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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Akira Itouzaki

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    Akira Itouzaki
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    Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
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    Shori Sato

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    Cherry wood, unicorn hair, 11 inches, Surprisingly flexible
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    Japanese dwarf flying squirrel (when he can cast it)

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  1. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira moved a little when Amber crouched down beside him, making himself a little more comfortable. The boy was still a little put off about revealing his little secret but compared to most secrets that people had it wasn’t anything major or that bad; it was only a comic after all. Before being brought back to the present he had been reading the start of the new chapter of Kimetsu no Yaiba, it wasn’t a series that he had given much thought, but he was trying to get into it, mostly because he had heard that the anime was great. “Yep, the single volumes are called Tankobons. I have some of those too.” Akira thought that the idea was kind of the same with Western comics, too. “I think the difference between the Tankobons, and Shounen Jump is that they’re smaller, but sometimes the artwork is cleaned up and better.” He wasn’t sure if Amber had been talking to him originally or not, but he still came out with the explanation. The Flinders’ could actually remember one time that the tankobon had better artwork for a chapter of BNHA than Shounen Jump because of how close to Golden Week the manga been prepared. Though he hadn’t really thought that that was a slight on the art of the manga. “Oh, cool. I have some too, but they’re not translated.” Akira blinked for a second when Amber mentioned having her own collection of manga. Reading manga and watching anime in their original language was way easier for him to get a hold of and to understand since he had only experienced them that way from a young age. Though he had seen and read a little in English, it just wasn’t the same for him. Akira shrugged a little at Amber’s question, he hadn’t really thought about what his favourite manga was. Of course, there were a few that he had read more of or had seen the anime at the very least. “I really like the Dragon Ball series, Orange, Tokyo Ghoul... Uh, Boku no Hero Academia...” Akira trailed off a little towards the end because he had lost his train of thought and started messing with a bookmark as he tried to see if he could remember anything else. The Flinders' knew that manga was famous and popular outside of Japan since he had seen a few volumes of it in a bookstore back home in NSW. "There's symbolism in some manga that mightn't be obvious in the translations or some people mightn't notice it. Uh, but that mightn't really be a cultural thing and just hidden messages from the mangaka." Akira did his best to try and answer Amber's question with that seeming to be the first thing that came to mind.
  2. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira wasn't really familiar with many sayings in English given the fact that his family mostly spoke Japanese with one another. Sure, he'd also spoken and understood English from a young too because of taking classes doesn't mean that he knew everything. Honestly, you never really stopped learning. "Gambatte?" Akira said with a shrug as he looked up at Amber. He wasn't sure why he had spouted something that basically meant do your best. Even if he didn't understand didn't mean that he couldn't learn, right? "Oh, ok. I don't really mind at all, though." Akira had been trying to be relatively kind and helpful, even if that made him a bit of a doormat. His parents had taught him well in an odd sort of way. Plus he had been trying to make things easier by moving. Yeah, he could have offered to try and help with magic too, so that the use of tippy toes wasn't needed. Akira went back to his "book" and new issue of Shounen Jump. He still kept part of his attention on the scene around him out of interest, but he still jumped a little in surprise when Amber dropped her book. Akira wasn't the biggest fan of noises that made him jump or scared him in general. He'd learnt from his time at Mahoutokoro that certain noises meant that there could be a real big mess. Due to this, Akira didn't blame the other people for their reaction and the way that Amber seemed to act. After the apology Akira tried to go back to his brick of a manga. The reason that he'd come to the library was because he thought that it would have been one of the quieter places in the school grounds, but he guessed that he was wrong, clearly. "N-no, m-maybe." The twelve year old stumbled over his words when Amber asked him about the manga. He didn't know what to say exactly given the fact that he was usually so careful about hiding what he was doing when he was supposed to be studying. Though eventually the boy conceded and took the manga from behind his other book. It might have been a little impossible to read if you didn't know any Japanese.
  3. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira flipped through the manga in his hand. He mouthed some of the words as he read; it was so that he could keep a rhythm as he tried to wrap his head around some of the kanji that he wasn't overly familiar with. He paused and blinked up at the girl who had clearly been trying to get his attention. He was a little confused by her statement. Why would sitting on the floor burn a hole in it? He'd never heard that expression before and thought it was odd. "I don't understand what that means. I know there are chairs, thank you, though." Akira smiled up at the girl, his expression was genuine and sincere. The only thing was that he was used to reading and studying on the floor, he'd done it since he was a very young child. "I'm used to sitting on the floor, though. I get less distracted this way." If Akira sat in a chair and tried to read, then he'd probably end up fiddling with it in some way, or he'd do something to the table. That was why he often got so distracted in class if it wasn't a practical. It always felt way too closed off to him and like he was trapped with no way to get out. "Do you want me to move?" Akira asked the girl. He didn't want to cause too much trouble or be in anyone's way, which was a little different to his usual behaviour.
  4. Best thing about seeing dad recently... A yummy breakfast. Can't really complain too much. 😋


    1. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Hmmm looks delicious. 

  5. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira sat on the floor with one of his school books balanced on his knees. Of course, he had some form of manga hidden behind it. His weekly subscription of Shounen Jump had arrived with a note from his mother telling him about all the news from home and all the sweets that he could eat in a week. This time it was something funny that the neighbours dog had done to Antou. But the boy wasn't overly interested in this since he had something new to read and a few sweets to snack on, though he didn't exactly want to spoil his dinner. The now twelve-year-old wasn't normally to be found in the library on a Saturday, but it was the only quiet place that he could find at the moment. If his mother found out about this, then she would have more than a few choice words for him. Akira wasn't finding life at the school all that bad, though it had taken a little bit of getting used to. He had never lived out of home before, so often wondered if this had been the same for Antou and Chuusan when they had started attending Mahoutokoro as full-time students. You couldn't really take the curiosity out of him to some extent.
  6. Is it bad to want to figuratively kill your older brother for "accidentally" sending you a prank toy that does nothing but chase you? Because I really want to kill Chuuzan, right now!

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    2. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Laurie, don't.

      However, why not prank him back.

    3. Akira Itouzaki

      Akira Itouzaki

      I'm not upset about it, just don't like it chasing me. They do it because I'm the youngest and they know it annoys me. Hehe, he has something good headed his way soon.

    4. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      I'll get rid of the toy's curse if you want.

      In the meantime I can also put something on it akin to the thing chasing your brother instead and blaring 'Gas Gas Gas' really loudly based on proximity if that's your kind of thing. Bonus points if it's a toy car, but that's an easy fix.

  7. 2019 School Year Enrollment

Akira Itouzaki
Student First Year
12 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  12
Date of Birth July 24th, 2007
Birthplace Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Year Level First Year
Occupation Student
Player  Lisa
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Japanese dwarf flying squirrel (when he can cast it)
Wand Cherry wood, unicorn hair, 11 inches, Surprisingly flexible
Play-by Shori Sato

Mahoutokoro from seven to nine
Home schooled from nine to eleven
Tallygarunga from eleven to present


-Is demisexual or grey ace  

-He has extremely bad asthma and has since he was a young child  

-Has been teaching himself Korean to annoy his brothers  

-Likes ice-skating but hides it thinking that people find it lame  

-That he comes from a long-distance family  

General Knowledge

-Known to be a bit of a daydreamer  

-Hides his newly arrived manga behind his school books while he's supposed to be studying  

-Likes dancing and anything related to singing or guitar  

-Can speak, read and write both English and Japanese  


-Hates the dark and overly crowded places  

-Has a really bad sense of direction that it's so laughable  

-Attended Mahoutokoro from age seven to nine before moving to Australia and was home-schooled until starting at Tally at age eleven  

-Hides the fact that he has brains to burn, even though he gets top marks in most of his classes 


Akira is confident in most of his own actions but isn't cocky about it, that just isn't him and he finds cocky people annoying. He is a little reserved and sometimes doesn't enjoy stepping into an argument or conversation if he doesn't think it's worth his time or if he doesn't know what it's about. He can be a little blunt and naive sometimes, something that he shares with his mother. Inside Akira is charming and will try to do his best to help those around him. One of his biggest flaws is that he is easily lead and sometimes tries to please other people. He has a completely analytical mind, but he doesn't think that he's all that smart and takes his intelligence for granted, often thinking that he isn't good enough.


Akira is thin for his age but muscled from dancing and other physical activities. He has pretty clear skin, which is lighter in winter and tans easily in the summer months. When he was younger, Akira had shoulder length black hair, which he now wears in a shortish style that falls just below collar length and a set of side swept bangs that frame his face. He has terrible eyesight and often wears glasses. A wide-toothed grin is never too far from his face. Akira has dark brown eyes, which look hazel in bright places or in certain lights. He isn't very tall for his age and sometimes struggles to see things that are out of his reach.


Akira is loyal to his friends and is extremely supportive. He is the sort that refuses to get into argument or fights because he doesn't like to leave things on a sour note. That being said, he will defend his friends if they find themselves having problems with bullies because no one deserves that. Akira isn't the most open with people that he isn't close friends with or doesn't trust. Since he's easily led by other people, he doesn't always know if it's a real friendship until he's taken advantage off or he gets abandoned once the person has gotten what they wanted from him. 


Akira has two older brothers who he is very close to. But he is often the butt of their good-natured jokes. Sometimes he finds it hard to keep up with his middle brother, Chuuzan who had chosen to stay at Mahoutokoro and remained in Japan with their father, unlike Akira and Antou who had come back to Australia with their mother. Sometimes he hates being treated like he is a baby by Antou but the seems to go out of his way to butt into his business and just get on with his uni work. This is because his mother wants to have a close eye kept on him. Akira is also extremely close to his father and likes spending time with him, though their time is often limited since Toshi lives in Japan full time and works for the Ministry of Magic as a translator. Akira and his mother, Sara get along well enough even though she is one of those hovering sort of parents and wants to know what's going on in his life full time, no matter what.  


Akira has no experience with relationships given that he is so young. Unlike others of his age who might have had a few innocent crushes on people, he hasn't experienced any of it. So far he isn't overly concerned by it and that's ok with him.  


Akira doesn't usually go out of his way to hate people or make enemies. You'd have to be willing or have done something extremely horrible to get him to feel a certain way about them.  

The story so far

Akira was born in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, Japan to a pureblood wizard, Itouzaki Toshi and muggleborn witch Itouzaki Sara nee Hashimoto. Both of his parents were born in New South Wales (Sydney and Byron Bay) and claim strong Japanese descent. Toshi was sent to Mahoutokoro from a young age, living with his grandparents during term and going home during the holidays, until he was old enough to begin boarding. While Sara was sent to Balcolyn Institute of Magic, which she eventually began to dislike. His parents didn't meet until after school when Sara joined the Japanese Ministry of Magic as a translator, there she met Toshi who was her supervisor. They quickly became close friends and eventually fell in love. They settled in Saitama Prefecture where they had three sons: Antou (19), Chuuzan (14) and finally Akira.  

 Their life there was pretty normal even for a wizarding family. Akira showed that he had at least a small amount of magic just like his older brothers, so it was only natural that he got an acceptance letter to Mahoutokoro at the age of seven. While there he discovered a love for knowledge, even though it was commonly known that he faked disinterest and hid the fact that his marks were good. He mainly did this because he didn't want to stand in either of his brother's shadows, even if seeming as though he failed was bad to some. Overall, Akira's experience at the school was great, even with Antou interfering with everything in his life and Chuuzan trying to let him do what he wants and being less protective. He had a feeling that this had something to do with their mother and her overprotectiveness towards her youngest son.  

During the holidays the boys along with their parents would visit their grandparents in Australia. These usually were quite fun but extremely different from their home life back in Japan and Akira wasn't sure which he'd liked best. Both had their merits and drawbacks. So he wasn't completely surprised when his mother took up the chance of moving back to Australia when his grandfather offered her a job working for him. This would be the first time where he had officially lived anywhere outside of Japan. It was agreed that Antou and Akira would move with their mother, while Toshi and Chuuzan would remain in Japan because neither one wanted to uproot and move completely. Though some of their family friends thought that they were separating and that it would eventually lead to divorce, which they were reassured that it wouldn't. 

Akira was home schooled up until it was time to start attending school because his parents decided that it would be better to continue his education that way so that he got some social interaction with other people outside of his family. 

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