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Ehsan Mousavi

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  • Birthday 07/09/1960

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    Ehsan Mousavi
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    Isfahan, Iran
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    Care of Magical Creatures Professor
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    Omid Djalili

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    Ehsan usually casts magic without a wand, but he owns a thick, short oak wand with a dragon heartstring core
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    A cobra

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  • Birthdate Day 9
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  • Birthdate Year 1960
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  • Pronouns he/him
  • Occupation Care of Magical Creatures Professor
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Ehsan Mousavi
Care of Magical Creatures Professor 0
54 year old Pureblood Human he/him
Age:  54
Date of Birth: July 9th, 1965
Birthplace: Isfahan, Iran
Occupation: Care of Magical Creatures Professor
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Human
Player:  hexiva
Pronouns: he/him
Patronus: A cobra
Wand: Ehsan usually casts magic without a wand, but he owns a thick, short oak wand with a dragon heartstring core
Play-by: Omid Djalili

 Ehsan is awkward, shy, and somewhat obsessive about his chosen subject. He is never harsh with students, but is a stickler for rules, believing that life is easier if you follow the rules. His door is always open to students who have a problem, and especially to students who’d like to hear about snakes. 

A divorcee living in a new state, Ehsan is quietly lonely, a state of affairs not helped by his difficulty managing social interactions. He isn’t sure if he’ll be able to fit in with the other teachers, and he’s not sure what “fitting in” even quite looks like. 

Ehsan is uncomfortable discussing emotionally or politically fraught issues of any sort, preferring to brush it off with a joke and return to lighter topics.



Ehsan is chubby, bald and bearded. Despite his shy personality, Ehsan prefers to wear brightly-colored, flamboyant robes, preferring emerald green particularly, with gold accents. 


 Born in Isfahan in 1960, Ehsan is the scion of a long line of wizards. As a child, he was slower to learn to speak than his brothers and sisters, so his parents were delighted to realize that he’d inherited the Parseltongue trait from his grandfather. As an adult, Ehsan often jokes that he spoke Parseltongue before he spoke Farsi. As a boy, Ehsan developed a deep and lifelong passion for snakes of all kinds. (His tendency to bring his new pets home caused some family strife.) He was always out of place among children his own age, and found himself more at ease among his beloved snakes. Failing that, he preferred the company of fellow reptile-lovers with whom he could discourse at length about snake facts. As he got older, his interest in snakes expanded into a passion for all kinds of magical creatures. 

At the age of 11, Ehsan went to the Rostam Madrasah of Gonabad, Iran’s wizarding school. As a teenager, he met a girl named Zahra, a half-breed whose ancestry traced back to Iran’s native population of Marans, a race of humanoids with snake tails, often called Nagas in English. Zahra was a withdrawn and introverted girl who was prickly and insecure about her appearance and her heritage. However, after working together with Ehsan on a school project, she and Ehsan started dating. 

Ehsan and Zahra married shortly after graduation and had a daughter, Mina. Six years later, when they were having their second child, the Iran-Iraq war was well under way, and Ehsan had the opportunity to immigrate to Australia and work for the Australian Federal Ministry of Magic as an expert on dangerous magical reptiles.

Ehsan worked his job diligently for 30 years. Perhaps too diligently, because his wife and children often felt that he neglected them in favor of his work and hobbies. In 2016, his wife divorced him. He was heartbroken - but he also knew it was partly his fault. A year later, he quit his job. He took some time to himself, and worked as a part-time tutor at a private wizarding school in New South Wales for some years. Recently, however, he was invited to interview as Tallygarunga’s new Care of Magical Creatures professor, and he got the job. He also teaches a class on Parseltongue, for students not born with the gift, as an elective. 



  • Ehsan has a pet common cat snake named Gorbeh ("Cat" - Ehsan's not great with names). It is smarter and more domesticated than the average snake, and spends a lot of its time looped around Ehsan's shoulders or in a little sling around his neck.
  • Iranian wizards usually practice wandless magic, and Ehsan usually follows this practice. He owns a wand, but usually only fishes it out if he needs to do something particularly difficult.
  • Ehsan usually casts spells in Middle Persian/Pahlavi, making his spells somewhat difficult to figure out for Australian wizards.
  • Ehsan has never been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but he's sort of aware that if he was younger, he might have been. He doesn't like to talk about it.  
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