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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. School visits

    "That's unlucky..." Ian commented as Colette explained why she had remnants of the glow prank stuck to her skin, even if not very perceptible; it was just that the young Dhampir could see far better than most people given his biology. All things considered, it was rather remarkable that it could go under the radar in such a way. He had spotted some members of the team earlier, those with lesser magical acumen, with more than a few splashes of the prank still on them. They didn't look too happy. "I wouldn't say they're bullies, but I see what you mean..." It didn't feel too good admitting to it as most of his friends belonged to the green House. Perhaps he should try to find out who did it and have a chat with them. The Spencer Quidditch team claimed they had nothing to do with the attack - it was an odd thing as Spencer pride usually made them claim otherwise, so perhaps it meant they were telling the truth. "I guess... We're the house that doesn't get on anybody's nerves?" He laughed a little at his own joke. "We go under the radar for the most part, I think. Not a whole lot of strong personalities. Team workers, scholars, quiet and shy people, that sort of thing." He fell more under the 'team worker' umbrella than anything else. Another word that ran through his mind was 'bland', though it didn't seem like a fair descriptor. "We don't really bother anyone, so it's rare when anybody bothers us."
  2. Open Possession

    Ian Travers
    "Huh?" Help? Him? Ian was so far removed from the concept that the very idea took him aback. Why would he need help? That was just a bad idea, a little voice in the back of his mind reminded him as it clawed at his self esteem. He was better off helping than being helped, at least that way nobody would get hurt in his stead. Nevertheless, the fellow Dhampir quickly continued, not giving Ian much time to dwell on the self destructive line of thought. A chuckle escaped him as water flew his way, falling just a little ways away from him for the most part save for a few droplets that peppered his bare calves. He could certainly understand the sentiment - with the Spring (and, unfortunately, magpie season) just around the corner, people like themselves would soon be robbed of the temperatures they felt most at ease with; and when Summer came they would be left a sweating mess even if they had cooling charms cast upon their fabrics. It was truly something they had to enjoy for as long as it lasted, before the blistering sun would threaten to cook them alive. "But... It's likely that there are such things around here..." Lethifolds were extremely dangerous and endemic to Australia due to its tropical-esque weather; but, more importantly, the implication of the recent murder in town being committed by a werewolf was that the Ministry was letting one, or more, loose in the Bushland. Ian didn't think the student the suspicion fell on was the culprit, but that only indicated that there could be an even worse danger out lurking in the woods. 'Not to mention that one guy the Aurors were hunting... What's his name again...? I should ask May about it...' "I'd say it doesn't hurt to be careful, at least for the time being... Things have been kinda lively after all." Probably for the best, he figured. The hypocrisy of his words was entirely lost to him. "She just went off on her own now, didn't she? Maybe she should be escorted?" Ian was up for the job, but since this Dhampir was already accompanying her, it perhaps wasn't his place to suggest it.
  3. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    "Really?" It would be quick, anyway, Ian figured - removing a layer of sweat from his body shouldn't take an awfully long time if one were to count on the fact he had already showered earlier that day and wasn't particularly dirty otherwise. Plus, if they were going out as Gideon seemed to want to, Ian would have a great excuse as any for a cozy clothing change. 'And a hat. And some sunscreen. Better safe than sorry, even in this weather...' "Well, in that case... Gimme five minutes, okay?" The mildly shaky young man quickly got up from his seat and shuffled towards the shared wardrobe, opening one of his own drawers and retrieving a neatly folded towel. He also took out some street clothes to change into after washing himself. The boy was starting to hope the cold water he planned on soaking himself with would serve to reawaken whatever it was that was fumbling within his body and causing his nerves to shake so badly for no reason at that point. "I'll leave it for you to decide where we go." With a final salute and a forced grin, he was out the door. The Dhampir was back not five minutes after, having jogged to and from the Flinders showers with frightening speed - he was not human, after all - and didn't break a sweat in his return, making it so his efforts weren't foiled by the little exercise. As soon as he came back, he smiled a bit at his roommate before folding his towel and placing it back where it belonged - he had dried it out with magic - and started to look for his sunscreen. "Where did I put it...?" He grumbled under his breath while going through his own things.
  4. School visits

    Ian nodded as Colette repeated the name of his house. Flinders kids were frequently pigeonholed as milquetoast and mostly inoffensive, and he hoped that this girl hadn't formed a bad impression of them - at least, Ian would do his best to revert it if that was the case. He correctly assumed she was a new student to enroll the coming year - not only was she not wearing an uniform, but a foreign accent accompanied her every word which indicated she was not from Victoria. "Oh, right. Uh, I'm Ian. Ian Travers." He summoned the most friendly smile he could possibly muster at the girl, wishing for her to feel welcomed even if he picked up on a distinct wall of coldness emanating from the blonde. He decided to be optimistic in that regard and believe she was just being safe around new people. Not only that, but, if her first encounter within Tallygarunga was that one prankster that near turned the whole Sturt Quidditch team into glow sticks, she had plenty of reasons to be upset in general. "Anyway... I'm apologizing because it's unfortunate that you were targeted, deliberately or otherwise." The boy scratched his cheek with one hand, the other hanging low as it held on to the blood thermal bottle. "I understand that it was probably in all in good fun on their part, but you clearly haven't had a great time with that House. So, as a fellow student, I apologize for you having gone through that. At least I can assure you not everyone around here is like that..."
  5. School visits

    Once Ian got Colette's attention, his hand lowered as it lacked a need of waving for much longer. The girl seemed quite annoyed. Was he bothering her? He inwardly scolded himself for such a reckless approach, and was reminded that he should keep other people's moods in mind whenever it was that he tried to help them. Hopefully he didn't mess up the situation too much. "Oh, I see..." Clutching the bottle tightly so it wouldn't fall and spill blood all over the floor, Ian moved back up to his feet, using his free hand to pat at the fabric of his pants to get rid of any impurities that might be soiling them. This girl brought up a point that he had heard many a student complain about before - about how the class quality was inferior, and about how most teachers looked like they didn't care. 'Maybe they're right? But I feel like that's unfair...' "I'm not, no." He shook his head. That question actually explained a lot - it confirmed his suspicion of the girl having been caught in the blast of the Spencers' attack on the Sturt Quidditch team. It also indicated that she was a potential player for that same team - and, for as much as he didn't want to outwardly admit, it also explained the somewhat standoffish composure. He did know 'good' Sturts, though, so he decided not to pass judgement just yet. "I'm a Flinders, actually... But, I take it you've ran into Spencers already." He bowed his head apologetically. "I'm sorry for anything that may have happened." He spoke sincerely, hoping for the girl to be alright. Even then, most of his friends were Spencers - he was having a hard time holding anything against them, but perhaps that was the bias talking.
  6. Open Possession

    Ian Travers
    While Ian had uncharacteristically vulnerable at that moment to most people whom could potentially decide to sneak up on him, the sound of two separate sets of voices was invasive enough to his highly heightened senses that he was brought back to reality, marked by a light twitch of his right ear. To his credit he didn't jolt in surprise, instead taking a few extra moments to get his bearings. Focusing on his strong sense of smell, he could pick up on two separate scents, neither of which appearing to be human. Even if Ian couldn't pick up on every halfbreed under the sun, he had always had an ease of telling apart both Werewolves and Dhampirs - one for its very particular smell, and the other because he spent most of his life around them, so much so he knew what to look for. Before he had the chance of peeking behind his shoulder to see who interrupted his contemplation, however, the fellow Dhampir boy hopped across the creek and sat down directly in front of the Flinders, gaze stuck to him like moth to flame. The boy looked familiar. Ian was fairly positive he was a Tallygarunga student, or else it wouldn't have struck him as such - that, or it had been someone whom had found out about him. Unlikely, as this person would have attacked him on the spot. Ian was becoming somewhat self conscious of this stare, not knowing what brought in on. There was only one way in his mind that he could fight that discomfort, and so he used it. "Oh, hello!" He greeted the boy with a wide smile, immediately shifting from his otherwise sullen demeanor with brute force. Perhaps Merlin had heard his prayer of sending some sort of distraction to keep him from a self destructive line of thinking. "Is there something wrong? How can I help you?" He could speak English, right? Hopefully no magical translation would be necessary as Ian was too young to employ the use of magic outside of school grounds.
  7. School visits

    Classes served as a positive and productive distraction method when it came to Ian - he was a part of the more practical classes by default, which demanded a lot of attention and physical aptitude, and so they kept him preoccupied and his thoughts away from more distressing issues. Such had been his fate just then as he had partaken in that day's Elemental Magic class in the Eureka Underground Hallway, deep into Spencer territory. While he didn't mind the area at all and visited his friends there periodically, he couldn't help feeling slightly claustrophobic whenever walking through them. Next up on the list was Herbology, in the same area - Ian had little motivation to wander off from the corridors, opting instead to sit down in a wider area of the mine shaft and cross his legs as he reached into his school bag. Retrieving a thermal bottle from within, the boy proceeded to stick a straw into it after prying open the lid. A faint scent of blood emanated from it but nobody seemed to be giving him any trouble about it, and he proceeded to sip on the 'beverage'. Either everyone had their noses clogged, or they were horribly used to students (or him) ingesting such things. His eyes eventually landed on someone whom seemed a little lost - if annoyed, by what he could gather with his heightened senses. "'Scuse me!" He waved a hand towards the girl as the corridor grew increasingly unimpeded, allowing for better visibility. He flashed a polite smile as his bottle was lowered, since he didn't want to speak with a straw in his mouth. "Are you lost? Do you need some help?" A few parts of her were faintly glowing, almost imperceptibly. Had she been caught in the prank that was making rounds around campus?
  8. Open Possession

    Ian Travers
    The world was upside down. With a recent important string of events, Ian found himself in solitude. Most (if not all) of the people he cared about had been running around like headless chickens trying to get various things done, some in questionable manners, and it left the so called 'relentlessly optimistic' boy in a conundrum. When he tried to help any of them out he'd be told off, and when he stayed on his lonesome, as he was that day, he felt like his existence was null and void. To not help someone out was to let himself think of the sin that was his life, and it tore a gaping wound into his already fragile state of mind. He needed an escape. Korrowi Creek. Ian was more of the urban sort, but his feet dragged him deep into the Murrigal Bushland right up until the running waters tearing through it. Removing his shoes and socks, he sat down by the shore and pulled his pants' legs up to his knees, folding the ends carefully each time. His legs were then dipped in the icy cold waters of the creek - while to many that would be a bad thing to do at that time of the year, his Dhampiric nature made it so he relished in cold temperatures and it took considerably more to make his limbs go numb and freeze. The simple action felt oddly energetic, if antithetical to his current mindset. How did something that appealed to his nature re-energized someone whom had no right to such a thing so much? He didn't understand it at all, but after the initial dip, he was tempted to dive into his own needs much further. It was wrong, and he shouldn't do that, yet temptation was truly a cruel mistress; he wound up retrieving the pendant perpetually hidden under his shirt, holding it in the palm of his right hand while balancing his weight on the cool grass below with his left one. It was the only possession he had of his late mother, the only thing he had to remember her (and any other family member) by. He had never allowed himself to grieve the woman, or his father, or even his own brother; but for a moment, just that one moment, he wished that pendant was a locket. He wished to have it so if he were to open it, he would see a picture of those whom were forced to leave him and his sister behind - just so that, during those brief glances that he would've given it, he could feel the illusion of an unbreakable bond with the bunch, as if they were right beside him. It was selfish, he realized. But, for as much as he didn't want to admit it, for as much as he didn't want to dwell on it and wanted to shove it down, it was there and there wasn't much he could do about it. He couldn't even visit their graves - there weren't any to begin with, their bodies having been lost in the borderline war zone and likely retrieved by the Ministry instead of being given a proper burial. Even if there were, it was probably a bad idea to have May Apparate him to their premises given the bloodshed they had left behind, and the fact that, as far as that specific Dhampir community was concerned, Ian didn't exist anymore. He closed his eyes and shook his head momentarily as his flawed mindset fought for supremacy, and, to an extent, won: he closed his palm around the pendant quite tightly for a few brief seconds before shoving it back where it had once been, and focusing his gaze on the running water instead, senses dulled to all that was happening around him. '...I was right, I need a distraction...'
  9. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    Ian was having a hard time wrapping his head around Gideon's approach to the matter. Unlike what he expected (perhaps because the three women guiding his life were somewhat noisy when it came to his well being) the younger Flinders wasn't making a single question regarding the nature of the Boggart, why it had taken that form, and what had occurred for that complex to grow to begin with. Instead, he was checking on him and trying to move on. It made for an unprecedented sense of relief to wash over the young Dhampir. It seemed that he'd have some respite before facing off with May over things. With the pat, a small smile broke through his lips. His legs were still shaking, his heart was still beating up a storm, but the camaraderie calmed him down despite what his body was haphazardly indicating. Running his hands through his somewhat soaked hair, the boy nodded towards his friend after taking a deep breath. "...Yeah, you're right." The temperature his own body was emanating from all the stress was starting to bother him, as he was always sensitive to heat. "Other than me taking a shower, I think I can leave it up to you to decide... But maybe we should go eat something first?" Defense Against the Dark Arts had been the last lecture prior to lunch time, and Ian was starting to feel bad over holding Gideon back from much needed sustenance.
  10. I finally beat the game my sister left for me!... I think? (・_・ヾ

  11. I guess I just need a good distraction... (・д・`o)

  12. Is worrying too much an actual thing? (´Д` )

  13. Been exploring the town a lot more lately! I should've done this before, silly me (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

  14. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    The sound of footsteps walking through the hallway of the Flinders' boys dormitory didn't disturb Ian too much at first - despite his distress, he was wholly aware that it was lunch time and students had been released from their classes, some of which rushing to their rooms to change clothes or grab money to each outside or anything else they wished; Gideon's scent only hit the Dhampir's nostrils when the younger of the two was right at the door, which made it so Ian dropped his hands from his face in a vain attempt to make it look like things weren't as bad off as they seemed. As predicted, his roommate displayed nothing but concern for his mental state. Despite him being quite pale - moreso than usual, given his natural complexion - the fifth year forced a smile as he looked up at Gideon, giving it his all in an attempt to have him worry slightly less. "I'm sorry." He spoke, hoping to Merlin he wouldn't notice how clammy Ian's skin had become from the whole ordeal. He likely needed a shower rather than a meal. "I'm okay, my apologies for worrying you. I suppose that for all my bravado, I wasn't too ready to face my fears..." He let out a nervous chuckle as he desperately hoped that Gideon would put it all behind him - he wanted to at least be able to calm down and gather his thoughts before May burst through the door to demand an explanation.
  15. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    He should've known better. Those words kept repeating themselves in Ian's head ever since he's managed to cool down enough to regain a strand of coherent thought back in the Hospital Wing, having been sent by the day's Defense Against the Dark Arts lecturer to the nurse's office after the boy's panic attack in the middle of class. He had wanted to help - to gain the Flinders more points - but he had made a fool of himself instead, caused more trouble than he was worth, and possibly let things be revealed that would be best left untouched. To make matters worse, Olivia Teagarden had been the one tending to him once Meadow had dragged him all the way to her office - if she knew of what happened and how much it affected the young Dhampir, then Ian was certain that May would know eventually know by proxy, as both were close. That meant that he just gave his sister a million reasons to worry about him something that worked entirely against his own agenda. It had been a solid hour since he first had the panic attack, but he had calmed down since; eventually discharged from the Hospital Wing (even if told to take it easy), the Flinders boy quickly shuffled on back to the Kookynie Halls and to his dormitory. While he was mostly calm and rational, he could feel the aftermath of the event shaking him to his core as his knees and hands were still quite wobbly, even as he tried to sip a glass of sugar water. Setting the cup down on his nightstand, the boy sat down on his bed, rested his elbows atop his knees and brought his pale face to his hands, fingers burying themselves in the then unruly dark hair. 'I'm so screwed...'
Ian Benjamin Travers
Fifth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Dhampir He/Him
Age  15
Date of Birth March 17th, 2004
Birthplace Perth, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus N/A (to be Chestnut Stallion)
Wand Hornbeam, 11 1/2'', Hippocampus Mane
Play-by Tom Holland
  • 1st Year - 1st Year: West Australian School of Wizardry
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Born Ian Benjamin Bowen;
  • Connected to a criminal family in Perth, from which his older sister May did everything she could to remove him;
  • Used to play piano;
  • Has panic attacks when near pianos;
  • His sister meets his Dhampiric needs by supplying him with human blood regularly.
General Knowledge
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Doesn't enjoy talking about his childhood or parental lineage, but brightens up if his sister is mentioned;
  • Practices parkour often;
  • Expert melee combatant;
  • Competent duelist, and part of Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Great cook;
  • A bit too fond of helping people;
  • Relentlessly optimistic.

Ian Travers easily comes off as the kind of guy that will always have an infectiously bright smile on his face just to cheer you right up. He doesn't need to talk about himself: you're in the spotlight now, and you have to deal with it. That's all that seemingly matters to the boy - people pleasing.

While not actively looking out for trouble, Ian is an outgoing, kindhearted soul looking to make people's days better. He's confident others will let him in should he side by them long enough, and sticks by them long after, no matter what. Forgiveness is a blessing, one Ian possesses too much of, and is eager to share. He truly believes there's always a greater side to people, at least much better than what they let on - and thus, no matter how rotten someone is made out to be, he always does his best in helping them out of their troubles.

Such an obsession with optimism and selflessness turns out to easily be quite the chore, as he often neglects his own issues in favor of others, or gets thrown into less than ideal situations. Despite such, he always makes his attempt to battle at it with a smile. Life just has to get better, he has lived through it already!

Due to a mostly positive upbringing and tight bonds, as well as encouraging from his sister, Ian has no fear in chasing dreams, at least the ones mentioned to be good for him. Due to such self neglect, he never truly thought about what he wants out of life, lingering simply on the constant advice of becoming a competent combatant due to his familial connections and Dhampir abilities. He's also been complimented on his cooking abilities, and so started investing in them.

He is somewhat impulsive and nosy, constantly helping whether people like it or not. It sometimes comes out as annoying, and his inhuman persistence in such matters tends to only worsen the situations. He doesn't seem to understand why, as helping is a good thing, and people shouldn't go through issues alone. In his opinion, people needed all the help they could get.

He's pretty laid back and doesn't call for attention towards himself, typically going quite under the radar for most. Such a thing, ironically enough, makes him happier, as others are getting the attention they deserve in his warped point of view. Heck, he does it to them whenever he can!


Ian stands at 173 cm, barely surpassing his sister in height. He has very lean musculature from a combination of his Dhampir lineage with the daily exercising regimen he puts himself through, having been told to be in the best shape he could at all times. His fingers are quite elastic due to all his practice with the piano, as well as cooking.

He normally keeps a formal posture as he was taught to do early in his youth, but a friendly, relaxed smile betrays that intention. He has been described as handsome, yet not overly so to catch every woman's eye as he walks by. His eyes are dark brown, having occasional dark circles under them due to sleeping disorders, and his hair is brown as well, often combed with gel in an effort to tame its naturally wild disposition.

He prefers to wear darker colors in general, and his choice of clothing often leans towards jeans, tennis sneakers, hoodies and leather jackets. The most commonly used part of his wardrobe is actually an accessory, however - a simple pendant constantly hanging from his neck under his shirt, a gift from his late mother.

The story so far

Ian was born to Kelvin and Julia Bowen, in Perth. The father was an important figure in an underground Dhampir crime family, specialized in extortion, in heavy competition with other families as well as within key figures of his own; the mother was a pianist whom had unfortunately been roped into the family's dealings, and her job made it so she was rarely home due to a variety of tours. He also had a few siblings - May, nearly 12 years older than himself, and Dalton, whom was only two years younger than their oldest sibling.

As Julia could rarely be present due to work, Kelvin was the one to bond with Ian first, making his older brother very jealous of his 'new baby' status, which stole attention he rightfully deserved. His dad tended to show him his mother's performances either on TV or pre-recorded footage, rarely having the opportunity to go watch her live due to his own choice of employment. From a very young age, Ian took a liking to the instrument, starting to play around with its keys as young as age four, all by himself.

No one knew of such a thing for a little while, but he proved himself to be an abnormal talent at such a thing. He learned entire compositions by ear over the years, made his own, and was highly praised as a prodigy by his own mother. Being the only one with musical talent among the siblings, Julia decided to take it upon herself to further instruct Ian in the ways of the piano during her time between tours.

His brother became even further jealous as he aged. Being comfortable enough to live on her husband's profits, Julia eventually decided to give up her career so to properly guide such a prodigy. He was far better than she'd ever been, and she had a number of years stacked under her belt, thus being able to teach the boy what she had learned from experience.

Tragedy struck happy Ian at the tender age of nine, as he was being coached once again by his mother. In a drunken stupor, his older brother, whom hadn't turned out so well - he fully embraced the criminal nature of the family and refused to be transferred out for school, embedding himself in that sort of life earlier than he probably should have - walked into the practicing room to yell at his mother, who was playing the piano. As she told him to go to sleep because he was visibly inebriated, he snapped, slamming its front lid down against Julia's skillful fingers while Ian watched on. It was done with so much force that, after the proper magical treatment took place, her fingers were still such a mess that she was told she would never be able to play again.

Grief stricken and thrown into the figurative bottom of the well at such a loss, Ian soon found himself quitting the instrument as well. He got no joy from it anymore. He couldn't think of anything other than what his talent made his mother sacrifice. He wasn't worth more than others, why should he focus on himself only?

Out of pure regret, Dalton came later to him for help, apologizing profusely. He had become a mess out of parental neglect, which he had blamed on Ian until then, and found his actions inexcusable. Ian decided to help him get over his addictions - gambling, drugs, alcohol, all at such a young age - and get Dalton back on his feet.

Despite his age and childlike innocence, after focusing on Dalton entirely, Ian was undeniably successful. A new man, Dalton became close friends with his little brother, enrolling into college in an attempt of breaking away from the family's dealings as well. Seeing as he aws far more successful with helping than at being a performer, Ian was quick to switch his effort to such a thing, gradually starting to neglect his own needs and wishes. In his newly warped point of view, things got better - his family was united, and he made people happy. And that made him happy. And he never wanted it to stop. He clung ever so desperately to such a need to give his own life meaning again. He told himself it was the best thing for him over and over and over again, to the point he genuinely started to believe it.

Disaster struck once again as he enrolled in the West Australian School of Wizardry. War had broken out in the seedy underworld of Perth, with his family at its center. The bloodshed was such that it prompted his sister, whom had been entirely removed from the family's dealings from a young age, to return in order to ensure things wouldn't completely fall apart. Unfortunately, both their parents and brother met their end separately in various attacks, either from direct confrontation or being tracked down. May, whom had just brokered a deal with the Ministry of Magic, managed to convince them to protect Ian's life in exchange for her services.

He was removed from his school, and his file was erased from the WA Dhampir registry. He was given a new surname (Travers, his sister's choice) and registered again in the VA registry, seemingly loosely associated with a mostly extinct Dhampir sect of the region. Finally, he was transferred to Tallygarunga, the school that his sister had enrolled in during all those years she had been away. He was effectively completely removed from his former life, and had to start anew.

His life in the new school came to him as a sharp contrast to the chaos back in Perth. He didn't have much to concern himself with. All he had to do was study, and, on his sister's advice, to become a proficient combatant and duelist just in case things went awry. He never gave himself much time to grieve his family, throwing himself into the aforementioned tasks and into his purpose in life: helping others. But, now that the criminal war is over and his sister returned to his life, can he finally let himself focus on his own needs? Or will everything come to a boil sooner or later instead?

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