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  1. Give an answer, ask a question!

    I don't know about bookstores, I find the library at school usually has everything I need. And if it doesn't, Mrs T is good about getting it for me. She's not as bad as people say. I think. I think I have a crush on someone. What do I do? What do I do if I might probably have a crush on two someones?
  2. So... I guess I need to find something new to research now? Very happy, but feels weird not to have that goal anymore.

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    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Well, sounds like the research could go to waste. . . Unless some bright scholar invests in it~. Never know, maybe some folks that go through the same thing. You may even end up discovering some new theory and idea that hasn't been proven or considered! 

    3. Aiden Longhurst

      Aiden Longhurst

      I didn't really discover anything anyway. Not anything that the doctors didn't know. Just... gotta find a new hobby now.

    4. Iris Glauert

      Iris Glauert

      He did!?  That's amazing!  You must be so excited Aiden!!  Ooh, I should bake cupcakes!

  3. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    Aiden couldn't help the grin as Iris's enthusiasm caught her in a wave of possible "things". Iris said basically whatever came through her mind, and that was a freedom that Aiden and all his over-thinking didn't have. His irritation at life in general eased, it was difficult to stay grouchy around someone so effortlessly upbeat. As Iris began to pick up the books, he followed suit, stacking them into a pile for easy collection. "I like the hats!" Aiden reached up, batting gently at the brim of the hat she was wearing. "But yeah, I get it---best part of the weekend is not having to wear a tie," Aiden grabbed the bottom of his school tie, yanking it upward like a noose and making a face. With the books packed up, he gestured for her to sit on the grass with him if she chose. The sun was warm, but not burning, and a light breeze kept the air moving just enough to be refreshing. "You'd be surprised, actually," he said. "Have a bad habit of making the book piles too high, and they fall on me when I'm sleeping." It happened more often than he wanted to admit, and he'd gone to classes with black eyes from the bookslide. "It's been a weird year," Aiden frowned. "Next year it's ten years since Mum... and I dunno. Been thinking about Dad. Matt. Now Lei's... I don't even know what she is. It's like there's some sort of bad luck curse on me, bad things happen. All the time."
  4. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    Books suddenly rained down like heavy hail, Aiden barely had time to shield his face before they thudded on and around him---and Iris too. He gasped as she knocked the air out of his lungs, hoping that wasn't a rib he heard cracking. It probably wasn't, right? He didn't feel any immediate pain, just... winded. Aiden took a few moments to get his breath back, squinting at Iris as she sat back into a less close, more comfortable range of view. "Um. Not much?" he wheezed. You couldn't be mad at Iris. Iris inhabited her own little world, one that always struck Aiden as far more interesting than the one he lived in. She always had big ideas, creative ideas. And perhaps she didn't follow through on all (or any? He wasn't sure) of those ideas, but she chased them. Even if it was for a limited time. They had been in the same first year class, and he'd come to enjoy hearing what had caught Iris's imagination this week. "Thinking about... things. Mostly." Aiden shrugged, sitting up now that he could breathe properly. "What're you up to?" Aiden looked around at the books that had scattered on the ground. He tried, out of curiosity, to look at the titles. School books? Fiction? No, he was prying. He shouldn't do that. But you could tell so much about a person by what they read! Aiden forced himself to look away. "You okay, though?" Aiden tilted his head, appraising her with a light frown. "You took a pretty hard fall there."
  5. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    The last few weeks had been... odd. Aiden couldn't even process what had happened at the Unwedding, it had all been so surreal. Even if he could have explained it, he'd been quite severely warned by Adele not to breathe a word of anything he'd seen until he was explicitly given permission to do so. All that was really known was that Lorelei was... not okay. And his own connection to her? He still hadn't told anyone about that. Was there a point? She was probably gone forever. He'd lost all the wheels off his wagon now, and he felt lost. Adam and Cass had noticed that things were off, questioned him about it several times---but all Aiden had managed to do was snap and walk away. He just couldn't explain. If he told them he was bummed about Lorelei's situation, they would want to know more. How did he know her? When had he become attached to a child like that? He lay on the grass, staring up at the sky. He was dreaming about her too. Lorelei and his mother, but pleasant dreams. He slept well, in spite of his worry and underlying anger. Aiden had brought a textbook with him, but he didn't feel like studying. He just... wanted to lie here. And be angry. Or sad. Or both.
  6. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    He was in the eye of the storm, Lorelei's hand grasping his---watching as guests around them sank to the grass and fell asleep. All except the woman who he didn't know, fear gripping him as he found himself deep in the unknown. This.. this wasn't right. What was happening to that woman? He tore his gaze away from Bethianna as Lorelei too began to shake, the wind seeming to pick up to a violent swirl just for them. His hair, badly in need of cutting (or so Cass kept saying) whipping around his face. "Zane? Who is---?" It sounded like the last seconds of a television switching off, the dim white noise before dead silence. The sudden, inexplicable void of sensing something was not there, that only seconds ago, was. It sucked the sound and colour out of the world, a brief glitch in time as Lorelei was torn from his hand. He tried to follow as she landed on the grass, shocked and shaking legs would not carry him. He sat on his knees, and wanted to go home. Maybe Kate was right? This family was... far too complicated. The red haired woman was beginning to rise, as guests slowly woke from their sudden lethargy. Her face was haggard, her hair streaked with grey. She looked twenty, fifty years older than she had just moments ago---and her limbs looked frail, barely strong enough to hold her steady. But she carried herself still with tired grace, moving to kneel beside Lorelei. "Fool girl," muttered Bethianna. She knew exactly what Lorelei had done, and been in no position to stop it. What child believed they could take that level of energy unto themselves? Dispersed among the guests, perhaps they would sleep a while... a day, a year. A century, who knew? But to take that magic entire and manipulate it as she did? Bethianna frowned, brushing her fingertips across Lorelei's cold, pale face for a better read on her. "She lives. As close to death as one can be with air and blood still moving, a curse turned upon herself to sleep until woken---but how to wake her, I do not know." All that was clear was that it would take more than an alarm clock to rouse Lei from this state. "She---she said Zane did this." Aiden blurted it out, hoping it meant something to someone. The look he got from Adele, who was now distraught in her husband's arms, cut like a knife. He ducked away from it, shrinking back as far as he could. Améa, who was quickly realising that this had been an attack on her, not Lorelei, clutched the triplets tight. Her husband had done this? Why? And from above, as natural wind blew through the leaves above, a sound like sweet silver bells rang with rhythmic delight. Laughter? Aiden looked up, spotting a girl perched upon the thickest branch---barefoot with long, soft brown hair, and grey eyes. Her white dress drifted gently in the light wind, her laughter continued. Sweet, but somehow dark. Nevertheless, the girl seemed very amused by this turn of events.
  7. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Aiden was rather sure that he would be missed in all this commotion. There was a lot going on, and just trying to follow it was making his head spin. How was it that any other family managed to be more drama-filled than his? He thought he had that niche covered with the father-in-jail, brother-in-coma, and the sad story of his mother schtick. He should have known, though, from the few times he'd ever heard Matt talk about Adele DeVylissea. Where she went, trouble followed. Or she created it. Aiden wasn't sure, Kate had interrupted that conversation with some very colourful negativity. He felt stupid standing here, and was about to turn around and find a different corner to blend into---when Lei bounced up and declared him as "her" Aiden. Aiden coughed, looking around to see if anyone had heard that. Was that actually what she said? What did it mean? Aiden knew Lei well enough to know that the girl didn't choose words at random, and he wasn't sure how comfortable he was at the idea of belonging to a... huh. Aiden frowned, realising he actually had no idea how old Lorelei was. She was a child, anyway. "Um. Hey." he said, lifting a hand, and looking up to find several of Lei's family members giving him the stare-down. Well that was uncomfortable. He didn't know anything about this great-grandfather business either, and as Lei bounced back away to the older man Aiden remained where he was. Weird. This was all very weird.
  8. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  9. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Why he was invited, Aiden wasn't even really sure. Only that their families knew each other, and perhaps it was rude to not extend the invite. Adam and Cass had declined, they had business ventures to attend to, and Valerie was out of state on a trip with friends. He'd almost not come, but having the house to himself had been... weird. And sleep was still eluding him while the holidays dragged on. Not... not that he'd come here with plans to run into anyone in particular, he just... was bored. Yes. Bored. He'd had a few tutoring sessions with Lorelei, and she'd returned the favour as promised---helping him sleep. The first few nights had been nerve-wracking, barely able to close his eyes for fear the professors would spot-check his room and find the pre-pubescent girl curled up beside him. There was nothing untoward in it, but he knew how it looked. He knew that there would be no convincing anyone that the girl had simply been soothing his nightmares away. And in the moments where he still struggled to sleep, they talked. She was a strange girl, but he found he enjoyed her company. Arriving at the venue dressed in a last-minute pirate costume, he wandered his way over to where Lorelei and her family seemed to be gathering---realising too late that this was a very intense and emotional family moment. Good job, Aiden. Way to intrude.
  10. Invite There's A Half-Eaten Moon In The Sky

    Being held like this was... a weird sensation. For all their love and support, neither Adam nor Cass were particularly physically affectionate people. The same was true of Matt and Kate. His mother had been different. He remembered that. She would squeeze him tight and sway to a gentle rhythm. Lei's small arms around his neck was not the same, but the idea was there. He felt small himself, small and scared and so very tired. "But... how?" Aiden had never heard of such an ability, especially not from such a young girl. He wanted desperately to believe that she could do it, and release him from the nightly terror of his worst memories. And he didn't dare hope it would work either. He needed to know: how did she do it? Was it really going to make the pain go away? Could he really sleep a full night with only calm and restful dreams? They didn't even have to be happy. At this point Aiden would settle for just not waking in distress. He was beginning to worry his roommate. His roommate. Who was away for the time being, off on some fancy family trip that meant he had weeks off school. The prospect of a good night sleep, whatever slim chance it had, was enticing. He could sneak her in. Lorelei seemed to be pretty good at being places she wasn't supposed to be, and---she was supposed to be over in the Bilby wing. Wouldn't someone notice? No one had come looking for her yet, had they? The librarian was her grandmother, which posed another problem. Aiden didn't want to anger his main source of resource material. Even if Kate thought the woman literally breathed fire, Aiden rather liked her. What to do? "You can... you can definitely make them go away? Just for a night?"
  11. Invite And a Picture of You

    Aiden stared at the photo. He didn't have much else. His memories seemed so weak, he wasn't sure how much of it was accurate. Adam had only met his mother once or twice, and Cass had never met her at all. There wasn't anyone around to tell him about her. Her family had let her go well before he was born. Aiden wasn't sure he would want to meet his maternal family even if he could find them. He also wasn't sure how he felt about having the picture restored. What if it made the damage worse? How long would he be without it? Could he even be okay with someone else touching it? The thoughts made his gut swirl with uncertainty. All of their stuff had been binned and sold when the house was abandoned. No one had bothered to ask if he or Valerie wanted anything from it. Their clothes and a few toys had been taken with them. But pictures---negatives of the originals, albums, the glass figurines he remembered his mother dutifully gluing together over and over---all of that had been lost. "My brother Matt---he took me and Val in when Mum was---when she died." he still couldn't say that word. It felt vulgar. True as it was, he danced around it. "He got in an accident a few years ago, he's in a coma and---" Aiden frowned. "I couldn't help Mum cause I wasn't old enough, I didn't know enough. Now I can... well, I can try. And find a way." Saying it out loud he felt stupid. Try and find a way to wake the brother that some of the best doctors in Australia had failed to wake? When Kate had spent almost everything they had to get specialists and second, third, opinions to no avail? The Australian Minister for Magic had even had a hand in this and still no one could find a way---what business did Aiden have, believing that he could somehow unlock the answer? What an idiot.
  12. Invite There's A Half-Eaten Moon In The Sky

    Again Lorelei was making sense, but he couldn't allow it. He had to just push past the fatigue and hunger, until he found enough peace that he could sleep and eat without his mind punishing him again. It also made him panic a little---how many answers had he already missed? He was going to have to go back and check everything over again. At least twice. Maybe more times? How many times before he could be sure that he'd completely exhausted the possibility of finding an answer there? As she spoke, he continued to spiral. He might have already missed the answer, so in addition to everything he had to now re-read there was everything he hadn't read yet, and was he going to get through it and find what he needed before Matt's tenuous grip on life finally disappeared? What if it was already too late, and he'd spent all this time researching but the answer would eventually be something they should have done in the beginning? Aiden's heart rate spiked, and his hands and forehead began to glisten with anxious sweat. "Guard my... dreams?" How had she known? He worried now that he had been obvious, that maybe everyone knew that he was plagued by the nightmares. He also wasn't sure how it would work. Aiden swallowed, trying in vain to calm his body down. The acute fear of the dreams and everything they brought with them was beginning to strangle him, he was sure that any moment now he wouldn't be able to breathe---so he gulped down air while it was available. And he broke, there. In front of the strange, all-knowing child. A desperate young boy, wracked by guilt and crushed by his own sense of powerlessness. He could do nothing more than beg, his voice weak and shaky. "I don't want to watch it happen again." he said. "Every night I see it over and over, and I can never stop it. It always ends the same. I always let her down."
  13. Invite And a Picture of You

    "I don't know if anyone really is a wheel expert." Aiden shrugged. He'd tried to talk to people about it, but all they would ever say was that it wasn't his fault. That he had no reason to feel guilty. He was a child, no one expected him to be able to do something. It was like his feelings didn't matter because they weren't supposed to exist, and no one knew how to help him. And he couldn't fix the past, Aiden knew that. He was stuck with a rough ride for life, and had been since he was a kid. Aiden had been old enough to have memories of life before it all went wrong, and though they weren't perfect---they always did feel that little bit more complete. "Y'know, I think the experts are supposed to be our family. Parents. I mean, they teach us the most important things in life. Or---they're supposed to." Another painful part of Aiden's life. Adam and Cass were the best guardians he could ever have asked for, but he couldn't help that bitter jealousy when he saw the Burdetts together. The way the headmaster himself still went back to his Mum when he needed help, the way he doted on his kids. "So, maybe Dad was supposed to be there to teach me to fix wheels. But---he didn't. He only taught me how to break them more. And Mum never really had a chance to show me." Aiden dug into his pocket, fishing out a crumpled photograph. He always had it with him somewhere, and he remembered the day it was taken. Out at the lake, the first day he'd met Matt and Adam. His mum had seemed so positive about the future, and there had been a lot of laughing. She was laughing in the photo. He flattened it out, showing it to Kenna. Some of the folds in the photo were so deep and worn that the picture had worn away. A blonde woman smiled through the cracks, hugging tight to a serious looking boy that could only be Aiden himself. "Last picture I got with her," Aiden mumbled. "She kept trying to make me smile. Wish I had."
  14. Invite There's A Half-Eaten Moon In The Sky

    The more Lorelei spoke, the more Aiden could feel the irritation creeping under his skin. What else was he supposed to do? Where else was he supposed to look? Lack of sleep had made him incredibly touchy, losing his work had pushed him over the edge. The normally pleasant young man was growing increasingly sullen and aggressive. The worst part was that Lorelei was so right about it, but how could she ever understand? "What else do I do? Give up?" Aiden threw the book. Not at Lorelei, but flipped it high and hard in her general direction. It was a move spurred by frustration and anger. Aiden was not the sort of kid that would mistreat school property like that, let alone try to cause harm to another student. Immediately he realised his mistake, and it felt bad, but he had to make her see. "You want me to just sit here and not even try? Maybe the answers aren't here, but at least I'm doing something this time." This was all he knew and he wasn't sure how else he could help. Just knew that he had to. How could he forgive himself if he let the worst happen again? If he just... stood by and let it happen without lifting a finger to stop it? "Besides. It keeps me awake." And that was important. His sleep wasn't proper, it was filled with fear and anxiety. He woke more exhausted than he was upon sleeping, and he hadn't time to recover from the effects of one dream before his body demanded sleep once more. The trauma built over sleep cycles, and he was done. He didn't want to hurt like that anymore, so the best way was just to avoid it. Stay awake. Find the answer. Beat the nightmares. He looked at Lorelei, his blood-shot eyes wide and angry. But mostly scared. "No." he said stiffly. "I'm not sleeping until I have all my work back. Or until Matt wakes up. I don't know how you think you're going to wake him without even doing research but this is all I've got. So either help, or scram."
  15. Invite And a Picture of You

    "Tents." Aiden replied with a rueful smile. "And only those 'cause if you don't sleep in a tent you get eaten alive by mozzies." Knowing Adam, he would have insisted they all sleep out under the stars. For all his fancy suits, sleek design skills, and an actual drawer dedicated to hair product---Adam loved the outdoors. But even Adam didn't like mozzies enough to sleep among them. The tents were cheap, small, and they all bundled in with a mattress so thin they were basically on the ground anyway. It was fun, Aiden supposed. Listening to Cass's stories in the half-light, Hazel trying to scare Valerie and accidentally spilling the popcorn all through the bedding. They were happy moments. Good memories. He had a lot of them, Adam and Cass did everything they could to make sure that happy memories were made every day. The bad ones still lingered, though. Aiden frowned and dug the stick deeper into the dirt. "So imagine," he started, frowning as he tried to think of a way to explain it. "Imagine you're on a long road and you're driving a wooden cart. And along the way, one of the wheels starts to get broken. And you don't know what to do, so you do nothing. Makes your ride a bit uncomfortable, bit more bumpy---and then one day it comes off completely. And it's gone, it's broken so bad now that even if you couldn't even fix it if you were a cart wheel specialist." Aiden's voice was low as he spoke, a thin, deep, ditch scarring the earth where he dug. "But there's nowhere to get a new wheel from. No other wheels fit, and doesn't matter what you do---your ride won't ever be as smooth again. And you didn't make the wheel come off, no---but you didn't do anything about it, so it's still kind of your fault and none of that really matters anyway, because... because you're stuck with a horrible ride no matter what. Just, always uncomfortable and bruised, all because you didn't learn how to fix the wheel before it broke completely." the analogy was good... he thought. Maybe it wasn't. "Then one day, you find out one of your other wheels is breaking. So... you try and learn how to fix it this time, but you just... don't know if you're gonna find the answer before it breaks too."