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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. With Dignity and Grace

    Brooke didn't mind much at all Aisling using a word from an apparent different language to refer to someone at all, and was about to tell the redhead to feel free to do so, but stopped herself. Even if Brooke didn't mind, it was likely that other people would; she likely shouldn't get in the way of this girl trying to rewire her brain to say the appropriate English word instead. Instead, she let the matter go and nodded at the question that soon followed. "You rarely get a dull day around here, so that must count for something, right?" For better or worse, there was always something happened, and it was something Brooke very much appreciated - it kept the rumor mill going, and it kept life from getting boring. It wasn't something very common to small towns around the country (or anywhere for that matter, to her knowledge) but magic always injected some energy into things, especially when careless teenagers were involved. "There's a lotta colorful folks around here like your mom says, but at the same time we're all split into Houses depending on what kind of 'colorful' you are, I guess. You got sorted into the fun House, congratulations." Of course, Brooke would always happily greet a new Spencer and welcome them to their ranks. Especially at that point, as the rivalry with the Sturts was spiraling out of control. 'I gotta find out who did that thing to the showers, stat...' "The easiest place for you to make friends will be fellow greens like us, like I said, though there's at least someone accessible in every House." The Sturts were somewhat questionable, but she reckoned not all of them were insufferable. "And if you want, I can introduce you to one person or another. Doesn't hurt to make a bit of a network if you're fresh off the boat, eh?"
  2. At last, my brainchild is ready...

    Just in time for Halloween too!

    1. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      That's interesting. Is that thing you mentioned? Am I allowed to know what it is now?

    2. Brooke Outerbridge

      Brooke Outerbridge

      @Colette AuclairAh shoot, I forgot! I promised you you'd get to see it before anybody else.

      Good thing it's yet to be shown! Come meet me when you can, you'll get the VIP tour.

    3. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair


      I'll be there soon. 

  3. With Dignity and Grace

    As Aisling spoke, Brooke adjusted the backpack strap over her own shoulder so it wouldn't fall and proceeded further into the room. As she approached the redhead, her eyes seemed far more focused on the offending couch rather than on the girl talking to her, watching the furniture with wonder as she walked around it. She halted her steps just as she had gotten past one of the couch's sides, tilting her head as her brain turned its gears. Her eyes widened mildly as the idea came to her as if she had been struck by lightning. 'Oh damn, I can totally use this!' Of course. She had to find out whoever it was that created that little stunt to thank them - she could recreate it in her own and Phoenix's side project! 'People feel like they need to rest, sit down, get thrown off and then look up Sally and Nancy... The idea practically writes itself...!' Hopefully her Spencer companion would like the idea as well. They had to ensure every little detail was impeccable and nothing was left untouched. When Aisling began to introduce herself, Brooke snapped back into attention and turned to the girl whom was back up on her feet. Fortunately she had managed to catch the gist of the conversation despite her state of distraction. "Well, I don't know who that is, but I'll go with Ash! Sounds easier if you ask me. I'm Brooke. Not from Bourke, though that'd be a hell of a joke. Since you're new, I take it you're yet to run into a whole lotta people thus far?" Indeed, Aisling was new - the fact Brooke didn't know about her much at all was a dead giveaway. She hadn't been the only one of the sort she had ran into recently, however, having led the eldest Auclair sister around the area a few weeks before. Then again, if she was looking to socialize with even more people, she was in the right House as far as Brooke was concerned. "And, don't mind that thing too much." She waved a hand towards the couch. "Take it as a normal Spencer welcome. A mild one if you ask me." She briefly considered going to get Laurie to dispel it due to her curse breaking chops, but quickly reminded herself that it was likely the Durmstrang exchange student had probably bewitched the couch herself; not only that, but it was far more fun to watch unsuspecting students getting tossed off from the sidelines anyway.
  4. Open Stack Overflow

    Brooke visibly grimaced as the mountain of books came crashing down on the floor, the table being torn to pieces from the effort of holding them up to begin with. She was fairly sure half the school had somehow heard the edutainment books fall - it had been with such force that multiple loose sheets had been ejected upwards on impact, which were then slowly gliding downwards in mid air, their parent novels left unknown. Brooke had hesitated to turn around, but most people of the somewhat sparsely populated Games Room had taken notice. One of them called out to her, and the Spencer looked at Sunny without turning to face her handiwork. "Well, thank you for noticing." She joked, a humored smirk spreading on her lips. "I'll be here all week!" She didn't seem much upset at all at eliciting laughter from the older girl. If anything it served to put Brooke at ease, or at least just enough for her to release a breath she didn't realize she had been holding since the incident had occurred. She then turned around, and as a she did, one of the sheets circling the air landed right on her face. A momentary flail followed the discomfort, but Brooke managed to reach towards her face to pry the offending piece of paper off. As she pulled it away, her eyes quickly scanned the page on reflex. "Pureblood supremacists and you, and why they care more about who you s--wait, what the hell?" She muttered under her breath, brows furrowed. It seemed to be some analysis of a questionable The Mage article penned by Keira Hammond (oh, she knew who that was, alright). 'How the hell does this qualify as 'edutainment'? Should this even be in school...?' She cleared her throat, looking at the carnage for a few brief seconds before looking over at Sunny once again. "Uhh, I'll be taking that help, yes. What'll I be owing you?" Quid pro quo, or so they said, seemed to be the rule of thumb most of the time in that school. Brooke wasn't above playing that game.
  5. I decidedly need to find me a Poltergeist.

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    2. Brooke Outerbridge

      Brooke Outerbridge

      @Robin ShawWell, thank you, kind stranger!

      @Colette AuclairOh no, not yet. You will know eventually. But for now, it's a secret. Shhhh.

    3. Robin Shaw
    4. Colette Auclair
  6. Invite Fantavision

    That day would be the day Brooke's new project would be (mostly) realized. She had gotten herself a volunteer to help outfit an abandoned house, so to reshape it into a proper haunted manor! She would have done it herself if not for the fact she was just shy of fifteen years of age, and there was a pesky law and tracker in place to keep students from using magic outside of school campus. 'Hey, maybe I can use this place for my own birthday party next month... Though will they even let me bring John over...?' That volunteer had been Phoenix Aurora, the fellow Spencer she was presently leading through town in order to reach her new favorite location. She wasn't sure how old he was, but given he had offered, she assumed he was seventeen; if not, perhaps he could tap into some sort of magical source that simply wasn't tracked by the Ministry. In either case she didn't much care as she dragged the pretty boy along Calder Avenue towards their destination. They eventually came across what looked like a family home with two stories and an attic, as well as a vast yard. The girl lightly jogged up the stairs of the front porch before turning around, a roguish grin spreading across her face. "Ta-daa! Ain't she a beaut?" The girl boasted just as a few roof tiles slid off and came crashing down onto the grass near them. 'Maybe I should bribe some ghosts into haunting this place once we're done...' "We have to really let loose on this one, yeah?" A thick layer of dust over various pieces of furniture was very visible through the windows, as well as plenty of cobwebs. "Don't wanna let potential visitors down."
  7. With Dignity and Grace

    Brooke wasn't someone who had a room in Tallygarunga either, in her opinion regrettably so. The ever so cheerful Spencer was made to stay home by her parents so to be able to take care of the dog, Peach, as well as her little brother. She wished she could be surrounded by people like she'd be if she boarded, but she understood her responsibility and didn't fight it. Of course, that didn't mean she never had any business in the common room; in fact, that very same day she had some pairs project to do with a fellow Spencer fourth year that somehow hadn't ended in disaster. And who was she to complain about it? It was time to go home. Hanging her bag over a shoulder and bidding goodbye to her friend with a free hand, she exited the dorm room and closed its door, walking at a leisure pace towards the Common Room that would then lead to the exit. She came into view just in time to see a redhead being ejected off of a couch, landing flat on her rear in what looked to be a painful landing. For a moment Brooke grimaced but the expression was quickly replaced with the urge to laugh, and she bit her lower lip not to do so. She couldn't hold that laughter when the girl had attempted the stunt a second time, only to be thwarted the same way. The chuckle escaped for a couple seconds before she covered her mouth, struggling not to let out any more of it; letting go, she held up a finger as if asking for a moment to regain her own composure, clearing her throat while doing so. "Sorry about that." Was she? It had been pretty funny. "But, you know what they say about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?" Brooke had never seen that girl before, now that she thought about it. If someone had jinxed the couch, it was quite a harsh manner to be introduced to the Spencer House, yet a truly Spencer manner nonetheless.
  8. Open Stack Overflow

    Brooke Outerbridge
    There had been an oppressive cloud looming over the entire town's heads for a little over a month at that point. At points Brooke had witnessed things get really awkward on campus among and against halfbreed students and the sentiment to speak up on both parties of the debate was gradually increasing, contributing to the less than pleasant environment, but unlike everyone else that Spencer wasn't one to be brought down by such events. In fact, she was quite cheerful. Her mind had decided to occupy herself with what was ahead of them instead. A reminder of that very event came into view as she walked such a poster announcing it, much like it had the year before: the End Year Ball was approaching. It was a great opportunity to break out her one good dress and forget all her academical troubles for one day, and to potentially drag a cute date along to boot. She should likely go through her mental notes to see who would best suit that role, something she had been admittedly shirking with the excess homework passed on to make up for all the revisions classes earlier years were forced to sit through for the sake of the survival of the sixth and seventh years. With that idle thought playing at her mind, the Spencer opened the door to the games room with her free left hand, as her right one was employing the use of her wand - she had been asked to carry a sizable stack of edutainment books for the sake of everyone's future perusal in the room. The stack neatly floated in front of her as she entered the area and eventually came down with a bit of a thud atop a plain table at the end of the room, the top of the stack threatening to topple over, standing taller than one with giant blood in their veins would. "They told me to bring it here, they didn't tell me to organize 'em." Brooke shrugged to herself as the spell came to an end, shoving her magical tool back in its holster. She turned around, but, as she prepared to leave, a loud snapping noise reached her ears. It was followed by a crash and the sound of sheets being ejected out of their books and soaring through the air. Brooke flinched, guessing what had just happened: the table's legs had snapped under the immense weight and all the books came tumbling down. She really didn't want to turn around and look...
  9. Feel The Glow

    "Just a bit." Brooke repeated in good humor, the smirk growing into a small smile that mirrored Colette's. Not knowing the new Sturt that well just yet, she couldn't tell she had scored a tremendous victory; nevertheless she was elated at the opening she had carved for herself through the wall of hostility the girl seemed to put around her to, presumably, keep those she deemed inferior to herself away. Did that mean the Spencer was on equal ground? As Colette took her hand to get up, Brooke pulled on it to help her properly before letting go. She stood nearby as the question was thrown her way, not yet leaving as she went through the school map in her mind. "Well... That's certainly a way of putting it. It gets kinda confusing sometimes. Think all the years of a given class scheduled to show up in that class. It's a bit tough to keep up with all the different materials because of the difficulty, but if you ask me, I feel like they have no choice due to budget cuts. You just gotta do what you gotta do, y'know? Plus that way there can be more classes in general so you choose when to attend what, which is nice." Somehow, it worked. She wasn't sure how, but it did - there had been legendary wizards and witches coming from Tallygarunga, which meant the school was doing something right. "Anyway... Quidditch Pitch, Gawker Building, Sturt Common Room... So you've been to the Tarnagulla Centre but you haven't looked around? With how much Sturts are targeted by the Spencers, you should probably get somewhat acquainted with the Hospital Wing." She joked as she looked around to establish some sort of path. "Might as well start there." She settled on the idea. It was on the farthest end of school, and she figured she could very well start the trip all the way in the back and work their way back to the entrance of the school.
  10. Feel The Glow

    Compromise. Brooke didn't feel like she had much of a choice in the matter and wound up shrugging. She could tell Colette wouldn't budge from her opinion, and the Spencer wouldn't change hers either - it was something at the core of their personalities, and so perhaps it wasn't that bad a thing that they could come to the minimal agreement that was each understanding the other's point of view. It was a victory as far as Brooke was concerned - if Colette were to just concede and agree with everything the Outerbridge heiress had to say, things would turn out to be quite boring in the blink of an eye. As Colette put the question up in the air whether she was immature or not, an amused smirk filled the Keeper's lips. She was pleasantly surprised that this Sturt hadn't immediately presented herself as mature as a matter of fact. Many of those in her House did that very thing and it felt like she was playing a broken record after a while. It was quite refreshing to see Colette be more self aware than Brooke had envisioned her be, and the blonde was quickly framing herself as a 'fun' person in the Spencer's mind, even if unwittingly. "I don't get along with a lot of Sturts, you know. Most are tough nuts to crack. There's a couple cool people here and there though. And you, you're not so bad." The smirk widened as she spoke in jest. Hopping off the table and adjusting her clothes the moment her feet hit the ground, she turned around and held out a hand for the half-Veela to take so to help her get up from her seat. 'A little flirting never hurt anyone.' "And it is, yeah. And, like I said, I'm not gonna put you through anything. Truce for the entire day, how's that sound? I won't make any promises for when you enroll though." Though, now that Colette knew Brooke's honest intent in good humor, perhaps things could take a turn to perpetual amusement down the line, or so she hoped. "What have you visited already? So we don't go through it all again. Other than the Quidditch Pitch, of course."
  11. Feel The Glow

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy." Going nuts and killing a bunch of people? Ending their life? That was a dramatization if Brooke ever saw any. She was starting to be half-positive over Colette watching way too much television. "That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm telling you to learn how to tell stuff apart. By me telling you to get a thicker skin I don't mean shove your feelings down, it's more 'know that this ain't gonna hurt you and it's in good humor'. There's a difference between making you look like a glow stick and making you hang from a lamp by your underwear. One's cruel, one's not. Another comparison would be sitting on a whoopee cushion and getting a wedgie. They're not in the same league." What was so hard to understand about it? How was a joke automatically bullying? "Besides, what's so wrong with being childish?" The Spencer shrugged at the notion. "I'd rather have a sprinkle of that in my life than be serious all the time. That sounds really boring, y'know? Besides, we're just kids. I wanna live out my teen years, thank you, before I get strapped to a job I might not even like for eight hours a day until I die. It's about living a little. Besides, most people I know who have a hard on for being 'the mature ones' are usually the most immature and unhappy of the bunch. Watch for that pitfall." She gave the half-Veela a friendly wink. Hopefully it wasn't too late to turn that ship around. "Being the target of a prank here is a Spencer's way of saying 'hello', really, at least for most of us. We don't really mean any harm by it, though I'll concede there have been a couple bullies among us. Needless to say they're not exactly popular." A bully in a house of pranksters often didn't last long enough to tell the tale. "Though, sorry to say, most bullies on campus come right out of the Sturt house. And I'm assuming you're in it, no offense. So, you may wanna preach to 'em before you tackle the Spencers."
  12. Feel The Glow

    Fixing her palms upon the wooden table, Brooke applied pressure and jumped just enough to land squarely in her chosen seat. The movement had been quite mild and the table didn't move an inch with the sudden weight upon it - it wasn't so much over Brooke being as light as a feather as it was over how heavy the piece of outdoor furniture was. The fourth year dangled her legs back and forth at the edge of the table separately as Colette went on with what she deemed to be a sadly warped point of view. "There's no way of knowing if the other person will enjoy it. That's why it's a prank." Brooke pointed out the flaw, yet seemed quite amused instead of up in arms about it. "Besides, it doesn't mean any harm. Other people don't get to choose what an action's intent was, y'know? That's up to the prankster. Just because you don't like what they're doing doesn't mean they're a bully." That sounded ridiculous in her head. Was Brooke a bully? That was inconceivable in her mind, even if she was the mischievous sort herself at times. Some of the more memorable moments in her life had been engraved in her mind through pranks, whether it be on the giving or receiving end of it, and it was a concept she held dear to her heart - as every other Spencer did, she was sure. "I just think people are too sensitive if they think they're being bullied, sorry." The girl gave Colette a shrug of her own shoulders. "Just gotta get some thick skin, a sense of humor, and learn to prank back. Unless it's something in an obviously ill intent, say... Something like, hoisting someone up a flag pole by their underwear," She had seen some of those herself, though ironically enough, they had all been performed by Sturts. "Then yeah, that sucks, but if it's not something like that, just learn to let it bounce off of you. It's not that hard. That glow stuff on you is pretty harmless if you ask me." A shiver ran down her spine with the chill in the area. Even with her protective clothing, she felt it had gotten a solid ten degrees colder ever since she stepped outside. "And if you think about it, ain't life like that? Things are gonna knock you down. Learn to get back up and dish it out too or else people will step all over you in the end. If all else fails, at least I'll have my sense of humor with me instead of just being bitter all the time."
  13. Feel The Glow

    "Ooooh, scary." There was something amusing about poking and prodding people whom didn't know how to laugh at themselves, or at least, that was how Colette was coming across. Though, given how she carried herself, Brooke assumed this girl hadn't exactly been the target of a whole lot of pranks in her lifetime - something that would surely change in Tallygarunga. Had she been in a Penrose-style type of school after all in Europe? She'd heard that there were a few institutions all around that continent that took themselves too seriously, and it looked like they had indoctrinated the blonde into that mindset as well. "Well, first off, nice meeting you, Colette." Brooke had half a mind of calling her 'Frenchie', but it was too early for her to start poking the bear again - she had just gotten an in after all, and she should explore it before letting the door shut in her face. "You're starting with the wrong premise there. It's not about bullying at all, at least for most of us." Given that Colette wasn't getting up for the school tour, the young Spencer leaned just enough to lightly sit upon the edge of the table, facing the Sturt sideways. "We just want to make things fun. School sucks for most people so it makes things more bearable for all involved. The people who play the prank get their rocks off, the people watching it are amused and the ones on the short end of the stick get to be distracted enough to forget about the crap stressing them out. Win-win, if you ask me. Though if you go into things in the way you put it, then yeah, that's no fun." Brooke did understand some people preferred to just be left alone - that was a big reason why she rarely ever hit up the Flinders with her antics. "Plus, it's a great way to find out how people work. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn from just watching how they react to whatever."
  14. Feel The Glow

    With the little 'Captain Obvious' quip, Brooke's smile widened. The situation was highly amusing to her as this girl kept taking everything too seriously and literally, and seemed full of herself to boot; how could she be so unaware of coming across as a pretentious idiot? If poking the bear had already brought so much fun to Brooke, she was starting to actively consider doing so much more for the sake of hilarity. "Well, first things first. Cross my heart and hope to die, I won't make things worse for you." Not at that specific moment, the Spencer mentally added to her promise as she raised her hands up so to symbolize a truce. One thing was that day, and another would be the days Brooke was actively searching for a target. Colette was positioning herself as a prime target for Spencer pranks at that moment and didn't even realize it. "With that said, will do." She continued as she lowered her hands. Gwen, huh? That was an impressively English name for someone who sounded foreign. Perhaps it was a nickname? Regardless, she was glad one of the sisters was more outgoing. In all likelihood she could recruit this Gwen's help in making fun of Colette in the future, given the distaste this Sturt seemed to demonstrate when bringing the girl up. "Speaking of names. She's Gwen, I'm Brooke. What's yours?" 'Smooth transition.' She had to control herself not to laugh out loud at that moment, trying to see if she could cave a small dent through this person's outer mental walls through familiarity.
  15. Feel The Glow

    "Hazing ritual, running into Spencers, same thing. Tomatoe, tomato." From first impressions alone Brooke could already tell this new girl was a Sturt. Ignoring the fact that she was caught with the Sturts in whatever prank her House members conducted (and she wanted to congratulate the perpetrators in person, she seemed to be far up on her high horse and coated with a layer of pretentiousness brighter than the glow stick prank. It was a shame that such an attractive person was part of the one House in the school that was the butt of all decent jokes around, but that only made her curious and want to poke the bear. Something more interesting came to her attention - she apparently had a sister whom was a Spencer. Brooke was always partial to more Spencers, as was the rest of the House, and from the way the blonde had put it, it seemed that the sisters got under each other's skin. 'An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Unsure if she's an enemy, but, little blondie will be a valuable ally, I'm sure.' "You're not just new, you're not even from this continent. That's been happening a lot lately..." It was an easy conclusion to be had from Colette's accent. She didn't understand the school's appeal to foreigners - it was an underfunded public school. This girl looked like she'd be right at home in Penrose instead. "Well, doesn't matter. Don't look so down in the dumps, you can actually pull that look off pretty well." She threw out the compliment disguised as a joke, morbidly curious as to whether it would diffuse the girl or incense her. In either case, Brooke was having fun. "Welcome to Tallygarunga. I have a hole in my schedule so I can be your guide. Or not. Whichever."
Brooke Annette Outerbridge
Spencer Quidditch Team Keeper Fourth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth November 5th, 2004
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Year Level Fourth Year
Occupation Spencer Quidditch Team Keeper
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (to be Aardvark)
Wand Pine, 9 ½’’, Salamander Claw
Play-by Jessica Sula
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Needs a constant tether to others, positive or negative: being alone without any means of reaching someone else (i.e. without a phone) makes her intensely uncomfortable and puts her on edge;
  • Doesn't have a clue over what she should do with her life, having become complacent and settling on the idea of potentially leading her parents' store one day;
  • Doesn't actually care that much about Quidditch and LARP'ing in itself;
  • Is afraid of burdening others with her worries and problems, feeling like she isn't worth the trouble and downplaying her own struggles, and bottles it up;
  • Is painfully aware of her lack of life experience and mostly happy upbringing, which sometimes makes her anxious when she considers what sort of bad things can happen in the near future to shatter that idyllic image of her life.
General Knowledge
  • If you need something done, ask Brooke about it. She always knows a guy;
  • Seems to keep an ear out for rumors, apparently knowing plenty about people often without necessarily having met them before;
  • Satisfactory Spencer Quidditch Team Keeper;
  • First born child of the owners of Magical Collection, a small second hand store for magical items and artifacts;
  • Knows a bit too much about magical items and curses as a result of hanging out in her parents' shop;
  • Has a nine year old golden retriever named Peach;
  • Part of the school's LARP club;
  • Babysits her brother often;
  • Gives off the uncanny impression that she's able to pop up anywhere and everywhere at once with no warning for any given reason;
  • Hyper social, and doesn't seem to have a problem talking to anyone regardless of age group;
  • Teases people for a laugh at times;
  • Has a seemingly bottomless stomach, but doesn't gain any weight;
  • Often looks like she does certain things just because she can, and shows off while doing so.

Nobody is really sure how Brooke's become the social butterfly that she is, given her family history - her energy and need for socialization have branded her as the odd duck of the Outerbridge family, a label she wears with pride and conviction. She is the type to know everyone in town at least indirectly, and can quickly recognize people without having met them before based on word of mouth comments - with astonishing accuracy, too.

She's the type to jump in head first and ask questions later, and that sort of brave (or fearless?) behavior has gotten her into trouble before, although she seems to be mature enough to know when to stop. This halting usually comes when she realizes her fooling around is endangering herself or others.

From a young age she's learned how to be independent and self-sufficient, and she rarely hesitates to get her hands dirty when the situation calls for it, even coming up with creative and unorthodox solutions to various problems. However, she is also of the school of thought of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' - this sometimes leads to complacency and to have her problems grow and spiral out of control before she even realizes there are any problems to take care of.

Once Brooke sets her mind to something, regardless of what it may be, not only is it borderline impossible to change her mind, but she ferociously pursues that goal until it's achieved. Unfortunately, this tenacity hasn't been something she's enacted to tackle Quidditch or her school grades, in which her performance remains average at best as a result - one could easily make the argument that her priorities are switched.

She's an optimistic and cheerful individual whom greets others, be them strangers or friends, with an upbeat attitude and encouraging grin. Unless the situation calls for some sort of seriousness, it's hard to bring her down from that general behavior. Her bubbliness usually has a twisted sense of humor sprinkled it to it, ranging from silly and cheeky to sarcastic and morbid and anything in between. Despite her friendly disposition she's quite blunt about her opinions and has no qualms flirting with someone she finds attractive, but doesn't go overboard with it.

Her positive mood switches when she's alone - in the rare circumstance that she has no contact with others for any given reason, she becomes somewhat anxious. She needs some sort of connection at all times, even if she's doing some sort of solitary indoor activity: even if it's just regularly petting her dog, or texting back and forth with a friend. It's very much a drug to her and she actively recognizes it as such even if not admitting it openly.

Her lack of life experience has led her to become naive and a bit too trusting of others. While she still hides behind the shield of common sense, her naivete makes her a good target for emotional manipulation, or worse.

She lacks a sense of personal shame and exudes confidence in her words and actions, all of which is reflected as an odd type of charisma. While not abundant, it does its job when needed and she's never had much trouble making friends with the roughest of people. Unfortunately, her confidence walks the fine line with arrogance and occasionally crosses it. She might unconsciously reach sadistic levels as well, depending on what sort of joke or gag she pulls on people to test out their reactions.


Brooke stands at a steady 165 cm and is quite happy with her height (or lack thereof). She has a fairly slim build and a dark skin tone. Her hair is dark brown in color and somewhat wavy, though she occasionally straightens it out (although it never lasts long). Her eyes are dark brown as well. Having a very expressive face, it's not too hard to tell what she's feeling at a given time, though most of the time it has a good humored grin spread upon the lips.

Her clothing style is rather simple, influenced by the family not having too many funds to make use of on top of keeping the store and their house afloat. Simple designs adorn her clothes and she's not too picky when it comes to them in general, though she does know how to mix and match the little she has to make herself look better than she normally would.


Brooke is the type of person to know everyone, even if they don't know about her - she always keeps an ear out to hear about who's around town, who's of interest and whom should she befriend. Being the social sort, she insists on meeting with those she calls friends often, engaging in various activities with them and help them out with their issues. This is a double edged blade, as some approach her just to be connected with her obnoxiously large network of people. Given her naivete, it might take her a minute or two to catch on to being used in such a manner.


Despite being the odd one out in her family, Brooke still strives to maintain a good relationship with each and every one of them. From helping her parents out in the store, to doing chores for them, to babysitting her younger brother John every other day, for as erratic as Brooke can be one can never take away from her devotion to her family.


While she doesn't have much experience in the matter, Brooke's not one to feel embarrassed of any affections she might have towards someone and is prone to go after them full steam ahead. How she'd act while in a relationship proper remains to be seen.


The very idea of there being people who dislike her bothers Brooke greatly - being someone who strives to befriend people and get on their good side, she often opts to ignore the fact they may not take kindly to her at all until that smacks her right in the face.

If she doesn't like the person in return, however, she can become passive aggressive towards them, and if in a particularly foul mood, she might actively want to obstruct whatever it is they're trying to get done just to get under their skin.

The story so far

Brooke Outerbridge is the first of two children from Christopher and Jaiden Outerbridge, the local owners of a small shop that buys and sells magical items and artifacts. Even though the store didn't net them a whole lot of money, such was the nature of the beast, nobody in the family ever lacked anything throughout the years; not even after the added expense that was Brooke's upbringing, or later, her little brother John's.

While the family has always had a track record of being discreet and private, and not going out of their way to engage with others (within reason), Brooke subverted expectations and became quite the social butterfly at an early age. Her parents were completely unequipped to handle someone with so much energy and frequently joked between themselves even their dog, Peach, was lazier than the child. They failed to realize she was only active out of a pure need for socialization and let her do her thing.

Eventually John was born as well, and Brooke promptly offered to babysit the little boy whenever needed despite being young herself. As such, she's learned to be self reliant early on, taking on chores like cleaning and cooking to help her parents deal with the child, or sometimes being allowed to look after him (much to her glee) instead of just watching the dog. It helped grow a sense of responsibility in the otherwise random and energetic girl, but somehow that didn't make much of a dent in her social ways.

As the years went by, Brooke found that clubs catered to her needs quite nicely - she joined the school's LARP club and her House's Quidditch Team with no actual interest in the subjects, but in the people practicing them. This makes her satisfactory at best in both activities, though it's not something she seems to mind. At the same time, she struggles to find her own place in the world - the older she gets the more unsure of what she wants to do she becomes, and the more complacent she is towards running Magical Collection once her parents retire.

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