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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Room to Breathe

    There. A smile. Aiden just kept grinning, it had been a while since he had felt this useful to someone. Even Lorelei hadn't needed him, it had been very much the opposite. Aiden didn't mind that everyone else around him was strong enough to handle their own problems, but he did often wish that he could make things easier for people, and not harder. Sometimes it felt like any time he tried to be of assistance, that was all that happened---things got worse, so this was a nice change of pace. And Chloe was intelligent. Calm. Easy to talk to, and asked interesting questions. It took him some time to reflect on why healing was consistently his passion, he didn't want to disrespect her with a half-baked answer. While he thought, he swung the space ship back and forth, watched the horizon dip and rise as he moved. The answer wasn't a difficult one, but it was tricky to explain. "Mum," he said after a moment. "I used to help her sometimes when she was hurt. She said I was good at it, and always called me her little healer." He hadn't even done much. Fetched supplies from the cabinet, helped apply pressure when it was needed. He'd only been small. But it had felt important, and even moreso when his mother smiled at him and hugged him tight. Whenever he faltered, he remembered those nights. He remembered the night it all happened, and the calming voice of the healer that had taken him and Valerie aside while they waited for someone to come. It had seemed like the only good and solid thing in the world at the time, Aiden aspired to be that something for someone else. "What are you interested in? If you could pick any career you wanted to do, no limits, guaranteed success. What would you choose?"
  2. Room to Breathe

    Aiden beamed as the girl accepted his help. Adam would be glad too, once all of this was explained, that the girl at least wouldn't walk alone all the way back to Tallygarunga. Sure, it was doable, possibly even enjoyable. But adults like Adam had a thing about safety and Aiden knew that if something----however minor----happened to Chloe after he left her tonight, he would be unable to forgive himself. He still harboured guilt over the things he'd said and done before Matt's accident, before he went to bed the night his mother passed, Aiden was resolved to not let anything be unless he had offered all he possibly could. "Yeah, hopefully! If something else doesn't make more sense before then," Aiden was trying to keep his options open. Maybe this was a permanent thing that he loved, maybe it was a current fascination---both Adam and Cass encouraged him to explore everything. Not get locked into one idea until he'd tried a few others out for size. They were even encouraging him not to go straight into university after graduating, which... sounded crazy to other students he talked to. "My brother was in a coma for a lot of years, so I got a bit interested then. He woke up, though. So it's all fine." He shrugged a shoulder, as if trying to shrug off the reality that was the worry and over-study that had come with trying to find a cure for Matt. Aiden didn't like to talk about his childhood much, it was... not light and fun conversation. Even when he could almost hear his Mum still running around here, herself pretending like their worries were none and being bright, vivid and happy for her children while the dark cloud hung there. It was what it was. Aiden couldn't change it. Maybe he could prevent it happening to others. So maybe he would become an auror. That was another thought. He kept his smile on, though. Whatever the future held, it was definitely going to need more smiles.
  3. Room to Breathe

    If Aiden closed his eyes and concentrated, he could pretend he was five again. Valerie toddling around on unsteady feet, that time they had met Matt and Kate for the first time. He had run straight for this one swing, he had been obsessed with space at the time. It was a happy memory, if he left out the part where his mother had dragged him screaming away from the spaceship swing and back home. Back to Dad, and everything that came with that. The swing was safe. This park was sacred to him. He was glad he could offer Chloe some respite here, from what she was going through. "Yeah, I board too... though I dunno why we bother. Adam's almost always got something planned he wants us to do on weekends, so we're back here a lot, me and Val. He's big on family time, me brother." Aiden shook his head, smiling. It was certainly not the negative that it seemed to be for Chloe. Family time was good. Felt normal. From a lot of broken pieces, the Longhursts had forged something happy and functional. Aiden couldn't complain. Especially not now Matt was awake, and even starting to walk for small amounts now. "If you like, I'm sure he'd help take you up to the school. Wouldn't mind going back myself, got some books coming into the library that should be there by now," Aiden's grin was wide, teeth gleaming in the moonlight. "In-depth guide to curious contagious maladies, some of them so rare they don't even have cures," Aiden had decided he didn't want to quit on his love of medical literature. Now that it didn't have a direct purpose, he researched what fascinated him. Incurable diseases was one such topic. "And if we're late there, it'll be fine. Adam's a good friend of Headmaster Burdett, so we won't get in trouble."
  4. Room to Breathe

    "That bad, huh?" Aiden couldn't say he related to that. Sure, there were times where Adam's social extravaganzas were just too much, but he'd never felt the need to escape the house over it. Not in the dramatic manner that Chloe had, anyway. He could always count on his half-brother to understand that Aiden wasn't always keen on being at the party, and need a bit of space and time to breathe in his room. As long as he didn't make a habit of disappearing every time, it was fine. And Aiden didn't really want to disappear either. He enjoyed their visitors, whoever it was that Adam and Cass were entertaining. Their circle of friends was diverse and interesting, and family time was always special. "Sure thing," he replied, gesturing with a hand still in his hoodie pocket, down to the end of the street where a cluster of trees hid the small children's playground from the view of the road. "When I was a kid, I used to come hide out over at the playground. Mum took us there once, and I think I just really liked the spaceship swing..." Aiden shrugged a shoulder. He didn't mention that Cass had found him easily, or that both Adam and Cass would sit just beyond the trees and wait while Aiden believed he was "run away". Aiden had never considered running further than the park. He began to walk in that direction, lazily swinging one leg ahead of the other, aware that his lanky legs could make his walking pace uncomfortably fast for others. Besides, looking too much in a rush would be too noticeable for any stickybeaks nosing out of their windows, and this neighbourhood was full of whispers. While he knew that Adam would simply shrug and reply "So?" to any neighbour who knocked on their door to tell him that Aiden was out roaming at night, Chloe's situation sounded a bit different. The spaceship swing was still there. Just as it had been when he was five. Hanging from a frame the paint had come off years ago, he vaguely remembered it being blue and peeling, the spaceship itself was red. A two-seater swing made for toddlers, Aiden could barely fit a shoe into the seats now, but it was comfortable enough to straddle the ship and swing gently backwards and forwards. He did so, a dumb grin of childish pleasure resting on his lips as he invited Chloe to take up one of the other novelty swings. "So, what's the plan then? Gonna sleep out tonight, or you got somewhere to go?"
  5. Room to Breathe

    Aiden had his hands shoved in the pockets of his own hoodie, though the hood itself wasn't up. He liked the cold. Winter meant more time to read without Adam demanding they go camping at every opportunity. It meant big hearty dinners and an appetite that wasn't smothered in the overwhelming heat of the summer months. Aiden was the sort of kid who wore shorts in the bitterest winter and never really seemed to get cold. Although, no doubt, Adam would by now be peeking out the front door in his direction---holding a pair of trousers and a beanie. "Sure?" he wasn't convinced by her answer, either. Although the girl didn't look physically hurt, or even particularly distressed, she had just jumped out of a house. At least it was a clear night, and down the road a little way was a small playground that at least offered shelter from the bite of the wind. Perhaps that would be a better place to continue the conversation, where the windbreak of trees about the clearing could also obscure this perculiar girl from... whatever it was she was escaping. "You did kinda just... fall out a window," Aiden shrugged one shoulder. "Jumped, whatever---I'm Aiden. I live across the road from you." He knew her face, had seen it about both on their street and at school---but didn't know her well enough to recall her name. Sturt, he thought. Possibly Bourke? No---Sturt seemed right. He didn't recall seeing much of her family around, though, which... was hardly surprising. When Adam and Cass had moved the family into the smallest house on a street where bigger was clearly considered better, they hadn't exactly been welcomed into the community. Their lack of flashy clothes, trinkets, and Adam's penchant for obscene garden gnomes had not helped. "And I came out here 'cause I saw you out here. I can go back inside any minute if I like... guessing that's not the case for you?" he raised an eyebrow with a half-frown.
  6. Room to Breathe

    Adam liked everyone to be home for the weekend, and Aiden was always willing to oblige. Together they had cooked up something of a feast, shared it with the Belmonts, a comfortable evening with their unconventional but excellent family. Matt was getting stronger, Kate was visibly happier, and Hazel was blooming into the wild and adventurous child she always should have been. The night had been filled with awful puns, Adam's strangely good dance moves, and Cass drinking wine until her nose turned red and she giggled at everything. When he thought about what they had all come from, what they had come through, it seemed like an impossible level of happiness. And yet, it was here. He retired to his room after the Belmonts had left, his sides aching from laughter, and set himself up at his desk with the latest pile of textbooks to be examined. For once in his life, Aiden wasn't even sure he could focus on the book, much less take notes from it. It wasn't an urgent priority though, he was well ahead with his study---just not ready to wind down fully and go to sleep. He drummed his fingers against the pages instead, letting his mind wander back over all the questions that still plagued him, the miracles that he had seen happen and the things he wasn't sure he would ever understand. Through his bedroom window, he saw a flutter of movement. That was... odd. Aiden frowned, leaning in against the glass to see better. And there it was again---but larger. A person. He squinted, watching as the shape moved away from the house across the street. He knew the family over there had kids that went to Tally, but he'd never really paid it much attention. This didn't seem right, and he soon found himself sliding his shoes back on and heading out through the living area. "Something the matter, Aidey?" Adam called from his game of wizarding chess with a very tipsy Cass. "Dunno... someone just jumped out of the house over the road." Aiden replied, ignoring whatever else Adam had to say as he closed the front door behind him and moved off in the direction he had seen the shape go. People didn't jump out of houses because good things were happening. It was also late. Very dark. And not the greatest of neighborhoods to be wandering about on your own. Not... that Aiden was thinking about that himself. "Oi," he said in a low voice as he got closer. "You alright? Need some help?"
  7. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Aiden Longhurst
    Adam clearly wasn't bothered by the rain. He stood with his hands in his pockets, grin on his face, and let it fall around him as though rain was one of the most wonderful things on earth. He did believe that, too, which helped. Adam had never been the sort to run from weather, it was what it was. What others called "bad" weather he simply thought was more interesting weather. He tilted his head at the mention of a dive, now that sounded fun. Coming out here early had definitely been the right choice, he'd always wanted to see this place. "Sure," said Adam brightly, before herding Valerie, Cass, and a reluctant Aiden onto the boat. He followed in last, running a hand through his soaked sandy-blonde hair to get the excess moisture out. "What's... a gilly dive?" Aiden asked, almost too scared to find out. The boat rocked beneath his feet and the queasy feeling was coming back. He grabbed for the nearest support and held so tight his knuckles went white. It wasn't unlike his half-brother to lead them into some sort of unexpected adventure, but no one had mentioned boats. The Bush Telegraph was bad enough. The way the horizon bobbed and swayed on the outskirts of his vision made his stomach turn. Horizons weren't supposed to do that. Still, Adam stood confident with that broad and excited smile. Cass stood by his side as always, her smile not as blinding but she was happy. "Something you could show us, maybe, Nox?" Cass asked, knowing that Adam was practically vibrating with the effort of not asking to go along. "It would be wonderful to see your world before we bring you over to ours."
  8. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Aiden Longhurst
    "We really should tell them..." Aiden knew his protests were in vain. Once Adam decided to do something, he didn't listen to reason. Sure, there was no harm in turning up so many hours early to meet and collect Nox, but it wasn't exactly polite either. What if the poor kid was having an emotional farewell with his family and friends that they were about to interrupt? Adam waved away his concerns yet again. Adam had decided this was going to be fun and that was it. Even Cass had suggested passing along a heads-up, and that too had been ignored. Aiden had also tried to get out of going at all, the Bush Telegraph was his least favourite mode of travel. There were stories about what happened when it went wrong. How would he explain to Lorelei when his body parts got scrambled and he had a belly button for a nose? How would he sneeze through a belly button? He was overthinking it, as always. For the most part, Aiden was looking forward to having Nox around. What he knew about them so far, they seemed fun. Adam had jumped at the chance when Alan suggested it, and only rolled his eyes a little bit when Alan clumsily tried to explain that he'd thought of Adam and Cass because Nox wasn't a "he" or a "she" but a "them". The man tried, everyone knew that, but he just couldn't seem to get his head around gender idenities. It was a small town thing, a thing that was easier if you had direct experience and understanding. For all his faults, Alan had known that Nox would need someone who understood. And that's why they were all here. The lightning-fast trip made Aiden queasy, his head spinning as his body ticked through all the vital organs and limbs to make sure he was all there. Aiden lifted a hand to touch his nose, breathing out a big sigh of relief when he discovered it was still a nose and not a belly button. Valerie skipped alongside Cass, chattering about her plans for the new year. She was excited to have "another brother" too. Aiden steadied himself against a wall, waited for the world to stop spinning. By the time it did, Adam and the others were already well ahead. "C'mon, Aidey!" Adam called back, clearly impatient. Adam and Cass had been talking for years about growing their family. They had been turned down by almost every adoption agency in Australia, and when society had grown to a point where Adam's history was no longer an issue, it was their age that held them back. This was the closest they would get, now. No matter how many times Adam assured him that having him and Valerie around was enough, Aiden knew it wasn't. Never would be. Enough was the lie they told themselves to stop from being angry that the world had denied them the thing they wanted most. Aiden jogged a little to catch up, sudden humidity flooding his nostrils. How did anyone breathe here? Would he have been better off with a belly button? He was confused when he saw the boat, and the face that greeted them. That was definitely Nox. Aiden already knew that Nox was cooler than he would ever be. Adam just grinned and leaned out to offer Nox a handshake. "Yeah, thought we'd surprise you," Adam explained with a shrug. "Nox, this is my partner Cass, sister Valerie and brother Aiden." Aiden lifted a hand as his name was mentioned, still watching Nox with a great deal of curiosity. He hadn't expected the boat. Nox also didn't look very ready to leave, which was just proof they should have stayed to the agreed schedule. "It's um, good to meet you," Aiden said, unsure of what else to say.
  9. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "You saw that. Adam saw that. I didn't," Aiden said, shrugging a shoulder. "I thought I was doing what had to be done. They saw it differently, and maybe it's the same with what you were trying to do?" The moment, for all of the potential there was for a professor to poke their nose in and get the pair into terrible trouble, was strangely comfortable. Lorelei was a soothing presence to Aiden, always had been, even in her weird child state. When she wrapped her arms around him in a hug, he was stunned---still processing this idea that he should have many friends. That he was kind. Aiden didn't believe he was a bad person, he knew that wasn't true. Yet. It was very strange to have someone else describe him as kind though. Or claim that he deserved many friends. "Well, yeah. We're friends, right?" Why would they be here in the middle of the night talking like this if they weren't? He assumed that Lei would collect a group of more better friends, but that didn't stop this from being a friendship. Aiden tended to accept his place on the outside of every group, and he was genuinely content with that. He'd never needed to be in the middle of everything, he'd never desired closer relationships with anyone. He wasn't sure what would happen if he did develop that closeness with another person. The only one he really let in these days was Valerie. She was his sister, that was different. "If anyone can help her, it's gonna be you," he added with utmost confidence. "Hopefully before the other students reject her, but... that's up to her I guess."
  10. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "Adults have a different idea of what's dangerous and what's not," Aiden shrugged. "Adam didn't like me researching how to fix Matt, cause he reckoned it was unhealthy for me. Adults worry about weird stuff like that, just means they care." He could relate on the helplessness. Just because it was normal and part of life didn't mean it was fun. He'd spent more of his life feeling helpless and stuck, he could understand why Lorelei would take any opportunity she had to make a difference. Aiden knew he would probably do the same. Though he knew as well that Lorelei wasn't like him, the things that she potentially could do were... definitely more... something. Kate had advised he stay away from the family in general, and Aiden could see why---even if he didn't agree. They weren't your average people, that was for sure. As for her fears about starting at Tallygarunga, Aiden smiled in the half-light. "Making friends is difficult wherever you go," he admitted. "I'm not real good at making them myself, but you get what you put in, I guess. Valerie doesn't seem to have any trouble, so it's probably not so bad. You're different, which is a good thing, but people can be weird about it. You got me, though. So that's a start?" It was definitely weird to know that Lorelei would be in the senior school at the start of the next year, he just couldn't block out the image of her younger self. It made sense in a very strange way, she'd always seemed older than she was, and it was likely she would find it easier to connect based on that alone. "And you've got Lauren here too, although what I've heard so far is she's not real good at making friends herself..." he added, shaking his head.
  11. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    When Lorelei missed his point, Aiden let it be. Partly because he wasn't quite sure how to explain all of that to the girl, but more because he was sure that his chances of being murdered by an angry librarian would increase with every birds and bees fact he let slip. If she wanted to think they would get in trouble for "playing" it wasn't really so far from what others would assume, just... playing of a different sort. And Aiden couldn't even contemplate Lorelei in that way. Her body may have changed, but that didn't erase what he knew. Especially when she so clearly had no idea what drove the majority of teenage boys. Aiden knew he was going to have to watch out for Lorelei, make sure no one took advantage of her sweetness. Because it would happen. Aiden felt his fingers curl up in the blankets at the very thought. The girl leaning into him gave him feelings. Not feelings of untoward desire, but deep protectiveness. She was so... clueless. It was refreshing. Frightening. "Yeah... of course I was worried," he replied, confused himself that she wouldn't have realised that. Aiden didn't want to bring his personal tragedies into it, but his first assumption when Lorelei was struck down, was that she too was gone. Permanently. Like his mother, and like he believed Matt would be. He'd even believed it was his fault, that befriending the small girl had been enough to transfer his curse of bad luck onto her. Aiden was intelligent enough to know that wasn't logical, or true---but it still lurked in the back of his darkest thoughts. It wasn't a knowledge he wanted to burden the girl with though, it was enough to say that he had been worried. Even missed her strange company. Cautious as he was that they might be sprung, he was relieved that she had come to see him. Not everything had changed. And tonight he even had a chance to be useful to her. "That's kinda how life is, though," Aiden shrugged. "Sitting around feeling helpless when bad things happen, and riding the wave of the good things. Can't always be able to fix everything bad that happens, it'd be exhausting. Too much for just one person. It's okay to let other people take the lead, and sometimes... just nothing can be done. So everyone has to be helpless together." Aiden knew he was recycling a lot of Adam's words. A lot of advice he'd ignored in his quest to cure Matt. "But even that doesn't mean you can't do what you can. Probably just... don't go off alone. Let people know, so they can help too."
  12. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "It's fine," Aiden said with a shrug of his shoulders. "Just---probably not good if any of the professors decide to look in, yeah? They might think we're... y'know. Doing stuff." The tips of his ears burned red at the very idea. Aiden was still desperately hoping that he would eventually find himself attracted to other boys, but that hadn't eventuated. His crushes so far had been fleeting, but always on female students. He didn't want that. He couldn't quite explain why, or how the thought of being attracted to women terrified him, it just... did. Almost as much as the thought of the librarian charging in here and finding him alone, at night, with her granddaughter sitting on his bed. Lei's questions made him think, though. She was obviously quite upset and he wanted to help. "Upset? No---but scared, yeah. And I guess... being that scared made me angry that you were going to leave as well. Maybe you scared them too, in some way?" Aiden offered, not having all of the details but making his best guess. "You put yourself in danger, did something that maybe didn't have to be done alone? And it hurt you. I don't know, that whole thing was weird." Aiden shuddered a little just remembering it. "Your grandparents probably want to protect you, and you didn't let them. I mean, what you were doing was important---but was it safe?" Matt was a whole other kettle of fish, he didn't understand that either. That Matt might wake up and the world go back to normal was a laughable thought now, Aiden could barely stand to be in the same room as his grumpy half-brother. The only person who got his good side was Hazel, and at least she did. But if the man was so determined to be ungrateful for this second chance, that was his choice. Aiden just hoped he would come around. "I guess... try to see it from their side. If someone you loved and needed to protect did what you had to, and you didn't know about it---how would you feel?"
  13. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    Aiden was aware, as most were, of Lorelei and Lauren's arrival at the school. He had seen them about, but been a little hesitant to approach Lei himself. She was... different, to say the least, and he really wasn't sure if he was allowed to talk to her. What he had seen of Lauren, the headmaster's fabled lost daughter, was not encouraging either. He had waved to Lei in passing, he wasn't avoiding her, he just... wasn't sure what to do about all of that weirdness. To his knowledge, people didn't just wake up that many years older. Or with suddenly weird eyes. What was the protocol for welcoming back a friend who was probably too young to have been his friend in the first place, now that she was a teenager appearing roughly his own age? That was a minefield to say the least. Now completely stripped of any projects to work on, now that Lei was also awake and his elder half-brother was grumpily settling back into normal life, Aiden had simply resorted to studying for his exams. And sleeping regularly, and eating. Adam was very pleased with these new developments. But he had always been a light sleeper, and the touch to his shoulder made him jump awake. His surprise doubled when he saw it was Lei who had disturbed him, heart still in his throat as he sat bolt upright and looked frantically around the room. Oh--right. His dorm mate was away for a few days, and thank goodness for that. "What are you doing here?" he hissed, aware of how thin the walls were and how easy it would be to wake up anyone in the other rooms. He regretted saying it immediately, he didn't want to disappoint her, he was startled and more than a little concerned. "I can, but... it can't wait until morning?" If it could, he supposed she would have come to see him then. He shifted enough that Lorelei could sit up on the bed, and hoped that if any of the professors decided to peak their noses in to check that all was well, Lorelei would disappear as fast as she had appeared. This was not a good look. There was no protest he could make here that would convince anyone that their intentions were pure, Aiden was sure of that. "What's the matter?"
  14. Do what's good

    At first, Aiden wasn't sure if the girl was even talking to him. He didn't often get interrupted during his library sessions. That may or may not have had something to do with a frustrated Aiden biting the heads off any who tried to approach him when he was furiously trying to study, the first years gave him a wide berth when they saw him at his table. He wasn't a terribly scary person, just---he had been so invested in what he was doing. He missed that feeling. "I'm... sorry?" he said, as if in a daze. He tried to remember her name. He knew it. He was sure he knew it. Sue-ann? Susan? S-something, they were in the same house. Aiden tried to focus. S...s...s... Siwan! That was it. Aiden never had been good with names. Or people, really. He liked people well enough, he wasn't anti-social, just didn't feel the need to be around groups all the time. He floated his way about the school, not really connected to his classmates. That had suited him well enough while he was trying to find an impossible solution. Now he had a lot of time to fill and no close friends to help. "Reference..?" Aiden suddenly realised he was just echoing her, and shook his head. Snap out of it, boy. He did like reference books. He wasn't sure what he needed to learn, but it would be better than going through the same dusty tomes that he had scoured in the years leading up to now. Something new, something fresh. "What sort of books does your dad have?"
  15. Lorelei

    Aiden is so very confused by Lei.
Aiden Matthew Longhurst
Sixth Year
16 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  16
Date of Birth September 19th, 2002
Birthplace Wodonga
Player  ★ Sadrienne
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Play-by KJ Apa

Aiden doesn't like to talk about what his early childhood was like. He does have far too many unpleasant memories. Ensuring that those memories never get shared with Valerie is very important to him.

He also tends to hide his secret project to find a cure for Matt's coma... feeling that it would be laughed at, or he would be told to stop obsessing over something that was impossible.

General Knowledge

It's generally well known that Aiden's family is... messed up. Most people know that he's the half-brother of Matt Belmont, and that Matt has been in a coma since 2012. It's also well known that he lives with his other brother Adam, and that some very horrible circumstances led to his mother's death and father being jailed. The exact circumstances aren't so well known.


Aiden is ridiculously protective of his younger sister Valerie, and treats all new people with caution - especially men. When he first came to Narrie, he idolised his father and resented Kate. 

His turbulent life has made it difficult for him to fully settle, and Aiden is very opposed to any form of change. He blames Kate for abandoning him and Valerie after Matt's accident, though he does love living with Adam and Cass, and considers them the parents they should have had from the start. 

Aiden is mostly quiet, and serious. He's a good student that works hard to get good marks, and shows more magical talent than Matthew ever did. He spends a lot of time researching various medical practices, especially experimental ones, and believes that one day he may find a way to bring Matt out of his coma. 

Overall, Aiden is kind and compassionate. He believes he has a duty to help everyone he can, even if he doesn't particularly like them. Part of him is afraid of getting angry, so he squashes negative emotions down as far as he can. He does not want to be anything like his father.


Like his brother, Aiden is tall for his age---and lanky. He has arms and legs that seem far too long, he is the ultimate awkward teen. Trying to find pants that go all the way to his ankles, but don't fall off his narrow hips, is always a challenge. His ginger hair is often a point of mockery, as are the freckles that cover his face. He has dark green eyes, and a gentle smile.

Aiden tends to dress practically, if stylishly. Simple clothes in plain colours, but usually with a designer label on the collar. This is Cass and Adam's influence, as they believe the kids deserve the absolute best of everything.

The story so far

Aiden is the son of John and Angela Longhurst, brother of Valerie Longhurst (13), and younger half brother of Matthew and Adam Longhurst. His father was an abusive man, who regularly beat his mother - and already had prior domestic abuse convictions regarding his first wife, Valerie (Matthew & Amanda's mother). He grew up believing that the appropriate way to treat women was with disrespect and violence, adoring his father despite his faults - it was all he ever knew.

In November 2008, Aiden's mother Angela made contact with Adam and Matthew - John's children from his first marriage, seeking out support from other family members as her family did not support her at all. While John didn't mind her desire to talk to Matt, he refused to acknowledge Adam (born Amanda) as family - and once he discovered Angela had been in contact with him, made his opinions very clear in the kitchen. He was afraid that Angela was seeking support to leave him, and they had an argument that ended in Angela's death and the two children witnessing the entire gory scene. The children were immediately rushed to Narrie, and left with Matthew while a police investigation arrested John, and had him sentenced for life.

Aiden and Valerie then lived with their elder half-brother Matt and his new wife Kate, at the apartment on the top floor of the Drunken Roo, the pub that Matthew owned and managed. Aiden was enrolled in Tallygarunga's junior school, and the school has been his one stable home since then.

When Matthew was hit by a tram and subsequently fell into a coma in 2012, Matt's brother Adam took custody of both Aiden and Valerie. They live in a small house in the outer-suburbs of Melbourne to be close to Adam and Cass's workplaces, but both Aiden and Valerie spend the majority of their week at Tallygarunga. Adam and Cass make plenty of time for them during holidays and weekends, often including Matt and Kate's daughter Hazel in family time.

Aiden does love the school and has slowly grown into a respectful young man. He has his sights set on a future in the medical profession, wanting to be the one who can stop tragedy from happening to other families.

Aiden knows what happened to his mother, and still has horrific dreams about it. He's glad that Valerie was too young to remember any more detail, and tries his best to shield her from the brutal truth.

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