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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite When fear controls life

    It was hard to talk about something like that. Lexi had been trying to keep her fear under control, and not talk much about the subject with anyone, she simply likes to keep it to herself not to worry others, like she clearly worried Chloe. It wasn’t her intention to let her sister see it, but it was the class activity, and Lexi wasn’t one to shy away from one, unless she was injured and unable to complete the task, the Boggart was no difference, it was a task that needed to be completed and she did, with a cost. Her sister now knew what plagued Lexi, the last person she wanted to get worried over her. “It is. We all die eventually Chloe. There’s no escaping death.” Lexi knew it, at the end of the line death is what’s waiting for everyone, it didn’t matter if one was scared or not, young or old, innocent or guilty, death was always there, it was the payment for one’s life. Lexi looked at her sister and smiled at her, she wanted to reassure Chloe that everything was alright, even if she was scared about it, a normal feeling given the situation, but it was nothing that she should worry about, or at least, by Lexi’s point it wasn’t. “I think what affected me wasn’t the tombstone…it was the medical record. It said my day of death was by birthday.” Lexi tried to smile but it just faded at the idea of dying on her sixteenth birthday. She couldn’t handle the joke, and if the Boggart wanted to scare her, that had succeeded. Lexi’s initial reaction happened because of the irony and surprise of the situation, but now, if she had to face it right now, she probably wouldn’t be able to laugh at the boggart, she probably wouldn’t even be able to ask the spell. She was finally able to show her sister a smile, but it wasn’t a happy one, it was a forced smile. Lexi didn’t want Chloe to worry.
  2. I hate this weather. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Yes I am. Do you have an extra blanket I can use?

    3. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Fear not, I'll make sure you won't be cold for much longer.

    4. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Thank you. I shall save a few cookies for you 😁

  3. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Lexi Stewart
    She could understand the feeling of behind on classes, she didn’t know what the reason was behind him being late, but she wasn’t about to poke around in someone else’s business, she had absolutely no interest. She looked at the board, wondering what move to make when she moved another pawn. She had no idea what she was doing but she hopped whatever it was, it would work. She was playing for fun and not winning, maybe the young man in front of her was like that, playing to have fun instead of the competition. She waited for his next move as the conversation continued. “I like day like these, a bit cold but I like them.” She commented, looking out the window the watch the rain. The sound was the best, especially when someone could just lay in bed, stay still and enjoy the moment, listening to the rain drops hit the window. The smile on her face grew as she paid attention to the sound, that was, until the young man’s voice brought her back to the real world. “The library is pretty much the quietest place here, you made a good choice.” She whispered, her smile growing bigger realizing that he had been knitting, something she had completely missed when she approached the table with all the books. “Hmm…about orange and yellow? To remind you of a sunny day? Or fire? How warm the fire is on a cold winter’s night.” She suggested, maybe not the best colour scheme, but perhaps that could give the young man an idea about it.
  4. Invite When fear controls life

    The walk to town had been a rather uncomfortable one, especially after what happened during the class and Chloe had witnessed her sister’s Boggart. Maybe Lexi should have chicken out, just watch others go over their Boggarts instead of making herself go through that? She didn’t want to worry Chloe, but she knew whatever she was watching was a possibility, a cruel and ironic one, but could still happen. The worst of it all was not being able to predict the future, if she could she could probably avoid it, but did she even want to? She didn’t want to die, she was terrified of the thought, but it had to happen sometime. After successfully being able to take a cake from the bakery, without her father knowing, Lexi walked back to the school, where the same uncomfortable feeling lingered in the air as it did previously. Making their way to the Spencer’s room, where they probably had more privacy since Lexi was lacking a roommate, the younger Stewart opened the door to her room and put the cake on the desk, took off her shoes and sat on the bed as she waited for her sister. That wasn’t going to be a very cheery conversation, and certain things were going to be mentioned, things she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about. The uncomfortable feeling continued to linger, even when Lexi looked at her sister and took a deep breath. How was she going to start the conversation? “So…class went well didn’t it?” she spoke, trying to lighten the mood, and failing miserably at it. The class was the whole reason why they were having that conversation, it was a bit stupid on Lexi’s part to bring up the class. “I’m alright Chloe, it’s just a stupid fear anyway.” She finally spoke, not wanting to bring too much attention to how her heart raced when she read the medical paper. It was terrifying, anyone would be scared, but she still tried to explain that it meant nothing, just a silly fear. “But…let’s not tell mom and dad alright? I don’t want them to worry over something insignificant.” They would make a big deal out of it, and even if Lexi explains to them that it was just something that reacted on the person’s fear, they would still want her to do tests to see how her health was, and she passionately hated hospitals.
  5. Invite Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    “Yeah, you should visit the town, it has great things.” It was none of her business why he hadn’t visit, the town, she knows Ian for a while, but she had never seen him in town, always in the school grounds. Did the young man spend most of his time in the school and never got out to explore? If that was the case it was something that needed to be fixed. “How about next break I’ll show you around? I know you won’t get lost but I’m pretty sure I know the town really well.” She wasn’t even sure of Ian would accept, but that way she could take him to the bakery, they could get something sweet to eat, and perhaps continue their tour. She could always show him the shop where she got all those magic proof electronics’ maybe he’ll find some use for it. The smile on her face grew a bit, unsure if he would accept but it was worth a shot. His words reminded her that they should get to the game. She nodded, answering him as her smile tried to reassure Ian.
  6. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Her health wasn’t a secret to anyone, and she knew it could happen anytime, she was always on edge and there could be one day where she didn’t wake up, she tried not to think about it, but as the Boggart had showed her, it was something she thought about constantly, waking up thinking about it, and going to bed also thinking about it. She distracted herself looking at everyone else’s Boggart but without really paying attention to them, she wanted it to be over so she could go sulk to her room. Before she could do anything, her sister sat beside her. Lexi nodded at her. She wasn’t fine, she might have laughed but she laughed at the irony, which was enough to defeat the Boggart. She didn’t look at Chloe, was instead looking at everyone else’s Boggart, and while some drew attention from her, others didn’t, she still didn’t think much of any of them, that’s what they were fears, it wasn’t like they were going to happen. She finally turned to Chloe and gave her sister a forced smile. “How about we talk about this over one of dad’s cakes?” she spoke, realizing that everyone was done, so they could leave. She stood up and looked at her sister. The smile she carried still seemed forced, but not as much as it was previously. Eventually they left the classroom.
  7. Invite Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    It seemed that telling the boy not to worry too much wasn’t working, it seemed that he was even more confused about her words. While electric devices didn’t work well with magic that had been something that Lexi had learned to do, it would require a lot of practice and if she could do it, someone else in town could. It was only a matter of visiting the store to get it fixed. The controller wasn’t something she was particularly worried about, she was more worried about them, as long as they were having fun and didn’t got hurt, everything else was irrelevant. “I had some practice with it, and if I can’t fix it myself, I know someone who can.” She smiled at him, trying to ease the pressure on the boy, and the fear of breaking something like the controller. “I have a lot of these things, you think you’re the first one to break a controller?” she chuckled, but it soon turned into an unsuspecting gentle smile towards the young man. “There’s a store in town that coats electric items, an while it doesn’t make it completely safe to fix it with magic, with enough time, and patience you can do it, without having it blowing on your face.” Lexi had broken many things, she had also tried to fix many things. Some worked, others didn’t, but as long as someone had coated the item first, she was sure she could fix it. “I can take you there, if you ever want anything from it.”
  8. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    Students continued to fill the classroom, she waved at Amber who had greeted her, in a rather unique way, but Lexi didn’t think too much of it, simply greeted her fellow Spencer. Lexi shrugged at the question about Harvey, she hadn’t seen the little thing, but Samantha quickly answered. By then Lexi’s mind was more interested in Ian, her Flinder’s friend who had sat next to her. She gently nudged his arm in a greeting manner, followed by a bright smile before her attention landed on the Professor. She had to admit that class was one of the classes worth attending. The professor answered her, giving her the option of making the spell alone or just the other two, Lexi had to try it both ways. She wasn’t going to let a simple icy spell hold her back, but for now she simply had to listen to what the Professor had to say. Once students started performing the spell Lexi tried her luck. She pointed her wand at some place with no people and performed the spell. The spell performed by her was not good, it was simply a jet of water pouring out of her wand. Lexi tried to stop the spell, but she couldn’t. “Crap crap crap…” she spoke in a low tone, as her wand just kept on pouring water, flooding the floor around her and whoever was nearby. After a few tries and a few smacks on the wand the water finally stopped pouring, by now they were a giant puddle of water. Lexi took a deep breath, she needed to freeze something, not get it wet. Upon trying the same spell, the same way, and expecting different results, a stronger jet of water originated from the tip of her wand, like a high-pressure hose chipping a bit of her table. “Holy cheese and crackers.” She exclaimed as she tried to stop the spell once more and failing miserably at it
  9. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Lexi Stewart
    She smiled at him as she put her things down before pulling the books towards her, afraid they would fall on the ground. She looked at Iggy as he started to set the chess board, turning the black pieces towards him. She didn’t care which pieces she got, starting fist or last was irrelevant to her, but it seemed that he wanted her to be the first one to start. Her eyes shifted from the boy to the board in front of them. She knew the moves, the rules and where she needed to get to win, but that didn’t make her a good chess player, if anything, she was a reckless player that charged ahead without no strategy. Her hand moved to a pawn to make it go forward two squares before looking up at the boy. “It’s nice to meet you too Iggy.” The smile on her face grew a bit, corners curling up, showing how amused she was able to meet a new person in the last place she expected. She wasn’t about to ask him that, whatever he was doing before she had interrupted him seemed … boring, to her at least, he probably enjoyed doing it, or he wouldn’t be, but she continued to wonder why the library of all the places? Why not his dorm? “It’s for class, I’m a bit behind and decided to at least try to catch up. What brings you to the library though?” she eyes landed on the chess board, they continued to play, even if Lexi was more interested in the whole conversation than in the game, but it was a good ice breaker.
  10. Invite Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    Ian didn’t seem to know much about games, it was best if they started off with something simple for him to start. Not knowing what a platform game was probably not something important, all he needed was to have good coordination and good reflexes, the later was overrated for these situations. “It’s a game genre it’s usually not too hard at the beginning…here, let me show you.” Lexi turned on the console and gave Ian a controller. It was easier to show him as he played than to play and have him watch her. Hopefully he will get the hang of it fairly quickly. “The controls aren’t gong to bite you Ian.” Lexi nudged his arm. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting from the young man, he seemed very uncomfortable with the remote, perhaps he was afraid to break it? Maybe that’s why he mentioned them being small, and not because he was afraid of the buttons. “Ohh….” She looked at him before giggling. She turned to Ian and but her hand on his. “I get it now. Look, you can hold people’s hands without hurting them, can’t you? Think of this as the same thing.” She tried to explain the best way she could for him to understand, controllers weren’t as fragile as human skin that could bruise easily. “And if you break it, we can fix it with magic.”
  11. Invite Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    Ian seemed to be somewhat tense? Perhaps he was just nervous to be in the girl’s side of the dorms, and he surely wouldn’t want to get caught by an authority figure, that was certain, but it was still early, and Lexi was sure neither of them would get in trouble, she also doubted anyone would be too worried about what they were doing. She approached Ian and pulled his arm a bit roughly, unwillingly. “Hey, you seem a bit off, what’s wrong?” she stared at Ian a bit worried about her friend. Maybe he was just nervous to be there, and she was making a fuss over something irrelevant, but she wanted to be sure he was alright. “I promise I won’t hurt you and I’ll be gentle while teaching you.” She spoke nudging his arm playfully. When it came to most actions she did, they were mostly robotic, Ian could choose to remove his shoes or not, it would be up to him, as long as his feet didn’t smell, Lexi didn’t want to faint. “Do you want to start with something easy?” it was a stupid question, but she still had to ask what he wanted. She had multiplayer and solo player, it was just about what he wanted. “I have a fun platform game you might enjoy.” Lexi walked towards the console on the ground and sat, she crossed her legs and pat the floor next to her. “Come on. I don’t bite.” She continued to joke as she turned it on. It was a small, with a retro design console, bought not too long ago after the re-release of retro consoles with games.
  12. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    As someone decided to read an encyclopaedia, Lexi was more entertained with other matters, one of them being Ian who had walked into the class but didn’t sit next to her. She bent over the chairs to catch the boy’s attention and whispered to him. “Ian? Are you alright?” she asked, worried that her friend was sick, or that something in general was wrong. Ian was sociable, Lexi couldn’t understand why he had sat away from her. She looked back at Laurie and shrugged, she wasn’t sure about anything anymore. The conversation proceeded and now was time to face their worst fear. Lexi already knew what it was, and she already knew that there was no point escaping it. She was a walking bomb, at any time her health could deteriorate, now she was good, but it didn’t mean that a stronger flu virus couldn’t knock her out for a few days. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to face her fear, not after what she had seen with the other Spencer, that was weird, and it seemed like she was an attention seeker of all things. Watching the girl go she stepped forward, she didn’t want to do it, because Chloe was there, Chloe would see it and that would only worry her. The Boggart soon turned into a tombstone, Lexi’s face turned white, but then it turns into a medical report. Lexi sheepishly picked the medical report and started reading it, a face of confusion could be seen in her face. She started from the top, stating the name of the patient, age, further it stated time of death and reason. Lexi Stewart will die of heart failure on the day of her sixteen birthday. Lexi’s confused face was followed by a laughter by throwing the record into the ground and went to take a seat in the back.
  13. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Lexi Stewart
    She watched the boy for a few seconds until he reacted to her words, she assumed the books had made some noise, but it seemed that she was the one that was interrupting him as he didn’t even look surprised by the noise the books had made when they hit the wood. She scratched the back of her head and was about to pick her books as he continued to speak, but before she could lift them up the boy got some words out. Lexi looked at the chess board once more and shook her head. “I’m not much of a player either.” She laughed a bit nervously. She had learnt from a friend, and sometimes he’d let her win so she wouldn’t be sad, but in the end, she was no good at chess. “I mean, if you’re in for a game so am I.” and while Chess wasn’t her type of game, nor something she was particularly good at, she did enjoy games, not for the competition but more for the fun moment. The books were pushed back as she took a seat on a chair nearby. “I’m Lexi.” She spoke softly, she didn’t want to have the whole library telling her to shut up. She took another look at the other student before pulling the chess board closer to her. It was a normal board, the same a random muggle could use. “What’s your name?” she rearranged the pieces as she spoke, a smile always on her face. The boy seemed a bit nervous, but some random girl had just approached him, she couldn’t really blame him.
  14. Class Wandless Wonders Beginner Term 3

    Taking her seat on the chair and waiting for Laurie to take hers, the Spencer looked up at the professor who seemed to be waiting for everyone to take a seat. It was always a bit nervous going to classes where the professors weren’t too friendly, but Lexi decided to keep her head down, at least until she heard the professor’s question. She opted to remain quiet, next to Laurie. Did she know the answer? Probably not. It was safer to remain quiet than to make a fool out of herself. She watched at other students spoke, talking to the professor and answering the woman’s question. She leaned back, crossed one leg over the other and waited until everyone stopped showing how good they were. The chests were to far away, she wasn’t sure if she could even bring one to her location. She fixated on one and slowly tried to lift if, pulling it towards her, but halfway through it’s route it fell on another desk. Lexi tried once more, only being able to lift it lightly until it fell down once again. “Fuck…” she muttered under her breath. Was that fucking chest going to be the reason that Lexi fails that class? No, it wasn’t going to be because of that chest. Concentrating on the chest, perhaps a bit too hard, the chest flew off the desk where it was and hit Lexi’s face hard enough to break her nose, she held out a scream as pain ran across her body. On the bright side she could skip that class, on the bad side she had a broken nose and was bleeding a lot. She asked for permission to leave the classroom, and once she obtained it, she left quietly. She knew Laurie wasn’t going to follow her, but she still walked a bit slowly for a while until she dashed through the halls to reach the nurse.
  15. Invite Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    Ian’s expression said everything, she could almost feel what he was feeling when she mentioned that classroom and as much as she didn’t entirely condemn the actions, they could at least clean it, it wasn’t too hard waving the wand, they were in school grounds, they wouldn’t be caught. Lexi however enjoyed the comfort of her dorm, even if she had to scare away those who get stuck with her, a task she will willingly do, with the help of some friends. She smiled at him once he looked at her, it only meant one thing, he was curious. Her smile only grew as Ian’s did, and grew even more when he agreed to play some games with her. Not everyone was willing to spend time with her to play video games, mostly because she would either hog the whole thing or would be mean to the person playing. She took a deep breath, she didn’t want to be mean to Ian and she didn’t want to hog the whole thing, it meant she had to behave like a normal human being. “I’ll teach you don’t worry.” Her arm wrapped around his in a friendly manner. “I don’t mind dealing with you as a newbie.” Probably the best compliment she could give, given the circumstances. “I have video games and board games, I’ll teach you both.” And if Ian enjoyed playing games, maybe he could join her more often, not that he needed the company, he was a bundle of cheerfulness and he was too kind for his own good, but that didn’t mean she didn’t appreciate all of it. “Come on.” She started to walk towards the dormitories, she was sure there wouldn’t be a problem taking Ian. Managing to get to her dorm room she opened the door only to reveal an unsuspecting clean and tidy room, everything was organized to perfection. There was the exception of the small console on the ground and a relatively small television that seemed to be too old for that time but worked better around magic than some of the newer ones. “Make yourself comfortable.” She spoke closing the door behind Ian and taking off her footwear, placing it in a corner away from the door. “Do you want snacks?” while her room was tidy and clean enough, it had enough snacks for one person to survive inside for at least a month.
Alexandria Madeline Stewart
Student Fifth Year
15 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her/Hers
Age  15
Date of Birth January 13th, 2004
Birthplace Narragyambie
Occupation Student
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Thestral (non-corporeal)
Wand 13 ½‘’Cherry wood, Thestral tail hair
Play-by Kasumi Arimura

Tallygarunga (??? House) – 1st year - Current


Romantic at heart;

Has some health problems, mainly immune system;

Relies on her sister for a lot of things;

Has no idea what to do with her life;

Can’t cook nor bake to save her own behind;

Has a special talent for plants;

Is surprisingly a good singer;

Plays chess;

Wishes she was as studious as her sister.

General Knowledge


Is known as the Small Stewart;

Is more rebellious than her sister;

Had a ‘few’ flings;

Accident prone;

Too flirty for her own good;

Speaks Japanese and English;

Practices martial arts;

Plays too many video games;

Does LARP occasionally.


Lexi is a charismatic girl, she knows how to capture people’s attention. She can be quite flexible in some aspects, always trying to adapt to situations when talking to others. She considers herself to be a reliable and altruistic person, always willing to help others, especially those she considers to be friends, sometimes even going out of her way to do so and ensuring that they are happy. Despite her health issues she’s not very active, usually only engages in physical activities that she enjoys, like martial arts, and LARP (if considered a physical activity), but might do other activities, if it makes her friends happy. She’s rarely struck by thoughts of self-doubt trusting her abilities, perhaps more than she should. She often relies on her intuition, instead of facts, but understands that they are important. She’s not the smartest student, but she isn’t the dumbest, she stays above average and doesn’t try to go out of her way to be the best, she enjoys spending time with her friends and doing what she loves.

She’s not bravest, nor she is a coward, she adapts to the situation, however there are times where things get out of hand. She flirts too much for her own good, might go too far on certain situations, leading people on, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously, and that behaviour doesn’t paint her too well at the eyes of some other students, but she always tries to see the best in others, even if they can’t see the best in her. Despite her choice of sport, Lexi isn’t the most competitive person, she tries to give her best. Losing isn’t something that upsets her much, she’s a good sport and would rather have a good time, and is rather modest about her accomplishments, preferring to boost other people’s accomplishments over her own.

Lexi is slightly impatient, she can’t wait too long for certain things. She has a slight dislike for highly structured environments and isn’t amused when she has to follow rules without understanding them, even when training martial arts. She’s very argumentative, and she will try to find something to argue about, while most of the arguments are for the fun of exchanging ideas, it can be misunderstood as a need to start fights.

Overall, Lexi is gentle and sweet towards those she loves, being a kind and caring friend. It’s not easy to upset her, there are some things that might upset her faster than others, but generally she’s a very relaxed person, not being considered dominant nor passive, it simply depends on the situation. When upset she’s not a friendly person and can be quite rude, throwing sarcastic comments at people and in general being quite passive-aggressive.


Lexi stands 160cm, making her the smallest member of the Stewart’s family, which she doesn’t mind as she can easily go unnoticed whenever there’s any big events and she can avoid her strict family, especially by hiding in small spaces. She has medium length brown hair, falling past her jaw line, touching her shoulders lightly. She often wears a headband to prevent her hair from falling into her eyes. Whenever she’s practicing, she tried to tie it in a ponytail. Her hair is straight, and unlike her sister’s, her hair is darker but whenever it’s too long it starts to curl.

She constantly wears a smile on her face. Lexi is in need of glasses, though she constantly wears contact lenses, there is the occasional day that she will show up with them. Without some form of visual aid Lexi will spend most of her time bumping into things.

The story so far

Lexi was born in Narragyambie to an Australian father and a Japanese mother. She’s their youngest child, making her Chloe Stewart’s younger sister. Her father owns a bakery and her mother owns a martial arts dojo. Lexi was born roughly a year after Chloe, however, unlike her sister she was born with a health condition, which made her weaker than most children, this condition forced Lexi to live a good portion of her childhood indoors without being able to play with other kids, relying only on Chloe’s company. The time she spent indoors with Chloe strengthened their sisterly bond.

At the age of eight Lexi began displaying a natural aptitude for Magic, it was also around the same time she started to become strong enough to play with other children. Lexi always looked up to her sister, and what she wanted to do was to practice martial arts with Chloe, despite everyone telling her that her body wouldn’t take it, she proved her almost every day that she was as capable of doing as her sister. While Lexi didn’t practice as many martial arts as her sister, she focused only on Karate.

Lexi took the opportunity to be able to play with others to make new friends, becoming a sociable and a charismatic person. While sociable, Lexi still enjoys her indoor time, playing video games or table top games, and as she grew older, she never quite abandoned those hobbies, becoming a big part of her life.

When she was old enough, she enrolled in Tallygarunga, and while she had the opportunity to stay home, she prefers to stay at the dorms. It’s her one and only opportunity to avoid her strict family, the only time she has not to be under the all seeing eyes of her mother, who, is a helicopter parent, which makes Lexi crave for some freedom. After a year of being in Tally, and now slightly freer, and less controlled than she used to be, Lexi found a group of people who share the same love as her for video games and table top games, creating a LARP group that meets every week at the park.

Currently Lexi finds herself in her fifth year at Tally, while not the best student in the classes she’s taking, she only trying to achieve an average grade, not trying to aim for more. It shouldn’t be about the competition, it should be about what people learn, the friends and more importantly to enjoy her time there. She hopes to start to experience more freedom over the years, while she has a feeling it won’t happen until she graduates and moved away to attend VMU.

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