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  1. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

    Améa didn't need help, but it was hard to refuse Veronika. She passed the loaf of bread across to the little one, gesturing for her to start laying out pieces ready to be spread. To Vladimir she offered the butter and a knife. They could make a nice little production line here, and things would get done swiftly. Being near Vladimir made the hairs on the back of her neck shiver with excitement and happiness, as it always did. This was not enough for the long term, but it was enough for now. Would it be ruined when they could finally be free and be together properly? Améa didn't think so, but the thrill of it for now was perfect. Looking to the side, she gave him a smile that she thought was incredibly subtle and secretive but truly just gave away her infatuation. "Of course he is make happy," Améa said to Nika. "Good person is gift, for all who know." Because it was obviously as simple as that, why would everyone be so happy in Vladimir's company as she was? At Vladimir's question her smirk became more pronounced, and she nodded with a mischevious glint in her eye. "I did make this happen, yes," she said. She threw that same, very pleased with herself grin toward Jezebel. "Mamiere is having dream," Améa smirked, folding sandwiches over and cutting them into neat triangles. "She is not say, but I is know. Must be giving time for Mamiere and Mr Stuart to know what all is see." Because if anyone thought for half a second that she wasn't going to rope Jezebel into Parent Trapping this whole thing, they were absolutely wrong. The worst part about David's death (in Améa's mind) was how it threw Adele back into the awful uncertainty of bad decisions. Someone stable and kind, like Stuart, had the power to stop that. Bring her mother back to a place where she was happy again. While Améa knew she would never have the relationship with Adele that she had wanted, a happy Adele at least meant there was a chance of things getting better. And a chance that Lauren, Caleb and DJ would have the mother they deserved. Lauren blinked at Lorelei, but seemed significantly brighter now that the other girl was here. Her hair seemed that much glossier, her eyes that much deeper. Like Lauren was more herself when Lorelei was around, and the same could be said of Lei too. "I am excited for Daddy to be here, and you," she said, shrugging one shoulder. "I don't know about anything else. Daddy said I have to spend time with the Librarian, and that is why he is not coming until later." Which was a sore point, Alan's insistence that Lauren get to know her mother. Nevertheless, Lorelei was here and that was more than enough for now. Lauren stood close, eyes wide and peeled for anyone who might separate them. Outside and oblivious to the scheming happening around her, Adele tried to mask the way her guts twisted and turned when he so casually called her love. That wasn't fair. Had he been stalking her dreams? Was he making fun of her now? Or just being stupid nice? It was hard to tell. Adele had never really been independent, and the idea of feeling safe and secure with Stuart had more appeal than she liked to admit. It wasn't right, though, was it? She was just lonely, thinking crazy thoughts. Adele knew herself well enough to know that there was a limit to how long she could be on her own, before she started jumping at any chance she got. That's all this was. This stupid... crush? Gods, was that it? A schoolgirl crush on the bloody Minister of Magic. At least it wasn't Alan, but... there had never been any of this garbage jittery feeling with it. That had just been... well. Wrong on almost every level. Desperate was the only word she could think of. "Yeah, I'm fine," and she was. The fire would be good. Having the family around was good. Far more normal than she was known for. But it was all so... good. Stuart's arm around her was warm, solid, she leaned in to it without even thinking. This wasn't a big deal. They were friends. Had daughters together. Daughters who hadn't come outside yet... Adele knew that Jezebel and family had arrived, where were they? "So much can change in a year," Adele mused softly. DJ would be one soon, before long it would be a year since David passed. If she could go back twelve months, speak to her younger self... what would she say? How could you prepare someone for that heartache? Would you? And what would that younger self say, hearing that a year on, here she would stand under the protective arm of Stuart Blair. Each day notching up a longer personal best on her path to becoming a Nun. "Here's to moving on," Adele murmured, taking a slip of paper from her pocket. The original police report, cold black and white text outlining the brutal manner of David's death. She threw it into the building fire. To moving on, indeed.
  2. Invite Torch the Moon

    Améa leaned back as he spoke the sacriligeous words. Oaths were not to be broken. They existed for a reason, and how could she possibly enter into a future marriage with Vladimir if she shattered the meaning of this one? She shook her head, on this point they would have to disagree. Améa was content, though, to wait out the obstacles. She and Vladimir had an eternity to explore this new and wonderful feeling. Until her body decided otherwise, this was fine for now. "It will some time take, properly ending marriage to Zane," she said. "But worth. Vladimir know in certain that always I be loyal. If am loyal to this oath of Zane, any oath of Vladimir more." That was how she saw it. Even though they had gone a little over the line, she had not yet wandered into territory that she felt was unforgiveable. Améa was glad, though, that Alexander could so clearly see that she was happy. So many people had been worried about her when she returned, her weakness, her sadness. That was no longer a problem. She had a smile that belonged to herself and a light that burned so brightly inside her. She was in love. Stupid, foolish, sweet and intoxicating love. "Is you know, Alexander," she said after a moment. "Of mine curse? Like curse of Mamiere, in opposite." Améa tilted her head to one side. "Is you given one? Is Grandmiere too dedicate you, as did to me?" Curse, blessing---it was all the same, really. The will of a higher, unfathomable power, curling its hand around your fate. Adele called it a curse, when she spoke of it at all. Améa was unsure how she felt about it, but knew it had contributed to how things panned out with Zane. Adele preferred to play it off as a paranoia-inducing sequence of bad bloody luck, even claimed she didn't believe. Améa did her best to make up for that mistake, as was her job and her duty.
  3. What’s in a name? A rose by any name would smell as sweet.

    A perfect hidden place, for their perfect hidden picnic. Améa walked with a lightness in her step, a half-smile on her face that no one could have imagined her having, when she first returned to Narrie. Efforts to keep their developing relationship an absolute secret had been successful so far (or so she thought), and the preciousness of it carried her through the days. She sang to the animals as she tended them, practically floated about the house even when Vladimir was not there, she had become relaxed, and... happy. So long as their activities didn't stray too far into the fields of adultery, she could be comfortable in her place as Vladimir's love while she worked toward freeing herself from Zane. "I should like this, very much," she said, settling herself beside him and beginning the task of unpacking and arranging the items they had brought for the picnic. Organising the basket of food had been something of a challenge, Mary had been very curious as to what it was for. Why they needed to bake a series of cakes, make up sandwiches, and fetch a bottle of ginger beer from storage. In a panic, Améa had said she was going on a picnic with Alexander, her uncle. To celebrate his strength and to pay respects to their lost mentor. She hadn't told Alexander she was using that lie, though, so she had some mild concern that perhaps Mary or Stuart would see Alex out and about without her and then have cause to dig for the truth. She would deal with that as it happened. "I love you also, mine Vladimir," she beamed, very glad for this chance to be free in her expression. "What poetry is that you would like to share?"
  4. Invite Torch the Moon

    The secret was out, and it felt so delicious to share it, finally. The anxiety that had been quietly lurking, wary of the moment that everything would come to light (because it had to eventually, Améa did not intend to hide in the shadows with Vladimir for her entire life) and how her family would react to it, melted just a little. Here was one person who already accepted it, was excited about it, and---an added bonus---just happened to be someone who could potentially calm her mother down when she voiced her likely rejection of the idea. "When in school, Vladimir did play music on roof. Many times I was listen, but he not know until now." Those days seemed so far away, and she could no longer feel that same pain that had driven her to sit out on the roof alone---she only remembered the hauntingly beautiful music that drifted over from another rooftop. Wrapping herself in it, holding it close. And then... shyly ducking away when she saw Vladimir in the halls because she couldn't look at him and not think of that music, and how did you start that conversation? Sometimes I stalk you at night to listen to you play. "It is mean all things," she said, her tone verging back to serious. "Is not like Mamiere will be much please, is not think mine choices be good." Which... was fair, when you considered all the evidence. Zane hadn't been a smart move, but then who was Adele to criticise? Améa knew this was different, though. It just was. Zane she had lived for, given every breath to him. Every second of every minute had been for him. At the time it had felt like love, it had felt more important than anything else, and yet... with Vladimir, she still gave her soul. And he gave her his back in return, amplified her own and they enriched each other in ways she could never have imagined if she had not experienced it for herself. "Is many things for organise. I am still wife, and not break vow. But we is does have forever," Améa's smile grew again. "Some wait is not trouble."
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    The blush had settled into a glow, reaching up to the tips of her ears and giving her a warmth that some believed impossible. She hadn't dared speak aloud of this to anyone but Faireth and Vladimir himself, afraid that it would shatter this unexpected bubble of happiness they had found. Though, surely, with all their sneaking and hushed conversations, Stuart and Mary at least must have known. Some pointed comments had been made at the dinner table from time to time, and Améa had been sure she would burn up from the embarrassment and effort of keeping their little secret. She was, after all, still married. Scandalous! "He does know," she whispered, delight evident in her tone. "And he does feel same." The shine in her eyes was so bright, so happy. A throwback to the girl before the heartbreak, the young thing that ran for her violin and played with eagerness to please her father. These eyes that had watched him, captivated, as he told stories in the darkest night. Exciteable, animated, everything the years had stripped away with sorrow and turned to stone. At the heart of it all, that flame still burned within her. The one that wanted to be joyful and loud, to take up space in the world and not merely sit alongside it. Alexander's reaction was exactly the happy response she had hoped for. She could not guarantee the same from Adele, or even Stuart. Adele would likely believe this another mistake, and she knew that Stuart had her best interests at heart... it was soon to be feeling this strong again. But this feeling gave her strength. It made everything up until now make sense. She was completely and utterly loved, and gave love in return---there were not many points in her life where she could truly say that had been the case. Always, it seemed, one end of the exchange had broken on her. Améa lowered her voice again, just incase any unwanted ears were about, ears bright red as she unveiled her secret. "It is mine Vladimir," she said. "I do love mine Vladimir."
  6. Invite Torch the Moon

    Améa's head tilted more and more as she listened intently, until it was almost comically sideways. An odd quirk that had never quite left her. Even her father had found it amusing. The idea that life was supposed to change at a moment's notice was not unfamiliar, but she'd never really subscribed to it. Everything that she was and would be had been set in stone from her birth, and like stone it had crumbled away from her. She wasn't privy to Adele's long-term plans for their homeland, wouldn't have approved if she was aware, she believed in tradition. She believed in continuing on as had always been, she believed these things were sacred and important. "Words are not for giving freely," she said solemnly, pleased that he had noticed her care when speaking. "What is said must be done, what is promise must be give. Many times words is just air, is... disrespect. After mine Father did I vow only speak in truth. I speak not for many year." In fact, she had been so silent that Adele had believed her incapable of speech at all. Even Lillian had been fooled. Améa simply had nothing to say that she wanted to share, she wanted to keep her voice as something she had given to her father for the last time. Time and circumstance had eroded that vow, and some guilt lingered for having done so. He was also correct about her feelings. That she had not expected, rather---she assumed he had seen what the others only saw. Adele, who thought she was cold and unfeeling. Lillian, who thought her weak and incapable. Neither was accurate. Améa felt everything, she didn't know what to do with it. She had tried to close herself off. Tried to seal off the wounds and carry on with her duties, and always something ripped those doors back open and rent them raw anew. "Me say?" the concept stumped her. What was it that she wanted to say to the world? No one had really asked her. A gentle blush rose to her cheeks as her heart found the words, but her gut struggled for the courage to speak them aloud. The blush came with a smile, her lips curling upward until her serene expression became almost girlish. Giddy. She tried to force it down, but he had asked what was in her heart and there was only one thing that she wanted to say. One thing she wanted to shout from the rooftops, only her private and quiet nature had stopped her from doing so. "I am have love." she whispered it, Alex only the second person to know the happiness that bubbled inside her.
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    Painful was so weak a word to describe how to felt, when she so much as considered playing an instrument. The semantics weren't important, though, there was no way to really communicate that deep level of guilt and sorrow that lived within her. Not without forcing another to experience it directly, and that---she would not allow that for any of her family. Not if she had the power to stop it. A second guilt settled itself in as she processed, unwound, realised she had come here to make Alexander guilty for the loss of Bethianna. As if it would somehow bring the woman back, or that his life would have been a more reasonable trade. Even if it was, Bethianna had made her choice. No one could have stopped it. Bethianna wasn't someone you stopped. It was unfair to blame Alexander for all of that, horribly cruel in all. Yet he'd not pushed back against her with outrage, he had not claimed his innocence, he had not even raised his voice in discontent that she would accuse him in such a way. No. He had only been kind. Listened. Understood. Now he spoke of music and the role it should have had in her life, he hadn't turned away at her honesty and as much as she tried---she could not see herself a monster reflected back in his eyes. Not the one she saw in the mirror, or when Adele or Lillian addressed her. Améa wasn't sure what to do with that. It felt uncomfortably wonderful. "To protect I am must destroy. Is ever the way." she murmured, falling silent as she digested the idea of her poetic soul. It wasn't a way anyone had ever described her before, poetic. It sounded nice. And did he know about her poetry? Surely not. Even if he did, it wasn't like he could read it. All the same, a gentle flush crossed her cheeks, warming them up. Améa had journals upon journals of her own handwritten poetry, a tightly-kept secret from everyone she knew. "Why is you say poetic?" she asked, knowing it was a thread that would threaten to unravel that secret... but too curious to know why he'd used that word to hold the question in.
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    "I do not know." Améa said when he asked about her future. She truly didn't know. Everything had always been so set out for her, and she had been happy with it that way. Her future aligned with her duty, she strove to be the ideal citizen so that the people would accept her. None of that had worked, they rejected her almost as intensely as they did Adele. Améa could never work out why. She didn't flout tradition, she was rational in her decision-making. She had been there. Lived there, when Adele would not. All of that and still, when an outsider--Jezebel--had been revealed as an alternative, the overwhelming reaction was one of relief. Améa had been raised for this, it was all she knew. The absence of such a clear future was unsettling to her. She watched the news settle on Alexander's face, the damning revelation that she had committed patricide. This was where he backed away, treated her with caution. Chose his words carefully from now until the end of time, never once forgetting that she could, would, go to those extremes. That was what Adele had done. For all the progress Améa thought they had made, in the wake of David's death, Adele had found her in a quiet moment to ask if she had a hand in it. The only answer Améa had to that, was that David had not been a threat---simultaneously denying her involvement, and confirming that she had assessed him as a potential target. It did little to build trust, but Améa would not lie for that alone. The question of why she'd killed her father---that was both simple and complex. At the heart, it had been her duty. He was a threat that would not be soothed, no matter what she tried. His own grief had driven him mad. "He was threat," she said finally. "To Mamiere. Wanted for her death, revenge of one he love before. Mamiere need for husband then child, for her duty. If is not do duty, then strong ones call for execute. Take her place. Mamiere pick mine father in random, he not want---he already have love---must marry Mamiere because she say. His love not accept, she fall into ocean in sadness. Swept away." Améa's voice was sad. He had told her the story so many times, and he'd never healed the slightest bit from all that had happened. Adele had never quite understood the consequences of her arbitratry decision. "Mine father did teach me music." Améa looked away from Alex, obscuring the glimmer of tears that was beginning to show. "I betray anyway."
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    He hadn't realised? How could he not realise such an obvious thing? Améa tilted her head, confused by this. It was the way of things, even if he chose to walk a different path he was still brother to her mother and thus an important part of the royal line that had to be preserved. Améa could never ignore that. Being thanked for that was weirder still, Adele had never thanked her. Adele had only been angry and frightened by the things Améa had done to protect her. Though, she had not yet had to truly act for Alexander's good yet, so perhaps his view would change too. "It was mine place at first, yes," Améa nodded, her defenses down a little, she perched herself against a desk. Alexander seemed interested in what she had to say. "In long time, Jezebel not known. Only me. Did not imagine better one already in world, is better choice for Jezebel. Also cost of mine choice to be Zane wife." All that preparation felt wasted. Améa wasn't sure if she would take her place back even if she could, but what did she do with all that training? And what could she possibly be now that she had her freedom back and the future she had assumed she would be working toward was gone? Améa had never had to decide for herself who and what she wanted to be, it had been scripted from the start. "Family is reason I be not allowed," she added softly, her gaze drifting down to the patchy carpet. Certain things in life were a priviledge, once cast away they were no longer deserved. When she mourned her father and spoke of the wound that her mother's indifference gouged within her, this was the reply Bethianna gave. It didn't matter that it was the logical thing to do. That she had acted out of duty, not allowed her emotions to interfere. It seemed like a cold and callous belief to burn into the psyche of the young, impressionable Améa----but what else could Bethianna have said? Her father was gone, and it would still be years before Adele gave her any sort of notice. Back then, it was easier to believe she didn't deserve these things and cease trying to make them happen. "Mine father did offer such shoulder," Améa looked back up at Alexander, her eyes impossibly blue. "I did kill him anyway."
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    See her? Améa wasn't even sure how to respond to that. He wanted to be able to see her? Clearly, not in the same way Vladimir saw her---that was altogether a different thing, but it wasn't like she didn't still crave to be seen. Understood. The language barrier was but a tiny fragment of the differences that kept her distant from the others in the family, perhaps even moreso than Lauren who had a far better grasp of this world and who appeared to have some sort of bond with Lillian, however reluctant. She stayed silent a moment, thinking on her words. Even if she could express them in her native tongue, it would be a struggle to form the sentences. "Is not choice. Is duty," she said. "Mine is watch, protect. What is must be done, mine duty is to do. Fix Mamiere mistake, take away threat. Any who is think to harm, I make not. Only matters is right ones protect. Mamiere, you. Jezebel, Caleb, little David. This order. Is duty to mine home, to Ellazandre." And this she believed in utterly. Only under Zane's influence had she been able to step away from such devout belief. He had convinced her that he was her new duty, and she had believed that too. After all, no one had seemed to want or need her interference, Adele had never quite ceased being frightened of her. Worried for what she might do next, though every single thing Améa had ever done was only to protect Adele. Extreme, yes. Some of Adele's mistakes had required extreme correction. Sollozzo was a blight on Améa's record, the one she hadn't been able to fix. "Is not mine place for needing you," Améa added after a moment. "If is happen, I did fail. Once I did have one I was allowed for needing, when throw away this gift is not allowed to ask more. I am lucky for Vladimir see and know and forgive what is I am, is more than is to be allow." Her voice was quiet now, the anger gone, even the sadness had faded. It was just the truth as she knew it. "Once is I be one that take place from Mamiere. Make life learn to that, but no more. Am not right one. Am now only watcher, keeper. Daughter of Ellazandre. Do duty is best I can, only way for deserve more."
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    A look of disgust and disbelief crossed her features as Alexander complimented the 'pretty name'. He did not know even that? Her lip twitched in further annoyance, that Alexander could call himself some sort of legacy of Bethianna's when he knew so little of who they were and the things that (Améa felt) mattered. Unlike her mother, Améa didn't see the division between their home and their kind. It was one and the same, a source of rich tradition that bound itself to her ways of thinking and informed her actions. She could not be one without the other, and despised Adele's determination to act as if she were neither. Lauren, who listened only to the blood and not their home, she found equally perplexing. "Tahearn'anna was not for adore," Améa said, the twitch in her lips trembling each time he said 'Auntie Bethianna', somewhere between furious that he could disrespect the woman with such an intimate and familiar name, and jealous that she could not remember Bethianna with the same warmth. It had been enough, back then, just to be noticed by someone. She could put all the blame for those missing tender moments and family connections at the feet of her mother, knowing that Bethianna was not a woman of softness or sentimentality had made it easier to accept that she could not expect the elder woman to be what her true family would not. And yet, the way Alexander spoke of her, it seemed that she had been to him what Améa had longed for. Even in just brief moments, it was more than she had given Améa. Bethianna was capable of that love, she had given it to Alexander, she had just... not deemed Améa worthy. Even Bethianna's last actions, pouring herself into Caleb to save him, using her own beloved twin to heal Alexander against impossible odds, she had offered neither when Améa herself was bleeding from her soul. It crashed on her now. The truth she knew, the gut-wrenching root of her anguish that she had tried to bury with anger and blame. Améa was not the victim here, she was not some mistreated waif who had been neglected as a child. Bethianna had done what was necessary to ensure her survival after Améa had pushed all others away. Alexander and Caleb had seen Bethianna's softer side, been worthy of her sacrifices, simply because they were. Améa was not. End of story. "No," she said to the guitar. "Am not play any music. Is not respect."
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    She had expected defiance, and so his acceptance was confusing. She had expected him to defend his actions, his very existence, to give back to her all the lies that she had told herself while she ignored the enormity of what was lost. Perhaps that was what she had come here for, to hear from someone else that it had been Bethianna's choice and plan that had led to this. There was nothing to be gained from being angry at Alexander and she did know that, she was angry at Bethianna too. Bethiannna above all of them, who knew what she was leaving behind and the frightening balance of responsibility it left with Lillian, who could not be trusted with that weight. Or maybe it was the emerald guitar. The direct connection Alexander had to Bethianna, so complete that he honoured her in ways that Améa never could. This love he had for a woman that she was certain he didn't truly know, because to know Bethianna---to be raised and taught by her---was not a thing of love. She had been a phantom in his life, a gentle touch that guided the ship back on course when required. He had never stood subject to her impossible standards, felt the sharp tips of her fingernails against his scalp grasping a handful of his hair to ensure he remained absolutely motionless in practice. He had never poured himself heart and soul into his arts, only to be met with cold disapproval. It had not been gentle teaching. But it had been effective. When neither her mother nor grandmother would lift a hand, Bethianna had educated her in strength and discipline. Trained her for the heavy duties that her future would demand of her, the weight of an entire population. One day she would take her mother's place and this was what she had worked toward. One day, her duty would shift from the protection of the crown to bearing it herself, and protecting all that she knew. That... was no longer true either. She would not succeed her mother now. "Also did Tahearn'anna give mine name," she said shakily. "All mine knowing. Mamiere not want. Grandmiere not see. Tahearn'anna make to me be good Ellazandre, teach be worthy. As watcher, as keeper. What is she make you? Only alive." Améa tilted her head slightly. "And love her, honour her---" she pointed to the emerald guitar. "--what is you honour? Tahearn'anna as was? Or as your imagine?"
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    She had rehearsed this a thousand times, and a thousand more after that. For all the joy that her blossoming relationship with Vladimir was giving her, there was also a black hole festering with all that she hadn't had time or strength to say. Still, she had waited this long and she waited another moment to compose herself further before speaking. Whatever her feelings, he was still who he was. Even if he chose not to acknowledge it, chose not to take up that mantle, he simply was and she could not ignore that. Could not ignore her role as his guardian, Alexander was just second the strictly ordered list of protection priority. Most could not say who among those they held dear they would save first, but Améa was not like most. She knew with absolute certainty that it would be, had to be, Adele. She came first. Followed by Alexander, Jezebel, Caleb and young David. Jezebel's children if the situation permitted, and only if all others were accounted for. Even if, and simply knowing this caused her agony, it was Nika. All the others had to be protected first. Améa hoped to never find herself in such a situation, it seemed unlikely but she knew the world was unreasonably cruel. It was this same absolute duty that kept her from indulging the quiet fury that had bubbled away while she waited for Alexander to settle into his new accepted life. While she found her own strength again. While the world settled in its mundane way and normality finally allowed her to speak. "Nothing is been 'alright' in much time," she said curtly. It had taken her so long to understand what the anger was for. She knew it was there, but not why. Situations that she had appeared to accept, walk away from easily, even explain as if she were perfectly understanding and at peace with the outcome----once the dust settled, she realised she was not. Once Vladimir had soothed away any remaining belief that the hurt she felt was for Zane's absence, the true hurt began to show. Zane had been a big piece of her life and left a big wound, but there was one even bigger. More devastating. "You is know what lost to make you be here now?" the words she planned had abandoned her. All that remained was fragments that she could barely string together in broken English. "You know what you is did take? If thinking Mamiere, Grandmiere take place and teach this is much wrong. Grandmiere only teach when her needing thing, this you is know. Mamiere know less thing than... than Caleb! And for you to live, cost is one that did be teach. To me. Even that she is not need me. Still teach." Her bottom lip wobbled slightly, anger shifting to deep grief. "You take Tahearn'anna."
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    Inside her chest, her heart thudded so fast it felt like it had stopped entirely. She had acted impulsively, and yet she wouldn't take it back. If this was the moment and the action that made Vladimir push her away, she was glad to have done it. Just this once. Just to know. Even that slight touch had given further life to the intoxicating happiness that she felt, further softening her often-cold facade and showing to Vladimir the exciteable, joyful girl perhaps she should have been. She wanted to whisper to him all her deepest darkest secrets like they were scandalous gossip, laugh with him over the misfortune of the stars. Imagine, to sit so high and watch for so long the humanness of others but never be part of it. She had been a star, once. Billions of miles from everything around her, the life that was within reach except her arms were too short and none would reach back to her. That---that wasn't fair. She knew Jezebel had tried. Even her mother had tried, and at the core of it she knew she hadn't wanted to come down from the heavens. Stars could not cry, and they needed nothing and no one. Stars watched, protected. Humans needed the warmth of the star to survive, needed the careful watching from day to day, and this stars gave dutifully and they did not ask for reward. She had been a star for Zane, too. Vladimir had made her fall. Crashed to the earth with limbs and lungs, breathing with a pain that felt real and belonged to her because she was alive. Painfully, perfectly alive. So she had done what the living did best, and lived in just a brief moment. Touched her lips to his and felt the warmth of the sun in her chest, another sun that was their own entirely. A sun they had brought into being without even meaning to, fanned the flames with quiet ignorance and now it blazed full and hot. Life was not the cold and distance space she knew, or the smothering grasp of Zane who had asked she be a star only for him and blocked her light from reaching the others. Life was a burning intensity that danced along every emotion she knew, and when it tired of those, created more that had no names but each felt as exquisitely wonderful and terrible as the last. Vladimir had exchanged a vow with her. Brought her to earth, wrapped her in a gentle understanding that did not block her light but kept her close and allowed them their own world inside the true world. He said he loved her. It was the obvious answer. She loved him too. A secret she had kept so tight it was hidden from her own self, from melancholy nights on the Tallygarunga rooves with his music as company---she had known then. She had known always. Always. "This is been always," she echoed the words that beat through her heart. Always. "Never is it not be. The love is that make strong, not weak. Always I am love you."
  15. Invite Torch the Moon

    She knew she wasn't technically supposed to be on school grounds, and slipping around the Spencer areas of the school was stranger still---but there were Discussions that needed to be Had, and Améa was done with biting her tongue. So long she had been powerless, able to do little more than stand back and watch as her family went through one turmoil and the next, the very composition of what was family changing almost daily. Alexander and Lauren, Bethianna, Cassandra, Cate, what had once been the tiny creek of their bloodline and kind suddenly strengthening into a river. Caleb now, too, was learning a new world. Since her return to her own appearance, Améa was visibly stronger. Not the phantom that had returned to Narrie under Zane's controlling gaze, she moved with confidence and strength. There was a menacing quality to her movement, now, the position of every limb calculated for the most efficiency and power. Nothing was wasted. Where her mother and sisters moved with an eerie grace, Améa moved with an absoluteness that made her seem impossibly solid and terrifyingly strong. A movement more akin to that of Bethianna, if anyone. But also a movement entirely her own, Spencer students peeled out of her way as they saw her advancing. Some knew her name, some simply thought it was Adele come charging after overdue books, but either way she carved a pathway through the common area with ease. Améa looked neither left nor right, only moved forward in search of her target. She knew where he was, she could still feel that remainder of him that was part of them. She followed it like a scent, single-minded and barely a thought given to the obstacles and people that shifted around her. There. Her eyes narrowed further and she closed in on him. "Alexander," her voice was soft, but sharp. Low, but brooked no argument either. "We are must do talk. In the private."
Améadruella Ellazandre Nedvidek
Animal Carer 0
26* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age  26*
Date of Birth October 23rd, 1993
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Occupation Animal Carer
Player  ★ Sadrienne
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Kaya Scodelario

Tallygarunga (Dropped out in fourth year)


Her mother's identity and her royal connections, the homeland she comes from, everything about the life she was born to is a secret from most people. She hides as many of her feelings as possible, wanting the world to see her as invincible. She has a strong sense of loyalty and love to her family, though she never wants to say the words out loud. She both loves and fears her husband, and is afraid that if she walks away, she won't have anything or anyone left.

General Knowledge

Very little is known about Améa outside of her family. She dropped out of Tallygarunga after failing to pass fifth year multiple times, and moved away at the insistence of her husband Zane. Those who do know her know that there's something not quite right about that marriage, and though they've tried to help, only Améa knows the full extent of it and she refuses to be helped.


She's not easy to understand. She is for the most part, a cool calculating woman with a very serious look on life. She takes things personally, and deals with them in a businesslike manner that sends chills across the room. She rarely shows visible emotions, except when she absolutely cannot help it. Her mind works logic in a way completely different to most people, and her solutions to problems are often bizarre. Words mean a lot to Améa, a promise is potent - the word 'love' alone carries volumes and she is somewhat afraid of the word. She takes her life very seriously, believing everyone has a purpose - and she fully intends to fulfill hers.

At times, to those she knows and trusts (a rarity in Améa's life) she is a passionate and caring sort of person. Her choice to endure a child's life was made out of love for her mother, and her desire to create the mother-daughter bond Adele had never wanted to form earlier. She is a child at heart, with a child's needs - but she refuses to acknowledge those 'weaknesses'.


Méa is of medium height, with very pale skin and long black hair that falls to her waist when not tied up. Like the others in her family, she has intense blue eyes that often appear cold, and she is not well known for smiling. She carries herself like a lady, having been brought up with very oldfashioned values, she dislikes clothing with sleeves shorter than her wrists, and thinks that skirts higher than the shin are the sign of 'loose' women. Needless to say, she dresses quite conservatively. She tends to favour blue and lavender in her clothing, and does not wear a lot of jewellery. When she does, it is simple and always in silver.

The story so far

She was born on the island of L'Arindelle, the heir to the throne. Her father plotted revenge against his wife - Adele, the queen - who had shunned both her husband and her daughter from the very start. Améa, who felt she should possibly be angry at her mother, originally sided with her father before realising her duty as a L'Arine citizen was first to her mother, then her father. 

As a result, it was Améa who put the knife in Pieru's back, stopping his plans of lynching Adele and her lover. Améa lived with that guilt for years, dressing herself up as the mute benefactress Bryndellyn, and refusing to speak a word to anyone. She trained silently under the instruction of grandmother Lillian, and Adele's hated stepmother - Bethianna DeVylissea. She was surprisingly strong in her abilities, surpassing her mother's achievements easily. She lost her innocence early, as tends to happen with those who play their age as older than it is - but never gave herself quite completely.

She lived for a time with Adele and her then-lover David Tallenery, until a fight caused Adele to leave the city of Melbourne for a smaller place, Améa returned home to learn more of her future role. She visited Narrie some months later, to find her mother clinically dead - and with her grandmother's help, returned her to life as a full sorceress. Adele's mishaps with her new power led her to being cut off, and demoted from her position as queen - which Améa was then elevated to. But there were those who didn't like Améa's strict, and sometimes old fashioned ways. She was slipped a draught to quell her powers, and locked into child form so that she was defenceless. 

Lillian rescued her from her captors, bringing her back to her mother for safekeeping - but it was only momentary, as she was kidnapped again and brought back to the island. She was rescued the second time by her mother, and chose to remain as a child (Adele believed she was still locked into it, and would be forced to grow out of it) so that she could continue building on the relationship that had started to form between her and her mother.

Adele's drive to protect her led to some disastrous choices, including marriage to a known criminal in her attempt to find Améa a 'father figure' that could keep them both from harm. In an ironic twist, it was Thomas's threat to Améa's safety that pushed Adele's choice to rid herself out of Améa's life once and for all, thus ensuring her safety. An accident appeared to have killed her mother Adele, and so Améa went into the care of a professor at the school. She also fell in love with an older student who broke her heart, an unwise relationship that she was not ready for.

When Adele came back into her life, Améa was unsure of what to do, torn between her foster family and her true family, Améa struggled to find a place where she belonged. As her mother's relationship with Kellan Miles took a bad turn and her baby brother Caleb was born, life seemed to be pointless overall. She failed several years of school and still struggles, sticking at the Academy only out of pride.

Adele eventually admitted that Jezebel Blair was Améa's half sister, and possibly twin. Améa is both intrigued by her sister, and wary of forging too close a bond with the girl. Améa doesn't quite trust that any family will stand by her, especially a relation as important as a sister. 

When Adele reconnected and married David Tallenery, Améa refused to accept him on the grounds that he had already walked out of their lives before. She felt she couldn't trust anyone she was related to, and so she sought the comfort of a relationship. She met Zane Nedvidek and fell for him immediately, his strength and dominating character made him irresistible to her. She married him against the advice of her family, and now lives with him in a house in Narrie.

Her life revolves around Zane. She lives to please him, to cook and to clean for him. He is always her highest priority, her own health and wellbeing irrelevant. When he asked her to move, she did with no questions---cutting off as much contact with her family as they would allow. Jezebel sometimes manages to speak with her, but the conversations are strained and cryptic.

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