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    Josephine Maribel Estrada
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    Adelaide, Australia
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    Daniela Ruah

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  1. Finally this desk job will end starting Monday. I'm so glad to be back on the field.

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Welcome back. Please, use that newfound energy to show suspects just how much you missed chasing after them. ❤️ 

    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I will make sure they will know how much I missed them <3

  2. I hate this desk job ... I wish I was back on the field again. 

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Best make sure this hiccup is only temporary, then. Although I'm afraid we've seen better days when it comes to action, so it's not like field folks are better off for the time being...

    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Being on the field is much better than to be filling these forms. At least on the field I could lend a hand...

Josephine Maribel Estrada
26 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her/Hers
Age:  26
Date of Birth: September 10th, 1992
Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia
Occupation: Auror
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Dhampir
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Rottweiler
Wand: Blackthorn wood 11’’ Phoenix Feather core
Play-by: Daniela Ruah

1st – 7th year: Tallygarunga (Sturt House)

Auror Training: VMU


- Had to be bailed out of Muggle jail a few times along with her sister;

- Stole a police horse, but put it back a few hours later;

- Is put many times on desk duty for tackling people (only co-workers know);

- Slightly unconventional;

- Derby Girl (as a hobby);

- Sometimes uses her sister as a blood source.

General Knowledge

- Some people call her Jojo, at their own risk;

- Registered Dhampir;

- Used to be in a lot of trouble while attending Tallygarunga, and sometimes during her time in VMU with her sister;

- Former Sturt;

- Sturt Quidditch Team Beater;

- Great dueller;

- Was adopted by Ash’s family and they were raised together as actual sisters;

- Bilingual (English/Spanish);

- Extremely overprotective;

- Has a thing for tackling people to the ground;

- Likes to walk around Narrie;

- Known to shout profanities in Spanish when upset;


Josephine is not a very responsible adult, having a hard time admitting when she’s wrong. Despite her job as an Auror she dislikes rules and guidelines, it’s a struggle to follow them, especially when so much can be achieved if they just didn’t have stupid rules, but to live in a society, and to continue to do her job, Jo does her best to follow them. She can be condescending when one thing seems easy to her and she has to explain it to someone she gets frustrated and tries to simplify things to the point of insult. Josephine rarely admits her fault, while consciously she knows it’s her fault, her pride will never let her admit it.

Another flaw of Jo is her sensitivity, she doesn’t have much, she likes facts and honestly, which can often hurt the others around her, showing that she has little consideration for other people’s feelings, which is not true, she’s simply more absent-minded than most. She can be very private and withdrawn, while she doesn’t mind social gatherings and is quite social, she prefers quiet places where she can think without external influences.

Apart from her flaws, she’s honest, not because she wants to hurt other people’s feelings but to her, truth is the most important factor, one that she expects that people appreciate and reciprocate, she may or may not agree with it, she can keep some secrets, having some of her own, but will most likely ignore the question. She gets easily excited with new ideas or with someone with similar interests, either intellectual or physical.

She’s open-minded, but has a hard time admitting she’s wrong, she can easily listen to other people, as long as they have logic and facts to support them. She’s liberal to the point of believing that if it doesn’t involve her or the people, she cares about then its none of her business and she’ll let people live their lives in peace.

Josephine has a hard time controlling her strength, which sometimes might cause some accidents. She’s overprotective of her family and close friends, which aren’t that many.


Josephine is tall standing 180cm. She has an athletic build, which in some cases might demand a bit of respect and in others a bit of fear. She has long brown hair, usually tied in a pony tail while working. She has brown eyes, while one seems to be darker than the other. She appears to have a stern posture, but whenever people engage in a conversation with her it’s usually the opposite.

Clothing wise she wears whatever is mandatory for her job, while on her free time there are no preferences, whatever she feels like wearing is what she will wear, but always taking in consideration the weather, if it’s too sunny she might have a heavy scent of sun screen or wears long sleeved shirts. She doesn’t quite pay much attention to her appearance. She doesn’t usually wear any accessories.

She is a Derby Girl, as a hobby, and sometimes can be found in her practicing clothes.


Jo was born in Adelaide, but unfortunately there are no records of her parents, and shortly after she was born, she was left to the care of her grandparents, who lived in Narrie, despite their age did the best to take care of her, unfortunately they had to give her to adoption shortly after.

At the age of two, Jo was adopted by a couple who already had a daughter, unlike many others they were able to look past the fact that she was a Dhampir and raised her as their own along with their daughter. Over the years Jo and her sister became as close as real sisters, eventually bickering with one another but whenever needed they always had each other’s backs. Jo had always been an energetic person, unable to control her own strength her parents did their best they could, but all plans failed, one thing they found useful was having her enrolled in a martial arts school, where she learned some discipline and became calmer, but it did not help her control her strength.

At the age of eleven, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Sturt House, and she was what one would call an exceptional student, and a few years after being in school she became the Beater for the Sturt Quidditch team, a hobby she enjoyed and was good at. Unable to keep herself satisfied, she became a derby girl by joining a local amateur team along with her sister. Between school, quidditch, martial arts and being a derby girl one would think that Jo wouldn’t have much free time, the fact was that she still managed to get arrest a few times by Muggle police officers and thrown in Muggle jail, in which one time she stole a police horse, but after a few hours returned the horse to their rightful owner. She didn’t just get in trouble outside school, she also got in trouble in school several times.

Finally, after graduation she was advised to become an Auror, one thing she hadn’t think about, considering her background and all the trouble she had found herself into a teen, but somehow, they were able to see past all that and she was still able to become an Auror. After four years in the program, she was able to work as an Auror. During her first couple of years, she had three partners, who all ended up passing away, all on the job and ever since then she decided it was time to work alone. Despite her rather distant personality, she took all death’s personally and one time, while working tackled a Muggle to the ground, her punishment was staying on desk duty for a while. Recently her punishment is over, and she’s been working on the field.

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