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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite Altered Reality

    Everything that needed to be said had been, and Jo wasn’t sure what else she could do or say to ease the young Dhampir’s mind. It all depended on what Dani wanted or needed, and since Jo wasn’t a mind reader she wouldn’t know, the young Dhampir would have to tell her. She sat there, quietly listening to Dani’s words. Jo was sure additional measures weren’t necessary, but she had never been in a situation like the one Dani was into, she had to stop listen to logic for a while and do what made the girl feel safer, this time it wasn’t about her, it was about someone else. Dani’s quick response caught her off guard. “Well…” Ash was probably home by now, and even if she wasn’t, Ash knew about Jo’s intentions, Ash knew about everything, Jo was sure her sister wouldn’t mind. “I’m free today and up till the end of the week. Do you want to go now? Or tomorrow?” was there any point in waiting longer than that? It was a big change for Dani and her sister, but it was also a big change for the Estrada sisters, but it wasn’t a bad one. Jo’s intuition was telling her it would be good for everyone, and in the end, they could give two girls a somewhat of a normal life, considering the household they were living in. “Whatever makes you feel comfortable.” Jo spoke, sure her sister would be proud of her at that moment.
  2. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    Once they were both ready to climb, Jo made sure her equipment was in place once more, before looking up and then at the half-veela. As soon as the blonde started moving, Jo started to climb the wall as well. The young Dhampir moved as fast as she could, enough not to draw attention to herself. Jo already knew the exact strength she needed to use, but that didn’t stop her from pulling another piece of a rock and having to casually put it in its place. She hopped no one saw that as the rock was out in place using her magic. Both women were fast and strong, and they were both trying no to call attention towards themselves, but it didn’t take long to reach the top. Jo had always been a sore loser, she disliked losing and while she didn’t take it personally, she saw it as a shameful event that shouldn’t even happen. Reaching the top Jo quickly found a place to sit on the ledge, not many people did it, only those who either had a death wish or were used to it. “Hmmm, I didn’t even take a minute to take a look at the view earlier…” she was in such a hurry to go down that she hadn’t even paid attention to the view.
  3. Invite Altered Reality

    “Security would be the top priority of you two, honestly.” Jo couldn’t understand Danielle or what she was thinking, or even her emotions, not only because Jo had an easy childhood, with wizarding parents, and an annoying but good sister who was also her best friend, but because there were easy and simple emotions she didn’t understand, and it wasn’t for not trying, most of them were just the same to her. “I can put some additional measures if that makes you feel better.” Jo never cared too much for security, she knows her house wouldn’t be broken into by local delinquents or anything like that, but in this was a different situation. Next? What did she mean by that? Jo thought she had been clear about it, but perhaps she should elaborate on what she had meant, unless the girl accepted living with Jo and Ash. “Next? It depends, if you accept all this, I sign the papers and you and your sister are officially Estrada family members.” Jo shrugged as she stared at Danielle, giving her a faint smile. The girl was still tense, Jo could feel it, and it was a feeling that was making her uneasy about the situation, but she couldn’t force the girl to feel more comfortable, it wasn’t easy. “If you want to remain at the dorms I won’t mind. I won’t blame you, the school is far safer.” Jo was trying for it to work and she wasn’t sure how well she was doing at the moment without Ash to tell her things were alright. “And we’d have to take care of a few things. You can see the house and meet my sister before you give me the final answer, if you want.”
  4. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    The question was still lingering in Jo’s head and why it would be seen as an intrusion, but soon the thought faded once the blond spoke, proposing that she could accompany Jo if she ever needed a companion for some physical activity. Who was Jo to decline such offer? While she didn’t mind her alone time, Evelyn was her co-worker and people were supposed to keep a decent relationship with people they work with, this was a perfect opportunity to do so. “Thanks, I’ll be sure to remember that.” She doubted Evelyn was in roller derby, but there would be other opportunities. The joke flew over Jo’s head, as she didn’t understand what Evelyn mean. She went over it one more time. “No need to thank me…” Jo finally spoke, stretching her legs and arms. There wouldn’t be a need for Jo to show Evelyn how things were done there were a lot of volunteers willing to help them get onto the right equipment, but maybe it would be a good thing, she had to think that getting along with co-workers was good. “Sure…I’ll show you.” Jo walked towards the wall once more, where a couple of volunteers gave them the equipment. Jo put hers on first and tried to show Evelyn how she did it. Assuming the woman could follow simple instructions, there shouldn’t be an issue with the whole activity. “Now we climb…coming down is a lot easier just…” Jo looked at the others and pointed at a lady that was descending, sliding on the line. “…like that.” The Dhampir waited for Evelyn to get ready so that she could start to climb the wall. Should she rush within reason to win, or should she match Evelyn’s pace. Would it be so rude to win and gloat to the blonde’s face? If her parents were there they would probably scold her to think like that.
  5. Invite Altered Reality

    There wasn’t anything more to tell, or at least from Jo’s end, everything now would depend on the younger Dhampir’s questions, which were more than welcomed given that Jo had no idea what to say to the girl anymore. The question seemed to have an obvious answer, if Dani and her sister were to be adopted, they didn’t require to live on campus, they could very well move in with Jo, it would make sense they would in the first place. “Yeah, why wouldn’t you? Unless you want to stay on campus. The house has enough bedrooms for all.” the house wasn’t small, and there were enough bedrooms, but if there weren’t, Jo always wanted to turn the basement in her hideout, but she doubted Ash would ever let her do that. “I suppose you would, you two are still minors. I don’t think there’s any rules about that if you want to keep your last name after you turn eighteen.” The rules of adoption went over Jo’s head, but it was just a matter of time if Danielle didn’t want the Estrada surname, once she becomes legally an adult. “But is there any problem? Anything in specific you’re looking for?” Jo wasn’t sure what to think of all those questions, she assumed it was standard procedure, unless Dani declined all of them. Otherwise it was like she was now part of the family, just another Estrada, living with them and doing what a … somewhat normal family does. “If you do decide you two will be living with us, we might need to do some shopping, some room remodelling. It’ll be … fun.” Jo kept thinking about her sweet sweet hideout, but it would have to wait. She couldn’t think of anything else to tell the girl, except that all expenses would pass onto her so Danielle wouldn’t have to worry too much about them, besides, with her studio apartment being rend in Melbourne she had some extra income.
  6. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    Evelyn replied and Jo simply stretched her lips giving the woman the confirmation that she had acquired the information. When the blonde spoke, asking her about the beer, Jo looked at her bottle and shrugged. “Not bad, not my favourite brand, but I can’t complain.” She took the bottle to her lips again, almost draining the rest of its content. The Dhampir remained quiet after their small exchange of words. There was nothing that dictated that two people couldn’t enjoy their time together and still remained silent, one didn’t need to be a genius to figure it out, but it was uncomfortable for most people, perhaps it was uncomfortable for Evelyn, like it is for most people. Jo looked over at the blonde, but before she could answer Evelyn continued. She didn’t take it the wrong way, it was a question like any other. “It’s a legitimate question…” she simply replied, taking another sip before deciding to answer the woman. “There’s not much to it, I wanted to come, my sister was busy, when she’s free I’m busy, so I came without her.” Aspen also doubted that Ash would want to climb it, but it wouldn’t be the first time that Ash surprised Jo. “There’s not more to it.” She leaned a little on the table, finished her beer and put the bottle on the table. “And it’s a good activity to do alone, that’s about it.” she chuckled awkwardly at Evelyn. What more could she say? She wasn’t lying nor she was trying to hide anything, even if it sounded, she way by the way she had chuckled. “So, when you’re done with your tea, I’m ready for this friendly competition.”
  7. Invite Altered Reality

    As long as Jo had the work there was no reply from Dani, but it was clear that the young girl was somehow less stressed about the human that just had walked out of the room. They could both sense what each other were feeling, even if there were a few mixed signals that could indicate one thing and not the other, Jo knew the girl wasn’t going to just take her word for it. In a different situation Jo would have already pinned the girl against the wall, not showing everything, she had, but enough to cause fear on another person, this situation required things that Jo didn’t have, like patience and charisma, and she was trying really hard. The girl was paranoid, something to be expected of someone who went through what she did, but Jo was going to say anything that can cause her to be even more alert and suspicious of what was happening. “Yes, there is and I doubt it. There are files, but your names aren’t mentioned, they’d need to go through the same trouble I did to get your name, and I work there, but I doubt they’ll be able to read it, I may have spilled coffee all over it” After a few weeks of nagging whoever was in charge and having to probably intimidate a few people to move faster, she got what she wanted, anyone wanting to do such a thing would have to do the same, and face an entire force of Aurors, it would be a suicide mission. “I can’t exactly destroy it, I shouldn’t have looked at it in the first place, but I can try and make it go to a safer place…” She could destroy the file, just needed to sneak in, take it, leave something fake in its place and just burn it, but she also wouldn’t want to be kicked out the force for doing so. “I can see what I can do, I’m sure if given a valid reason they will accept and move it to a safer location.” She would have to reach out to almost everyone she knew in the force, maybe threaten a couple of people but she was sure it could be done, besides, if Dani and her sister accept to live with Jo and Ash, it could be a potential threat to the force, and Jo was sure they didn’t want that. “Anything else you’d like to know? I don’t want you leaving here with questions, worries or anything.” Jo stared at the girl once more. It was natural for her to feel suspicious, and Jo wanted to answer to the girl’s questions, if she had any.
  8. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    Jo agreed with Evelyn, going up without the equipment, along with her natural speed was a recipe for disaster among Muggles, while the community was a lot more open than in other places it wasn’t that open, meaning they would have to be extra careful not to get caught, but it didn’t mean the two of them couldn’t have their fun, even with the equipment they could still make a competition, a competition that Jo intended to win, assuming nothing happened to slow her down. Why wouldn’t Jo enjoy the company of another co-worker? Especially the sweet scent that seemed to follow the older woman everywhere. It was a sweet and soft scent that was probably a consequence of her veela heritage. Jo simply shrugged at her comment, while Jo didn’t consider Evelyn to be a friend they were in friendly terms, they had mutual respect for each other and they wouldn’t cross each other’s paths if it wasn’t convenient for them, besides, Jo did enjoy the scent more than anything. The dhampir continued to drink quietly, looking at the wall, watching people go up and down, some didn’t even manage to get halfway before they quit, weaklings. She turned her attention towards Evelyn, who seemed to still be entertained with her tea. “So, how’s that tea?” she asked, not really carrying for the answer, but seemed the only thing she could do to keep the conversation running until they both end their drinks so they can climb the wall.
  9. Invite Altered Reality

    It was clear that the girl was nervous, a lot more nervous than Jo was, and she wasn’t sure how to react to that, she should be used to it, most people are nervous when they meet her, for various reasons, however, this girl’s reason was completely different than the ones she is often used to. Jo decided to give the girl some time to get used to the room, to feel comfortable in her environment, but it wasn’t working. She smiled politely at the girl when she introduced herself but watched the social worker when Dani’s eyes were looking at the much older woman. Jo asked the woman to leave. It was probably for the best, that way the conversation could go smoother and Jo could talk about things that didn’t concern the older woman. Once the social worker left the room, Jo leaned her back on the chair and her hands touched the wooden table, fingers moving, tapping on the wood while making a rhythmic sound, slightly annoying but it showed how nervous she was as well. “I’m not going to hurt you, if that’s what you’re afraid of.” Jo spoke, leaning on the table and staring at Dani. “You might be wondering ‘what does this woman want with me and my sister?’ and I want to be able to give back.” It was best if she started by telling Danielle the reason why she wanted to adopt her and her sister, it seemed fair given the circumstances. “I was adopted in a wizarding family, weird I know, and they already had a daughter, my sister Ash. I want to do the same for someone.” Jo scratched the back of her head, leaning back again on the chair and crossing one leg over the other, still watching Danielle. “In case you’re wondering I’m an Auror, and I chose you and your sister particularly, because I read your file, and that’s the truth. I was bored hid in the archives and came across your file, got curious and a few months later here I am.” Jo could get away with lying, but in this case it would be better if she simply just stated the truth, there was no point in being careful if things were going to be known sooner or later. “I live in Melbourne but if you accept, I will be renting my apartment to someone and I will move back to Narrie. You and your sister would be living with me and my sister.” Jo was sure she was talking too much, and probably too fast for the situation, but it was a difficult thing, not for her exactly, but for Dani, who would have to trust a complete stranger. “Sorry, I’m talking to much. Do you have any questions you might ask me? Is there anything you want to know?”
  10. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    Jo’s wasn’t too good catching onto certain things, jokes like the one said by Evelyn was one of them, she did not only miss it, she didn’t understand the point of it. She stretched her lips lightly, forming a faint smile as Evelyn spoke. She took at sip of her drink and watched as many people tried their luck up that wall, not that many were brave enough to go up without equipment, that or they were just trying not to call attention towards them, there were however, a few humans who were quite adventurous in trying just a thing without those safety measures. When Evelyn spoke, Jo looked at her. She wouldn’t be surprised if the woman tried and wall, she was fit and capable of reaching such a place, and her heritage would certainly give her a certain advantage. Jo was about to take another sip of her drink when Evelyn hinted that she could climb it at that very moment, at least when they were both over with their drinks. “I can go many times, one way up and one way down one more time isn’t going to scare me away.” She spoke, before taking a long sip of her drink, the faster she was over with it, the faster she could climb that wall once more. “How do you want to do it? Rope? No rope? I feel like most people would find it suspicious, but I’m seeing others doing it so we shouldn’t call attention to ourselves.” She was faster than Evelyn, and stronger, she could easily win if it was set as a race, but she didn’t even want to mention it, she was a bad winner, not exactly a bad looser but she did enjoy shoving her victory in other people’s faces. “Maybe after our drinks, unless you feel like climbing with a tea cup.” Jo tried to make a slight joke, that didn’t sound too good.
  11. One thing I don't miss is the countless of files I have to read while on desk duty. So glad it's over.

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Now let's make sure you don't go back to it again.

    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I hope not. Desk duty is boring and there's not enough food to get me through a day doing that work

  12. Invite Altered Reality

    Jo Estrada
    It had been a bit frustrating for Jo. During her time out from field work, when she was cooped inside tending to paperwork, Jo had found a quiet place where she could do nothing without being bothered, just drinking coffee or whatever thing she fancied that day. One day she decided to hide in the archives and after digging some pretty old files she came across something interesting, something that had caught her attention and ever since then, day after day after day Jo kept going back for more and happened to stumble upon more interesting information, which was why she had decided to talk to a social worker. She had spent her morning pacing around the house, worried about what she should say, or could say. Perhaps she should ask Ash to go with her, Ash certainly knows what to say, unlike Jo, who has no idea what to do in situations like that, as she even suitable to be a foster parent? Well the social worker thought she was, besides with her background she was a perfect candidate for it. Jo was starting to suspect the social workers didn’t do much and didn’t care much about what happened to the kids, even if she was willing and able to do everything. She was sure she was going to rely on Ash’s help for almost everything and neither of them were good role models. Back at Tally, Jo missed running around that grass creating havoc with her sister, she still remembers when they had to shot her with a water spell for her to stop moving. She had to mentally tell herself to stop thinking about the past and just move to the building in order to meet the lady and the girl. In the building she walked past a vitrine with the photos of former students and players, and there she was, in the quidditch team, fun moments. Before she could tell herself to stop reminiscing about the past a sharp voice spoke, it was like being in school all over again. Jo looked at the woman who was staring at her before looking at the clock, Jo wasn’t late, yet, but the woman made her feel like she was. The young Dhampir walked swiftly and got inside the room, with the young girl and the other woman, who kept eying her like she had committed a crime. Jo had in fact committed several, but she didn’t have to know about that. The woman proceeded with the introductions of both parties and looked at Jo and at the other girl and sat on a chair, explaining again why they were all there. “Doesn’t she have a little sister?” Jo asked, turning her attention to the social worker who proceeded to blabber something incomprehensible that Jo just assumed the girl would either come later or was in class at the time. The dhampir turned her attention towards the youngest dhampir. “Hello. I’m Jo…sephine. Everyone calls me Jo.” Speaking her whole name almost sent shivers down her back.
  13. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    It was good that the woman thought that her friend was in good hands, or temporarily or else she would have just dropped the young girl and leave, like many others do that to their children, some even let them go alone. It’s a small town, while accidents and bad things can still happen the chances of that occurring is small, at least compared to Melbourne. When Evelyn finally answered, Jo nodded in agreement. Sure, the extra hours were nice, and it had been what allowed her to pay her debt from her studio in Melbourne, but she wasn’t sure if she could keep up the sleepless nights, the heavy work load and the missing meals. Jo only had Ash and she barely saw her sister so the family dynamics wouldn’t change too much, but what if Jo decided to go forward with what she has been planning? She can’t keep spending too many nights out. She couldn’t somehow understand Evelyn’s words, even not to the full extent of it, she didn’t have any children. “You know, beet isn’t as unhealthy as some ‘wealth maniacs’ put it out to be.” Jo spoke, not understanding that it was a joke to begin with, she took the blonde’s words literally. She clearly didn’t understand the last bit. She was physically and intellectually superior than most people, while she considered Evelyn intellectually equal, she was sure the older woman would be no match for her physical prowess or her magical ability. “I’m very fit. Thank you for noticing…” she replied confused about the whole interaction. Deciding to ignore the awkward conversation that had taken place, Jo watched Evelyn for a while before drinking a bit of her beer. “Do you plan on coming back and try that magnificent wall or do you have other things in mind?”
  14. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    “They probably have tea?” Jo wasn’t too sure how to reply to that, but the woman did have an unhealthy relationship with that type of beverage, sounded like one of those stereotypical British people that the only thing they wanted to drink was tea and more tea. Maybe if they didn’t have tea there could be something else that Evelyn would enjoy, Jo herself wasn’t too into tea, sure a cup of tea at night before bed to help one relax was good, and she did enjoy it if it was accompanied by some snacks, but drinking it socially? What happened to the good old beer? The only family person Jo sees on a regular basis is her sister, and even then, it’s a bit hard to set her eyes on the oldest child of the Estrada family. Jo’s work can be complicated with the lack of Aurors but she still tried to make it work, perhaps if she didn’t put in so many extra hours she could actually spend more time with her sister instead of raiding her kitchen at night. “She seems to be enjoying herself.” Jo commented as she looked at Evelyn’s daughter. Jo led the way up to one of the stands, she tried to pick the one that had a herbal scent, it seemed to be the most logical choice, if they smelled like herbs it meant that they probably had some tea. “How’s everything? Good I hope.” Not that Jo cared much for Evelyn’s family or how she was doing, it was irrelevant, but it seemed to be a custom most people followed, and it was only polite to do so, not to mention it was simply not to make that an awkward silence, after all Jo did invite the older woman for something to drink, only fair that she would offer some topic of conversation as well. Reaching the stand, Jo asked if they served some tea, upon a positive answer she ordered herself some beer and waited for Evelyn to order herself some tea.
  15. Invite Going as high as a kite

    Jo Estrada
    Shortly after she had started her climbing Jo looked at the familiar voice that filled her ears, not only that, the scent the woman carried was easily recognizable by the young Dhampir. Jo held herself with one hand before looking at Evelyn with a smile while her other hand was dangling down her body almost like a doll. “If it isn’t Evelyn, my favourite co-worker.” Jo joked, before she continued to climb, always looking down to watch the woman. While Jo had nothing against the woman, she knew her sister had a thing for the woman when they were younger, which was amusing. Jo only had one fixation over how silky and pretty the woman’s hair was, and that was something that was usually known considering Jo’s less stealthy ways of enjoying things. Jo opted to continued to climb and to reply to Evelyn later, she really wanted to reach the top of the wall and then slide down the rope. She quickly got to the top, even after breaking a piece of the wall and then it was time to slide down the rope like she was Indiana Jones sliding down to an excavation site to dig some mysterious artefact and almost condemn human kind. Her feet hit the ground right in front of Evelyn with no effort and watch the blonde play with the piece of the wall that Jo had accidentally broken. “What brings you to the lakes today? Family activity? Work?” she spoke in a playful manner, almost as if she was teasing her own co-worker. She didn’t know much about Evelyn, except that she wasn’t a bad co-worker, she was helpful, and Jo enjoyed her ideas and opinions, perhaps had a little obsession with tea and tea puns. “Oh, and I could have jumped, but sadly I don’t want to end up in jail or dead.” She knew the display of her abilities could cause her a lot of trouble, this wasn’t the simple task of tackling a muggle, this was displaying super human abilities that muggles couldn’t comprehend with their feeble minds and bodies, that would be splattered across the floor if one of them decided to pull that stunt. “Would you fancy a drink?”
Josephine Maribel Estrada
26 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her/Hers
Age  26
Date of Birth September 10th, 1992
Birthplace Adelaide, Australia
Occupation Auror
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Rottweiler
Wand Blackthorn wood 11’’ Phoenix Feather core
Play-by Daniela Ruah

1st – 7th year: Tallygarunga (Sturt House)

Auror Training: VMU


- Had to be bailed out of Muggle jail a few times along with her sister;

- Stole a police horse, but put it back a few hours later;

- Is put many times on desk duty for tackling people (only co-workers know);

- Slightly unconventional;

- Derby Girl (as a hobby);

- Sometimes uses her sister as a blood source. 

- She's a good enough Occlumens due to her job.

General Knowledge

- Some people call her Jojo, at their own risk;

- Registered Dhampir;

- Used to be in a lot of trouble while attending Tallygarunga, and sometimes during her time in VMU with her sister;

- Former Sturt;

- Sturt Quidditch Team Beater;

- Great dueller;

- Was adopted by Ash’s family and they were raised together as actual sisters;

- Bilingual (English/Spanish);

- Extremely overprotective;

- Has a thing for tackling people to the ground;

- Likes to walk around Narrie;

- Known to shout profanities in Spanish when upset;


Josephine is not a very responsible adult, having a hard time admitting when she’s wrong. Despite her job as an Auror she dislikes rules and guidelines, it’s a struggle to follow them, especially when so much can be achieved if they just didn’t have stupid rules, but to live in a society, and to continue to do her job, Jo does her best to follow them. She can be condescending when one thing seems easy to her and she has to explain it to someone she gets frustrated and tries to simplify things to the point of insult. Josephine rarely admits her fault, while consciously she knows it’s her fault, her pride will never let her admit it.

Another flaw of Jo is her sensitivity, she doesn’t have much, she likes facts and honestly, which can often hurt the others around her, showing that she has little consideration for other people’s feelings, which is not true, she’s simply more absent-minded than most. She can be very private and withdrawn, while she doesn’t mind social gatherings and is quite social, she prefers quiet places where she can think without external influences.

Apart from her flaws, she’s honest, not because she wants to hurt other people’s feelings but to her, truth is the most important factor, one that she expects that people appreciate and reciprocate, she may or may not agree with it, she can keep some secrets, having some of her own, but will most likely ignore the question. She gets easily excited with new ideas or with someone with similar interests, either intellectual or physical.

She’s open-minded, but has a hard time admitting she’s wrong, she can easily listen to other people, as long as they have logic and facts to support them. She’s liberal to the point of believing that if it doesn’t involve her or the people, she cares about then its none of her business and she’ll let people live their lives in peace.

Josephine has a hard time controlling her strength, which sometimes might cause some accidents. She’s overprotective of her family and close friends, which aren’t that many.


Josephine is tall standing 180cm. She has an athletic build, which in some cases might demand a bit of respect and in others a bit of fear. She has long brown hair, usually tied in a pony tail while working. She has brown eyes, while one seems to be darker than the other. She appears to have a stern posture, but whenever people engage in a conversation with her it’s usually the opposite.

Clothing wise she wears whatever is mandatory for her job, while on her free time there are no preferences, whatever she feels like wearing is what she will wear, but always taking in consideration the weather, if it’s too sunny she might have a heavy scent of sun screen or wears long sleeved shirts. She doesn’t quite pay much attention to her appearance. She doesn’t usually wear any accessories.

She is a Derby Girl, as a hobby, and sometimes can be found in her practicing clothes.

The story so far

Jo was born in Adelaide, but unfortunately there are no records of her parents, and shortly after she was born, she was left to the care of her grandparents, who lived in Narrie, despite their age did the best to take care of her, unfortunately they had to give her to adoption shortly after.

At the age of two, Jo was adopted by a couple who already had a daughter, unlike many others they were able to look past the fact that she was a Dhampir and raised her as their own along with their daughter. Over the years Jo and her sister became as close as real sisters, eventually bickering with one another but whenever needed they always had each other’s backs. Jo had always been an energetic person, unable to control her own strength her parents did their best they could, but all plans failed, one thing they found useful was having her enrolled in a martial arts school, where she learned some discipline and became calmer, but it did not help her control her strength.

At the age of eleven, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Sturt House, and she was what one would call an exceptional student, and a few years after being in school she became the Beater for the Sturt Quidditch team, a hobby she enjoyed and was good at. Unable to keep herself satisfied, she became a derby girl by joining a local amateur team along with her sister. Between school, quidditch, martial arts and being a derby girl one would think that Jo wouldn’t have much free time, the fact was that she still managed to get arrest a few times by Muggle police officers and thrown in Muggle jail, in which one time she stole a police horse, but after a few hours returned the horse to their rightful owner. She didn’t just get in trouble outside school, she also got in trouble in school several times.

Finally, after graduation she was advised to become an Auror, one thing she hadn’t think about, considering her background and all the trouble she had found herself into a teen, but somehow, they were able to see past all that and she was still able to become an Auror. After four years in the program, she was able to work as an Auror. During her first couple of years, she had three partners, who all ended up passing away, all on the job and ever since then she decided it was time to work alone. Despite her rather distant personality, she took all death’s personally and one time, while working tackled a Muggle to the ground, her punishment was staying on desk duty for a while. Recently her punishment is over, and she’s been working on the field.

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