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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Phoenix Aurora

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  • Birthday 09/15/2002

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    Phoenix Verdant Aurora
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    Boston, Massachusetts - US
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    Sixth Year
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    Student, Professional Troublemaker
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    Kiowa Gordon

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    9" Elder w/ Thunderbird Tail Feather
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  1. Phoenix Aurora

    Phoenix Aurora
    Character Name: Phoenix Verdant Aurora Character Position: Sixth Year Student at Tallygarunga Link to Character Profile: Phoenix Aurora's Profile stuff
Phoenix Verdant Aurora
Student, Professional Troublemaker Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Veela HE/HIM
Age  16
Date of Birth September 15th, 2002
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts - US
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation Student, Professional Troublemaker
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Thunderbird
Wand 9" Elder w/ Thunderbird Tail Feather
Play-by Kiowa Gordon

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ~ Year 1 - 3 ~ House Thunderbird

Tallygarunga ~ Year 4 - Current ~ House ???



* Is an "Unregistered" Animagus, traditions taught by his Tribe in secret and passed down. A 'Medium' Thunderbird with amber eyes and both wing spans seem to hold an odd an barely visible markings of a Totem Pole on them.

* Has a Portikey that transports him between his home in Australia and to a spot where he can interact with the Thunderbird, Lolotea in secrecy. 

* Adept at the use of Transfiguration spells. 

* The Tattoo's on his right arm and hand are Henna but enchanted to be long lasting until intentionally dismantled to fade away. 

* Despite his Grandfather's best attempts, Phoenix still manages to find himself in far more trouble than the elderly man can withstand. 

* He's aware that there's something else within his blood but isn't entirely sure of the 'What'. There are tales told amongst his Tribe that it was a 'Fiery Bird Goddess giving the Aurora's a blessing'. A really flashy way to say 'Some Veela Lady'. Unbeknownst to him, The woman was also part Dhampir passing on both genes to him. Still suspecting that the particular 'Dhampiric Gene' came from his Father and he'd just been hiding it very well.

* Is skilled in Fancy Dancing and War Dancing of the Wampanoag tribe. 

* Colt is actually a Famliar

General Knowledge

* Is a spontaneous trickster, whether it be in a filled environment or a prepared ahead prank one will never know until it happens if its Phoenix's work. Or so they say.

* Openly displays the tattoo that is clearly of some form of 'Tribal' meaning. 

* Is known to be an adventurer of the Bushlands and just about anything else that seems to be interesting to him. 

* Skilled with a myriad of percussion and woodwind instruments.

*  Seems to have a detailed understanding of various animals and their habitats making him a self-taught and mentored Junior Magizoologist. 

* Known to try his hand on different things simply for the sake of trying it out.

* Has a Siberian Husky purebred named Colt.


Phoenix is a young man of curiosity often finding himself drawn towards things that spark his interest and pursuing it to see what the outcome would be. Whether it is through a magical project gone wrong or unknown foray's out into the wilderness it always is with the intention of trying to find out the question to his ‘what’. This is often what helps to define much of his wild and spontaneous nature when it comes to either going with a flow that he designates for himself or turning a situation into a moment he could live within. He isn’t someone that is naïve and believes every circumstance could be wormed out of, so he designs a livable situation until it passes or is conquered.

This makes him someone that plays by his -own- terms first and foremost. Listening to people in authority is far more of the circumstance. While he understands those that speak from those roles often are foretelling from their own experiences as well as their position, he’s also quite aware that what they did and how they responded in those moments isn’t an indicator on his own personal response. He doesn’t believe another’s view is law or something to swear by but at the very least to consider and use it for his own better chances while still choosing to be much of himself.

Shyness isn’t a definition that he lives by and neither is caution. He’s as likely to approach someone as he is to pull them into something that wouldn’t have been on their list of things to do in that moment. Meeting a new breed of a Troll? Why not? If they’re just strafing near-death everything is fine in his mind. Adventure is a part of life with so much needing to be explored and it is something he plans to take whatever friends he makes on such a chaotic understanding of life.

He has a low opinion of those that are either too far up their own rears to see the world around themselves or are so high on their Horse that they haven’t even realized that they were already knocked off in life. Much like the traditionalists back in his Tribe he’d offer them the only high-opening advice he could offer which would always develop into some form of trick to either break that façade or to shove the stick even further up their backsides. He lives up to the moniker of being a ‘Chaotic Breeze’, what many of his people would consider a ‘Trickster Spirit embodied in a Human’.

There can be no doubt, however, that he isn’t a malicious individual. Rough around the edges, willful, but never someone that has ever intended long term harm on someone’s actual life. It’s equally something that he wouldn’t tolerate, coming from a background and culture where Physical, Emotional, and Mental abuses tend to run rampant amongst the ‘First People’. Those that seem to pull in such an atmosphere have much to expect of his unpredictable wrath.

Intelligence wise he’s not a lacking individual, applying himself if only to show he can be multi-faceted beyond what many people think or expect of a Wild Child. Though he had also been taught to not eschew wisdom, that the two needed to be pushed together in order to truly experience and survive the trials of the world. Words spoken by the Sachem before he left that still struck in him as much as he’d want to deny that they did.


Phoenix stands at six feet and one inch with an athletic build. There is no heavy mass of muscle on him that protrudes but rather natural tightened definition. His skin is often a slight tan though bronzes over when the sun grows intense depending on the time of year. His hair is of a medium length and well groomed as well as maintained offering a lustrous dark tone, a testament on how well he employs the means of keeping up with personal hygiene and care. Though his hair also displays an unwillingness to conform often always in a wild fashion of allowing it flow in whatever way it seems to desire. As if it had any such a pull.

While he’s always dressed well regardless of the season there is also the sense that his clothing is picked intentionally to expect to get a bit dirty or at the very least offer mild protection for situations. During the far more mild and cooler months he can almost always be seen sporting a black faux leather jacket intentionally enchanted and managed to fight off the rougher elements that could be encountered while out and about. During the summer it tends to be a short-sleeved shirt or a long sleeved short with the sleeves neatly folded up towards the elbows. Typically wearing colors along the spectrum of: Brown, Olive, and Burgundy due to their resistance towards getting easily dirty or at least from it showing up. Loose cargo pants or jeans are typically the choice for him, finding them far easier to move in and resilient than other clothing for the kind of activity he gets himself into. He also wears sneakers designed with strong ankle support and well-defined grips at the soles.

On his right arm is a tattooed sleeve using Henna, starting at the shoulder and moving towards his wrist displays a Totem pole. At the shoulder is the image of a Thunderbird’s face, the second section display the firm maw of a Killer Whale, the third section resembles that of a wolf with its snout angled slightly downward while the final and lowest part of the pole resembles a Tiger with its mouth slightly agape. At the center of the back of his head is the insignia for House Thunderbird from Ilvermony intertwined with the insignia of his Tallygarunga House.

His eyes shine with an odd amber hue to them.


Friends are important to him, while he doesn't have many that could be counted amongst his circle compared to the average student he does try to keep them close in some fashion. They're easily as likely to catch a few of his tricks and pranks however not to any embarrassing degree. Unless he knows they could take that kind of heat and have a laugh of it. At times they may even be treated to seeing someone else pranked or something spectacular (His standards of spectacular, anyways.) if their mood seems soured. It isn't loyalty that drives him to make those kinds of choices or stand firm for them but rather the reach to get them to see a unique way of enjoying life.


Family is Family, while it doesn't mean he agrees or even adheres to the kind of standards and paths they set out for him they do earn his respect. Enough that much of his pranking and trickery isn't in any form to humiliate or have a 'go at' them but rather to breakdown their rigid exterior. That being said, those that are his family are under his protection which ever way that may end up forming. This goes for both those that are considered blood relatives and those that have earned that kind of right within his life. However, even in their presence his wild nature isn't quelled or halted which often could spell far more of a headache depending on the family member. 


Wild in the streets and wild in the sheets, Phoenix has had his share of bed-buddies and though he's never committed to an actual relationship there had been a few understandings of 'Friends with Benefits until. . . ' situations. Albeit a few have seemed overly charmed by him and though he tries to avoid that particular hitch in things sometimes it still manages to wiggle through depending on the individual. But dating, testing the waters in that way is an experience he isn't aware of and if there's anything about him that is consistent through out every aspect of his mind? It's that new experiences are always worth exploring. 


Enemies are so for a reason and Phoenix has no issue with letting them -know- and acting on it. His pranks often ramped up in order to truly embarrass them, to let them know that they've ended up crossing someone that wasn't afraid to stand up. Or even more, one who wouldn't just take what they're trying to dish out to others. While he has a mental list of 'Hierarchies' based on their potential 'Jerk-a-meter' those that are bullies (At least in this stage of his life) take the top of it and deserve every ounce of what he dishes out whether people agree or not means very little to him. Sometimes the hand of making things right is swift and holds no whim other than to the one willing to take it.

The story so far

“Don’t let yesterday use too much of today” – Native American Proverb

Phoenix Aurora, born to a Wampanoag tribesman known as Leafe Aurora and an unknown woman who left their child with the man soon after the birth. An early life without the voice of a second parent to help ground him ended up developing him into a wild child in many definitions of the word. Constantly exploring beyond the boundaries offered to him, issuing various amounts of pranks to lighten up the far more traditional leaders amongst the Tribe’s communities. Even going as far as being offered an unflattering title, ‘Chaotic Breeze’ which he aptly had taken up as his ‘Tribal Name’. At times it even became far more literal once his magic started to mature, not unexpected given the tribes ties to Ilvermony. Unlike in the larger societies around the world, within the Tribes, such knowledge had been easily known to Non-Magical and Magical members alike. Still, he prescribed to the belief that many of the members of his Tribe needed to live within the moment; experiences of yesterday would remain, but they shouldn’t be dwelled on.

Still early on in Phoenix’s life, Leafe met a woman named Skye who held an Apache Heritage. In time the two formed a budding romance and eventually she married the elder Aurora which led to their first ‘Family Secret’. That Skye had come from a small group of Apache’s that focused on nurturing and preserving the various habitats of the widely known and respected, Thunderbird. Forming a strong bond with one who had been named Lolotea. A unified belief that the creature had been an intended gift from the friendship that bloomed between Skye and her family due to the care they provided to it and its hatchlings over several years. Seeing such a raw and free creature that lived within its own moment only spurred the already wild nature that had been imbedded within the young lad. While also inspiring him to try to understand such avian majesty: What were they truly like? How did they think and view the world? What drove him had been to understand what their own drives were, what drives many of such creatures may have.

That urge only grew within Phoenix to find answers to those questions in a way that had been adventurous and borderline dangerous. ‘Near Death’ instances had only been taken as a symptom of trying to understand those qualities, however his father didn’t agree in that philosophy. If the boy planned to get himself into constant trouble with such explorations, then at the very least he needed someone that could properly instruct him and hopefully set him on a far more productive path. Leafe decided to send his son to Australia where Phoenix’s Great Grandfather resided, working side-by-side with the Wizarding Aboriginal’s and the Reserve when it came to preserving and understanding the various animals and their ecosystems.

Bags packed and made his way towards Australia where he had been walking fast, faces passed, and new home bound. With the intention of his Father and Great Grandfather made clear he still had been far more curious on the new scope of land that had been entirely unknown to him. What they gave him had been an entirely new playground that could facilitate even more trouble. What kind of impact will he plan to make. . .?

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