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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Sticky troubles

    , The experience had been a learning one, that not every prank or plan had been perfect. It was a necessary skill to learn to adapt to the shenanigans he devised especially when they started to backfire. In this particular case he wasn't sure if it backfired or if this had been the world's greatest prank against a single person. He had to say, it wasn't too bad sharing a bed with the 'Ice Queen' herself even if nothing untoward had really been happening. And overtime he had begun to pick up certain queues in the young woman that hadn't been as 'Icy' as she seemed to make herself appear to be. While he didn't like to brag, okay, he did, a lot. People had to at least agree that he was a Prank Meister, A Jack of All Pranks. Something did tip him off that Colette may have even suspected him as the prior prankster that hit Sturt. Aside from the fact he'd been caught in the Sturt's area in a very. . . Peculiar situation. He respected that she'd been a lot brighter than other's of that House, that had already been a step up from the usual dull-brained bluebells. "Why does the tadpole swim, Letty?" His head tilting towards the side, inquisitively staring in her direction. Jacket arms rolled up to revealing far more of the tattoo that stained against the skin. Leading the way that kept them off the usual 'safe paths' that someone may have instructed a person to stay on to keep safe. Of course, he wasn't just a normal person and the outback had practically been his playground due to his unique affinity towards the natural environments. "Yea, it's been a habit since I was a little kid. Back home, in America, we've really dense forests in my region. Hidden swamplands too which made the danger tick up a bit. There's. . . Just something exciting about exploring the world this way. The anticipation, things you can discover." The way he spoke had been like a child reading through a book of fairytales, epics that were made to inspire and lead young children into a world of dreams and creativity. For a moment he felt the tug in the opposite direction, a frown furrowing on his face and his hand shot-out with a sudden speed to grab her hand yet it settled around in a gentle grasp. There'd been a obvious strength behind him yet it'd been contained and maintained evenly. "Hey, knock it off! No need to be all high strung. Or, what? Are you scared to actually see the world around? I mean, I know you Sturt's really hate broadening your horizons but. . . " It'd been a tease as much of a challenge. Could she rise to the challenge? Letting her hand fall from his own, unless she'd already snatched it back, of course. He started to push forward with a bit more strength on his head. Nostrils flaring up as he took in the aroma of the various flowers and wildlife that swarmed around their current area. "No subtle movements. . . There's a. . . Kangaroo gathering nearby and I think maybe a stray doggo."
  2. Nature's Ally

    "Of course, living in the moment lets you see in a way that's truly unique to it." He snickered lightly towards her playful turning lips. Then a smoothing shrug rose up from him. "Everyone has their own way of viewing from their eyes, right? Another mans memory is another mans nightmare. All about perspective and reasoning." He spoke of it so casually, as if he heard someone say it and drill it into his mind. An earworm that just wouldn't leave in the form of general teachings. "I like to think it would be one to love, yea." The 'exact' experience he had intended to offer, he wasn't sure thoroughly but the spontaneity of it only made it far more enticing to dance about. "Everyone? Perish the thought!" Phoenix spoke in a charming manner, leaning in enough to add just enough of a low inflection. Speaking in a lower town, an intimate whisper. A means to try and speak to both the heart and the soul. "It can be just yours to take, Robin. . ." Her name leaving his in a passionate drawl. His lips turning into an ever impish smile. "Depends, I find myself quite fond of cream pies." Admittedly, being scanned and watched held an alluring charge to him that just couldn't be shaken. "I'm not just a Birdie and you're not just a photographer." Now, it was his turn to stalk about the woman. Encircling her slowly while his eyes examined her from head to toe. Both of his hands delving into the depths of his jacket pockets, catching his gaze every so often lingering towards her rear. She'd been fit, the shape of someone that found themselves constantly moving and active. That much he could tell without even needing the full picture of her body revealed to his senses. Stopping right in front of her and staring towards her eyes, keeping at least a memory and respect that the woman had been deaf. "Nature, danger, and adventure. I guess you can say I like to find my hand in a bit of mischief and then some. Depending."
  3. Open Here Kitty Kitty

    Phoenix Aurora
    Pursing his lips together, head tilting to the side while examining the young girl once more. 'So, she -is- a cosplayer. . . Well, I can't knock someone's hobbies! If it works for her, it works!" An odd choice but it also proved she'd been on some form of mission looking for a 'Jojo' which he could've only considered to have been a cat or a really awkward dog that liked the features. His hands pressing into the depth of his pockets while being sized up or more specifically looked up towards given the relative size between the two of them. "Wait, that's how you usually dress?" To him, she'd been the equivalent of a walking caution traffic cone. At least when it came to the noticeable design of her attire. One of his hands pulled from the pocket, running the surface of his palm against the locks of hair that rested on his head. "Hey, if it's your style then it works for you right? Everyone has what fits for them." Who was he to argue about it? After all, the right side of his arm had part of his tattoo peaking out from under the coat he wore. Only showing the lower jaw of the tiger that made up only a fraction of his tattoo and the design that had been mostly hidden from sight. "But, I guess in a way. . . It kind of just rocks with you." "You know, you've got the ears working for you and the cadre of colors. . ." Smiling lightly towards her afterwards, head shaking with a gentle shrug that followed. "Nah, I'm not making fun of you. Maybe poking a bit of teasing but in a good way. Not in the bully way, I don't do bullying. Pranks, jokes, and making people laugh is my game plan. Enjoy every bit of it too!" Shifting his posture, leaning more towards his left side while extending the leg out in front of him slightly with an acutely bent knee. "But you never really answered, whose Jojo? And~. . . Do you need any kind of help or something? I'm pretty good with finding different kinds of things and people."
  4. Okay, I want to clarify. Quick, this one? Not on me! But it's ALMOST as good as my last two.

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    2. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      What will you use to knock them down? Think you can a get close to a few without them running?

    3. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Maxine WilliamsYou insult me! This is -me- we're talking about. Of course I can get then. 

    4. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Then let's play bowling. 😁

  5. Crud, Gelman escaped again! Well, that's going to be a fun adventure trying to get him from his fun-spree. 

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    2. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      You do realize you JUST kind of admitted that you did?

    3. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      I did no such thing. You can make me change my mind. 

    4. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      Whatever helps you with your cool points. Just remember~ I spent enough time to know~.

  6. Okay. . . Maybe I deserved this a bit. I am stuck to the most cold-hearted Sturt. I think she likes me though.

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    2. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Colette AuclairYou tried to run away from me when we got stuck! I feel hurt! My achy-breaky heart!

      @Gwendoline AuclairI done goofed. I was caught just after finishing and testing it out.

    3. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      @Gwendoline AuclairYou better close your bedroom door tonight.

      @Phoenix Aurora Seriously? Achy-breaky? How old are you? 

    4. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Colette AuclairOld enough that you want to close Gwen's door! You're so forward.

  7. A Sticky Situation~

    Phoenix Aurora
    Who would've that being stuck could be so much fun? Or. . . A very dangerous hassle! The Sturt Showers took their own hit, much like the Spencer's had a few weeks ago! Except, the water seems to be cursed with a 'Glue trap' of sorts! People could be collecting up the sweet pollen, their homework papers with ease, even a passenger or two! But it will take 'Things getting stuck to you' to a way too real level! Well, it's lucky that it's something that only lasts for a small bit, right. . .? Just remember to bring a long your favorite spatula to pry things off so that it doesn't get too ripped!
  8. Nature's Ally

    Intentionally pushing out the magical enhance hormones had always been a gamble, nothing had been thoroughly certain. It hinged on a lot and primarily there needed to be some form or attraction that existed, enough that it could aggravate and even empower that initial chemical spark in the proper type of people. Whether she'd been enamored or not he hadn't been sure but at the very least it would've made for an interesting test of a project to see just how resistant some individuals had been when it came amongst the Australian populace. Phoenix shrugged with a smile that never seemed to dim as the young woman watched him. "I'm a live in the moment kind of a guy. If I spent too much time looking at pictures and thinking about a different route to redo well. . . I'd probably start to question if I'm happy with my self." Every action he'd done in his life had been one with intention, were there things he regretted? Somethings he wished he could've just rewound and taken up a different choice in general? Not by a long shot. Lips curled into an amused smile, had he caught her? Had she been enchanted? It'd been hard to tell exactly, the tug, it didn't feel exactly the same as ones he'd done in the past. "It's a pretty enlightening experience, one you never forget." It'd been as much of his confidence talking as it was his certainty of his words. He didn't mind pictures, his people had come a long way from believing such a contraption actually stole an individuals soul or at least a part of it. Unless it'd been some form of cursed camera of sorts. . . Regardless of the situation, the existing or non-existing urges, it'd been quite clear that there'd been a bit of a fire for the camera that she held. "I don't really see how that would make anyone jealous. But. . . More questionable things have sparked a persons green eye, I guess, right?" Jealousy had been something he'd never personally dealt with, finding that a scattered 'hunting grounds' had been far more preferable than that potential hiccup. A hum resonated within him, that had been an odd choice of words, not ones that he expected of someone who had been properly charmed by the compounding effect of his heritages. "Cookies? You looked like a pie kind of person to me." His ears twitched, the sound of the ground shifting under him as the roots shot out, coiling at the base of his legs. There'd been no shock value from him, almost an amused grin with a subtle nod that flowed through. "Impressive, impressive." With his eyes still pinned on hers, the presence of an unseen force started to counteract against the roots almost as if it were prying it away with an intensive presence. "But if you wanted me bound and kept for your personal enjoyment. . . All you had to do was ask."
  9. Open Here Kitty Kitty

    Phoenix Aurora
    It had been a good day to go out and about at least after spending the last few days scrubbing the remnants of blue taint that had been from the rigged showers in the Spencer's House showers. He had to give it up to which ever Sturt decided to up the game to the next level of hitting everyone, that just meant he needed to explore his usual areas for 'staging' the next step of his devious pranking-a-palooza. One of the reasons he often went to the West Wall had been for the usual secrecy that it offered, not that people didn't know it'd been there but it'd just been so tucked away the chances of just stumbling over it had been unlikely. Stalking by his side had been an adolescent Siberian Husky with what seemed to be a yellowish blob that hooked on its collar as if it'd been actually riding on top of the canine. The obvious state of sentience behind it, a science project gone wrong or people one gone too right depending on how one had viewed it. It was then that all three caught the site of the outlandish getup that the young girl seemed to have been adorned in. Pig tails pulled back, extremely loud colors that made it hard to miss her and if he didn't know better there'd been cat ears stationed on the top of her head. Had she planned on meowing too? That would've pushed the meter for him, barely able to contain the amused and wry grin that shaped on his face. 'I. . . Can't even. I really need to compose myself here.' Far too juicy to pass up this kind of encounter. "So, this is what it means to 'Cosplay' I guess?" Phoenix's voice raised up with his arms crossed against his chest, peering over towards Dessa with his head tilted towards the side. The hound that followed him with the yellow blob started to adjust and lay on the ground as if he needed some form of rest or really just didn't want to stand up much longer. "Does this 'Jojo' really show up when you walk around looking like 'Kitty Rainbow Surprise'? Mostly curious." The tone woven through his words had been far more in a playful jest rather than an attempt to tease. "Need a bit of help with your search or something?"
  10. Nature's Ally

    Deaf? For someone that had been of the impaired she'd been communicating fairly well. Though this method always seemed far less-effective with that bit of knowledge. "Blind? I never thought that, your eyes are too nice to offer it up the gnomes of blindness." A small grin touched his lips while weaving a hand through his hair. It'd been in that moment that he started to release the usual control he held on his magically enhanced hormones, letting them filter through the air in an attempt to offer an enticement towards the already curious red-head that approached him. Even denoting him as 'Birdie' still, a teasing woman it seemed from that banter alone. As she prowled around him he stayed still, letting his extended senses take up the heat of keeping track of the woman rather than his eyes. Until she stepped and stopped right in front of him where he started to peer down towards her slightly. "Freelance photographer? Explains the camera, the wildlife explains why you're traipsing through the bushlands too." His lips parted for a half-grunted laughter even more pronounced towards her insistence on whether or not he did magic. "Maybe I just spark magic in your heart? I'm told I have that effect on people." Showcasing a roguish smile after his words with an almost casual shrug linked to it. Though her stance made him believe she'd even known about it, seen it, or had been a practitioner herself in some manner. His nostrils filling with her scent with her newly adjusted position. She definitely smelled like. . . Something. The touch of magic had most likely been on her or maybe in her veins. . .? If he could get but a taste it would confirm a hypothesis. She'd decided to circle him once more, the amusement of it played in his mind like a recording. Wasn't he supposed to be the one hunting her in some manner? Not the other way around? "I am pretty photogenic. You can hang up on your wall, tell people you met the ever elusive, 'American that stalks the Australian grounds.'" The thread of his accent had been obvious to not being local, almost as if there'd been am emphasis on 'e's and 'A's in somewhat of a droll. His stance changed, pressing his hands into his pockets with only the thumbs extended out and towards the corner of the pocket seam that showed on the outside. "I can be found in a lot of places. Usually when people are looking for someone to pump their heart with a bit of excitement and fun." His words spoken in a low speech, as if to try to offer an allurement to what he could've been inferring towards. "Though something tells me you're the sort that does magic shows. You seem really hooked on it." It'd been about the third time she'd made a reference or connection to magic or the fact that he may or may not have been a 'Magician'. The curiosity she offered also seemed far less about the magic portion, almost as if he'd been reading it as a red herring. Had she been far more interested in his work or in the fact someone had been found in the wilderness? A soft chortle rolled out of him as he shifted towards her, locking his eyes on hers as a barely noticeable illumination glossed over the lens of his pupils - Trying to offer a far more active ensorcelled effect on the woman, he hadn't been sure if it would even work. "Robin Shaw? That's a lovely name, you can call me Phoenix Aurora." To which Phoenix laughed with amusement. "We even share bird names."
  11. Nature's Ally

    He viewed himself as a harbinger of many things and in this particular case it'd been the harbinger of helpful revitalization. A bit of a benefit to a harsh ecosystem, giving the various animals a better chance at survival. While he didn't take much pains to keep too subtle within his animal state he also didn't account for someone being curious enough to follow or even really be around in general. The slight aroma that twisted through the air of someone that hadn't been of the normal wildlife caught his attention after reaching his original form. Someone close at that, after all, the nose knows as many would've liked to say. Even the sound of a cameras shutter gear after taking a picture and shifting to an empty slot on its reel seemed to resonate within the depths of his ear drums. Yet he stood, as if it unbothered, not noticing the encroaching woman that seemed to have curiosity and oddly enough softened steps that barely disturbed the ground. His untattooed hand pressed into the confinement of his jacket pocket once the voice made itself 'known' to him, turning around with an oddly relaxed look about him. "Don't know what you mean, just the bright light of the sun!" Phoenix stated in a coy manner, wearing roguish smile to fit the generally laxed demeanor he'd been radiating. His eyes scanning the woman from head to toe, trying to get a better read on if he would've needed to use the full extent of his abilities to try and 'convince' her what she'd seen wasn't exactly what she saw. Or if he could've simply let it be, for the most part. "What about you? Some travelling wildlife photographer?" His brow curved inwards while giving a more investigative glance towards her features, she seemed familiar for some reason. At the very least she smelled almost as if the touch of the reserve lingered off of her as well. "Or do you usually take your camera around and snap pictures of random people? Not that there's anything really wrong with it."
  12. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  13. Nature's Ally

    The seasons were about to change soon and though the environment by its nature should've been able to handle it the previous seasons had trampled on the various plants harshly and in a way that often made it regrowth difficult. Something that effected the entire ecosystem in an equally harsh way, from the smallest insect to the largest bird that soured through the sky. Phoenix found himself in the Bushlands for just a mild bit of maintenance, the hope that a few actions could cause a positive domino effect. Making his way through the various gnarled roots that seemed to curl along the ground, dragging the tips of his fingers along the edges with a gentle and intentional trace which started to slowly reinvigorate them. Not forcing it, rather adding the intended nutrients for it to give it a full bloom when the time would arrive for it. The shade of its surface growing an obviously healthier color compared its surrounding brethren. However, slowly, that same countenance started to spread to the surrounding area through the roots. As if it were sharing it with the others that could benefit from it and strengthening their own structure to be healthier. "And that's what it means to be touched by a true steward of land." He whispered lightly and chuckled to himself. Instantaneously his body shifted, to that of a bird - A somewhat medium-sized Thunderbird that held an obvious tattoo on its wing-span. Taking off into a flight as the sound of thunder throttled through the area, though a storm started to form it'd been maintained and situated over a small patch of area which generated only a bit of water for the surrounding foliage to drink up. Phoenix then landed some few ways closer towards the part of the Bushlands that led a bit further towards the Tally-Narrie road yet still some ways off and shifted back towards his original and human-like form. That should've shaken up things a bit in a positive manner, now he simply needed to find himself some good adventure or trouble to offset the 'good deed' of the day. Maybe there would be some unique Magical creature to tail?
  14. So many shiny people!

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    2. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      Hahahahaha! With how conceited they are I guess you can say they can truly make their futures brighter? 

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I can say that not all are conceited, but at least now if we need to take someone into a dark cave to explore we have our own personal torches, comes with a personality and all. 

    4. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      Personality? Don't you mean Scrooge McDuck attitude?

  15. Popped and Glowed

    Phoenix Aurora
    A Hit for a Home Team! It seems as if someone had managed to tamper with the Sturt Quidditich equipment! The Quaffle being replaced with something that not only suddenly explodes into a collection of funfetti that danced through the air but also a clinging dust that causes a person to glow in the dark in a -very- obvious manner! A variety of colors in the form of a rainbow! As if that weren't en-lightening enough, the Beater's bats were even enchanted to run away from the hands of people in the fashion of what looked to be a Russian Folk Dance! Who could've even done such a thing?
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