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  1. FeererMe is actually my gamertag as well so I totally understand. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, I'm currently getting my first gal Nareena fully set up (including the awful plotter page x.x) so I'm sorry if I don't reply on here very much. I get a little distracted with all the leg work getting new characters situated haha. Can't wait to see you guys around the forum and to plot with everyone
  2. - holding on to this post- Used for experimenting before updating
  3. Nareena Strai Palmer || 15 || 5th Year Flinder || Muggle-born || Lover of books ||
  4. Hey guys! woooow it's been YEARS! I don't even remember how many but dang I can't believe I looped back here once more ❤️ Ok I'm going to try and make this make sense and not seem like the blathering rambling it truly is at this point. My user is FeererMe now (Fear Me) because it's what I've been using since I got married but everyone just calls me Jess or Feerer ^-^ I'm 25 years old and I was a member of Tally forever ago. I'm American and live in the Central time zone over here so I may keep weird hours, sorry about that. I used to haunt the old Tally site every few years to stop in and say hi but stumbled upon Tally as #14 on top Harry Potter RP sites and sort of freaked out and jumped in here and had a mini explosive excitement episode in discord chat. I went by Becky forever ago because I was young and didn't like giving out my real name and was convinced that people would steal my identity. That and some other reasons but it's a long story and not worth dragging up except to note that I am "The Becky" from forever ago. If you remember me then HI If not then I really look forward to making new memories with everyone I know a lot of my old friends here from Tally have moved on but man am I excited to actually really dive back in head first. I've missed Tally and thought of it fondly over the year especially noting it as one of those sites that really helped me through some stuff. Ok well I think that's pretty much everything important and in an attempt to keep myself from rambling forever I'll end my intro here. Can't wait to see everyone around the boards!
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