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  1. Invite A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    Since he'd arrived back within Australia he'd been dealing with a list of backorders to the point it usually kept him later than he had hoped. Not that managing the various orders for unique styles of wands bothered him, no, it was the occassional random animal that somehow always seemed to escape from Stardust's backroom. Often it meant that a chase scene practically broke out and he often swore that in his mind he heard some form of background music playing just for pure taunts. Granted, that also could have been just one of the many 'fun' pranks a Fae could pull on a person. That had been on top of also catching up with Eudoxia when the brief moments would allow. It felt quite odd, leaving for a moment for a manufactured life of sorts only to return and find that things had kept on going forward. He wasn't certain on the true focus of the sensation within as it held a jumbled amount of wonderings and considerations: Fear of settling, hypocritically contentment in it, and the duality of whether this was true a place for him or not. Dylan arrived at his home, even before his hand reached to the doorknob he could hear the sound of music that played on the inside. Curiosity piqued as his head tilted slightly. It was quite ballsy for a burglar to pull such an antic which struck that thought from his mind. He clutched the knob and turned to unlatch and open up the door slowly with a smooth inch and slid inside calmly, light of foot. It was then that he saw the familiar face that had been stretched out on the couch with drink in hand. At least he needn't be on his most alert in terms of whom was in the home. He placed his keys on a hook that hung close by the door and walked over towards Caitlin as he hovered over here for a moment. The tips of his fingers curl around the glass of wine lightly to steady it in case she'd been in a deep rest. "Well, aren't you the lovely surprise to come home to." He spoke loud enough, yet something inside of his mind told him that she probably had been more aware of his presence than he had been of hers. "You're already prepared for a night as if it had been quite the day. That or you're trying to escape even thinking about it." At times the two thoughts were more mutual he found. His hand left from the glass and he made his way towards the alcohol cabinet to pour himself a bourbon. "What happened that you're already reaching for the serenity of a good glass and nurturing music?"
  2. Invite Not Again

    There weren't many people on his list that he could consider 'friends' let alone acquaintances. It had always been a rare thing for him and so his idea of proper friendly etiquette had been off in the way that he always seemed a bit more up-right in his posture than he should have been. After a days work of various kinds of customers: Both of the respectful and rude variety while managing Stardust's everyday gimmicks and shenanigans, he could see the merit of the need to relax and unwind with those that didn't add to that kind of a case load. "I heard closets are excellent places to hide away in. Even if they wake up it gives you a good guard post to peek through the cracks of the door." "That's certainly a phrase I don't hear often." Or at all, he couldn't remember the last time someone had been happy to see him. Typically, his presence had always been a form of omen on the horizon for somebody. "Those are the trials one faces when it comes to dating high dignitaries it seems. There is always something happening with the mice that calls the cat away, so to speak." He had seen notices and warnings placed out about the dark denizen that had caught the entire Magical Communities' law enforcement's eye and focus. While the two held no true connection part of him couldn't help but feel a form of 'responsible' for other Dark Wizards. Granted, he didn't follow that kind of step any longer. "Yes, well, I imagine it is easier to speak with a person who didn't take a perverse pleasure in killing." Dylan expected it was much more than that, however, that most men perhaps lusted after the woman and her natural beauty almost as much as they enjoyed the dirty jobs given to them. While he had always stayed in the middle a form of neutrality of sorts. Neither caring for the kill and finding it as more of a necessity. An eyebrow raised up in curiosity as she slid the vegetables and knife in front of him, gaze drifted down to focus on the item then lifted back towards Doe before descending to where they had been before. "Ah. . . Very well." He hadn't expected to be put to work but he supposed it was his own doing. Fingers unbuttoned the jacket while pulling it off himself and hung it gingerly against the back of a chair. Then the knife had been taken up and he proceeded to slice up the vegetables. "What I have been up to? Hrm. . ." Nostrils flared as he took in a gentle course of air. "Well, I went to Ireland for a bit. Had some business out there that I needed to check up on with Caitlin." He knew there would only be a bit of information that he could truly tell her considering it wasn't his story to tell in that regard.
  3. Invite Not Again

    It had only been a short while since his return from Ireland back to Australia, something that had grown to be much more eventful than he could have anticipated. Needless to say it gave both he and Cait somethings to consider and think about while piecing together the 'missing facts' that she had been searching for back at the Home land. Meanwhile, he found that he still had a few contacts there that could be trusted to some extent and it left him with a new source for information. At the very least to keep tabs on his old childhood home. At the end of the day it was just another reason for the wizarding purists to focus on certain people and it was something he didn't expect to stop any time soon. Luckily he had received an invitation that had the potential to, at the very least, allow him to put down those thoughts and concerns for the time being. Something that he didn't need to carry with him if it wasn't necessary which it hadn't been in this case. It had been some time since he held a meet-up with Doe with the two of them being in different countries, obviously it'd be difficult. But he also understood that they both had important things in their lives that needed a certain degree of attention without delays, distraction or interruptions. After making himself known to have arrived by ringing the door bell he stood there with both hands delved into his pockets. It didn't seem as if it took long at all for the door to swing open and reveal an up beat greeting. "Hello there, Doe. You seem to be in extremely good spirits today." He considered that positive movement in the right direction a few times that they had spoken it had been about the trials and tribulations that came along with her marriage. The hope more so was that things had worked out and that it wasn't just a mere front being put on under the guise of a brave face. "Do something else? You don't have to make up party lines if you were sneaking in a few Z's on lunch time. As a constantly moving mother I think you're owed more than enough sleep to sneak." While he didn't know if that was the case or not, what she had been doing seemed obscure enough to be of a personal matter. Something he didn't want to poke out of her until she felt comfortable enough to explain it on her own terms and merit. "Gyros are perfect, I don't want to put you to work more than you need to be after all. Your children will do that more than enough - I'll stay on the less effort end of things. I'm low maintenance anyways."
  4. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    "I believe I am also the poster boy for caution." A charming smile stretched across his lips, it was one of those kind of smiles that just seemed to come with the suave and finesse of a man who had an aged kind of a taste in life and style. He walked towards the window with the tips of his fingers lightly pressed at the sill of it, eyes peered through the clear and pristine glass at the various people that had walked amongst the street. There were those one could tell had made their home in the town for many ages, others, were more obvious tourists by the way they held up their cameras and seemed overly 'excited'. It was always intriguing to see how head over heels people became for locations with history. "Perhaps, in towns like these people are up earlier due to the lifestyle and the needs of people needing to be met and catered towards. To think, people willingly sit their head up before seven hits." An amused hum rumbled within as it turned into a small laugh. "Trails are often good - and bad for many other reasons. But I don't expect the bad to really come in as a factor. At the very least, exposing myself to nature might be a good way to enjoy what little freedom will be given." Chances were that the moment their bodies recovered just enough that they would begin the process of digging up the necessary information. "Perhaps 'threat' needs to be ascertained by their own view of what that means. Hehe, my version of a threat is most likely not the same as theirs." He perceived a threat as legitimate bodily harm, but those here, would they find the threat more in change than actual harm? "Ah, Caitlin, if only my life had been so lucky for such a luxury. Alas, I am too much of a skeptic to leave it to chance. At least let me keep some of my old crotchety ways." A gentle yet small smile had been offered towards the brimmingly red-headed woman. "What is most interesting about these kinds of towns, isn't so much the perceived ignorance - but the true mysteries and knowledges kept tight lipped by the community. I will be honest, I would not be surprised if they actually did know something and chose to turn their gaze." It was a scenario that mostly happened in books, stories and the like, but much like most stories. . . There was often a reason for such a thoughtful basis besides the intrigue. "Then sit down and take a rest. I shall draw you a proper steamed bath, it should work at the soreness without having your feet swell up." A smirk then followed afterwards. "Of course, if we're going to get anywhere you may want to rethink the idea of heels out in the fields."
  5. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    "So, what you're telling me really - is that you want to know the secrets that were buried. Not the panhandled information that they often give." Pessimistic was often his own sight but that at least seemed to be the 'rough' translation. There was something that either piqued the woman's interest enough that it needed to be investigated or that it's import was significant in a current event that was overlapping in her life. "You're also very cautious by nature, there isn't much of anything that comes out of your mouth that others could listen into. Unless it was intended for others to hear regardless." That last part he imagined was more specific towards school lessons being overheard versus information that could be potentially harmful. As he snorted a half smile curved from his lips "I'm the very paragon of patience my dear. As much as I am one of inquisitiveness." Perhaps a pro and a con all wrapped up in many ways and fashions. One who often sought knowledge almost always got more than they ever bargained for and it was the leading reason of a Dark Wizard in development in the making. Never the less, the reaction of the rotund woman offered a well-played faux smile and laughter as he glanced downwards as if to be naturally bashful at the state of being acknowledged as a wedded man. The idea itself was weird to him but he had no qualms playing the role with someone whom he had grown more than comfortable with - whatever they truly were to one another was still a clouded mystery but there was a clear 'something' to him. He took note of the various places making sure to plan for moments that they'd appear there as proper tourists as things still needed to look copasetic to any prying eyes. Ascending up the steps wasn't much of an effort for him as he kept himself in shape every moment that he could, in fact, it was more of like a pre-pre-warm up for him. He'll need to remember that when he takes his mid-morning jogs while here. "I'd need to run these steps several times to get any use out of them. But at least they're good for getting the blood pumping. That's a start." He opened the door as they both entered the room, him following Caitlin's lead while holding the luggage and gently settling it down against a nearby wall and closing the door tightly after bidding the innkeeper a proper farewell - then he locked the door. "Usually places like this are extremely resistant to change. Not impossible but very unlikely, the only change you'd see our faces and perhaps how intense suspicion can get." He opened up his jacket where he'd pull out his wand, A 12 inch Blackthorn. "That should keep us safe as long as no one is well learned in aristocracy outside of this place. If they are they'd have to do a lot more digging - I'm quite sure I've been long disowned and 'forgotten'. It'd , at most, buy us two weeks depending on how long you wanted to stay." Traced motions started to be made at different points of the room as he began to set up a few wards. "That should do it."
  6. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    His eyes narrowed just slightly as he spotted the tinge of her hair glow with a much brighter red, that was quite peculiar. He had seen a few things in his life time but encountering the various magical intensities still held a fascination. There seemed to be much more to the woman than he had originally anticipated, a strong hum resonated within his throat as he tried to gain a better grasp of the potential situation. The very least he could understand had been that where every there were had responded in a unique way towards the woman's presence. "Yes, I remember there was something here about your family that needed to be addressed. I am surprised you don't know much of your history, a lot of Irish families try to keep that kind of information close at hand. To not lose themselves, especially those that immigrated." At least, the ones proud of their heritage and held their way personal documentations of their lines and personal achievements. "Cassandra's maternal side? It sounds as if both sides of your family were trying to fully escape something to hold knowledge that never followed or had been made known. I suppose it isn't uncommon and yet. . . Curious." His fingers slide along his beard inquisitively but only for a moment as her words brought him out of thoughts that threatened to delve deeper into the mystery. As he nodded he followed behind her with both hands within his pockets, eyes cascaded along the aged and rustic looking tavern. A small chuckle escaped strongly from him. "It has been sometime since I stayed in a place like this anywhere. In Paris you can find places like this and yet. . . Many of them still manage to inflict a flair upon it that leaves a special impression." This place, however, looked as it was built to last as much as it was a homage to bygone days. As they approached the counter his hand reached into the pocket of his pants as he pulled his wallet out. "We'd like to purchase a room, somewhere cozy with a nice view." He offered up a gracious and firm smile while a single arm wrapped around Caitlin's waist. One thing that had been a keen style for him when he 'infiltrated' places had been always to establish a false public view - this just happened to be one where he could use a common one only If you worked with a partner. "Newly weds, as it were. I promised her the best view every morning for a honeymoon. I hope you don't make me much of a liar on that."
  7. You avoid speaking of your birthday. . . And somehow Stardust finds out. Now I have this ribbon wrapped Salamander slipping along my counter.

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      Dylan Connell

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  8. Blending In

    Being new to Australia held many benefits aside from not being 'truly known', the first being that whatever persona you crafted up, that would be how others viewed you. In this setting, he was no longer 'Dylan Connell' it was a name that held no meaning or impact for most that would know of him in Narrie. Especially those of the magical community in academics who needed their Wands handled or taken of at the beginning of the year or throughout it. Here, in this moment, He was simply Gilliam the Wand Craftsman - an Adept Apprentice to the ever so jittery and giggly Stardust. He found himself here as a way to drum up further press and awareness for the shop, more clientele, as his fae of a boss placed it. Really, he expected that she wanted more money to feed her addiction of bringing in random pets that were kept in the back. At any rate he found a rather gentle taste in the cocktail as he opted not to trick his taste buds with a faux drink. The glass left his lips and had been settled down onto the table top as he watched the various people interact and take the joyous bounty that had been the Roo's owner's recovery. "So, this is what it is like when people adore you and have been waiting for a proper revival." A stern chuckle vibrated from him as his hand slightly cocked to the side in amusement. It was the kind of welcome and merriment that he would never expect or even desire for himself, but some people, were just naturally charismatic and loved by their community. "Hopefully, the host will need a new wand after all that time laying asleep. Might be a new mentality due to that experience. . . Could be the kind of business Dusty would desire." Dylan spoke towards himself as he rose up a hand to rub at his beard in consideration. Maybe not the best time to go asking about it, but maybe in time. Many faces were familiar to him, either from visiting the shop or just on his various routes when delivering wands to those that couldn't pick them up personally.
  9. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    Home. . . Well, at least the Country, he hadn't expected to find himself back in Ireland with his current issues with family but, of course, he wasn't here to deal with the mystery of his bloodline. Rather, it was the company of someone he hadn't expected to be next to in the slightest even more than being in Ireland - Cate. She'd requested his presence on the trip and while part of him held reservations stepping into such dangerous territory for himself he was more than willing to oblige her, even with the vagueness of the reasons that they had been heading into the country. Let alone the quaint little town that held more of a 'back in time' appeal towards it. There were always rumors about those sorts of places but he also hadn't pushed the red-haired woman too much on the details not until they were well on their way towards their destination and curious piqued a bit too much to ignore for the man. "You've been quite tight-lipped about the full reason why we're here, Caitlin. We're no longer in earshot of those more crucial to your life in Australia so. . . What is the full reason we've need to traverse to such a place?" It couldn't be in reference to the fairy rumors could it? What purpose did such a thing hold for the woman and her family? It hadn't occurred to Dylan, perhaps, that she was of Fae descent? It wasn't unheard of especially with those of Irish bloodlines. Pureblooded Wizards of the Irish heritage often tended to be even more spiteful in those regards finding it a gross perversion of human nature being overcome. A rant that his Late Grandmother often rattled on about in order to poison the idea of Half-bloods and Breed's much deeper than most could have consider a young mind should take in. "I would have let this ride out and I also know you trust me enough to seek my presence. But you don't need to be dodgy with information, unless, it's something so sensitive that speaking it is more of an issue and habit of not doing for you?" That was a possibility in his mind which he couldn't blame the woman for with the sentiments witnessed through out different countries. While governmental 'Acceptance' of certain people have improved the views it hadn't quelled the stigma's and the prejudiced, truthfully, it had only enhanced and shined a light on them even more. Atrocities and hatred brewed in the darkest of hearts and the shadowy places of the Underworld where people dear not utter anything else but those dark desires. "At the very least, I would like to know what I am walking into in case I need to defend us or at least keep an ear and eye out." A hand grasped at the strap of his back as the path laid before them to head towards the town, it was best to not use vehicles considering the possible superstitious nature and at least experiencing the nature and atmosphere of Ireland was something he could take in once more at a leisured pace.
  10. Invite various storms and saints

    "I never would have guessed, there had just been so much that showed you held sanity." A small smile formed on his face. He knew he wasn't really in any position to mark whether a person was insane or sane at times he wondered which one he had been. There had been enough situations that had been encountered in life that gave him enough of an idea that he should question his own mental capacity. Dylan wasn't sure how the family could withstand such chaos and the truth of it all had been that he wondered even further on when it would all spell a much more disastrous touch, that is, unless they had halted their usual tendencies and responses. "Can only imagine which one of you all truly hold the most sanity. Granted, I don't believe I have much room to speak on the sanity train." His had to have slipped years ago. "He'll have to learn to lend a hand. At least if he plans to truly stay around in the family." Maybe that was asking too much of a person? Taking on responsibilities that technically were not theirs could be a major push for most people. Though safeguarding a persons psyche was an important task when it came to family members, more times than anyone will care to count when the world will seem as if it his bearing down the heaviest weight imaginable. "Eventually he'll see the merits of pitching in to help in that particular endeavor. It will ease up the stress on you and the other family members which may make things feel less tense. On the other side of it, may just help him realize how precious you all could potentially be to him from being that deeply involved." Of course, if he was set on being a rebel of the family then that would be something different entirely. "Mmm. . . Haven't we all. Yet it always seems to pop its ugly head up as if it were beckoned by our very lips in the end." There seemed to be no end of the 'twisted' things rolling its way before his feet. Dylan's hand rose up to rub at his chin in consideration of this particular dilemma. If it had been an easy solution he imagined they would be with their father but Ministry work perhaps wasn't the best place to watch children. Not with such importance focused on what needed to be done, the little bundles would create more of an issue of delay in paper work and response to critical needs of the state. He dared not even think of the idea of suggesting himself that was just a hazard waiting to happen even with Caitlin's help and so he side-stepped that in his mind. "Perhaps your Father could offer some assistance in that regard? He does owe you some time but most importantly gives him time with his grandchildren while giving you the right amount of escape and time necessary." From what he remembered her father had been well in his years which possibly meant he was looking for more of the good times after the years of solely working hard. "Nothing wrong with dancing just for yourself in solitude. Many talents and things involving the arts and creativity are done in the dark behind closed doors and curtains simply for the designer's sake. " Many famous people of such caliber's found their exhaust in such way sand those that didn't often fell apart with a massive crash. "Just imagine that then, fifty times worse. I'd let them have the run of the house while I stepped outside with a bottle of wine in hand trying to forget about such horrors." A slight inhale of his breath shifted through his nostrils while his smile turned towards a smirk. Back leaning against the chair before his head gave a light shake. "Then you'd have to worry about the random animals they'd find on the streets and bring into your home. Puppies will be multiplied along with cats. That or Dust will end up popping a bunch of her favorite animals in the home. She does crazy stuff like that sometimes." At least that was the image he'd often get of her possible antics. Dylan's eyebrow arched upwards as a hum vibrated within his throat and the tips of his fingers dragged slowly along his jawline. How would one even explain the progression of how that night occurred? It was intended to be a simple dinner and it ended up being all but. "It went. . . To an unexpected scenario that neither her or myself had even intended or planned. It perhaps was the furthest thing from our conscious minds." Yes, perhaps, subconsciously they both were reacting on that urge and pull. "For the time being we decided to adopt a ease as it goes policy. There is much that needs to be sorted out between her and her niece but also with me due to the connected past the three of us share."
  11. Invite various storms and saints

    "That it does but it often offers much more in that regard." Sometimes, anyways, there would be period where what Time took up there wouldn't be much to compensate it in the moment but something in the long run hopefully would pan out beneficial. Other moments it did offer much more than one would expect, of course, he was always of the mind not to let things slip away. While dedication and devotion are important there are things one must give to themselves to hold on to the sanity that life often tries to strip away. "Just remember those that occupy your time do need you need to be sane." A narrow gaze for a moment as he showed a light shrug a sly smirk that pressed on his face with his following words. "Well, as sane as one could get - especially someone that's a loose cannon as yourself." But maybe those around her grounded her in a sense to have that sanity? It was always a question of late for himself. "Fair point. You can't very well leave the children on their own, well, not yet anyways." There would come a time where they'll be old enough to start to learn to care for themselves, for one another. That time in their life hadn't been there just yet and maybe at that point is when things would begin to slow down a bit but chances are it would only intensify with how children get when they're older. Curiosity, easily influenced, trouble was almost always on the horizon. "What is life without a bit of twisted to its sick affliction." Twisted? Twisted was having whatever he had with Cate in the moment while having a record of harmful intent towards the woman. Twisted but pretending to be 'Gilliam' purely to wait for the moment that the enemy would show up at his door. Dylan understood the impact of such a thing. "Just make sure you enjoy what you want to do and no one else. " "Family, often are those that aren't even by blood but by strength of will to help hold you up." Many say you can't choose your family members but that was only partially true. Blood, those will always be your relatives but there is no definitive trait in that vein that determines whether or not they should have any of your devotion or time. That is still earned, much like any relationship, and those that aren't by blood often treat you better than those that are 'supposed' to be by you. "It is good that they have someone that they can lean on for wisdom and knowledge as well as you. That is an important network and pillar that many people neglect on using when it is there and regret when it is not." Not form personal experience but he had heard many speak of it while they entered and exited the shop, while they ate around him the days he visited his usual eatery alone. "No one throws a better tantrum, I assure you." A smile pressed on his features. "Maybe it is a good thing it hasn't died down, in a sense. Everyone yearns to have the child in them stay and those around you help to remind you life isn't entirely what it seems, it isn't always intended to be serious. You carve out a small little moment in your bubble that you enjoy. In this case. . . Tantrums and the dastardly influence of Nationalism." He briefly chuckled as he sat down and started to look over the menu more focused on the drinks. Silas' response caused an amused look to press on his face, the young boy knew not the extent of 'mean'. There were parents that wanted their children to be children until it was necessary, some wanted their children to only ever succeed the moment they said their first words, others? His own? They preferred to design their child to be a killer without remorse or conscious of the act. Without ever thinking about the ramifications or rather that they weren't important as they didn't directly effect him in that manner. "I'll stick to making wand orders, I am terrible with children. You'll come home to an entire house with ketchup and various other condiments on the walls and mustard in the rugs." He huffed playfully and shook his head. That wasn't entirely a lie either. "I'd rather not be target practice, but I suppose I could always have them target your bureau." He chuckled though her question caused his eyebrows to raise. Dylan had wondered when it was going to come around and it seemed like now was the choice. "Yes, I met with her. More surprised she ended up showing up, truthfully. Wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't." He was equally surprised that things had escalated between he and Her as they had which left them in a weird limbo of trying to figuring things out bit by bit.
  12. Invite various storms and saints

    A small chuckle pressed from him as he nodded towards her. "Then you are very welcomed, Doe." He was a man that didn't continually push on something once he had already given his personal view of it. There wasn't much in him that made him think that she had taken him for granted which had been why he felt she didn't need to thank him, he was a friend he was serving in that capacity. At the same time she seemed to believe it needed to be stated and he would accept that not willing to put such intention behind her reasoning to shame by denying it. "Lost the voice of your feet, did you?" Dylan gave a minor joke towards her but he could understand how time would be a major culprit. With having more of her family around along with the little ones that she had taken care of that would make actually getting that particular activity done harder. At least until that time loosened up just slightly in their older years. "Oh, I didn't mean for others anyways. You need to do it for yourself - having people watch maybe exhilarating in its own way, certainly. Though not everyone should witness you unless your frustration. It is only in the guardianship of your own walls will you be yourself fully." "Some enjoy a proper teasing it is some kind of twisted pleasure." A short grin was given towards the woman which had only been followed by a contained laughter. "Yes, the real thing has much more impact than trying to find a substitute." Perhaps even in theory aggravating the desire for wanting it far more than trying to go cold turkey. "It can be considered an upsetting fact, that is for sure. Knowing sooner would have assisted better in having him in better cohesion with the family, the younger the better. Though at a certain point introducing them to a new environment can often be more catastrophic. " There had been nothing they could do about it than deal with it but that was something he expected they had already known and were already taking the process of handling it as such. "Problems are rarely so simple as they seem, after all. Better that they deal with what is before them. To worry about what they would have preferred would blur what needs to be done." "Those are two important skills to have." Dylan responded towards Silas as his pressed his hands into his pockets. "Lets you express yourself. Creativity is important to keep your mind focus and develop a talent that you can do for yourself." He believed in hobbies and various practical applications which didn't leave much room for the creative arts but he could always admire those that took that up for their own comfort. A chuckle escaped from him hearing Silas' reaction and he was fine with that kind of response considering he would want no child to grow up as he did. "It is simply the kind of life that my parents have chosen for me. There were. . . Circumstances that deemed it so." Often he remarked that he had not been a good man, this fact still remained to be a truth. Being near such innocence had reminded him of how such a presence had never been what could have described him at the boys age. "Getting the bad guys is important. There are many who deserve to be locked up." Or worse. But Dylan also was severe in his methods one of the many reasons he could never see himself as a successful Auror. "You know how those types are, they enjoy working twenty-four seven which means Auror's have much more work they needed to do." It made him wonder at what point will his own record end up catching up with him? That will be quite the violent outcome. As they made it to the destination of choice he pressed his hand against the door to open it up for Doe and Silas to enter in before he did. "Just remember to let your father know I do good wand work." His eyes shifted to Doe as he gave a shameless shrug. "I need more work." He smiled firmly towards her.
  13. Invite An Awkward Romance (Feb. 14th '18)

    "You'll have my support anyway I can give it, I'm not sure how and I am aware it is a family issue. Though considering I am my privy of what much of the problem is I can be there." One wouldn't expect that Dylan was a 'supportive' sort with the kind of his history that he held but he had been a man known as a protector one way or another. The first blood he had spilled had been those that had been sent to kill her entire family after all, that he took his newly forged wand up as a way of defending unable to keep to the life of the one that had been corrupted with evil intention. Even to the only friend that he seemed to have made back in France had been under his protection of sorts. The last thing he wanted was to turn the life of these women all about again. "Well, as you said at dinner. . . She does have someone she's taken to vastly, yes? Then perhaps her reaction will be slightly different than normally expected because of this unknown factor." He wasn't sure how long she'd been around the young man or even if they were actually dating but support in strength was something to harbor closely. A hand rose up to run through her dampened hair from the water and used this time to shine a genuine smile more feeling safer about it because she couldn't directly see him. "You'll have to get in line on that particular train. I've already been on it for a while and the conductor punched the ticket on the 'Not used to anything' rail." It wasn't a competition but rather he was just letting her know they were in the same situation on this particular case. "Still trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened still in part disbelief and partially realizing that it wasn't a passing dream." One thing had been sure was that he had more than just a carnal interest in the woman and he wasn't sure how to approach that kind of subject or situation not being in it ever in his life before, not when it can lead to something. Maybe lead to something? Even that was a subjective possibility. The woman held a softness and a kindness that he had never encountered, yet stern, but something else called to him that he had always known was there. That darkness. . . The stain of knowing what she knows was definitely something that he had wanted to keep her from drudging too far towards. Knowledge was power and power was corrupting. "Ah yes, we can call it their tip. They had to deal with two crazy Irishmen and came out without a wound on them. You know what they say when we start to toss them back." There had always been that swimming idea that Irishmen always drunk and that not only could they hold their liquor but things often came with a crazy party in bars, while in Ireland, that wasn't. . . Entirely a lie. . . The two of them could be seem as exceptions to that kind of stereotype. "Think on your feet, quick answers - I can only imagine the questions that she'd inquire towards. Best to not stumble without having that brain power." The food shouldn't take too long and the wine was definitely a good choice but there had also been the hope they wouldn't take in too much that she'd have more issues keeping up with an answer by being drunk and loopy. Dylan noticed her gaze and the question she had asked he left to linger for a moment taking the time to seriously consider the meaning of it. They had crossed a line and sure they could 'pretend' it didn't happen but that would only go so far before they'd succumb again or things between them would grow even further awkward fighting the urges or feelings, perhaps both at the time. "While unpresented and not part of what I had planned for the evening I wouldn't mind keeping it up. As well considering the idea of us two becoming. . .More than we are currently to one another. Of course, I know the difficulty of such a stance considering there would still need to be a lot you need to tell young Cassandra." Teeth gently bit as his lower lip trying to keep in mind Cate's position with her family member. "I wouldn't want you to feel as if you're put more on the hotspot having a significant other that she didn't know about. At least if it drags on too long."
  14. Invite various storms and saints

    "Please, You don't need to thank me." Not that he didn't accept it gracefully, however, it was just him giving the usual straightforward opinion that he had often went with offering. At least to some people that he deemed worth it enough to speak up about in such a way. Not all the time could a person choose to wear what they carried with grace but standing tall and offering it anyways often preserved people in ways they wouldn't have imagined. To reject it as a stress could keep up the pretense for a while but also finding ways to alleviate the actual stress could shape those fine features of the woman without much effort, she was naturally beautiful after all. It had been his hope that her dancing would be just that for her, a fun stress relief when the world around her had been so vastly aggressive. "Just keep up your dancing, Doe, put your heart in it so that you hold no regrets. That you can express yourself." It was a terrible sin to be contained on the inside. Dylan chuckled with a hand that weaved through his beard for a moment in contemplation. "The best jokes are often the ones the body never expects after being happy about it." The smirk played on his lips but he shook his head soon after. "We'll keep you on a completely non-alcoholic diet for the time being. I'll make sure to stock up in the meantime. It at least gives me the chance to build up my collection." Ever since moving to Australia he hadn't the time to peruse or even get a few vintages from the old man but if he wasn't planning on drinking them three times on fast then it would last much longer. That is of course, depending on his current situation with Caitlin. "Actually, Sparling Cider might help you as well if I remember correctly. Good for the stomach but also the fizz will remind you of a good time." A gaze held on Silas as the denial fled from his mouth which had only caused a small smile to position itself on the Irishman's face. "You sing? That is truly the mark of a good brother, very few can ever claim they were so protective of their sibling in such a way. A song can be soothing for them, you know." Which wasn't a lie and while he never knew of this for himself he had seen it a few times. "You'd need the toughest chef who can throw down to contend with the insanity your family can bring, maybe one of those cooking show chefs? They're always pretty tough and broad." More so than anything the chef would need to be thick skinned. What did he play? Well that was quite the question. . . That left Dylan in a hotspot for many reasons. There was no playing only drilling, only understanding what his familial purpose and obligation had been of the darkest order. A finger curled around the collar of his shirt while he lightly pulled at it trying to come up with a proper answer that wasn't well. .. Beyond what the child needed to really know that happened in the world. Then finally he settled on an internal answer "I actually never got to play as a young lad, studies were important to my family and so I would only ever be learning." There it had been a truth without too much detail. "So I've heard, It sounds like he has quite the respectable job at that with a lot of responsibilities on his plate."
  15. Invite various storms and saints

    "Hehe, I suppose it depends on the context. I hear more often of parties being broken up but raves are certainly much more rowdier and almost go unseen by many due to its intentions." Dylan had been to a rave once in a while but never for self partying, no, it had always been to hunt or track down someone that held the misconception that losing him in crowds would be an easy feat. A lot more difficult when someone preferred the shadows anyways and higher ground to watch someone be herded to where he wanted them to be. Family drama had been something he knew well about but on a much different scale, in his personal case, death was literally going to be on the line and there was no way to deviate from it. He was at least glad that Doe could be saved from such an experience, that there had been a strong familial connection. "Hey, being older isn't as bad as it seems." A small smirk pressed on his face. He had been a few years older than most people he had surrounded himself with and the gap between himself and Doe hadn't been too bad. Though he also was nearing the good old number of forty and time wouldn't be kind or slow down for him anytime soon either. "You'll wear everything gracefully, that I assure." He snickered with a slight tilt of his head considering that she shouldn't be drinking too often but something here and there every so often wouldn't be too bad. At least to take the edge off of her, stress could be an equal issue as drinking had been in the sensitive moments. "If need be I'll see if the old man has any virgin wine. Not as much of a kick and the taste can be a bit bitter but it could also satisfy the body enough to drink it due to it be pretty similar." That had been his drink of choice when he needed to meet with people, avoiding messing around with his cognitive choices too much. "Mmm. This is true, it'd only ever be dinner." The dinner of a blood diet. . . That sounded horrendous for him and he'd rather enjoyed the things he could partake in. "At least it's a start somewhere. Gyro's are beefy and could produce a lot of stuff for him." It had always been a 'pro-tip' of sorts to hide vegetables and other complimenting foods in something else to hide the taste and still get the nutritional benefits that they offered. Like adding peas to the mashed potatoes trick. They continued on their way passing through the various store fronts until they had made it closer to the restaurant he often ate at during the evening. "Crying just means she needs a bit of attention. Maybe she might even be happy with having her big brothers attention too." That was more of a guess, Dylan had no idea what the hell he was talking about from a hole in the wall. Siblings, this concept had been such a foreign topic to him that any advice felt hollow on the inside to him. That it didn't hold enough weight behind them. "It's always good food when you're not the one who has to slave over to cook and serve it." A small smile perched on his face though Silas' question caught him off guard. He didn't even want to be seen next to an Auror let alone play as one of them. There had also been one specific issue with it as well. . . "I've never actually played auror's before. I never had much time when I was younger." He admitted.