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    Ian Benjamin Travers
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    Perth, Australia
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    Fifth Year
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    Tom Holland

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    Hornbeam, 11 1/2'', Hippocampus Mane
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  1. Brows furrowed in confusion as the Spencer embraced him, as the boy was still quite rocked by the sheer panic with the implication of what could have happened - he certainly didn't expect Lexi to shift from yelling at him to forgiving him so quickly. His heart was still pumping a mile a minute out of fear of having done something truly horrendous, yet his arms hesitantly returned the hug. It was the correct thing to do, right? "I-I'ts okay..." The boy uttered despite the confusion on reflex. Once she let go, the boy didn't exactly knew what to do with his arms, ending up bringing a hand to the back of his head and scratching his own scalp in embarrassment and awkwardness. The smile disarmed him - she wasn't upset anymore? That meant everything was okay, surely. Lexi brought up a good point, and Ian nodded. "I know, but... There's nobody around. I made sure of it. This place gives me a bit more freedom in where to place the targets, so..." It was the break - a lot of students were either out enjoying their free time or had gone home to visit their families. Not a single soul was picked up by his nose in the grounds, other than those of himself and his friend. "I wasn't expecting you to show up here, honestly... Weren't you supposed to be in town?"
  2. My nose is all clogged up .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )

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  3. A familiar scent filled the boy's nostrils as it approached his general area; it didn't bother Ian much, as he knew himself to be minimally accurate, and he trusted the individual not to walk in front of his targets (despite her being quite accident prone, to his knowledge). He remained focused in his activity, the little distraction not working, at least for a moment; the yell brought him out of it, causing him to jump due to his sensitive hearing. He looked in the younger Stewart's direction as she scolded him, looking quite angry at the boy - had he been so focused that he nearly hit her? She *was* standing near one of the targets he just hit. Looking at his wand, and then at her, the boy blanched more than one would think possible, given his already pale looking skin; the last thing he wanted to do was to harm the Spencer in any way, and the thought made him feel sick. He proceeded to clumsily shove his hornbeam companion into its holster. "I'm sorry!" Ian apologized quite profusely, looking as if he was about to cry - dark eyes shone with the onset guilt of potentially having caused his friend severe damage, or even death, out of his own carelessness. "I-I didn't mean too -- I'm usually quite accurate, but..." Agony etched upon the face of the teen with the situation, he couldn't swallow the potential consequences, or the fact that he had upset Lexi. All he wanted was to make things better, to somehow make up for it, but for the life of him he wasn't sure how.
  4. Target practice. School breaks were always a bittersweet time in Ian's life. On the one hand he had more time in which he didn't have to study and could actually kick back and relax for a change, and even tend to his relationships properly in case he had inadvertently neglected them because of his studies; on the other hand, most students also took the opportunity to leave the school and go visit their families, leaving people like the Flinders boy quite lonely. It didn't help that those who stayed (or, at least, those whom he befriended) had been picking up jobs or other assorted extra responsibilities that made it difficult to gather. Target practice had been the answer to the sudden swell in free time, or, at least, the most efficient one he could find. It was a very productive thing for him to do with his time - he was obeying his sister's directives of pushing himself to be at his strongest at all times for the sake of self-protection, and practice certainly made perfect in the Wizarding world. In a way, he was helping someone out. And with that in mind, the Dhampir was more than happy to improve on his own. Grind the bottles to fine dust, reassemble, grind them to fine dust again. That had been what Ian had been doing for a portion of the afternoon, placing the targets on a variety of locations and hitting them successively wherever it was he stood. It was a risky process, as the spell in question incinerated everything it came in contact with; however, on the flip side, it could make for that much more of a challenge to repair something else struck by it...
  5. Gauntlet of Elements? While Ian believed he would do well in face of such an exam, he couldn't help but feel more drawn to take care of the little plant since he had the choice - helping out anything at all, even plant life, was more his speed. As such, he made no comments when the idea was brought up at all, instead looking down at the greenery and gently rubbing a leaf with the tip of his finger. "I shall call you Matt." He snapped back into focus when the teacher finally responded his query, to which the Flinders nodded in understanding. It seemed that ice magic was in the cards for that term! Although, if he had to take a guess, he'd wager it would be more towards the end of June - the temperatures would likely help students out as well. It reminded him that the best time of the year was approaching, the dead of Winter. The only time he could withstand in Victoria without much difficulty, of course. "Alright." He answered the teacher upon being given the task, watching as three balls of bright flame spawned in his vicinity. Curious eyes followed their course as they moved for a few more seconds than necessary, and he leaned back on his chair to put some distance - people of his kind weren't fond of fire and heat up close and personal, and the boy was no exception. Gripping his wand tightly, he quickly dispatched the offending fireballs and let out a sigh of relief. It took him a long moment to realize he had done so without so much as uttering an incantation - had the change of type of blood he consumed affected his magic that much, that quickly?
  6. So many people have been mentioning that they have nothing to do during the break lately... We should all get together and hang out! (/^▽^)/

  7. The teacher's thorough explanation pertaining the point Ian had brought up finally clued him in on why he had always felt somewhat uncomfortable walking into the room - being of the Dhampir kind, his body was naturally more susceptible to temperature than most others, and so a human's 'room temperature' was where it started to become a bit hot for him. He had learned to survive it over time, cooling the clothing on his body with magic, but the idea of having to practice a spell that did such a thing made him feel somewhat uneasy. Nevertheless, he realized it was necessary for the progression of the class and didn't argue. It made all the sense in the world to use all four elements to help the plant thrive, even if one of them was the very element that put his kind at risk. Perhaps he should ask his sister for methods of combating temperature on the go - she was far more experienced than he in that regard, after all, being a solid decade older. "Could ice spells potentially be included in the term's material, Professor?" It was water, after all, and a subject not too commonly covered by the academic curriculum as far as he could tell; not to mention its high effectiveness in both defending and attacking if one knew how to use it well.
  8. Back to regular sustenance! !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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  9. "I see. Thank you!" Ian flashed a smile of appreciation towards the teacher after the quick explanation. Taking his wand with his right hand, the boy calmly and accurately proceeded to replicate the motion that Professor Ackers had demonstrated, and after an incantation escaped his lips, the spell was made manifest. He didn't show much difficulty with the spell, the water seeping into the soil almost immediately, causing the plant to perk up very quickly. He nodded to himself with the accomplishment. It seemed that others needed a little more time to get their spell mojo going, as he mentally put it, and so he leaned back in his chair to enjoy the spectacle of magic around him. He did so while taking the straw of his beverage to his lips, consuming the contents of the cup as he lacked a hearty breakfast prior to going to class - oversleeping made it so he had to skip out on a proper meal accidentally. Perhaps it was for the best that his sister had no clue of general school life going ons, or else he could picture her avidly slapping the back of his head. The class then proceeded after a few minutes. The Dhampir's eyes fell on the struggling plant potted upon his desk. Reaching for a leaf with a lone finger, he gently stroked its underside - he wanted to make sure the little guy would survive, no matter what. Knowing a thing or two about plants, he decided to speak up after raising that same arm. "Could there be some sort of elemental spell to help regulate temperature, Professor?" He inquired. Not only useful for plants, but it would help a great deal in the Summer, he thought: especially for his kind.
  10. I hope my sister returns soon :( Sustenance ran out and my body's not taking too well to animal blood again...

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  11. Climbed the Southern Cross Tower today without assistance. The view to the Bushland was gorgeous! o((*^▽^*))o

  12. "Good day, Professor." Said a cheerful looking Dhampir as he stepped within the confines of the classroom, looking more bright-eyed and healthy than was usual for him. Ian then smiled at the teacher and gave him a nod, and proceeded to sit down at the closest available desk. Placing a dark container with a straw atop the table, the boy let his backpack hang from the back of his chair while he withdrew his wand. Taking a gander at the plant and seeing the theme of a class, he didn't have to be present to know what he had to do; unfortunately, that didn't exactly came with the knowledge of how to perform the spell proper. He took a sip of his drink through a straw poking out of the closed container - fresh blood, given to him earlier by what he hoped to be legal means - and thought about what the spell would have to be so he could be successful in revitalizing the poor plant. The students' backs, unfortunately, were shielding their spells from view so he couldn't copy. He ended up raising an arm. "Professor, I apologize, but can you repeat it real quick? I'm afraid I've missed how to perform the spell."
  13. Unlike how two of his colleagues were feeling about the class, Ian was as chipper as ever - the fact he had started to feed better within the past month was very visible in his face with a brighter and smoother complexion, and he seemed to look far more energetic than the norm. The Dhampir was looking forward to see what kind of effect the blood he had been consuming on the regular would have on his magic. He was already a good student by all accounts, but perhaps it would make him breeze past the Intermediate set of skills. Or was he being too arrogant to think that? "Good day, Professor." He greeted the teacher with a grin as he stepped into the room. His voice seemingly caught someone else's attention, though. "Ian! Hey, Ian! Over here!" A certain Spencer waved her arms to grab his attention - a successful endeavor, as the boy waved at her prior to walking her way, sitting down at one of the desks by her side. "Good day to you t--" "Thank Merlin somebody showed up, I thought I was gonna die in here." Noticing the boy's confusion, she ruffled his hair, which made him lower his head on reflex. "There's nobody here, man! Chances are I'd fall asleep in no time flat." "I'll try to stop that from happening, then." He reassured the Spencer. He wasn't sure how, exactly, as Amber had a bit too much energy, even for him; but, one thing he could say for sure, was that he would do his best.
Ian Benjamin Travers
Fifth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Dhampir He/Him
Age:  15
Date of Birth: March 17th, 2004
Birthplace: Perth, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Dhampir
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: He/Him
Patronus: N/A (to be Chestnut Stallion)
Wand: Hornbeam, 11 1/2'', Hippocampus Mane
Play-by: Tom Holland
  • 1st Year - 1st Year: West Australian School of Wizardry
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Born Ian Benjamin Bowen;
  • Connected to a criminal family in Perth, from which his older sister May did everything she could to remove him;
  • Used to play piano;
  • Has panic attacks when near pianos;
  • His sister meets his Dhampiric needs by supplying him with human blood regularly.
General Knowledge
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Doesn't enjoy talking about his childhood or parental lineage, but brightens up if his sister is mentioned;
  • Practices parkour often;
  • Expert melee combatant;
  • Competent duelist, and part of Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Great cook;
  • A bit too fond of helping people;
  • Relentlessly optimistic.

Ian Travers easily comes off as the kind of guy that will always have an infectiously bright smile on his face just to cheer you right up. He doesn't need to talk about himself: you're in the spotlight now, and you have to deal with it. That's all that seemingly matters to the boy - people pleasing.

While not actively looking out for trouble, Ian is an outgoing, kindhearted soul looking to make people's days better. He's confident others will let him in should he side by them long enough, and sticks by them long after, no matter what. Forgiveness is a blessing, one Ian possesses too much of, and is eager to share. He truly believes there's always a greater side to people, at least much better than what they let on - and thus, no matter how rotten someone is made out to be, he always does his best in helping them out of their troubles.

Such an obsession with optimism and selflessness turns out to easily be quite the chore, as he often neglects his own issues in favor of others, or gets thrown into less than ideal situations. Despite such, he always makes his attempt to battle at it with a smile. Life just has to get better, he has lived through it already!

Due to a mostly positive upbringing and tight bonds, as well as encouraging from his sister, Ian has no fear in chasing dreams, at least the ones mentioned to be good for him. Due to such self neglect, he never truly thought about what he wants out of life, lingering simply on the constant advice of becoming a competent combatant due to his familial connections and Dhampir abilities. He's also been complimented on his cooking abilities, and so started investing in them.

He is somewhat impulsive and nosy, constantly helping whether people like it or not. It sometimes comes out as annoying, and his inhuman persistence in such matters tends to only worsen the situations. He doesn't seem to understand why, as helping is a good thing, and people shouldn't go through issues alone. In his opinion, people needed all the help they could get.

He's pretty laid back and doesn't call for attention towards himself, typically going quite under the radar for most. Such a thing, ironically enough, makes him happier, as others are getting the attention they deserve in his warped point of view. Heck, he does it to them whenever he can!


Ian stands at 173 cm, barely surpassing his sister in height. He has very lean musculature from a combination of his Dhampir lineage with the daily exercising regimen he puts himself through, having been told to be in the best shape he could at all times. His fingers are quite elastic due to all his practice with the piano, as well as cooking.

He normally keeps a formal posture as he was taught to do early in his youth, but a friendly, relaxed smile betrays that intention. He has been described as handsome, yet not overly so to catch every woman's eye as he walks by. His eyes are dark brown, having occasional dark circles under them due to sleeping disorders, and his hair is brown as well, often combed with gel in an effort to tame its naturally wild disposition.

He prefers to wear darker colors in general, and his choice of clothing often leans towards jeans, tennis sneakers, hoodies and leather jackets. The most commonly used part of his wardrobe is actually an accessory, however - a simple pendant constantly hanging from his neck under his shirt, a gift from his late mother.


Ian was born to Kelvin and Julia Bowen, in Perth. The father was an important figure in an underground Dhampir crime family, specialized in extortion, in heavy competition with other families as well as within key figures of his own; the mother was a pianist whom had unfortunately been roped into the family's dealings, and her job made it so she was rarely home due to a variety of tours. He also had a few siblings - May, nearly 12 years older than himself, and Dalton, whom was only two years younger than their oldest sibling.

As Julia could rarely be present due to work, Kelvin was the one to bond with Ian first, making his older brother very jealous of his 'new baby' status, which stole attention he rightfully deserved. His dad tended to show him his mother's performances either on TV or pre-recorded footage, rarely having the opportunity to go watch her live due to his own choice of employment. From a very young age, Ian took a liking to the instrument, starting to play around with its keys as young as age four, all by himself.

No one knew of such a thing for a little while, but he proved himself to be an abnormal talent at such a thing. He learned entire compositions by ear over the years, made his own, and was highly praised as a prodigy by his own mother. Being the only one with musical talent among the siblings, Julia decided to take it upon herself to further instruct Ian in the ways of the piano during her time between tours.

His brother became even further jealous as he aged. Being comfortable enough to live on her husband's profits, Julia eventually decided to give up her career so to properly guide such a prodigy. He was far better than she'd ever been, and she had a number of years stacked under her belt, thus being able to teach the boy what she had learned from experience.

Tragedy struck happy Ian at the tender age of nine, as he was being coached once again by his mother. In a drunken stupor, his older brother, whom hadn't turned out so well - he fully embraced the criminal nature of the family and refused to be transferred out for school, embedding himself in that sort of life earlier than he probably should have - walked into the practicing room to yell at his mother, who was playing the piano. As she told him to go to sleep because he was visibly inebriated, he snapped, slamming its front lid down against Julia's skillful fingers while Ian watched on. It was done with so much force that, after the proper magical treatment took place, her fingers were still such a mess that she was told she would never be able to play again.

Grief stricken and thrown into the figurative bottom of the well at such a loss, Ian soon found himself quitting the instrument as well. He got no joy from it anymore. He couldn't think of anything other than what his talent made his mother sacrifice. He wasn't worth more than others, why should he focus on himself only?

Out of pure regret, Dalton came later to him for help, apologizing profusely. He had become a mess out of parental neglect, which he had blamed on Ian until then, and found his actions inexcusable. Ian decided to help him get over his addictions - gambling, drugs, alcohol, all at such a young age - and get Dalton back on his feet.

Despite his age and childlike innocence, after focusing on Dalton entirely, Ian was undeniably successful. A new man, Dalton became close friends with his little brother, enrolling into college in an attempt of breaking away from the family's dealings as well. Seeing as he aws far more successful with helping than at being a performer, Ian was quick to switch his effort to such a thing, gradually starting to neglect his own needs and wishes. In his newly warped point of view, things got better - his family was united, and he made people happy. And that made him happy. And he never wanted it to stop. He clung ever so desperately to such a need to give his own life meaning again. He told himself it was the best thing for him over and over and over again, to the point he genuinely started to believe it.

Disaster struck once again as he enrolled in the West Australian School of Wizardry. War had broken out in the seedy underworld of Perth, with his family at its center. The bloodshed was such that it prompted his sister, whom had been entirely removed from the family's dealings from a young age, to return in order to ensure things wouldn't completely fall apart. Unfortunately, both their parents and brother met their end separately in various attacks, either from direct confrontation or being tracked down. May, whom had just brokered a deal with the Ministry of Magic, managed to convince them to protect Ian's life in exchange for her services.

He was removed from his school, and his file was erased from the WA Dhampir registry. He was given a new surname (Travers, his sister's choice) and registered again in the VA registry, seemingly loosely associated with a mostly extinct Dhampir sect of the region. Finally, he was transferred to Tallygarunga, the school that his sister had enrolled in during all those years she had been away. He was effectively completely removed from his former life, and had to start anew.

His life in the new school came to him as a sharp contrast to the chaos back in Perth. He didn't have much to concern himself with. All he had to do was study, and, on his sister's advice, to become a proficient combatant and duelist just in case things went awry. He never gave himself much time to grieve his family, throwing himself into the aforementioned tasks and into his purpose in life: helping others. But, now that the criminal war is over and his sister returned to his life, can he finally let himself focus on his own needs? Or will everything come to a boil sooner or later instead?

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