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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    Surprisingly, he was taking it pretty well, and at least he wasn’t stressing over the fact that his spell might not have worked or had cracked the vial and it was leaking. Jo didn’t believe in luck, it was just a random succession of events that led to things, however the more she got to talk to Shane the more she noticed it might not be it, or at least the probability of bad things happening around him were higher than bad things happening to others. If there was such a thing as each action creates a reaction, she couldn’t see how someone like him had such luck. Maybe she was overthinking it, it wasn’t her problem to begin with, and while she wanted to help him, she wasn’t in any position to do so. “Maybe you just need to hang out with different people.” Jo spoke with a shrug as they continued to walk towards the bar, the more they walked the closer they got, and while Jo was enjoying her time, and still doing her rounds, just making a slight detour, she was afraid she was taking up his time, even if she was a lovely person to be around, they both had a job to do. He had to deal with people in a different way she had to deal with, but it his job was probably as tiring as hers in way, if everyone was as obnoxious as she was when drunk, she pitied Shane’s life. She laughed at his comment, and she appreciated the free drinks she always felt bad somehow, it was a person’s job, she was somehow taking advantage. Her feeling was taught, it wasn’t something she genuinely felt bad about, but it still counts for something, right? “Maybe one day someone needs to take you out for drinks, and not where you’d have to serve them.” It was a suggestion that she hoped one day he’d take. In the distance she could already see the bar, she was a bit relieved they were almost there, even if she was enjoying slacking off a little.
  2. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She was surprised to hear that Shane still had the vial she had given to him, she assumed he had used it by now, considering his random encounters with bad luck, she was pretty sure that he had come across a situation that would require him to use it, but it was good, it meant he hadn’t run into anything potentially dangerous. It was smart of him casting an unbreakable charm and she was even more surprised that it worked. “At least it worked and didn’t break right?” She commented, trying to light up the situation, but knowing her, she probably only made it worse, or made him think that the vial could have a small crack than would let the potion leak. She should have kept her mouth shut. She took small steps, always next to Shane as they walked towards the bar. “I’m sure your mom won’t drink it.” if it was a sibling Jo was sure that would happen, but parents didn’t have the habit of drinking what belonged to their children, or so Jo thought. As someone with an older sister that job alone belonged to Ash when it came to her things, or to herself when Ash had anything, Jo always made sure to eat it or drink it, unless it smelled like trap. Jo smiled at Shane, whatever she had done was nothing special. “It’s no big deal really. I’m pretty sure if I was in your situation you would have done the same for me.” She spoke. She wasn’t a good friend, she was far from that, she didn’t necessarily try to be pleasant either but she did try to be a good friend, even if it was a bit odd at times.
  3. Catching up

    As a rather rambunctious teen Jo couldn’t disagree that cleaning up after kids was far worse than to teach them, but truth be told. Some adults were just as bad when it came to keep public spaces decently cleaned, people just threw things on the ground and it was overall a very hard and ungrateful job cleaning up after others, especially if others weren’t at least respectful. But indeed, that was far worse than to teach kids, at least in a magical school one could use magic to clean, couldn’t say the same for those poor muggles. Hearing how someone believed that it had been kidnapped by aliens made Jo chuckle loudly, snorting a little bit. Some patrons looked at her confused, wondering why she was laughing, but soon went their own way as Jo calmed down. “Abducted by aliens?” she gained her composure as she spoke, luckily her drink was still to arrive because she was sure she would spit it out of her mouth the moment she started to laugh. “Can’t say that’s normal procedure but, Aliens can be real, but yeah, I don’t think you helped the poor man.” Muggles were funny like that; they didn’t believe in magic, but some believed in imaginary green men from the stars. “The universe is vast, I hardly think we’re the only planet that has life, but I don’t think little green men are out there to get us.” people who genuinely believed that were delusional, however the wizarding world had a lot of crazy and weird shit going around, could she really blame muggles who believed in aliens when she was a Dhampir? “But hey, some muggles just aren’t the smartest tools in the shed.” As she noticed the waitress, she decided to keep quiet until the woman left their drinks and went back to behind the counter. “Here it’s easier to find a muggle who knows about magic, the communities are closer, here you need to be a bit more careful.”
  4. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    It probably wasn’t easy being a very unlike person, Shane seemed like the type of person to be struck by a lightning several times, almost like he absorbed other people’s bad luck onto himself. It was a bit weird and, definitely easier said than done like he had commented, but negativity did attracted negativity, maybe what Shane needed with a good dose of positive thinking in his life to experience things different, and maybe enjoy them a bit more. She watched him closely, he seemed down, maybe the conversation was somehow upsetting him? Jo didn’t understand why it would, it was a normal conversation like any other, or maybe it wasn’t the conversation but the food since he stopped eating. “Some people are natural bad luck rods, maybe you’re one.” She suggested. It could be, people’s energies were different, maybe his attracted other’s bad luck, making him the perfect friend to take to a casino and see if that was true or not. “Don’t apologize though. Why would you be a dick about it? You’re the one that has to live with it, not me.” She didn’t understand what it was like to live with that, and she surely didn’t understand why he was feeling the way he was, if he was being honest. People were confusing, Jo already had a hard time understanding most of them. “You worry too much Shane” she continued to walk, always making sure they were side by side, she didn’t want to leave Shane behind. “But, as you know, if I ever get my hands on something that might be useful for that bad luck you know I’ll bring them to you.” Jo spoke. He probably appreciated some good luck in his life, even if it was from a bottle. It was the first time Jo had met someone who was an actual bad luck rod and it interested her.
  5. Catching up

    It was easier to listen with the quietness of the bar, it was still early for all the muggles to join the quiet night, so they could somehow talk freely about everything, and hopefully no one would listen to their conversation, but for their own safety she simply cast a spell, preventing people from listening to what they were saying. Teaching wasn’t an easy job, if every student was like Ash and her, Jo knew the Professors were going to have a hard time keeping them in check. Kids needed someone who could teach them and who could inspire them, she wasn’t sure if Rhys was the right person for the job, but he hasn’t tried to murder anyone, so, she assumed the man was at least succeeding at something, right? “Teaching has to be one of the worse jobs, I don’t think being in law enforcement isn’t that bad compared to kids.” Jo didn’t mind kids, if she had some help or if they were old enough to understand her, like Dani and her sister, if she didn’t like children, she wouldn’t have become their legal guardian. “Some were pretty interested; others were doubting everything you were doing.” She couldn’t read minds, but when a persons changed their attitude there was a slight change in a person’s body, Jo had an easier time reading all that, being a Dhampir her senses were much greater than human’s, which allowed her to pick on small details a normal person would miss. “One day, you’re going to find a muggle that can see through the illusion and you’re going to be in so much trouble.” She spoke with a laugh, but if she was the one to catch him, she’d probably let him go, she wasn’t going to report him or anything, what would be the point? “Kids might believe in magic, but most adults just see it as a hand trick.”
  6. Catching up

    Meeting someone from the past was a common event for Jo, especially when one spends most of their time in the place they grew up and went to school. Jo wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, not all forms of communications were easy for her; social norms were foreign to her and she tried to follow the rules that she was taught, but didn’t always go according to plan, luckily, this time things went much smoother than they normally did when she met someone from her past. She was friendly with the man, knowing him from her years in school, and she had let him off with some minor infraction in the past, after all, why wouldn’t she? It wasn’t like it was a big one. Their brief meeting led to both of them spending some quiet evening at The Tipsy Mozzie, Jo’s favourite bar in Melbourne, and the one bar where she could get free drinks, helping the son of the owner had its perks, that’s something she couldn’t deny. They apparated there, to a quiet location, away from the muggle’s prying eyes and upon reaching the bar she took a seat at a table in a corner, she sat in a position so that she could look at the door, monitoring who got in and out. Paranoia? A little bit, it came with the job of being an Auror. “So, how are things at school?” She never really had the opportunity to get into too much detail with him, her job didn’t allow her to take many days off and whenever she did, she spent the day sleeping with just playing games with the family. “And I hope you stopped trying to trick people.” She said with a light chuckle before ordering something to drink.
  7. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She knew she was a natural predator, there was not mistake she could easily get rid of someone without even using magic, all she had to do was use what nature had given her, but upon the sight of muggles, she always tried hard to avoid confrontation with them, especially since she couldn’t really control her own strength, everything was violently done with her. In a way, Shane was right, she was the big bad monster that roam the streets, even if he hadn’t meant it like that. Why would Jo charm someone? She was charming enough, wasn’t she? “I mean, I don’t charm people, like ever. I don’t see the point when they usually fear me.” Most people were indeed scared of her and they would pretty much do what she wanted if necessary, she didn’t need to go after people, controlling their minds and tell them what to do and what not to do, besides, Jo wanted to keep her job. Despite all the crazy thing she used to do, and still does, she never put the magical world at risk, or anyone. Playing a little never harmed a soul and it wasn’t like she was letting criminals walk freely on the streets, she caught both wizarding and muggle criminals a like, even if the muggle police didn’t think she was doing a good job. “I can avoid getting hit Shane, I’m faster than most and I don’t need to hit back, just wait until they are tired.” She shrugged looking at him. Her hobby meant she had to be rough with people, even muggles and she never had a complaint. “You shouldn’t be used to bad stuff happening to you.” Good things could happen, but if Shane continued to think that they were temporary then bad things will continue, no matter how hard she tries to make things better. “I mean, you seem like you’re always expecting something bad to happen, why not be a bit more positive?” She asked, before finishing her food. The walk back to the bar was still long but nothing like a conversation to shorten it. “I’m sure you’re not negative just because, there has to be a reason, but I don’t know, I think negativity attracts negativity…”
  8. Thanks to my sister I didn't sleep last night. I hope you're happy @Ashley Estrada

    1. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      Your fear amuses me, yes.

    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      One day, one day.

  9. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    Jo couldn’t understand what was wrong, rumours were exactly what they were, rumours. Everyone knew that they weren’t exactly true, just like that one, it wasn’t true. Jo hadn’t mention anything, the woman would have taken her own conclusions of something that wasn’t even true, it wasn’t Jo’s fault, or Shane’s, just the one person that assumed things without knowing the truth behind it all. Shane soon seemed to calm down enough to start eating the food he had ordered. For a moment Jo thought that Shane was continuing to make a scene about what the woman thought or not about their relationship, which was pretty much friendly and only friendly, though, it did look like if Shane was a bit scared of Jo. The young Dhampir could be very vicious, but she had never hurt another person to the point of killing them or sending them to the hospital, at least not harmless people like his ex-girlfriends. They weren’t her job, they weren’t criminals, Jo wasn’t going to hurt them, scare them, yes, but hurting was out of the menu. “You’re talking like I’m some big bad monster.” She commented. She was dangerous, but it still hurt when people saw her as a predator and not so much as someone who could be friendly, and normal, they all had to assume Jo was going to hurt someone by ripping their arm or head off, or throw them a few feet away. Was that how Shane saw her? “I’m not going to hurt them, maybe give them a scare, but do you think I could potentially send one to the hospital?” what was that? That little feeling she felt that it was stinging her like she had gotten burnt? Jo never cared much about what other people thought, but she did care about what her friends did. She proceeded the walk towards the bar, continuing to eat. “Come on, let’s get going.”
  10. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    The young Dhampir was about to take a bite of her food when she looked towards Shane, was he really that innocent that he didn’t understand what she had implied? No, he wasn’t, she was sure he could understand that she had broken into the woman’s house after a few attempts of reasoning with her, and since the normal way failed, Jo had decided something slightly more effective. Her expression said it all, Shane couldn’t even miss that one, the look of confusion on her face indicated precisely what he was thinking. Jo had broken into someone else’s house and the explanation made sense; muggle cops weren’t going to do anything about it. Her face became even more confused at his following expression. What was Jo supposed to do? Tell the woman they weren’t dating? Perhaps, but why? It was an assumption, Jo didn’t even know it was something the woman was thinking, all she cared was that the woman was scared enough of her to leave the young man alone. “Shane, it’s an assumption, I don’t even know if that’s what she thinks. I can’t read people’s minds.” Jo was good at reading expressions, or sniffing a person’s reaction, she was going to probe the muggle’s mind to know exactly what she was thinking, breaking was a felony, and while she didn’t use magic to do it, probing someone like that was far more dangerous. “Does it even matter though?” “Shane, grab your food.” She spoke as her free hand rested on her hip and her other hand was holding onto her hot dog. “You need to chill. Do you think I get upset over that?” she seriously didn’t understand what was wrong. She understood people didn’t have to like everyone, besides, Shane wasn’t even her type. Jo smiled at the man from the food truck and picked Shane’s food before stepping away from it a little bit, trying to take Shane along with her, holding her hot dog in her mouth. The man already thought they were weird, but now with their conversation just sounded even weirder and Jo didn’t need Muggle cops after her. She put his food on his hand and finally grabbed hers before it fell on the ground. “Shane you need to relax a little.”
  11. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    Jo wasn’t planning on pushing anything, it didn’t catch him doing anything, he wasn’t a wanted criminal, and above all she knew Shane, and he wasn’t exactly criminal Mastermind material to begin with, the poor boy would shoot himself on the foot before a person could breathe, but the way he was nervous was suspicious, but irrelevant. She laughed when he said he didn’t have money on him, and how he tried to sound it look real was even more amusing. “I believe you Shane, my treat, come on.” She motioned for him to move along with her, she wasn’t going to bite him, unless provoked. “You need to learn to relax a little.” She mentioned, but it was quite funny that her, of all people, was telling someone else to relax. She scratched the back of her head when he asked her what she had done. Did he really want to know? “Well…let’s say her house isn’t the most secure house in Melbourne.” Jo had break into the woman’s house, quietly following her like a shadow and breathing down her neck like some form of stalker, she hopped Shane didn’t want to hear the rest of the story. Despite Jo’s limitations, she was aware that her behaviour might have been a bit overkill. “I didn’t hurt her or anything, just gave her a scare.” At least she didn’t use her force to hurt the woman. The young Dhampir looked at Shane, expecting a reaction from him, probably the reaction of him running away from her like so many had done before. She stopped at the food truck and ordered food for her and waited for Shane to do the same before covering for both their orders. “I tried to talk to her twice, she ignored me, I had to be a bit more radical the third time, which seemed to have been a success…minus her now being afraid of me and thinking we’re probably dating.” Jo took a bite of her food a bit clumsily as she waited for a reaction from the young man.
  12. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She waited for his answer, but he didn’t reply right away, there was a slight awkward silence before the young man was able to come up with an answer. Jo was curious to why he was lying to her. Did she ever do anything? Was that her fault? Couldn’t be, but he could be into some shady business and her being an Auror could potentially be harmful, but she wasn’t planning on arresting him, Shane probably wasn’t the mastermind behind some big scheme, there was no point in arresting him if that was the case, so, he probably had his reasons for lying to her. “You do know I can sense when you’re lying right?” it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out Shane was lying, but the increased heart rate when someone did was an obvious indicator. “If you’re mixed up in something dangerous you can tell me.” She didn’t want anything to happen to him, he was a friend, but if he decided to keep quiet there was nothing she could do. “But no, it’s not, even if it was it wouldn’t bother me.” She could quickly get back to her area after leaving Shane at his place. She shoved her hands into her pockets and waited for him to start walking, she would have but she had no idea where he lived, while she could get there by scent, the fact that he was close to her would interfere with her nose and she wouldn’t be able to find him. That boy needed some good luck in his life, or at least a good luck charm “You know, why don’t we stop by a food truck? It’s kinda late, I’m kinda hungry, what do you say? My treat.” She offered, maybe it would help him cheer up a little. She was drifting away from her comfort zone she was unsure of what to do and what to say, but it seemed to be doing well, or at least she thought she was. “So, have you been having some troubles? I remember the woman who stalked you. She hasn’t said anything yet has she?” she wanted to make sure or else she would have to scare the woman again. She wasn’t hurting anyone, just provoking some heart attacks.
  13. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    As Jo walked down the street, annoyed that whoever she had heard wasn’t a someone, it was nothing, thinking her mind was starting to play pranks on her, she ended up hearing someone, and she wasn’t imagining it this time, it was an actual person talking. By the smell it looked like … Shane? What was he doing at that hour? She looked forward and she wasn’t imagining things this time, it was indeed someone. She approached him and waved lightly at the young man, who seemed happy to see her, it was a rare occasion, not everyone was pleased to see her, she was unsure why, she wasn’t a bad person, she was quite fun. “Look who it is, it’s Shane, the bad luck boy.” She spoke in a teasing manner, with no malice behind her words. “For a moment I thought you were some troublemaker looking for trouble.” It was quite obvious that she was working, his question made no sense, but she decided to indulge him. “I’m working. They put me on patrol tonight.” Too many days and not enough Aurors, she had the possibility of traveling back and forth and she hadn’t been working the previous day, it made it easier for her. “But what are you doing here at this hour? Did something happen?” she stared at him a bit inquisitive, it looked like it, but she didn’t want to jump into conclusions without hearing his side. “By what I can pick up I’m guessing you have one hell of a day.” She commented, crossing her arms while she looked at him, still trying to pick up what was that her nose was picking up. “If you need to get back to the bar, I can go with you, if you want some company.” She had seen that area there was nothing else to see, she might as well go to an area she was more familiar with. “I can go with you if you want to go home too, I’m patrolling so it’s irrelevant where I do my job as long as it’s done.”
  14. A new reality

    Jo Estrada
    Dani probably didn’t know what Uno was, which given the circumstances it was a bit obvious why the girl didn’t know about that game. “Oh right.” Jo stopped for a little while and conjured a Uno deck and put it on the table, Ash in the meantime decided to go search for their old Monopoly game, which should still be around the house, while Jo decided to explain Dani what the card’s game was all about. “It’s basically a card game, you follow the rules and the first one to be free of cards wins, but there’s a catch, when you only have one card you need to say ‘UNO’ or if someone notices it first and says it, you’ll have to go to the deck and remove the amount of cards you’re given in the beginning.” It was an easy game, fun too, but not a game that should be played with overly competitive people, unless they knew how to lose and how to accept the game, Jo for once wasn’t one of the best people to play the game with. “It has other interesting features that people joke that might break families apart.” Jo spoke with a chuckle while looking at Ash. Jo looked up at the girl and smiled. “If you want to, we can give it a go, just a couple of rounds. It’s a game that can take days to finish.” Jo waited a little for Ash who still didn’t seem to be back with the game. “And if you like it, we can have a game night or something, needs to be on a day when I’m not on the night shift and when you and your sister don’t have classes the next day.” Jo didn’t want to compromise the girl’s education over a game. “We can also stop by the store and get a couple of more, I know playing the same game can be boring.”
  15. A new reality

    Jo Estrada
    Didn’t Ash understand the concept of muggle board games? “I mean Monopoly, Clue … uh Trivia.” And they probably fail at it, considering most Trivia games were about the Muggle world so they would have a hard time answering, but it didn’t mean they could give it a try and maybe next time try harder to be able to answer more questions. It wasn’t going to kill them, everyone could be involved, and they could all have fun as a family, at least if Dani wouldn’t mind being part of the game nights. Jo looked at Ash, not understanding why Monopoly would break the family. “It’s not Monopoly, it’s Uno. Uno’s the game that break friendships.” Which was also a good game. If no one get hyped about the game and played it with an open mind no one was going to get upset. Jo looked at Dani, it looked like the girl didn’t know what it was. “Monopoly is a board game where you start with a determined amount of money and throughout the play you win or you lose, you can buy properties and build on them.” It would be easier if Dani would watch a game, or at least a couple of rounds to know how it works but shouldn’t be too hard explaining the game to her. “There’s other things, so when you have a property and another player falls on it, they need to pay you rent, it’ll be on the little card.” It had been a while since Jo had laid her eyes on that game. “It’s a fun game that can last days depending how good you are with money, or if you’re lucky.” Sometimes it was more about luck than it was about knowing how to use the money considering falling repeatedly on the wrong house could cost them. “We can enchant the game so that no one can cheat.”
Josephine Maribel Estrada
27 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her/Hers
Age  27
Date of Birth September 10th, 1992
Birthplace Adelaide, Australia
Occupation Auror
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Rottweiler
Wand Blackthorn wood 11’’ Phoenix Feather core
Play-by Daniela Ruah

1st – 7th year: Tallygarunga (Sturt House)

Auror Training: VMU


- Had to be bailed out of Muggle jail a few times along with her sister;

- Stole a police horse, but put it back a few hours later;

- Is put many times on desk duty for tackling people (only co-workers know);

- Slightly unconventional;

- Derby Girl (as a hobby);

- Sometimes uses her sister as a blood source. 

- She's a good enough Occlumens due to her job.

General Knowledge

- Some people call her Jojo, at their own risk;

- Registered Dhampir;

- Used to be in a lot of trouble while attending Tallygarunga, and sometimes during her time in VMU with her sister;

- Former Sturt;

- Sturt Quidditch Team Beater;

- Great dueller;

- Was adopted by Ash’s family and they were raised together as actual sisters;

- Bilingual (English/Spanish);

- Extremely overprotective;

- Has a thing for tackling people to the ground;

- Likes to walk around Narrie;

- Known to shout profanities in Spanish when upset;


Josephine is not a very responsible adult, having a hard time admitting when she’s wrong. Despite her job as an Auror she dislikes rules and guidelines, it’s a struggle to follow them, especially when so much can be achieved if they just didn’t have stupid rules, but to live in a society, and to continue to do her job, Jo does her best to follow them. She can be condescending when one thing seems easy to her and she has to explain it to someone she gets frustrated and tries to simplify things to the point of insult. Josephine rarely admits her fault, while consciously she knows it’s her fault, her pride will never let her admit it.

Another flaw of Jo is her sensitivity, she doesn’t have much, she likes facts and honestly, which can often hurt the others around her, showing that she has little consideration for other people’s feelings, which is not true, she’s simply more absent-minded than most. She can be very private and withdrawn, while she doesn’t mind social gatherings and is quite social, she prefers quiet places where she can think without external influences.

Apart from her flaws, she’s honest, not because she wants to hurt other people’s feelings but to her, truth is the most important factor, one that she expects that people appreciate and reciprocate, she may or may not agree with it, she can keep some secrets, having some of her own, but will most likely ignore the question. She gets easily excited with new ideas or with someone with similar interests, either intellectual or physical.

She’s open-minded, but has a hard time admitting she’s wrong, she can easily listen to other people, as long as they have logic and facts to support them. She’s liberal to the point of believing that if it doesn’t involve her or the people, she cares about then its none of her business and she’ll let people live their lives in peace.

Josephine has a hard time controlling her strength, which sometimes might cause some accidents. She’s overprotective of her family and close friends, which aren’t that many.


Josephine is tall standing 180cm. She has an athletic build, which in some cases might demand a bit of respect and in others a bit of fear. She has long brown hair, usually tied in a pony tail while working. She has brown eyes, while one seems to be darker than the other. She appears to have a stern posture, but whenever people engage in a conversation with her it’s usually the opposite.

Clothing wise she wears whatever is mandatory for her job, while on her free time there are no preferences, whatever she feels like wearing is what she will wear, but always taking in consideration the weather, if it’s too sunny she might have a heavy scent of sun screen or wears long sleeved shirts. She doesn’t quite pay much attention to her appearance. She doesn’t usually wear any accessories.

She is a Derby Girl, as a hobby, and sometimes can be found in her practicing clothes.

The story so far

Jo was born in Adelaide, but unfortunately there are no records of her parents, and shortly after she was born, she was left to the care of her grandparents, who lived in Narrie, despite their age did the best to take care of her, unfortunately they had to give her to adoption shortly after.

At the age of two, Jo was adopted by a couple who already had a daughter, unlike many others they were able to look past the fact that she was a Dhampir and raised her as their own along with their daughter. Over the years Jo and her sister became as close as real sisters, eventually bickering with one another but whenever needed they always had each other’s backs. Jo had always been an energetic person, unable to control her own strength her parents did their best they could, but all plans failed, one thing they found useful was having her enrolled in a martial arts school, where she learned some discipline and became calmer, but it did not help her control her strength.

At the age of eleven, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Sturt House, and she was what one would call an exceptional student, and a few years after being in school she became the Beater for the Sturt Quidditch team, a hobby she enjoyed and was good at. Unable to keep herself satisfied, she became a derby girl by joining a local amateur team along with her sister. Between school, quidditch, martial arts and being a derby girl one would think that Jo wouldn’t have much free time, the fact was that she still managed to get arrest a few times by Muggle police officers and thrown in Muggle jail, in which one time she stole a police horse, but after a few hours returned the horse to their rightful owner. She didn’t just get in trouble outside school, she also got in trouble in school several times.

Finally, after graduation she was advised to become an Auror, one thing she hadn’t think about, considering her background and all the trouble she had found herself into a teen, but somehow, they were able to see past all that and she was still able to become an Auror. After four years in the program, she was able to work as an Auror. During her first couple of years, she had three partners, who all ended up passing away, all on the job and ever since then she decided it was time to work alone. Despite her rather distant personality, she took all death’s personally and one time, while working tackled a Muggle to the ground, her punishment was staying on desk duty for a while. Recently her punishment is over, and she’s been working on the field.

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