "I think. . . We act as if we're together. There is an obvious closeness that hadn't been there before. One that has seemingly been growing too." It wasn't an obscured fact that the woman often found a sense of security in his arms in the way that her body would relax when held. "But I don't think it is some grand secret that I hold a certain want to be more." After all, he had admitted his attraction and the reactions that barreled afterwards brought them to the bond that they held. "However, I'm more uncertain on the 'What' in respect to Cassandra. I am part of what she hates and part of what keeps terrors in her mind. No matter what either of us thinks I don't believe you have it in yourself to stay even if she doesn't accept. You'd choose her mental and personal stability. Which is a fair choice, she doesn't need to be broken further or estranged from you." Needless to say he would always watch whether up close or at a distance.
  15. Who says criminal element friendships aren't lasting and true?
Dylan Connell
Assistant Wandmaker 0
39 year old Pureblood Human HE/HIM
Age:  39
Date of Birth: August 24th, 1979
Birthplace: Ireland
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Assistant Wandmaker
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Human
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Crocodile
Wand: 12" Blackthorn with Dragon Heartstring
Play-by: Michael Fassbender

Hogwarts - Ravenclaw - 1997 - Left before graduating


- Was once a Death Eater

- Still holds the snake-like mask from his past

- Killed a member of the Sullivan Family

- Protected Cassandra and Caitlin for some time.

- Finds that his redemption can only be met by his own death fighting off his old Brotherhood.

- Is an anonymous informant to the Auror's

- Worked with a Terrorist Organization

General Knowledge

- Assists in a Wand shop under the name 'Gilliam'.

- Occasionally visits Tallygrunga more particularly the Defense against the Dark Art's class to survey the new generation.

- Prefers to keep to himself, much like a grumpy old man. Though often would hand out a freebie of food here or there.


Dylan Connell can be considered a very grim sort of man on the surface, more of actions than words. Often when he -does- speak it is short unless it hinges on the more scholarship end with lore and information, sometimes the inner scholar cannot be so easily pried away. His attitude often comes off as perhaps blunt or rude but rarely does he see it this way. If one can't handle the truth then they shouldn't ask for his input, what little truth he's willing to give as long as it isn't too personal.

It is clear he is a man in his years that has seen enough within his life time. Not so much in how he carries himself but rather the lingered look that is locked within his gaze as if he was almost contemplating a deeper image or picture than he lets on.

There is a softer side to him and while it is rare and situational on when it occurs it is often in the most shocking manner in opposition of what he portrays. One moment he could tell a kid to get lost and feel guilty about such a response and suddenly give them a cookie.

It is complexion woven in guilt and the idea that he must let go of the dark shackles one day.


A tall man that is six feet tall and deep brown-red hair that dances on top of his head and along his jawline and lips. Baby blue eyes fill his irises that attempt to dissuade that there is any form of ill intent labored within the man. The palm of his hands are rough and calloused as a sign of one who works with them and ceaselessly while harboring a physique that is strong and well maintained.

The clothes that he often wears tend to be dark colors of Blue's and Black rarely is anything ever brightly displayed on him. Mostly because he feels it draws too much attention for one who attempts to hide himself from pursuers.


The Connell’s are known as a high-class family in the Ireland region as well as easily known amongst the wizarding world that they hold a high vision on what a ‘Wizard’ should be considered. The feeling and belief that those of actual wizard blood should only hold the power and those that were muggle-born needed to be stripped or. . . Worse. It sparked an idea about what their family stood for and while it wasn’t criminal it was distasteful especially since that it was this mindset, thinking, and prejudice that had been passed down through the ages. It was no surprise that such a dark thought and premise instilled its way deep inside of Dylan’s heart no matter how much he tried to fight the urge to stay on the more logical end of such an ideal. When one’s personal beliefs and those of deduction conflict, an internal conflict will always erupt and as the years passed him by it seemed to only hold even truer for the lad.
Molded into the Connell family line had been the secret of darkness, deep in their history Dark Magic practice had always been prevalent behind closed doors. This only become more forceful once the rise and call of the Dark Lord emerged which only drew many of Dylan’s relatives for the sake of ambition and power – His parents no exception. During Dylan’s time at Hogwarts he had been sorted into Ravenclaw which perhaps would be something his parents couldn’t have seen coming but it only made their ideals and plans that more devious. The objective would be for him to bit by bit corrupt only a few that seemed as if they’d have bright futures after Hogwarts, those that could be used as tools to subjugate the Wizarding world first into the belief and understanding that those of Wizard’s blood had the right to mold the world in their image and under their control.

This helped to start a splintered faction of Death Eaters that grew larger day by day in his own youth. It was the draw of understanding and seeking the truth that placed him into Ravenclaw. Yet, even then he fought the inner battle that had been drilled into him by his parents. Towards the end of his graduating year was when he stepped fully into the embrace of darkness and murder. . . The Death Eater splinter group had planned for a proof of loyalty but having those that had been sworn to them to go out and kill but it wasn’t a random killing. No, this one had the purpose of snubbing out anyone that would stand in their way of making those of Wizard’s blood as the seat of power and the Sullivan family had been the target of choice to make an example about.

It was a scenario that his mind couldn’t fathom being a part of, yet he was there, a situation in which his emotions had started to turn off as if burned out simply to survive the sensory overload of the cruelty. He watched as each member of the household had been tortured slowly and then allowed to die in the exact same fashion – none entered deaths embrace quickly. Eventually he too had been called to prove his worth in that moment and if he hesitated? Death would welcome him in much the same way and that was something he had already seen enough to not want to feel it. That was the night his hands were first bloodied and the night the screams of terror, pain, and despair echoed so deep into his mind that dreams no longer existed for the man. Only nightmares and blood-soaked walls awaited him each night.

However, it seemed two managed to escape the slaughter intended for them that night and despite the fact they had mostly succeeded a failure was still a failure. After the proper treatment of being tortured for being unable to complete the initiation fully those that had been sent to massacre the Sullivan’s were given a new call along with a warning that a second failure would be met with only one end and that wasn’t another torture session. Years had passed as each person involved gathered up information, tracked the movements and planned for the time to wait and ambush their targets. They were dispersed and scattered and without the heads of the Family they couldn’t pose a proper threat to the Death Eater’s ideals and, yet they were loose ends that needed to be tied up regardless.

In much haste those that had been tasked to deal with the last remnants of the Sullivan family made their way towards the United Kingdom. The years of tracking and honing down their routine left the Brother and Sister that lingered to be much easier targets, and each separated to deal with the targets at different locations. It didn’t take long for them to take out the Older man and his wife, but they had missed in their carelessness the young child that he had sired. Dylan’s group took up the responsibility of dealing with Caitlin and just as she had returned home that was when they chose to ambush the woman.

After all, what would be the fun of not seeing her terrified face of realization? To let the dread and despair soak into her enough that each of them could torture and rend her flesh with contentment? At least these were the thoughts he wished he -did- have. Confliction took over for him much like it had years ago and his intuitive mind had begun to question even more defiantly at the actions he had been involved in. It wasn’t until he came face to face with the Red-haired young woman and her niece whose tears and wails echoed through out the house enough to stall him straight to his bone. The mask he wore only barely covered by the silk black robes twitched in hesitation. This face. . . He knew her. A time that he walked Hogwarts halls flashed through his mind and it was a time before the darkness fully took hold of his every day life, movements, and existence. Was this cause truly righteous? Who had the right to decide who should use magic if by natural order once came upon its gifts and wonderment? The joy of exploring an entirely new world beyond what they would have expected?

To falter and leave either of the two targets alive would mean those he had arrived with would kill them and then himself for being a deterrent to the plan. It was a split-second decision and it happened so quickly that it seemed almost uncharacteristic for him to not consider the ramifications before he had already disarmed the two who had been sent with him and then quickly conjured up a hail of arrows to impale through their bodies. There had been no remorse for his actions in killing them though his attention turned towards the woman he had saved – he had betrayed his ‘Brotherhood’ and it wouldn’t be a secret, not for long. “Go.” His voice hoarse and obscured by the metallic mask that clung to his facial structure as he took up the bodies and began his retreat.

Afterwards he’d take them to an out of the way cemetery and set their bodies ablaze until nothing would be left to identity. As the years passed he hunted down each person who had went with him while keeping his own identity and the fact that he was alive as well as hidden if possible. As far as anyone in Ireland and Britain knew Dylan Connell was a dead man without any reason on how or why. From time to time during his own hunting to dismantle the group he once belonged towards he’d come across Caitlin and her Niece nearly being targeted once more before he’d ‘handle’ the situation quite aptly. There was no pretending in his mind that he was a ‘Good man’, no, that long passed for the man. Now it was simply him finding a way to redeem himself for the damage he had done by keeping what was left alive enough to not be snuffed out of existence.

It wasn’t until recently that Dylan made the major move towards Australia as wind of his interference met his family’s ears. The charade was up, and knowledge of his faux death had taken lead in the darker circles which made him a larger target than the Sullivan’s as he was a form of ‘Dark Angel corrupted’ amongst the Death Eater group. Not to mention. . . One cannot kill their own ‘brothers’ without proper consequences. It is his hope that he can hold out in Australia long enough to force a final stand – even if it means to wipe himself out but to make sure that he can snipe at those that chased after Cassandra and Caitlin from the shadows.

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