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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. The Bad Old Days

    "Well, if you're inclined to believe in science, a dramatically reduced likelihood of lung cancer before you're thirty-five and less chance of that this disgusting cocktail of chemicals not made for human consumption will affect your still-developing brain," Kate replied with a shrug. She'd been smoking since she was young. Too young, and too dumb to understand what she'd been doing to her body. If she could go back, Kate liked to think she would have not taken up the habit, but it had been so effective in upsetting her father. She couldn't really say. In a way, she hated the habit. Hated the way she craved the taste on days when life felt impossible. Kate didn't like to rely on anything or any one, but cigarettes had always been her weakness. She cracked a smile as Renee countered her, amused by the girl's wit and nerve. "True, I am," she said lightly. "But should Alan happen to catch us out here, you're most welcome to inform him of my transgressions---and we'll see who gets in the most trouble." It would probably be Renee, at least at first. Alan wouldn't reprimand her in front of a student. He would wait until they had a private moment to really make his feelings clear. Say all of the things you couldn't say within hearing of delicate child ears. "My question stands. Why are you out here, instead of daydreaming in class, like everyone else who doesn't want to be there?"
  2. The Bad Old Days

    Kate wasn't surprised to see one of the older students had made their way to the Bilby side. When they had done the planning for the site, a lot of discussion had gone into what security (if any) should be used along the fence. Both she and Alan had agreed it was best to keep it simple. Too many magical wards and deterrents ran the risk of students injuring themselves in an attempt to get through, and both she and Alan had been in the game long enough to know that it didn't matter what you put in place: if the kids wanted to find a way through, they would. It wasn't a particularly big deal, anyway. The outer edges of the school's boundaries were secure, this was just to keep the younger children in a smaller area they could be easily watched. She watched the older girl silently, the closed-over body language and the clear willingness to break school rules said it all. Kate had seen this type of student many times before, and for a while she had been this student. It was always upsetting to see how some things never changed, you could never make all of the children happy. Not the way they deserved to be. "No," Kate said finally, flicking ash to the ground. "You're far too young for that. Besides, you're on this side of the fence - stick with breaking one rule at a time." Whatever rules Kate was willing to break herself, she wasn't the sort to go around handing cigarettes to children. She let a moment's silence pass, still watching the girl. Kate wasn't concerned about being dobbed on, either. Alan would be annoyed, but what was Alan going to do? Aside from sic Audrey onto her, Alan didn't have any threats that she actually feared. "What brings you here when you should be in class?" Kate raised an eyebrow, but made no move to shoo the girl away. Again, the students would find a way to do the things they really wanted to do, and if the girl wasn't skipping class here, she would just skip class elsewhere. Here she would at least be supervised and perhaps even learn a thing or two. "I'm Kate," she added, deciding to leave off the part about being the headmistress of a private girl's school. If the girl didn't know that, she certainly wasn't going to want to. "My daughter goes to Bilby."
  3. The Bad Old Days

    Katherine Belmont
    Once again she was terribly early to pick Hazel up, so Kate had snuck herself away to a far corner of the Bilby Oval. Far enough that hopefully Alan wouldn't wander out here and catch her sneaking a cheeky cigarette. She only had the odd one now and then, especially now that Matt was back and everything was better---but being here, on Tally grounds. It brought back memories. A younger self up to no good at all. Those had been the days. She smoothed down her skirt and straightened her scarf. Kate always got looks when she came here, so obviously in the Penrose staff uniform. Her 'Headmistress' badge perfectly shined, and why was her daughter here?? they all wanted to know. Why didn't the snobby woman give her daughter a private education, if Penrose really was "all that". Lately Kate wasn't so sure that it was. Hazel was definitely happier in the Bilby program. The more she thought about it, the more Kate felt that the strict and perfectionist world of Penrose would never be a good fit for her chaotic daughter. How had that happened? How had she and Matt created this whirlwind of a creature? Kate loved her daughter, of course, but the wild spirit was so far from anything she and Matt were. It was refreshing and wonderful but also damn confusing. Kate sighed, looked around to be sure none of the Tally staff were in view, and lit up. Her father had requested an audience too, which was another whole thing. What to do about that? He wanted to meet Matt. He wanted to meet Hazel. She hadn't even told Hazel that she had grandparents, she and Matt had agreed on that from the start. She didn't need to know about John, about Pearl. She didn't need to know Margaret and Vince were alive. It was better that way, right? There was nothing good to be gained by going back to all of that. Besides, just thinking about the minor heart attack her father would have over her smoking on Tallygarunga grounds made her smile. Screw him. She'd do what she wanted.
  4. Enough with the Gobstones. Do you know how many I've had to confiscate this week? (I have a complete collection now)

  5. Complete Waiting

    Hazel waved one last time, Adam closed the door, and they were gone. Kate had been dreading this moment since she woke up that morning, knowing that the weekend would leave her alone with her husband. Shouldn't this have been a good thing? A relief? A respite from the constant demand of looking after a busy child? They should be planning a special night in, a chance to be together properly and yet they wouldn't be. Kate would spend her weekend without the pleasant buffer Hazel provided from her frustrated and grouchy husband. Every time she thought about it, the pit of dread grew deeper. Kate told herself to be patient. He was still recovering. He was doing well in rehab, it was just slow. One day her Matthew would return and all of this will have been worth it. Gods, it had to be. Matt had been in a particularly down mood lately. Quiet. Jumpy. Every time she looked over he was lost in his thoughts, occasionally staring at her. Something wasn't right but she didn't know if she could even ask. Kate got the feeling that Hazel was the only thing holding them together now, and without her here for the weekend Kate could feel her life slipping out of her grasp. Maybe it would be better that way. Maybe. "It's good of them to take her out like that," Matt said from the couch, placing his game controller to one side. Kate froze. She hadn't expected him to speak. "Yeah. Adam and Cass have been wonderful," she replied uneasily. This wasn't a demand or a criticism or what she'd come to expect and now it felt suspicious. Matt cleared his throat, turning back to look at her. "Come sit down?" The three words struck fear into her heart. He sounded serious. He was asking her in the soft and reasonable tone she remembered from him. On shaking legs she brought herself over, leaving a good foot of space between them when she sat down. Had he decided he wanted out? Her eyes pricked with tears at just the thought, and the long pause as Matt found words to speak did not help her anxiety. "A young woman came to the Roo the other day," he started softly. "To find me. She's my daughter. I chose years ago to not be involved, I wasn't the sort of person who should be a father. Not then. I didn't think she would look for me, but she did. And... things are different now. I want to know her. And her daughter." Kate swalllowed the giant lump that had swollen in her throat. "You have... a daughter?" she repeated. He nodded in reply, and Kate took a moment to let this sink in. "And a granddaughter." Another nod. "I've been thinking a lot since she visited, and... you're the reason. You're why everything is different. You, and Hazel. Otherwise I would have stayed afraid of being my Dad, but..." Matt took another deep breath. Kate tensed. What now? "I want to get a proper carer. I want to increase my occupational therapy. I've been... stupid. This whole time. Really stupid, Katie. Especially to you. You deserve better than I've been giving you, and I don't deserve your loyalty after everything we've been through. I want to do better." Kate burst into tears. The revelation was one thing, but here and now he sounded like the Matthew she missed. Seeing her fall apart, he opened his arms, gestured for her to come in closer. She did. Snuggled herself in against his chest while he wrapped his arms as tight about her as he could. Just like the old days. He kissed the top of her head. She could her the fast, worried heartbeat drumming in his chest. "I can't believe you have a granddaughter." she managed eventually. Matt laughed, just a little. Shook his head. "No, Katie-Lou. We have a granddaughter."
  6. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    "The very same," Kate replied. Matt was something of a curiosity, a newspaper story for the bored mind. Even wizards didn't often wake up after being comatose for that long. The cigarette disappeared fast, too fast, and that was why you didn't roll your own. The wait. Unless you were prepared to sit and roll them in advance, and she doubted that her new companion planned ahead like that. They would need to find a store, she wanted cartons of the bloody things. Take them home, smoke every last one in Matthew's face until she felt better. No. Forget that. She was being alive tonight. And she had an accomplice. It'd been years since she'd last mooned the twats at Greyheme. With a smirk, she gave Ashkar's backside a cheeky slap, before walking on ahead. Pushing every thought about Matt, her uncertain future, the pain, the sheer misery of being invisible away, Kate re-focused herself. Tonight. Tonight was for everything she had refused herself, and in the morning there would be regrets and she did her best not to care. Not to think. More drinks, more bad decisions. The walk to Greyheme wasn't too long, if you knew the shortcuts. Kate did, of course. The buildings loomed in the darkness, like old spooky churches. She found the gap in the fence that had always been there, though she was far less agile than she had been as a teenager. Nothing really changed at Greyheme. An endless cycle of empty-headed tossers with more money than common sense. Through the bushes and toward a single lighted window that she knew to be the headmaster's bedroom. Excitement tingled up her spine, and this, this was what she had been missing. Giggling, she nudged Ashkar. "Get ready," she said, hiking her skirt up a little in readiness. Wand in hand, she sent tiny sparks toward the window, making them tap gently to rouse the occupant. What was the point of a mooning if there was no one to see it? Hidden by the bushes she watched, until shadows moved and grew larger. "He's coming!" she hissed, turning around and poking her backside out the edge of the bushes. Wiggled it for good measure. Never let it be said that Katherine Belmont gave a half-arsed moon.
  7. Not sure what is worse right now. Rooms full of overheated hormonal teenage girls angry at having to do summer school, or Matthew. 

    I need wine.

    1. Sibylla Townsend

      Sibylla Townsend

      I'll be sure to swing by with a bottle of red later.

  8. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Cigarette between her fingers, Kate waited (impatiently) for Ashkar to finish rolling his own before she moved toward the exit. Another thing that had changed since she'd been a habitual smoker, and she remembered vividly Matt's delight in telling her that she would no longer be allowed to "filthy up" his bar with her disgusting habit. Another reason she'd given up, she supposed. Having to go outside every time was a pain. She leaned against the outer wall, head tilted upward to watch the smoke fade off against the stars. "Whatever it took to make everything right again," she said, keeping her gaze on the heavens. "Figured if I was good, if I denied myself anything that didn't fit into the bigger picture, if I was loyal and unselfish and patient enough, the universe would reward me with some sort of better ending. I got my miracle, but... I'm still waiting for it to get better. I should be happy with just that. It's a goddamn miracle, after all." Kate shook her head. "I put my life on hold waiting for him to live or die, but the man who woke up doesn't seem to care that I exist." The hurt was deep, and she knew she couldn't blame Matt for it. He'd never asked her to wait. She knew she shouldn't expect more from him than he was able to give. Who knew what he wanted now, anyway? Maybe they would never find their way back, and that was the bitter realisation that Kate was trying to drink away. Ashkar's question was an intriguing one. What would sixteen-year-old Katie do? That was a good start. Distracted from her more sombre and painful thoughts, the edges of her mouth curled upward. "How does mooning the snotty old headmaster of an incredibly elite boys private school sound?" she asked, glancing downward just a moment. "I bet you've got a hairy arse that would burn his eyeballs out."
  9. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Kate threw back her head with a loud groan. "Ugh, you're one of those!" she exclaimed, rolling her fingers together as if she were making an invisible cigarette. She'd never had the patience for rollies. When Kate wanted a cigarette, she wanted two and both of them ten minutes ago. Kate had also never had the financial constraints that drove most to rolling their own. She didn't really understand it. Her fingers drummed impatiently along the counter as she watched the man form the cigarette. They would have to go outside, though, she she prepared herself by sliding down off the bar stool and hanging her bag over one shoulder. Drunk as she clearly was, Kate did seem at least possessed of most of her faculties. She could stand up straight, walk with relative ease, and though she was louder and more free than she otherwise might be, she was in control. That control just happened to have a destructive streak a mile wide, the alcohol had done little more than to amplify her frustrations at the world and how much she did not care to be perfect tonight. "I keep giving up. I know it's bad. I don't need it, but I do. I am so tired, you know. Tired of having to keep my shit together so that no one else falls apart. Tired of pretending that I don't have things that I want, or need, or even just bloody like, because god forbid I might be human." she waited with a hand on her hip, staring intently at the cigarette progress. "Can I tell you a secret?" she didn't wait for a reply. "I have spent years. Almost six years. Being perfect. In the hopes that everything would get better, and miracles would happen, and I would be rewarded with my life back. Guess what. The miracle did happen, and I am still dead inside. I am still waiting, and I don't even know what I'm waiting for anymore." A cigarette, supposedly, but Kate wasn't about to let logic in the way of her aimless ranting. "I mean I shouldn't have let them get me to this state, but I wanted them to. For one night, I just want to be alive."
  10. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    Kate's lopsided grin only widened when he ordered her yet another drink. This man was going to be a terrible influence, she knew that. Kate had a gift for finding those sorts of people, she gravitated toward them like moths to a light. The Penrose staff uniform really wasn't so different to what the students wore---and Kate could almost feel her sixteen year old self returning. Rebellious after Calinda passed, and out to shatter her father's dreams for what she could be. The end of the golden child. The beginning of Kate really living her life. She licked her lips, accepting the fresh glass. "Well---no, it's boring," Kate sighed, completely missing the point of this dangerously flirty talk. "I hate it. I hate it more than the students. Who wants to be stuck in a room with moody teenage girls that did the wrong thing? Not me." she wagged a finger at Ash with great emphasis. That's what the kids always forgot when they got themselves in trouble. That some poor teacher would have to take time out of their afternoon delivering punishment. It wasn't fair. "They won't let me whip the kids," she added with a frown. "I'm barely allowed to fail the buggers." Kate sometimes felt bad for the teachers she'd had. Keeping her under control had been difficult, with her tendency to slip out of the school to go see a particular bad influence at the time who just happened to be attending VMU. Gods but her parents had hated Alan for that. Which... as a parent now, Kate could understand. If Hazel made half of the bad decisions Kate had, Kate wasn't sure her heart would survive the anxiety. Still. That was neither here nor there, now. It had been a long time since Kate had been that reckless, and she felt like it was time. To make some very terrible decisions. She wanted to feel alive again. She had a craving. "You don't happen to have a cigarette I could bum, do you?" she asked, an eyebrow raised as she tried not to fall off the bar stool.
  11. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    It had started... when had it started? Kate swung on a bar stool and tried to remember. The staffroom, yes. Lanelle. Lanelle had been talking. No--no Kate had been talking. About end of year plans, and what colour the decorations for the graduation ceremony should be. Whether they should have the invitations hand written by an expert calligrapher, or done by a spell. Kate preferred the former, you could always tell when it was done properly, but Lanelle had cut across all of that. She was stalling. Lanelle could tell she was stalling. Kate didn't want to go home. Lanelle didn't want to do more work. Lanelle suggested a "girl's night". Kate wasn't sure, but the others liked Lanelle and joined the chorus. There had been chanting. Kate decided a quick drink couldn't hurt. There had been one, two.. too many quick drinks. They appeared in her hand like magic. Lanelle and the others tried to tell her what they were called and contained, but she remembered none of that. They were funny colours and tastes. Some made her see stars. All of them had been strong. There had been dancing, or at least--Kate had been dancing. Her hair had come out of the pony tail. She had lost her blazer somewhere. Kate still wasn't sure how she'd ended up swinging on this bar stool, alone. Vaguely she remembered Lanelle saying they would "be right back", but how long ago had that been? Days? It wasn't even midnight. Kate slapped at her own cheek, giggling when she realised how numb and buzzy it was. She wondered if this was how Matt felt with the limbs that didn't work right yet. Stupid Matt and his stupid grumpiness. She turned her head as someone finally joined her at the dingiest muggle bar she'd ever been to, both eyebrows raised and a laugh on her lips. "A bottle?" she echoed. "Someone's planning on being naughty tonight!" Kate wagged a finger with a "tut-tut". Even with her uniform in disarray, she managed the teacher look quite well. "Am I gonna have to give you detention?"
  12. if i tell myself

    Right. So this was going to happen. It was happening. Now. It was happening right now. Kate pushed her lips up into a smile, hoping it didn't look too forced. Introduce her inappropriate crush to her husband? Who wouldn't be thrilled? She got the sense that Boaz was being polite in his acceptance, too. Great. Neither of them wanted to do this, but they had polited themselves into it. Wonderful. That smile fixed on her face, she led Boaz through the milling people to Matt's table. It seemed that Alan had taken up talking to some young thing (really? Didn't he have a young thing of his very own these days?) and Marie was trying to keep track of her various grandchildren. Kate was vaguely aware of Hazel's giggles among the noise, the kids were playing a game of sorts. "Hey," Kate spoke up as she nudged her way to Matt's side, displacing Emily who was in the process of cutting up Matt's food into smaller portions. Really? "That's... not necessary," she murmured, taking the knife and fork from Ems's fingers and passing them back to Matt. Matt scowled, stabbing a piece of broccoli with the fork. "I told her that, and she wouldn't listen," he grumped. "None of you bloody listen, I'm not a damned child. Just because I need a little assistance getting up and down the stars, that does not make me an invalid!" Yet it was clear that even this mild of an outburst was taxing him. He finished the sentence almost winded, and the fingers that gripped the fork in irritation were thin and bony. "I know, babe---I'm sorry, we---" "Sorry? You're the bloody worst for it, Katherine." Matt huffed. "I told you I didn't want any fuss like this, I told you I could make it to bed myself, I told you there was no need to be staying home like you are. I don't need you hanging around like---" "Matthew." Kate cut across him, every word inflaming the worry she held close to her heart. But her response showed none of that. It was her Teacher Voice, sharp and commanding. She was still afraid of everything they might no longer be, but in this exact moment, she was done with his shit. "Can you just stop for one minute." the smile was back, visibly forced and strained at the edges. Matt fell silent. "This is Boaz Izem," she continued, the steel in her voice unwavering, daring Matt to make another complaint. "Hazel's teacher." "Huh." Matt's gaze flicked over Boaz, expression difficult to read on his thin face. "Not what I expected, from her stories."
  13. if i tell myself

    Kate stared at Boaz as though he'd grown three extra arms and a tail. The drink almost to her lips, it sat there frozen as she went over his suggestion in her mind. Once. Twice. Three times. Each time it threw her back into that catatonic state of wonder: why had no one thought of that yet? "Get someone actually qualified to care for him," she said once her ability to speak had returned. "Someone who doesn't care if their relationship is destroyed by the time everything is better. Someone who hasn't got so much to lose." it was like a light brightened inside her, rays of hope that dared her to believe that if he could just divert his frustrations to another person, maybe he would be able to see her as Kate again. As his friend, his wife. That is. If he could still see her that way. If he wanted to. There was a distinct possibility that Kate shoved to the side, that hiring someone to care for Matt would take away the only place she had in his life right now. She supposed it would be a faster track to "normality" between them, if it could be achieved at all. This current situation wasn't helping anything. After so many years of waiting, what they needed now was distance. It was frustrating. "I never even thought of it," she admitted with a slight blush. She felt a little stupid for that. It was so obvious when you thought about it, an answer that had been staring her in the face all along. Sure, it would cost a bit---but her salary would cover it. And she would be able to work properly with someone around full time. Just the idea made her relax a little, though the prospect of discussing it with Matt himself wasn't appealing. He'd hated having the nurses fuss over him, he wasn't likely to enjoy a new intruder to their life. Too bad. She needed this. They needed this. "Would you like to meet him?" the question fell out before she could hold it back. "You've heard so much about him, and you are Hazel's teacher, he's heard a lot about you..." and yet there was that tiny bit of her that didn't want these particular forces in her life to meet. She wasn't sure why. But she had offered now, and she had to stick with it. Besides, Hazel was unlikely to pass up a chance to do the same. It would have to happen eventually.
  14. if i tell myself

    So Emily hadn't taken long at all to resume her fawning over Matt. That in itself wasn't a surprise, but what did surprise Kate was the sense of relief that sat underneath her initial irritation. Let him be mad at her, let her be the one who had to choose to keep holding him upright even as he berated her for doing it "wrong". Let Emily be there for every moment, every little thing, every complaint and ache and need, and let Emily be the one who got nothing back. The hand holding her glass had curled tighter, knuckles whitening with the pressure. Kate knew she couldn't expect much from him yet. Coming back to his body was an overwhelming experience, but at the very least she had hoped for... what? Acknowledgement that she wasn't his nurse? For him to just occasionally reach out and take her hand, not to get her attention---but to hold it? A smile on his face when he said her name? Anything. A tiny, miniscule scrap of affection. Just something to prove that he wasn't so completely wrapped up in his inability to look after himself that he couldn't see her too. "I put my life on hold and waited for him," she said after a long pause, her voice cracking down the middle. "It can't have been for nothing. But at the same time, it's... I don't know. He won't even talk to me. Doesn't ask how my day was. He keeps himself so separate from me, if he didn't snore so bloody loud I'd think I still had the bed to myself. Stupid me thought it would be enough just having him there to come home to, but... it's not. How he's talking to Ems right now, how he's looking at her... that's exactly what he gives me too. Like I'm not special to him, I'm just... there."
  15. if i tell myself

    Kate's lips turned up in a wry half-smile. Independent? Yes, Matt was definitely an independent sort. His life hadn't been an easy one, it was the sort of life that either pushed you into resilience or ate you alive. Matt was a survivor of his own existence, and he'd had his ways set long before Kate became a close part of it. Their relationship was so unexpected even just for that: neither seemed to really need anything from others. Kate had married her ex-husband for social reasons, and then ignored him. "I know," she said softly. "I know." And she had her own frustrations to counter, too. Everything had built up to this wonderful moment when he finally woke up, and then... Kate wasn't sure if things were actually better now, or worse. Possibly worse, and admitting that to herself was sickening. Even when she told herself it was temporary, that this was the hardest part, she still felt like she was being ungrateful for this chance. She missed him as he had been before the accident, it was hard to accept that the angry figure in the wheelchair was him. Or would be again, in time. "I hope it's there, I---" she paused, Phil tapping her on the shoulder with a fresh drink. A strong one. Since Matt's return, he'd been so much nicer to her. Even Mish was cutting her some slack. Any time Matt came down to the bar, they saw first-hand how difficult he could be. Phil had caught her outside once, trying to hide the fact she was crying. Kate had been mortified, but it seemed that Phil had worded up the staff to look after her from then on. She appreciated it. "Thank you," Kate nodded and Phil disappeared back to the bar. "I worry that we won't fit together like we used to," she murmured. "That maybe I waited for something that was slipping away the whole time. Or this point here, where he needs me for every little thing, this is what will drive us apart." Kate turned her head back to watch Matt grumping as Emily Burdett fussed over him. Ugh. Really? Kate's lips were thin and tight as she turned her attention back to Boaz. "Becareful with offers like that," she said. "You might see more of me than you like." Kate paused. "... Not... not like that, though."
Katherine Louise Belmont
Headmistress of Penrose 0
50 year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age  50
Date of Birth October 13th, 1969
Birthplace Melbourne
Occupation Headmistress of Penrose
Player  ★ Sadrienne
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Tina Fey

Penrose School for Young Witches

Victoria Magical University


Kate keeps a lot to herself. She's an incredibly private person who doesn't like the world to see her as less than perfect. She doesn't like people to see her real emotions, though she does feel them intensely. Her life has been breaking to pieces since Matt's accident, and she wrestles every day with what to do, but again---she won't talk about that.

General Knowledge

It is well known that Kate is a former girlfriend of Alan Burdett. Her status as the headmistress of Penrose is another well known fact, and her rocky history with a number of Narragyambie residents make it hard to find people who don't automatically dismiss her as a bitch.


Kate is Daddy's little princess all grown up. She's never had much of an interest in romance, beyond creating the odd scandal here and there, and always found more worthy pursuits such as her career. But when appearances dictated she needed a partner for something, Kate was never without a date. She knew what she was blessed with, and she has always made a point of using it to her best advantage. Kate is the epitome of the Penrose girl.

For the most part she's fun to be around, until she wants something - and she'll stop at nothing to get it. She's playful, even while trying to ruin you, although it would be fair to say that Kate is also quite oblivious to the feelings of those around her and tends to be hurtful even when she's not trying. She's demanding, frustrating, distant at the worst times - and clingy when it's not appropriate.

She's everything you don't want her to be one moment, and everything you hoped for the next. She likes to break rules and make jaws drop, but at the end of the day - she will return to what is expected of her at the family level and obey the orders given.


Kate is moderately tall with chocolate brown hair and a pale complexion. Although naturally straight, she charms her hair into curls for the fun of it, feeling they lend a better feel to her bouncy, bubbly personality, not to mention the illusion of innocence that isn't there at all. She has glasses, though she more often wears contacts, and tends to dress in designer clothes. She is very rarely seen in the same outfit twice, and would probably have a heart attack if spotted in recycled clothes. She doesn't pile makeup on, though she does spend a fair amount of time plucking, primping and preening to get the perfection she needs. She has strong facial features that can switch quickly from 'cute/playful' to 'serious/dangerous' in three seconds flat.

The story so far

Kate was born into the wealthy McElhaney family. Her father was a property developer, her mother an upperclass housewife with a love of gin and gossiping with other ginn'd up housewives in Melbourne's affluent eastern suburbs. She attended an all-girls magical primary in the city, before graduating to Penrose at the age of eleven.

It was during her years at Penrose that she got bored with being a good daughter. She discovered a penchant for playing with people's reactions, and took up several bad habits - smoking, sneaking into Greyheme, playing pranks on the professors, skipping classes and drinking on school grounds for the fun of it... but her parents were too wealthy for even the school to disagree with her behaviour, and her excuses were so innocent and her apologies so sincere she was never given more than a warning for her actions.

She first met Alan at an inter-school event, where their scandalous relationship ended abruptly as the pair returned to their respective schools. Two years later, they reunited in Melbourne while at uni, and dated seriously for three years. When it seemed that Alan was ready to pop the question, Kate left him - instead marrying Seth Rice, a man her father approved of. Their relationship lasted three years, and once her divorce was settled, she took to casually seeing Alan once more.

She made her way to Headmistress of Penrose, through money and sabotage, but always kept tabs on Alan. Their twisted romance was talk of the halls more than once at Penrose, and though they tried being serious again - nothing ever worked out.

In late 2008, Kate started seeing Alan's best friend, Matthew Longhurst, after he dared her to try and hook up with him. The pair fell in love accidentally, and married in a surprise wedding on the Murray. Matt's much younger half-siblings Aiden and Valerie moved in with them shortly after the wedding.

Kate changed her surname again from Longhurst to Belmont, when her husband chose to use his mother's maiden name rather than the surname he was born with. After a very difficult pregnancy, the pair had a daughter, Hazel, who would have been followed by a second daughter, Rylea, but this time the difficult pregnancy was too much for Kate to handle and the baby was lost as a result. 

The Belmont's problems escalated further still when Matt was hit by a tram in the Melbourne CBD, and has been in a coma since. Matt's brother Adam took custody of Aiden and Valerie, as Kate began to lose interest in the world outside of her work, her daughter, and the desperate hope that Matt would wake up. She moved with Hazel back to Melbourne and rarely comes to Narrie, as the memories in town are too painful for her most days.

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