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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Is it bad that I want something exciting to happen this week? It's been a bit boring since the chair incident. 

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      Lexi Stewart

      @Phoenix AuroraWell, then what are you waiting for? I'll be waiting. 

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      @Lexi StewartWell, come by my room then.

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      Lexi Stewart

      @Phoenix AuroraAlright, give me a few minutes and I'm there.

  2. Fear of living

    It was good that Amber got along with her sister, sometimes sisters bicker and fight, but deep down they do everything for the other, or at least that’s what she would expect if her and Chloe would argue about a few things, she would still love her sister. Lexi nodded at Amber’s question, it seemed that the Seeker had forgotten about what they had talked previously, it wasn’t important though. “You’d be welcomed to the Hospital, hopefully I won’t get to attached to it.” Lexi threw it as a joke, but their conversation went well, Lexi was able to talk and getting out of her system, and now she has a deeper insight on Amber. Lexi pretended to be offended by Amber’s words before giggling. “I’d be a perfect damsel in distress if I wanted to be, I got the looks, a pretty face, I just don’t have the manners.” She spoke, still joking about the situation. Lexi was by far the worse damsel in destress that could exist, she could be quiet, but her manners were atrocious, no one would take her serious as a damsel. Lexi accepted Amber’s proposal and her lips curled into a smile. “See? I told you. You’re a Knight in Shining Armour. You’re even escorting the damsel in distress back to school.” Lexi had to try. The younger Stewart got up and held out a hand for Amber to take. “But it’s Friday, I’m actually going to town.” She still had to go to the bakery to help her father with a couple of things before they closed down. “Thanks.” Once the girls were both ready, Lexi waited for Amber to start moving so they could go head back to the town and each their own way, at least for the rest of that weekend.
  3. Fear of living

    It wasn’t hard noticing how Lexi felt about her sister, it was clear to everyone that ever knew the young Spencer, also knew how she felt about her sister and how much of a role model Chloe was to her, however, the way Amber spoke made Lexi tilt her head lightly. “So, you have a sister. That’s nice. Are you two good friends? Or like those bickering types but with lots of love?” Lexi asked. Her relationship with Chloe was good, they were inseparable, even if Lexi did feel like a dead weight. The way Amber reacted when Lexi spoke, made the girl feel a bit guilty, she didn’t mean to say anything bad to Amber, or to even make her feel bad. Was she though? Maybe she was, but friends were supposed to be there for each other, not just for the good moments, but for the bad too, and Amber did need someone to talk with, she was carrying the whole world on her shoulders, sharing the load wouldn’t kill her and it wouldn’t kill Lexi, but maybe it was because Amber didn’t trust the younger Stewart. “Alright, I promise I won’t be kidnapped by Giants.” She joked, looking at Amber with a big bright smile. “You have my word on that one, can’t promise I won’t end up in the hospital though.” That was something she probably couldn’t avoid, no matter how much she wanted to. Lexi took Amber’s hand and shook it. “That makes two of us Amberino.” Lexi just had gone there to think, and relax but she ended up falling asleep, but she was quite happy about how the situation turned out.
  4. Fear of living

    Lexi nodded at Amber. “Yeah, she’s a Sturt. She’s very quiet and she’s the best sister anyone could ask for.” It was clear that for Lexi, her best friend was Chloe, she could tell her everything and could talk to her about anything without feeling judge, she would always get love from Chloe, regardless of her sister’s lack of social abilities, one had to know Chloe to understand how much she cares. “I assume you don’t have siblings?” Lexi inquired a bit curious about Amber. She was sure the Seeker didn’t, but gossip is gossip and one never knows how real it is until they confirm the veracity of it. The way Amber seemed to carry the whole world on her shoulder it sounded like she didn’t have anyone to rely on, Lexi couldn’t decide if Amber was brave or simply alone. “I’m childish but I’m not stupid. It is a responsibility, but if it’s shared then what’s the big deal? That’s what friends are for.” Lexi nudge Amber lightly as her smile grew towards the seeker. She shouldn’t carry everything inside and for the heavy conversation it sounded as if Amber liked to carry everyone’s issues around her back along with her own without giving it too much thought. “A friend isn’t just to chill, it’s to be there when you need it, maybe even fall down with you a couple of times. Sometimes helping you get up…Chloe taught me that by being her.” She ignored Amber’s words, briefly. “I’ll hit you up, if you hit me up, or else you’ll just have to come find me all the way out here again, maybe in a giant’s lair one day, you’d have to save my skinny ass.” She spoke with a slight joke. “I think it’s a fair trade.”
  5. Fear of living

    Lexi’s health wasn’t the best, she disliked being confined to a bed whenever her health deteriorated, currently it’s been good, but it could get worse again and at any time she could be stuck to a bed for a while, that scared her more than anything. Amber didn’t just talk, she listened to Lexi as well. Lexi wasn’t sure if she could talk to someone about it other than Chloe. Her sister has always been there for her and it was time to start to slowly cut the ties, allow to Chloe to worry about herself instead of always worrying about Lexi. “I mean, you did listen Amber and you tried to keep me distracted as well.” Amber was a good friend, perhaps too good. When Amber sat, Lexi followed the Seeker’s movements and crossed her legs. Lexi enjoyed another light breeze before turning her attention towards the other Spencer who had turned towards her, making Lexi turning towards Amber. Lexi wasn’t used to a situation like this, with Chloe things were much different, but she was enjoying the time and the conversation with Amber. “It’s always weird to talk about how you feel, it’s not easy I guess.” Lexi wiggled her legs a little. She knew what she was talking about, she didn’t like to talk about it, but people often didn’t ask her about it either. “You probably need a friendly person to listen to you. I have Chloe, usually, she … she listens to everything, but I don’t want to worry her you know? She’d so everything for me.” Lexi spoke. She didn’t want to look ungrateful towards Chloe and all the effort. “And if you want that friendly person you know where you can find me.”
  6. Fear of living

    They were different, Lexi had to accept that Amber’s point of view and hers were different, while the other Spencer didn’t agree it didn’t mean it was time to stop talking to her. Lexi liked when people agreed with her, it validated her in a way, like she was doing something right, but in that case, she just had to live with it. She couldn’t disagree with Amber though, regretting something they did, and not something they didn’t do was better, it proved that they at least tried to live, however, the impending fear of being stuck, at the mercy of everyone, was scary for Lexi and she couldn’t shake it off her head. “I suppose you have a point there…I would just simply prefer not to be stuck to a bed over my stupidity.” It was different opinions and different fears. “You’re a very active person, I feel like if you stop you might just stop moving altogether one day.” Lexi joked, but without she didn’t mean to hurt Amber in any way, it was just how she saw her. Amber was active, she was always moving and that somewhat made Lexi wonder what would happen if Amber just stopped moving that it wasn’t for her sleepy time. “I’m sure they are, wherever they are I am pretty sure they are proud of who you are and who you will become.” As someone who thought their own parents weren’t proud of her, she didn’t want Amber to feel the same, even if that knowledge was lost forever. Lexi closed her eyes briefly and felt the light breeze before she opened her eyes again. “I hope that whatever the future holds for us, we don’t end up both death in a ditch or over something stupid.” Lexi tried to cheer up the mood, but it was being a bit hard with the previous talk. “Thanks for listening Amber.”
  7. Fear of living

    “You really gotta ask Amberino?” Lexi replied to Amber’s rhetorical question with one, followed by a laugh. She wasn’t expecting the other Spencer to have asked such a thing, but all she could do was enjoy how their little interaction was going. The pinata sounded fun, but Lexi wasn’t sure if she could do such a thing, but maybe because Lexi had a different view on things, and in her case, money couldn’t really help her if it was her time to go. “Why not give it to places you think that deserve it? it wasn’t her money, but Lexi probably give it to someplace where they could help others, but Lexi doubted she was going to be rich. “Yeah, a death wish.” She couldn’t explain why she thought that, perhaps given how light-hearted Amber was talking about her own death? One shouldn’t be afraid of it, it’s inevitable they can’t stop it and they certainly can’t live forever, but it was something that always bugged Lexi, perhaps because of her condition since she was a child, not being able to do what her mother wanted her to do, and now enjoying her father’s trade, learning how to bake and working at the bakery has become more than a hobby to her. She tried to open her mouth to speak but nothing came out, the only thing that came out was air. Amber proceeded to explain, it sounded hard. Lexi’s life was good, she shouldn’t have to be feeling like she was, questioning everything, Amber did have it worse and yet she was trying to cheer her up. Indeed, a Knight in Shining Armor. “Taking chances great but … what if you end up like a vegetable on a hospital bed? Wouldn’t you regret it? Being alive, being aware of everything and yet not being able to live.” Lexi couldn’t believe it could happen, given their world and the development of new spells they could cure a lot of things, but magic always comes with a price, they just need to figure out what it is. “But, if it’s worth it, your parents would be very proud.” Amber was a great person, perhaps sometimes a little childish, but so was Lexi, being childish was more fun than being an adult and behaving properly. Life was meant to be lives, but not carelessly. “I think you can live, without trying to break your neck, I mean, I wouldn’t want you to break your neck nor anyone that likes you.”
  8. Fear of living

    “Doesn’t have to be a big party if I die. Close friends are enough.” Lexi spoke as her smile grew as she looked at Amber. The other Spencer has a strange sense of humour, but who was Lexi to complain about it? At least she was fun and was willing to make fun of it as it went along. She noticed the fist and hers touched Amber’s before her hand open and she made an explosion sound. “Sorry Amberino.” She was gradually getting better, less gloomy. “So, if we’re going to be each other’s hosts, how about we do something the other likes? What do you like?” Lexi asked as she looked at the other Spencer by putting her hands behind the back of her head. “Aside from the party, why you seem so … up for it?” it sounded like something was off, did Amber had a death wish? Was she even considering taking her own life? That was a rather cheerful conversation, but it seemed to have a certain heavy tone to it. “Amber, you seem like…I don’t know how to say this…but, do you have a death wish?” Maybe not the right words but it was the only thing that Lexi could think of that could fit the feeling she was getting from the conversation, almost that something was wrong. She never talked too much with Amber, but she could see the other Spencer and often things weren’t as gloomy. “I dunno, it’s a feeling that I have…sorry if I am being too nosy…” some people tried to keep their distance from Lexi because of it, she asked too many questions, wanted to know too much about other people’s lives without contributing with a bit of her own, but she had given enough to Amber, or at least she hopped it was enough.
  9. Fear of living

    “No…not everyone would do it you know?” It sounded as if Amber didn’t give herself enough credit, some people were loud and arrogant, but not Amber she was humble and she didn’t know her self-worth, or maybe she did and didn’t want to parade it around like most people do. “You’re noble, you just haven’t seen it yet.” Lexi smiled at Amber, a big cheery smile. Lexi was being honest, but she was also trying to flirt with Amber at the same time, probably something that the other Spencer didn’t understand, or hadn’t picked up yet. “But opinions are different, some see you, some just see what you show, and some just refuse it.” Lexi had a bit of a reputation, but most people just saw what she wanted them to see, which in many cases was good. “But you’ll always be my Knight in Shining Armour.” It wasn’t a matter of people watching her back or not, if Lexi’s heart fails there’s not much to be done, no could predict it and no one could magically save her, some things could not be fixed with magic. “You need a safety net and someone that can heal broken bones.” A broken bone was different, Amber just needed to be prepared, taking someone with her could be considered being prepared. “Do you really want a party on your funeral?” Lexi asked, chuckling at the thought of suddenly throwing a party at someone else’s funeral, but she didn’t want Amber to die, at least not like that. “I guess we should celebrate life instead. Funerals don’t let you do that.” Many cultures accepted a party or some form of celebration during funerals, precisely to celebrate the life a person lived, now her soul free from her earthly prison. “I might do it, but I don’t think you’ll die any time soon.”
  10. Fear of living

    Lexi eventually joined Amber down, her fear was falling asleep once more was what was keeping her up, it was a bit hard to fall asleep when one is standing up, as least like that she wouldn’t have to worry about her nightmares catching up to her. Lexi laughed at Amber’s comment about the earthquake swallowing them whole, the thought of it was pretty amusing. “I mean, I’m very attached to my life but that would be awesome.” Lexi commented. She wouldn’t want to die but if that happened, she probably wouldn’t mind dying while experiencing it, but she probably should keep quiet about that, she didn’t want people to start worrying about her, or taking it with a second meaning. “You can not-so-smoothly find a distracting topic.” Lexi spoke, smiling at Amber. She was only used to opening up to her sister, and even to her it was hard, Lexi didn’t want to worry Chloe about what was happening to her, it wasn’t fair she took all her sister’s time and attention especially during such an important year. When Amber spoke, Lexi looked at her, would it be so bad? “…I always had a weak health so, let’s say being in and out of the hospital was in the past and I don’t want it to happen again.” It was the easy version, maybe when Amber unlock a new friendship level Lexi would be more comfortable taking up her time. “But you’re Amber Cross, the Knight in Shining Armour, ready to save everyone. I think you’d fight through a thousand boggarts with your fear to save people.” Lexi crossed her hands behind her head, using them as a pillow. Probably didn’t mean much to Amber, and they clearly weren’t close friends, but Lexi still found her impressive, and she should find Amber not only a sword but also a matching armour for Amber to use, or keep, whatever she wanted.
  11. Fear of living

    It seemed that the other Spencer hadn’t realized that Lexi was flirting; maybe Amber had no idea what flirting was or dismissed the tone, it was disappointing that she hadn’t followed up on Lexi’s comment, it even seemed to confuse her a little about the meaning. “Well you know, someone that comes to another person’s rescue. Someone who’s the hero despite the situation.” Lexi said with conviction, maybe that would be better for the spencer to comprehend? Maybe not, Lexi could only hope that Amber could catch on the words as a compliment and not as an insult. Amber was the Knight in Shining Armour everyone wanted, she should be able to see that sooner or later. “You sound like you need some time to yourself, maybe even shut down for a couple of hours, you look tired.” Lexi closed her eyes. Maybe she could understand where Amber was getting at, but Lexi had her own hobbies, her own things and no one could take those away from her. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Lexi couldn’t see the whole picture, it was hard for her since more than often it was others indulging her own desires, maybe that was what Amber needed, someone to put her first, to think about what she needed and wanted instead of being the other way around. “That much be nice. I can’t stand high places every well.” Not only Lexi had a week body she disliked being in a tall place and having to look down, her head would start spinning and then her stomach would make things a lot worse. “I like my feet on the ground, or the water, anyplace that doesn’t try to actively kill me I guess.” She joked. She really wanted to live a few more years, she wouldn’t want to die without accomplish anything.
  12. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Lexi Stewart
    The cardigans were scratchy? She didn’t think so and it was a lot better than most, at least she wasn’t allergic to the fabric. It would have been bad if she was to make an allergic reaction to it, she probably wouldn’t make it without a quick assistance. “If the cardigan is too scratchy why no soften it up with magic? It shouldn’t be too hard to do it. I do it all the time with the shoes.” that that was a real tragedy, always having shoes that hurt her feet no matter what she did, magic could at least fix that issue for her so she wouldn’t have to walk around like a new-born calf. “Yes, something like that. As long as you have the sketch of what and how you want it shouldn’t be too hard for magic to mimic it.” probably not the best usage of her abilities, but she did get a bunch of new things. Having others do it for her was more expensive, buying only the materials would be cheaper unless there was something, she couldn’t perform herself. If one was handy enough with magic it could pull it off, even Lexi who was prone to accidents was able to do many things like that, even if it took too much out of her, making her tired quicker than doing it the muggle way. She giggled at his words, it was more improvisation than following a script, but she could understand how ‘play pretend’ could be considered acting and sometimes childish. It was a shame; she would have loved to get some new members in the club. She moved her pawn to take down Iggy’s knight, but her pawn was now exposed to other potential threats from his side of the board. “I understand, it’s not for everyone, but aside from knitting, what else do you do for fun?”
  13. Fear of living

    Lexi smiled at Amber. The other girl still didn’t seem very happy to have some company, but Lexi was quiet, she was sure Amber wouldn’t mind, and after that dream she didn’t feel like being alone there. She couldn’t go home, Chloe could see her and would ask her what was wrong, and she didn’t want to explain Chloe, but to Amber was different, they were friend? Maybe, Lexi wasn’t too sure about that despite her fascination with the other Spencer. When Amber accept to stay Lexi took a deep breath, relieved about Amber’s acceptance. The other Spencer was truly amazing. “Thanks Amber, I really appreciate it.” “I came here to think and relax but ended up falling asleep.” Lexi looked at Amber and then back up at the sky, she still didn’t want to worry Chloe, it wasn’t right, her sister should have to worry about her, and she should be able to fix her own issue, regardless of what they are. She knew the Bushland wasn’t safe, but did she think about it when she decided to go there? No, she didn’t even consider that she could be in danger. “Good thing you showed up them. My Knight in shining armour, to save me from whatever is crawling in the Bushland.” Lexi played her flirt cool, Amber was like a Paladin. “The sun is bright, it’s a good way to just stand here, quietly looking up. Don’t you think?” Lexi asked. It was a way to tell Amber it was alright to stay quiet, just enjoying the scenery with the silent company of another person. Lexi turned her head to meet Amber, to flash the girl a smile before looking back up at the sky. Amber was a really good friend.
  14. Fear of living

    Lexi was still shaken up by the Boggart in her dream, it was something that she was having a hard time shaking off. She tried to control her breath as hard as she could, she didn’t want that fear to take over her life and it was starting to do just that. Her time to feel sorry for herself was caught short when she heard Amber. The girl was something alright and she was worried about her? Guess being scared to death by a boggart in a dream had its perks, it wasn’t everyday that Lexi could see Amber, or at least interact with her without other people around. It was hard to miss Lexi’s huge smile as she looked at Amber, standing up to be able to greet Amber correctly. “Hey. I’m fine, just a bit of an issue.” Amber was there in the classroom, if she was paying attention, she knew what Lexi’s fear was, but if she wasn’t, she was probably going to have a hard time understanding why Lexi was having a bad dream. Telling her or not telling her was a decision that Lexi had to make, on one hand she would look ridiculous, on the other she didn’t want to meet Chloe looking like that, her sister would know something was wrong. “Just something that happened in DADA you know? The Boggart thing kinda freaked me out a little” she wasn’t completely honest, skipping the part of her condition, but it would be too much information to dump on Amber, she didn’t want to burden her. “How about you? Did you come here to relax?” it was a good place to do that, it had to be the reason why Amber was there, Lexi couldn’t think of any other. “How about you join me? I’m quiet and I don’t want to be alone right now.” She spoke in an unusual soft voice as she looked at Amber with a smile.
  15. Fear of living

    Lexi Stewart
    What was Lexi doing in a place like that? She couldn’t even answer that question herself. After the Boggarts’ class she had been paying attention to everything and everyone, it wasn’t easy living like that and she didn’t want to worry Chloe with meaningless worries, they were her own and her sister needed to focus on her studies. Lexi wasn’t much of a scholar, she studied enough to be a good student, not perfect, but good enough, but Chloe? Chloe was the best student, she was smart and as much as Lexi wished she had her sister’s patience to study, she just couldn’t stand still for too long, she had to be doing something. After wondering she ended up at the Creek, she still didn’t know why she was there, but at least it was a good place to relax, have an inner conversation with herself for a few seconds before her mind starts wondering off, making little sceneries in her mind, and eventually making herself laugh like she was a psychiatric patient that had escaped the hospital. The ground wasn’t wet, but it was still cold from the Winter, the season of life had only started recently, and everything was still recovering from the season of death, where everything withers and dies before blooming again for a new cycle. She laid back and closed her eyes, she started humming a song, but it didn’t take long for her body to enjoy the stillness, and she eventually fell sleep. Dreams were nice, except imagining the days walking by, slowly, from the fall and rise of the sun could be a bit scary, if the date on the calendar was Lexi’s birthday. Just like the Boggart had scared her, the dream did the same, it was more effective than the Boggart, making Lexi wake up quickly, her heart beating fast from the idea of dying. “Fudge!” she shouted, trying to catch her breath.
Alexandria Madeline Stewart
Student Fifth Year
15 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her/Hers
Age  15
Date of Birth January 13th, 2004
Birthplace Narragyambie
Occupation Student
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Thestral (non-corporeal)
Wand 13 ½‘’Cherry wood, Thestral tail hair
Play-by Kasumi Arimura

Tallygarunga (??? House) – 1st year - Current


Romantic at heart;

Has some health problems, mainly immune system;

Relies on her sister for a lot of things;

Has no idea what to do with her life;

Can’t cook nor bake to save her own behind;

Has a special talent for plants;

Is surprisingly a good singer;

Plays chess;

Wishes she was as studious as her sister.

General Knowledge


Is known as the Small Stewart;

Is more rebellious than her sister;

Had a ‘few’ flings;

Accident prone;

Too flirty for her own good;

Speaks Japanese and English;

Practices martial arts;

Plays too many video games;

Does LARP occasionally.


Lexi is a charismatic girl, she knows how to capture people’s attention. She can be quite flexible in some aspects, always trying to adapt to situations when talking to others. She considers herself to be a reliable and altruistic person, always willing to help others, especially those she considers to be friends, sometimes even going out of her way to do so and ensuring that they are happy. Despite her health issues she’s not very active, usually only engages in physical activities that she enjoys, like martial arts, and LARP (if considered a physical activity), but might do other activities, if it makes her friends happy. She’s rarely struck by thoughts of self-doubt trusting her abilities, perhaps more than she should. She often relies on her intuition, instead of facts, but understands that they are important. She’s not the smartest student, but she isn’t the dumbest, she stays above average and doesn’t try to go out of her way to be the best, she enjoys spending time with her friends and doing what she loves.

She’s not bravest, nor she is a coward, she adapts to the situation, however there are times where things get out of hand. She flirts too much for her own good, might go too far on certain situations, leading people on, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously, and that behaviour doesn’t paint her too well at the eyes of some other students, but she always tries to see the best in others, even if they can’t see the best in her. Despite her choice of sport, Lexi isn’t the most competitive person, she tries to give her best. Losing isn’t something that upsets her much, she’s a good sport and would rather have a good time, and is rather modest about her accomplishments, preferring to boost other people’s accomplishments over her own.

Lexi is slightly impatient, she can’t wait too long for certain things. She has a slight dislike for highly structured environments and isn’t amused when she has to follow rules without understanding them, even when training martial arts. She’s very argumentative, and she will try to find something to argue about, while most of the arguments are for the fun of exchanging ideas, it can be misunderstood as a need to start fights.

Overall, Lexi is gentle and sweet towards those she loves, being a kind and caring friend. It’s not easy to upset her, there are some things that might upset her faster than others, but generally she’s a very relaxed person, not being considered dominant nor passive, it simply depends on the situation. When upset she’s not a friendly person and can be quite rude, throwing sarcastic comments at people and in general being quite passive-aggressive.


Lexi stands 160cm, making her the smallest member of the Stewart’s family, which she doesn’t mind as she can easily go unnoticed whenever there’s any big events and she can avoid her strict family, especially by hiding in small spaces. She has medium length brown hair, falling past her jaw line, touching her shoulders lightly. She often wears a headband to prevent her hair from falling into her eyes. Whenever she’s practicing, she tried to tie it in a ponytail. Her hair is straight, and unlike her sister’s, her hair is darker but whenever it’s too long it starts to curl.

She constantly wears a smile on her face. Lexi is in need of glasses, though she constantly wears contact lenses, there is the occasional day that she will show up with them. Without some form of visual aid Lexi will spend most of her time bumping into things.

The story so far

Lexi was born in Narragyambie to an Australian father and a Japanese mother. She’s their youngest child, making her Chloe Stewart’s younger sister. Her father owns a bakery and her mother owns a martial arts dojo. Lexi was born roughly a year after Chloe, however, unlike her sister she was born with a health condition, which made her weaker than most children, this condition forced Lexi to live a good portion of her childhood indoors without being able to play with other kids, relying only on Chloe’s company. The time she spent indoors with Chloe strengthened their sisterly bond.

At the age of eight Lexi began displaying a natural aptitude for Magic, it was also around the same time she started to become strong enough to play with other children. Lexi always looked up to her sister, and what she wanted to do was to practice martial arts with Chloe, despite everyone telling her that her body wouldn’t take it, she proved her almost every day that she was as capable of doing as her sister. While Lexi didn’t practice as many martial arts as her sister, she focused only on Karate.

Lexi took the opportunity to be able to play with others to make new friends, becoming a sociable and a charismatic person. While sociable, Lexi still enjoys her indoor time, playing video games or table top games, and as she grew older, she never quite abandoned those hobbies, becoming a big part of her life.

When she was old enough, she enrolled in Tallygarunga, and while she had the opportunity to stay home, she prefers to stay at the dorms. It’s her one and only opportunity to avoid her strict family, the only time she has not to be under the all seeing eyes of her mother, who, is a helicopter parent, which makes Lexi crave for some freedom. After a year of being in Tally, and now slightly freer, and less controlled than she used to be, Lexi found a group of people who share the same love as her for video games and table top games, creating a LARP group that meets every week at the park.

Currently Lexi finds herself in her fifth year at Tally, while not the best student in the classes she’s taking, she only trying to achieve an average grade, not trying to aim for more. It shouldn’t be about the competition, it should be about what people learn, the friends and more importantly to enjoy her time there. She hopes to start to experience more freedom over the years, while she has a feeling it won’t happen until she graduates and moved away to attend VMU.

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