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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Ashley Estrada

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  • Birthday 10/13/1990

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    Ashley Jasmine Estrada
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    Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
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    Owner of Charm-Me-Not
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    Naya Rivera

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    Willow, Thick, 12 1/4'', Unicorn Tail Hair Core
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    Pine Marten

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  1. Invite Highly Suspect

    Ashley didn't need to look up from her beverage to see whom had just joined her by the bar counter - not that she knew who it was on the spot, but because she didn't really concern herself with it much at all. It was either someone masochistic enough to deal with her at that time of the day while she took refuge in the sweet shelter of alcohol, or some poor sap who didn't know better than hit on her at that time. It turned out to be the former, as she recognized the voice that reached her ears as that of a former colleague. "How are things at the store? Is that really the only ice breaker people have nowadays? Disappointing." She took a light sip of her own drink, stirring the glass lightly with her hand afterwards. Just a couple months earlier the Headmaster of Tallygarunga had asked her that very same question in that situation, but at least she could afford to be a little less respectful to a former coworker than she had to be to a former boss and the one that looked after her niece. 'Not like Dani takes Divination, either.' "But to answer your question, if I'm here, my establishment has clearly been set ablaze." Came the sarcastic reply. Another sip, and then the glass was put down on the wooden counter, still holding most of the liquor Ashley had been served a few moments earlier. "And I suppose I'm using the insurance money to ensure I need a new liver." She let out a sigh and straightened her posture. "What about yourself, Mr. Barrows? Hopefully your students are being more eloquent than yourself lately, or else I should probably go back to Tallygarunga temporarily to set them straight."
  2. Invite Highly Suspect

    Ashley Estrada
    Jo was preparing something. Ashley could feel it in her bones. She would face repercussions for her prank (or, more accurately, lack thereof) sooner rather than later, as the forever present war in the Estrada household continued - except, at that point, with a few innocent bystanders. The woman couldn't help finding it deeply ironic that she ended up as the unofficial guardian to four different girls over the course of a year, and most of which weren't even her fault: only Caroline had been, and fortunately, the girl had her head set on straight and was giving her best both in school and college. The rest? She owed it all to Jo. Renee had been a problem ever since the Auror met her, and she pressured Ashley into giving the troublemaker access into the family warehouse. And, as of a few months, the Dhampir adopted Danielle and Faith. It was quite the ironic adoption - not only did Ashley take care of those two more efficiently than her beloved sister did, but she was starting to grow fairly certain that Danielle was the adult in the house. She didn't partake in the shenanigans between the Estrada sisters and was fairly responsible, and such factors were what ultimately led Ashley to entrust the Bourke with the house that night as she headed out for a drink. Sitting at the far end of the counter, she ordered a drink and kept to herself, chin resting upon her fist as she lightly sipped at the alcoholic beverage. It wasn't the first time she had found herself in the Drunken Roo since the adoptions. With Jo away at work most of the responsibilities fell on Ashley, something she was used to, yet she did need relief from the workload every now and then. Surely Faith was in good hands, with Danielle insisting they placed Tallygarunga-grade protections around the home; Ashley had earned a little time for herself...
  3. All these rumors about pranks in school sort of make me wish I was still there. Blast from the past.

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    2. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      So mean, JoJo. What have I ever done to you?

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I should show you the list. And don't call me Jo-Jo

    4. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      I didn't call you Jo-Jo, I called you JoJo.

  4. Killing Time

    A daiquiri was soon brought to where Ashley sat. Resting her head against her right fist with the elbow carefully perched upon the counter, she outstretched a thumb as means of symbolizing a questionable thumbs up in appreciation of being served so quickly. It was a colorful beverage, something very much unlike what most would expect someone as cold as her to enjoy, yet she had always had a flair for flamboyance. Her right hand's fingertips lightly and slowly spun the stem of the cup back and forth, losing herself to thoughts for just a few moments up until Alan made his grand entrance into the bar. Despite not seeming outwardly content about her apparent company - which she was at that point, after being left in the dust by Jo over work (how dare she?) - there was no hostility coming from the Sturt alumna as Alan nudged her arm. Her gaze flickered from the beverage to him as he posed his question - how was business? "I'm not broke enough that I had to sell all my things to the point I have no protection and end up being knocked unconscious by old man Mackey just to be dragged off to his little shelter, so, I'd say satisfactory. Conflicting reports about extortion notwithstanding." If only she could keep Jo from going through her debt keeping book and scaring the poor kids to death. Cursing it would likely be a fruitless endeavor too, as it would probably be a cinch for an Auror to circumvent. All Ashley could do was slap the Dhampir in the head each time and vainly hope she wouldn't do it again. Unfortunately, she was the type to sort out her problems by asking 'what is it' and 'can I punch it?', if she bothered to ask at all. At least Ashley could be more subtle. "What about you? How many aspirins a day are you on to handle the kids?" She only had two (soon to be four) to handle, even if mostly indirectly, and for as good as she was with them her patience was truly tested due to their rebellious ways - moreso Renee than Caroline, but it was still incredibly frustrating. Comparing their positions felt like apples and oranges - two kids to hundreds, two rowdy personalities to entire houses with reputations that often set fear into some of the staff, a voluntary undertaking to an obligation. "At least, I hope that what they get from me keeps them distracted somewhat." Ashley herself had been a handful. In between vandalism, horse robbery, drunk joyriding and other various questionable actions as well as minor crimes, it was a wonder that she ever got the opportunity to finish school at all.
  5. Nothing's been broken in my house for a week now.

    @Jo EstradaWhen are you ending that streak?

  6. Things are totally upside down this week, aren't they? I need a drink.

    1. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I need one too. This week is killing me. 

    2. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      Let's go to the Roo. It's on me this time.

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Thanks. I really need to rest. 

  7. With so many people talking about getting pets, I confess I briefly thought about getting one myself... But then I remembered I already have @Jo Estradaso there's no need for more.

    1. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Unfortunately you're a very bad pet owner. I demand protection from you. 

      Also, I'm at the store, do you want cake?

    2. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      I'll take some, yeah, thanks. Though, pour in a little extra and bring a few of those lollipops Dani and Faith always have around, I think we're running low.

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Will do. 

  8. Going from buying groceries for one to for four overnight is a bit overwhelming...

  9. After last night I think I need a new liver...

  10. ...I didn't expect such a small discount to have that big a customer turnout... I'm beat.

  11. 10% off for all your magic-proofing needs until tomorrow! Please visit Charm-Me-Not for details and to have your devices outfitted to resist high magic environments today :)

  12. Killing Time

    Ashley Estrada
    It had been a particularly busy day in Charm-Me-Not. With the new school term in full swing, they were in season for the student clientele to hit the establishment in droves; exhaustion nagged at the former Sturt's body as she closed up shop for the day once Caroline had left to go home herself. Once again she was by her lonesome, and it was a feeling that left her somewhat uncomfortable. Jo was busy with an overnight shift in the local Auror station, meaning Ashley had the whole night by herself - something she was never too keen on. It fed into the idea of her walking home that night instead of just Apparating: it would postpone the fact she had to face off with the reality of a mostly boring evening by herself, even if just for a few minutes due to how close work was from her home. 'Maybe I should get a cat.' Wrapping her long coat around herself snugly, she sniffled with the biting chill hitting her face before slowly making her way along the crosswalk, low heels clicking against the pavement as she went. The streets were mostly empty - it was dinner time and most people would be indoors in that small town, the cold weather contributing to people's unwillingness to step outside. She wasn't entirely sure of how it happened, but instead of walking home, Ashley's legs brought her to The Drunken Roo. Standing outside with a puzzled look on her face once she realized the fact, she let out a sigh of defeat - she could use a drink. Stepping into the bar, she sat at the counter and ordered the usual. It wasn't like a beverage would hurt...
  13. It seems that my special brand of a guard dog broke into my debt keeping book again. I apologize in advance if she pays you a visit and advise you to skip town for a week or so.

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    2. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      You do know the scent better than anyone, don't you?

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I do, I can already feel it. I'll have her by your house by around dinner time. 

    4. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada


Ashley Jasmine Estrada
Owner of Charm-Me-Not 0
29 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  29
Date of Birth October 13th, 1990
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Owner of Charm-Me-Not
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Pine Marten
Wand Willow, Thick, 12 1/4'', Unicorn Tail Hair Core
Play-by Naya Rivera
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Arithmancy & Magical Business Degree: Victoria Magical University
  • Had to be bailed out quite a few times from Muggle jail out of getting in trouble during VMU days;
  • Current blood source to her sister;
  • Performs random acts of good anonymously.
General Knowledge
  • Owner of Charm-Me-Not, a local shop that magic-proofs various electronic devices and items upon request;
  • Former Arithmancy Professor at Tallygarunga;
  • Used to get in a lot of trouble during her days as a student (whether it be Tallygarunga or VMU), alongside her sister;
  • Former Sturt;
  • Former roller derby athlete;
  • Looks like she knows more than she lets on;
  • Her family took in a Dhampir child when Ashley was very young, and they were raised as siblings;
  • Vocally overprotective regarding the ones she does care about;
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish);
  • Long list of exes, ranging from one night stands to fully committed relationships;
  • Great singer and piano player.

One could easily make the case for describing Ashley as a conceited, self serving jerk that should get her tongue cut off from all the nasty remarks she throws at people she doesn't like; while someone who knows her would argue it's nuanced, they also wouldn't be able to prove you otherwise.

She most certainly keeps an outwardly harsh persona to deal with the world and others - it's her shield, and one she holds on to for dear life. Thoroughly influenced by the sister, Ashley doesn't pull punches when it comes to speaking her mind and isn't afraid of wreaking havoc to drive a point home, sometimes even taking pleasure in the ensuing chaos.

Despite her rather caustic demeanor, the woman has always been the very studious and diligent sort, applying her intelligence to mathematics and arithmancy from a young age. That work ethic made it so her store is very much a success despite her general reputation. Behind the counter, customers find a surprisingly amiable version of Ashley ready to help them; she pulls off customer service well regardless of snarky remarks.

Ashley feels the need to put up this wall against people due to having realized over time that, in her words, she feels 'too much for her own good' - while she exhibits impeccable self control, the woman is quite emotionally volatile. It applies not only to her own feelings, but with her capability of empathizing with others. Given the natural amplification of such things she typically avoids emotional situations as means not to feel too much: if one were to describe it, is as if she feels all the pain there is to feel in a long period of time in the course of merely a day.

Conversely, as she mentally parses through the sentimentality all in a row rather than over time, she's unwittingly able to move on from various matters astoundingly quickly. This has led various individuals to think she's quite coldhearted and callous, believing her not to feel bad about anything horrendous that might happen to a given relationship due to her just getting up again no longer than a couple days later.

She greatly fears ending up alone in her life, and this morphed into a need of companionship in general - whether it be hanging out with friends, or her sister, or the fact she has a list of exes that is nothing short of impressive. Given her type of behavior, finding someone to attend to this need in any capacity is a rarity; it makes her get too attached and overprotective immediately, and consequently afraid of getting hurt from having gotten so close to the person.

While generally viewed as a bad person, Ashley is certainly capable of acts of good - at least secret ones, or so she attempts to make them. Not wanting her reputation to be harmed, she anonymously donates her extra earnings to charity regularly, as well as performs covert acts of good towards assorted members of the community. She's quite the bleeding heart, but doesn't want anybody to realize the fact.


Ashley has an average height, capping off at 165 cm. While she is quite slender and light, she used to be more muscular in her youth due to having been a roller derby athlete. Complimented by proper posture and knowing how to dress for success, it's very easy for her to make a strong impression and catch people's attention. Her somewhat wavy black hair stretches down to chest length and her eyes are dark brown, all coupled with a skin complexion indicative of her Argentinian heritage.

It's highly common to find the woman wearing some sort of dress that accentuates her curves, whether it be floral in nature or only displaying a singular color. She enjoys dressing up and looking her best, craving the type of attention it warrants. Her thorough knowledge of fashion and skillful hand at makeup make up quite the combination, serving to attract customers that may be looking into more than just getting their items magic-proofed.


Ashley has never been one to have many friends, mostly because people slam against the brick wall that is her harsh demeanor. Those who do befriend her are still very much the target of her biting remarks, though these become more out of humor than unbridled malice. Even without many friends to speak of, it's not that uncommon to see a glimpse of what good she has to give to the world, which has inadvertently earned her a few allies throughout her lifetime one way or another (ironically, most of which within the Auror force despite her record).


Naturally shrewd, Ashley always found it in her own and her sister's best interest to stay on their parents' good side - despite her usual off putting behavior, she'd actually carry herself quite well when under their watchful eye, which led them to give the kids more breathing room than they should have. The act eventually became genuine and she fosters a good relationship with her parents to this day, and attributes this relationship to the reason why they enabled the pair's destructive behaviors so openly.

As for her sister Jo, she's her best friend - she sees herself and her sibling as two sides of the same coin. Despite the constant pranking and insults being flung back and forth, their bond is nigh indestructible and they'd go through hell for each other without a second thought. Ashley fears something might happen to Jo due to her career of choice, but at the same time understands why she pursued it to begin with; and even if she shouldn't enable that sort of thing, she does.


Despite her unfriendly reputation, Ashley's proved herself to be quite the smooth talker in more than one occasion - being one who needs companionship constantly, it's not uncommon for her to be nicer to people she finds attractive and plans to pursue in one way or another. This has resulted in her having an abnormally large list of exes in a variety of forms: one night stands, flings, friends with benefits, random dates, and even long term relationships. It's rare when the woman is completely alone as it has a self-destructive effect she'd rather avoid.

When it comes to actual relationships, her more charming (and one could argue romantic) side shows quite easily. She knows how to uplift a person's mood with carefully placed compliments and devotes herself to the relationship, growing attached a bit quickly. She's the type to want frequent dates and physical encounters, though her brand of attachment might lead her to becoming overprotective or even jealous.

She's attained the unfair reputation of not actually 'feeling as she claims', as she apparently gets over things too quickly for other people's liking - it only takes her a few days to get her back on her feet, which has irked a substantial amount of exes over the years.


She's made many enemies, directly or otherwise. It only adds fuel to the fire to oppose Ashley - she doesn't pull any punches when it comes to people who give her a hard time (or whom she may dislike for any given reason) and they become a living target for any kind of derogatory remark she may think of, either in their presence or in QuilBook: it's as if she has no filter.

The story so far

Ashley is a second generation immigrant - her Argentinian parents made the trip to Australia prior to her being born, settling down in Narragyambie where they ultimately conceived their only biological child. The pair sustained themselves by opening an establishment that took full advantage of the family trade - magic-proofing Muggle technology - and, coupled with the fact there wasn't much competition to go around and it was located near a magic school, business took off easily and quickly enough that they could soon afford making a family.

When Ashley was around four years of age, she first met her new little sister - taking pity on a Dhampir residing in the local orphanage, her parents decided to adopt her as well and raise the two as sisters. Much to their delight (and other people's chagrin) the two became inseparable early on, and the best of friends: if one were to spot Ash they'd know Jo wouldn't be far behind and vice versa, and typically they got in trouble together and covered for each other when they didn't.

Despite her studious nature, Ashley's personality growing up was greatly influenced by the discrimination she saw halfbreeds endure and the need to protect those close to her as a result. Along with the fact neither sister was the best of influences to one another, it contributed to Ashley not having many friends in her younger years, and even being despised by some due to her sharp wit and deadpan delivery. She opened up a little to interactions throughout her Tallygarunga years, however, conscious of having to take up on her family's business at one point, and that catalyzed her ascent to local heartbreaker.

The older the sisters became, the more serious the trouble they got themselves in - from destruction of property to robbing horses, it seemed that every single thing the two did was based on a whim with reckless disregard for consequences. There were a handful of times when they ended up in Muggle jail. Their parents ultimately enabled this behavior by bailing them out every time and not speaking much of it, and it lasted well into their VMU years.

Having always been the mathematical sort and the planner of the two, Ashley ultimately decided to pursue Arithmancy and Magical Business for a college degree. Post graduation, her parents told her to have a hand at anything she'd like prior to having to assume command of the store sometime down the line; Ashley applied to teach Arithmancy in Tallygarunga, and, for reasons entirely beyond her understanding, she was accepted into the staff. She occupied the position for four years before stepping down.

As their parents decided to retire and leave Narragyambie behind, it was finally time for Ashley to employ her mathematician skills in leading the store - coupled with having to display an unnaturally friendly face when it came to customer service. It was a two edged sword, certainly, but she now finds she really doesn't mind her new occupation. The ship seems to be holding steady with her at the helm, and she didn't feel like docking anytime soon.

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